Couple behind bars, accused of abusing adopted Ethiopian children – my FOX spokane

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A Skagit County couple was put behind bars on September 29, charged with murdering one of their adopted children and brutally assaulting the other.

On May 12, 13-year-old Hanna Williams died of hypothermia after she was found unconscious in the back yard of the family`s Sedro-Woolley home.

Prosecutors said they wanted to make sure they had a solid case before they brought charges. That happened late this afternoon.

Larry and Carrie Williams were both charged with one count of murder by abuse for the death of Hanna, and one count of first degree assault of a child, for a pattern of assault against their ten-year-old adopted son. According to court documents, they caused their son physical pain or agony that was equivalent to torture.

At the Williams’ home on September 29, an angry man believed to be the children’s grandfather refused to comment about the arrest of Larry and Carrie.

Court documents paint a horrific existence for the two children adopted from Ethiopia.

When emergency crews got to the house the night Hanna died, they found she had a large lump on her head and several fresh red bloody markings on her hips, knees, elbows and a face. The back of her legs and thighs had bruised or scarred markings.

Source: my FOX spokane

  1. Gaye! Beka! Enough!
    | #1

    Lock those murderers away for good. It is the ethnic looter weyane’s fault. selling our children for murderers, child abusers, sex offenders, and all kind of criminals without checking their back ground. The genocider weyanes do not care as long as they bring them money to loot.

  2. menzaw
    | #2

    Thanks Mr. Legesse Zenawi “mission name Melesse” Ethiopians all around the Glob are abused, killed because they lost the country their own, you turn the beloved Ethiopia to a jail of the mass population and bonanza to your affiliated groups sworn to protect you armed head to toe, with the right to torture and kill anyone who dare to question. Time will come for sure, that the door the Ethiopians open wide for you believing nothing worse than Mengistu H. M. proved wrong and that door will be closed tight on you until you cry for mercy to the same people you calling today with many ugly name.

  3. Princess P.
    | #3

    So sad these beautiful came to America for a better life only to be tortured and killed. Put the monsters behind bars for life. Why did they do this to this children.

  4. Hirut
    | #4

    When Ethiopian wanted to adopt the goverment makes it imposible. But when a white person adopts it’s fine as long as they pay. I know from someone who adopted that it costs around $30,000 to adopt a child.
    Who gets the money?
    Adoption agencis (mostly in Washington state) & Ethiopian government. Very profitable bussiness so they do not care.
    All about money.
    It breaks my heart to read this story. Hana RIP.
    I hope Ethiopian in the US get involved so these people stay in jail for ever.

  5. Why?
    | #5

    One individual told me recently that his sister in law and her husband adopted a little boy from Ethiopia after many years of trying to adopt a child from another country and they couldn’t believe how easy it was to adopt a child from Ethiopia.
    The story of Hanah is heartbreaking. It is hard to believe a human being can be this cruel and put through a little girl in a living hell. Hard to understand why some people are born to suffer as she did, and the kinds of nightmares and despair she went through. In a way it is better to be dead than living in a hellhole of these monsters house day in day out, not knowing if anybody would come to rescue her. Not only these pure evil so called adopted parents, but all the people who knew Hana situation are also responsible for her sufferings and death. RIP little angel, RIP!

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    these are not monsters. they didn’t murder the child. do some research before judgment,

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