Ethiopian Activists organized Candlelight Vigil in Washington DC.

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Ethiopian-Americans, Ethiopians, and friends of Ethiopia residing in the Washington, DC metropolitan area are uniting together to hold a Candle Light Vigil outside the White House on October 9, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.

The purpose of the Candle Light Vigil is to bring to the attention of the Obama Administration the recent wave of politically-targeted arrest of many Ethiopians by the brutal dictatorship of Meles Zenewi under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Ethiopian-Americans, Ethiopians, and friends of Ethiopia residing in the Washington, DC area will condemn Meles Zenawi’s atrocities and urge the Obama administration to use its eminent stature in standing with the people of Ethiopia in its struggle for democracy, freedom, justice, and equality, as it did with the peoples of the northern African countries.
Since the Arab Spring began late last year, the Government of Ethiopia has been in a state of panic and restlessness for fear that the freedom torch could arrive in Ethiopia, as it is well aware of the crimes that it has committed on the Ethiopian populace and the nation over the past 20 years.

Said wide-range crimes, which encompass arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, torture, genocide, crime against humanity, suppression of civil societies, suppression of freedom of expression and assembly, day light robbery of local and national elections, embezzlement of the nation’s resources, eviction of indigenous citizens from their ancestral land and land retail to foreign companies, environmental destruction, etc., are well documented by various international organizations, the media, and foreign governments, including the US government.

We call upon Ethiopian Americans, Ethiopians, and friends of Ethiopia who reside in the Washington, D.C. area to join us in this important Candle Light Vigil, which will be held on October 9, 2001 outside the White House at 6 p.m.

For more information and to view a video cast of the event, visit

  1. Sam
    | #1

    “Ethiopian-Americans … will condemn Meles Zenawi’s atrocities and urge the Obama administration to use its eminent stature in standing with people of Ethiopia in its struggle for democracy, justice, and equality as it did with the people of Northern African countries.” Well, there is a difference between the Northern African countries mentioned and Ethiopia. In the Northern African countries people stood up against dictators. In Ethiopia people scared to death of the government, and they are choosing to die slowly rather than being thrown to prison accused of terrorism. I am not saying the candlelight vigil is a bad call. Not at all. But the reason given is unconvincing, especially for the Obama adminstration officials. They say guys we support in North Africa countries an on-going people uprisings, and we do not see yet the same happening in Ethiopia. They are right. Having a candle light vigil might highlight the problem Ethiopians are facing now. But having a candlelight vigil and shout a slogan “America should do what it did in Cairo in Ethiopia” is a bad call. Remember, the State Department still believes the Ethiopian- American opposition in the diaspora is not visionary. This is a diplomatic way of saying totally uninformed. Please guys try not to justify that carachetrization.

  2. beyu
    | #2

    The sinster Tigre People Liberation Front , TPLF, has been busy demolishing Ethiopia in order to build what its Tigrie republic at our expense.

    since Tigre People Liberation Front seized power in 1991, Tigrie has expanded its border and is now twice the size it used to be.

    Whilst the Tigre People Liberation Front are generously handing over lands along western Ethiopia to its friend the Sudan, it is building up Tigrie, increasing its size by grabbing land from the wollo and Gondar.

    It is well documented that the Tigre People Liberation Front is selling up Ethiopian land to arabs, pakistanis, chinese, indians etc and it is also taking part in the looting by expanding its own territory of Tigrei.

    The Tigre People Liberation Front has not allowed any sell of Tigrei land to foreigners, whilst it is generously selling land it does not consider to be its own and uprooting citizens from their ancestral land. the Tigre Peopl Liberation Front would not dream of doing such a thing in Tigrei, its own home territory.

    The Tigre People Liberation Front strategy is to incite inter ethnic violence in Ethiopia as a means to destabilse ,to divide and weaken Ethiopia. This will give it the upperhand to control Ethiopia and to rule without opposition until it decides to launch its own new Tigrei republic.
    Until then the Tigre People Liberation Front would work to make sure that Ethiopia is sufficiently weakened and that it does not pose any threat to its power in the region.

    All the indications are that the Tigre People Liberation Front is working to break the back of the country called Ethiopia.

    Unfortunately all the destructive forces in the name of ethnic liberation fronts are lined up to help the plans of the Tigre People Liberation Front realised. No body , not even the TPLF will be winners.It is an armagedon waiting to happen.

  3. menzaw
    | #3

    Please “Yager Lejotch” wake up don’t be the victims of the ruthless organized criminals group ruling Ethiopia in the name of the Tigray people, of course they are continuously feeding that population empty bravado that they win over the rest of the country and they are the Hero , they are entitled and deserve specially treatment and reward. Many visionary Tigrean refute all of these and understand the long-term consequence of the preferential treatment their State or the people are currently getting and they know it is design maliciously by the group for the sole purpose, to segregate and antagonize them from the rest their own Ethiopians brothers. Many succumb to the malice but many are fighting back.
    20 years ago, believing nothing worse than the cruel Colonel and his army, the whole population welcomes them with open hand, in return not only they became the worst but they acted openly as an enemy of the Country. They put the Country in real danger of fragmentation; they fortified their bastion structurally and economically for God know what. 8O million Ethiopians and the Country Ethiopia rendered without access to the sea after they arrange the separation with Eritrea, giving up voluntarily without any people’s mandate own, natural port of Ethiopia ”Assab” to Eritrea.
    Insult over injury they continue their MYSTERIOUS mission slowly dismantling the land of Ethiopia by giving away secretly big chunk of fertile land to Sudan. The land grabs and the junk explanation is only prepared for international consumption, Ethiopian doesn’t deserve any and who cares anyway!? It was started behind the scene long before it comes to light by international group. So many we don’t know and these are just the tip of the iceberg from Ato Melesse’s secret agenda for our Ethiopia.
    Unless all Country loving individual gather together getting rid of, once and for all any personal political aspiration, building consensus, NO GURAGH, NO OROMO OR AMHARAH, NO KAMBATA OR TIGRAH, NO SOMALI OR ADERAH all as one for Ethiopia, one for all and all for one, no border no ethnicity no conflict over one religion, only one Ethiopia for strong and prosperous people.
    As we are so divided, only our nemesis win, we are the big looser and so our children, our time is now to rise and fight until victory.

  4. ገዳይ እወዳለሁ
    | #4

    የዜናዊ ሽብርተኛ መንግስት ይደመሰሳል:: ጭፍሮቹ ላይ አስቸዃይ ርምጃ መውሰድ ያስፈልጋል:: ለምሳሌ ገዳይ ብስራት አማረ በOhio ሰሎሞን ተካልኝ በAtlanta ወዘተ እነዚህን መቀንጠስ ያስፈልጋል:: እነዚህ ናቸው የዘናዊን ሕይወት የሚያረዝሙት:: የዘናዊን ቅርንጫፎች ከቀነጠስናቸው ወያኔ ብቻውን ይቀራል:: ያኔ እነዚህን ማፍያዎች መደምሰስ ከባድ አይሆንም:: ዋናው ቁም ነገር ልብ አለን ወይ ነው እኔን ጨምሮ?

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    you will see meles the next step

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