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The renowned Ethiopian artiste Gigi Shibabaw has called on the people of Ethiopia to say enough to repressions and oppressions. In a powerful poem the iconic figure read on ESAT, Gigi expressed her anger and frustration with the tyranny of the Meles regime. The famed artiste urged her fellow citizens to rise up and defend their rights and freedom. Gigi dedicated her poem to her fellow citizens that have been jailed.

  1. ናፍቆት
    | #1

    ማን ነው አንብቢ ብሎ የሰጣት?!

  2. Afework
    | #2

    Way To go GIGI. We are waiting for our artists to join the peoples strugle for libertiy, demcracy and justice. Becoming the voice of the voiceless Ethiopian people will be remebered so other artists follow GIGI and Join your people.
    GiGi you spoke for the truth god bless you sister,
    as Martin luther king said it “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

    God Bless Ethiopia and its people
    The fight for equal right and justice continue

  3. ወይዘሪት እንትና
    | #3

    አቡጊዳዎች ይህን እጅግ የተዋጣለትን አገራዊ መልህክት ያስተላለፍችልልንን እጅጋየሁንም እናንተንም ስለግጥሙ እጅግ በጣም እናመሰግናለን:: እጅጋየሁ ይህንን የታመቀ ህውቀትሽን ምነው እስከዛሬ ዝም አለችን ብንልም ክአሁን በሁዋላ ግን አትደብቂው እያልን ለካ ብዙ የተደበቁ ዕንቁዎች አሉን አስብሎናልና በርቺልን::

    የጭራቆቹ ጭራቅነት በሴት ልጅ ተቀነባብሮ መነገሩ ለዘመኑ ንጉሶቻችን ማፈሪያ ሲሆን ለኛ ግን ኩራታችን ነው::

  4. Good Start
    | #4

    Our artists have to be models for such acts.
    They can sing about the usual love songs only if we have a country to make love each other.
    Gigi good move and keep it up

    ዘመን አይሽሬው ጥላሁን ገሰሰ የሚከተለውን ብሎ ነበር

    ጥሩ ልብስ ለብሰን አምሮብን ተውበን የምንታየው
    ሰዎች እንረዳ ቢገባን ትርጉሙ ሁሉም በሀገር ነው፡፡

    ውድ ኢትዮጵያውያን ቆነጃጅት ሴቶቻችን አጉል መሽቀርቀር ብቻ ሳይሆን የጂጂንም አርኣያ ተከተሉ፡፡መሽቀርቀር ተኳኮሎ መሄድና መዘነጥ በሀገርና በሀገር ብቻ መሆኑን ልብ ብላችሁ እተውሉ፡፡ሀገራችንን ለዘረኛውና ለጨካኙ ለወያኔ አሳልፈን ሰጥተን በዘመናዊ ቅኝ ግዛት ውስጥ ሆነን ምን መዘነጥ አለ፡፡

  5. yebbo
    | #5

    We all have to join hands and march against the Tigre People Liberation Front, TPLF, which is brutalising the Ethiopian people, inciting people against one another on tribal, ethnic and relegious line.

    the TPLF have closed down all political space that they have now total contempt for the people and treat all of us as cattle to be driven around and slaughtered.

    It requires courage, determination in the face of adversity , sacrifice of some of our personal comfort to bring about change in our country.

    I commend Gigi for her heroism. we all have to stand up and be counted. Popular figures have a lot of influence on the society and are as much affected by the lack of political space and lack of freedom as the rest of us.

  6. Birtu/can
    | #6

    * First, thanks Giji for breaking the ice.Hopefully,other artists will follow your footsteps.

    Some suggestions to intensify the pressure on woyane and its western allies. It is high time that the diaspora step out of the box and put in place some unconventional but effective methods of struggle in order to attract attention. The element of surprise is very important for a desired outcome. So here goes:


    Storm mainly the Ethiopian embassy in Washington and those located in major European cities. The idea is not new. Time and again, embassies have been raided in the past albeit the practice somehow calmed down lately. It could turn out confrontational knowing the nature of thugs inside Ethiopian embassies. A broken nose here and a black eye there would serve our purpose well which is publicizing the plight of Ethiopians to the whole world. Limiting the number of participants is essential to keep it secret. We all know woyane spies are crawling like ants even here in the diaspora. Hence, the element of surprise is a key component to the plan.


    We have been wasting time and energy begging western nations to do something about their blood sucking partner in Ethiopia to no avail. Well, it is time to take our message directly to the American and European citizens. In other words, instead of focusing on the white house, we take the message to the little people. We find the little people wherever they congregate en mass. NFL and Baseball stadiums, sports arenas, tennis courts and entertainment centers are some of the venues i have in mind. It takes a few individuals to unravel huge protest banners in the middle of a game where the incident can be picked up by television networks as well as spectators around. Sitting behind goal lines is preferable. Repeat that a few times; believe you me, it will have a significant impact than standing in front of the white house. We should underline slogans such as “your tax dollar is being wasted in Ethiopia”.


    Imagine yourself driving a freeway overpass where you see a huge colorful banner which says “FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS IN ETHIOPIA”–thousands of motorists will read that message before the authorities bother to remove it and after the news media highlight it into a talking point.Who cares what they do after the damage is done. We can also post people in major intersections where traffic is heavy, holding huge gruesome pictures of woyane’s victims and hand out fliers explaining what happened. We can do sit-ins at major outlets like CNN and BBC, chain ourselves to monuments and so on for maximum publicity coverage.

    Opposition parties should mobilize their members to engage in this type of creative protests instead of redundant useless protests that bare no fruit. It is the least we can do to show solidarity to our brothers and sisters that are suffering at makelawi prison. If our armed comrades can top that with knocking out a couple of hard targets in the center of Addis–it would be like icing on the cake. Have you any suggestions?


  7. Adam Chamo
    | #7

    I commend and salute this icon artist who is calling for a united action and uprising against the racist and fascist rule of Meles Zenawi. Many other artists should follow in her foot steps in openly saying no to fascism and racism. Meles Zenawi is an ethnic fascist and democracy and the rule of law can not exist under fascism. Fascism does not accept and tolerate any sign of dissent and freedom of expression. The arrests and killings in Ethiopia have an ethnic pattern and this is not a coincidence at all. The TPLF Ethnic fascists under the leadership of Meles Zenawi lump and treat all Ethiopians who do not belong to their ethnic group as enemies and potential threats. The common and widespread arrests and killings of the Oromo Ethiopians proves that Meles Zenawi`s fascist rule will not stop short of committing genocide. Meles Zenawi had brought the issue of the Interhamwe in 2005 to remind Ethiopians of his evil plans and to intimidate and silence them. The hatred and contempt the followers and supporters of Meles Zenawi eschew out should be taken as a warning by all Ethiopians. Meles Zenawi is holding the people of Tigray as his hostages by beating his racist and fascist drum and playing his anti-Amhara music.

  8. Ethiopiawiw
    | #8

    What a poem!
    I think if our Sister Gigi use this empowering poem and her pleasing melody to record a new single (Amharic music), I’m sure that it will reach to every single household both in Ethiopia & abroad. It can also turn out to be our song of Freedom.
    I am looking forward to hear it in her new single!

    Please Gigi, use the poem and record a new single as soon as you can for the sake of saving our motherland Ethiopia and our Ethiopian brothers and sisters from the atrocities being committed by the Crime Minister Meles junta.
    Heartfelt thanks for all you have done and planning to do!

  9. Sheger
    | #9

    Thanks dear people!!!!!!!

    This represents my take on things and understanding of things and my opinion aspiration for my country Ethiopia. It doesn’t include any of the band members in this pictur.

    I love my country Ethiopia. I want democracy and freedom and unity in Ethiopia. I want the Government to be honest and fair with
    People and give hope and national pride and protection to the people to the people of our country Ethiopa who needs
    so badly. We are not Terrirists. We do not to be called terrorists just because we oppose the Government.

    “WE ARE NOT FREE UNTILE WE ALL ARE FREE” I will continue to speak against injustis in our country.

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Free all political presionsrs and presionsrs of conscious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GIGI ( Ejigayehu Shibabaw)

  10. Development without freedom
    | #10

    It is amazing how few individuals control Ethiopian army and use it a their tool.

  11. Anonymous
    | #11

    rise up. we have no choice.

  12. Make me proud – you are my sister- is there a brother to call to ? time will tell.
    | #12

    What a pleasant surprise! GIGI of all singers the least I expected was you, my apologies, to roar and come up front in the struggle to snatch our country,Ethiopia from a jaw of Tigriy racist regime. It is a pleasant sign that were in the land of our while shameless bandas like Tekalegn was bore, we have you as an answer. Ethiopia will kik these branch of treacherous racist hooligans out of the town. Long live Ethiopia. They have seen nothing yet.

  13. wizomezoo
    | #13

    So how can we give thanks to our dearest sister? She really cares about us and her beloved country.She spoke of freedom and victory.She is courageous.This a call beyond her duty;so we,all shall act on the call and continue fighting the enemy until is crushed to its defeat.

  14. beya
    | #14

    The Tigre People liberation Front, TPLF, has made it no secret that they will murder, maim, jail, every opposition that stands in their way. Tigre People liberation Front is a violent organisation born out of violence and live by violence. they seized political power in Ethiopia by violence.

    A catastrophic situation awaits our country as we continue to call for freedom, democracy and justice in our country. The Tigre People liberation Front, will unleash yet more genocide and we should expect it, but not be deterred by it.

    Organisation of the diaspora on a huge scale is important to support the struggle on the international forum. People have to begin to take a leadership role to organise the diaspora under one banner- freedom , justice and democracy and the removal of the etho-fascist junta of the Tigre People liberation Front.

    The diaspora has to find means to organise funds to run the campaign and to support those at the forefront of the struggle back at home.

    Sporadic and isolated struggle achieves nothing. It is time to organise into one big movement of Ethiopians for the survival of our country.
    The Tigre People liberation Front, does not stand for Ethiopia as its name suggests. In the last 20 YEARS Tigre People liberation Front, has done what it sets out to do. We have seen enough of what they could do; we do not have to wait any longer,

  15. Abiy EthiopiawiSegawi-Wemenfesawi
    | #15

    ናፍቆት በሚል መጠሪያ ሥም የዲያቢሎሳዊነት ያላዋቂ መጠይቅ አቅራቢ ነው::ለመሆኑ ጂጂ ሕፃናት እየረገፉ መሆኑን ኢትዮጵያውያን ወገኖቻችን በስደት መገደላቸውን በወሬ ሳይሆን ቦታው ድረስ ሄዳ በማጣራት በሰብዓዊነት በዜግነቷ በመግለጿ ነው”ማነው አንብቢ ብሎ የሰጣት ያስባለህ/ሽ?”
    በናፍቆት ሥም ይህንን የሕዝብ ደም የጨፈለቀ ከእግዚብሔር በቀር የሚያይ የለምና እሱ የሙታን አምላክ የነሱን ይስጠው::አለበለዚያ ይቅርታህን ለሕዝቡ ፃፍ:-እንዳይፈፀም ዘንድ::

  16. Atakilti
    | #16

    I like her songs and listen to them during my leisure time. I will continue to do that no matter how she hates people like me. She is 100% entitled to her opinion.

  17. Beka! Gaye! Enough!
    | #17

    thx GiGi. You are a true Ethiopian. Rise up! Say enough to the minority tigrayian apartheid regime.

    and to Atakilti

    don’t try to divert the issue here. the message is for the oppressed ppl of Ethiopia to rise up and to say enough to the apartheid regime. unless weyane you shoudn’t have a problem with it. it looks like you are one.

  18. Sheger
    | #18

    Though not to say hate me or any thing any way Atakiliti.

    All I say is I love my country and people and let’s live together in peace. Why would any body hate me for that unless
    That person is not an Ethiopian or there is an agenda behind his or hers Ethiopiaweenet.

    Well didn’t say you hate me. I didn’t say I hate you ether. If you are Meles I am Just made at you. And I have the rights
    To be made when you do wrong to my understanding. Please don’t say ” like me any ways ” how can I do that?
    I am not a wushetam like him.

  19. sozoka
    | #19

    As all of you love music,I love music and enjoy listening to gigi’s songs and music.Gigi’s songs are honest and soothing;her voice is crispy and crystal-clear,her dancing is stylish ,and the lyrics are poetic,encouraging, and matured.She is gentle a lady.

  20. Atakilti
    | #20

    Dear Sheger(Gigi):

    When I say I like your songs I really mean it. I also like the songs of another Ethiopian artist who sounds like you and share the same last name. But her songs are religious and extremely radical. I mean radical in away she arranged the entire music. It is very positively revolutionary. Bless her heart!!! And you should also be very proud of her. I have her CD and play it here and there especially I drive on a long trip.

    Dear Gigi: Please help me understand the factors and incidences claimed by and that drives these vocal elements in the Diaspora. I asked others the same questions on this esteemed website and the answers I got were insults and verbal abuse. That is why no one will believe them. They use racial slurs as ‘Ag’me’ and ‘TPLF this and TPLF that’.

    1) Do you think doing harm to public infrastructures such as power/phone/fiber optic lines and cellphone towers is the right method of struggle for ‘freedom’? Aren’t such low-level acts terrorism and should be condemned?
    2) I hear this accusation continuously about certain members of the ruling party including Prime Minister Meles Zenawi have looted from the coffers of the country to buy expensive mansions and other real estate properties in Europe and USA? If yes, do you know anyone who has a list and addresses of such properties? But we have to be very careful not to victimize innocent owners of the alleged properties. I am not saying that such improprieties can not happen but if any I don’t they were done with the knowledge and approval of the Prime Minister.
    3) One of the accusations I hear a lot is that millions have died and hundreds of thousands of political prisoners have been killed by the regime. I am not saying that all is perfect back there and expect some mistakes could have been made. The Ethiopian government size is enormous and some mistakes could have been committed primarily by over-zealous individuals. I asked for the admissible evidence for such violations and again the response I got was personal insults and coded threats to possibly do harm to me and my family. I like the tremendous progress my country made in the last 15 years or so in terms of industrialization and democratic governance. Again, I am not saying all is perfect. When I say this everyone was ganging up on me. That is not fair or right. Some of these members of the crowd who come on this respected website(I mean it) are rowdy and extremely rude. I ask a question, I get back an insult!! What is that? But one thing I sure you, who I admire your feat, is the fact that I refuse to accept any alleged ‘evidence’ for murder and ‘genocide’ claimed by proven terrorist groups such as ‘OLF’ and ‘ONLF’. They have made quite a few children fatherless and motherless with their barbaric acts. Just go on their websites and read what they wrote about their recent ‘bravado’ exploits. How can one justify killing unarmed civilian oilfield workers? How can one legitimize killing of poor, I mean dirt poor, Amhara farmers in Bedeno and Arba Gugu? These two acts of sheer and callous murders were admitted to have been committed by one of former OLF leaders in a recent interview. These are certified Amhara/Tigrayan hating bigots. The more they become sore losers the more they become murderers of innocent civilians. I will never believe them. at least not their leaders. They have been cake-drunk for decades and with a spiked sugar level in their blood, their decision making ability has been impaired for a long time.

    Again, I bow to you as my countrywoman who raised the level of recognition for our music on the international beat scene. May God Bless You, Your Spiritual Sister and your entire family. I wish you continuing success in your profession and go out make us all proud with your music!!!

    May God Bless Our Motherland Ethiopia and May God Also Continue To Bless The United States of America!!! Amen!!!!!

  21. Afework
    | #21

    I was start reading your comments o Abugida for a while and i like them all. If you are the same person as my favorite singer please put your poem into music. the people of ethiopia only ask in fairness their God given right of freedom, justice and the right to govern themselves by their elected leaders. Your message of Love is warming specially the love of Ethiopia and its people.

  22. Atakilti
    | #22

    What happened to my response to Sheger(Gigi)?

  23. beles
    | #23

    can some one upload this and other inspiring videos in .3gpp format? we in Ethiopia can accsess the web sites one way or the other despite the blockade. but we can not down load the materials if they are huge. those in diaspora can upload in formats that is suitable for mobile phones. we can download them and share them through Bluetooth.
    more over people in diaspora need to learn the methods and technologies of todays struggle and practise them instead of just talking. we in Ethiopia need your practical help. not just empty words. if we in Ethiopia willing to risk our life you can risk a few minuites to do practical thing for our freedom.

  24. taffussa
    | #24

    She is a serious artist.What Ethiopians want is Justice,democracy,and bread.First,it is good to know that Ethiopia has never been short of producing fine daughters and sons.We are serious too;the fight against the fascist and the terrorist regime of Meles Zinawi must continue until we end the struggle in victory.

    So remember you gals and guys to redouble your effort to complitely to remove those who built and ran the opperssive and suppressive regime for the last twenty years.

  25. And Ethiopia
    | #25

    Mr Stupid please keep your stupid mind with the stupids you don’t belong here

  26. Michael
    | #26

    Just a couple of points:
    1. why should western governments do anything? Bush, Obama, Blair, Cameron, etc, etc, are all psychopathic war criminals who don’t care about anyone, including the citizens of their own countries, so Meles Zenawi is the ideal partner. He will do anything his western masters tell him in return for lots of cash. The british and american governments are only interested in Ethiopia for one thing – the potentially massive reserves of gas and oil in the Ogaden region from which they and their rich banker friends can profit. Do you think Ethiopians or Somalis will see any benefit???
    2. You are right about getting the message to the ‘little people’, who are so often duped by the ‘divide and rule’ strategy now being used with great effect by Meles. And the mainstream media are controlled by greedy amoral financial interests so don’t expect anything from them. Over here in the UK, there is a group called ‘Fathers for Justice’ who did things like those you are suggesting. They certainly got a lot of news coverage because their actions were so high profile. You can google for more info.
    Good luck.

  27. Sheger
    | #27

    Afework it is me Gigi the singer. And I will continue to sing against ethnic federalism and injustices in Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia to me is my sweet home my country not a place where I feel degraded and abandoned and as Amehara or Oromo or Tigray or Agewu and so on I am a combination of all kinds of tribes and beyond. And I am prourd of being an
    Ethiopian all kinds and beyond. I have no shame in my self being Gigi Shibabaw the Ethiopian like most of Ethiopians
    Who are proud of benign an Ethiopian. Our country is a great blessing and legacy. I love Ethiopia my God protect her
    And her people always. Our unity is a key to our security and progress. Our democracy is a key to our for ever liberty
    And our freedom is a key to our sefity and security and for the nations existence.

    May God protect us all and bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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