ESKINDER NEGA AND ANDUALEM ARAGE: Men for all Seasons (Part 2) By Tecola W. Hagos

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“ማን አምኖ ይወጣል የሰምበሌጥ ማማ” [Who would dare (trust) climb up a platform of reeds.]

Anonymous Bard from Wollo

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; … any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
John Donne (1572-1631)

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  1. Shenkute Tessema
    | #1

    BRAVO!!! Tecola, for telling it like it is.

  2. astra
    | #2

    You called the celebrated historian Tekle Tsadik Mekuria “court appointed” How about you Ato Tekola, the fake Dr.and Prof., are you TPLF appointed. How could you deny the Ethiopianness of either Megistu or Meles and claim it to youeself, on very shakey grounds no doubt. Can you see the stupidity of your claim. Your verbose writing is as always is full of hate and vindictivness. Can you grow up from this adolescent tantrum and Sophomoric pontification. May the Almighty help you

  3. Tadesse B
    | #3

    This is the first time i see an article with a concrete piece of advice that one can follow. Although, I do not agree with some your statements, I admire your honesty and courage. Thanks sir. People like you who are educated should come up with an innovative idea on mobilizing the larger Ethiopian community who are paralyzed by fear to come out of their hiding. We should give them a tool and a secure channel through which they contribute on struggle against the tyrannical regime. If we build the confidence of the people gently, we will in no time acquire the critical mass of Ethiopians who are inspired and liberated from their own fear and ready to tackle the evil regime.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    I agree everything what you said about the cruelty of the current regime, but since I am not as educated and intellectual as you are, I don’t know the history make up of each ethnic group of Ethiopians. Regardless, where and when our ancestors came from, a hundred years ago or thousands years, no Ethiopian should feel less Ethiopian than the next. As we all know, Democracy has no color or ethnic make up as we witnessed how true Democracy worked in US by electing the first black President whose father wasn’t even American. Only those who are working to dismantle Ethiopia, question if one is true Ethiopian or not. This is the work of Eritreans and members of OLF.
    I have to say, as educated as you are, I am very surprised that it took you a while to realize the true nature of Meles, TPLF cronies, and that Aba Diablose is indeed not a man of God. And the fact you thought that Ethiopians were racist for questioning Meles and his thugs activities and the fake Patriarchy who was never ordained or chosen by Ethiopian Orthodox Church…surprised me a bit.
    Well, I guess, as they say, it is better to be late than never, and I’m glad finally, you came to know the reality how this illegitimate, inhumane and a bunch of TPLF thieves torturing, killing, selling and destroying our beloved mother land Ethiopia. I hope your article gets translated in Amharic and gets distributed all over Ethiopia. Thanks again, God bless.

  5. Bonger
    | #5

    Tecola Hagos,

    Stop appeasing the Ethno-fascist dictator. If you want to make zenawi an intellectual you can, you can make him what you want him to be. But that does not change the fact that zenawi is a swine and murderer who should face justice.

    You also said that the number of prostitutes, pimps, beggars has increased. you have made a good observation, but you failed to mention that this is the manifestation of a society led by miscreats like zenawi.
    A society that is ruled by a dictator like zenawi can only be decadent, backward, corrupt and poor. Put the blame where it belongs.

    People are poor because the system they live in makes them poor, illiterate, beggars.

  6. Alem
    | #6

    Astra,Tecola thinks Tekle Tsadik is “court-appointed” and you don’t think that is the case. You could disagree by presenting facts or your own opinion without calling him “fake dr. and prof” etc. As a matter of fact, he is a very brilliant guy who went to Georgetown U for his law degree and also to Harvard. I myself think Tekle Tsadik is a historian of considerable repute. In this, I don’t agree with Tecola. But I have a reason to greatly appreciate Tecola. If you look around, he is one of a few [the other is the philosopher Messay] who stick out their neck to provoke us to discuss matters pertaining to our homeland. You and I would agree, I hope, that he is very productive and, in his own way, wanting to seek solutions to Ethiopia’s problems. Take care brother/sister. @astra

  7. Andinet
    | #7

    Ethiopians are naive they want to dismantle their country & call each other names.
    No prophet is loved in his country & during his period.

  8. Roba
    | #8

    For Professor Tecola W. Hagos – who is increasing appearing as more of a desperate detractor – the clock is stuck some where in the feudal Ethiopian past. His “Bantu” lamentation is so obnoxious that it does not deserve any one’s attention. Professor Tecola please grow up and get out of your stone age “atint kotera”. If you are not happy about the new Ethiopia, change your citizenship whitewash yourself and become a white American as your writing suggests that you so much in to being a “white wanna be”. If you think that Gambelas are not Ethiopians as you try to imply with your definition of the core Ethiopian, then you are simply being a dangerously bigot and uncivilized person; however sophisticated your writing of sophomore taste appears to be. Your “peripheral Ethiopians” theory hopelessly tries to create partition among Ethiopians, an experiment of historical backtracking that exposes more of your misplaced bigotry than any thing else. if you are not happy about Ethiopia’s demographic dynamics, you can sit down and lament in your gutter dimension of the apartheid Ethiopia that lacks sense of humanity,modernity, civility and intellectual reasoning. Your attempt to associate Mengistu and Meles with their parents wealth and social class is once again a crude feudal bigotry and one that has nothing to do with their deeds. On the contrary you were the inheritor of the “once up on a time feudals” that undermined Ethiopians of every ethnic groups and supervised Ethiopia’s demise as a poor and famine prone nation while your fathers were busy filling their bellies and endlessly bragging about their feudal heritage. You are trying to continue with the same cultural lineage, a bigotery of the same past that you labour to weave with learned verboseness to give it a modern qualification.

  9. astra
    | #9

    Alem – the “Harvard Project” is a 6-month stint given to African bureaucrats cynically devised to empower those Third World swine to allow them to say that “they are from Harvard”. It has been in operation for over 50 years. You should know that. Tecola got this assignment with the help of his boss, the late Paul Henze, the CIA representative to Ethiopia at that time. Both were working for TPLF. Could I ask you where he got his PhD or when he became a “Professor” He is an adjunct lecturer (on call when needed) at a Community College in Maryland

  10. Dawi
    | #10

    [[..Only those who are working to dismantle Ethiopia, question if one is true Ethiopian or not. This is the work of Eritreans and members of OLF.I have to say, as educated as you are,.....As we all know, Democracy has no color or ethnic make up ..]]

    You see Prof. Tecola was addressing those he is sick and tired of:

    “…obnoxious because they are mostly addressing my presumed ethnic background…”

    By illustrating his aristocratic and other back ground he is rebuking those he calls “ignorants & cowardice” that he will not even qualify for their perverted logic that is “TPLF is a Tigrean organization, Tecola is a Tigrean therefore, Tecola is TPLF.”

    He is not denigrating anybody including Meles and Mengisttu but putting things in perspective in my opinion when he wrote the “..Bantus who have sneaked into political power since the time of Menilik II..”. If that is the history then that is what it is.

    The United States of America, lived in a segregated society just some 4 decades ago. Not only that but, “discrimination against blacks in America is not an accident but rather a product of governmental policy and judicial mandates as reflected in patterns of community development”.

    Now because we have an African American Obama as a president doesn’t change the history but shows a progress. If the Ethiopian society allowed the Bantu who are the “recent comers” per Prof. Tecola reach the highest pinnacle of society over a 100 years ago, we were far ahead of the rest of the world.

    It has to be a badge of honor for Meles and Mengistu with “Bantu” background for reaching the authoritarian position they are in by snatching it from the old aristocracy Tecola was talking about.

  11. She Is Ethiopia
    | #11


    Yes, you are a true Ethiopian. Your love for your people and country is deep. I wish we have more of your kinds. Please keep up the good work.

    By the way, the below are links for the The Great Dictator – speech by Charlie Chaplin which my beloved Techola mentioned on this piece. Take a look at them; they are very interesting.

  12. Bonger
    | #12

    Mr Hagos,

    what a disappointment you are. My friend, you have to call the devil a devil. that is what zenawi is. what ever good name you want to give him, calling him ‘intellectuual’, ‘saint’, etc that is not going to chane his character.

    Zenawi and the Tigre People Liberation Front are murderers, who have caused untold havock and misery on the Ethiopian people, in the same way as Khamer Rouge of Cambodia. In the mass graves all over Ethiopia which the Tigre People Liberation Front has buried its victims, voices are crying for justice.

    The devil(zenawi) is a killer, a thief , a murderer and a social misfit that must be cast out and brought under your feet. that is where the devil(zenawi) belongs. You can not appease the devil(zenawi)or his organisation the Tigre People Liberation Front.

  13. zombus
    | #13

    Zombie logic. This site abugida promotes racism of an africa type. It is a safe haven site for the likes of tecola who spew barabaric hate. Sorry abugida i saw your true skin.

    | #14

    To Abugida:

    You claim to aspire for democracy in Ethiopia. Here is what you have to do:

    1. Be democrat yourself first.
    2. Respect my democratic right and remove Birtukan’s picture from my log name – she is no body for me.
    3. Start to accept other opinions as well and post my comment that you have not.
    4. If you are undemocratic yourself and asking for others to be democratic, you are wasting your big time.
    5. As matters stand now you are undemocratic and Mama Ethiopia should continue to be ruled by the more democratic Meles.

  15. The narcissist in chief
    | #15

    The narcissist in you tells you “you are the omniscient” the all-knowing looking down on other Ethiopians, commanding theme to look up to for you proficient presentation, logical argument, and historical facts etc. you are calling other Ethiopians less Ethiopians because they can trace their ancestors to the bantu Tribe . If there is anyone who is practicing intellectual masturbation, sure no one can top you off on that. Just 4o years a go here in the United States of America , in the land of the free some red neck would have hanged you from a tree – to degrade other Ethiopians should have been beneath the narcissist professor Tekola. You fall short even by that standard. Oweeeeee!

  16. The narcissist in chief
    | #16

    Here is what Ethiopians haven’t learned from the past. We consider any crudity, cruelty, and vulgarity as a sign of boldness for truth. That is why always we train our leaders ranging from Mengest, Meles, even the so called “opposition leader” Ledetu to insult us in the name of boldness. If we demand that our discourse should be civilized, and respectful our so called leaders would not stand in front of us and insult us. We clap our hands off because we take them as bold people who tell the truth to the power- although they are disrespect us immensely. Poor judgment. We invite leaders who abuse us because from the start we don’t demand respect. We are cowards to say what need to be said. We need to weak up people. Demand respect. Mr Teclola is not respectful—don’t applaud him. For what?

  17. ጉረኞች
    | #17

    Poor Alem
    When are you guys stop to look at things out of archaic tribal perspective? You don’t think readers understand why the “court appointed’ title tagged to the great historian by the know racist- uncultured Tecola. Do not underestimate the intelligence of the readers. Astra is again right on the mark. This racist spewed his stupid remark to discredit the historian Tekle Tsadik Mekuria. You are out there to defend the racist Tecola, do not try to sugar coat your bias outlook by stating you believe that Tekle Tsadik Mekuria is a historian. If you believe in what you are saying, why you did not come out first to correct you master rather than criticizing Astra who rightly caught the racist remark and understood the intention of the racist Tecola. Silly boy!

  18. Temesgen
    | #18

    It is a shame that Prof Tocola doesn’t really seem to know Tekle Tsadik Mekuria, one of the greatest Ethiopian historians. In fact Ato Tekle Tsadik is the first Ethiopian, probably ever, to transition from appointed court chrnoniclers to a self-thought investigarive reporter and researcher of Ethiopian history. He began his writings of Ethiopian history as a very young man and continued to refine his craft producing first rate history books until old age. His admirers include great Ethiopian historians, Bahru Zewde; Dej. Zewde Gebre Selassie; Getachew Haile, and others. Hey, Tecola, wake up, you are a bright guy you should recognize good work when you see one.

  19. Alem
    | #19

    Astra and Guregna, thanks for your responses. I did not say Tecola got his PhD at Harvard. I was not intending to defend Tecola. All I wanted to say was that we resist the temptation to personalize issues. Tecola has his right to express his views. You and I have the right to not listen to him. I don’t agree with Tecola’s assessment of Tekle-Tsadik. And I don’t believe Tecola is incapable of correcting his mistakes of 20 years ago either. I don’t know what Guregna meant by “archaic tribal perspective.” I never said a word about my tribe or Tecola’s tribe or your tribe. It could be my name gave you the idea that I could be from Tecola’s tribe [though I am not quite sure what Tecola's tribe might be]. Do you guys notice how much time and energy we spend talking about little things, away from the real issues? Take care and have a good weekend.@astra

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