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The People’s Uprising Can’t be stopped by TPLF’s Terror

It is the nature dictatorial regimes to get more desperate and brutal when their days are numbered. At a time when the winds of change have been dismantling the pillars of power in North Africa and the Middle East, dictatorial regimes are making a last ditch effort to forestall popular uprising through brutal repressions and scorched earth tactics.

The people of Ethiopia have been suffering greatly under Tigrai Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) corrupt and ethnocentric misrule. Our people are enduring hunger, violations of human rights, untold repressions and lack of basic rights. The regime has also rendered Ethiopians to be strangers in their own land by creating a system that facilitates land grab. This misguided policy has transferred nearly 3 million hectares of fertile land to foreign agribusinesses, thus depriving the peasantry immense opportunities to ensure food security. Adding an insult to injury, the ethnocratic dictatorial regime led by Meles Zenawi has condemned the poor people of Ethiopia not only to abject poverty but also cyclic hunger in a land of plenty.

It is quite obvious that oppressed people living under tyrannies inevitably throw off the yoke of oppression. It is this inevitable reality that has made the Meles Zenawi regime to take desperate measures like accusing innocent journalists of terrorism offenses under its draconian laws that have criminalized freedom of expression.

Those of us living in freedom in the diaspora Washington DC and the surrounding areas have consistently stood by our people in defense of the rights, liberties and wellbeing of the Ethiopian people. The unjust incarceration of Eskinder Nega, Andualem Aragie, Debebe Eshetu, Bekele Gerba, Bekele Olbana, among many others, should not be dispiriting but a cause to inspire Ethiopians to wage a well-concerted struggle to win their dignity and liberty. In this spirit, the New Year message issued by the Unity for Justice and Democracy Party needs to be supported by all Ethiopians.

Ethiopians, regardless of their ethnic, religious or political affiliations, must stand in unison to rally for freedom and dignity. It is high time that every freedom loving Ethiopian stood in unison to shorten the brutal misrule of the Meles regime that has left no stone unturned to create an atmosphere of fear among ordinary citizens.

Wishing the new Ethiopian year to open a new chapter of liberty in our history, we invite all freedom-loving Ethiopians to join a solidarity protest on Monday September 26, 9:00 am, outside the US State Department. The rally will condemn the brutal measures being taken against innocent journalists and dissidents across Ethiopia and express solidarity with the organizations that called for a public rally at Meskel Square on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011.

Political organizations, Civic groups, and Activists Joint Taskforce.

For further information call: 202 656 8070


  1. beya
    | #1

    Ethiopia has been made a big prison camp by the Tigre Peole Liberation Front TPLF. ANY BODY WHO DARES TO SPEAK UP AGAINST THE BRUTALITY OF THE TPLF, is being brutally kidnaped or dragged from street corner by the TPLF gestapo and thrown into jail where torture is rife.

    The people have been muzzled totally and under the new so called ‘terror law’ the Tigre People Liberation Front has given itself a free hand to commit even more crime on the people of Ethiopia.

    The TPLF gestapo are on red alert and every where the country is under surveillance.

    Who then can speak for the people if those of us who live in relative freedom in the west and other parts of the world do not help our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia. LETS USE THE FREEDOM WE HAVE HERE, AND OUR COUNTRY MEN AND WOMEN DO NOT HAVE BACK IN ETHIOPIA, TO SAY ENOUGH OF TPLF.

    It is time to stop simply talking and to get up and do something. Silenec only means we are more gulity than the TPLF.

  2. abbu
    | #2

    A few of the Most recent victims of The woyane ‘anti-terror’ law

    Andualem Aragie,
    Asamnew Birhanu,
    Bekele Gerba,
    Debebe Eshetu,
    Eskinder Nega,
    Nathnael Mekonnen,
    Olbana Lelisa,
    Teklu w/Mariam
    Alemu Abebe
    Reeyot Alemu,
    Jarso Yebba
    Woubshet Taye,
    Zemenu Molla
    Tariku Keita


  3. The Eritrean one!
    | #3

    Every peace loving of the horn of Africa and that includes Eritreans, Somalians, and Sudans to join hands with our fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters. According to the latest wikileaks Meles and his boss Bereket Simon are not only to engulf Ethiopia in fire with the help of Americans but it is also Somalian, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. My fellow brothers and sisters the dream of Meles and his boss Bereket Simon should never be allowed to achieve for the benefit of interest groupies: Meles and his boss Bereket Simon must be brought to courts of law in Ethiopia-by-Ethiopians and let the breath of peace, harmony, new beginning, and economic cooperations takes in the whole horn of Africa; let Meles and his boss serve time in the dangeons they built in Addis and the aiga jungle!!!!

  4. Atakilti
    | #4

    What is this ‘The Eritrean one!’ doing here? You should be a ‘Singapore’ country by now and too busy to get involved in politics. You will never be able to ‘fish in troubled water’. It is like the saying goes: Tell me with whom you go and I will tell you what you do. A unified and strong Ethiopia is your nightmare. You have OLF and ONLF as your copycats – monkey see monkey do!!!! Now you are going to disturb the peace of the US State Department with your mumbling, babbling and stuttering whimpers!!! You are embarrassing yourself.
    I don’t mind to be with you if PM Meles has turned anti USA but he is not. You and your ghoulish Isaias will never see a bloodbath in Ethiopia. Never! Those countrymen in our Diaspora!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves for heeding to the advice and instructions given to you by proven killer of innocent people Isaias and his henchmen.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    This call for non-violent urising for freedom is for me a genuine approach. It focuses, I believe with individual freedom and liberty as the basic unity of the Ethiopian society, to restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia as one nation, with one flag, one language and one religion with the others developing simultaneously. The individuals, who are inclined to think of themselves as Ethiopians first and their ethnicity second, who put their national interst ahead of ones self interst, and hold themselves accountable to the tax payers first and to their parties with ethnic agenda. I doubt without this mindset, and meeting of the minds over the common goals for unity, terrtorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with uninanimously and openly accepted strategies to achieve those goals, freedom from autocratic rule, ethnic rule (minority or majority ethnic rule)/ethnic dictatorship and ratification of ethnic federalism (Article 46), ethnic secessionism (Article 39 (1), and Article 8, and the individual freedom and liberty to taking prescendence over ethnic and secessionist right, freedom and democracy may not be achievable through negotiations among the factions if the TPLF/eprdf regime collapses under the current set up of the opposition parties and the fronts in the armed struggle.

  6. Atakilti
    | #6

    At the last minute, I have decided to come out and be with you but not to protest. My being there with you will be to just ask the State Department to convey my polite request to His Excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to use his good offices in finding a way and release Mr. Eskinder on bail for humanitarian reasons as soon as possible. If Mr. Ekinder can not afford his bailout money, I ask the editors of this website to organize a fund raising drive for Mr. Ekinder’s bail. I have read a few articles posted by Mr. Eskinder on this or other websites and he did not sound a violent person. I will also politely ask the government of Ethiopia to assist Mr. Eskinder in finding a source of income so he can provide for his family. I heard that he is a loving father of a toddler.
    Like I said before, I have no idea who the other individuals are and where they stand on violence. One thing I want to highly suggest to you. When you are out there tomorrow to protest, don’t try to be rude as some of you had done before. Avoid lambasting PM Meles and the Ethiopian Government with words and slogans that are tantamount to racial slurs. Using such racial epithets as ‘TPLF this TPLF that’ will not help you at all. TPLF is just a minority in the coalition party that administers the government of Ethiopia. I know you all when you go out there to denounce ‘TPLF’ that you do it with a deep-seated hatred for all Tigrayans. You must be ashamed of such behavior. In this day and age, where a black man shattered all man-made shackles and became the President of the most powerful nation in the history of mankind, you are still hankered down with your epithet and bigotry. Those of you with such behavior should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. kaesee
    | #7

    We don’t know Meles Zinawi’s marriage is based on sexual attraction but we know Zinawi is monkeying with democracy.All of these problems can be avoided,if Zinawi is stopped from his brutal engagement.Definitely,Zinawi has reached the peak of crime.What Ethiopians want is justice,democracy,and bread.

  8. Lakew
    | #8

    As Gaddafi had mercenaries around him to kill opponents,Meles Zinawi has long been putting in place men and women, Eritreans in the security apparatus to guard him.These mercinaries have the deepest hatred towards Ethiopians and have the greatest joy in killing Ethiopians;most of all,they are looters and murderers,who preoccupied with what really,really matters to them.They are the flesh between the tumb and pointing-finger of Meles Zinawi,soft but lethal.You can not easily distinguish them walking down in the streets of Addis Ababa but you will for sure know them when they hold a gun on your head,too late,you then kow it is them.

    These mercinaries are composed of the aged and the experienced and the decendants from those who lived in Ethiopia for years disguising as Ethiopians yet did the most dispecable and disgusting crimes of all sorts in clandestine.They know Ethiopians more than Ethiopians know themselves;they know how to dine with Ehtiopians;they know how to smile and greet;they know the habit,custome,taradation of Ethiopians;they faked being neighbours and best friends;they know the wax and gold,the proverbes,the say,the idioms how to say and how to apply it to all occassions and events.But what surprised them time after time was that how Ethiopians didn’t get it and don’t get it,worse enough Ethiopians will never get it.Ethiopians,you should really know how to priortize what should be done first then second.

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