Evil Genius, Dictator Meles of Ethiopia, By Dula Abdu

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Meles uses brute force at home and a massive PR machine abroad to crowd out the opposition and to hide his evil empire. Until their fall many evil geniuses like Ivan the Terrible, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Leopold II of Belgium exhibited similar behavior. (more…)

Meles uses brute force at home and a massive PR machine abroad to crowd out the opposition and to hide his evil empire. Until their fall many evil geniuses like Ivan the Terrible, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Leopold II of Belgium exhibited similar behavior.

Internationally, far too many individuals have become unintentional victim and a party to the Ethiopian untold tragedy. Meles has on his side notables like, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, Donald Levine, Dick Army, Nancy Polesi (via Richard Gephardt), Senator James Inhofe and more.

He has hired who is who in America to parlay non-existing achievement. He has become a modern alchemist, who invents something out of nothing, higher GDP in land of abject poverty and starvation, democracy in land of oppression .

Meles sounds great on many fronts on prima facie; however, further scrutiny it turns out that he has been a disaster for Ethiopia in many areas: economy, national integrity, national unity, social cohesion, and hope for the new generation.

Unraveling his economic system shows it is built on wrong statistics and baked to control the country by creating an illusion of progress, false nationalism, especially by antagonizing Egypt and Eritrea and by engaging in the construction of the Nile Dam, which is a gigantic misuse of resource that will unravel sooner or later.

Meles’s 20 year rule will leave a huge cleavage of cicatrize of a scar that will live never heal from the wedges he promoted, from making Ethiopia landlocked, and from driving the economy into the shades in his attempt to enrich his clan, with little empathy for the rest of Ethiopia.

Despite Meles’ rhetoric about transforming Ethiopia, Ethiopia was found to be one of the failed states following countries like Somalia, Chad, and others.

Meles besides putting or wasting Ethiopia’s meager resources in Tigre in projects that have no investment merits such as Wind Turbine ($220 million Euro), the failed Tekeze hydroelectric dam ($360 million dollars), and planned Rails from Djibouti to Mekele, has nothing to show for his last 20 years of wretched rule. This also vindicates those of us who always stated that he is leading Ethiopia not only to a failed estate, but close to an economic Armageddon (see Voodoo economics..) at http:www.ethiodemocat.com.

The Index published by Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace found that Ethiopia is critically in danger of becoming a failed estate based on demographic pressure, refugee flows, group grievances, human rights violations, uneven development, economic decline, and the continued deligitimization of Ethiopian nationalism. The most vulnerable states next to Ethiopia are Somalia, Chad, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti.
None of these countries have such a flamboyant and arrogant leader like Meles, who brags about a fabricated GDP growth data to keep his wretched rule and continued economic decline of the wretched country.

Though Ethiopia is the birth place of humanity and one of the cradles of civilizations, but for the last four decades, it has been one of the most wretched place on earth with little hope of reversing that scenario given the current leadership of the country.
There is no place on earth who has taken greater abuse by nature and abuse by dictators like the Ethiopian people.

Despite facing major resource constraints as demonstrated by constant famine and drought, in 1991 the country was declared land locked by Meles with the secession of Eritrea, making the country worse off and dependent again on one of its former possessions, now independent state of Djibouti.

With the arrival of Meles, secessionist and anti-Ethiopian force overwhelmed the national government and took over power, thus misdirecting resources, destroying institutions and promoting ethnic and religious division once a very cohesive nation.

To stifle further the country’s economic growth, Meles decided to create ethnic blocks likes in Apartheid South Africa, thus creating tensions and making commerce almost impossible, cutting existing trades relations, while Europe was forming the European Union and the U.S. was pushing the North American Free Trade Agreement. In Ethiopia small traders, primarily Gurages were massacred and their possession ransacked by ethnic groups aligned with Meles.

To add insult to injury, he confiscated land and denied access to technology for the majority, except in Tigre where Mekele University and Mekele Institute of Technology (MIT) are provided unfettered access and grants.

The advent of Internet and technology as a whole was heralded by some as a panacea to ending not only the economic divide between the have and the have-nots, but also between the developing countries and the developed world. Unfortunately, Ethiopia was left out by design by Meles because Meles was afraid that technology will be used to organize against him by the majority of Ethiopians as it happened in North Africa and elsewhere.

Ethiopia void of access to technology, void of free market and good leadership is toiling on the brink of economic disaster that will lead to further starvation and famine beyond the current 13 or more million people being fed by World Food Program.

Ethiopia needs an industrial policy that will move it from an agrarian society to a technology driven society. The normal course was from Agriculture, to manufacturing, and industrialization, but with the right leadership, technology makes it possible to move to technological society by skipping all the other steps and create a higher standard of living.
Technology or reengineering has been the most important productivity tools for economic growth, however, like land it is controlled by the government. In Ethiopia technology is primarily used for spying on Ethiopians and blocking websites. Access to technology is correlated to a higher standard of living for current and future generation. Government ownership of land, denial of access to technology, being landlocked remain as a major road block to rapid economic growth. Land ownership of the state is not for any altruistic reason, it is primarily to manipulate the political currents and to keep the majority of Ethiopians who rely on agriculture a hostage.

Despite creating these roadblocks, Meles has stated that the Ethiopian economy will grow 11-14.5 % in the next five years. No landlocked country or no country in Africa, especially a country estranged within by lack of free market, lack of access to technology, respect for property rights and human rights or forced into tribal polarization can enjoy such phenomenal economic growth.

According to data provided by Meles to the CIA and World Bank, Ethiopia’s GDP per capita was close $100 in 1991 when Meles starting ruling the country. Now, it is reported to be $900, a nine fold increase which is much better than what China enjoyed in those periods.
China’s growth is driven by manufacturing and education, but in Ethiopia manufacturing has not changed much for the last 20 years. Education has lost ground with the introduction of ethnic education, where the majority of ethnic groups are encouraged or forced to use their own ethnic language without requiring them to learn the official language; a recipe for disintegration of the country.

How does Meles gets away with such statistical abnormality and cruelty. My guess is like other evil geniuses from Pol Pot, Ivan the Terrible, or Idi Amin; it takes time to unravel such evil doers. However, I would like to compare Meles with another evil genius, Leopold II of Belgium who committed murder and looting of the Congo from 1865-1909. Leopold II was the most brutal ruler of Congo, he controlled a country many times the size of Belgium as his personal domain through his private army, like Meles. Luckily, he was eventually forced to end his evil rule after the conscience of the Western world could not bear it any more.

Dula Abdu writes on economics, finance, and real estate. Currently, runs his own real estate investment company from Texas.

  1. Atakilti
    | #1


    Do you really know about the history of Africa let alone the history of the world? What is this ‘Leopold II of Belgium’ you muttered on this respected website? You see that was what I talked about before. Using seemingly attention-grabbing words in our diatribe will not produce any more audience or supporters. Just as the old saying goes: ‘Empty vessels make the loudest noise, they have the least weight and are just the greatest babblers’. Period.

  2. Bravo2nd
    | #2

    It is not only Melles who is to blame. I think it is time that patriotic Tigrians should stand against him to revive the heroism of King Yohannes the IV and Ras Alulala Abanega the hero of the battles of Gundet and Gura.


  3. Sheger
    | #3


    Nigerilign ema
    Betame adirgachewu
    Yemisema goro
    Midamit kalachewu

    Endeneuse gimite
    Andim mesimia neger

    Temesigen gettaye
    Ye liben alelign
    Aba dula eyale
    Derowuse mane nekitogn.

    Bele aba dulaye
    Dehina adiregehe Belewu
    Bedenib nigerilign
    Yihey hager yelesh sewu
    Wuha endayasibelagn

    Tedebidibom bihon
    Kegebawu alikiso
    Kedula dula engee
    Lelamma mene tekemiso.

    Belilign dehina arigehe
    Bedenbe estigebawu
    Ahiya yiwodal
    Frahu endayichilewu.

    Endeahiya dula yemichile kehone
    Denikoro newu belegne
    Minune meree hone.


    Thank you Dula Abidu. You are a truly Ethiopian brother and our Hero. God bless you.


  4. The Eritrean one!
    | #4

    I do not believe he is only evil genuis but he is also sophisticated modern slave of the 3rd world. It is time for those weyanes Tigry to start disassociating with him and his boss Bereket Simon. You can bank this all the way: Weyanes will be hunted from North, South, East, and West ones they Susan Rice and her alikes dumpes them from under neath their miniskirts and underwears!!

  5. Sheger
    | #5

    Ende ahiya dulan yemichile kehone
    Denikoro newu engee
    Minun semee hone?????????????

  6. Gaye!
    | #6

    Meles might be the evil genius. The Leopold IIs are Azeb, Bereket, the likes of Atakilti, and all leba hoddamoch.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    Dula says:

    [[… especially by antagonizing Egypt and Eritrea and by engaging in the construction of the Nile Dam, which is a gigantic misuse of resource that will unravel sooner or later….]]

    Why are you worried of antagonizing Egypt & Eritrea?

    Egypt has created many lakes with billions of cubic water out of Nile River. She has projects losing billions cubic water meters of water every year. The Aswan and other lakes are placed in deserts exposed to immense evaporation. All this without “consulting” any of the reparation countries. How is the Meles Dictatorship antagonizing Egypt for building a Dam on Ethiopia’s river that supplies over 80 % of the water Egyptians not only use but abuse?

    Eritrea is created by Woyane/Shabia after dividing Ethiopian territory. In what way is the Meles Dictatorship antagonizing Eritrea now?

    [[..Meles besides putting or wasting Ethiopia’s meager resources in Tigre in projects that have no investment merits such as Wind Turbine ($220 million Euro), the failed Tekeze hydroelectric dam ($360 million dollars), and planned Rails from Djibouti to Mekele, has nothing to show for his last 20 years of wretched rule…]]

    The Renaissance Dam has renewed Ethiopian nationalism which directly contradicts to Ethnic Division Woyane is known for. Why do you oppose the Meles Dictatorship reversing course on that issue now? What is “false” about uniting to build something as one people?

    Why is it wrong to plan a rail from Djibouti to Mekele?

    Power Engineering Magazine gave Tekeze Dam an award. Were they wrong? They wrote the following:

    [[.. the winner of the award for the best renewable energy project. We selected a 300 MW hydroelectric project built by MWH for Ethiopian Electric Power Corp. in Africa…]]http://www.power-eng.com/articles/print/volume-115/issue-1/departments/opinion/an-amazing-project.html

    Why are you saying a renewable energy like Wind Turbine has no investment merit?

  8. Atakilti
    | #8

    Hey You Eritrean one!

    This is not Dehai forum. Your Eritrea is supposed to be a Singapore by now. You must be very busy shipping computers and heavy machinery to the USA and Europe. That is in addition to managing the finances of the world’s major economies. So Get lost!! Beat it!!!

  9. Awuge
    | #9

    Thank you for a very enlightening article well thought out and brilliantly written.
    Keep up the good work.
    Awuge de Merkato

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Atakilti: all I can say about those weyanes cadres like you who fattened their bellycose with looted Eritrean money and Ethiopian flesh is: go ahead and mockery Eritreans behind the skirts of the ghetto ladies at the UN and State department but do not forget the bleedings of Somalians, Ethiopians, and Eritreans; you and the rest of Tgiry adwans have to answer many questions for many generations to come. Until then enjoy your looted money and Ethiopian flesh!!!!

  11. Patriotic Ethiopian
    | #11

    Ato Dula,

    You wrote a great article. It is informative and I have learnt something out of it. My understanding of you has also changed positively from what I thought before. So expression of ideas is helpful to minimized misunderstanding, mistrust and lack of cooperation. This is something that should be done more often, particularly by those involved in politics or public life.

    Keep up the good work.

    long live Ethiopia.

  12. beyu
    | #12

    what is wrong with the Tigre People Liberation Front,TPLF, building wind turbines, Tekeze dam, setting up technology institute in Mekele, or even their members being given preferrence to take out ‘loans’ whenever they want. that is what they are in power for. watch out Tigrei republic is coming soon, stretching from the red sea in the east to sudan in the west.
    If you don’t like it tough. there is no point babbling about what TPLF is doing.

  13. aha!
    | #13

    The most contentious issues/ideologies to the humanitarian, economic and political crises in Ethiopia are ethnic federalism, etnic secessionism and totaliarinism, built into the constitution and iduced autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule (miority or majority ethnic rule)/ ethnic dictatorship. While I agree with your cause effect analysis fo TPLF/eprdf regime as impedeiment to capitalalism and democracy due to its monopoly of landholdings and perhaps monopoly of telecomunications as a means of production in a capitalistic and democratic society; I tend to disagree with you leaving out those two ideologies from the cause effect analysis of an an impedement to capitalism and democracy, let alone freedom and liberty of the indiviuals, the sovereignity and unity of Ethiopia. And yet you are stressing the evil genius aspect of autocratic rule/Dictatorship, rather than ethni dictatorship that makes the mode of goverenance different from those countries in North Africa and the cause for the non-violent uprising to freedom, but not for democracy, because only individuals free of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies can form a democratic party based on Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian national Interests, and the sovereignity of Ethiopia restored.

    Upto now Ethiopia had been and is being governed by the coalition of liberation movements of which OLF was disgruntled and left the governing body on powersharing conflict to fullfil the ethnic secessionist right upto self determination, which has now taken at least two forms : one strict secessionist upto independence and the other an alliance instead of merger over the same goals to be discussed after the fall of TPLF/eprdf regime. This was the secenario between the liberation movements, particularly between TPLF and OLF in event of powersharing after the fall of the Derg regime with no forces of national agenda in the mix taking the dominant position.

    The same cycle of events are repeating both from the armed struggle and the coalition of opposition parties and UDJP. Amid this complex political, economic and humantarian crises brought about by the constitution and the latest anti-terrorist and NGO laws crafted by non-independent parliament and adjucated judiciary, what does the notion of “evil genius of dictaor”is ascribed to, other than the constitutional frame work and the subsequent laws crated by autocratic rule of TPLF Politbuerro, with no independent branches of a government like Ethiopia towards disintegration, uphel by ethnicferalists (teletafi and loyalist)opposiion parties. These parameters will set set the cause effect analyses in a logical path, leaving foreign govenments out of the equation, because freedom is only achieved by from within after setting a clear cut goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and adopting strategies to achieve those goals.

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    Here is why Anonymous calling Dr. Rice names:

    Ambassador Susan E. Rice on Further Sanctioning Eritrea & famine:

    “..We believe there is a famine in Eritrea…”

    “..Measures to be contemplated would be carefully targeted and would not go in any way to harm the people of Eritrea..”

    We hear your pain our brother.

  15. Atakilti
    | #15

    Mr. Dawi!!

    Tell him!! Tell this unwanted miscreant of the neighborhood!!!
    These days his Dr.. Jekyll Isaias is playing a calm down rabid dog personality. He is begging every leader in a remotest location to please invite him for a visit. He has also ordered his leashed lapdogs like OLF and ONLF to do the same. They all of a sudden are seeking a ‘united’ struggle, a ‘united’ struggle to an end result of ‘disunity’ that turned the recent Dallas forum into a stage of theatrics for Junedin asking everyone to fall down and cry for his lack of mastery of the Amharic language. Everyone was sobbing for him because all those ‘Amahara Neftegnas’ denied him the opportunity and above all his inalienable right to learn the language!!! His mad dog benefactor Isaias is now preaching unity to IGAD, AU and UN. And also to the residents of Harlem, 22nd street in NY along with the people in Pandacan, Ermita and San Miguel neighborhoods in Manila, The Philippines!!! But the noose is tightening on him already. The more he moves the tighter it gets around his neck. So knuckleheads Anonymous and The Eritrean one – keep playing with your own device on Dehai and stop gatecrashing on this respected website. Beat it!!!!

  16. Gaye!
    | #16

    Weyane spy looter Atakilti

    you are the unwanted one in East Africa soil. As one Ethiopian said it you departure and arrival will be you dry land. Don’t try to be Ethiopian, because you are not one and will never be Ethiopian. now get lost old man.

  17. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #17

    Hat’s off to Dula Abdu’s great article. It is remarkable piece that shows the writer’s power on revealing facts about the brutality of the current regime in Ethiopia. Such well researched articles with enormous substances however, will not seat well with TPLF die-hard supporters like Atakilti whose judgment is blinded by tribal politics and from all those 2-3 pages article what he could find valuable for him to attack the writer is about Leopold II, and Dawi who is trying to lecture about the importance of the Nile dam like his masters and these people do not have the courage or the moral compass to ask themselves as to why millions of Ethiopians are starved year after year under “THEIR LIMATAWI WOYANE” for the last 20 years.
    Our “ friends “ from Aiga forum would rather preaches about the high rise buildings and roads in Addis Ababa and Mekele which are funded by billions of dollars of western countries donation and loans half of it will be transferred to woynes coffers through EFFORT for the looters of woyane high ranking leaders, it is a show to the westerners to get the next loan. They are not doing it for the sake of The Ethiopian people. Our “friends” from Aiga forum, could not present a single line of reasoning to defend their TPLF masters, and when they are short of ideas they resort to attacking people’s idea by way of defaming and name calling. As per Atakiliti’s phrase, anyone who thinks different from him about TPLF is AMARA NEFTEGNA. These Woyane supporters are paid agents’ working day and night to discredit, distort facts and oppose any viable opposition ideas. They are attack dogs of Bereket Simeon and their mouth piece Aiga forum. Those who stand with the Ethiopian people should not be discouraged by such sold out thugs. They are on the wrong side of history.

  18. Get a clue
    | #18

    The same thing you repeatedly have been saying to your cousin “Eritrean one” on your comment#8 is what the 80 million Ethiopians have been saying to Meles and the likes of you for the last 20 years. At least the racist and hateful Isayas didn’t stay in Ethiopia and robbed her blind and didn’t send his wife on a million dollar shopping spree in Europe as Meles and his thugs. Ethiopian people are fed up with your evil master Meles and the rest of TPLF cadres. Meles and his TPLF thugs have shown unimaginable hate towards Ethiopians in the last twenty plus years. TPLF have been acting as foreign occupiers since they have been in power. The evil dictator and TPLF have Controlled the Ethiopian entire govt. — Left Ethiopia landlocked — Divided Ethiopians by ethnic groups — Locked up tens of thousands Ethiopians — Tortured Ethiopians — Killed countless number of Ethiopians — Robbed the country blind — Chased Ethiopians from everything they knew and loved and to give their precious land to foreigners and so on and so forth…….the crimes of Meles and TPLF have no end.

  19. ziffnad
    | #19

    Make no mistake! This terrorist who goes by the name, Legesse Meles Zinawi will be captured;it is not WHERE, it is WHEN.it’s just a matter of time,but currently is at large.

    If he floods the country,Ethiopians will demand for his extridition to the place where he committed the grand crime.Even,if Ethiopians are asked to pay the ransom,they will and hand him over to ICC;there,he shall stand for a short trial and will be awarded the punishment tantamount to the quality and quantity of crimes he committed on all Ethiopians.

  20. Atakilti
    | #20

    Here we go again. All you claim that tens of thousands of prisoners who can be legitimately categorized as prisoners of conscience are currently incarcerated in the Ethiopian jails. You also blabber with allegations that hundreds and even millions have been callously murdered by the orders of PM Meles and his inner circle. If that really happened, that means there has been a 2nd Rwanda or even Darfur in our own Ethiopia in most recent years and the West was just looking at it. Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and the current one Obama did not give a hoot to the ‘genocide. You are accusing these and current and former leaders of the European powers of ignoring the ‘genocide’ or even enjoying the spectacle. By doing so you are underestimating how these leader are resolute in combating massacres and they have proven such a stand by going after Saddam and now Gaddafi, It would have been a much easier job to oust the Meles regime if such a crime against humanity have really happened. But it did not and you can not prove your outrageous numbers. No one is complaining Neftegnas now except those confused and lost individuals in and around OLF and ONLF. The Neftegna power has been relegated to the dustbin of history with the eradication of the feudal system and toppling of the Derg regime. There are not Neftegnas nowadays in person, so to say. OLF and ONLF were militarily defeated so long ago. They are now very busy charting a new ‘military’ tactic. They believe false accusations heaped up with lies of widespread massacres and incarcerations with numerical values of ‘hundreds of thousands’ and ‘millions’. By doing so, they are insulting the intelligence of the Diaspora and above the governments of USA and European nations. These Western nations are not stupid. They have the proof in the pudding – the reality on the ground. I am not trying to do preaching to you at all but I am urging you to ask for proof. I asked for proof myself, that is, hundred of thousands possibly millions of innocent civilians have been massacred by the current regime back home. But no one, I say, nobody came out and presented a hard evidence about these allegations. I made such a request for proof on this and other similar websites. None to this date. Those diabetes-ridden leaders of OLF are hell-bent on this new tactic. They think such wild allegations will help them achieve a military victory on the battlefields (That is if they have any meaningful and organized fighting force). They are committed to carve out a fiefdom right out of the navel of the country. They are sworn in to drive in a deadly sword right in the heart of this wonderful and historic we know as Ethiopia(They even respectfully call it Abyssinia). I have so many comments by one of their supporters who claim to have a very close audience with OLF by the name Ordofaa where he is warning the poor Amhara farmers to leave what he calls his ‘Beloved’ Oromiya. O’ May God Save Those Poor Farmers!!!! We all have a historical obligation to protect those innocent people.

  21. Mesfin
    | #21

    Atakility, you need a proof that Meles committed genocide? It takes evil proportion brutality to contain a country of 80 million for 20 years. Meles have been killing and terrorizing Ethiopians for years to stay in power. Now, go a head and tell us that the Ethiopian people are in love with Meles and 99.6% of them vote for him even if 12 millions of them are starving to death year to year. It takes weyanne kind of brain to explain that in a straight face.

  22. Atakilti
    | #22

    I hope my revised comment will be posted. Thanks in advance.

  23. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #23

    Atkiliti (Ferenj Amlaku) is trying to preach that the so called westerners will not turn a blind eye if Meles was massacring Anuaks in Gambela and Somalis in Harrar. According to Atakilti, these westerners are the holiest creatures who are concerned about human sufferings and injustice before their interest. It is a huge naivety in part of Atakilti that he is trying to convince the readers that Americans led coalition force was invading Iraq because they want to free Iraqis who were suffering under the brutal dictator called Saddam. And again according to atakilti’s logical analysis if Meles was brutal as his opponents are portraying him, westerners would have toppled him as they have done on Saddam and now on Ghadafi. What a poor logical parallel that this immature and obsessed woyane is trying to draw? It is sad that we have such a person with a very low level of intelligence who blindly support woyane and attack everybody against TPLF. When TPLF was fighting for the cause of liberating Tigray it is okay for Atakilti who could see, hear and judge what he wants but when OLF or ONLF or any other political parties are doing what TPLF was doing when it was the underdog then, that is a sin and a big no no to Atakilti. That is utterly narcissistic sickness.

  24. Anonymous
    | #24

    weyane atakilti is trying to incite hate, genocide, and ethnic conflict. we should file all his postings 4 future reference.

  25. likuhun
    | #25

    You see,when human right fighters and democratic leaders,of course,journalists went into the depth of the crimes and looked into the nature of the assortments of crimes committed on Ethiopians,and that of course,Zinawi committed since he took power,Zinawi and his tubas would go nut and turn themselves into wild,then they would do anything to cover the crimes they committed with denial and injustice.Well,Ethiopians will definitely retaliate Zinawi and his cadres with justice.

    surely and definitely,make no mistake;Zinawi’s cadres would not stand idel and see the crie boss being captured and hande over to Ethiopians,they will run away trying to find mice-holes to hibernate for life.

  26. Atakilti
    | #26

    You Mesfin, Yohannes Ke Dallas and many others like them!!!

    You all are ganging up on me because I am honestly different in my opinion about and the support I am giving to the current regime back home. It is not fair that you insult me like you did in your comments. What is wrong with asking for the proof? You claim that hundreds of thousands and even millions have been wrongfully killed by the order of PM Meles and his group. I want the ultimate proof for that. I will not recant on that request and I tell you this about that:

    Well I won’t back down, no I
    Won’t back down you can
    Stand me up at the gates of hell
    But I won’t back down

    TPLF was never an anti-Ethiopia front and never will be. Who is fighting tooth-and-nail with sworn enemies of Ethiopia we know as a country of multinational society? Who else? Name one. Ginbot 7 and others similar like it are conspiring with such wicked narrow elements to send the country into unmanageable pieces. It is hypocritical on your part calling TPLF an anti-Ethiopian organization while you and yourself giving unreserved support to secessionist and terrorist groups such as OLF and ONLF. Please blow your nose and clean up before you stepped onto the podium of this website which I and many others have respect for. I am not an active and card-carrying member of TPLF but I like what the current regime has done and doing in the economic areas for the country. Politically they tend to be strict and always to go by the book, ie, the law of the land. In doing so, there may have been mistakes made. But those mistakes may not be with the intention of disintegrating the country. That was why I politely asked His Excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to use his good office and release Mr. Enskinder Nega on bail for humanitarian reasons. I have read some of his articles on this and other websites. I did not see any terrorist traces or hints in his articles. He sounded a peaceful man.

    So don’t waste your time in chastising me for nothing. Get a job you slackers!!!

  27. Stop lying Atakliti
    | #27

    We don’t need to read another revised comment of Ataklti’s. We already know that Atakliti is a staunch supporter of tyrant Meles and his mad dogs. Ataklti thinks he is smarter, wiser than the rest of us and he has been trying his hardest to convince us that Meles is a saint. LOL! Please stop peeing on us and telling us it is raining. The evidence of TPLF’s looting, torture, murder, selling Ethiopia’s land, children, girls and everything that belongs to Ethiopia is for sale by Meles and his thugs. The most hated group of TPLF crimes is endless. My heart goes out to our patriotic Tigraens who love their mother land Ethiopia very much, that knowing the merciless group of TPLF came from their own beloved Tigrae province.

  28. Stop lying Atakliti
    | #28

    Your readers don’t need to hear from Meles supporters like Atakliti. Instead, please allows us to hear from remarkable patriotic people like Eskinder and his lovely wife Serkalem and others like them. Here is Serkalem latest heart-wrenching message:


  29. true
    | #29

    Do not be mistaken, those working with TPLF, left over of OLF who decided to work with TPLF are part of it. I like the way Dula mentioned that TPLF appointed every anti Ethiopian elements in office to start the deconstruction of Ethiopia. So, every member of TPLF and OLF a pro ethnic group need to be sweep out of Ethiopia’s governing system otherwise, it is back to square one. It is one thing to fight for equal rights and rule of law as well as fight for power, but it is another to fight for secessionism and pro ethnic rule.

    Ethiopians like Dula and many who comment or discuss or post articles that really is insightful as well as enlightening please, form a committee to discuss on issues like that. The committee should be very inclusive of all ethnic groups who are tolerant and concerned with making solutions and results rather than waste time on frivilous discussions, they all need to be from all professionals. This is a great idea. It will be like think-tank. Perhaps when our Ethiopia is safe and sound thise committe also can contribute towards the development Ethiopia and bringing conflict transformation within and outside of Ethiopia and so on.

    Atikiliti, your last comment, you are improving on your discussion. Focus on discussion what is written rather than blindly following TPLF just becausse they are Tigre.

  30. Atakilti
    | #30

    I would like to send a heart-felt sympathy to Mrs. Serkalem and her toddler son for the undesirable condition they have to go through at the moment. As a father myself, I can imagine how my children would be traumatized if I just vanish suddenly. My polite request to his Excellency PM Meles Zenawi to show the world one more time the ever-magnanimity of his good offices by releasing Mr. Eskinder on bail for humanitarian reasons is still on the air. I also ask in the same manner the government of Ethiopia to offer Mr. Eskinder means to make a living so he can provide for his family. Mr. Eskinder may have been having his daily cup of coffee with the wrong crowd such as these beasts of burden of Ginbot 7 and company. These individuals are sitting here in the West and conducting ‘liberating’ warfare from their comfy homes. These are the same individuals who, just not too long ago, were giving unreserved advice to the government of Ethiopia. They changed their color when they discovered that none of Ethiopia was available to them for fiefdoms. I am not saying this just to slander them. You just look into their backgrounds.

    The other issue I want to point out to the unsuspecting audience here is to look into the report yourself Mr. Dula alluded to, the 2011 Failed States Index. According to this report, the entire world, except about 12 countries, is on its way of becoming a collection of failed states. That includes countries like Japan and the Good’Ole USA. These are modern day doomsday blabbers. They have no ideas how countries are managed. They are remnants of the 1960′s USA bashers. They thrive feeding on naïve people’s raw emotions.

  31. aha!
    | #31

    Dawi has a point to discuss upon the mess created on Millenium Dam project, not only the cost with no international fundinding but but on the backs of Ethiopians that have no etra capital to engage on bonds that have no guarantee. Add to the inflamatory nature of the project, the cost of distribution lines towards the center for lighting and industries, however few in number and magnitude, and perhaps little irrigation values. It has been indicated in past that there are 20 plus sites throughot Ethiopia, that had been surveyed for potential hydroelectric power generation and irrigation, than to pretend to make “Millenium Dam Project” a national agenda with no comparative analysis with the other 20 sites, leaving the Nile Dam Project to be setteled along the other partners and the UN and in the mean time concentrate water, soil and water retention projects through afforstation and revitalization of the watershed regions of the Northern and Central Highlands, only after the ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with undelying totaliarinism along with its mirror images are dismantled by those parties/factions with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity and sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where and when a government is a democratic government is formed with independent branches of government to debate over the Millenium Dam Project, based on a constitution that upholds Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopia National Interests and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, not ethnic and secessionist rights, ethnic federalism and secessionism with undelying totaliarinism, curtailing capitalism and democracy.

  32. aha!
    | #32

    Let it be understood that in my #29 comment I am mre with the author than Dawi, where Dawi and Beyu are in a way suportive of ethnicfederalism and secessionism with underlying totaliarianism as well as appratheid system of the previous South Arica of self-rule and separate development, but unequal development in our case as the author alluded to on top of totalirianism, to say the least exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources and capital by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, along with foreign corporations in terms of Agritural land resources.

  33. tabonno
    | #33

    Zinawian cadre,says why me? why me?

    Zinawicadre,instead of complaining about your being confronted head-on,what does it take a trip to Alaska and get habernated in the wilderness along with wolves and bears? Because you got volcanically hot-headed.Come to your terms that Ethiopians are very,very serious about Zinawi and Zinawiancadres.

  34. Stop lying Atakliti
    | #34

    Who are you killing? Why do you even bother to tell us that you care for Eskindir? I was hoping that Abugida banned your behind as they have done to other staunch blind supporters of tyrant Meles who speak on both sides of their mouths like you do. How can you speak for Eskinder and be against everything Eskinder stands and fights for, and at the same time support a brutal regime that have thrown and unknown number of Ethiopians like Eskinder in jail? It is an insult to Eskinder and the rest of Ethiopians when you defend the same TPLF regime that have abused countless number of Ethiopians like Eskindir, his wife and his only child repeatedly.

  35. tamir
    | #35

    Atakilti,we have take a note about your empty,more thant that,elementary thinking and as a result,we concluded thtat indeed you might be as sick as Meles Zinawi is.Good for the rest of us that everybody have noticed that you are a hardworking cadre by profession for a pay.when is you pay day/

  36. Stop lying Atakliti
    | #36

    I meant to say on comment#34: Who are you kidding? not killing. Then again, who knows what you’re capable of.

  37. Atakilti
    | #37

    አይ አቶ አምታታው መለስ! አዲስ አበባ በጭለማ እያደረች የኤሌክትሪክ ሃይል ወደ ጅቡቲ ሸጥኩ ትላለህ፣ 80 ሚልዮን ህዝብ በሃይል እጥረት በሚሰቃይባት ሀገር፣ አንድ ሰአት በርቶ ሁለት ሰአት በሚጠፋበት ሀገር ለጀቡቲ ስምንት መቶ ሺህ ህዝብ ላላት ሀገር እንደ ትልቅ ነገር በኤሌትሪክ ሃይል አንበሸበሽኳቸው ብሎ ማናፋት ለምን እንደሆን ማንም ሰው ሊረዳው የሚችል ለትርፍ ሳይሆን ለፓለቲካ ፕሮፓጋንዳ የተደረገ መሆኑ አያጠራጥርም፣ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ መብራት ሳያገኝ ለጎረቤት ሀገሮች እሽጣለሁ ትላለህ፣ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጦሙን እያደረ የምግብ ሰብሎችን ወደ ውጭ ወስደው እንዲሽጡ ኢንቭስተሮች ተጋብዛለህ ከዚም ከውጭ እህል ገዝተን እናመጣልን ትላለህ፣ ገበሬው አርሶ እንዳይበላ መሬቱን እየቀማህ ለመቶ አመት ትሸጣልህ ፣ኢትዮጵያውያንን ሳይሆን የውጭ ዜጋ ትቀልባለህ፣ ህዝቡ ጦሙን ሲያደር በመልካም አስተዳደር እጦት ሲሰቃይ ወጥቶ መግባት ሲያቅተው፣ ያገሪቱ ሀብት በጢቂት በስርዕቱ ዘረኞች እጅ በታሪክ ታይቶ በማያውቅ ሁኔታ ሲግበሰበስ፣ በሀገሪቱ ረጅም ታሪክ ታይቶ በማይታወቅ ሁኔታ ከ95% በላይ ከአንድ ዘር የተመረጡ የሲቭል ሰርቭስ ባለስልጣናት የፖሊስ ሰራዊት ባለስልጣናት የጦር ሃይል ባለስልጣናት ባሉባት እና ስማንያ ሚሊዮን ህዝብ በጥቅት ጥቁር ቅኝ ገዥዎች በሚማቅቁበት ሀገር ኢትዮጵያውያን እኩል ሆኑ፣ ዲምክራሲ ተትረፍርፎ ፈሰሰ፣ ሀገሪቱ በልማት አደገች ተመነደገች ትላለህ፣ ዘረኛ ስርአትህን መቀበል አቅቶአቸው፣ አንተ የምታስበውን ማሰብ ያልቻሉ፣ አንተ የምትናገረውን መድገም ያልቻሉ፣አንተ የምትሰጣቸውን መቀበል ያልቻሉትን፣ኢትዮጵያዊነት የሚያንገበግባቸውን ኢትዮጵያውያንን አሽባሪ እያልክ በሺዎች የሚቀጠሩ ንጹህ ዜጎችን በየእስር ቢቱ ታጉራለህ፣ ታሰቃያልህ፣ ትገርፋለህ፣ካገር ታሰድዳለህ፣ከዚያም የልማት እቅዶቻችንን ሊአበላሹ የነበሩ በቁጥጥር ስር ዋሉ እያልክ አንድ ለናቱ በሆነውና በታሪኩ አንድ ቀን እውነት ተናግሮ በማያውቀው በታላቁ ETV አዋጅ ታስነግራለህ፣ይቅርታ አሁንማ ጭራሽ ህዝቡ መራብ መጠማቱ አልገባ ሰላለው፣ ችግር ብሶቱ አልገባ ስላለው፤ እስራት ግርፋቱ አልገባ ስላለው፣ዘረኝነቱ አልገባ ስላለው፣ በግድም ቢሆን አጣጥሞ ሳይወድ እንዲውጠው ተጨማሪ፣ መለስ አንድ፣ መለስ ሁለት፣ መለስ ሥስት፣ መለስ አራት የሚባል ቻናል ለቀቅህለት፣አይ አቶ መለስ ለምሆኑ ካንተ ያነሰ ኢትዮጵያዊ አለ?በምን አይነት መንገድ ነው ካንተ ያነሰ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሊኖር የሚችለው?ካንተ በላይ እንጂ!! ካንተ በላይ የኢትዮጵያን ጥቅም አሳልፎ የሰጠ ኢትዮጵያዊ ማግኘት እንዴት ይቻላል? ትላንት ለታላቂቱ ትግራይ ነጻነት ስትዋጋ የነበረ፣ ትላንትና ለኤርትራ ነጻነት ሰትዋጋ የንበረ፣ ተላንትም ዛሬም ኢትዮጵያን ለማፈራረስ ስትሰራ የነበረ ያልህ፣ትላንትም ዛሬም አንዱን ብሄር በሌላው በሄር ላይ እያነሳሳህ አንዱን ብሄር ወዳጅ አንዱን ብሄር ጠላት በማደረግ ሰታጣላ ሰታገዳደል የነበርክ ያለህ፣ የኢትዮጵያውነትን ሰሜት በማጥፋት ጎጠኝነትና ሀረኝነትን በማስፋፋት የሰራህ እየሰራህ ያለህ መጥፎ አስቀያሚ ዘረኛ፣ ዛሬ አንተ አንደኛ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሌላው ሁነተኛ ኢትዮጵያዊ ፣ አንተ ለኢትዮጵያ ተቆርቃሪ፣ ሌላው ቴሬሪስት ፣ኢትዮጵያን የሚያጠፋ የሚሆነው በምን መመዘኛ ነው? ይህ ሊሆን የሚችለው በአንተና ከትልቅ እስከ ተንሽ ፍርፋሪ የሚጣልላቸው ስብዕናቸውን ለሆዳቸው በሸጡ ካድሬዎችህ እና ዘረኛ ሚጢጢ አባሎችህ አይን ብቻ ነው፣ውድ አቶ መለስ እስቲ አንድ ነገር ልንገርህ እኔ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ አቆጣጠር በ1978 ዲፕሎማ ይዤ ደሞዜ 347 ብር ነበር በዚያን ጊዜ ወደ ዶላር ሲቀየር $167 ማለት ነው፣ ዛሬ አንተ ባሰደካት ኢትዮጵያ አንድ በድግሪ የተመረቀ ወጣት ደሞዝ 1500ብር ሲሆን ወደ ዶላር ሲቀየር $88 ነው፣ የህ ማለት እኔ በዲፕሎማ ተምርቄ እኖር የነበረው ኑሮ ዛሬ በየአመቱ 11% እያደገች ባለቸው ሀገር በዶክትሬት ተመርቆም ለወጣ መሁር የህልም እንጀራነው፣ እንደዚህ ነው እንግዲህ የታላቁ መሪ የኢኮኖሚ እድገት ያመጣው ተርፍ፣ይገባሃል አቶ መለስ ዛሬ አንተ አደገች ተመንደገች በምትላት ሀገር ዜጎች እንዴት እንደሚኖሩ ለቀባሪው አረዱት ነው፣ አንተ ለዚህ ምክንያት አታጣም ፣ የ11% እድገት ያመጣው ነው እንደምትል አልጠራጠርም፣ በህይወትህ እውነት ተናግረህ አታውቅምና፣ ካንተም እውነት መጠብቅ የማይሞከር ነውና፣ለንገሩ ከላይ ያልኩት ነገር ሁሉ ከአርቲክሉ ጋር የሚሄድ እንዳልሆነ አውቃለሁኝ፣ ግን የዚህን ጨካኝ አረመኔ ዘረኛ ሰው ስም ሳይ የሱ ውሸት ሰለሰለቸኝና ማለፍ ሰላልቻልኩ አንባቢዎችን ይቅርታ እጠይቃለሁኝ፣

  38. Atakliti came to his sneses!
    | #38

    Wait a minute, am I confused, or dreaming? did comment #37 came out of Mr. Atakliti’s mouth? Or did he copy and paste someone’s comment? If this is his view, I apologize for calling him a liar? And I’m thrilled to know that he got his conscience, come to his senses and open his eyes, ears and heart to realize the brutality of the arrogant, narcissistic, merciless, butcher and looter of Crime Minister Meles. Thank you God for showing Atakliti the light! Hallelujah!

  39. Debela
    | #39

    To Atakilti,
    Its very unfortunate that our country fell in the hands of people like you and Ethiopian4ever who do nothing else except worshiping Meles. A cult of the individual indispensable leader is a distinguishing feature of the worst forms of dictatorships. I remember the Eritrean traitor Amanuel something piling praises on Mengistu Hailemariam during the 10th anniversary of the so called revolution. You are now doing the same telling us how visionary Meles is that he is our only savior. What could be more meaningless than claiming of more than 80 million people there is only one person to lead. Why dont you go ahead and tell us he is the chosen one, the savior, the anointed.
    As to hate politics, I surely dont hate Tigrayans though I know a majority of them blindly support Meles. However, I hate what Meles and his cronies are doing and if you want to call that hate politics, suit yourself.

  40. kanissa
    | #40

    Atakilti is a trash worthy of nothing.Doesn’t he know this is 21st century,and it is not the 70s people work smart not hard? He just can not break the habit of tinking bad.When he writes,he talks;his voice is like an old dirty cart coming down from the hill with a brake on.Gee! Atakliti,go away! sick of you.

  41. dotqual
    | #41

    Sad;it is sad. Atakilti is bullshiting himself.Listen,Ataklilti! we don’t know what seriously went wrong with you but you are just becoming uninteresting and boring us.Are you denying that Zinawi is pit-bull terror on Ethiopians? we will fight Zinawi with what we have;what is wrong to having a cup of coffee for test and aroma?

    Atakiliti,you being a cadre,more than that,a devotee cadre living for a pittance don’t know the value of Ethiopians,such as Eskinder Nega.Obviously,you don’t have what Eskinder has,courage;right! what then are you good for?

    First,take off your glasses and sit upritht,and step out of your old thnking and ask yourself the obvious that you can not be trusted anylonger.Do you really think because Zinawi gave a mandate to open your mouth as you like and get paid little would make you popular? You are a failed individual as Zinawi is.Make no mistake that soon you will have your mouth sealed hermatically so that a stray fly won’t get into your mouth.Don’t bother to reply.

  42. A soft punch
    | #42

    At least, Atakliti has started to punch genteelly the heartless butcher leba Melese on his comment #37, at least it seems if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, Atakliti has chosen to ignore the twenty years of human abuse, the countless number of human lives that have been lost by the hands of Agazi army, the unknown number of Ethiopians who are locked up in various places in Ethiopia, the land give away and the billions of dollars of Ethiopian money that have been stolen by Melese, his wife and the rest of his ruthless, shameless leba buddies… What is the use of huge salary and 24 hour electricity if people are unhappy, depressed and oppressed by the ruthless dictator that they despise the most?

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