Let us give real meaning to Ethiopia and being Ethiopian today By Aklog Birara, Ph.D.

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It will be an understatement to state that, regardless of ethnic, religious, gender, age or ideological affinity, Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origin discuss their country of origin with passion and genuine interest. Broadly, they share a common set of principles. This is the good news. However, there is another side to the story that generates animated conversation within and outside the country. This short article reflects my own assessment and conclusions with regard to the two schools of thought that have more or less raged for more than forty years.

What is the area of consensus?

All of us wish to see good governance based on the rule of law, equality and justice, commitment to human rights and human dignity, freedom and political pluralism otherwise known as democracy. Clearly and by any socioeconomic and political measurement, the world in which ordinary Ethiopians live is as inhospitable as anyone could imagine. It is this in- hospitability that drives those of us who hope for a better tomorrow for all Ethiopians that dictate these generally shared values. They are fundamental and critical enough to force each activist to soul search so that we can contribute to the realization of the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the Ethiopian people as individuals and as communities.

What then is the hurdle or problem?

For more than forty years, political parties, groups and their supporters focused less on the commonalities that bind them as people and drove their thinking and their actions through the prism of ‘irreconcilable differences.’ This is a trap implanted by the current governing party. The experiences of people across the globe in general and the recent people-anchored revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East inform that there is no contradiction between the essence and meaning of one or unified Ethiopia that embraces all of its citizens, and freedom and democracy. Divisions along ethnic, religious or rigid ideological lines and the contention that Ethiopia is an artificial creation of the ‘colonial type’ continue to act as barriers in pursuing and achieving the hopes and aspirations of all of the Ethiopian people. What best describes Ethiopia and Ethiopians is that they are the sole creators of a mosaic of nations and nationalities that defended the national independence and territorial integrity of the country for thousands of years. This Ethiopian made multi-nation building was not imposed by colonial powers. At various times in history, all Ethiopians contributed to the formation of this mosaic. I suggest that no single nationality group has preponderance over this, recognizably, tumultuous history through which other countries had to pass. Ethiopia deserves the same treatment as other countries that have gone through rough waters in which an untold millions were killed in what most experts believe is the natural evolution of both homogenous and heterogeneous or multi-ethnic nations. Belaboring the agony of the past that comes from each successive system of governance detracts from singular focus on the future.

I should like to illustrate the enormous economic, social, political and security costs for all members of Ethiopian society of past and current preoccupation with ‘irreconcilable types of differences’ by citing five examples:

• The so-called developmental state led by the TPLF/EPRDF has induced one of the worst income inequalities in the world. The gap between the small super rich whose incomes, wealth and assets originate directly or indirectly from a discriminatory and exclusive system has reached a dangerous level. This pronounced inequality in wealth and assets deprives better livelihood for the vast majority of the Ethiopian people. It undermines fairness and equity and retards the development process. Inequality takes a toll on the national economy in that those with low incomes and the poor cannot afford to purchase even domestically produced goods and services. In the end, inequality that comes from discriminatory and exclusionary policies and programs will threaten the very fabric of the society and will lead it to instability and fragility. The regime is able to get away with gross inequality because there is no political competition. It is not accountable to the public but to itself. Opponents can and should mobilize and work in unison to bring gross inequality to the attention of the world community.

• In a succession of reactions to poor and repressive governance, my generation opposed and revolted against the Imperial regime, the Socialist Military Dictatorship and now the TPLF/EPRDF dictatorship without a clear vision of the future and the alternative political and socioeconomic order that will govern the country.

• Ethiopia and its diverse population lost their legitimate access to the sea. Therefore, the Ethiopian and Eritrean people that share a great deal in common lost economic and comparative advantages that would benefit both. Political elites in both regions who exploit divisions and tensions have put them at risk.

• The TPLF/EPRDF exploited the void in unified political and civic opposition and granted millions of hectares of Ethiopian fertile farmlands and waters to more than 1,000 licensees from 36 countries, and to favored supporters of the regime. Yemeret neteka ena kirimit affects sovereignty, dignity, citizenship, security and wellbeing, long-term national interest, the environment and ordinary lives of people.

• The same void in political wisdom, organization and national leadership within the opposition exposes individuals and groups within the country for constant and relentless assault by the governing party and state. The Failed States Index for 2011 and Wiki leaks reveal shocking information concerning the brutality of the one party state on Ethiopian society: group grievances not addressed, human flight in thousands, uneven development and income emanating from discrimination, economic decline and relentless inflation, increasing de-legitimization of the state and gross human rights violations almost on a daily basis. The regime has compromised the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Wiki leaks reveal that the governing party cost Ethiopia “a large chunk of territory” that the regime transferred to the Sudan in a secret deal. The single party state is “the judge, jury and executioner” with no end in sight.

All of these and more present a dire picture that cannot be resolved unless all opposition parties, groups and civil society close ranks and place the interests of all of the Ethiopian people at the center of their struggle,

What then is the alternative?

In my assessment, a firm and determined commitment for the unity of the Ethiopian people and for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country is the surest path to freedom and political pluralism. I have no doubt in my mind that unfettered unity will lead the Ethiopian people to freedom and political pluralism. The country is large and potentially rich enough to accommodate the hopes and aspirations of all of its diverse population. The ills, misinterpretations of history, ‘brutalities’ and other transgressions of the past can and should be addressed by a democratically elected government rather than used as a precondition for transformation. In Australia, South Africa and other democratic countries, legitimate representatives of the people set-up institutional mechanisms to investigate and address past grievances. Ethiopia can achieve the same goal.

I believe that we can draw a critical lesson of what not to do from our own recent political history that division along ethnic lines rather than genuine commitment for the pursuit of freedom for all Ethiopians is a losing proposition. For example, I would hate to imagine that ethnic and other divisions would subject Ethiopians to perpetual civil war in order to satisfy the narrow interests of foreign powers or the needs of political elites. The regime’s relentless attack on individuals and groups in the country is a prime indicator that it will not tolerate any form of dissent. This is the reason why I argued in several articles that the regime is more like Libya, Syria and Yemen than Egypt or Tunisia. This attribute should compel all to work in tandem and energize all Ethiopians within the country to rise against repression and oppression.

The incontestably able and dedicated Ethiopian humanist and political activist Obang Metho, Executive Director of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia captures the essence of what I am saying in two themes: “Humanity before Ethnicity” and “No One Will be Free Until All are Free.” Division and fragmentation go exactly in the opposite direction from realizing freedom and political pluralism for each and all. If the ultimate objective is to dislodge the TPLF/EPRDF oppressive system of governance and replace it with a government of national reconciliation, peace, unity in diversity, freedom and equality, justice and equitable participation in social and economic life, human rights and the rule of law, then all aspirants must join forces and aim for the same goal. This is the reason why I suggest that the unity of all of the Ethiopian people is the surest path in achieving freedom and democracy in the country we love. Imagine if all Ethiopian rise against oppression. Who in the world can stop them? There is no force that can.

In my view, the hopes and aspirations of Ethiopia’s 90 million people are constrained by an enormous gap in national political organization and wise leadership. It is response to and filling this gap that will enable them to achieve genuine freedom, political pluralism and participatory and equitable economic and social opportunities. Ultimately, it is realization of this noble goal—that can only come from a unity of national purpose–that will create the foundation to conquer abject poverty, hunger and famine, dependency, unemployment, diseases, corruption and gross income inequality and illegal outflow of billions of dollars from one of the poorest and hungriest countries in the world.

Lack of unity of purpose and recognition that Ethiopians share common values and aspire for a common destiny will prolong the agony of the Ethiopian people. If we defer accepting the principles of Ethiopian sovereignty and territorial integrity and the unity of its diverse population, it will be difficult if not impossible to achieve the kinds of transformative, grassroots and youth-led popular revolutions we are witnessing in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Yemen. In none of these countries is the principle of national unity and the unity of people at risk. The tragedy of not forging ahead with a unity of purpose that comes from accepting these fundamental principles that will serve all Ethiopians in the long-run is that Ethiopia’s economy will be in shambles. Instability and gross violations of human rights will persist. We see evidence of this in hyperinflation, gross inequality and selected and indiscriminate killing, persecutions and jailing of innocent people by the governing party. The regime explains these and other anomalies as the price of growth and development; and ‘anti-terrorism.’ The terror comes from the one party state itself.

Where do we start and where do we end-up?

At the end of the day, political and social actors must believe in and trust the Ethiopian people to do the right thing. I do. The long-term interests of the country and its entire people must guide political and social action. I have no doubt in my mind that peaceful, country anchored and youth led transformation is possible; in fact, inevitable. The rest of us in the Diaspora have a moral obligation to contribute to the democratization process through collaboration rather than division or silence or skepticism or detachment.

If we remain preoccupied with our differences rather than the common bonds that we share as Ethiopians, and the aspirations and hopes we believe in for future this and future generations, we will contribute to the enormous risks that the country and its diverse population face. As some in Addis Ababa said recently, we will simply accept the tragic notion that “Ethiopia is a country that resembles a person who is traveling in a pitch-black dark night.” I know what it means to travel in a “pitch black night. “ In Waves, I depicted my own and my father’s journey in Northern Gondar at night not knowing exactly where we were headed to; but hoping that we will end-up at our destination by some miracle. A country led by an arrogant, cruel, repressive and exclusive ethnic clique is a country that moves in the dark. For those in power and with wealth, nothing can be as good and as bright as staying in power and enjoying the spoils of political capture. For the disenfranchised—the vast majority of the Ethiopian people—the Ethiopian regime is a nightmare. It turns daylight into darkness, hope into misery, aspiration into despair, and hope into hopelessness. The rest of us must reject this situation.

Our person-made and too often, self-serving divisions will postpone the democratization process indefinitely. This artificial division will allow the current repressive regime to single out and decimate persons of conscience, principle and stamina who expose inhumanity and cruelty. It will deny current youth the possibility of closing ranks and standing solidly for freedom and political pluralism in a sustainable way. It will undermine the noble tradition of the Ethiopian people to live side by side. It will give political elites a chance to divide and weaken all of us. It will prolong the life of a divisive, oppressive, inhumane and brutal regime. If the situation continues for too long, the country will continue on a path of eternal darkness, fragility and greater ethnic based fragmentation. This condition will not serve anyone. At minimum, the Diaspora can try to cleanse itself of the culture of egoism, individualism, village-like mentality, elitism, partisanship and division, attributes that sustain the TPLF/EPRDF regime. The current onslaught against civil liberties, individual rights and freedoms is as much a manifestation of a desperate regime that has gone berserk as much as it is a manifestation of weaknesses within the opposition camp whether within the country or in the Diaspora.

The march of history tells us that the brave and principled souls within the country who are sacrificing their lives, their families and their wellbeing are precisely what Ethiopia and Ethiopians need today. At minimum, we can and should stand shoulder to shoulder with them and reject repression and oppression of the one party dictatorial state today and not tomorrow.

  1. Nasser
    | #1

    Dear Aklog,

    You started your article saying Ethiopians emphasized on their differences rather than on what they share. One of our difference is how Ethiopia is formed. But again you yourself emphasized on our differences by putting “Ethiopia and Ethiopians is that they are the sole creators of a mosaic of nations and nationalities that defended the national independence and territorial integrity of the country for thousands of years”. This is where we fundamentally differ. This is false. By now most Ethiopians – Oromos, Somalis, Gambellas, Benashangul and Gumuz people, Afar and all the Southern people do not believe in this statment. It is not a matter of believing but it is a known false.

    So if you want advocate for Ethiopian unity, accept truth, admit past wrong doings. Otherwise, do not waste your time. 40 years should be a lesson for every body of us.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    I salute you for your answer to your own question: ” then is the alternative? But you failed to indentify the problem as being autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule (minority or majority rule)/ethnicdictatorship with ethnic federalism and secessionism with underlying totaliarinism stipulated in the constitution, Aticle 46, 39 (1), Article 8 etc, with no independent branches of the Government. The constitutional frame work and governance do not allow capitalism and democracy for the silent majority of Ethiopians. Democracy in this case means a rule by the people, of the people, and for the people. You are instead basing your arguement on the lack of good governance based on the rule of law and justice, rather than calling for non-violent uprising for freedom and liberty of individuals, to restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, and the sovereignity of Ethiopia. These staments define the problems, and you aptly set the objectives without strategies to achieve those goals.

    Based on the alignment of the parties and/or liberation movements on ethnic and national agenda, I am inclined to think of two political forces: the negative forces of disintegration and positive forces of integration. I do not see two schools of thoughts as you indicated that could be verified by survey research, while the former can be verified by the objectives and platoforms as the attributes of the prevalent political models of: TPLF/eprdf, a multi-layer, hierarchical ppolitical model as well as political economic model of “Developmental State Theory/State capitalism, (Tigrai-Harena)/OPDM/Medrek/fdd/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, and KAEUP, EDP and others, partipating in an election process with national agenda, EPRP and others not participating in the election, but adhering to the national agenda. These make up two diametriclly opposed political forces, which can only resolved by tipping the balance towards the positive forces of integration in a non-violent uprising to freedom and liberty of individuals to supercede ethnic and secessionist rights, to restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian national Interests and the sovereignity of Ethiopia with a constitution free of ethnic and secessionist politics and/policies and free of totlirianism.

    In preparation for the non-violent uprising to freedom

  3. Ewnetu
    | #3

    DR Aklog
    Once again, you have jit thr nail in the head. the only way forward is throught the vision for one and united Ethiopia that is democratic and inclusuve, No misleading and failed self determination or referendom

  4. aha!
    | #4

    Continum: In preparation for non-violent uprising to freedom, the politicians and their supporters need to undergo a process of revival in being accountable to taxpayers, than their party or liberation movements, to focus their Ethiopiawinet ahead of their ethnicty, with due respect to their citizenship to Ethiopia, one way or the other, to focus on the national interst ahead of their self interest, and think of Ethiopia as one Nation, One Flag, Languageand one Religion, that has been passed over to the present generation.

  5. Girum
    | #5

    It is good article.
    But i have some question for secessionist groups who blindly demonize previous kings like Menelik and others for not being democratic and using force to unite Ethiopia.
    1)What really tells the history of other developed nations in the West before they become democratic nation states like today?
    2)To tell me any example from those nations in the developed West that are initially established as a nation with the consent of the mass through democracy?
    3)To tell me any example from those nations in the developed West that were not ruled by kings and Emperors?Still many like England,Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Netherlands,Belgium,Japan have those previous historical monarchs in place as a symbol of unity.

    Unless the elitist intellectuals and politicians who are dominating the political scene are wise,bold and well disciplined that is coherent with existing realities and only sing the song of democracy alone,then the result will be chaos and destabilization of the existing country.
    Unless we accept and respect our identity,our past as an Ethiopian,whether good or bad then we will go no where.
    There is no such a thing as new Ethiopia,unless it is a mere illusion and fantasy.Logically and scientifically it is important to remind that we can not start from where and from who we are already not.
    The experience of the developed world shows that they accept and respect their history whether bad or good.It is a lesson for them to rectify their past mistakes.But here in Ethiopia there are even many intellectual societies who blindly blame the past kings for not implementing democracy.The are very blind to see the good things they do to us and only focus on the bad ones.A king or an Emperor can not be as such miraculous different from the society it arises from.If the father or father of this commentator as well as the writer of this article can not be modern and dynamic enough to bring democracy to this country how comes i and the writer blame those respective kings who rule our fathers and forefathers to be modern and democratic.Even most of us are not as such disciplined logical and rational when we mercilessly criticize the past.Though the past greatly affects the present We do not have any sort of control and power over the past.However,we have ample power and control over the present now and the fate of our future.We have to believe in that the ball is under our hands and we have the freedom and responsibility to throw it in to any direction we want it.This is the very reality and truth we some how are in fear to face it.And that is why we usually resort to blame the past and respective forefathers,kings and emperors.I think when we become confused and fail to rectify the past we tend to stuck on blaming and with usual word called democracy.No clock ticks back and no time frame counts back.The past is past what we can do any thing is about now and the future.Nation creation and nation building is a laborious task and process that requires courage wisdom stamina and responsibility and hence it is not all a luxury game and indulgence talking about democracy alone.Those who do not understand this reality just dare to mercilessly blame and demonize the past process and the kings and leaders who pass through it.So many naive and gullible peoples expect as if democracy is something of a free gift to be delivered taken for granted.Ethnically driven secessionists groups better be disciplined,wise and bold to adjust themselves with existing realities of today’s word and past history.Such groups of intellectuals better stop living the illusion and fantasy that they dream it will happen as a result of secession. Secession does not as such bring freedom,democracy and bread automatically from the sky.
    Unless we accept and respect our identity and integrity as an Ethiopian and work hard for it then it can not simply pay us back what we did not do for it.Ethiopiawinet is not something that we only claim or demand our share of rights but also something that we carry out our share duty and responsibility as to our knowledge and capacity for it.Ethiopiawinet is not something that we only accept and respect it when we are only content and happy with it, but also something we need to stick to it loyal when we are also oppressed ,discontent and sad with it. For me Ethiopiawinet is not just a mere democratic choice but my obligatory fate and destiny I can not change it. So many of contemporary naïve intellectuals are confused with the so called values like freedom and democracy with that of Ethiopiawinet.That is many of us mistakenly believe in that denying Ethiopiawinet will automatically provide us freedom and democracy we aspire. If we are honest and responsible it is mainly with in Ethiopiawinet that we get our freedom and democracy. For me Ethiopiawinet is a necessary condition though not a sufficient one for my life and identity. Unless we do not fight for our Ethiopiawinet then I am afraid that we can as such achieve the dreamt freedom and democracy. What is historically meaningful and vital for me at hand is my identity and integrity as an Ethiopian not the fashionable democracy. Therefore for let the live horse be this Ethiopiawinet and let others be the cart following the horse. This is what intuitively and logically comes to my mind. Something new different from this path is not for the ultimate sustainable good.
    And i think that is with this same path the other developed nations come to this stage of civilization.
    Unless there is a clear vision in this respect then I am afraid that we may plunge in to another worst chaos and stalemate.

    God bless Ethiopia

  6. deyyo
    | #6

    Nasser said,

    ……..Oromos, Somalis, Gambellas, Benashangul and Gumuz people, Afar and all the Southern people do not believe in this statment. It is not a matter of believing but it is a known false…..

    I say to you, speak for yourself. who made you a representative of other groups.
    If you say something is wrong, please state what you consider to be wrong and how we can overcome it. Blame culture won’t get us anywhere. How long are you to go on blaming others for your own problem.Who is to blame that TPLF got to power? Who is to blame for the earth quake in japan? who is to blame for people dying of hunger?
    blame, blame, blame, blame

  7. Birhanu Demeke
    | #7

    Well done Aklog Birara(Ph.D)your assessment clearly justifies our short comings as Ethiopians,which is the main reason for prolonging TPLF’s hold on power for two decades while destroying Ethiopians as people and Ethiopia as a country.

    Those of you who have created a fabricated story as history of Ethiopia and claim that Amharas and Tigraes as a whole have perpetuated injustice against none-Amharas and none Tigraes during the era of the Ethiopian monarch rule,you are wrong and I urge you to get hold of Fikire Tolossa(Ph.D)and likes and learn that all Ethiopians were under the same autocratic rule in-spit of their ethnic affiliation.

    If we need to end TPLF’s era and establish constitutional democracy in Ethiopia,it is going to be nothing but the way DR,Aklog put it,however if we intend to continue dwelling in our fabricated history and trick which can take us nowhere etc…can only lead us to endless war and distraction,further more it must be noted that those of us who are accused of the past ills of Ethiopia are getting sick and tired of this accusation on top of what we have been going through and undergoing.Our continuous declaration of our Ethiopian nationality should be considered as how much wise we are as those who have similar stance.

    The future is our choice,so let us think of the past and the present,learn from it and design our common peaceful future, if not it will be just a day dreaming.

    Long Live Ethiopia!
    God Bless ETHIOPIA!

  8. deyyo
    | #8

    The opposition start fighting among themselves instead of fighting against the Tigre People Liberation Front which is the main enemy of our society.

    THERE IS A PERPETUAL WAR among the various opposition forces and this is the main reason why the Tigre People Liberation Front stayed in power for 20 years.

    The opposition members fight for power within their group and they dont even see beyond their group, they dont see things in the long term.

    The opposition politicians look for temporary fame , money and power.

    There are various groups promoting their own narrow group based agenda. they do their own ‘struggle’ their own way, but they usually get no where.

    Even if alliances are formed, these tend to be temporary and the alliance in the end breaks up.

    Currently there are various ethno nationalist

    There was even an alliance between OLF, TPLF, Shabia. The common agenda of these three groups was their stand against what they call ‘Abyssinian colonialism’ and their main aim was to dismantle Ethiopia, other than that they have had nothing in common. LOOK AT WHAT HAD HAPPENED BETWEEN THESE THREE GROUPS NOW. They did not consider OLF as an equal partner and the kicked them out in the early 1990.

    OLF is now split wide into different factions, one faction still fighting against’ Abyssinian colonialism’, another faction still talking with shabia and TPLF, and another faction talking with G7. I believe there are other groups claiming to represent oromo (Islamic front for the liberation of Oromo) etc etc.

    My point is that as long as there are groups who advocate that their OWN issues are more important than any other issue, there won’t be unity.

    People have to learn to compromise and know the art of GIVE AND TAKE. yOU CANT HAVE IT ALL. you win some you loose some.

    Alliances between Ethiopian opposition groups and even between those anti-Ethiopian forces

  9. Gragn Ahmed
    | #9

    Weyane is counting on Develpopment as his only credit for staying in power. But Italia did the same and did not get into ruling us. Neother neocolonialists of Britian. Now, china is modeling itself as bridge builder to clout Africa without firing a single shot. Hence, we become scape goats to foreign powers. First, Ethiopian chrisitians should not persecute their own fellow Mulsims as foreign agents. Time and again we have seen that Ethiopia is going to be Arabized if there are more mosques and Islam is free is what takes us into such civil strife. All people of that country should give up their own negative impacts on the country and join hands together if they want freedom and no colonization. What I see currently in many christian owned websites is a propagation of hate and discrimination based on religion and eagerness to serve the interest of the West at the expense of the people of that country using religion. Especially, the comments of so called educated evangelicals is very dangerous and escalating rhetoric that has not been seen any time before with orthodox and muslims of that country. Let us not be confused by those agents and concentrate on to show how better Ethiopia will be without Meles. The more we are divided the more the West inclines to support the Meles regime. It is not that Meles will stay for ever, but we will give a chance for another Meles. So our aim should be how to remove Meles and at the same time how to prevent another Meles. For this to work we need new thinkers who do not side with any party but the emanicipation of the people of that country.

    We are not there yet. So I advise the websites to block the comments of those who are wanting for neocolonization of Ethiopia in the name of terror. Especially those sinster people who are waiting to rule us not different from that of Meles. I want to see who can do that in short time order.

    As to China we now see how China tolerates those corrput leaders in the Southern states just because of their help for one candidate that supports their development.

    That country is for all. I hope we will see that soon.

  10. Gragn Ahmed
    | #10

    One thing I disagree with the author is unity without precondition??? I can not see how that is possible if we keep pressing issues for later.

  11. Dawi
    | #11

    In a country like ours where internal tensions are high we should not rule out looking at the present Meles Dictatorship as a transitional part of the solution in resolving such conflict. Messay’s Manifesto has proposed such a possibility.

    PAP ( Peoples Action Party) in power since 1966 is known as a one Party ruler of Singapore. PAP is accused of stifling opposition parties from succeeding. A Singaporean Foreign Minister once said, How many Singaporeans want free speech ? They want order and good living standard. :)

    In other words, Dictatorship are better in safeguarding order and stability against Anarchy than Democracies.

    Concentrating power in one person or a clique is used in modern societies as a transition to solve problems and crisis and a country like ours not being developed is a crisis that justifies doing exactly the same thing. We can benefit from the swift and efficient decision making that Dictatorship enable countries like Singapore out perform others.

  12. Sheger
    | #12

    The only problem to that when you say stand shoulder to shoulder with them” if you mean TPLF, the problem is they
    Don’t want no body except them selves we have seen a lot of maupulation by them to distance any other political party’s. They went to the extent of saying if you oppose me your a terrorist, if you know what I mean. And that is not
    Inviting at all. And it can mean they don’t want any opposition at all. A lot of their doings is a testimony to their atoriterian rule who want to stay for ever on power.

    I believe people gave them the benefit of doute by creating opposition party’s. People donated money from their won
    Pocat to help the election. But what happened at the end??????

    You see speaking of TPLF PARTY not all gust’s are invited. If you know what I mean. If they want to invite political
    Party’s they should allow them to participete in creating the law of the election conduct and they should invite the people
    Of Ethiopia to create a better serving law of the country at least our intellectuals who cars about the country.

    They can still do that if they change their mind about their conducts and staff. Other wise it will be the same old cry
    And confusion.

    And we need to steady opposition party’s them selves to we should not just go with them because we hate the current
    Rule. Besides there is no may to compromise with the Government at this stage.

  13. Hilina Negassa
    | #13

    Dr. Aklog,
    Thank you for a clear message. You have explained what need be explained and I understand your effort.
    There are simple ways of looking at things and there are complicated ways of looking at things. It always depends in what you want to be the result.
    In our case here is a simple way of looking at things. The current situation our country is in is unacceptable to us. Ethiopia is at the bottom of any developmental or political index one can imagine. The responsibility lies on the ruling clique and its political philosophy and administrative policy. It has always been and always is the rulers that are the prime factors to where we are now. Thus the focus in finding the solution for our predicament is changing the rulers and then changing the philosophy of governance.
    Now here is what you put makes sense to me.
    The Ethiopian people and Ethiopia are not the problem. If the people and the country are not the problem, then the solution is to be for the problem – governance. Ethnic and religious political organizations breed mistrust, division, and antagonism with in the population. Political organizations should be based on political beliefs that are promoted as the solutions to our Ethiopian problems. As you stated clearly, we should focus on what unites us and what can help us move forward. Look back we should, but put solutions for what is back we should not. Solutions should be to what is forward. We are in the 21st century. To survive in this time, any country should aspire to be big in number of people, resources, science and technology. It is the elite that make it complicated for it is driven by narrow self serving motive. It is the division of those in the upper echelon that divide themselves and project that onto the people.
    Thank you for your brave article.

  14. Sabboonaa
    | #14

    Dr Aklog,thank you for pasting your views that many Ethiopianist scholars might share. In the process of finding solution to any socio-economic, political and whatsoever problems in a certain society, adressing and understanding the causes comes before searching a solution. It is a delibrate mystification of historical truth when you defend the historical injustices committed in the past. Reading history books (not only the version that is swalloable for you and those who share your ideas) but also the different but unforunately hidden history of Ethiopia, you could have reconsider your views. Ethiopia was created in a purely colonial type. No doubt! First lets accept this fact. But, at the same time, we can move forward adressing the wrongs of the past not in similar way but in a sytem that ensures equality and freedom of all nations and nationalities.

  15. Samuel
    | #15


    I am not an Amhara and may not share much with their political organizations. I find these kinds of artciles as divisive as the Woyane government. I understand that the guy is from Gondar per his own admission. What makes him knowledgeable about what the Oromos, Ogadenis, Gambellans and several southern people think of their relationship with the imperial Ethiopia? It seems that hard core Amharas are not yet ready to embrass the change that is sweeping Ethiopia. You do not seem to learn from the mistakes of successive governments which precipitated the outcome as we see it today. What is wrong with TPLF as they are ruling over all of us in the name of maintaining the country together? Dig deeper and you will find millions of people who are opposed to your position and also opposed to your solution for the current problem of the country.

  16. ቀጄላ
    | #16


    ከዚህ ተራ አመለካከትህ ጋር ገደል ትገባለህ እንጅ ያሁኑ ትውልድ እንዳንተ ዶማ እንዳይመስልህ:: ይሄ የጥቂት የነፍጠኛ ልጆች ወይም የልጅ ልጆች ምኞት ነው:: አንድ ባንድራ; አንድ ቋንቋ: አንድ ሃይማኖት…ወ.ዘ.ተ.? ሌላ የለህም? እነዚህን አትጨምርም? አንድ ፓርቲ (ሞአ አንበሳ); አንድ ንጉስ; አንድ ብሄር; ….. በጣም ወደኋላ የቀረህ ሰው ነህ:: እስኪ አንድ ጊዜ ኢትዮጵያን ሂድና ጎብኝ:: ከዚያ መልስ ምናልባት አዚሙ ለቆህ እንደባለአእምሮ መጻፍ ትጀምር ይሆናል::ዝም ብሎ መለቅለቅ የናንተ ልምድ ነው::

  17. aha!
    | #17

    Germany was split into East and West after World War II and is now one Germany, and Germany was made of 50 kngdoms in past centuries until they were put together as one nation, one flag and one language, I believe that has no countries that were put togther as one country by a democratic process, so was the case for Ethiopia in the past centuries, I presume. Ethiopians of all ethnic groups have rallied together to defend the unity, territorial integrity, sovreignity of Ethiopia under one flag and one emperor. Article 46 divides the land mass of Ethiopia into nine fuzzy ethnic boundries, which may serve as a prelude to secession upto self-determination, to which the ethnic fedralists (teletafi and loyalist oppositon parties are up againist the secessionist right stipulated in the constitution, while the ethnic federalists are in support of Article 46, to the exclusion of Article 8, the sovereignity of Ethiopia.

    As I now come to understand, the squabble among the liberation movements was about sharing in the event of the fall of the Derg regime, which stood up the liberation movements to maintain unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia, despite the fact the Derg regime was mired with human right violation of greater proportion. Ethnic and secessionist policies and/or policies with the underlying totaliarinism would have been the same, even if OLF was given equal status, under TPLF Politbeurro. In the process of squabble of ethnic minority and ethnic majority rule, and/or to achieve secessionism upto self-determination, we do not have to make Ethiopia into perpetual war zone, and or complain as one ethnic group has been targated, instead of looking at the tens of thousands at the concentration camps as none other than Ethiopians by uniting over the goals for unity, territorial inegrity and sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  18. Super Man
    | #18

    The so called Aklog and “Prof.” and remaining habesha elites, you are echoing the rotten thinking of adharian.I advise all of you let you calm down and come back to your heart and think milion times to fix the fragile politics of the country. Be frank and honest to geniuenly adress the root cause of the problem.,rather than polishing with varishs of Amhara “teretoch”.you see! you and your compatriots like Asta may be sucessful in lobbying gay and lesbian possesed America and Britain but not the living God. Get off your hand and mouth from Oromo people and beloved freedom fighter OLF. Go! brain wash,lecture and indoctrinate your poverty- striken northerners. We are tired of your “geleba” propaganda. We know what to do from political,strategic,tactical and spritual point of view. Please! dont insult our intelegence. You must know that we are worshipping the GOD who dismantled the advise of Akitofil againest King Devid of Israel. ” Mikirachihu inde akixofel mikir kentu inadergalen!”

    Selam tena yistilign kalehubet

  19. bonger
    | #19


    ……..Get off your hand and mouth from Oromo people and beloved freedom fighter OLF…..

    Before you can fight for the freedom of others , you should free yourself from hatred, narrow mindedness, and bigottry.

    It is a shame that people like you who come out on the internet and other media insulting and degrading others tell us they are freedom fighters.
    A person with a little bit of self respect and respect for others would not insulting , let alone a freedom fighter.
    My advice to you is you should begin the fight for freedom with your self. you are a man full of bitterness, hatred and probably emotionally unstable. Once you are free yourself, as a person, then you can see how easy it is to live a life free from depression, hate and bigottry.

    the shabia/woyane tell you amhara is your problem, but if you examine yourself you will find that you are your own problem.

    You said you worship GOD. God expects you to free your self first, not to be hateful and vindicitive.

  20. Gragn Ahmed
    | #20

    This professor has not done any research whatsoever to support his claim. That is why his ideas remain his only ideas and some core Amaras. All writers have a limited background in all websites that is Amara ethnicity. Although I am Amara I really disagree with the mentality of christian Amaras. We can not make Ethiopia for Amaras only. His assumptions can be easily refuted once we read the comments of Samuel and the like who are not educated as much as the Amara but can express themselves in their native language how they were despised under Amara culture governance of Ethiopia. Unless one agrees on complete reformation of the system of that country there will be no unity.

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    We all know as to why Meles and his boss Bereke Simon must work hard- including with the help of America, to break Ethiopia through ethnic division, religion, and other methods: IT IS CALLED HILMI ABY TIGRY (GRANDURE TIGRY) AND THIS DREAM SHOULD NEVER BE ACHIEVED BY BLOOD SHEDDING AND HATRETISM. IF THEY WANT GRANDURE TIGRY THEN LET THEM DO IT!!

  22. ጉረኞች
    | #22

    Samuel nefsu, endihu abet abet endalk tikeraleh!!
    You said, because he is from Gondar, “What makes him knowledgeable about what the Oromos, Ogadenis, Gambellans and several southern people think of their relationship with the imperial Ethiopia?” You see this is what you do not seem to understand. Let alone an Ethiopian who knows almost all sections and many ethnic groups of the country, even a complete foreigner can be an expert in society including Oromo, Somale, etc. Why do you think then the shabea Dr A. Legesse is an expert on Oromo social structure? It seems he is more knowledgeable than the majority of Oromo born citizens such as yourself (if you are real Oromo). As an expert, probably his words have more weight in court of law than yours. He is an from Tigre stock by birth not an Oromo.

    Dr. Akolg and many others are Ethiopians and are bonded and have web of relationships with all ethnic groups living within the territory of Ethiopia. All politics including ethnic rights are their concern. It is their inalienable right to argue for any of the ethnic groups just like a member of that ethnic group. Except for the fringe elements, all Ethiopians firmly believe that they have right to argue on behalf of any ethnic group, as long as they are Ethiopians.

  23. Mike B)
    | #23

    The root cause of the problems in Ethiopia is the root cause of the problems of the world and that is that the majority produce the wealth of nations while a tiny minority owns most of what the majority produces. The solution is to abolish the system of exploitation of the majority by the minority and to establish common ownership of the collective product of labour and manage it democratically.

    Preamble to the IWW Constitution
    Posted Sun, 05/01/2005 – 9:34am by IWW.org Editor
    The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of the working people and the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life.

    Between these two classes a struggle must go on until the workers of the world organize as a class, take possession of the means of production, abolish the wage system, and live in harmony with the Earth.

    We find that the centering of the management of industries into fewer and fewer hands makes the trade unions unable to cope with the ever growing power of the employing class. The trade unions foster a state of affairs which allows one set of workers to be pitted against another set of workers in the same industry, thereby helping defeat one another in wage wars. Moreover, the trade unions aid the employing class to mislead the workers into the belief that the working class have interests in common with their employers.

    These conditions can be changed and the interest of the working class upheld only by an organization formed in such a way that all its members in any one industry, or in all industries if necessary, cease work whenever a strike or lockout is on in any department thereof, thus making an injury to one an injury to all.

    Instead of the conservative motto, “A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work,” we must inscribe on our banner the revolutionary watchword, “Abolition of the wage system.”

    It is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism. The army of production must be organized, not only for everyday struggle with capitalists, but also to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown. By organizing industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old.


  24. aha!
    | #24

    The era to each according to his need and from each according to his ability, even though it did not take a foothold in Ethiopia has come and gone with fall of the soviet union. Even at that credit goes to the student movement who were striving for class struggle on land reform and workers right, rather than liberation movements that were inclined to the oppression of nations and nationalities with marxisit/stalinist ideology, carrying over the totaliarinism of the Derg regime and its supporters who make an embittered noise, when the TPLF/eprdf regime is critisised for its ethnic and secessionist politics of ethnic federalism with its underlying totaliarinism.

    There is no way one can introduce democracy on the above ideologies as supreme law of the land, let alone the absence of an independent brahes in a government, such as Ethiopia, to establish a democracy, which the rule, by the people, of the people and for the people, unless the individual is free from the above ideologies. It is only by the association of those individuals to form a party and become elected by free individuals to govern by the consent of the goverened.

    The way I look at it, after the fall of the Derg regime, not regreting its downfall, Ethiopia has been governed by conglomerates of liberation movements that gave rise to ethnicfereralism secessionism with underlying totaliarinism. These ideologial elements must go for the santity of Ethiopia to be whole again, where the ethnic populations thrive under democratic rights of the individuals, much like the species populations of animals under the natural law. It will be whole again by restoring Ethiopian nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia by resorting to federated states of the original provinces including Eritrea.

  25. Tesfa Abebe
    | #25

    Well done Dr Aklog. The problem is how to bring about the firm and determined commitment for unity. You would have explored and presented more examples on this line.

  26. So silly !!!
    | #26

    ከዚህ ተራ አመለካከትህ ጋር ገደል ትገባለህ እንጅ ያሁኑ ትውልድ እንዳንተ ዶማ እንዳይመስልህ:: ይሄ የጥቂት የነፍጠኛ ልጆች ወይም የልጅ ልጆች ምኞት ነው:: አንድ ባንድራ; አንድ ቋንቋ: አንድ ሃይማኖት…ወ.ዘ.ተ.? ሌላ የለህም? እነዚህን አትጨምርም? አንድ ፓርቲ (ሞአ አንበሳ); አንድ ንጉስ; አንድ ብሄር; ….. በጣም ወደኋላ የቀረህ ሰው ነህ:: እስኪ አንድ ጊዜ ኢትዮጵያን ሂድና ጎብኝ:: ከዚያ መልስ ምናልባት አዚሙ ለቆህ እንደባለአእምሮ መጻፍ ትጀምር ይሆናል::ዝም ብሎ መለቅለቅ የናንተ ልምድ ነው::
    What does the above thing means when coming out of some one who is deemed to be at least educated???

    ከዚህ ተራ አመለካከትህ ጋር ገደል ትገባለህ እንጅ ያሁኑ ትውልድ እንዳንተ ዶማ እንዳይመስልህ:: ይሄ የጥቂት የነፍጠኛ ልጆች ወይም የልጅ ልጆች ምኞት ነው:: አንድ ባንድራ; አንድ ቋንቋ: አንድ ሃይማኖት…ወ.ዘ.ተ.? ሌላ የለህም? እነዚህን አትጨምርም? አንድ ፓርቲ (ሞአ አንበሳ); አንድ ንጉስ; አንድ ብሄር; ….. በጣም ወደኋላ የቀረህ ሰው ነህ:: እስኪ አንድ ጊዜ ኢትዮጵያን ሂድና ጎብኝ:: ከዚያ መልስ ምናልባት አዚሙ ለቆህ እንደባለአእምሮ መጻፍ ትጀምር ይሆናል::ዝም ብሎ መለቅለቅ የናንተ ልምድ ነው::

    ቀጀላና መሰሎችህ ሁሉ
    መቼም በዚህ አምድ ላይ አስተያየት የሚፅፍ በአማርኛም ይሁን በእንግሊዘኛ ቢያንስ ትንሽ ፊደል የቆጠረና የተማረ ሰው ነው ተብሎ ይገመታል፡፡ቀጀላና መሰሎችህ ሁሉ ከላይ ያለውን አይነት አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ ፅሁፍ ስትፅፉ መቼም አቦጊዳ ነፃ መድረክ ስለሆነ እንጂ እጅግ በጣም የሚያሳፍር ነገር ነው፡፡
    የሰው ልጅ ሲማር ቢያንስ ለሚናገረው ነገር በተወሰነ መልክ ሊጠነቀቅ ይገባ ነበር፡፡
    ነገሩ ግን አይፈረድባችሁም በተለይም በ30ና በአርባዎቹ ወይንም ከዚያ በታች ያላችሁ ጎልማሶች ከሆናችሁ አቶ መለስና ወያኔ ነፍጠኛ አማራ እያሉ የአፍ መፍቻ ቋንቋችሁ መለማመጃ እስኪመስል ድረስ አፋችሁን በዚህ የፈታችሁ ከሆነ ማለት ነው፡፡ምናልባት በጥራዝ ነጠቅ እውቀት ብቻ የተተበተባችሁ ካልሆነ ብስተቀርና የዚህን ዓለም አጠቃላይ የህብረተሰብ ታሪክና አመጣጥ በደንብ አጥንታችሁ በደንብ አልገባችሁ እንደሆነ ነው እንጂ መላው አለም የሰለጠነውና እዚህ ደረጃ ላይ የደረሰው ወደድንም ጠላንም ተቀበልነውም አልተቀበልነውም በዋነኝነት በነፍጠኞች ጥረትና ትግል ነው፡፡ዛሬ አንተና መሰሎችህ ለማየትና ለመኖር የምትናፍቁበት ወይንም እየኖራችሁበት ያለው አሜሪካ ወይንም የሰለጠነው አውሮፓ ጭምር ማለት ነው፡፡ዛሬ እንዳንተ አይነቱና መሰሎችህ አንዳችሁ ከምእራብ አንዳችሁ ከምስራቅ አንዳችሁ ከደቡብ አንዳችሁ ከሰሜን ለመገንጠል የምትራኮቱበትን ግዛት አስጠብቀውና አስከብረው የኖሩት ነፍጠኞች(መሳሪያ ያነገቱና ሀገር የሚያቀኑ አማራ ትግሬ ኦሮሞ ወዘተ) ናቸው፡፡ወደድንም ጠላንም የነፍጠኞችን የታሪክ ድርሻና ሚና ለማናናቅ ብንፈልግም ግን የታሪክ አሻራቸው ምንጊዜም ከቶ ሊፋቅ አይችልም፡፡ዛሬ ሀገር ተብሎ እንደ ሀገር የሚጠራው ግዛት ሁሉ ድንገት ከሰማይ የወረደ ሳይሆን የነሱም ጥረት ጭምር ውጤት ነውና፡፡ፊደል መቁጠር መማርና መመራመር አንዳንዶችን ጭራሽ ይህንን ያህል ወደ ኋላ የሚጎትት መሆኑ እጅግ በጣም ይገርማል፡፡ቀጀላና መሰሎችህ ሁሉ ፊደል መቁጠራችሁንና መማራችሁን ዛሬም ነፍጠኛ እያላችሁ ለመሳደብ ብቻ አትጠቀሙበት፡፡ከፋም ለማም ሀገር እንዲቀና የሆነውና እዚህ ደረጃ የደረሰው እንደናንተ አይነት የነውርና የስንፍና ስድብ በሚሳደቡ ሰዎች አይደለም፡፡መሳሳት አለመሳሳት ሌላ ጉዳይ ሆኖ (የሚሰራ ይሳሳታል የማይሰራ ደግሞ ሊሳሳት አይችልም) ስለዚህም በወቅቱ ጊዜና ሁኔታ እንደፈቀደው የተሻለ ማሰብ፣የተሻለ መንቀሳቀስ ፣የተሻለ መፍጠር፣የተሻለ መስራት የሚችሉ ጥቂቶች ምንጊዜም ብዙሀኑን ሲመሩና ሲያንቀሳቅሱ ኖረዋል አሁንም ይመራሉ ያንቀሳቅሳሉ ወደፊትም ይህ እስከዘላለም ይቀጥላል፡፡አንዚህ ጥቂቶች ደግሞ ማንም ምንም ሊሆኑ ይችላሉ፡፡
    ከዚህ ውጪ ግን ዛሬም ነፍጠኛ እያላችሁ የተለመደ ዘመን ያለፈበት ነጠላ ዜማ የምትዘፍኑና በራሳችሁ የቅዠት አልም ውስጥ የምትኖሩ ለሀገርና ለትውልድ ምንም የማትጠቅሙ በጥላቻ ብቻ የተሞላችሁ ከንቱዎች ናችሁ፡፡ብዙ መስዋእትነት ከፍለው ፊደል እንደትቆጥሩና እንድትማሩ ያደረጉት ቤተሰቦቻችሁ ከራሳቸው በተሻለ የመተሳሰብና የመቻቻል ስብእና እንድትይዙና እነሱንና ሀገራችሁንም በተሻለ እንድታገለግሉ በማሰብ እንጂ እነሱ ከእናንተ በተሻለ በመቻቻል ያለፉበትን ያን ያለፈ ዘመን ለቀባሪው አረዱት አይነት መልሳችሁ ነፍጠኛ እያላችሁ መልሳችሁ ለእነሱና ለሌላውም እንድታወሩ አልነበረም፡፡ፊደል የቆጠረው አእምሯችሁ ዛሬም ነፍጠኛ የሚል የተለመደ ነገር እየመላለሰ ከማሰብና ከመናገር ውጪ ሌላ የተሻለ ነገር ሊያስብ አይችልም ማለት ነው?
    I really can tell confidently that such educated intellectual guys who still want to sing this silly song ነፍጠኛ are evil genius who does not have heart for humanity in general.
    When any sane human being gets educated and civilized it becomes more loving, wiser more tolerant and more socializing more human more forgiving rather than being a naysayer and hateful based on ethnicity. ቀጀላና መሰሎችህ ሁሉ ነፍጠኛ እያልክ የምታወግዛቸውንና የምትጠላቸውን ግለሰቦችና የድሮ ነገስታት በአእምሮህና በልብህ አስባቸውና ለምን ያንተ ወይንም የእኔ አባቶች አያቶችና ወይንም ቅድመ አያቶች በእነዚህ ግለሰቦች ቦታ ተተክተው ለምን ዲሞክራሲን እንዳላሰፈኑልንና ሀገርን ሃላፊነት ወስደው እንዳላቀኑልንና እንዳልመሩን ቆም ብለህ ጠይቀህ አስበው እሰኪ፡፡እባካችሁ ቀጀላና መሰሎችህ ሁሉ በራሳችሁ የጥላቻና የቅዠት አለም ውስጥ ብቻ አትኑሩ፡፡ሳይማር ያስተማራችሁ ህብረተሰብና ሀገር ነፍጠኛ የሚል ተራ ታፔላ ከመለጠፍ ክህሎት በዘለለ ብዙ ውስብስብ ችግሮቹን እንድትፈቱለት ትልቅ ፋይዳ ያለው ሌላ ቁም ነገር ይጠብቅባችኋል፡፡
    ምናልባት ግን እንደ አቶ መለስና ወያኔ ወይንም ሌላው እንደ ኦነግ አይነት ይህንን በጭፍን ጥላቻ ላይ የተመሰረተ ነፍጠኛ የሚል ቃል እንደ የአማርኛ ያፍ መፍቻ ቋንቋችሁ እንዲሆን አድርገዋችሁ ሊሆን ይችላል፡፡

  27. Super Man
    | #27


    I suspect that you might be Lucifer asta b.getu one of heart-ach vomiter on ethiopian review and nazreth.com How do you know I am emotionally unstable? Need to be freed? Narrow minded? Who you are to speak about personal freedom? ” yeabiyen le imiyee” ale! amara. You are mixing what you don’t know about me. You are pretending as if you are physician. Had I been visited you for treatment???? Or what???? Reality is reality never corrodes like your old folks and tales. I am going to underline this ” The country called Ethiopia, which was constructed according to the wish ,interest and supremacy of adharian must be dismantled and if needed, rebuilt from grass root level by the good will of each and every citizen and ethnic groups.” Un less and otherwise in front of your eyes not only the land you cried forwhich was basically nothing to do with you may share the fate of USSR/Yugoslavia/. By crying and decieving nothing will come by washing legs of Westerners or others. Haven’t you read that when king David fought with Goliad, he rebuked the enemies of God by saying” who is this uncircumcised Palestine?” It is biblical to tell the enemy what they deserve in a clear language. I am opposite of what you have mentioned me on your rubbish comment, I am free-man in every regard of my life. I am completely stable. Deeply analytical person. What so ever your aklog or “prof” alemayehu wrote it is deceptive propaganda ointed with poison. “Bemidiritwa lay iyemeta yalewn yeigziabher fird wuleh adreh beaynih silemitay be ine maninet lay aqaqir lemawtat afhin sebseb bitadergew.”
    Selam tena yistilign kalehubet

  28. anon
    | #28


    First of all I commend you for your ease and command of the Amharic language.The rest of what you said is extra.I mean you said entilry different from what aha siad.One flag yes there has tobe one national flag.Moambesa,one relgion and soon this extra staf which is not in the mind of Ethiopians.Do you agre with this.Is it not true that most of what is being said about Ethiopia by OLF is totaly wrong.For instance OLF claims that it is fighting from ABisynian colialism.Give me a break! Is this being accpetd as true by Oromos ?

  29. Super Man
    | #29

    Abugida editors why you deleted my comment?

  30. aha!
    | #30

    So Silly! Ethiopia was made of so many feudal kingdoms, before it was consolidated under one Emperor to become a nation state, so was Germany was 50 Kingdoms before it became one Nation State. What is backward about it? If you want to advocate for a division of of a nation into nine ethnic regions by languages instead of 80 or more favorable into the original provinces, please let us know. The division of land mass by ethnic groups is a prelude to secession upto self determination with ill defined boundries, which also a prelude to disputes on ethnic boundrries as the case was with Eritrea. And there is no direct support of ethnic secessionists by ethnic fedralists (teletafi and loyalist opposition parties with ethnic agenda), where the former upholds ethnicferalism and the latter trying to fullfil the aspiration attained by Eritrea from the colonialist Ethiopia. And there are different version of that secenario, nevertheless, especially with OLF occupying the media, latley, instead of abandoning the ethnicferalism and secessionism to merge with those parties with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Then and only then TPLF Politbeurro has no grounds and supporters to stand on or enforce the supreme law of the land to which you are direct and/or implicit supporters/endorsers.

  31. Treaty
    | #31

    Thank you very much for this article Dr.Aklog for this inspirng message.To me When it comes to the native of Ethiopia the crucial issue at the moment is economic opportunity,freedom of speech, movement,rule of law and justice.The lack of these basic human needs and freedoms ought to be the major consern of exile Ethiopians no matter what area of the country they come from. Unfortunately this consern is absent among the elits of the liberation fronts.If the leaders of this groups are really conserned about the people as they claim to be why do they flatly reject the idea of unity first for the removal of weyane. One explantion for the prevailing callous attitude within these leadrs about the suffering of Ethiopians is that they refuse to let go off their fixation on communist ideology.They have been in this 40 years and throught time they come to develope strong attachment with the communist world view.They have strong emotional vested interest in their project.Their intelect and ego is totaly commited to their teory.Inaddition,the shabian leaders out ofimagined fear of Ethiopia continue to be source of incouragment to these leadrs.It becomes clear that shabia not only abets OLF,ONLF but it also defines and influences the strategy of the ese liberation fronts.Therefore,it will not come as surprise when ever a call for a united stand is made they will repeal such gesture.IOnother words we are not just dealing with OLF ,ONLF but indirectly with the arch enemy Shabia.Then what must we do in such a condition?I believe UDJ needs substantial financial support to lay ground work to the Ethiopian masses.I mean we need experts in history,politicl science to reach the domestic audience to reducate Ethiopians about Ethiopianism as well as counter the destorted version of the liberation front’s history. Also contact with the teletafi EPRDF member organiazations and other Oromo democratic organizations who are for democratic governance for all Ethiopians. Further more,G-7′s strong attachment with Shabia has caused mnany grief for the rest of us.It appears to me G-7 is taking directive from Shabia inorder to form alliance with one faction of OLF and this is a strategic sucide.Who benefit from the resuciation of a fructured OLF when the goal of this organizations is independense? the answer is simply Shabia.

    Girum,i enjoyed your very well thought our argument for the case of Ethiopianism.This is what we need.Reassert our idendity with out giving any grond for the fringe liberation movements.

  32. bonger
    | #32

    –man said,


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