ESKINDER NEGA AND ANDUALEM ARAGE: Men for all Seasons By Tecola W. Hagos

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“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the Spider to the Fly, “Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “to ask me is in vain, For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.”

Mary Howitt (1799-1888)

I. Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage: Men for all Seasons

I am truly saddened by the imprisonment of Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage and the many patriotic and courageous young Ethiopian journalists and political leaders. I am truly fond of Eskinder Nega and his family, for I read in every piece he wrote, since I came to know of him from 1910, his nobility of spirit and his indomitable courage that matches those of legendary warriors even though he neither commanded an army nor lead a government. No less do I admire the young and articulate Andualem Arage, the Deputy Chairman of Andenet, in whom I have great trust that he would be our salvation and our great leader some day. My first reaction when I heard the news of the arrest and imprisonment of Eskinder and Andualem and other future young leaders of Ethiopia was to dash to my computer to write my condemnation of Meles Zenawi and his Government for such wanton abuse of power and disregard of fundamental human rights. Then I reconsidered half way through my writing whether I will be adding fuel and giving munitions to a leader well known for brutality and violence. I was fearful not to create any kind of situation that could be construed by the twisted mind of Meles Zenawi as acts of terrorism under his draconian law. But reading the recent article by Serke-Alem Fasil, Eskinder Nega’s spouse, about her husband and young child (Serkalem Fasil: Eskinder’s Path in, I am reassured that my act of support will not negatively affect the future of Eskinder Nega and his fellow prisoners.

The accusations leveled by the Government of Meles Zeawi against those political prisoners are totally ludicrous, for Meles Zenawi seems to have lost the little credibility that he might have even in the eyes of the terrified Western Leaders. Some three weeks ago, on 21 September 2011, the venerable Ephreme Madebo wrote a heart wrenching cry of a truly loving soul, on the pain of the imprisonment of such honorable and heroic men and women. “My heart moves for Skinder Nega, Andualem Arage, Debebe Eshetu, Wubshet Taye, Reeyot Alemu and for every hero, every survivor of Zenawi’s horrible crime, and every citizen of Ethiopia. May God bless Ethiopia- We shall overcome!” [Ethiomedia] I believe that the first and foremost duty of all of us who support and admire Eskinder and Andualem and the many journalists and political leaders who are illegally imprisoned by Meles Zenawi is to get those courageous and true heroes of Ethiopia out of the clutches of Meles Zenawi and his enforcers. However, I am not in any way suggesting that we preempt the families of the imprisoned heroes in trying to help Eskinder and Andualem and all political prisoners, but rather take note what to do from their instructions and statements.

I have concluded sometime ago that most Ethiopians of my generation may not be worth the sacrifice of any of us because of their narrow mindedness, ethnic divisiveness, lack of commitment to a cause, their fearfulness and tendency to betray friends, and cowardice excepting such heroes who are in detention right now, such as the Eskinders and Andualems of Ethiopia. This unadulterated or unconditional admission of my serious contempt for my generation of fellow Ethiopians in general, may not come as a surprise to many. I would rather save the known already quantified individuals who are in prisons than try to save the amorphous, overwhelmingly narcissistic and morally corrupted and ignoramus Ethiopia’s general population. I know this type of statement would horrify honorable and patriotic individuals, such as Eskinder and Andualem. Some might even consider my statement anti-people and fascistic against helpless poor people. And I would not be surprised or disappointed if Eskinder and Andualem publicly reject my support or advice in my type of compromise to save them from the clutches of the worst leader in the history of Ethiopia only second to Mengistu Hailemariam. Be it as it may, by saving the lives of the likes of Eskinder and Andualem, at the very least, I would have saved the most precious lives that will be most helpful in rebuilding our fragile, shattered, and fractured nation of Ethiopia.

II. The Violence of Meles Zenawi and Associates

a) The TPLF: House of Horror

What would it take to stand up to Meles Zenawi and his brutal enforcers? First, let us acknowledge the enormous capacity of Meles Zenawi for violence and abuse. What we have in Meles Zenawi is a narcissistic, uncouth, rustic, and sadistic individual whose moral life is as deep as those of an amoeba. No matter how powerful or wealthy he has become, and no matter how hard he tried to cast himself as an educated and sophisticated individual, his family background and upbringing has scared him deeply to be who he is now—a violent tyrant. Second, putting this in mind, I warn all that it is futile for anyone to confront Meles Zenawi and his circle of yes-men, without having first the support and backing of a dedicated percentage of Ethiopians both at home and in the Diaspora. A recent article by Gebre Medhin Araya, has described the types of brutality and violence inflicted by the TPLF Leaders on civilians, surrendering Government Soldiers, dissenters within TPLF, and captured resistance fighters from other liberation fronts such as EDU, EPRP et cetera. [See Gebre Medhin Araya, “አይጥ ለሞትዋ የድመት አፍንጫ ታሸታለች!!!”]

“የህ.ወ.ሓ.ት አረመኔ ስራ በተመለከተ ለወደፊቱ በዝርዝር የማቀርበው አሰቃቂ የወያኔ ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት. አመራር የፈጸመው ደርግ በቀይ ሽብር ያስደነገጣቸው ልብ ያለሰሩ ታዲጊ ወጣቶች ወደ ትግል ከተቀላቀሉ በኋላ በነዚህ ላይ አመራሩ ያሳለፈው (ከ1970 ዓ.ም-1972 ዓ.ም) የርሸና ውሳኔ አቀርባለሁ። እነኚህ የሞት ቅጣት የተወሰነባቸው እና እርምጃ የተወሰደባቸው ታጋዮች ዕድሜአቸው ለአቅመ አዳም ያልደረሱ የ13 እና 14 ዕድሜ ወጣቶች ናቸው። ሁለም የበረሃው ኑሮ መቋቋም አቅቷቸው፤ወላጆቻቸውን የናፈቁ ህጻናት ነበሩ። ወሊጆቻችን ናፍቀውናል እና ወደ እየ ትውልድ ቀያችን መመለስ እንፈልጋለን የምትሉ አስታውቁን ይፈቀድላችኋል ብሎ አመራሩ ካታለላቸው በኋላ፡ እንሄዲለን ብለው እራሳቸውን ያጋለጡ ልጅ እግር ታጋዮች ከየቦታው ከሠራዊት ማሰልጠኛ እና ከታጋይ ጋር የተቀላቀሉትን ሁሉ እየተለቀሙ ተረሽነዋል። አረመኔው ወያኔ እነኚህ በጥይት ደብድቦ የገደላቸውን ህጻናት “ናብ እነይ” (ወደ እናቴ) በሚል ቅጽል ይጠራቸዋል።” [Gebre Medhin Araya, “አይጥ ለሞትዋ የድመት አፍንጫ ታሸታለች!!!” p14] [This should have been published some twenty years ago, which would then have saved us from making serious errors in judging the leadership of the TPLF.]

Though late in the realization, it is absolutely clear to me now having read such reports and books about the inner workings of the TPLF in the last couple of years that the TPLF has been and continue to be a house of horror. Despite the fact that there were, and may even still be found true believers, who sacrificed their youth even their lives believing they were serving the larger community of Ethiopia or the narrow expanse of Tigray Province, the fact remains that they were all used by their unscrupulous, narcissistic, and greedy leaders who murdered, tortured, imprisoned countless individuals in the name of party-discipline and narrow nationalist cause.

It is absolutely revolting to witness individuals who were directly involved in carrying out some of the atrocities, murders and tortures as leaders of the TPLF involving themselves now in various political organizations and forums as if they have not participated in horrendous criminal activities especially during the early life of the TPLF. Just like the blood socked hands of those of Mengistu Hailemariam and the Derg Members, Meles Zenawi and the Members of the TPLF and their affiliated Political Parties should be tried some day for crimes of murder, torture, false imprisonment, looting of the national wealth et cetera. Due to the seriousness of their crimes, even their children and grand children must pay the price for the criminal activities of their parents.

I have stated, in the past, in several articles that we Ethiopians have lost our way since the disastrous attack on our civilization by the Ottoman Turks using a local upstart from one of Ethiopia’s frontier tribes of Adal/Issa, Gragn Mohammed, in the destruction of one of the great civilization of the World. His barbaric destruction of great centers of learning, numerous Churches and Cathedrals, some of which dated back to the time of the Apostles, even though Christianity was officially declared as the State Religion of Ethiopia in AD 371, was vast and costly. It changed both the demography and the art of governance and high culture of the time, throwing us back to the dark ages of primitive and nasty life. To this day we are suffering from that horrendous destruction of twelve years exemplified now in the type of leaders we have had for the last two hundred years.

b) The Inequity of Freeing Murderers (Former Derg Officials)
My message as always is that we need to think in meaningful ways, rather than be overly emotional and foam from the mouth screaming meaningless words, threats, and false accusations against individuals who are already struggling in opposition to Meles Zenawi and his narrow and divisive political and economic policies. Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora Communities around the world especially those in the United States are predominantly undisciplined, under-educated, crude peasant stock with no political savvy or sense or anything else. My contempt for such loud-mouthed unprincipled individuals has no bound. For instance, I have not read any condemnation of the recent release, after mere twenty years in prison, of former high officials of the murderous Derg who had tortured and/or executed countless number of Ethiopians from 1974 to 1991. I must point out here that to his great credit and another demonstration of the nobility of his soul, Eskinder Nega wrote powerful essays promoting the idea of forgiveness and the release of the convicted Derg Officials. This magnanimity of spirit of Eskinder is very remarkable considering the fact that Eskinder Nega’s Family suffered greatly during the dictatorial rule of Mengistu Hailemariam.

Most of those convicted former Derg officials were recently released by Meles Zenawi. It is incomprehensible that in a short span of time of twenty years individuals that murdered without any court procedure Members of Emperor Haile Selassie’s Government and countless innocent Ethiopians during the Red Terror and after are set free. Individuals such as Legese Asfaw, Fikre Selassie Wogderes, Fisha Desta, et cetera who were at the top of the Leadership of the Derg should have been hanged in public for the heinous crimes they committed during the seventeen years of terroristic dictatorship of Mengistu Hailemariam whom they served in full, and never set free. Do not think the game is over, as they say in this part of the World, “until the fat lady sings.”

I am not writing here of imaginary crimes of the Derg Members who were just released, but of tens of thousands actual murders and/or tortures committed under their direct decisions against Ethiopians. Even though we may not give much credence to the Courts of the Government of Meles Zenawi, which just released those convicted criminals, we must acknowledge the fact that such Court had found every single one of them guilty of heinous crimes. Are these the types of Ethiopians worth saving? Such decision to release such criminals is a blatant disregard of law and justice, and Meles Zenawi is trampling upon the rights of the victims and their family members. One lame excuse that was given by the Government is that the convicted criminals have expressed their regret of their murderous deeds. “ወደሽም ቆማጢት ንጉሥ ትመርቂ” This verse from the bard says it all, which means more or less that even the Devil will quote the Bible to save his skin. Whether the convicted Derg officials asked for forgiveness and expressed their remorse is irrelevant to the legal duty of the Ethiopian Government and its leaders to follow through to the full the judgments of the Courts. Once again Meles Zenawi is sneering at all of us and abusing his power for some bizarre political goal. The cry for justice by the innocent who were butchered by Mengistu Hailemariam or Meles Zenawi will have their justice no matter how far delayed. Mark my word on that!
God Bless Ethiopia and Hail to all Heroes of Ethiopia of all time!

Tecola W. Hagos
October 14, 2011
Washington DC


III. Religious Leaders and the Release of Derg Members

IV. What to expect from Meles Zenawi on Eskinder, Andualem, and others
V. What must be done to help Eskinder, Andualem, and others?

  1. Atakilti
    | #1

    This man is a prolific writer who is capable of producing thought-provoking articles. I wish he is one of the leaders back home so he can prove he is also a capable doer.

  2. ME
    | #2

    I appreciate the heroism strive made by this citizens of Ethiopia who are jailed by TPLF. And in fact I also really feel sorry for their and their families’ misery and hardship. However, let’s not as such hype it beyond what is deserved and useful with regard to what has been happening for the entire nation and its peoples. Because such ill behaviors and acts are the inherent nature of TPLF and hence the whole country is becoming a prison asylum. Therefore, let’s not as such get that much surprised and get stuck with it. There will be as such no change simply by shouting except elongating our misery.
    TPLF can only be thrown by force or some other means different from the usual strive made by such prisoners and others similar. Such usual methods of struggle do not work for the case of such irresponsible and savage TPLF thug. What TPLF thug time and again is telling us directly or indirectly is that it has come to power by severe and bitter sacrifice and not by mere talking or shouting or demonstration. And I do not understand why we fail or do not want to face and understand this reality very reality and stuck with issues like the case of the recent prisoners. I think we are some how playing some sort of psychological game on us by cheating our selves as if we have been doing something vital in fighting TPLF and that is why TPLF managed to stay in power for the last 20 solid years.
    As a responsible citizens of this country and being ruled by such savage and racist regime then I think we happen to fail to do the toughest part of the home work and are only focusing on the minor simple ones. And by doing the simple one we are being systematically diverted and guided to focus on minor things and hence are contained and disempowered to make attention on minor things like the imprisonment of the recent Ethiopians under the disguise of terrorism. I think what has created such a very great room of opportunity for our elongated misery for the last 20 solid years is our perverted misconception, understanding and expectation about Ato Meles and TPLF thug.
    We expect higher merits and also expect lower demerits from TPLF. However if we really happen to face exiting realities it should have been the reverse in that we have to expect very higher demerits and expect very lower merits from this force. And when we do so, then we are agitated to fight and struggle in order to make real change. Let things be clear in that with minor methods of sacrifices and minor fights we can not topple TPLF in the foreseeable future. And those who hype such strives and oppressions beyond what is deserved as if there is a significant challenge and threat for TPLF are those who systematically want us to divert our inevitable future potential struggle for a real change.
    Just even before 20 years is it not true that TPLF in collaboration with EPLF arrested and killed Professor Asrat Woldeyes and Assefa Maru and even their own pioneer fighter like Hayelom Araya by sabotage? So what is new and surprising with the current one? Every time we do such exaggerated escalation of such minor events then we are even giving more time and opportunity for TPLF by denying real attention and emphasis for real struggle and fight. I think we are underestimating the inherently and historically diabolical nature of this TPLF thug and that is why we get surprised by minor event that are good or bad. And hence when we deeply understand the real diabolical nature of this TPLF thug then we can devise a proper and reliable method of struggle to topple this nuisance and avoid unnecessary scarification that is futile. I think we do not happen to precisely clearly and deeply understand the inherent nature of our enemy and hence that is why our struggle is futile. Even personally I do not as such support a method of struggle that is only limited to peaceful demonstration and peaceful struggle.
    And we do not have any moral and rational basis as such to proceed this way. Therefore, the method of struggle has to be any appropriate and legitimate one that has the efficient way of toppling the incumbent.

    God bless Ethiopia!!!
    Long live Ethiopia!!!

  3. aha!
    | #3

    Too little too late. I wonder if you would have written this article, if indviduals from other party other than Medrek was imprisoned as if (Tigrai-Harena)/OPDM/Medrek/fdd/fdre is any different from what you labeled the “government of Meles Zenawi” instead of TPLF/eprdf regime, a political model defined by ethnic agenda of multi-layer hierarchical political model. These point of view, while it reviews the mystery of TPLF, it misdirects the focus to one man and not the constution of ethnic federalism, and secessionism with underlying totaliarinism built into the constitution with the subsequent laws and plus the lack of independent branches of government, the security forces and the police forces enforcing the badly crafted constitution and the subsequent laws, to wrongly accuse these political leaders and Journalists, should have been the major ponts of contention rather than a review of TPLF background the autocratic ruler that came out of TPLF Politbeurro, which you label as the “government of Meles Zenawi”. Since I am inclined to a non-violent uprising to freedom and liberty of individuals to supercede ethnic and secessionist, restoration of Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interest, the Sovereignity of Ethiopia, the removal of His Execellency from Office does not mean much to me and those of Andinet Hayloch, I presume with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovvereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians as the dividing line between those with ethnic agenda and those with national agenda.

    The wrongful arrest of the political leaders and journalist is the usual drama/strategy of TPLF/eprdf regime as Prof. Messay Kebede alluded “Don’t kill them; but break them” and then release them with a pardon with conditions” pursued by TPLF/eprdf regime to further weaken the splintered oppositon parties, which have now formed a conlomerate of parties with ethnic agenda, rather than a national agenda. The only way to pull the rug under the current autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule/ethnic dictotorship of ethnic federalism and secessionism with the underlying totalirianism carried over from the Derg regime is to coalesce around the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians by all parties and factions with a common strategies to achieve those talks. No more make me feel good narratives about TPLF/eprdf regime.

  4. She Is Ethiopia
    | #4


    It is a great article; I loved it.

    I love reading your articles because they are highly informative and educational. I loved this article especially more because it deeply touched about the failure of your generation politicians who exposed us to the Meles regime.

    As you have confessed, I would like to confess too that due to the politics of your generation which made me feel disgusted, I am a typical silent Diaspora who follows the Ethiopian politics attentively but do not participate.

    Until your generation of politicians weak up and cleanse themselves from their inability to work together, they will achieve nothing but more of the Meles regim. For example, Dr. Brehanue Nega after splitting Kinijit in several groups has achieved nothing but more alienation of a person like me.

    Although I feel greatly sad and depressed about our political situation, as you, I also have great hope in heroes like Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage.

    Anyhow,I am very glad that you spoke my mind and said it better than I would say it that “most Ethiopians of my generation may not be worth the sacrifice of any of us because of their narrow mindedness, ethnic divisiveness, lack of commitment to a cause, their fearfulness and tendency to betray friends, and cowardice excepting such heroes who are in detention right now, such as the Eskinders and Andualems of Ethiopia.

    Keep up the great work, and keep writing more!!!

  5. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #5

    To Tecola,

    I have been reading your articles for a long time and always surprised by your contradictory, impolite and offensive term that comes out from a person of your caliber. Before you dropped out of the wagon of TPLF Meles Zenawi rule, you have been part and parcel of the regime that you denounce today. And you still hold the same opinion about Diaspora Ethiopians when you were serving this brutal regime and you wrote the following on today’s article.
    .”…..Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora Communities around the world especially those in the United States are predominantly undisciplined, under-educated, crude peasant stock with no political savvy or sense or anything else. My contempt for such loud-mouthed unprincipled individuals has no bound. For instance, I have not read any condemnation of the recent release, after mere twenty years in prison, of former high officials of the murderous Derg who had tortured and/or executed countless number of Ethiopians from 1974 to 1991.”
    Dear Tecola, You seem a very vengeful person with a strong desire of inflicting injury, harm, humiliation for those people who once led the country better than your boss Meles. unlike your mafia boss Legesse Zenawi, At least these people believe in Ethiopia believe in equality, justice and the rule of law.
    The incredibly rude terms that you used to insult Ethiopian Diaspora is reminding us of TPLF bosses hatred for these heroic immigrants. Again these people that you and your boss Meles Zenawi insulted love their country Ethiopia. It is your word that shows your unprincipled and crude peasant stock personality (to use your own expression).
    Have you ever think about yourself when you desire to pass such harsh punishment verdict for those derg officials? Do you think victims of the past regime will be benefited from locking up for life or hanging these derg officials to death? However with your sadistic behavior you kept on spewing your core sickness of hate and vindictiveness by writing the following.
    “Just like the blood socked hands of those of Mengistu Hailemariam and the Derg Members, Meles Zenawi and the Members of the TPLF and their affiliated Political Parties should be tried some day for crimes of murder, torture, false imprisonment, looting of the national wealth et cetera. Due to the seriousness of their crimes, even their children and grand children must pay the price for the criminal activities of their parents.
    I could not agree more. A traitor, a criminal, a looter, a murderer, torturer or who held a public office and abuses his power should be tried including you. But why you go for their children and grand children? If your parents from Tenbien kills someone, do the law punish you for their sins? Or are you telling us to chase your children and prosecute them for your crime that you committed while serving TPLF? What kind of rationale is this? What kind of education you have? I am just curious. How is your parents brought you up? Is this how “educated” people like you think? You may be educated person for Meles and Atakilti just becuase you bear the name Hagos. I never heard educated person insults the less educated ones or the people from where he came from. If you say or claim that you are educated, I feel ashamed for you. If education makes you think the way you do, it is better to be crude peasant stock with unshattered love for his one’s country.
    It is widely accepted norm that, well bred, highly educated people with high moral realize forgiveness as a feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt them.
    And yet you proved the consent wrong. You provide evidence that you are neither well educated, nor well bred person. The only thing one could conclude after reading your scribble is that you are a foul mouthed crude person. You do not have the moral authority to condemn the Diaspora or praise the gallant work of Eskinder. It will be better for you to shut up and lick your wounds from the power struggle fight you lost with in TPLFites.

  6. Bonger
    | #6

    Tekola Hagos like many others has been deceived by the The Tigre PEOPLE Liberation Front, for thinking that the TPLF was better than the Derg. MANY PEOPLE ARE DISCOVERING , THANKS TO FORMNER TPLF ‘tegadalay’ the horror of this brutal organization.

    Tigrai has been the killing filled of the TPLF for decades ,only time will tell how many people the TPLF murdered in the last 40 years. THE HORROR OF TPLF is beyond comparison even more horrible than what Pol Pot and his clique can not match what the TPLF has done.

    Attrocities of grand nature were not new to the Tigre People Liberation Front when they marched to Addis Abeba in 1991. By then they have already massacred 100s of 1000s of people in Tigrai. It does not shock them to murder people in day light, they have gone beyond the treshold of human sensitivity.

    A day will come , thanks to the likes of Gebre Medhin Araya, when TPLF’S crime will be fully exposed to the world and justice given to the murder victims.

  7. matewal
    | #7


  8. Atakilti
    | #8

    All of you folks out there!!!!

    Just listen to this guy who calls himself Yohanness Ke Dallas. I even agree with some part of the article written by this prolific writer. I don’t always agree with Professor Tecola when it comes to sensitivity to religion back home but I would like to see Ato Enkinder released from jail for humanitarian reasons as soon as possible. I have confidence in him that he is not a violent person. I, also as a father myself, want Ato Eskinder to go out and tend to the upbringing of his angelic son. We can all agree on that. But this guy from Dallas doesn’t care about that. All he cares is what Professor might have done 20 years ago. You see that is what is wrong with these good-for-nothing miscreants who have congregated around humiliated groups such as OLF, ONLF, Ginbot 7 and EPRP. I heard that the last one has withered into many miniscule tentacles. One gentleman who decided to leave them a few years ago also told me that they have found a settlement haven in the Dallas area that the neighborhood stinks with foul Marxist odor to high heaven. He must be one of them who sits home all day long just munching on nostalgia. Just a bunch of Wily The Winos.

    So I ask genuine frequenters of this website to join me in my very polite request to His Excellency PM Meles Zenawi to use his good offices and let Ato Eskinder go free on bail for humanitarian reasons. Our country has a long history of magnanimous leaders. Mr. Eskinder might have had some of his daily cup of coffee with the wrong people but I strongly believe that he may not possess the attributes of a terrorist. He should also be provided with a means of living so he can provide for his family. So what do you say folks? Now some of you slackers may go back to your bad habit of calling Ag’me, SOB and all kinds of names. But I will be vindicated for asking for such magnanimity for the sake of an angelic toddler.

    | #9

    The case of Eskinder is simple. You can call him whatever name – journalist or hero or whatever. He wrote Meles this Meles that…to the extent of writing that Weyane is simply barging and that Shaibia has superior military on Ethiopian so called free press…imagine to hear such rabbish from a so called “Ethiopian hero”. The democratic Meles/TPLF/EPRDF said it is OK he can write whatever his twisted mind thinks. But that was not enough for Eskinder – he wanted to ignite riot hoping to unseat Meles. He left Meles with no choice but try to calm him before he does something stupid. Andualem is even not worth of any discussion issue…figure it out.

  10. Letiyebelu
    | #10

    Thank you Professor Tecola for speaking the truth clearly, unambigously with intellectual touch and unique courgae. As far as Eskindir is concerned i say he is gulty as charged. Because seeking justice and democracy in the house of TPLF is considered as terrorism. I agree DERG and TPLF are very simialr. Ethiopians are here to suffer from prolonged dictatorship. Only change of face from Mengistu to Meles.

  11. astra
    | #11

    What is this turncoat talking about. Does he really believe that his former mentor and benefactor, Meles is worse than Mengistu!!!! Does he really believe that, or is it his way of retaliation for being unceremoniously kicked out from the inner circle of TPLF, where he used to have a life or death power of decision making. The naive Eskinder who promoted the release of the Derg has now taken their place. What is he thinking now?

  12. Too little to late
    | #12

    It is clear that you meant in 2010 that you came to know Eskinder.
    Thank you Dr. Tekola Hagos for your heartfelt message and truthful account of Meles and his ruthless TPLF cadres. Heart-wrenching indeed! May God protect and save their lives of the fearless, brave, and patriotic Ethiopians like Eskindir Nega, Andualem Arage, Debebe Eshetu, Wubshet Taye, Reeyot Alemu and the countless number of freedom fighters who risk their lives everyday for the sake of their mother land and their fellow Ethiopians.
    Let’s be fair here and call a spade a spade. Many EPRDF members have fought and died for their country. Meles and his TPLF thugs used and fooled members of EPRDF to fulfill Meles’ and Isayas’s agenda. Yes, there are a few idiots who still work with the tyrants, but the majority of EPRDF fought for their motherland Ethiopia, never to divide Ethiopia, leave Ethiopia landlocked and to sell the most fertile land to foreigners. So, I say the enemy of Ethiopia is TPLF not EPRDF.

  13. ጉረኞች
    | #13

    It is only one phone call away for you and Tecola to set Eskinder free, as you are ardent believer that bloodline is thicker than whatever. The Dallas guy is right on the mark, he hits the nail on the head. Truth always hurt. BTW, last I checked it was not only Eskinder who went to jail with false accusation of terrorist charge. Where is your cry for others who are in the same predicament as Eskinder and left their young child with out father? You sick mind will not allow you to do that, the same as this racist Tecola is. Any fool can spot you out from the line up, don’t bother to hide in pretention.

  14. Amanu
    | #14

    I am a believer of forgivness and not to judge a person by his or her past but present stand. We all remember when mr. Tecola was in rage during the last election when TPLF was on the verge of overthrow.He said, that is Mr. Tecola ” …we will call our leaders (that is Meles and all the TPLF mafia) to protect our people” he was more ocnerned about TPLF memebrs who may be charged for their crimes. Five years letter he condemns the same people he was asking for help. Unlike Mr Tecola the ethiopian people know that Meless and TPLF are bad even before they took power why it took you so long to condemen them you are suppose to know better than the millions of ethiopians…may be when it convineint for you start writing against TPLF. Anyways welcome to the reality of Ethiopian poletics and life…hope you will not run back to them again..

  15. Ferenj Lebaw
    | #15

    Teret Teret. Yelam Beret.
    And Sewye neber,
    sihed, sihed, sihed……..
    simeles Negrachuhalew.

    Teret Teret. Yelam Beret.
    Hulet Sewoch neberu,
    sihedu, sihedu, sihedu…..
    simelesu negrachuhalew.

    Yih teret Ye’and’ tsehafina, yehulet kitregnoch tarik neber.
    Meche endemialk hizb yegemgemew.

  16. aha!
    | #16

    Perspectively, and logically one has to examine the authors point of view in terms of the current alignment of political parties of TPLF/eprdf, Tigrai-harena/OPDM/ medrek/fdd/fdre, a mrror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, with ethnic agenda and parties under “Andinet Hayloch” with national agenda, which encompass two political forces: the former as the negative forces of disintegration and the latter as the positive forces of disintegration based on the constitutional frame work of ethnicfereralism and secessionism with the underlying totaliarianism. Thus the only relief for the silent, silenced but not silent majority of Ethiopians is for the the ethnic federalists (teletafi and loyalist opposition parties) and the ethnic secessionists to abandon their ethnic agenda and coalesce to put in place individual freedom and liberty ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights, restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia in a declaration with the “Andinet Hayloch”. Then and there, they become capable to dismantle ethnicfereralism, secessionism with underlying totaliarinism, and impedence to capitalism and democracy, and impedance to administering Ethiopia as a Nation State and develop the country along climatic regions and let the ethnic populations thrive in a competitive and coperative manner over the Ethiopian land- mass/ecosystem.

  17. aha!
    | #17

    All what is needed to a truly democratic government of the people by the people for the people and of the people, and a government that rules by the consent of the governed free of autocratic, ethnocratic rule and /ethnic dictatorship.

  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    ጉረኞች #13,
    Thank you, now I know why. Knowing Atakliti from his posting that he is one of strong supporters of Crime Minister Meles, I’ve been wondering why Atakliti has been persistently advocating for only Eskindir. Hmmmm! betam yigermal! min aynet zeregna newe! All the blessings to Eskindir, his wife and his little boy Nafkote. Eskindir knows how these people think and operate and he despises every ounce of their being. If it were not for people like Atakliti who support a heartless dictator, Eskindir and the rest of law abiding patriotic Ethiopians wouldn’t be locked up in prison.

  19. Atakilti
    | #19

    You ጉረኞች:
    You think the imprisonment of Ato Eskinder is funny. That is not funny at all. It is an extremely serious matter if you put yourself in his place and his child’s place. You are sitting here in you comfy home making jokes about this very sad situation. I or Professor Tecola do not have to make a phone call to his Excellency PM Meles office. I am hope and pray that my very polite plea will reach the audience of the PM and Ato Eskinder will rejoin his angelic child in the very near future. Slackers like you wrongfully egg on the very naive back home on a collision course with a brick wall. And you sit here and you laugh at their predicament. You must be ashamed of yourself for having fun with Ato Eskinder’s sad situation.

  20. shame
    | #20

    for atklti .it is your krokodil tear is shameful.

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    LOL! Atakilit,
    Come on! We know who you are. You are the one who is making a joke on the sufferings of Ethiopians. Don’t try to play reverse psychology here. No Ethiopian in the world thinks, the imprisonment of Eskindir is funny. You are the one who thinks it is funny and you are one big trouble maker and jero tebbi. Afer bila!

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