Press release in connection with Meles Zenawi`s participation in the Oslo conference, energy for all: financing access for the poor. Organizers

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We highly value and support Norway’s good wills, commitments and contributions in all areas of development including the improvement and promotion of universal accessibility of energy to the poor. However, improving the lots of the poor requires partnerships which are committed to the rule of law, (more…)

We highly value and support Norway’s good wills, commitments and contributions in all areas of development including the improvement and promotion of universal accessibility of energy to the poor. However, improving the lots of the poor requires partnerships which are committed to the rule of law, human rights and represent the aspirations and will of the people. The track records of the rule of the dictator Meles Zenawi prove that he is not the right partner for this noble goal. The available ample experience and knowledge show that dictatorships hamper development and progress because they are inseparably linked to rampant corruption, nepotism, absence of accountability and transparency.

As you know the ethnic dictator Meles Zenawi has seized power by sheer military force overthrowing the Marxist military dictatorship of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. Despite his official pledges of significant economic and political reforms, Meles Zenawi has not been willing to commit himself to the rule of law and good governance. All his pledges have proved to be hollow, and meant for the political consumption of donors. The reality on the ground shows that he has concentrated on consolidating his dictatorial and repressive rule in the country.

The periodic farce elections he holds have proved to be simple shows meant to satisfy some of the conditions for continued western aid. In fact, the last few years have seen backslides in the so called democratization process and closure of the political space even to the legal opposition groups operating in the country. It is known that the regime of Meles Zenawi is the biggest recipient of western aid in sub-Saharan Africa. Different sources indicate that the west have provided between 40-45 billion dollars in aid in the past 20 years. Despite this generosity, the regime has failed in addressing and improving the economic conditions for the poor. The clear economic picture in the country shows hyper inflation, increasing gap and inequality in incomes, poverty and famine.

Meles Zenawi has enacted draconian, repressive media (press) and anti-terror laws aimed primarily at stifling freedom of expression and penalizing dissent. His media law has in effect banned the free media and lead to the persecution, imprisonment and exile of journalists. The regime is blocking access to the free media through blocking access to websites, jamming radio and TV broadcasts from abroad. His laws governing the permission and operation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country also forbid participation of the NGOs in issues related to human rights and democracy.

The regime of Meles Zenawi has one of the worst and repugnant human rights records in the world. Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI) and the United States Department of State do all document and report the widespread and serious violations of human rights in Ethiopia. The reports also mention arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings and intimidations of the members and supporters of the opposition parties. Genocide Watch has also called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) to initiate an investigation into the genocide committed by the regime of Meles Zenawi. Besides, HRW and the BBC`s investigative journalists have uncovered the regime’s widespread abuse of humanitarian aid as a political weapon against the needy and victims of drought. The reports reveal that the regime deliberately denies humanitarian aid to citizens suspected of voting for the opposition. More over, the farmers` access to land and fertilizers is determined by their loyalty to the regime.

Despite the media blockage and blackout the regime has imposed in the country, citizens are able to follow and monitor developments in the Arab World. The so called Arab Spring is inspiring Ethiopians but has created unease in the regime. The past few weeks have witnessed the escalation of Meles Zenawi`s repression and the arrests of some members of the leadership of the opposition parties, journalists and prominent public figures. The regime of Meles Zenawi has arrested these citizens under its bogus charges of terrorism, the common pretext it uses to intimidate and silence the public. His escalation of repression and crackdowns on the opposition and voices of democracy and freedom will only inflame the situation and contribute to more dissent and instability in the country and region as a whole.

We kindly request the Norwegian government to reassess its cooperation with the regime of Meles Zenawi as it is not in the interest of democracy and human rights. We urge the Norwegian government to use the occasion to press Meles Zenawi to release immediately and unconditionally all political prisoners in the country. We also kindly request the Norwegian government to attach aid to the internationally accepted principles of human rights and the rule of law.

With regards.

The October 10 2011 Demonstration in Oslo

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  1. Ferenj Lebaw
    | #1

    The press release has a quote in the 1st paragraph that says, “The track records of the rule of the dictator Meles Zenawi prove that he is not the right partner for this noble goal.”
    In this statement the organizers of this Press Release have it right, but I would phrase the statement as if Meles for the Oslo conference or even for the G20 and other conferences is not a partner of the white man, rather a GERDAME, a servant that waits to all their needs and interests.
    Rich people take their servants to their vacation trip for the need of their interests during their journey. Don’t they?
    So, when you write such press releases, don’t leave out what has been historically correct. you have to be upfront with the white man and tell him that the policies their interest subserviant self appointed leader towards the people of Ethiopia is worse than Sadam Hussein or some comparable persona and the Ethiopian people will not tolerate that in the long run. If not, the white man will always think you are dumn enough to not understand that the GERDAME is pouring water for them. Get to the real issues and address that they are keeping this GERDAME only for their interest and they are not concerned about our people human rights, democracy, and the poor’s economic development. Make it a color issue, because it is.

    | #2


  3. tenkirr
    | #3

    We demand that

    -The Tigre People Liberation Front to stop harassing, kidnaping and torturing innocent citizens under the cover of its so called terror law.

    -The terror law of Tigre People Liberation Front is nothing but an excuse for the TPLF to commit more murder, to gag the Ethiopian people, and to give itself a free hand to comletely emmasculte the people.

    -We demand that the Tigre People Liberation Front stop inciting inter-ethnic violence and spreading fear of ethnic/ relegious reprisals among the public

    -we demand that The Tigre People Liberation Front release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally,

    -We demand that the The Tigre People Liberation Front stop discriminating people on the basis of their ethnicity and relegion for jobs and other opportunities and that people should be assessed on the basis of their merit.

    -We demand that The Tigre People Liberation Front stop uprooting peasants from their ancestral land and offer their land to foreign landlords.


    Intensify the struggle, say no to ethno-fascism of the Tigre People Liberation Front.

    The TPLF and their cadres must be made to realise that they are not welcome wherever they go.

  4. jolaima
    | #4

    Yes! absolutely right guys and gals;this man is meles Zinawi,the most untrustworthy vagabond from among dead-beat dictators,and must be dealt seriously wherever he travels to fool good-doers.

    It is going to be a SHOWCASE!! And it is OPENHOUSE to the world not only to see this monster and what he looks like from top to bottom,also to get facts to the world community about this killer beast that eats the flesh of Ethiopians alive.

    Tweny years ago this robber entered Ethiopia disguising as Ethiopians and never left since then.He got gallons of blood in his hands and billions of dollar in his bank account.You,Ehtiopians are crimestoppers;you are quite knowledegable about the background of this robber – born and raised hating Ethiopians,collaborated with external enemies and hurt Ethiopia,and deprived of Ethiopians justice,democracy and bread.

    We are quite optiistic and strongly believe that this robber will be captured eventually and will stand for a trial on all the crimes he committed against Ethiopians;of course,we will keep our fingers crossed that our prayers,too will be answered,and finally,we will rejoice and praise our dear lord,God in unison and keep our country proserous and beautiful to all Ethiopians,

  5. Dawit Wasihun
    | #5

    The ethnic based dictatorship of Meles Zenawi is escalating its crackdown on
    The ethnic based dictatorship of Meles Zenawi is escalating its crackdown on dissent and freedom of expression in Ethiopia. The regime is using the anti-terror and press laws it has single handedly passed, to stifle dissent and penalize freedom of expression. Many observers and opposition forces alike have expressed their concern on the regime`s backslide on the so called democratization and closure of the political space to even the legal opposition in the country. The past few years have shown that Meles Zenawi has ended his pretension of adhering to a democratic process and good governance and revealed his true dictatorial face to the World. Despite this, he enjoys continued massive western largesse which is enabling him to consolidate and strengthen his grip on the country.
    International human rights organizations such as Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have documented and presented the egregious human rights violations and repressions the regime deliberately commits to maintain its power. Members and supporters of the opposition and those with dissenting views are subjected to arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings and all forms of torture and mishandling. Investigations by the Human Rights Watch and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reporters have disclosed that Meles Zenawi is denying humanitarian aid to persons suspected of voting for the opposition. The ethnic dictator`s abuse of western humanitarian aid as a political tool to punish political opponents demonstrates his extraordinary measures of cruelty.

  6. Dendir
    | #6

    Guys, I don’t usually shortcircut easily, especially with because of small events. I would be lying to you if I did not tell you i did this time because of the arrogant, rude, shameless and discriminatory manner the TPLF people ihandled the death of nine artists last week. They were portrayed on aigaforum–wat it ad infinitum referred to as ‘our heroes, our patriots.”

    First of all, they are treated strictly as superhuman, most of all Tigraians, not as one of us Ethiopians. I am sorry that this accident happned and nine of them lost their lives. However, i am extremely upset by how their death is being handled by at home and abroad by Tigrians, as if their killer regime has not shed the blood of thousands of innocent Ethiopians.

    I am also ashamed of the opporutnists that have sent condolence messages, including Ethiopian embassies, with condolence books everywhere among Tigraians, including condolence message by ethiomedia. Some government officials are wearing with black ties…See how their story is fondled every where. Has it been lost on thme that death is death for everyone. Why do they want to make this one special, most of all as Tigrian heroes–not Ethiopians. WE could and should have mourned together the death of Ethiopians, if only people acknowledge that they belong to Ethiopia.

    Of course, we know the story. It is a poor country today that no one can identify with it. The worst part of it is that nothing of the sort has been done for thsoe that are being killed all the time opely and secretely by this regime,, inncoent people that are being locked away everyday because they believe in freedom and human dignity.

    The man that is responsible for all these shameful things that have befallen our country is seen as as statesman by Norway and is invited to sit with other world readers. Yes, the Norwegians know everything. But this time, they have their eyes on the many energy projects on the pipeline on the Nile and elsewhere.

    On WORLD BULLETIN TODAY of August 2011, Norway was the first country to lament when the REnaissace Dam was announced. It thought its was loosing the euro 135 million it has so far invested to finance studies of two large hydro dams on the Blue Nile on Mandaya and Beko-Abo. The article observed that the above two projects into which Norway has already disbursed euros 50 million out of the 135 million earmarked for the project “have been dwarfed by the Renaisssance Dam…”

    The meaning is that Norway has not given up on possibilites of future economic interests in Ethiopia in the energy sector. Sadly, therefore, it is not the qualities of the man, his intellect or his statesmanship they have now invited to Oslo conference on energy. They know that he is first rate murderee. It is the concession he would offer them that they are after for their companies, before they are convinced the money that has already slipped out their hands is a sunken investment.

    The tragedy is that these days even good countries such as Norway are turning their backs on national values and international principles that have been fostered in the post world war ii environment, like everyone else looking after their gains–all of them, developed countries, Woyanes, etc.

    Fortunately, the Wyanes are terrified now with the people showing strong resentments these days. The TPLF’s economic interests have grown astronomically that they are committing one bign mistatke after the other, such as imprionining innocent political activitists assuming that they can turn the tide of history in the making.

    I hope in earnest that the storm and the floods would wash them away and bring to Ethiopia genuine forces of democracy to power to ensure the longsuffering interests of our peoppe. TPLF’s wishes to remain in power have worked so far, but forever and ever after that is found only in story books that we read for our children in the evenings to develop their imagination!

  7. TraitorMeles
    | #7

    Honest point ferenj lebaw. that said how arrogant of the norwegians to name their conference -poor people-,shows lack of respect and demands counter attack. the norwegians are putting themselves above us and looking down at us. such kind of attack on self-confidence and pride should not be tolerated.but ethiopians in the US could be worse,they call themselvers ethiopians yet they insult ethiopia.

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