Genocide Watch warns Ethiopia

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  1. Bonger
    | #1

    The leader of the Tigre People Liberation Front zenawi, has said that Ruwanda style interahamwe is inevitable in Ethiopia when he is ejected from power.
    Zenawi has put in place all the ingredients to achieve his aim. To zenawi Aksum has nothing to do with the amhara, or somali or oromo. What he meant to say is that we are all separate and should behave like so; don’t ever waste your time about Ethiopia.
    He has tried to polarise the Ethiopian people by dividing people into ethnic and linguistic groups, by inciting inter-ethnic violence.

    The writing is on the wall and we are aware of the threat Zenawi and the TPLF are hatching.

    The TPLF would hope to see everything destroyed before they themselves are destroyed. But no matter how brutally the TPLF behave , it will be their own on demise they will face and their evil,design is sure to fail.

  2. A little too late
    | #2

    Always talk,talk, and more talk no action. I’m sorry, these days, it is easy to become cynical, ever since, I heard this man said something about Ethiopian Orthodox Church forcing southern Ethiopians to become members of Orthodox Church, like it is something bad, I’ve lost my faith in him. Why is it okay for Evangelical Christians to come from outside of Ethiopia to convert Ethiopians to their religion and at the same time, it is a crime for Ethiopian Orthodox Church to convert their fellow Ethiopians, as long as they are not forced to do so. Mr. Obang, I have a lot of love and respect for you, but I feel that you have something to do with this. Death to Woyanes!

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    wendsday 19,october 2011

    By:- Hanna Kebede Switherland
    Election But ¨Deplomacy¨!!

    If the Woyanne regime wanted to shore up its legitimacy badly tarnished by its electoral defeat in 2005, the reasonable thing would have been to give some seats to the opposition, thereby providing some semblance of fairness to the election. To the extent that a total victory takes away all credibility from the electoral process and, therefore, defeats the initial purpose of recognition, the decision to conduct a fake election resulting in the ousting of the opposition from the parliament sounds discordant indeed. Hence my question: what is the purpose of plotting a fake election that lamentably fails to convince anyone, since we can assume that Meles and his clique expect some king of benefit from the exercise?

    On the other hand, one of the implications of the total defeat of the peaceful opposition is to discourage nonviolent struggles and push more people toward armed struggle. The prospect of widened violent confrontations will allow the Woyanne to openly give up its democratic façade and crack down opponents, henceforth accused of using unconstitutional means to come to power. In this game of violence, the Woyanne regime is better equipped and experienced and can also gain recognition as a government defending itself against terrorism.

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