The prevailing situations in Ethiopia keep changing fast by the month. ENPCP

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One of the objectives of this Press Release, therefore, is to bring to the attention of the Ethiopian Diaspora to seriously engage in a dialogue that can bring about positive contributions for a better and harmonious Ethiopia. The reservoir of talent imbedded within members of our Diaspora is rich. It behooves us all to perform better than what our forbears bequeathed to our generation. The problems facing our beloved country are enormous. No single effort can solve them. One initiative which has not been tried in past is the cooperation of a consolidated Ethiopian civic organization’s movement to generate fresh energy that can propel every Ethiopian with a sense of purpose to achieve constructive contributions to the land of his/her forebear in various human endeavors. Motivated by such thinking, two years ago, eight Ethiopian civic organizations from USA and Canada had joined hands and established a consolidated effort to exchange dialogue on various fields of national issues under the name of Ethiopian National Priorities Consulting Process with an acronym ENPCP. This organization is now legally registered as non-profit establishment which is run by dedicated members who voluntarily conduct biweekly teleconference meetings chaired by Former Ambassador Imru Zelleke. Two successful conferences were held; a one day regional gathering in Chicago on July 2009 and a second two days conference in Arlington Virginia in April of 2010 which was jointly organized with Advocacy for Ethiopia (AFR). The latter gathering had garnered vigorous sponsorship of two renowned African American right based organizations – Trans Africa and Africa Action — in addition to a vibrant participation of concerned Ethiopians who traveled from Europe. Also Ethiopian friends of American citizens from varied private enterprises including those who aspire for US Congressional Seats actively participated thus enriching the breadth of the Conference agenda.

In the wake of these two successful gatherings ENPCP’s initiatives kept active pace mainly in two areas of activities. The first was and still is expediting its outreach effort to include more Ethiopian civic organizations who agree with ENPCP’s core values. These are respects of Ethiopian Unity and Sovereignty, Human rights, and every tenet of Democratic governance such as individual liberty. Happily, the membership has now increased to twelve and more are on the way.

ENPCP’s second but not less important undertakings have been devoted to vigilantly monitor events in Ethiopia accompanied with periodic press statements whenever human rights violations endangering the Ethiopian polity surface. For Example, in one such occurrence ENPCP’s concern was expressed in writing to President Obama with copies to his Secretary of State and other relevant Heads of International Organizations such as the United Nations. In his signed letter of reply, the President has written words of encouragement suggesting to ENPCP to inform his Administration whenever grave concern occurs regarding Ethiopian American relations.

Encouraged by the modest achievements gained during the past two years, ENPCP is currently poised to hold a preliminary teleconference meeting among its enlarged members at the end of this October month. The main goal of the meeting is to discuss and lay out the parameter of a plan of action as a preparation for holding a large convention of Ethiopian civic organizations envisaged to take place in the near future. Every ENPCP member is therefore currently tasked and engaged to make the impending October meeting successful with member’s intensive public relations effort and by seeking support from local media.

For more information and or for media inquiry, please contact: Lemlem Tsegaw:: Public/Media Relations Officer, ENPCP at

  1. beles
    | #1

    The effort is commendable. But the apathy and fragmentation of Ethiopians is not without a reason. All previous attempts for unity has been thwarted to serve certain individuals and groups while burying their opponents in the opposition than to fight tyranny in Ethiopia. A common characteristic for all the previous efforts is that they all are based on selected individuals and groups and shaped to suite their vision and agenda. And this effort also seems to head that way.
    Times have changed since this centralized approach has been the dominant methodology to wedge a struggle. In fact it has been proven that this approach not only prolongs the existing tyranny but end up replacing one tyranny by another.
    Decentralized struggle is effective because
    1. tyrants can not hit a center and send the flock in disarray.
    2. It is inherently democratic therefore does not become a ladder for tyrants in waiting.
    The diaspora has a huge potential. That potential can serve Ethiopia better if it is allowed to evolve freely and and naturally.
    The new effort by the experts should be to create a freely available tools and methodology for Ethiopians to use to organize themselves freely and struggle, not collect Ethiopians.

  2. Mo’a Anbesa
    | #2

    As usual diaspora founds an organization in the name individual human rights watch in Ethiopia but in reality just another stage to forever complain. I wish for a change we form an organization that could help and support our country in the economic field. It’s amazing to think how our proud culture is all but replaced by ass kissing to the white man and hate to your own brothers and sisters. The truth is; although the scale might be different, whatever actions you complain about in Ethiopia also extremely likely happens where ever the complainer may reside. All these oppositions to complain and none that has or dares to presents a better alternative. AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

  3. yes
    | #3

    This is great news. But please please, be inclusive of Ethiopians of all ethnic groups. Past mistakes keep occuring and nothing seems to change because like TPLF some organizations just form their own forgetting in learning a lesson of exclusiveness. Ethiopia is more than one or “favored” ethnic group so be inclusive. Otherwise, go for it and more power. The other advice is that being tolerant of others indiscussions so that it goes ahead of the objectives. Exclude all extreme thinkings that will slow the movement. Be able to identify what is extreme. For instance if someone speaks for the right of his/her own ethnic group due to past and present griefs then that is not extreme but he/she is addressng the problem and setting up the stage how to solve these problems. There are still people in denial that the rise of TPLF is due to ethnic issue and they hijacked it. One can raise issue of problems then discuss how to go about and solve the problems. Extremism is when one speaks about secession due to past and present grievances, when some one talks about the domination of the system by only one ethnic group masquerading democracy.

    Again the issues that need to be raised;
    All ethnic groups in Ethiopia should have a role to play in political, economical and social system if that is what we are defining Ethiopia as a democratic society.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    This article speaks my language of striving to achieve individual freedom and liberty ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights, restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia that I was able gather from the interviviews from Ayal-sew Desiye of “Andinet Hayloch” and Eyasu Alemayehu of EPRP, but not from Dr. Negaso Gidada of UDJP, Dr. Dima Nego of ex-OLF, Amin- Jundie of OPDN/medrek/fdd/fdre upon close examination of their own statements/narratives. This organization/committe appears to me a stepping stone to bringinging together organizations/factions and/parties together to initiate of unity for the sake of unity among the different paties with ethnic agenada and national agenda is is to create unity to coalesce around the the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, in order to to dismamtle ethnicfereralism and secessionism with its undelying totalirianism run under autocratic rule, ethnic rule (minority or majority)/ethnic dictatorship, which is enevitable under the current political arrangement of TPLF/eprdf and (Tigrai-Harena)/OPDN/Medrek/fdd/fdre in contrast to “Andinet Hayloch” with national agenda.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    Addendum: Please add Dr. Merara Gudina to the list of interviewees.

  6. ለምለ
    | #6

    I thank you so much Abugeda for sharing information concerning the ENPCP’s effort and progress.

    God bless, Lemlem Tsegaw, Public/Media Relations Officer

  7. Qilkil
    | #7

    Yes,it is a good start;together,we shall work towards the success of our vision of a sunny Ethiopia.It will be large and loud.Our voice will grow louder and louder and will be heard from afar as well as from proximity.

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