The hypocrisy of the EPRDF and its surrogates! By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

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“Hypocrisy, the lie, is the true sister of evil, intolerance, and cruelty.” Raisa M. Gorbachev, the former first lady of the Soviet Union and Author said it right when she equates hypocrisy with evil, intolerance and cruelty. We see it clearly with the EPRDF and its merciless surrogates who are engaged in petty propaganda to discredit the opposition and those who are speaking out against the evil deeds of the regime in Ethiopia. Apparently, the EPRDF and its surrogates have forgotten that when they were at the receiving end, they were shouting about democracy, the absence of the rule of law and the human rights violation in Ethiopia. They screamed from the top of their lungs about unjust detention, political persecution, killings, and torture. They cried and run to Western embassies taking Amnesty international and Human Rights Watch reports with them. They spoke about freedom of speech, assembly, the press, and organization. They spread their propaganda and recruited youngsters in the name of freedom, justice, liberation, democracy and the rule of law. They were beating the drum in Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North America. Their supporters lobbied the US congress, European parliament and other congregations. They cried about Democracy, they sacrificed millions of people in the name of “justice, and freedom.”

When they took power in 1991, they told the world that in Ethiopia “Never Again” that the killing, detention and torture of innocent citizen will be repeated. They promised transparency, freedom, democracy and the reign of the rule of law. It did not take long for such promise to end up being an empty promise. The EPRDF dug the graves of thousands of Ethiopians massacred by brutal military junta and its agents to display the horrors of the Derg era. Today, it is the EPRDF that is burring innocent citizens in mass graves and hiding the skeletons of thousands of its victims.

When the military junta imprisoned, tortured and killed, its victims were labeled, as “Shiftas, Wonbedes, and Terrorists, and those who suffered from the nostalgia of yester years.” What changed today is the name of the party and individuals in Menlike Palace. Colonel Mengistu is replaced by another rebel Junta who is as brutal as the Colonel himself. The only other difference is Meles and his Surrogates are very good in propaganda war. Their surrogates are everywhere and do not miss the opportunity to undermine the opposition’s struggle and the struggle for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia.

What is ironic is that those who were talking about democracy, justice and the rule of law yesteryear are the one who are anti democracy, unjust, and above the law today. They were using Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reports when they were at the receiving end; today these human rights organizations are classified as enemies of the State.

In his September 22, 2010 appearance at Columbia University, once again Meles vowed not to repeat the brutality of the military regime. As he made that statement, his security forces were doing what they were doing best, imprisoning, abducting, torturing, and killing innocent citizens. More over, his surrogates were screaming on the streets of New York “viva Meles.” these delusional hypocrites see only what benefits them individually. They tell us that there is development in our country and we should shut up. They tell us that EPRDF is in the right path and we are nuisances who long the past rulers. The fact however is a lot different than the rosy picture that the EPRDF and its merciless surrogates are painting. It is true that roads, high rise buildings, schools, bridges, and clinics are built in Ethiopia. The fact that the EPRDF is building infrastructure with aids money in the country does not give it the right to violate human rights. Because there is a “plan” to build dam in the Nile, the EPRDF does not get the right to massacre our people. It is necessary to remind the EPRDF and its surrogates that Fascist Italian had built infrastructure during its five years occupation of Ethiopia. No one doubts that there was an enormous economic development during Nazi Germany; the Soviet Union was also in the development path when Joseph Stalin massacred innocent Soviet citizens by thousands; Chinas’ Mao Zedong also took China in development path while massacring thousands of Chinese citizens in the name of “cultural revolution.”

It is not surprising to read EPRDF’s surrogates comments and articles in various websites accusing decent Ethiopians as terrorists, chauvinists, and Dergists simply to distort facts and to undermine the struggle for freedom and democracy. As the Amharic saying “WESHA BEBELABET YECHOHAL” literally translated “A dog barks wherever it is fed.” The EPRDF kings and king makers, and their surrogates care less about the suffering of the people of Ethiopia. They care more about lining up their pockets and protecting their interest. Certainly, their interest is no longer the democracy, justice, and the rule of law that they claim that their comrades have died for. Today, journalists like Eskinder Nega, political activists and leaders are jailed simply for exercising their God given rights. This is what the Ethiopian Constitution permits. The EPRDF and its surrogates do not understand what is in the constitution; after all, they copied and pasted it in the “constitution” simply to please their Western bosses without understanding its ramifications. It is because they lack a clear understanding of what the true meaning of democracy that they display their ignorance in every website. For them, imprisoning journalists and political activists is a victory; however, it is clear for the rest of the world that it is a sign of their defeat. Because they can not compute with ideas, they use force to crash any dissent that threatens their power structure and expose their arrogance and ignorance. They are dwarfs before political giants; hence the only thing that they know is to use force like a petty neighborhood bully. Because they are unable to handle any true challenges, they distort facts; they lie, and engage in evil deeds to destroy those who challenge them. When their political impotence, and their incompetence to govern is about to be exposed, they create chaos, so they can have an excuse to kill and spill blood in the name of “national Security.”

What is amazing is when the EPRDF leaders crime was exposed by the Weakileak, the surrogates were quick to defend their bosses. The fact that this brutal regime exploded bombs in the middle of the city and killed innocent citizens did not bother them. The fact that Mr. Meles wants to destabilize Ethiopia intentionally unless the EPRDF continue to rule, as Mr. Yamamto stated, does not bother them. The fact Mr. Meles is putting the country’s national security at great risk by interfering in Somalia, Sudan, and failing to consult with Egyptian prior to building the Nile dam is no interest to them. For these hypocrites what is important is the perception of victory; for them victory is the detention, and the suffering of innocent citizens. It is a shame that these individuals are not learning from what they are seeing in the world stage today. Ben Ali and his surrogates felt that they were safe, they were wrong, Mubarak and his surrogates thought that they were safe, they were wrong; Gaddafi and his surrogates thought that they were safe, they were wrong; today, people like, Yemen’s Saleh, Syria’s Assad and their surrogates, Meles and his surrogates believe that they are safe; but history proves that they are wrong.
The people of Ethiopia are tired of this brutal regime. It does not matter the kind of rosy picture that the EPRDF and its surrogates are painting, the bloody and brutal picture of the dictator and its surrogates are displayed in public for the entire world to see. Yes! We will scream wherever we are; we will ask the Ethiopian people to rise up against this ‘Rebel Junta” that has been ruling the country with an iron fist the last 20 years. Yes, we will ask the opposition to organize a civil disobedience in the country. We are not asking for any one to die; we are not asking the poor children of Ethiopia to die for any one. What we are asking is for the children of Ethiopia to be tired of the government that is keeping them poor; what we are asking is for the people of Ethiopia to stand up for their rights, dignity, and liberty; what we are asking is the people of Ethiopia to exercise their God given rights to say Enough is Enough. We know that this brutal regime and its hypocrat surrogates have told us time an again that they will kill innocent citizens for exercising their God given rights. Ethiopians in Ethiopia have a choice, either to die a slow and brutal death at the hands of these brutes, or to fight for freedom and get rid of this evil regime that knows nothing but violence. No one, I mean No one, will bring freedom and liberty to the country except the people of Ethiopia. As Dr. Negasso said, God will not come from the Heavens to save the nation; it is up to the Ethiopian people.

Yesteryear, the EPRDF and its surrogates were calling on the people of Ethiopia, specially the youth to rise up against the military junta in the name of justice, democracy, and freedom. Despite the sacrifice, what we got is another brutal dictator who is a little shrewder than his predecessor. The call for freedom and justice is as valuable as it was in the past. Hence, we are forced once again to call on the Ethiopian people to rise up against the “Evil” that is strangling our nation. The Ethiopian people must rise up for true democratic change and for justice. The people of Ethiopia must say enough is enough to the EPRDF junta and its surrogates. Let us not allow them to saw the seed of discord among us. Let us unite for one purpose, and one purpose only, to free our people from these brutes who are enjoying life at the expense of the suffering of our people. Let us move beyond rhetoric to action. Let us say, ATENESAM WEY ATENESAM WEY- YEGEF AGEZAZ AYEBKAHEM WEY!

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