Enlighten us without insulting, professor!! By Yohannes E. Temesgen

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To Tecola W. Hagos,

I read many articles of Dr Tecola writings for a long time. In recent two consecutive articles about Men for all Seasons, I commented on part 1 and the respected DR Tecola enraged and went astray further and to name callings. I felt it necessary to raise my questions and concerns on DR Tecola’s outrageous remarks and indiscriminate shootings. First and foremost I admire the road map and strategy the professor put forward as to how we could work in united front to depose Zenawi’s brutal regime at home. Having said that, on some points however, I disagree with this reputable person’s theory and I ask him to enlighten us without taking the low roads of mudslinging.

Why the self aggrandized DR. Tecola Hagos, longtime TPLF staunch supporter and Meles Zenawi’s top advisor so infuriated against almost everybody? Those who read the recent articles were caught by surprise on the degree of his condescending and antagonistic approach for every issue he had raised. He was spewing hate and threatening everybody, condemns and curses left and right to show in contrast his “excellence,” “purity,” and “education.” Tecola, who claims to be educated, blamed the very poor and uneducated Ethiopians as to why they are not planning to control the population explosion? As an educated person he could not even control his bad temper and boiled with rage using crude words against Ethiopian Diaspora, and condemns the poor Ethiopian’s living in their country under the yoke of brutal tyranny that are malnourished in millions and died in hunger in thousands every year. The well educated person, DR Tecola goes on blaming these destitute people for unchecked loose sexuality, prostitution, begging and all social ills as if they brought it upon themselves. His theory of the victim is the culprit approach is hurting and dismayed many Ethiopians. Why professor? If a person of his caliber is condemning the victim, it is a sad day for all Ethiopians who suffer under tyranny. The big majority of Ethiopians, comparatively better than the ones that are starved, are deprived of a decent meal, clean water, and shelter let alone a family planning awareness and proper education. Are these the people who are to be blamed for population explosion in his theory? What Dr. Tecola and TPLF leaders do not understand is the Ethiopian people pride, self respect and dignity is boundless even at the current darkest moment of Ethiopian history. Ethiopians are marginalized and systematically led to be in constant hunger by the current regime, so the top TPLF mafias gets a reason to beg the international donor countries for money. The hunger of multitude Ethiopians becomes a cash cow for the brutal regime since 1984. Ethiopians are proud people and unless strained by an ordeal, no one wants to go to the most dehumanizing and degrading part of begging or go for prostitution. What DR Tecola and TPLF cadres do not understand is the Ethiopian people do not want to be looked down either from some arrogant US residents or from Minlik palace tenants. The people are sick and tired of such cruelty and does not have the luxury to entertain such propaganda and do not want to be lectured about population explosion, beggars, and prostitution. Instead what the people want is to break the shackles of tyranny. No one, no Ethiopian wants to beg at all if he or she got the alternative of supporting themselves. TPLF leaders are busy in squandering the resource that the country manages to acquire. Ethiopians need an Ethiopian leader who cares about his own people. The high-minded lecturer DR Tecola who is fluent in English, goes on accusing Ethiopian Diaspora, and got mad why the incarcerated Derg officials are released from jail and insulting the Diaspora for not protesting as if the Diaspora called Meles to releases them and his blood boils from sheer vengeance. Further, Professor Tecola claims that Ethiopian history is 100 years story, blames Mengistu for everything, accuses Meles, even Abune Paulos who have been appointed by TPLF to patriarch level under his watch when Tecola was Meles’s top advisor. He also tarnished prominent Ethiopians who continuously writes articles on Ethiopian electronic Medias and degraded the well respected historians like Tekletsadik Mekuria as court appointed chroniclers. What Tecola is doing by his disparaging comments against everyone around him is typical TPLF character and he is using the same blue print of propaganda material that TPLF uses till this date.

Why Tecola is so mad about everything and against everybody? I hope the professor would enlighten us about his hatred and explosive behavior if he is not in denial mode. What the modern psychology stresses about such erratic behavior and blames everyone around to be seen as a flawless person is due to psychological projection. When Tecola has a feeling of rejection or sense of being non-harmonious, he started shooting indiscriminately. As any human being he got a defense mechanism that makes it easy for him to bury and forget painful and unresolved issues from the past by accusing everybody left and right. May be Tecola who thinks he is the 21st century well educated “person”, a “pure” Ethiopian who traces back his ancestors from Kings dynasty is in search of his identity or wants cleanse his past crimes, by accusing almost everybody around. Poor guy, he is in total frenzy mode.

For many people, including me who opposes his idea, the good professor advised us to study hard so we could think like he does, we could boil like he does, we could shoot indiscriminately like he does, and above all we could turn our coats whenever the opportunity presents itself. If education molds him like this, I may not heed his advice, but what I am clearly certain about is that I am an Ethiopian who loves my country and respect the Ethiopian people who gave me everything including education to lead a better life. I am indebted to my country and to the people of Ethiopia. I am a proud veteran served in Ethiopian armed forces for 12 years and now residing in Dallas. I allow anyone including the professor to suit himself to call me “derg remnant, or ESEPA, or NEFTEGNA or MEHAL SEFARI” which I am none of those and at the same time I warn those who dare to name calling, because most Ethiopians know the origin of “Neftegna and Derg remnants”. So by simple deductive theory, if it quacks like a duck, walk like a duck, and then it must be a duck. No one wants to be called TPLF cadre in these days including the core woyane folks among us because they know well the time of judgment is approaching and they need to distance themselves from the current brutal regime by singing the timely songs “release all prisoners of conscience” slogans and by talking like the underdogs. In his last article the renowned Tecola mentioned something about his ethnicity and people are opposing him because he is from Tembien Tigray. By mentioning that he wants to raise the ethnic card and my answer to this educated person is, no I am ethnic blind and proudly serve my country with gallant Ethiopians from all ethnicity back grounds and from all over Ethiopia. I would rather ignore his invitation as his intention is to drag me low to his inferiority complex. I am an Ethiopian and will always be proud to be called Ethiopian and will not allow any one calling me less Ethiopian even Bantus as my good professor is lecturing. I, strongly disagree with anyone’s idea who dares to look and talk down to my people and my country and disagree with men and women who are arrogant and condescending to their own people and intentionally forgot or deny from where they come from.

Unfortunately, I found Tecola to be one of those arrogant guys who claims to be pure Ethiopian and call others 100 years Bantus. Now I see why Meles was repeatedly telling us Ethiopian history is 100 years old and calling the Tigray population as golden race because his advisor and professor Tecola indoctrinated and programmed him so. According to the top advisor of that brutal prime misery, the golden races are the ones who trace back their ancestor to king’s dynasty and the others are Bantus. Even Hitler told his Aryan races the golden and superior ones. Today our own Tecola stands for Eskinder’s release.

This same advisor, who used to serve top TPLF mafias and installed the wrong theory on that brutes head, now wants us to believe him when he cried wolf. The top scientists of the Second World War who helped invent the bomb regretted when they knew it was used in mass killing of human beings. Is this a kind of regret that sickens our professor or wants to cleanse and ready to pay back for his untold misery that he causes? Using his own phrase “if you stink, clean. In his last paragraph of the article he blatantly wrote that Col. Mengistu is 100 years Bantu who happens to claim the pure Ethiopiannes, and Meles’s grandfather was from Gojjam and the traitor’s grandparent was Dej Gebreselaasie ‘s slave (Barya). He also told us to punish the children and grandchildren of TPLF criminals. Why the respected Tecola wants to avenge the children for the crimes that their parents commit? Does any child in this world have a choice to select his or her parents? Why he is so vindictive and vengeful sadistic person who is so glad to watch others suffer? Is this a lunatic person or a sick old feudal monarch or the latest TPLF? Is this real thing that I hear from this egoistical guy? It is very sad to see an ‘educated person who thinks in such primitive way in the 21st century. After all, who cares about Tecola’s purity or Mengistu’s Bantustan origin or Meles’s barya ancestors in the 21st century? It is pure insanity and shallow outlook. If this is how his education molds him, it is a very regrettable investment and disappointing outcome.

God Bless Ethiopia,
Yohannes E. Temesgen

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