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The People’s Uprising Can’t be stopped by TPLF’s Terror

It is the nature dictatorial regimes to get more desperate and brutal when their days are numbered. At a time when the winds of change have been dismantling the pillars of power in North Africa and the Middle East, dictatorial regimes are making a last ditch effort to forestall popular uprising through brutal repressions and scorched earth tactics.

The people of Ethiopia have been suffering greatly under Tigrai Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) corrupt and ethnocentric misrule. Our people are enduring hunger, violations of human rights, untold repressions and lack of basic rights. The regime has also rendered Ethiopians to be strangers in their own land by creating a system that facilitates land grab. This misguided policy has transferred nearly 3 million hectares of fertile land to foreign agribusinesses, thus depriving the peasantry immense opportunities to ensure food security. Adding an insult to injury, the ethnocratic dictatorial regime led by Meles Zenawi has condemned the poor people of Ethiopia not only to abject poverty but also cyclic hunger in a land of plenty.

It is quite obvious that oppressed people living under tyrannies inevitably throw off the yoke of oppression. It is this inevitable reality that has made the Meles Zenawi regime to take desperate measures like accusing innocent journalists of terrorism offenses under its draconian laws that have criminalized freedom of expression.

Those of us living in freedom in the diaspora Washington DC and the surrounding areas have consistently stood by our people in defense of the rights, liberties and wellbeing of the Ethiopian people. The unjust incarceration of Eskinder Nega, Andualem Aragie, Debebe Eshetu, Bekele Gerba, Bekele Olbana, among many others, should not be dispiriting but a cause to inspire Ethiopians to wage a well-concerted struggle to win their dignity and liberty. In this spirit, the New Year message issued by the Unity for Justice and Democracy Party needs to be supported by all Ethiopians.

Ethiopians, regardless of their ethnic, religious or political affiliations, must stand in unison to rally for freedom and dignity. It is high time that every freedom loving Ethiopian stood in unison to shorten the brutal misrule of the Meles regime that has left no stone unturned to create an atmosphere of fear among ordinary citizens.

Wishing the new Ethiopian year to open a new chapter of liberty in our history, we invite all freedom-loving Ethiopians to join a solidarity protest on Monday September 26, 9:00 am, outside the US State Department. The rally will condemn the brutal measures being taken against innocent journalists and dissidents across Ethiopia and express solidarity with the organizations that called for a public rally at Meskel Square on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011.

Political organizations, Civic groups, and Activists Joint Taskforce.

For further information call: 202 656 8070


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