Andinet briefs media on wave of arrests

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  1. Birtu/can
    | #1

    The wolves in sheep’s clothing( hired guns of woyane) are popping on cyber space with seemingly sympathetic concern about the current crackdown in Ethiopia. They sugarcoat the beginning of their comments and end up hammering away diaspora Ethiopians. No doubt, they receive directives from higher ups to go with the flow. Their latest mantra is “go back home and fight” as if it is the scientific discovery of the century. The diaspora is well aware that the core of our struggle remains and can only be waged back home. And we are not trying to lead the struggle by remote control as they claim. That’s an accusation on their part to downplay the strong involvement of diaspora Ethiopians to topple the worst government in the history of Ethiopia. Questions to beneficiaries of the woyane regime–how stupid or ignorant can you get? At a time when your masters are jailing people at the speed of light, tagging them with terrorism accusation–how could you pose a “go back and fight” statement? The devil incarnate (Meles Zenawi) loves to muzzle the mighty pen with the mighty bullet. No level playing field in Ethiopia, period. We are savvy enough to know your intentions are to put all your eggs in one basket and crush away! Wouldn’t you love to have all the opposition together so you can kill them all overnight? It is not going to happen. Instead, we vow to be your worst nightmare here in the diaspora making life miserable to your masters. We will support our people back home with everything we got, be it monetary , material, opinion…etc. We don’t plan to stop until the devil gets his dues or what’s coming to him. In the meantime, you traitors who sold your souls to the devil enjoy your villas, piece of land, businesses–whatever Zenawi offers you for licking his butt. May you all burn in hell!!


  2. Simen Bedecha
    | #2

    The TPLF is an ethnical fascist and racist organization and Ethiopians must do all they can to remove it from their land. Its fascist and racist leader, Meles Zenawi is openly following and implementing discriminatory and marginalising policies.These policies are aimed at enriching and empowering only members of his defined ethnic group or what he hails as the golden and superior group. Meles Zenawi has formulated and is following his own internal policy towards the country`s communities. He has defined the Amharas as the main foes of the people of Tigray and applies the policy of strict check and control over them. Excluding the Amharas and persons with the Amhara political opinion from key economic and political lives in the country is part of his policy. He treats the Oromos with contempt and considers them as simple tools to be used against the Amharas. Contempt for the Oromos and hatred towards the Amharas form the foundation of Meles Zenawi`s divide and rule tactic in Ethiopia. Recently I had a discussion with a supporter of Meles Zenawi and asked him what he feels about the meetings between Ginbot7 and OLF. The person or supporter said that Ginbot7 is following the Amhara politics of targeting Tigrayans and he believes that the less politically sophisticated OLF has not understood this. He said the Oromos must be grateful to the people of Tigray for liberating them from the cruel and oppressive Amhara rule.

  3. bonger
    | #3

    UDJ are taking the fight to the devil woyane junta. We stand shoulder to shoulder with UJD and let the devil woyane know that we want our God given freedom to express our selves with out fear of perseution.

    Let the devil woyane know that our allegiance to a different politial point of view, our tribal/ethnic origin, our belief should not be the reason for persecution.

    Let the devil woyane know that we will fight for equality of access for jobs based on merits and not on ethnicity, for education, for a decent living wage and for the right to make a choice on how or where we live.

    Let the devil woyane know that we will assert our right to protest against woyane injustice,

    Let the devil woyane know that we are against kidnap of people from street corners/from their houses , harassment, imprisonment without trial, murder and torture. we will continue to expose the barbaric act of the woyane against our people through using torture, imprisonment and murder.

    We will continue to demand that the woyane stop inciting inter-ethnic violence, inter-relegious violence and dividing and alienating people.

    We will continue to demand the devil woyane to stop using hunger and famine as a means to kneel down the people to its brutal rule. We demand that the woyane stop discriminating people when it distributes food or other aid given by international donors.

    We salute the UDJ party as it spear heads the struggle of the Ethiopian people for freedom, democracy and justice for all its citizens.

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