Wikileaks – US Believes Meles Wants To Stay In Power Beyond 2015 Despite Public Comments To Retire

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E.O. 12958: DECL: 08/20/2019

Classified By: Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, Michael C. Gonzales for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d).

¶1. (C) In response to a direct question by Admiral (ret.) Bill Fallon on August 13 on his future, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi responded that although he would like to retire at the end of his current term in office, “it looks like the (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front – EPRDF) party is going to let me down.” The Prime Minister noted that the EPRDF will render a final decision at its party congress in September 2009. This clarification comes after months of public statements by the Prime Minister noting his desire to step down from the premiership.

¶2. (C) While Meles effectively did acknowledge that he will run again in the 2010 national elections, he also volunteered that “there is broad consensus within the party that it will be time for us in the old guard to hand over the reins to the younger generation by the end of the next term.” Meles that the turn-over in senior party officials will not likely come in a mass exit, but rather than over the course of the 2010-2015 term the older generation of ruling party leaders would slowly step aside.

¶3. (C) The Prime Minister’s direct confirmation was confirmed separately by founder of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Sebhat Nega. The Political/Economic Counselor asked Sebhat’s views of the Prime Minister’s future over a private lunch on July 13. Almost laughing at the question, Sebhat stated “he’s not going anywhere.”


¶4. (C) These confirmations from a senior party insider, and the Prime Minister himself, confirm our analysis that, despite his comments to the press, Prime Minister Meles will remain in place through the next election, if not beyond. In light of the ruling party’s style of control, we expect that the party will elaborately groom an heir to Meles, in a fashion that is very apparent, well before subjecting that heir to an electoral contest. End Comment.

  1. ናፍቆት
    | #1

    where does it say they thinks he will stay beyond 2015, apart from your sensationalized title. Abugida, are you succeeding in emulating Elias Kifle!

  2. Begashaw Ayele
    | #2

    The question whether Meles stay in power or continue to rule Ethiopia is not what bothered me because unless “division-free” political party emerge to receieve the ball and continue to play. What bother me in depth is whether the property looted from Ethiopia, the $8.5 Billion dolar (if it is true as reported in the media)is recoverable from corrupted members of the regime including Meles Zenawi and Azeb Gola aka Azeb Mesfin. Far more worse to the frasteration is also the condition by which forign powers (China, India and Saud Arabia may deploy their troops in the Ethiopian land to protect their agricultural product before people in the rental zone of the land will (inavitably) burn the croop in darkness as unconfirmed information is circulating in some area of clandestine political circle inside and outside Ethiopia. If the information is credable, Ethiopia will be volnerable not by those countries’ occupation mentioned above but also by Egypt’s attempt to disrupt Ethiopia’s effort to construct the so-called “Renesance bridge” the effort in which I opposed on OTHER GROUND.

  3. አንጻሩ
    | #3

    Can you not read? Read paragraph 4.

    If you are angry and in denial, I understand you brain is busy to deal with the disappointment that Meles has turned into Mengistu.

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    We will see if it is beyond or not. Today is the truth if not tomorrow.

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    Dear Begashaw Ayele,

    Good luck on recovering the looted money; On the other stuff, Isayas once spoke at Cairo University telling Egyptian intellectuals that the Woyane Government plans to use the Nile as an Atomic Bomb against Egypt. :-)

    Lo and behold, if some Lunatic Egyptian government decides to blow up the Renaissance Dam which is going to be 3 times the size of Singapore, right at the border, would definitely create a shock wave the size of Nagasaki on Sudan/Egypt. I guess Isu was right on that.

    “burn the crop” is another Shabia/lunatic idiotic idea, when the country has a contract clause that enables it to take the land back no questions asked, if that is what is desired. We want the investors to produce the food and sell it. Kartouri recently said he will fulfill the country needs of food/oil first before exporting overseas. Food locally produced by whom ever, is going to be a lot cheaper than the imports.

  6. Dawi
    | #6

    Begashaw on another note:

    When you think of foreign investment in agriculture imagine also the power of any Government of Ethiopia declaring:

    ” To protect the masses of Ethiopian People from the present danger of starvation which climate change, the war with Shabia or what have you have brought the government demands the restrictions of food export as long as the shortage continue.”

    Renting land doesn’t take away the Land Lord’s right to do what ever she wants.

  7. leaks!!!
    | #7

    There is as such nothing new under the son !!! (King Solomon)
    Is there any thing new like God-leaks?
    Because it is God-leaks what matters most ultimately above all.
    I am afraid that Wiki-leaks will eventually evolve in to silly-leaks
    I am afraid that Wiki-leaks will eventually evolve in to sheer grey propaganda
    I am afraid that Wik–leaks will eventually evolve in to a sort of psychological controlling machine through psychological conditioning.
    There is as such nothing adamant, consistent, coherent and eternal all the time except Almighty God and the word of God. Is after all Wiki-leaks a revelation? I mean a revelation like in Bible? Well it does not deserve to be entitled to that sort of prestige but it can be entitled some how a revelation of dirty and corrupt politics of our modern times. Roland Reagan once said that facts are sometimes stupid.
    And hence likewise i am afraid that Wiki-leaks can be sometime stupid. I mean stupid enough if we are entirely lost for mere conglomeration of facts and as such can not have the wisdom and insight to properly understand and interpret the Wiki-leaks properly and come to the big truth behind mere conglomeration of facts. When I hear of something like Meles wants to rule beyond 2015, I really feel some how shocked and agonized thinking of the past 20 solid years of misery. And hence let alone the years ahead of 2015 in future,i am even thinking and worrying in misery as to how to live about this year, these coming months, these coming Weeks, these coming days, these coming hours ,these coming minutes and these coming seconds. When I read the phrases “beyond 2015” and the word “Public comment to retire” there is a very bitter misleading irony in it. We are being psychologically conditioned, maneuvered or intrigued and abused to accept plainly two things. First to accept his racist and corrupt rule even till 2015 as if the fake election was free and fair and as if Ato Meles and his regime is a legitimate one that come to power by fair and free election. Second we are misunderstood and abused to accept that what we want from Ato Meles and TPLF thug is just simple normal retirement only with out any accountability for the crimes and plunders committed for the last 20 or more years. If Wiki-leaks is given the undeserved and unproved honor and legacy of being revelation that is to be automatically accepted as an ultimate truth by naïve and ordinary mass then think of the psychological effects of such leaks about Ato Meles would have on the populace.Is there not a rumor that we already know in advance that Ato Meles and his TPLF thug want to rule for the coming 50 years? Even is it not evident that when Ato Meles wages him self as a developmental state that has a grand plan to enable Ethiopian peoples to the title of middle income class with in the coming 20 years? Besides mere bunch of facts, unless we utilize the power of our intellect and wisdom to logically and rationally reason out things, then whatever leaks of bunch of facts delivered to us can be useless except being confusing and even harmful. Even I am afraid that under the disguise of this legendary Wiki-leaks, a lot of other confusing and media disinformation can be carried out deliberately by the mainstream media. When I say that I am afraid that Wiki-leaks will eventually evolve in to silly-leaks
    i mean it that it will be like “ለቀባሪው አረዱት” and hence the leaks will be sometimes what we already know behind the curtains. Any way it is a fashionable event and let’s cop with it till something game changing event happens about it. A poor and weak human being thinks and worries so much but it is the will of God that will eventually holds true. Any way God better knows precisely the details of the when, why, how, where, which of Ato Meles And TPLF thug end ghame.
    In fact more than mere Wiki-leaks, we are in very much need of God-leaks.
    Any body with God-leaks?

    God Bless Ethiopia !!!

  8. Begashaw Ayele
    | #8

    dawi, on other issue:

    You have misconstrued my statement as to “foreign powers’intervention” on Ethiopan land since I did not consideered them as a tenant but as a would-be occupier since disappointed farmers may (or will) cause agricultural damage causing foreign troops to intervene to protect their products. While this was the point that I was intended to enterain, you also said that the Ethiopian government will make the restriction of exporting agricultural products in the face of famine or possible starvation. MY friend, DO YOU HAVE THE COPY OF THE AGREEMENT MADE BY FOREIGN INVESTORS AND ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT AS TO ‘RESTRICTION’ OF EXPORTING THEIR OWN HARD EARNED AGRICULTURAL OUT PUT. I DOUBT.

  9. Dawi
    | #9

    Yes – the copy of the Land Rent Agreement between Karuturi and Government of Ethiopia is available on the Net.

    I said today’s or the future Ethio-government can make restriction if need be.

    Check the following sight for the agreement. 5.4 says the gov. can terminate the agreement with 6 mos notice. If anything I think Karturi is stupid for signing such a deal.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Sure he does! We don’t need Wiki-leaks to tell us that, Meles wants to stay on the thrown and rule Ethiopia with iron fist till his death, that way he will never face The International Court of Justice

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