Enlighten us without insulting, professor!! By Yohannes E. Temesgen

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To Tecola W. Hagos,

I read many articles of Dr Tecola writings for a long time. In recent two consecutive articles about Men for all Seasons, I commented on part 1 and the respected DR Tecola enraged and went astray further and to name callings. I felt it necessary to raise my questions and concerns on DR Tecola’s outrageous remarks and indiscriminate shootings. First and foremost I admire the road map and strategy the professor put forward as to how we could work in united front to depose Zenawi’s brutal regime at home. Having said that, on some points however, I disagree with this reputable person’s theory and I ask him to enlighten us without taking the low roads of mudslinging.

Why the self aggrandized DR. Tecola Hagos, longtime TPLF staunch supporter and Meles Zenawi’s top advisor so infuriated against almost everybody? Those who read the recent articles were caught by surprise on the degree of his condescending and antagonistic approach for every issue he had raised. He was spewing hate and threatening everybody, condemns and curses left and right to show in contrast his “excellence,” “purity,” and “education.” Tecola, who claims to be educated, blamed the very poor and uneducated Ethiopians as to why they are not planning to control the population explosion? As an educated person he could not even control his bad temper and boiled with rage using crude words against Ethiopian Diaspora, and condemns the poor Ethiopian’s living in their country under the yoke of brutal tyranny that are malnourished in millions and died in hunger in thousands every year. The well educated person, DR Tecola goes on blaming these destitute people for unchecked loose sexuality, prostitution, begging and all social ills as if they brought it upon themselves. His theory of the victim is the culprit approach is hurting and dismayed many Ethiopians. Why professor? If a person of his caliber is condemning the victim, it is a sad day for all Ethiopians who suffer under tyranny. The big majority of Ethiopians, comparatively better than the ones that are starved, are deprived of a decent meal, clean water, and shelter let alone a family planning awareness and proper education. Are these the people who are to be blamed for population explosion in his theory? What Dr. Tecola and TPLF leaders do not understand is the Ethiopian people pride, self respect and dignity is boundless even at the current darkest moment of Ethiopian history. Ethiopians are marginalized and systematically led to be in constant hunger by the current regime, so the top TPLF mafias gets a reason to beg the international donor countries for money. The hunger of multitude Ethiopians becomes a cash cow for the brutal regime since 1984. Ethiopians are proud people and unless strained by an ordeal, no one wants to go to the most dehumanizing and degrading part of begging or go for prostitution. What DR Tecola and TPLF cadres do not understand is the Ethiopian people do not want to be looked down either from some arrogant US residents or from Minlik palace tenants. The people are sick and tired of such cruelty and does not have the luxury to entertain such propaganda and do not want to be lectured about population explosion, beggars, and prostitution. Instead what the people want is to break the shackles of tyranny. No one, no Ethiopian wants to beg at all if he or she got the alternative of supporting themselves. TPLF leaders are busy in squandering the resource that the country manages to acquire. Ethiopians need an Ethiopian leader who cares about his own people. The high-minded lecturer DR Tecola who is fluent in English, goes on accusing Ethiopian Diaspora, and got mad why the incarcerated Derg officials are released from jail and insulting the Diaspora for not protesting as if the Diaspora called Meles to releases them and his blood boils from sheer vengeance. Further, Professor Tecola claims that Ethiopian history is 100 years story, blames Mengistu for everything, accuses Meles, even Abune Paulos who have been appointed by TPLF to patriarch level under his watch when Tecola was Meles’s top advisor. He also tarnished prominent Ethiopians who continuously writes articles on Ethiopian electronic Medias and degraded the well respected historians like Tekletsadik Mekuria as court appointed chroniclers. What Tecola is doing by his disparaging comments against everyone around him is typical TPLF character and he is using the same blue print of propaganda material that TPLF uses till this date.

Why Tecola is so mad about everything and against everybody? I hope the professor would enlighten us about his hatred and explosive behavior if he is not in denial mode. What the modern psychology stresses about such erratic behavior and blames everyone around to be seen as a flawless person is due to psychological projection. When Tecola has a feeling of rejection or sense of being non-harmonious, he started shooting indiscriminately. As any human being he got a defense mechanism that makes it easy for him to bury and forget painful and unresolved issues from the past by accusing everybody left and right. May be Tecola who thinks he is the 21st century well educated “person”, a “pure” Ethiopian who traces back his ancestors from Kings dynasty is in search of his identity or wants cleanse his past crimes, by accusing almost everybody around. Poor guy, he is in total frenzy mode.

For many people, including me who opposes his idea, the good professor advised us to study hard so we could think like he does, we could boil like he does, we could shoot indiscriminately like he does, and above all we could turn our coats whenever the opportunity presents itself. If education molds him like this, I may not heed his advice, but what I am clearly certain about is that I am an Ethiopian who loves my country and respect the Ethiopian people who gave me everything including education to lead a better life. I am indebted to my country and to the people of Ethiopia. I am a proud veteran served in Ethiopian armed forces for 12 years and now residing in Dallas. I allow anyone including the professor to suit himself to call me “derg remnant, or ESEPA, or NEFTEGNA or MEHAL SEFARI” which I am none of those and at the same time I warn those who dare to name calling, because most Ethiopians know the origin of “Neftegna and Derg remnants”. So by simple deductive theory, if it quacks like a duck, walk like a duck, and then it must be a duck. No one wants to be called TPLF cadre in these days including the core woyane folks among us because they know well the time of judgment is approaching and they need to distance themselves from the current brutal regime by singing the timely songs “release all prisoners of conscience” slogans and by talking like the underdogs. In his last article the renowned Tecola mentioned something about his ethnicity and people are opposing him because he is from Tembien Tigray. By mentioning that he wants to raise the ethnic card and my answer to this educated person is, no I am ethnic blind and proudly serve my country with gallant Ethiopians from all ethnicity back grounds and from all over Ethiopia. I would rather ignore his invitation as his intention is to drag me low to his inferiority complex. I am an Ethiopian and will always be proud to be called Ethiopian and will not allow any one calling me less Ethiopian even Bantus as my good professor is lecturing. I, strongly disagree with anyone’s idea who dares to look and talk down to my people and my country and disagree with men and women who are arrogant and condescending to their own people and intentionally forgot or deny from where they come from.

Unfortunately, I found Tecola to be one of those arrogant guys who claims to be pure Ethiopian and call others 100 years Bantus. Now I see why Meles was repeatedly telling us Ethiopian history is 100 years old and calling the Tigray population as golden race because his advisor and professor Tecola indoctrinated and programmed him so. According to the top advisor of that brutal prime misery, the golden races are the ones who trace back their ancestor to king’s dynasty and the others are Bantus. Even Hitler told his Aryan races the golden and superior ones. Today our own Tecola stands for Eskinder’s release.

This same advisor, who used to serve top TPLF mafias and installed the wrong theory on that brutes head, now wants us to believe him when he cried wolf. The top scientists of the Second World War who helped invent the bomb regretted when they knew it was used in mass killing of human beings. Is this a kind of regret that sickens our professor or wants to cleanse and ready to pay back for his untold misery that he causes? Using his own phrase “if you stink, clean. In his last paragraph of the article he blatantly wrote that Col. Mengistu is 100 years Bantu who happens to claim the pure Ethiopiannes, and Meles’s grandfather was from Gojjam and the traitor’s grandparent was Dej Gebreselaasie ‘s slave (Barya). He also told us to punish the children and grandchildren of TPLF criminals. Why the respected Tecola wants to avenge the children for the crimes that their parents commit? Does any child in this world have a choice to select his or her parents? Why he is so vindictive and vengeful sadistic person who is so glad to watch others suffer? Is this a lunatic person or a sick old feudal monarch or the latest TPLF? Is this real thing that I hear from this egoistical guy? It is very sad to see an ‘educated person who thinks in such primitive way in the 21st century. After all, who cares about Tecola’s purity or Mengistu’s Bantustan origin or Meles’s barya ancestors in the 21st century? It is pure insanity and shallow outlook. If this is how his education molds him, it is a very regrettable investment and disappointing outcome.

God Bless Ethiopia,
Yohannes E. Temesgen

  1. Kebrab
    | #1

    I must disagree with your disagreement I must say. It is to say that first citing for your text words such as “barya ancestors” or even talking seriously about family origin is exactly the backward thinking in ethiopian culture we must try to fight. Second, it is internet! if someone says he is a doctor you accept the fact and do not question it because it dis-focus the general issue in discussion. This whole article looks more like a personal vendetta or even insult against Dr Tecola than a serious article that fill all ethiopian “political” blogs.
    Citing history is not a garantee of the rectitude of the idea presented, but merely a witness with no value. This is to say go out of your ethio-centric world and look at the world…

  2. Yohannes Muleta
    | #2

    Professor Tecola Hagos should not criticise others because as a former TPLF man, he lacks pure conscience. The TPLF is an ethnical fascist front which does not accept the equality of humans and Ethiopians. The Professor`s use of slur words in describing certain groups of people in Ethiopia conforms with the fundamental ethnic supremacist ideology of the TPLF. The leader of the TPLF,Meles Zenawi boasts of his superior Tigrayan blood and heritage and demeans the Amharas as the enemies of the people of Tigray.That is why Meles Zenawi is described as a fascist and racist. This fascist and racist ideology of Meles Zenawi has a widespread acceptance and support in the Tigrayan communities in the west as long as I know. Friends and acquintances in the US and western Europe alike tell me that the members of the Tigrayan or Weyanne communities in their resepctive countries of residence have adopted Meles Zenawi`s fascistic and racist politics. Many members of these TPLF controlled and led commmunities do not show any qualm in expressing their fascistic and racist attitudes towards other Ethiopians, especially the Amharas. Hatred towards the Amharas and contempt towards the Oromos are the central parts of the ideology and teachings of the fascist and racist, Meles Zenawi.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Wednesday, 19. October 2011
    By: Hanna Kebede Switzerland
    What is the difference between Derg and Weyanna
    What this means is that the Derg between the two regimes since the 2005 election is more a difference in style than substance. The goal remains the same: the control of absolute power through the repression of the opposition. Only the Woyanne regime has replaced sheer brutality with a judicial masquerade, thereby covering repression with the appearance of legality. Instead of silencing the opposition through the threat of violent death, the Woyanne regime has opted for a form of repression whose essential task is to break and humiliate targeted people.
    When opposition supporters demanded respect for their votes and held protest rallies to vent their anger, Mr. Zenawi ordered loyalist security forces to Crack down on dissent. Security forces opened fire in Addis Ababa, killing 193 civilians and wounding nearly 800 others. Opposition leaders, journalists, and civil society leaders were arrested and charged with treason and genocide. Over 40,000 opposition party supporters were rounded up and detained in military camps.

  4. bonger
    | #4

    Tecola Hagos might have been on the bandwagon of the Tigre People Liberation Front, simply out of a sense of being a tigreain.Such is the ethnic disease which the Tigre People Liberation Front infected people with; But nothing is far from the truth, when he realises (which I hope he has)that the Tigre People Liberation Front was a fascist, rascist, medieval style decadent organisation, with murder and purges at its core, he has chosen to distance himself from them (or so it looks, to the casual observer, like myself).

    His remarks about the Ethiopian poor is bizzare, to say the list. His attempt to paint zenawi , the pol pot of the Tigre People Liberation Front, as an intellectual, a statesman is beyond comprehension. My comment to mr Hagos is , if he has surely realised the nature of cruelty of zenawi and his Tigre People Liberation Front, mr Hagos should not be afraid to call the devil by its name. as simple as that.

    May be mr Hagos is at his early state of recovery from his illusion as the supporter of zenawi and we hope with time he will wipe himself clean. It is a good step forward to say bye bye to zenawi and the Tigre People Liberation Front

  5. koster
    | #5

    It is a very simple question, DERG killed based on ideology but Woyane is killing based on ethnic hatred. Both are killers unfortunately woyane is also killing the country due to the evil leadership.

  6. bonger
    | #6

    mr Hagos, make no bones about calling the Tigre People Liberation Front for what they are : lying, deceitful murderers. Like actors in a movie or play, they transform themselves again and again into characters that they are not, wearing whatever internal and external disguise necessary to convince the crowd of their legitimacy. And what role are they trying to play? They are pretending to be legitimate government under the guise of ‘EPRDF’, and are so successful in their charade that they have some people supporting them because of their excellent performance

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    Thank You Sir Yohannes E. Temesgen very well said. And thank you sir for serving our mother land Ethiopia. It is an eye opening message, I have no idea that Dr. Tecola was an adviser to one of the most brutal tyrant in the world. Dr. Tecola has mentioned a lot of truth about Meles and his TPLF cadres brutality on his article, at the same time, I was very surprised and left speechless to read an article about ethnic superiority from a well educated individual as Dr. Tecola. It is obvious that from his article Dr. Tecola seems very arrogant with an explosive temper. Dr. Tecola needs to disclose what he advised the brutal dictator and owes Ethiopians an apology for having close ties with a mass murderer tyrant that has looted and sold our country.

  8. Bekalu
    | #8


    You can be Anonymous , but you cannot bring someone’s idea and dump it here without crediting the owner of the idea. Most of the things you said in the first part of your comment is word to word form Dr. Mesay’s articel- what is this? are you the other Tesfaye Habiso?

  9. ጉረኞች
    | #9

    Why are you deleting my posting on this thread? What is in it that is supporting Woyane or Shabea. It simply shows the hypocrisy of Tecola Hagos and what kind of dumb as* he is. Are you defending him when he is unfairly dehumanizing the poor Ethiopians who have no means of defending themselves? The guy foolishly think he is the only professor Ethiopia produced in the west. He should be put in his place. Hard to understand your logic for censoring. Sad, keep on defending a retired dishonorably discharged professor.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    I assume you are talking about Anonymous #3, not #7. Please be clear.

  11. Dawi
    | #11

    With all due respect to ALL – Prof. Tecola starts by complementing the people of Africa in general.
    Unless you’re saying by him calling his ancestors Genius implies hate of others which is ridiculous to say the least, there is nothing that bad to get you out of shape.

    As the matter of fact, I took the opposite to be true; the Genius of the “new comers” the Bantu, outflanking Agew/Bejas for over 100 years up to today is remarkable.

    Prof. Tecola said the following in his article:

    “The people of Africa are very colorful and with great history. Africa mainly consists of three main original ethnic groups: the Agew/Bejas, the Bantus, and the Arabs. It is the genius of those ancient Agew/Bejas indigenous people who planted the seed over five thousand years ago that germinated into the Ethiopia Empire,..”

    G7 has defined the concept of “ETHIOPIAWINET” plainly in their latest several meetings held in the US.. Check it out in YouTube if you haven’t seen them.

    What “Ethiopiawinet” means to an individual may not be the same to another however, we all have a stake in that nation.

    If Tecola feels that he is a “true Ethiopian” he is.

  12. Girum
    | #12

    Dear writer I am really sorry that we Ethiopians happen to plunge in to this sort of identity crisis and psychological disarrays. In bible what has been written is that the beginning of all knowledge is the fear of God. And in fact in what I do not remember for the time being in which verse in bible there is mentioned in that God has made all mere secular knowledge of this world such a worthless stuff.እግዚአብሄር የዚህን አለም ጥበብና እውቀት ከንቱና የማይረባ አላደረግምን ተብሎ በቅዱስ መፅሀፍ ተፅፏልና እግዚአብሄርን ከመፍራት ጋር አስተባብረን ዓለማዊ እውቀታችንንና ጥበባችንን በማስተዋል ህይወታችንን ልንመራበትና ለመልካም ልንጠቀምበት እንጂ በከንቱ ልንመፃደቅበትና ልንታበይት አይገባም ማለት ነው፡፡ዛሬ የተማረ የተመራመረ ነው ተብሎ የሚታሰበው የሀገራችን ምሁሩ የህብረተሰብ ክፍል እንደዚህ እርስ በርሱ የማይግባባ፣ ራስ ወዳድ፣ሀኬተኛ፣ቀናኢነት የጎደለውና በከንቱ ተመፃዳቂ በመሆኑ ላስተማረው ለሀገሩና ለወገኑም ብዙም ትርጉም ያለው የሚረባ ፋይዳ ሊሰራ ያልቻለ የተኮላሸ ትውልድ የሆነው አንድም እውቀቱና ጥበቡ ሁሉ እግዚአብሄርን ከመፍራትና ከማስቀደም ጋር ያልተሳሰረ ስለሆነ ነው፡፡
    Therefore, being educated and having BSc. MSc. or Phd or achieving what ever maximum possible academic success and then having mere knowledge can be worthless unless we have wisdom as to how to lead our life using our knowledge. At this moment of time I want to remind, admit and cleanse my self from my guilt in that the most of the Ethiopian intellectual society has almost failed to live up to the expectation from the rest of the society out side of its domain and failed to be the pride shield of its peoples and its country. Most of the intellectual society has become very conceit, selfish, confused, coward that is only full of mere theoretical knowledge. And if i have to tell you that the rest of the society though can not exactly figure it out in clear and precise terminologies, has some how subconsciously lost trust on the intellectual society and associated politicians. We have to be honest and courageous to face the truth so that we have to admit our failures. Sometimes when peoples are desperate, confused and have to make some sort of internal emotional and mental cleansing by telling what is exactly deep inside their feelings. This is human dynamism and have to admit and encourage it, even if it can be some how annoying and abusive, so that the emotional pollution that I rampant for generation be cleansed. As far as I understand being mentally genius and intellectual is another thing and being emotionally intelligent is another thing. When we most of us talk about being educated and intellectual the very vital ingredient thing that we most of us miss is that whether some is educated or not there is no as such a very substantial significant difference regarding the dynamism of being human.
    Human dynamism is mainly ruled and guided by a firmware of emotions rather than software of intelligence and knowledge. We most of us have spent a lot of time energy money and other resource studying other academics or knowledge but the saddest part of all is that when it comes to our own humanity we don not as such study or recognize our very humanity and its dynamism. I dare to say that almost all our intellectual society though it could be genius or talented, most of the time there is a possibility of being emotionally ignorant. Whenever there exists savage, dictatorial, arrogant, ignorant, racist, abusive and oppressive powers of any sort cling to power in every walk of our day to lives, besides political issues, even most importantly then inevitability there exists rampant emotional trauma and PTSD which results is deep-rooted and wide range of emotional pollution among the society in a certain nation. In a certain occasion like this I wanted to say something in that the over all situations in our society and country has shifted from being an issue of mere politics to the issue of emotional issue which can be very dangers in that it can not be addressed and solved by mere politics alone. Almost all the severe catastrophic conflicts that arise mainly from our misunderstandings usually take the form of a camouflaged religious, political, race, ideology and other external manifestation. But very deep inside they are mainly the result of the dynamisms of our internal humanity in the form of emotions.
    That is why is some occasions I tried to mention in that our deep rooted and multifaceted problems can not only be addressed and solved by mere politics and by slick and stereotypical politicians alone who only talk about stereotypical words like democracy. Therefore, we need a holistic approach to liberate our very humanity from the shackles and bondages of generational crisis and confusions.
    For example when we think of about TPLF lets take in to considerations the emotional traumas the Tigrean peoples suffer in both the Derg regime and TPLF regime. Starting from the advent the Derge, for the sake of the main cause of Esayas of EPLF force, Tigreans were mislead by their own TPLF leaders like Ato Meles in that they need their own freedom agenda different from the rest of the peoples of Ethiopia to fight for liberation as if they are the only ones uniquely oppressed by any regimes.
    Due to this wrong premise and psychological make up mainly maneuvered by TPLF and Ato Meles the Tigreans were in fact mislead and plunged in to unnecessary wars and miseries that has made them uniquely suffer from the previous wars during the Derg regime. Now they are calling it “sacrification” and “heroism” as if it was for the legitimate and principled objective that is worthy of being honored and sacrificed. By hook or by crook, fortunately or unfortunately, after the Derg regime failed here TPLF and Ato Meles there in Eritrea Ato Esayas and EPLF has managed to cling to power and those long time aspired freedoms expected by those northern Tigrean speaking peoples some how achieved and prevailed in their own terms and definitions. However, after some time things started to change and realities started to reveal to the extent that: First Ethiopia a very historical country with a population of around 50 million peoples was doomed to be voluntarily landlocked by sheer sabotage, arrogance and ignorance for the firs time in worlds history. To the contrary the seceded country Eritrea with a population of less than 10 millions and which has another port called Mitswa managed to take ways port Assab also. Second the two freedom fighters, who once were very intimate colleagues and partners, TPLF and EPLF, immediately after the aspired freedom due the blatant aggression of the seceded country engaged in to a bloody and catastrophic unnecessary war that took away the lives of so many hundred thousands in both sides. The above two unexpected prominent phenomenon are the saddest of all tragic events in long time Ethiopian history and in fact is also something very odd to happen in the rest of the world. From the above two prominent tragic events and the one that is in continuum through a tensioned bad relationship between the two countries, it is clear now that any sane human being can imagine how the Ato Meles of TPLF and Esayas of EPLF tragically, confused, cheated, misled and abused both of their naïve and gullible innocent peoples under the disguise of freedom whose very cause is a wrongly and uniquely conceptualized oppression against only Tigrans but whose main cause when further traced back is the cause of Esayas and EPLF and this still when traced back further is the cause of colonialism. This wrong pop-psychology systematically induced in to the mentality of Tigreans, based on the wrong premise in that Tigreans uniquely by segregation had been oppressed by Derg and other previous regimes called “ነፍጠኛ” is such a very intentionally devised diabolical and heinous scheme by Ato Mels/TPLF and Esayas/ EPLf in order to ultimately agitate and mobilize the Tigrean peoples for the ultimate purpose of such insidious destructive agenda that has been implemented for the last 20 years and in continuum as we can live witness it. Who MAINLY benefits from this all tragic event? MAINLY outside forces out side of the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea and those in power like TPLF, EPLF and few of its business affiliates. The rest of the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia do not get as such any meaningful significant benefit except the oppression and hardship they have been suffering by TPLF and EPLF. Especially I feel that the majority of, gullible, naive and innocent peoples of Tigray have been becoming the very stooge instruments of the heinous underground scheme of Meles/TPLF Esayas/EPLF and Foreign powers under the disguise of liberation. They have been time and again induced and cheated by the hatemongering indoctrination of Ato Meles and TPLF in that the rest of Ethiopian peoples especially the so called Amharas are their inherent enemies. With this bad and evil motive, that is based on the infamous motto of divide and rule, Ato Meles and top TPLF members diabolically managed to build a strong wall of hatred and distrust among many Ethiopian peoples.
    More than any of us the Tigrean peoples are being a scapegoat led and plunged in to a sort of confusion, psychological dilemma and emotional trauma that is filled with hatred, revenge, emotional dishonesty and emotional instability. They have been mislead and made to pay a huge scarifications indeed, but the scarifications is something that is not based on truth which is doomed to end up ultimately being a worthless purpose as we see it today its end game. Every time they preach and show us on state monopolized TV, in other means and occasions the scarifications and heroism of TPLF and Tigrean peoples. What is the ultimate meaning and purpose of that sort of scarifications and heroism? A very vital question to be answered and also that needs to be faced honestly to tell the truth. If it is indeed for our real liberation or freedom then why we Ethiopians are always time and again, to this extent of boringness, we are preached and enslaved by this sort of scarification and heroism as if we have been indebted to it that we can never pay? That is why so many intellectual Tigreans who have been serving and served the insidious and diabolical wrong purpose of TPLF and EPLF for the last so many years, whose end game is becoming so tragic, become so confused, sick and emotionally traumatized and may also become PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).That is why genius intellectual guys like Tekola ends up in becoming so resentful and hateful of others because very deep inside the fight and conflict is introvert and it has to then manifest it self and turn to be extrovert before being introvert for cleansing of own sins. Dear writer believe me not only Tekola , but also all other TPLF top leaders and members, especially Meles, are all PTSD. That is why they mercilessly and arrogantly abuse their own peoples to this extent of disgrace and misery in deep-rooted and multifaceted ways.
    Even the ultimate silence and disregard by the innocent oppressed and abused peoples of Ethiopia angers and disturbs them. While the innocent oppressed and abused peoples of Ethiopia are oppressed to keep quite and doomed to be voiceless to scream their misery and oppression, the emotional trauma and pain of Ato Meles and TPLF outweighs by a higher degree than that of innocent, oppressed and abused mass.
    Now Ethiopia and Ethiopians are not only under a political oppression but are also under the misery of emotional pollution that mainly originates from the evil Ato Meles and his few evil colleagues in TPLF.
    And in fact it is not a surprise that we hear such inside personality sentiments gushing out of Tekola regarding the current general situations in Ethiopia. Ato Meles is such a very crazy guy in that he thinks and believes that he can manipulate and maneuvered every thing to his own advantage.
    He is just evil genius in that he can not deeply understands the inherent dynamisms of human nature.
    He failed to confess his evil deeds honestly and then to cleanse his sins for all his destructive crimes he committed against Ethiopiwinet and Ethiopia. In fact for Gods sake I do not exactly know until which climax and ultimate destiny that he will continue with his evil deeds and thoughts. However, there are many members of TPLF who blindly breathe by his lung and also follow his footsteps towards eventual inevitable destruction, disgrace and failure. Those who managed to actively awake and retreat in advance from the illusion of his inherent destructive agenda and purpose under the disguise of TPLF liberation are also in dilemma in that they still believe that their sacrifice and heroism from the inception was a justifiable righteous cause though it ultimately got hijacked and abused by Ato Meles.
    Those who depart inadvertently on their side, but deliberately by Ato Meles and TPLF, are thrown like dirt or a chewed used gum that lost it taste, after their intended service time expires, are very emotionally traumatized and confused ones. Unless they confess their sins honestly, for the crimes and wrong doings they committed while they were with Ato Meles and TPLF, then they can not coherently side and form intimacy with any forces, to fill the hole of validation they deep inside fell as a human being.
    That is why I once said that Ethiopian politics is full of confusion, dishonesty, arrogance and hatred that entangled in vicious-circles and hence can not be as such easily addressed and solved by the usual ordinary type of political thoughts as has been advanced for the last 40 or more years.
    Wrong or right, let’s honestly scream and shout and express our emotional feelings and thoughts from the deepest part of our humanity in a polite and appropriate manner. Let’s encourage others, if it has to externally manifest it self, as well to do so even if it can be a bit annoying and disturbing so that the emotional pollution and trauma that is prevailing deeply and widely gets soothed gradually.
    We are all sinners and wounded souls and hence nobody is as such entirely 100% responsible for all the damages and wrong doings and wrong thoughts. We are all intricately interwoven human beings as a society of this nation. We all contribute directly or indirectly, though the degree and type varies, to the over all chaos and confusion that is prevailing today or in the past. When I personally externalize and want to blame some one else for the abuses and wrong acts committed against me, sometimes I happen to forget that it is me in the first place who happens to be willing to bow down and pave the way so that that some one gets encouraged to abuse and oppress me. Usually we are all irresponsible and dishonest peoples in that we usually tend to blame others for all the wrong doings that are committed against us. And the Ethiopian politics is full of this sort of irresponsibility and dishonesty in that the populace is psychologically conditioned and controlled to externalize and blaming rather than internalizing and self confession of own sins. And the over all situation has some how become a sort of “the dance of wounded souls” as is described in some psychological books. As a human being, as a citizenry, as a society and as a nation, we have to be honest with self and take appropriate responsibility for all our thoughts and actions under our own guidance and control. When Tekola mercilessly wants to blame all the Derg officials for all the crimes committed under which absolute rational basis he is claiming this?
    When I say this I am not even claiming to defend that they are not to be blamed and are they not to become accountable. What, I mean is why we all Ethiopians ask seriously and honestly as to why that all tragic even happened to this nation? Why? Why? Why? No body as such wants to seriously and honestly face truth and answer this question. Therefore, every thing is becoming a mere folk lore legend and mythical pop-psychology whose ultimate rationality is neither questioned nor answered properly. Then for how long will we continue in this sort of vicious-circle and confusion? And the main purpose that this sort of cover-up and mythical vicious-circle and confusion induced as a pop-psychology in to the populace only serves those selfish minority elites and slick politicians who want to gain advantage from this stalemate in order to cling to power. Therefore, who mainly benefits from the blind drum beat of hatred and condemnation voiced against the release of Derg officials by ‘mercy’? Not even those hurt and agonized by the Derg officials. But mainly those who do not want to carry out the very challenging task of elf internalization and who do not want to admit and confess their own part of sin they contributed to the tragedy directly or indirectly. Usually when some is innocent and is some how clean of sin or is responsible and honest with self then he/she can bear, tolerate and forgive the sin of others to the maximum possible strive. That is why in bible said that all are sinners, not even one including Abraham, and all has been deprived of the grace of God. And it is the forgiveness and grace of God that can enable and make us a viable, meaningful and purposeful human creature. Every body wants to point his/her finger at others for blaming and condemnation, and no one as such wants to admit that he/she is also part of the whole game. Blaming in the very strictest and serious sense out of self absolute self conceit and righteousness does as such serves us no more any a longer. If we are honest sane peoples, both as a human being and as a citizenry, let’s mainly internalize rather than externalize issues and come to our sense and heart to be honest with us and to admit and confess our own individual sins so that we will be at peace and love with self. The prevalent dirty game of ordinary and stereotypical politics can not as such solve our deep-rooted and multifaceted problems and confusions we are entangled with.
    May be wrong or right, however let’s encourage and allow others, like Tekola to express his deep feelings of emotions and thoughts and try to understand the very causes behind it. Oppression of feelings and emotions will lead us to a very devastating destiny. Whether some one is educated or not, does not as such significantly matter with regard to feelings and emotions. There are so many occasions where some one highly educated like Tekola or Ato Meles or for that matter including me to become emotionally dishonest, emotionally immature, and emotionally unstable while to the contrary any ordinary uneducated lay man can be the opposite with regard to emotions. This is one of the many paradoxes of life and our times. Therefore is Tekola or others similar have resentment or grievance over others then let’s be some how reasonably be fair and honest to tolerate to listen and understand.
    If others really feel a sense of hatred and resentment against us then rather than influencing or compelling them to oppress and hide their true inside feelings then let’s encourage them to say what they really feel and face it wisely and boldly. Otherwise being dishonest with what we feel will eventually create emotional trauma and emotional pollution and disturbance. Regardless of whether some one is educated or not feelings and emotions are the real inherent attributes of human nature and human dynamism. The main point is that rather than denying, how we recognize and honor our true feelings and emotions and then to constructively and wisely express it with out damaging self or others.
    When dear writer says with the head line “Enlighten us without insulting, professor!!” i appreciate the article and support its essence. However, what I mean or what I am saying so far is let’s also understand the other side of the whole event regarding the intricate dynamism of human nature.

    God Bless Ethiopia and its peoples!!!

  13. true
    | #13

    Well, there you have it. We hear a sick man who thinks he is superior but he is engulfed with inferiority comples, the so called Tecola. So if he is the adviser of Meles then no wonder where our country has been going under the so called Tecola. Don’t forget, the advice also comes from foreigners through Tecola. What does this mean? When TPLF took power, it started its ethnic agenda, dehumanizing every Ethiopians except Tigreans and Eritreans. Where is such attitude coming from? Go back to what is happening in the past Western colonization. Such attitude of leadership has been so successful under colonization and under dictatorship people! TPLF is showing exactly that. As they dehumanize Ethiopians, people will have emotions, anger, sadness, the feeling of helplessness, no energy because we are angered by such words. Dehumanizing is the best style to rule in dictatorship nation. Of course we hear quite surpirsing comments from people such as Tecola and Meles. What do we do instead, we should fight but not with emotions and anger but telling it like it is by Yohannes above and move one. This style of dehumanizing is being done to waste our energy and they do this so that we become depressed with anger. So, ignore and focus on the struggle and continue to do things what we must do and encouraging our people when others insult them, feeling proud instead of feeling let down, etc. Antidote is the opposite because dehumanizing is being done on purspose to lose oursleves! I say more even power to the people of Ethiopia. I go around telling anyone saying Ethiopia is the poorest country, I say no, who decieds that a naiton is poor. We are not poor, we are one strong Ethiopian nations no matter her enemies are trying to destroy her, we will rise up once again as we have always been and let us reach out to those who are easily vulnerable and say no to TPLF and OLF who are playing foreign agenda!

  14. Mikaele
    | #14

    The insightful piece by Ato Yohannes Ethiopian Temesgeh is brilliant, bold and generates very timely discussion. Please all, in the interest of time be brief and civic in your discussion. At stake is a Mother Country Too Big To Fail.
    Ato Tecola may be a learned person and pInter but we shouldn’t waste time on his credentials or his background or his temper tantrum. The issue is bigger than that – Ethiopia – unbounded reaching to Mars building those Pyramids – the likes of which are still in Meser now Egypt – which in essence is a State of Mind.
    So folks stay assured Ethiopia is indestructructa!
    Having said that:
    1. Ato Tecola needs to add wisdom to his comments when hitting below the belt …
    2. Ato Temesgen please write more deconstructing elitism and the shameful supra-ethnic illusion unfortunately propagated by some impotent little groups angry at their own impotence who assumed Western-backed power in the last twenty years – which is coming to an end soon!
    3.Finally Ato Hagos needs more soul searching and rebabtism in the holly water of Ethiopiawinet since the stain from the pass won’t go away easily by few articles and phrases. You can do good to all if you deconstruct the power you built and served in Ethiopia so that the road ahead will be enlightened and less bumpy. Thank you.

    Ethiopia will endure – shall triumph and Live Forever!

  15. Dawi
    | #15

    [[... That is why so many intellectual Tigreans who have been serving and served the insidious and diabolical wrong purpose of TPLF and EPLF for the last so many years, whose end game is becoming so tragic, become so confused, sick and emotionally traumatized and may also become PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).That is why genius intellectual guys like Tekola ends up in becoming so resentful and hateful of others...]]

    Girum – why are you doing this?

    Prof. Tecola was upset of those who assume his ethnic background and even called them all kind of names for that. He even took the time to explain his “true Ethiopian” origin. Others were angry at him at that even though no one gets harmed by an individual talking about his ancestry. Here in the US you can pay for a service that provide you with your ancestry if you like. It is you right to document your “roots”, if you like.

    I hope the Prof. do not lose heart because people like you assume because it is the easiest thing to do. ‘assuming’is equivalent to not understanding. Those who fail to understand are unable to or because they don’t want to.

  16. Feleke
    | #16

    No wonder meles was vehemently opposed any thing that is not tigray or eritrea during the formative years of its stay on power. The likes of tecola hagos were the god fathers of this interhamwe hate against non-eritrea/tigre people. Tecola with such metastaising tribal hate that seems more intent to kill him than any thing else could potentially advise meles for genocide on non-tigre/eritrea people. It is very traumatic to think of the then meles-tecola association what ethiopians of non-tigre/eritrea origin endured and how those ethiopians were spared from genocide, although some already happened in gambella, arsi, hawassa and other places. God must have been on our side. I was in ethiopia at that time and could not comprehend why meles despises so much the non-tigre/eritrean people. Here we are getting from Mr. tecola the rerun of such deep founded tribal hate. EPRDF is being guided by interhamwe politics to which the likes of mr. tecola hagos are emotional subscribers.

  17. Dawi
    | #17

    Feleke says:

    “….Here we are getting from Mr. tecola the rerun of such deep founded tribal hate…”

    What “tribal hate” did you read?” Can you quote Tecola’s “hate”

    Prof. Tecola has been sharing his short experience with the Woyane Government and his role at the time for many years. Not only that he has put out additional research on the personalities of Woyane for others to use.

    Do you know that Prof. Tecola’s association with TPLF is probably a lot less than Endargachew of G7 both in quality and quantity time? How come we don’t see that much “assumptions” of Endargachew ‘s “tribe” or what have you. It is just silly.

  18. nuna
    | #18

    Egziabher yesteh for taking your time to write such a lengthy but very true response, like you said our politicians and us as a society haven’t combined knowledge and wisdom to solve our problems.

  19. Feleke
    | #19

    Dawi asked: What “tribal hate” did you read?” Can you quote Tecola’s “hate”?

    Read Dawi this over and over again what this messanger of tribal hate, tecola hagos, said in his writing in this article, and the interhamwe-axe is very visible here:

    “Let me make it absolutely clear, especially to those pretentious Bantus who have sneaked into political power since the time of Menilik II that I am an Ethiopian descended not only from the great Merchas of Temben, but going all…”

    This is not the first time tecola professed that ethiopia has been adulterated with “bantu” blood from which all the illness of ethiopia originated. minilik is a bantu according to tecola (he has written volumes of filthy articles focusing entitely on minilik’s DNA in a way that is totally irrelevant to the Minilik persona as a king). After the repeated symhonic “bantu” declaration from tecola hagos, what do we expect? The Agazi interhmwe militia should move in and ax every bantu. Tecola’s emotive appeal goes further than that. After tecola’s satanic versus about the “mehal sefari’s (a reference to the entire people of the central part of ethiopia), what do we expect? They have got to be gotten rid of. Tecola is very serious in this and he means business. The Rwandan Hutu interhamwe militias were shouting “let’s get rid of the ills, the foreigner ethiopian tutsis, and discharge them in to white nile so that they go back to their country, Ethiopia. Let’s finish the job”. For Tecola, the Bantus, like the Rwanda Tutsis, are a curse that must be ridden off. He has written, written and written to this effect. We are hearing a purposeful propoganda from this professor, who in effect is advocating for the elimination of the Bantus and bantu-polluted mehal sefaris from ethiopia. The only way of solving the ethiopia’s problem as related to the bantu-DNA is to get rid of the bantus related DNA from ethiopia, finish the job and restore ethiopia’s purity as before and as tecola claims it. Tecola’s appeal is as heavy if not heavier than the rwandan hutu interhamwe militia’s appeal. He has called ad-infinitum for ethiopia to be sanitaised from the mehal sefaris. you know what that means and let the green light be passed to the professed army of the Agazi interhamwe militia. The rest is history as they say. That is why we are claiming Tecola, as advisor to meles and an expert of tribal hate, may have played a significant role in the genocide perperated by the TPLF against non-tigre people.

  20. Dawi
    | #20

    [[...This is not the first time tecola professed that Ethiopia has been adulterated with “Bantu” blood from which all the illness of ethiopia originated. minilik is a bantu .....repeated symhonic “bantu” declaration from tecola hagos, what do we expect?...]]

    Yes – Prof. Tecola is fascinated with “roots” of leaders and you may not like that but I find his writing on the subject interesting sometimes. Even though Prof. Tecola is Western educated his background as he mentioned includes of being part and knowledgeable of Ethiopian Aristocracy and the Church with rich oral/written Ethiopian history. It is his right to feel that the aristocracy and the church were and are the best for Ethiopia. If he is is resentful of the “Bantu new comers” for overthrowing the aristocracy he admires, it is his choice to feel that way. Having said, I think you have made a leap jump to write the following.

    “….The Agazi interhmwe militia should move in and ax every bantu….”

    I think the problem lies on your own perception of things. The guy is only talking about history as he sees it. The Agazi are none other than “Bantu” origin to begin with. So who is axing who? Although, I admit anything is possible as in Somalia. :)

    Besides calling Meles an atheist (as if that is a crime) Prof. Tecola has written of Meles’s ancestry (the head of Agazi) as being part Raya Oromo and Kunama. That was the most hilarious thing to read IMO. It reminds us of Meles’s talk of “Gold” tested fallacy. Thanks to Tecola, if anything now we all know what made Meles “Gold” ? He can’t be gold without the “Bantu”; gold is a relatively soft metal (sectile)in order to combat this weakness, gold is usually alloyed with another member of the metal family such as silver, copper, platinum, or nickel. :-)

  21. Dawi
    | #21

    some additional point to Feleke:

    [[…the elimination of the Bantus and bantu-polluted mehal sefaris from ethiopia…]]

    You are right he has extreme views on the center and despises the ones he calls “mehal Sefaris”. In his opinion the center of Ethiopia is polluted with corruption. He has called for closing down the OAU, ECA and other foreign agencies as well because of their bringing corrupt practices such as bringing perversion and prostitutions of all hues.

    He thinks the center which is the most melting pot of the country gets everything and the rest of country is neglected. That observation is accurate and is a phenomenon in most developing countries.

    He “predicted” TPLF would end up being corrupted by “mehal Sefaris” and sell out their ideal. What ever that means TPLF is no more. What we have is the Meles Dictatorship today.

    Tecola’s “mehal Sefari” theory has some merits but, corruption is a symptom of deep seated and fundamental economic, political and institutional weaknesses in the country. So the effective measure against corruption is dealing with the underlying causes and not the symptoms. All other anti corruption measures will not be effective in the absence of serious effort to address the fundamental causes.

  22. maseb
    | #22

    Yohannes E. Temesgen,

    Thank you for the short and precise inquiries with politeness to the rude and crude self possessed guy.

    The rude and crude came up again not with answers for your inquiries but as usual with his pompous self aggrandization and more insults. It is your field day and don’t be deterred to lock him in his cage.


  23. Belew!
    | #23

    Dear yohannes E.Temesgen,
    I take off My hut,well written, curiosity prompted him to look inside.
    keep it up!”The person who grew up without correction will find his mouth slipping instead of his foot”
    Mr Girum you said it all. Thank you!
    Belew from Canada.

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