Don’t Kill Them; Break Them !! By Messay Kebede

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In the final analysis, the difference between the Derg and the Woyanne regime in terms of repression and exclusiveness is becoming blurred by the day since the 2005 election. In a previous article, I indicated that the toughening of repression is part of a political strategy associated with the “implementation” of an authoritarian development model, to wit, the developmental state. The strategy is to weaken the opposition to the point of making it irrelevant by removing its influence on the masses, which influence essentially originates from economic plight. A non-participatory regime that provides bread and butter for the masses is not only assured of a long rule, but can even legitimize its political hegemony by electoral victories.

The trouble with an authoritarian model of development is that it needs time to effect tangible economic improvements. And time is what the Woyanne regime does not have so long as a vociferous opposition denigrates its “achievements.” The strategy of the developmental state needs time and time becomes available only when the opposition is silenced. This explains why journalists are the main target of repression: their criticisms deprive the regime of the silence it needs to advertise its “achievements” to the masses. A critical press is utterly damaging for a regime that derives economic progress from above and makes it dependent on the postponement of gratification.

Things would have been much easier if the silencing of opposition could use lethal repression. The bloody repression of the Derg was fashionable in the context of the Cold War and the ideology of class struggle prescribing violence as the decisive expression of the commitment to the interests of the masses. The collapses of the Soviet camp and of the ideology of class struggle and the subsequent acceptance of multipartism have robbed deadly repression of its entitlement as the midwife of history. This altered context, and that alone, explains why the Woyanne regime hesitates to be as brutal as the Derg.

What this means is that is that the difference between the two regimes since the 2005 election is more a difference in style than substance. The goal remains the same: the control of absolute power through the repression of the opposition. Only the Woyanne regime has replaced sheer brutality with a judicial masquerade, thereby covering repression with the appearance of legality. Instead of silencing the opposition through the threat of violent death, the Woyanne regime has opted for a form of repression whose essential task is to break and humiliate targeted people.

There is an inherent reason for the choice of this form of repression. Together with the international dislike of repressive regimes, the changed context of multipartism leaves little room for the sheer physical elimination of opponents. You cannot claim to be an advocate of multipartism while physically eliminating the leaders of opposition parties. By contrast, you can bring them to court and make them face charges that range from terrorism to constitutional violations. All you need is a docile court system. More exactly, the quelling of dissidents occurs prior to the judicial masquerade; it takes place in the inhuman condition of detention where deprivations, torture, and all forms of humiliation are widely practiced. By the time the accused reach the court, they are already in pieces, wreckages of what they used to be. The court is thus not so much where you defend your rights as where you implore for mercy.

The whole purpose of breaking targeted individuals is to divest the social movement for change of trusted and galvanizing leaders, the outcome of which is none other than a crippled opposition. What else does the context of a leaderless protest guarantee but the continuous prevalence of the Woyanne regime, even in electoral contests? When leaders give in to intimidation and mistreatment, not only are they diminished in the eyes of followers and the masses, but they also seem to recant their political commitments, and so nullify the very existence of opposition.

What follows from this is the need to adjust the struggle to the repressive style. What Ethiopia’s social protest needs above all is the rise of leaders whose main characteristic is the refusal to yield. Indomitability alone can shatter the system by its inspirational impact on the social protest. The latter craves not so much for convincing or sophisticated ideological visions or political programs as for the exemplary behavior of leaders who withstand the scheme of debasement. What the Ethiopian renaissance awaits is not a dam on the Nile; it is heroism.

  1. Teddy
    | #1

    I can’t believe my favourite intellectual Prof. Messay is now advocating for heroism from someone else other than him? Where is your usual sound morality gone? I can’t think of any better example to what you said in this article and its contradiction to what you do. The fact of the matter is, everyone is trying to be clever and wants the next person to do what needs to be done so they say, do this or do that and we are all free. So we have been talking for the last 20 years.

  2. She Is Ethiopia
    | #2

    Great article. Enjoyed reading it.

    As you have mentioned in your prior articles, the root causes of our problem is the divided oppositions. Until the oppositions come together we have no hope, but hear or read stuff like the Ginbot 7 had a successful meeting in which less than 150 people participated.

    By the way, I am not against for what the Ginbot 7 stands for, but I know that it will not help us move our cause a foot forward.

    Keep up the great work. I am learning from your writings.

  3. Gragn Ahmed
    | #3

    I would have liked if the profesor clearly suggested why he changed both his heart and mind. I kept saying what developmental state can not do is the lack of morality on the part of the regime and oppression of the people based on religion, etc. What I want the profesor to do is to be bold enough and admit there has been unfair religious discrimination against Muslims of Ethiopia. Until then I will not recognize any of its history or flags.

  4. Erba
    | #4

    Gragn Ahmed,

    ‘What I want the profesor to do is to be bold enough and admit there has been unfair religious discrimination against Muslims of Ethiopia.’

    The Professor’s commentary has nothing to do with religion he is not a historian nor is he a relgious nut as you are.Therefore, I don’t expect him to say any thing about your undue preoccupation about Islam.You need an answer take a trip to the Mosque next door and the Immam will answer it for you.Or perhaps the uderground Medresa of which you are a secret member will have plenty of conspiracy litrature hidden in the closet some where.But what do you mean when you say,”Until then I will not recognize any of its history or flags?”

    You mean you won’t recognize Ethiopia’s flag or her history.If that is what you mean,then don’t worry about it. Know this Ethiopia
    does not recognize you either.In fact,I never knew you exist as a person until you start to call attention to yourself.

  5. tewbel
    | #5

    I understand that there are so many Christian churches in Saudi Arabia that they are crowding the Mosqes. In Egypt all Copts have been given honorary titeles and diplomatic status as a privileged class. Shall I go on ?
    In Ethiopia both religions have lived in harmony and tolerance for 13 centuries,with little frictions.

  6. MA
    | #6

    Here we go ! the comment above both by Gragn ahmed & Erba is the result of TPLF divide & rule. let us tolerate to each another. I think that ia all freedom of expression all about?

  7. nbere
    | #7

    the similarities of Derg and TPLF ends in Repression.TPLF is not a develpmental state.It is A Mafia organized to robe the Ethiopian people.
    Derg with it’s short comings made the historic land reform and distributed land to the Ethiopian peasantry.TPLF possed all lands,dispossed the peasants,evicted ancestral holders and sold their lands to foreigners.Derg was a nationalist, TPLF is a secessnist that facilitated the secession of Eritrea and withheld the cession of Tigre until an oportune time.TPLF is a client of the West that is more than willing to deposit stolen money in their respective banks.
    I agree with you conclusion though, “adjust the strugle to the repressive style”

  8. Girum
    | #8

    Dear Messay Kebede you are some how coming near to reality rather than fiction or illusion.
    When I say fiction or illusion, I mean the claim of being a developmental state by Ato Meles and TPLF is sheer hypocrisy and confusing strategy to stay in power. Sometimes there is what is called de-education or intellectual ignorance in that we sometimes strive unnecessarily to explain the unexplainable one rationally through reasoning of mere knowledge of the usual academics but rather what is as such required is only commonsense and common wisdom only. And for the last 20 solid years the whole fallacy of the intellectuals about the incumbent arise from the fact that they usually forget that it is a force that bears the banner of TPLF that is inherently ethnically driven. For example read the book called “የትግራይ ህዝብ ትግልና የትምክህተኞች ሴራ” and there you clearly understand the inherent historical nature of Ato Meles and TPLF thug. The thoughts and views advanced directly or indirectly in this book is the top most prominent governing ideology of Ato Meles and TPLF. Therefore, forget all other secondary supplementary ideologies or thoughts like Revolutionary Democracy or Developmental-State or what ever else that comes next to it. This book is their master play-book that TPLF thug are inherently guided by. How comes a secessionist and racist thug that is historically organized and inherently driven by ethnic ideology and that has made its country voluntarily landlocked claims to be a developmental-state? To claim is something and to actually become in practice and reality is another thing and hence any body can claim what ever he/she wants to be so. In fact if we have to tell the truth what Ato Meles and TPLF have been advancing till this very days and hours and in continuum is a Neo-liberal agenda as a client-regime of the West.
    And finally to tell you the truth what Ato Mels have been doing through strong advice of the West, is to induce the illusion and fantasy of democracy in to the naïve society and then to trap, contain and disempowering of the naïve and gullible oppositions under the umbrella of the undeserved indulgence under the fantasy and illusion of Democracy. And while all the oppositions naively and gullibly indulge under this fantasy and illusion and dance around the silly song of fashionable democracy which is systematically composed and orchestrated by Ato Meles and TPLF,then Ato Meles and TPLF thug managed to systematically plunder the wealth, impoverish the mass, undertake miserable social restructuring, disarray and weaken the nationality feeling of Ethiopiwinet so that to pave the way to establish their selfish and greedy Tigrians hegemony and to the contrary to eventually destabilize and disintegrate the rest of the society and the country. Therefore, forget the hypocrisy, confusion and fantasy around democracy and developmental-state which all a sheer blatant lie. Since the event of 2005 election Ato Meles and TPLF thug clearly know and understand that they can not any longer and any more play around democracy and periodical elections.
    Therefore Ato Meles and TPLF have to devise another new scheme to maneuver the mass under the disguise of developmental-state. Dear Professor Messay please use not only your brain or intellect and but also please use your heart, commonsense and common wisdom to address the issue and face the existing realities on the ground. And when you do so then together we can have common means of communication and understanding as an Ethiopian. I think mot of the intellectual society in Ethiopian politics has been mocked cheated perplexed by the incumbent TPLF because of the main reason that they want to use mere theoretical knowledge and academics to address and understand existing realities.
    And that is why the slick and hypocrite Meles managed to survive for the last 20 solid years like this.
    And that is why the opposition camp failed to contribute a meaningful task to the alleviation of the misery of Ethiopians. And to tell you the truth Ato Meles clearly understands the very weakness that arises from the lack of wisdom, courage, boldness, pragmatism, harmony and solidarity among the oppositions and the intellectual society in the realm of politics and other spheres.
    And that is why Ato Meles ignores, disdains, abuses us to this extent of disgrace and misery.
    We are all selfish cowards who do not want to sacrifice nothing except becoming cyber warriors who want to enjoy the dialogue and discourse under the unwarranted indulgence of fantasy and illusion of Democracy. Ato Meles has clearly said that with all the expensive sacrifices we had paid during our fight of the Derg regime how comes those intellectuals and politicians who enjoy drinking MAKIATO can ever take over power from us. Therefore, let’s not go round and let’s boldly face this reality.
    As to my knowledge making any of those so far intellectual reasoning or argument is worthless except boldly facing this reality and taking appropriate measure. Talking about or expecting democracy and good governance from this TPLF is ridiculous. And the final conclusion that I happen to understand is that why we all default to or resort to all such usual trend of unnecessary intellectual analysis and reasoning is because deep, deep inside we do not want to confront realities and pay the necessary sacrifice required to liberate and save Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Therefore even at this moment of time in history where the very survival, well-being, integrity and unity of Ethiopia and Ethiopiwinet is very endangered by TPLF thug, what we want to prefer is to live our illusion and fantasy about democracy.
    This is the paradox of our times, the paradox of the Ethiopian intellectual society and the paradox of Ethiopian politics. Dear Messay the ultimate solution regarding TPLF thug is power under the barrel of the gun. Because such force has come to power through power, then the best and ultimate language it can understand really and precisely is similarly power and the barrel of the gun only. If we can do this let’s do it otherwise all other intellectual analysis and reasoning is hogwash, futile and irrelevant.
    And if we can not do it let’s at least keep quite and let’s not serve the purpose of camouflaging the TPLF diabolical acts and also confuse the mass and elongate its misery by simply talking about democracy or what ever other leap services that is not practically feasible and compatible to exiting realities.
    If some body your blatant inherent enemy comes to kill and plunder you how comes you pledge by saying “Please do not twist my hand and slap me at the face” while you are being arrested?
    And whenever we complain about free-press or democracy or what ever other secondary and minor things, comes to my mind is that after all do we have a country of ours where we claim this rights?
    When Derg was in power the majority of Ethiopians have a country of ours as an Ethiopian though we do not have democratic rights as such. When TPLF thug has come to power we gradually and systematically lost our country and dignity as an Ethiopian and to the contrary we get lost in the illusion and fantasy about democracy while our country is under a irresponsible racist, mercenary and mafia style leadership like a colony. How comes some one shouts about democracy while he/she is with out a country and his/her very survival basis is in jeopardy? Dear professor Messay can you explain me this paradox. Democracy and developmental state under the rule of TPLF thug is just a pop-psychology and a wrong premise induced to the mass hence let’s not as such stuck with it.
    TPLF is a irresponsible, racist, mafia and client-regime style leadership that is historical and inherent enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopiwinet that advances the interest of foreign powers mainly. And how comes such force deserves the title of being a developmental state? How comes that such a force that has been selling off public service enterprises for foreign investors deserves being a developmental state?
    How comes such a force that lay off thousands of innocent Telecommunication workers from a lucrative and profitable corporation for generations that has been the sole property of Ethiopia and Ethiopians?
    Finally what does it mean to kill for you professor? Is killing only possible by a gun or pistol only?
    Millions are being severely impoverished and plundered in to death. When a man is killed automatically by a gun better to leave this miserable world than dying every day every hour every minute and every second being hopeless and disgraced losing ones dignity. Why our ancestors paid that sort of invaluable life scarification in defense of foreign aggression to safeguard our country? Is it not to curb such every day death, disgrace and hopelessness that is prevalent today under the rule of Ato Meles and TPLF thug?
    Believe it or not what Ato Meles has been actually doing for the last 20 years and now is what foreign aggressors and colonizers aspire for generations to implement it up on us. Ato Meles and TPLF is a proxy client-regime stooge servant that does the undertakings of the service of indirect colony.
    That is why we are in such degree of agony and disgrace. Those of all politicians and intellectuals who want to enjoy the undeserved indulgence in the fantasy and illusion under the umbrella of democracy please do not confuse, fantasize and illusion the mass and elongate its misery and disgrace under this TPLF thug. Let those the past 20 solid years be enough as a lesson. Therefore, if you can face the existing realities wisely and boldly and fight the force courageously not the other way round if not keep quite. Finally the title is better rectified from “Don’t Kill Them; Break Them!!” to “Do Not Officially And Immediately Kill Them; Silently, Systematically And Gradually Break Them Too The Climax Of Despair And Misery That Ultimately Leads To Final Physical Death”
    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  9. astra
    | #9

    what a surprize. It is about turn for Prof Messay who was advocating on behalf of the Weyane by saying “if you cannot beat them join them” I bet he has faced a lot of criticism on that account and he is slowly retreating. It would have been intellectually honest if he had admitted his mistake.

  10. Gragn Ahmed
    | #10

    What you are talking about is Amara led unity it will never happen even if you bark like a Lion or roar like a dog. Any ways, don’t give a chance to Meles who is now using religion to detain Muslims and burn mosques all over Ethiopia. What I am saying is there are divisions among us. Without addressing some of those issues you will not get my vote. One concern for me is the cultural domination of Ethiopian copts in every aspect of that country’s life be it in sports or TV. second the political power always favors the copts as we see it in pracitice. There is no such action to protect the Muslim population. The reason I say is it will promote disatisfaction. If you are telling me the present harmony is due to equal satisfaction then that is one issue to which I defer. But it is important to know that that country belongs to all but you seem to deny that and you can not speak for me. You are telling me you are okay and if I say I am not okay get the hell out of that country. But I am not as arrogant as you are and for now I will reserve my harsh words against you. Why in the first place you compare what ever happens in that countries’ muslim there is a link with what happens in other Arab country’s/ That is called double standard. You blame us for asking but you then ask us to love you so you can rule us.

    Ethiopian Muslims need to be represented based on their talent which they have to come to leadership positions. Also any Muslim organization should include others to lead.

    By the way I don’t need to come here to tell you. Muslims are here because they feel they belong there. Otherwise, it will be for Muslims to set up their own solution fit for that country.


  11. taat
    | #11

    Dr messay seem to have regaining his senses .Still more you have to do to really know in depth the woyanne mafiosos who are trading in the name of Democracy and Developmental state.i think it is a good begining on the part of Dr messay to awaken from his deliberate jiant slumbering.Woyane is Woyane what ever colour you paint him .They are thugs,killers ,vampires,robbers and greedy who are burning the two ends of our candles.

  12. BIYE
    | #12

    All that is happening in poor third world countries like Ethiopia is a conspiracy by developed nations and arabs aganst Ethiopian nationalism.
    Ethiopia is the first and only black african country to defend itself against european colonisers, to have its own unique script, culture and identity.

    That is what our enemies are set to destroy by proxy using the Tigre People Liberation Front. the TPLF, OLF, DKLF ,PPLF etc are instruments of arabs and western donors to achieve the dismantling of Ethiopia as a country.

    This is how the the dismantling of Ethiopia has been carried out by the TPLF. The TPLF have gone to great lengths and pains to explain to us that we have differences, that we cant live together, that we should put more emphasis on our ethnicity and our differences.

    nOT ONLY this, the TPLF’s MAIN STRATEGY OF DISMANTLING Ethiopia is by inciting inter ethnic vioLENCE .

    the western world and the rest of the civilised world people live in harmony despite their linguistic, ethnic or relegious differences. Blacks marry whites, yellow/brown coloured people marry white or black or what ever colour of their choice. They all share a desire to live in a free and democratic society.

    Even in Ethiopia the mixing of people of various ethnic backgrounds and relegions is more pronounced. It is only with the advent of ethnic liberation fronts that we Ethiopians are being told that we are different from each other, that we have differences, that we can not live together etc etc.

    Personally I was not aware of my ethnicity until TPLF made me aware that I should belong to one ethnic group and I was told that I should live in the ethnic homeland they assigned for me. For a person of mixed ethnic background like myself this was a dilemma. My Ethiopian identity was taken away by the TPLF.

    My point is that people are people whether you are black, brown or arab, somali or ormo. we should have the right to live as and how we want. Some ethnic liberation front should not be allowed to violate our right to choose and dictate to us which ethnic group we should belong or we should live.
    People feel that they should somehow bow to what they are told. This attitude should be eliminated and we should not allow ourselves to be dictated by one group or other like a herd.

  13. aha!
    | #13

    There is not only an autoritarian political model in Ethiopiopia similar to those of North African countries because the political models in Ethiopia are defined by the ethnic agenda in their platform along with their attributes to describe the model. And there is no need to compare the Derg regime nor the Emperor hailesellassie’s regime with TPLF/eprdf regime, because those regimes have come gone and replaced by a conglomerate of liberation movements with ethnic agenda, that rule/govern Ethiopia today rather than those with national agenda. It is the constituiton that defines this regime and those of its mirror images, forming a coalition with UDJP as (Tigrai-Harena)/OPDM/Medrek/fdd/fdre and the secessionist movements in alliance instead of merger with Ginbot 7, for freedom and democracy of all Ethiopians and ONLF and OLF secessionist movements of their respective ethnic groups, and the rest lumped under “Andinet Hayloch” for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to put in place individual freedom and liberty ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights, restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian national interests, and Sovereignity of Ethiopia in a non-violent uprising to freedom from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule (minority or majority) /ethnicdictatorship, not merely repressive autocratic rule as you stipulated, along with the constitutional set up of ethnic feralism and secessionism with the underlying totoaliarinism that hinderence to human, economic and political developments available in a cpitalistic and democratic countries of North America and Western Europe.

    The above models are available for comparative analyses, not the Derg regime. If wants to make comparisons of TPLF/eprdf regime, it might be wise to make comparisons on the bases of human right violations, not governance, because both were different governments in terms of basic ideology, where the current regime embraces ethnicfederalis, seccessionism and totalirinism from the Derg regime, wich stands for Ethiopian unity and territorial integrity by engaging with the liberation movements.

    From the above alignments of the political models, the so called opposition parties with ethnic agenda both in peaceful and armed struggle need to caoalesce around the goals for national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in order to save Ethiopia from disintegration.

    Since 1993, the condition has been set for ethnic federalism , as a prelude to secessionism in Article 46, instead of retaining the previous provinces, Article 39 (1) the right to secession upto self determination, based on which the disgruntled OLF as regards to power sharing with the TPLF/eprdf regime might pose a threat for seccession, where the under the current constitutional frame work the soveregnity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians are at stake. Those are ideas/ideologies woth fighing for, rather than geting rid of autocratic repressive regime, which calls for ethnicfederalists (teletafi and loyalist oppostition parties) to abandon their ethnic agenda and coalesce over the national agenda and prodemocracy movements to put their focus away from democracy and justice to the national agenda, knowing the current regime is there to uphold the constitution of ethnicferalism and secessionism and totoalirianism under the guise of democracy, which is only availbe to TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, engaed in State Capitalism, where land and capital is available to these enterprises.

  14. anon
    | #14

    Thank you Dr. Messay Kebede,
    for the great assessment of Ethiopian events. These facts that you highlighted might have been rehearsed in different forums. For instance, the TPLF’s method to extract information through confession, intimidation of opposition and attempt to break the fighting spirit of opponents etc have been all discussed before.However,what gives your piece potency is the key you used to put the different concepts to give coherence by comparing TPLF vs. Derg authoritarianism. This brings me to say this in retrospective, from the get go, those Ethiopians who have insisted ,perhaps due to their peculiar familiarity with the latter, to face TPLF through the armed struggle have always been right.
    After all historically, Ethiopia has always been rescued from her enemies and adversaries not so much by Academicians and professors, as it is seen now, but by ordinary Ethiopians who boldly come to the fore to assume the mantle of leadership at a time of national crisis. One example of this event is during the Italian resistance war. It was the courage of regional leaders such as belay Zeleke, Amoraw Webineh,Belay Zeleke,Balcha Safu,Jagama Kello ,and the Patriarch and Spiritual father of the nation Abuna Petros and others that I don’t have the list at the present delivered such leadership.
    These are our immortal heroes, one generation precedes another, but our heroes are immortal and they live in the minds of Millions of Ethiopians. I whole heartedly agree with your assessment that we need heroes that will not break. We need people who want to be martyrs so that Ethiopia can be lifted from the ashes to her historical place. We need self less heroes such as Birtukan, and Andualem.Though I have the highest respect for some of our intellectuals I am of the opinion the learned among us seems to me ill equipped for such level commitment the leadership position requires. Thank you again.
    October 11th, 2011 at 4:26 PM

  15. Rezene Kaddisaba
    | #15

    Dr Messay – You mentioned the 2005 election as a turning point for EPRDF but intentionaly avoids why the change in behavior occured ? Again avoid mentioning the childish act of the oppostion. Why are you so afraid to criticize the opposition? I am glad you noticed EPRDF functioned openly until 2005 but learnt the true color of the oppositions after the same election. You need to closely look and analiyse what happened in 2005 to find the best solution. Forget Derg or Jha. Our recent political mileston is mainly based on election 2005 and Badme war. Eth is not the same after these incidents. With your wisdom and capability I expect your next article to show us the poitical outcome of 2005.

    Since I live in Addis – let me tell you in simple words. The people already sacrificed to give the opposition a chance to govern. Just like the Egyptians, Libyans ..are doing right now. The Arabs are dying to give their oppositions a chance. We wont give them our life again knowing they compete to be the king not the public servant. What the oppositions won and accepted by EPRDF in 2005 was good enough to work for Ethippia. But they wanted to become a power house and terminate/ revenge EPRDF. They wanted all or nothing. We the voters didn’t ask them to revenge but to work for us. Surprisingly, EPRDF have done quite well knowing we didn’t vote for him. That is also making it hard for the opposition to come back because EPRDf is working and we are seeing relative changes. ( which again is not mentioned once in your articles)..

    So ask your opposition friends, if they want this intimidation and pressure by EPRDF to stop and to bring back the pre-2005 era ( EPRDF did it once so they can do it again) :

    the opposition need to guarantee EPRDF: they only want to come and work for the people without intimidating ,revenging and disolving;

    1. EPRDF as a party, a person and economic interests
    2. Country wide projects like , Dams, Electric grids, roads, etc…
    3. No bulshit about Assab and Eritrea – because it will risk the securiy of Eth and more Tigray region

    I wish to tell you I may not agree 100% with EPRDF’s pre-conditions- but I know for sure EPRDF need some sort of guarantee for the above items to negotiate and give political space to the oppositions. Otherwise “Don’t Kill Them; Break Them” shall continue.

  16. Dawi
    | #16

    Girum says:

    [[...the claim of being a developmental state by Ato Meles and TPLF is sheer hypocrisy and confusing strategy to stay in power. ..]]

    Ethiopia is not Taiwan, South Korea or Japan; all experiences happen at a particular time and at some point of time. Ato Meles and TPLF were part of the History of Ethiopian Student Movement. That movement was influenced by Marxist thinking. TPLF took advantage of Stalin’s “the right of self-determination” as a solution to the national question and took a short cut to power by using Tigrean Nationalism. Now, why would you say such people are not capable of building a Developmental State by using the present concrete situation they are in? What makes you think someone of a dynamic thinker as Meles would choose/prefer to remain a narrow nationalist thug? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Prof. Chang tells us that Marxist thinking had visible influence on Korean economic thinking. General Park who started the “Korean Miracle” was a communist in his young days just like Meles in TPLF/EPDM. Park’s cabinet were also full of communists in their young days. In other words, none of the developmental initiators were necessarily a Neo Classical “competition” type concept advocates. Taiwan’s second president after Chiang Kai-Shek was a communist as a young man and studied in Moscow side by side with Deng Xiao-ping of China. The Meles Dictatorship is doing or trying to do similar things the Singaporean government is known for. Owning almost all the land in the country, controls 85% of the housing and produces 22% of the GDP etc.

    This countries were/are led by indviduals of probably less qualification than Meles and co. None of them had a special/formal economic training what so ever. It was just by pure determintion. On the other hand, today there exists rich developmental state literature and living nations that practice the theory on the ground.

    I understand Prof. Messay’s anger of what is going on in Ethiopia today. It is regrettable that the call for reconsiliation as in “Messay’s Manifesto” is egnored thus far. Using all the potential of the existing elite towards development is not something to egnore at all.

  17. aha!
    | #17

    In retrospect, I fully agree with your theisis “Do not kill them; break them”, which nevertheless is partially true as a strategy using the illfated constituion and the susequent laws that were concoted by non independent parliament and implemented by non-independent Judiciary as a strategy for comparisons with the Derg regime. Even at that the validity and the conclusion that can be reached from that comparison is futile to resolvng the humanitarian, economic, and political crises by dismantling ethnic federalism and secessionism with underlying totaliarinism continued from the Derg regime.

  18. Bikila
    | #18

    @Rezene Kaddisaba
    Well said I should add, I personally don’t have any problem with raising the issue of Assab or even Eritrea as long as the debate stays in public discourse and probable indication of our foreign police if any the so call opposition parties came to power. Within the jurisdiction of international laws, there shouldn’t be any problem in campaigning or advocating or negotiating for Assa port in particular. But I agree with you in saying that the EPRDF needs some sort of guaranty to come to round table discussion with all political forces. It is not far fetched to assume that the EPRDF, given those guaranties, will relinquish power to the opposition if they win election.

    The opposition parties in Ethiopia are yet to come to terms with the rules of the game, i.e. accept the status quo and the ruling party as a player on the field. No one in his/her right mind will make the playing field level only to lose everything they fought for for the last 37 years. I think it is high time to understand and come to terms with realities on the ground, play by the rule and be smart on it. It doesn’t always help to play foul and claim cheated! The problem with politics in Ethiopia is both the ruling party and the opposition, they never understood the people of Ethiopia. Go and do your home work first before you come and ask us to risk our lives only to put you on power!

  19. Treaty
    | #19

    Dawi You wrote,

    “Now, why would you say such people are not capable of building a Developmental State by using the present concrete situation they are in? What makes you think someone of a dynamic thinker as Meles would choose/prefer to remain a narrow nationalist thug? It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

    Although you have raised this question ,specifically, to Grium it is every Ethiopian’s right to respond to your vews. As far as the Ethiopian people are conserned many are forced to live in the streets,youngesters are forced to make living by peddling on chat,incrising number of Ethiopians are risking their life in the hope of finding a better chance for work elese where.This ,by the wy,is every day news for many of us unless you are avictim of selective attention.
    Discrimnination is rampant,nepotism and corruption is widespread in the state run capitalist of the TPLF economic policy.Because the the morally despacable nature of TPLF government,the social fabric of the socity is breking. In short Ethiopians have been suvbjected to a second class citizens in their own homland ,under such circumstamces the present condition of Ethiopia needs not so much ny more politcal debate but demands immediate remedy to correct events that have been neglected for long.

    What does the socalled d’evelopmental state’ mean inpractical terms to the eighty million Ethiopians who’s life have been reduced for food ration since the cold, calculating, and ston heart TPLF village tugs arrival in the Ethiopian capital tweenty years ago? The is answer practically nothing.Who stands to gain from such mystifying concept of ‘Developmental state’?There is very simple answer for this too.EFORT and her auxilary this what you have in mind when you gugle with the conspet of ‘developmental state ‘as we most Ethiopians understand it.Or are yousiezing this moment for diversionary purpose. Perhpas you have somnething in mind about the so called Nile dam.Which wirdo TPLF regime has decided to built it at the Sudanese border.Are you thinking in this line when you say you don’t understand why some are unconvinced Melese will develope Ethiopia?

    By the away there is nothing new about what Dr.messay has said.It has been said by many,specilly most EPRP members due to their knowledge of the TPLF,from the get go wanted to meet TPLF leaders at their level-to engage them through armed struggle.Then,something happen the learned among us keept diluting this view by constantly speaking about democracy and freedom.They were convinced TPLF will,with out doubt ,introduce Democratic reform in the country.The result was dis apponitng.After tweenty years of mis managment of TPLF now every one is coing back full circle to timely tried method that has always worked best for the nation.
    Now every one is seeking national heros that is ready to untangle the puzle that has seemingly tied the hands and feet of opur people.This I think is a full swing that brought us back to antional cobnsenseus.IOt is about time good for Ethiopia and sad for TPLF leaders who see them selves for a hundred years at the center of power in that country.

    Death to the ethinofacist TPLF and their supporters!
    Victory tot he people of Ethiopa!

  20. Rezene Kaddisaba
    | #20

    Bikilla –
    I see some hope when I read your kind of comment and understanding to our political situation. I dont see the political desperation in the air in Ethiopia – people are struggling at the same time exited about the relative progress in sight. What worries me – each time EPRDF opens its ears to listen to the opposition ( mostly around election time ) they intimidate him. They intimidate EPRDF in person, using Assab, grand projects, regional politics, etc… Afterwards EPRDF hits back and try hard to silence the opposition. In the meantime – we the people are being silenced along these oppositions. This trend is not good. It will make EPRDF more and more autocratic to later become worse. That is what worries me. I dont care if the oppositions wont make it to 4 killo for eternity. We are suffering from opposition dictatorship – please leave the floor to people who can deal with EPRDF -

  21. Dawi
    | #21

    [[....Who stands to gain from such mystifying concept of ‘Developmental state’?There is very simple answer for this too.EFORT and her auxilary this what you have in mind when you gugle with the conspet of ‘developmental state ‘as we most Ethiopians understand it.Or are yousiezing this moment for diversionary purpose. Perhpas you have somnething in mind about the so called Nile dam.Which wirdo TPLF regime has decided to built it at the Sudanese border...]]

    I don’t know why you say Developmental State is a mystery. We know from history that richer and more educated countries are more likely to be democratic. Once countries reach that developmental stage and maturity they seek transition from Dictatorship to democracy.

    Meles himself has written a thesis on it; a 50 or so page you can find in the Internet a while ago. Messay described it this way on his “manifesto”

    “As shown by his doctoral thesis, he has reflected on the theory for quite a long time. Even so, what remains true is that the 2005 electoral crisis and its consequences turned the theory from a personal preference into an indispensable strategy ..”

    It is an authoritarian state that intends to trickle down democracy in the long run. In other words it is a Dictatorship now.

    What about EFFORT & MEDROC? In the hands of the authoritarian Meles, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that EFFORT shall be used to strengthen the developmental state. MEDROC is a partner as well.

    The authoritarian Singaporean government owns 22 % of Singapore’s GDP and owns most of the land. That is huge. Meles can use EFFORT/MEDROC for the same end which is to direct/influence the economic outcome.

    The NILE dam galvanizes nationalism and is being built close to the Sudanese border. If an enemy wants to damage it, guess who is going to be flooded like hell? It can create a natural disaster.

    At the same time the Dam has a potential of being a cash cow for the developmental state.

    As Messay said in the past ” …to solve the present political stalemate of Ethiopia, one prescription is for democratization to occur gradually and under the sponsorship of an authoritarian ruling elite…” . .

  22. Girum
    | #22

    Dear Dwai I argued with you so many times already just because you are so polite guy and now I will say only something. Development is not something an abstract concept. It has both quantitative as well as qualitative. As long as human beings have both emotional needs and material needs hence development when interpreted deeply and vastly has to fulfill both types of human needs. Whenever there is real development there must exist a better way of life both qualitatively and quantitatively.
    Whenever there is real and tangible development there must exist a better way of dietary, health, education, shelter, for MAJORITY CITIZENS, not with reference to MINORITY CITIZENS.
    Whenever there is real and tangible development there must exist a better way of life qualitatively in that there exists justice, freedom, peace and stability (emotional also), solidarity, harmony and love among citizens and in fact but also eventually real happiness. Forget all other things and for me theseabove things I mentioned are the basic measures of every real development, civilization and modernity. I remember what Ato Bulcha once said to Ato Meles when he repeatedly preaches and confuses about the causes of inflation and economic development. Ato Bulcha said that look the faces or facial expressions of the citizens and peoples and if there exists real economic development it would have been manifested or expressed externally. The very meaningful and prominent strategy that is now devised and advanced by Ato Meles under the disguise of development state is social restructuring or social-reengineering that bears the motto of “Plunder, impoverish and destabilize the mass and then consolidate and strengthen the global capital wealth for the few” which is the motto of the global capitalist system. And that is why that we currently observe mass uprisings have been taking place globally including USA which is the very core of the global capitalist system. Look Dawi have you even asked why the price of basic food items sky rockets in five years to unimaginable degree. Because capital accumulation through speculation have some how shifted from other economic sectors to this basic food items. Therefore, because with out food we can not exist for so long, we are being robbed by organized mafia style trading system that forced us to spend all our wage money on food items. Eleni Gebremedhin under the banner of ECX is one of the first lady who is the main game player of this mafia style trading system.
    So the well wishes of Ato Meles before 15 years that we would eat 3 times a day is now fulfilled?
    So is this what you call developmental state Sorry I have to tell you one thing because you have been time and gain preaching about Ato Meles’s being a developmental state.After you entitle Ato Meles being a developmental state then you continue to grant Ato Meles more time to guarantee him to stay in power for so long so that his governance will be stable to implement his developmental state policies and programs with out unnecessary obstacles from opposition parties. From this very strange claim I am afraid that you are the main supporter of TPLF thug stay in power. The claim of being a developmental state is illogical and immoral for the following some reasons. The answer is for you and others similar like you , not for TPLF, because TPLF clearly knows itself what it really is inherently.
    1) TPLF is a narrow minded secessionist, racist and an ethnically driven thug that has no good track record and history to claim so. Currently Ethiopia is in indirect or virtually in colony by its own fellow country men organized under the banner of TPLF thug.

    2) TPLF has come to power not by the by peaceful consent and approval of the majority Ethiopian peoples but rather by the barrel of the gun .And it is also now in power by force and force only while majority Ethiopians does not want it at all and even have a high and deep degree of resentment and hatred for it.

    3) TPLF has made Ethiopia land locked voluntarily by sabotage out of sheer irresponsibility, ignorance and arrogance. And due to this Ethiopia is doomed to pay in hundred millions dollars every year for the renting of port from Djibouti. That means for the last 20 solid years this poor country is unfairly and immorally being robbed its wealth for the sake of port.

    4) With in a very short period of time after coming to power TPLF unnecessarily plunged Ethiopia in to war with EPLF of Eritrea. This is such a bizarre and odd thing based on the backgrounds of TPLF and EPLF previous relations. Therefore, historically TPLF and EPLF are inherent enemies of Ethiopia and their claim under the disguise of the banner of liberation or freedom is somehow insane and unhealthy motive that has a different heinous agenda more than issue of the officially known secession or freedom.

    5) TPLF thug sells off large strips of fertile land to foreign investors and also to Sudan ignoring the futurity of its local farmers and the futurity of food security of Ethiopians for the coming generations.
    6) TPLF thug has been selling off public enterprise service sectors owned by the government that previously existed in the Derg regime for foreign investors and its private EFFORT economic empire.
    TPLF has been doing this mainly because as a client-regime it is mainly advancing the Neo-liberal agenda of the West under the advice of IMF and World Bank. Therefore, TPLF does not stand for the majority populace in Ethiopia though it claims under the disguise EPRDF (Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front) to confuse the mass. For example look what is happening in Greek when it is indebted for foreign financial institutions It is being forced to sell off its government owned public service sectors to pay off it debt. And similarly when TPLF thug came to power it was under the significant support and patronage of the West and hence through IMF and World Bank patronage and advice Ato Meles and TPLF were expected to implement its policies through SAP (Structural Adjustment Programs).That is why for the last 20 years the value of birr has been s devaluated time and again from 2 birr per dollar to close to 20 birr per dollar. Therefore, in the background in a very intricate and organized manner what Ato Meles is practically implementing is The Neo-Liberal agenda of the West. And that is why this sort of sequential rampant corruption, plundering, impoverishment and destabilizations of the mass and hence the aftermath of social crisis is taking place in a very massive scale. Who mainly benefits taking the lion share from any sort of the main economic and financial activities in this country under the disguise of developmental state is EFFORT and its foreign and local affiliates. And that is why projects feasible or unfeasible, efficient or inefficient, with out proper feasibility study, mainly through foreign loan, are hastily being undertaken. Why because TPLF is not sure whether or not to stay in power any longer so that it has to plunder and accumulate wealth as long as and as fast as it is in power. Therefore, who will mainly benefit from this all projects, then time will tell in future.

    7) Most developments and economic activities for the last 20 years are mainly the result of foreign aid and loan. And when a country is under this sort of economic activities as the is a proverb like “there is no free lunch” then so many other significant negative influences and side effect follow as a result.
    We have to pay the debt those results from our loans in certain agreed and decided time frame. And when we fail to do so and default, then we are forced to do things like Greek and other countries that we do not want and that are against the interests of the majority mass. Who will mainly benefit from the loans and aids in the past 20 years and till now? EFFORT, TPLF and its affiliates.Who will pay the debt and other consequential obligations and influence? The coming generation of Ethiopians and Ethiopia.
    Projects and any economic activities are designed and planned mainly based on the perspectives of its significance and benefit for EFFORT, TPLF and its affiliates business. Not based on for the generation and the country as a whole. Therefore, TPLF is not a developmental state it is rather more of a business state that does a mafia style leadership.

    8) Now days citizens of this country are deprived of their basic human rights. I mean even to get education, to work, to get employed and to even get any meaningful benefit in every activity, they are expected and forced to be a party member or supporter of TPLF thug. There was no such a thing even during the Derg regime. In so many occasions if some one to study his MSc or any other educational advantages abroad in government, then he has to be a party member or supporter of TPLF thug or has to be a Tigre race. Therefore, what sort of meaningful and significant development can be possibly achieved in a country where skill and experience is mainly measured and evaluated based on ethnicity and affiliation to ruling party politics? Imagine competent professionals skilled and experienced are pushed away and discouraged and to the contrary arrogant and ignorant Civil Service graduates indoctrinated by Ato Meles and TPLF ideology as loyalists to the system, monopolize every sphere of the country. Dear Dawi is after all the very essence of a developmental state for you like this?
    9) Finally regarding Ato Meles’s skill and talent, I do not want as such to disdain and devalue him.
    I know that he has been totally involved or engaged in politics and gorilla fighting through out his life .And hence related to this he can have his own merits and demerits that arise from this sort of life.
    He believes that he can change reality by mere fluent oratorical talking, manipulation and hypocrisy because it has been his modus-operandi during his whole life as gorilla fighter and as politician of that sort. And that is the saddest part of his personality and this country and its peoples being ruled by such person. Knowledge and skill is a relative term and concept and hence I admit that Meles is the best of all TPLF thug members in his behavior of being slick, hypocrite, and orator, fluent English speaker, manipulative, untrustworthy and hateful of majority Ethiopians. And in fact that is why he managed to stay in power for the last 20 years.Thefore, if the measure of your yardstick regarding the skill and talent of Meles is with in the domain of TPLF thug, well then I agree with you that he is the best among TPLF members. If you want to dare to expand it out side of the TPLF domain then that is another issue and reality better speaks for it self. Why Ato Meles successfully managed to be indispensable crushing any other potential contestants or rivals after 20 years is very crucial question to be answered. For me the answer is because he is not confident in himself and is very scared and untrustworthy of others better than him. When some one is really and genuinely brilliant and genius then he/she really loves and trusts others and has a good intention for others and his country, then rather than hampering any hurting and discouraging other rivals he/she paves the way for other rivals better or equivalent to emerge as a substitute for coming generations. For me that is the real essence of being genius and that is why I once told you that for me Meles is not just a genius but an evil genius. For me he is such a good stooge and servant as a client-regime for the West and that is why he repeatedly preferentially appears in different G20 and other occasions. And that is why he sent troops every where easily whenever and wherever there is a penny of dollar for his TPLF thug soldiers. And that is why he has plunged Ethiopia in to a proxy war in Somalia.
    And hence such person has to be hyped and appreciated as genius by West governments because he is a perfect surrogate or stooge to do their business as usual. Therefore, for you is this the essence and character of a leader for a developmental state?

    10) Whenever, we talk about any change or development what is the real yardstick or norm or standard established that we have so far? We do not have as such precise and clear one that I and you can easily agree. However, it is not something abstract and hidden thing from the us in the day to day walk of life of this country and its peoples. Therefore, the so called development that is claimed by Ato Meles and TPLF has to be manifested in our day to day walk of life. And what is clearly manifested pervasively is that very few minorities privileged have managed to lead a better life by corruption and plundering the wealth and resource of the country at the expense, misery and impoverishment of majority Ethiopians.
    Especially in Addis we see new tall buildings, new modern resident houses, new modern cars and in general new way of a bit odd and modern life that is in service of few local citizens or foreign aliens.
    To the contrary look the rampant impoverishment and social crisis and moral crisis for the majority mass in the country. Why Ethiopians have been becoming the severe victim of rampant AIDS? Because their normal way of decent social life is spoiled, disturbed and damaged gradually by racist and hateful TPLF thug. This is mainly because of the greedy land policy of TPLF, in that Ethiopian young generations are deprived of basic rights like shelter and hence failed to have a healthy marriage and a healthy way of life having their own house to have and lead a family. Look that the very survival basis of the majority citizens and population is in jeopardy from time to time. If there has been real development why such unimaginable exodus of millions of Ethiopians migrations to foreign countries happens? Because, Ethiopians here in their own beloved country, are evolving in to the disgrace and abuse of second citizenry and hence they prefer it be in other foreign countries rather than locally at home.
    Dear Dawi, if you have a heart and wisdom you would have been able to expose this all blatant injustice committed by TPLF thug and Ato Meles. Ethiopia for the last 20 solid years have been ruled mercilessly by a heartless, racist, irresponsible, and savage mafia and foreign client-regime and agent thug called TPLF like a colony. And hence from now on wards please do not bother me by making the silly song of developmental-state association to Ato Meles and TPLF thug. If you are illusioned and fantasized by the indoctrination of TPLF then be it yourself and please do not confuse others under the disguise of the concept of developmental state. Unless you are some body who simply gets lost for conglomeration of terminologies, then developmental state is not something that is a certain miraculous thing beyond the comprehension of ordinary peoples. If Ato Meles and TPLF are as such a giver to we Ethiopian, and not a taker, then why as such they relentlessly worry, strive and become this much desperate for power and why power becomes as such a matter of their life and death issue? Whenever some one is a real giver and not a taker, then there is no need to worry and strive beyond limit that much, to convince and advertise one’s value or significance. This all strive and worry for power by Ato Mels and TPLF thug to this unexpected and unimaginable degree, is just not for the sake of the benefit of we majority Ethiopians, but rather they are really inherently a taker not a giver. Power for TPLF and Ato Meles is something that they worship it like god. And it is just this insanity of being absolutely desperate for power that is becoming a very nuisance and inconvenient thing for we Ethiopians. From this we majority Ethiopians have come to the conclusion that Ato Meles and TPLF inherently and historically have come to power not to liberate us but rather to enslave ,plunder and impoverish us to the worst possible extent.
    Finally the very surprising and funny thing is that how comes you claim that in addition to the last 20 solid years Ato Meles and TPLF still deserves more additional decades to show and prove their being a developmental state? Is Ethiopia and its peoples after all a laboratory for experimentation? Can we be paid for this experimentation? Well yes in the form of our misery, disgrace and impoverishment we are well paid by Ato Meles and TPLF thug. From now onwards please do not bother and confuse us by preaching us the essence of a developmental state by making such ridiculous and odd association with Ato Meles and TPLF thug. However, theoretically, with out such association with Ato Meles and TPLF thug, you can do it.


  23. treaty
    | #23

    Dawi You wrote,

    “The NILE dam galvanizes nationalism and is being built close to the Sudanese border. If an enemy wants to damage it, guess who is going to be flooded like hell? It can create a natural disaster”.

    iI have once before dialogued with you in this forums,it is my conviction that you are one of the ardent supporterssof TPLF.No one accuses you over this but dont try to act as an inlightend democratic advocate.From her inception to the gallow TPLF was and will remain to be afascist fromnt.No one will expect food from the viper’s brood.
    The above statment of yours speeks something about the nature of your mind.You might convince yourself to have ananswer for every thing. At least that is what I am reading from your answer about the Nile dam.
    But what makes you think Melese and TPLF can unilateraly decide about this dam when he is not represented by the Amhara people to begin with.
    As far as I know there has never been in utr history where Ethiopians occupy Tigray by a non Tigrian militia,never.Infact Tigray has always had her own Enderase. Do you think we the people have to sit as we have done in the past and let the TPLF ethinic occuping force sail the GONdrian lands to the Sudan,and still talk about building Nile dam by heavily taxing the poor Ethiopians.So that TPLF can cash in with hard currencey by sailing the power to the Sudan and Egypt and who knows what? You think we have to sit and let TPLF boss bankrupt the country.No mattar Melese arm twists with his neighboring nations TPLF is easily beatable force. Ethiopians now need to accept is that fact they are now at the point of no return .They need to confront the anemy within.You do the ratio eighty million people are not to sccumb before TPLF led regime.
    For the rest of us we need to have the courage to face the enemy.When all of us stand in unison who can stand before us?

  24. gragn Ahmed
    | #24

    ene titil gera yagabal”dont kill them but cripple them?” behon yeshal neber Profeseru menew genzeb enji kalem yatrachew neber??kkk

  25. Dawi
    | #25

    Girum and other are stuck in the past in my opinion. What they don’t see is what Messay and others saw that is, Meles’s commitment after 2005 election “turned the theory(developmental state) from a personal preference into an indispensable strategy.”

    Prof. Messay pointed out that Meles [[..In his address during the 20Th anniversary of the victory of the TPLF... made a short speech about the Abay dam project that was saturated with nationalist slogans and boastings. The themes of unity, common goal, and eradication of poverty promised the renaissance of Ethiopia, the restoration of the eminent place it had in the past. Not once was the ethnic issue mentioned, rather, the historical identity of Ethiopia was back to the forefront......]]

    As I have mentioned before his understanding of Economics in general and Developmental State theory in particular is second to none. This is what Professors Jeffrey Sachs and Joseph Stiglitz say on Meles:

    Prof. Stiglitz’s dedicates a many pages long segment to Meles and Ethiopia. Among other things, he states: “.. Meles had formally studied economics because he knew that to bring his country out of centuries of poverty would require nothing less than economic transformation, and he demonstrated a knowledge of economics—and indeed a creativity—that would have put him at the head of any of my university classes”

    Jeffrey Sachs “… said that our many hours of discussion together are among the most scintillating that I have spent on the topics of economic development.”

    I understand there are those like Prof. Al who dismiss Sachs & Stiglitz’s opinion. With all due respect these Professors wouldn’t put their neck out to such an extent to support a tin pot dictator for no reason. I honestly don’t think Meles can pay them enough to go as far as they did.

    Again, with all due respect to Girum and others not seeing the transformation of Meles after 2005 election and refusing to see the change is disingenuous.

  26. Dawi
    | #26

    [[..But what makes you think Melese and TPLF can unilateraly decide about this dam when he is not represented by the Amhara people to begin with...]]

    I have read somewhere that the a 77 years old lead engineer of Salini who was a young surveyor 50 years ago is the one who identified the Millennium sight potential for hydro power development. That is during Emperor Haile Silassie.

    One study shows there are 102 favorable sites for large hydropower Development in the river basins of Ethiopia. I don’t know why we get out of shape because they choose to build Tekeze, Gibe or what have you. They are doing it for political or easier funding reasons but as long as they’re building it in the country why waste time arguing about the choice.

    Besides, concentrating power in one person or a small clique is a widely accepted way in modern societies to solve problems and crisis. For developing nations not being developed is a crisis that justifies doing exactly the same thing, through a Developmental State Dictatorship.

    treaty, you are still not recognizing the transformation of the Meles Dictatorship from the past ills by bringing the historical identity of Ethiopia to the forefront. You must not have seen the rallies that took place in Gonder in support of the millennium Dam to say what you’re saying. It is not something you can just rule out by uttering such things are unreal.

  27. Anonymous
    | #27

    Look, the said professors might have said the statments you have stated,specilly during the time when they were grooming him to bb the U.s go for errand boy.Ever since Ethiopians confronted them with hard core ividence,of his genocide,against Ethiopians they have removed his profile from their site,and witdrown their support.I see you laboring hared to convince Ethiopians the TPLF cabal leader has equa stature in economic thinking as that of

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