Ordeal of heroes & heroines under arrest in Ethiopia By Robele Ababya

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“We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society” – Nobel Peace Prize Committee 2011.

Tribute to priceless sacrifice

I salute with all humility and candor all suffering ladies – among them Serkalem Fasil and Dr. Selam Aschalew who are dearly missing their spouses languishing in prison and Reeyot Alemu – the trio and other illustrious heroines are making heavy sacrifices on behalf of all their fellow citizens; they and other ladies in similar hardship are bearers of our hope for dignity, liberty, freedom, prosperity, democracy and justice in our Motherland, Ethiopia.

It is to be recalled that Icon Judge Birtukan Mideksa was imprisoned at Qaliti twice – the second time for 21 months 170 days of which was under the most inhuman condition in solitary confinement suffering physical and psychological torture; Serkalem gave birth while she and her husband Eskinder were political prisoners at the infamous Qaliti dungeon; their smart child ex-prisoner in his own right misses no doubt misses his father; Andualem Andargie has been imprisoned for the second time; his two sons will miss him dearly.

History shall record Birtukan, Serkalem, Reeyot Alemu et al as heroines cruelly held in Zenawi’s jails. Zenawi will be remembered as a tyrant who did his utmost in exacerbating the heart wrenching ordeal of women and nipping their democratic rights in the bud.
I see the strength, pain and suffering of these mothers through the prism of my own experience of the influence of three wonderful ladies in my life: a loving mother who brought up her children as single parent, an adoring disciplinary paternal grandmother and a devoted affectionate wife of decades who had to bear the heavy burden of travelling a long distance to provide food and essential articles for me and taking care of our four children during my life in high security prison, which information I am publicly divulging for the first time in order to underline the rationale for my consistently vehement objection to any denial of freedom of expression by powers in being in crude violation of their imposed constitution.

The outpouring practical support of people and the generosity received via invisible hands gave moral strength to my wife; such kind of massive practical support, materially, and spiritually in prayer, and politically, is exactly what is needed to do by those of us in the larger prison in order to enliven and strengthen the families of the recent victims of brutal arrest and in fact all prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia.

Your predicament, dear mothers, has given impetus to the slow wheel of justice to gather momentum. Ultimately your children and all of us who have shared your shall enjoy the fruits of living in dignity, liberty, freedom and justice; but the children of tyrant and his cruel wife Azeb shall live with guilty conscience because of the evil deeds of their parents.

International conference on democracy & human rights

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, at an international conference on the promotion of democracy and human rights held at Krakow, Poland (July 2-4, 2010) said that: “Intolerant governments across the globe are “slowly crushing” activist and advocacy groups that play an essential role in the development of democracy. She cited a broad range of countries where “the walls are closing in” on civic organizations such as unions, religious groups, rights advocates and other nongovernmental organizations that press for social change and shine a light on governments’ shortcomings. “Among those she named were Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia. “Some of the countries engaging in these behaviors still claim to be democracies.”

Call for action

Fellow citizens, there is tendency to shy away from glorifying our martyrs, victims of arbitrary arrest and torture, and even outstanding leaders such as Menelik II – the victor of the Battle of Adwa which victory became the shinning beacon of hope for freedom and independence for all black people in our globe. Andualem Aragie, Asamnew Birhanu, Bekele Gerba, Debebe Eshetu, Eskinder Nega, Nathnael Mekonnen, Olbana Lelisa, Reeyot Alemu, Woubshet Taye, Zemenu Molla and many other political prisoners in Ethiopia have torn the curtain of fear wider by speaking Truth to Power. Families of these outstanding political prisoners are bearing the painful agony of missing their loved ones and caring for their children and helpless old dependents that cannot provide for themselves. Those of us in the larger prison at home and Ethiopians in the Diaspora should leave no stone unturned in our moral and patriotic duty to secure the immediate release of these precious political prisoners.

Phenomenal advances in science and technology have been the French Revolution in 1787. It is sad however that the intended goal of achieving social justice lags so far behind especially in several developing countries such as Ethiopia where tyrant Zenawi and his thugs are running a totalitarian government with no respect whatsoever for civilized dissent- for that matter in the 21st century. Our heroes and heroines who are victims of the wave of arrests and their loved ones expect that their fellow citizens in the larger prison to redouble their efforts to reverse the present rampant abuse of human rights; they also expect donors to stop immoral flow of funds directly to the coffers of the Zenawi regime until they are immediately and unconditionally released from prison.

Inevitable popular uprising

Precocious prisoners in Zenawi’s filthy jails should take comfort that at this time in history humankind is on the threshold of unstoppable change; no military might under the control of dictators, electric fences at their places of work and residences, sophisticated electronic security systems in their homes, ferocious dogs watching their premises, security guards at their disposal and empty promises of better days to come avert the wrath of the masses of the kind emerging in our globe. Social justice shall prevail! We might struggle until Ethiopia shall be home of zero tolerance to holding prisoners of conscience.

Appeal to the USA

Secretary Clinton in my sincere opinion has emerged as the foremost Spokesperson for women’s, fundamental human rights and a towering charismatic leader on our globe. She is standing on a high moral ground; she is for that reason trustworthy to rally to our cause to redress the political blunder done in the aftermath of Ethiopian Election 2005 by her predecessor Condoleezza Rice, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Jundiai Fraser, and the then US Embassy Staff in Addis Ababa including: Ambassador Aurelia Brazil, Charge d’affaire Vicki Huddleston; history shall record all the aforementioned ladies starting from Secretary Rice and the other officials mentioned for siding with Zenawi in spite of his known heinous crimes including genocide.

There are encouraging signs that President Obama is determined to end the sad saga of US relationships with dictators for the last 30 years, to wit: his decision to send 100 US troops to Uganda with orders to assist in killing or capturing Joseph Kony of the Lord Resistance Army is a good omen for democrats and a nightmare to tyrants like Zenawi. Ex- President George W. Bush reneged on his pledge to part with tyrants and in the case of Ethiopia turned a blind to grave violation of abuse of basic human rights by security forces under the direct command of Zenawi. I reiterate my previous pleas that it is in the best interest of the USA to choose the long-term friendship with the Ethiopian people instead of short-time gains of siding with the brutal minority regime.

I would like to close this piece with this quotation attributed to Secretary Clinton: “Democracies don’t fear their own people. They recognize that citizens must be free to come together, to advocate and agitate.” I plead with President Obama to listen to the voice of Ethiopians holding candle light vigil in front of the White House and Madame Clinton to condemn violation of human rights in Ethiopia; to demand the immediate release of all political prisoners in Ethiopia – including the victims of the recent arrests: Andualem Aragie, Asamnew Birhanu, Bekele Gerba, Debebe Eshetu, Eskinder Nega, Nathnael Mekonnen, Olbana Lelisa, Reeyot Alemu, Woubshet Taye, Zemenu Molla.

Secretary Clinton is so right. The question is why the recent wave of arrest is taking place given the TPLF claim of victory with 99.6% of the votes in the last election. The answer is that the brutal ruling regime fears the people it has been misruling for the last 20 years stealing elections all the time, committing heinous crimes including genocide, sellout of vital national interests and usurping all pillars of democracy.

Those of us in larger prison owe a debt of deep gratitude to the martyrs and victims of arrest. Ethiopia shall be home of zero tolerance to holding prisoners of conscience as a result of their priceless sacrifices.


  1. koster
    | #1

    I wish you people who experienced the suffering first hand either during the DERG or Woyane state terrorism form an association and struggle for an Ethiopia without injustice of any sort. It was my wish the son/grand son of Aba Jifar who suffered under the DERG lead a human rights organization instead of taking a ministerial/ambassadoral position and cooperate to woyane looting and killing. As we see it now from the former governor of Ben Shangul all will be a victim of MELES sooner or later. He eliminates all one by one. Please let us wake up and say no to state terrorism and ethnic politics in Ethiopia

  2. yebbo
    | #2

    Detention camps that the Tigre People LIBERATION FRONT is using to torture and murder Ethiopians-

    Tens of thousands of suspected sympathizers, even youngsters aged fourteen are currently detained in various remote military centres and concentration camps throughout Ethiopia by the Tigre People Liberation Front. Abuse of detainees is widespread. Detention camp populations has been swelling in recent months:

    § Birrsheleko in Gojam west Ethiopia more than 38,000 detained

    § Dedessa in Wellega southwest Ethiopia more than 20,000 detained

    § Denkorochaka in Wello north Ethiopia, number not known, but estimated in thousands

    § Shewarobit in north Ethiopia estimated 35,000
    § Ziway prison in south Ethiopia estimated in thousands

    § Hurso camp in eastern Ethiopia estimated in thousands.

    In addition there are many other detention camps throughout Ethiopia of which the exact locations and number of detainees is unknown

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!

  4. aha!
    | #4

    Yebbo retraces into the humanitarian crises, not to mention the political and economic crises taking place after the 2005 election, while the author is dewlling on the current OFDN/Medrek/EDU/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime in terms of their incarceration for standing up for their democratic and human rights, while the contentious ideologies to confront the TPLF/eprdf regime are ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalirianism inscribed in the constitution to which medrek with ethnic agenda supports it along with the teletafi parties. And these ideologies are not only a prelude to the disintegration of Ethiopia and an impedance to capitalism and democracy, except for TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and cadres, and foreign corporations. Are these politicians and journalists confronting the TPLF/eprdf regime on the bases of these ideologies in favor individual freedom and liberty to supercede ethnic rights and secessionist rights and private property ownership of land as one of the means of production to foster capitalism?

    Or are they challenging the TPLF/eprdf regime for still hoding supporters of political parties in detention camps as yebo indicated, along with those political leaders that are now jailed following the anti-terrorism law, where the supreme law of the land is based on ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalrianism that never been confronted by any of the prodemocracy movements that talk about democracy and human right day in and day out, knowing that these are objectives s subset of the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity soveregnity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, which could only be under taken by Ethiopians only if the the ethnic fedralists (telefi and loyalist opposition parties) abandon their ethnic agenda of article 46, 39 (1) and stand for Ethiopian unity and sovereignity, knowing that the TPLF/eprdf regime is only to uphold ethnic fedralism, secessionism and totalirinism, including the secession of Eritrea, and the Assab port, making Ethiopia land locked and dodge/deflect from being on the spot light for human right violations, if and only if a democratic system of government is formed by individuals free of ethnic and secessionist and totalitarian ideology in their sleeves. No democracy or capitalism could be impemented over ethnic rule majority or minority ethnic rule based on common sense and logics. We might hope for gentler Tigrai Harena or OFDN/EDU/fdre, ethnic rule is not democratic rule by the people for the people and of the people.

    These view points is not meant to condone the arrests of the political leaders of any party or faction, because an arrest of any Ethiopian is a concern of all Ethiopians and undermines the very existence of intelligent individuals being condemned by government that does not have independent branches of government, where justice and democracy and fair and free elections prevail. That has not happening and no party except KAEUP challenged the election by calling for a rerun. Where is the prodemocracy support on that stand?

  5. Girum
    | #5

    Dear writer how are you.
    You write so many good articles and I read most of them.
    However, i am some how confused and fed up with some articles written by guys like you and other which hold half-truths that can be potentially very misleading and confusing.
    Now I dare to say that most of the writers regarding democracy and human rights, related to the ideals as is hyped and advanced by the West governments, are not as such enlightened with regard to the real and historical inherent complexity of the global political economy and that of global capitalism.
    And hence most articles written, except blindly condemning Ato Meles and also being sad with the help of the Wet for Ato Meles, failed to face and expose the reality behind the curtain.
    When you talk about Obama I am even some how a bit ashamed. When i say this please do not associate it with a half cast black person amazingly being able to join White-House and be the first president of such a very global superpower nation in the world .In that case, in his personal success as a black person to be able to be entitled to such great career and honor, well then that is another issue I do not want to argue about. When I say some how a bit ashamed, I mean with what he has been doing after he joined office in accordance with the wrong misconception and expectation about him. And when i say i am a bit some how ashamed, deep inside i even mean with my wrong misconception and expectation about him. All we Ethiopian were making a silly dancing including wearing his photos of T-shirts and others.
    Now what have we really get from this man? In fact, with regard to the interest and agenda of the establishment elites in US who dominate and maneuver behind the curtain in every sphere of the global issues, he did nothing wrong. As I said before what is mainly wrong is our own misconception and expectation that arises from our nature of mainly being naïve and gullible about the nature of the global political economy. If I have to tell the truth, Obama is becoming a very slick and hypocritical politician who has becoming gradually a disgrace for we African rather than being a pride.
    Dear writer may be it is me who is wrong and may be I do not understand how you the writer and others similar like you view the nature of the global political economy. We usually complain about the help of the West governments to Ato Meles and TPLF thug. Do we have any clear ideas or commitments signed by them as to why they should not help such dictators? The problem is not with the West and it is rather about us and our expectation that mainly arises from our naivety and gullibility. Especially those Ethiopian intellectuals are simply get lost of for words of like democracy and human rights ideals that are simply preached and hyped by the West government, with out deeply understanding the inherent historical nature of the West governments. Most articles I happen to read are very stereotypical in that rather than enlightening and awakening the readers, it rather plunges in confusion and vicious-circles.
    Don’t you remember all the jubilations among majority Ethiopians when Obama was elected as a president? Now what has he done to Africa? Invading sovereign countries like Libya and dismantling and abolishing its precious infrastructures and wealth by NATO bombing? Threatening to veto the statehood request of Palestinians in UN? Attacking and killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and others with unattended flying machine called Drone attacks?
    Continuing to help Ato Meles despite his oppression and atrocities escalate from time to time?
    Here I am not even condemning or blaming Obama but I am just blaming and condemning our wrong perception and expectation regarding West governments. Democracy and human rights was never, is not and will never be by any mans the sole and primary interest and agenda of West governments. And as things get revealed from time to time their sole and primary agenda and interest is their own economic and political interest that serves as the main input of their global capitalism. I am not even blaming them seriously as to why they do this because I can not rationalize it to the ultimate possible reasoning as to why they should not do this. They talk one thing and in contrary they do the opposite and this is their typical modus-operandi and the problem is that we time and again failed to understand this We are just only stuck with collective words like democracy, dictators, human rights, terrorism and others stereotypical words but do not as such exactly know how they can be subtly and systematically implemented or deprived in our day to day walk of life. Every thing is becoming just dancing around collective words with our proper scrutiny and understanding. Now a days, even the most amazing thing that happens to be tragically committed is the very oppression and impoverishment of the majority mass under the disguise of those collective words or ideals like democracy, dictators, human rights and terrorism not the very liberation and prosperity of the majority mass.ለዚህም ነው አንድ ወቅት በአቤ ጎበኛ “ኦ ሰላም ሆይ ኦ ነፃነት ሆይ በስምሽ ስንት ጦርነት ግፍና በደል ተፈፀመ::” የተባለው፡፡
    ስለዚህም በዛሬው ዘመናችን ውስጥ በእውነት፣በፍቅር፣በአንድነት፣ በሰላም፣በነፃነት፣በሰብአዊነት፣በዲሞክራሲ፣በአምባገነንነት፣ በአሸባሪነት ስም በተቃራኒው ሃሰት፣ ማምታታት፣ጥላቻ፣መለያየት፣ጦርነት፣ወረራ፣ዘመናዊ ባርነት፣ አሸባሪነት፣ዝርፊያ፣አፈና፣ርሃብ፣ስደት፣ድህነት ወዘተ በአለም ላይ እንዲህ እንዲነግስ እየሆነ ነው፡፡ዛሬ በ “No Fly-Zone”ሲሰሙት ቀለል የሚል የማይከብድ አጠራር ተግባራዊነት በሰብዓዊነት፣ በዲሞክራሲ፣በአምባገነንነት ሽፋን እንደ ሊቢያ ባሉ ደካማ የ3ኛው ዓለም ሀገራት ላይ ቀጥተኛ ወረራና ዳግም ቅኝ ግዛት እየተፈፀመ ነው፡፡ዛሬ መጀመሪያውና ማብቂያው በውል በማይታወቅ በመናፍስት በተመሰለው አሸባሪነት ሽፋን ሀገራት በማንኛውም ሰዓትና ቦታ ለውጪ ህገ-ወጥና አለም አቀፍ ህግን ለጣሰ ወታደራዊ ጣልቃ ገብነትና ወረራ በረቀቀና በተዘዋዋሪ መንገድ እየተጋለጡ እንደሆኑ እየሆነ ነው፡፡ለመሆኑ ዲሞክራሲ ለአፍሪካና ለ3ኛው አለም ታዳጊ ሀገራት ዜጎችና ህዝቦች እንደ ሸቀጥ በመርከብ ወይንም በክሩዝ ሚሳይልና በቦንብ ድብደባና ናዳ አብሮ ተጭኖ የሚላክ ነገር ነው ማለት ነውን?አንዳንድ ጊዜ እዚህ ሀገራችን አዲስ አበባ በተለይም መርካቶ ውስጥ አንድ የተለመደ ነገር አለ ይባላል፡፡አንድ ሌባ ይሰርቅና እራሱ ተለይቶ ካልተያዘ የተሰረቀበት ሰው ሌባ ሰረቀኝ እያለ ሲጮህ ከሌሎች ጋር በመሆን እራሱ ሌባውም ጭምር ለማደናገር አብሮ ሌበ ሌባ ይላል ይባላል፡፡እኔ እነደተረዳሁት ከሆነ ብዙ ነገሮች የተምታቱብን ይመስለኛል፡፡የምንፈልገው ነገር ከሚያስፈልገን የሚከተለው ነገር ከሚቀድመው ነገር እንደ ጋሪውና ፈረሱ አይነት እጅግ ተምታቶብናል፡፡ስለዚህም አሁን የተያያዝነው ነገር የተለመዱ ጥቅል ቃላትን ሌሎች ከእኛ የተሻሉና አለቆቻችን ናቸው ብለን የምናሰባቸው ሁሉ ከእውነት አስበውበት ከአንጀታቸውም ይሁን ከአንገታቸው ለማስመሰል በየአጋጣሚው ሲያወሩልንና ሲደሰኩሩልን እኛም መልሰን እንደ ወረደ እንደ በቀቀን አብረን መልሰን ማስተጋባትና መለፍለፍ ወይንም አብረን ሆ ሲሉ ሆ ማለት የተለመደ አካሄዳችንና አስተሳሰባችን ሆኗል፡፡በዙሪያችን በተጨባጭና በተግባር እየተደረጉ ያሉ ነገሮችን ንቃተ-ህሊናችንን አዳብረን አእምሯችንን ተጠቅመን ከማየት ከመረዳትና በዚህም አስተሳሰባችንና አካሄዳችንን ከማስተካከል ይልቅ መቼ ነው ባማሩና በሚስቡ ቃላቶችና አቀራረቦች በተደደጋጋሚ መታለልና መሸወድ የምናቆመው?
    ዱባና ቅል ለየቅል እንዲሁም እውነትና ንጋት እያደር እንዲሉ የተከበሩት ባራክ ኦባማ ከመመረጣቸው በፊትና ከተመሩጥም በኋላ የሀገራቸውንና የተቀረውን አለም መላውን ምስኪኑንና የዋሁን ተራ ህዝብ በማሩ ቃላቶቻቸውና ንግግሮቻቸው እንዳላማለሉትና እንዳላፈዘዙት(እረ አንዳንዱም ያለቀሰ ሁሉ ነበር) ሁሉ ዛሬ ወሬና ተግባር ለየራስ ነውና የሚሰሩትና የሚያወሩት ፈፅሞ ሰማይና ምድር እየሆነ ነው፡፡
    እረ አንዲያውም ባራክ ኦባማ ከመለስ የግፍ አገዛዝ ነፃ ያወጣናል ሁሉ ብሎ ያሰበ ስንት የዋህ ነበረ፡፡
    አንድ ጊዜና ሁለት ጊዜ መታለልና መሸወድ የነበረ ያለ ነገርና ወደፊት የሚኖር ነገር ነው፡፡ነገር ግን በተደጋጋሚ እንዳንታለል ዛሬ ግን ከእንደዚህ አይነትና ተመሳሳይ የብልጣብልጥ የፖለቲካ ድራማ ብዙሀኑ ምስኪን ህዝብ ምን ተማረ ነው ቁምነገሩ፡፡ዛሬ ያ ሁሉ በኦባማ የተሰጣቸው ተስፋቸው ባዶ የህልም እንጀራ የሆነባቸውና በስፋትና በጥልቀት በተከሰተው የፋይናንስና የአኮኖሚ ቀውስ ምከንያት ከስራ የተባረሩ፣ስራ ያላገኙ፣የጡረታ ገንዘባቸው አደጋ ውስጥ የወደቀባቸው፣ቤት ንብረታቸው አየር ላይ የተንሳፈፈባቸው፣የትምህርት ገንዘባቸው የተቋረጠባቸው ወዘተ ሁኔታው ከአቅማቸውና ከቁጥጥራቸው ውጪ እየሆነ ስለመጣ “Occupy” በሚል መሪ ቃል በሚጀመር የታጀበ “Occupy Wall Street” “Occupy New York” ወዘተ የሚል መፈክር አንግበው መላውን የአሜሪካን ከተሞች በሰላማዊ ሰልፍ እያናወጡት ነው፡፡በአቡጊዳ ለምን ሰፊ ሽፋንና ዘገባ እንዳልተሰጠው ግን እጅግ በጣም የገረመኝ ነገር ነው፡፡
    Therefore no other foreign force or entity, neither Obama nor Clinton nor any other politician there, will never ever liberate us and deliver us democracy or whatever. Foreign forces, like Western governments, never ever stand along with the majority poor and oppressed mass in the history of politics.
    Why? Because they get no meaningful and significant elf interest and benefit from advancing the very interest of the majority mass? Again Why? Because, the very inherent nature of capitalism dose not allow for such a thing to prevail. Majority mass interest and agenda was never, is not, and will never ever be compatible and coherent with capitalism social order. And that is why we see currently such global mass awakening and uprisings against a chronic systemic malfunctioning.
    Therefore, be it Obama or Clinton, or other stereotypical politicians so far we know what ever they may talk to us, except giving us mainly a lip-service, what they serve mainly in priority is the sole interest of global capitalism, not our majority mass agenda and interest. And other issues or things come next. Therefore, what is wrong is neither with Obama nor with Clinton or any other, and what is rather mainly wrong is with the inherent nature of capitalist system and our naivety and gullibility associated with our deep-rooted and widely held misconception and misunderstanding of this vital governing truth.
    And that is why we usually dance around in vicious-circles out of sheer illusion and fantasy when we talk about democracy or human rights or terrorism or what ever. And the saddest part of this in Ethiopian politics is that it is mainly the naive and gullible intellectual society, not the ordinary innocent poor mass, that lives this sort of illusion, fantasy and confusion and as well as that is entangled and tuck with because all the move is without understanding the background governing principles and realities of this world. Laborious intellectual analysis with in a strongly binding in advance or a priori wrong sort of established or induced premise always goes round in a vicious-circle that leads to ultimate failure and crisis. I am not even trying to ridicule either the article or the sacrifice and heroism of our folk innocent Ethiopians. However, I am just trying to tell the existing realities in the background and also behind the curtain. Unless we deeply and widely understand existing realities on the ground and also the end game then our invaluable ordeal, sacrifice and heroism will be worthless eventually. What is the ultimate meaning and purpose of the ordeal, sacrifice and heroism of those naive, gullible and innocent TPLF fighters who blindly and emotionally follow Ato Meles and then advance its insidious and diabolical destructive agenda that eventually end up, as is we live witness it its end game like today? What do we learn from this? Unless we deeply and widely understand the ultimate meaning, purpose and cause of a certain motive or agenda or goal, then all the ordeals, scarifies and heroism required and associate with it will be worthless and ridiculous. If we really want to get committed to achieve real and sustainable change, then have to make a proper timely awakening and enlightenment that will eventually enable us to make a paradigm shift. A sort of stereotypical politics, as is currently prevailing, mainly based on emotional moves, hatemongering, gullibility, blind support and blind opposition; will take us no where except chaos ad destruction. And who mainly benefits from this sort of entirely perverted move and thoughts mainly characterized by such sort of stereotypical politics? Mainly the minority well organized elites who want to stay on our shoulder for many generations to come. And finally I dare to say that Ethiopian politics for the last 40 years has been mainly characterized by deception, gullibility, ignorance, arrogance, dishonesty, hatred, irresponsibility, indifference and hence has been entangled and stuck in vicious-circle and confusion. Then how can we get enlightened and awakened then make a paradigm shift to come out of this quandary? As a first preliminary step to rationally ask things deeply and widely mainly using the question motto of “WHY” for every event and every move, rather than entirely focusing on mere facts and events and being emotionally and blindly guided by them.

  6. Mikaele
    | #6

    Ato Girum hold your horses you’re galloping fast too far and wide with your rambling thoughts. Let’s focus on the issue of our sisters this victim of terror himself ( not a casual writer like you ) who thankfully brought the burning issue of our women to our attention. Other relevant points are well taken but not timely and too big to squeeze in this forum.
    Ato Robele has added fresh perspective to the so-called opposition voices or better yet human rights and democracy advocates. Both recent criminal regimes were driven by male testosterone and no wonder no women on a higher level are nowhere to be found as accomplices to their hineous crimes. Instead our women are found to be victims of the brute forces unleashed on them. Including their soldiers (mercenary hired guns ) they are more than male chauvinist pigs-bordering on Beastislity. Just look what’s happening inside the country (prostitution) and outside the country (enslavement in the Arab world) . The recent fate of Shewaye Mola ( who changed her name in Libya for survival) is one
    classical example. All this mass export of our sisters and mothers to Arab countries is the demented policy of the inhuman/woman regime. Call it modern slavery by name. The point to take home should be wouldn’t it be better to dam the outflow of our precious human resources (our women and others) to hostile countries by creating jobs and saving the fertile land-giveaway and reallocate the millions of dollars collected to build a fictitious and politically conceived Renaisance dam? That one is for the dummies. Ato al Amoudi who is half Saudi could have used his resources to save the torment of thousands of women he facilitated to go to Arab countries when many Asian countries refused to export their women by creating jobs inside their homeland. The billion-air and the mafia-syndicate regime are partners in crime who put our women for auction and expose them to rape,torture and imprisonment.

  7. Oda Tulu
    | #7

    I agree with the brilliant comment above by Mikaele entirely.

  8. ME-Girum !!!
    | #8

    Dear Mikaele what do you mean “rambling”?
    Are you afraid of a very fundamental question “WHY”? Any intellectual is some how reasonably expected to raise a very fundamental question that starts with “WHY” in life. You even mentioned some tragic things happening to our beloved women in our beloved nation. But i ask you why the very tragedy happens in the first place? Why? Why? Why? You may then answer me “Because ….” based on your knowledge and experience. Again i ask you “WHY …..?” for your previous answer that begins with “BECAUSE”. Let the polite and honest way of dialogue continue with such sequences of the question “WHY…?” and the answer “BECAUSE…” until some reasonable and appropriate stage is reached where things start to uncover. Then I think this way we are some how able to discern the over all situation. As far as i know most of the articles written mainly emphasize on mere narrations of a multitude of symptoms of a disease. Mostly, let alone the cause of the disease, we do not even happen to clearly and precisely identify the very disease that causes the external pains or symptoms manifested. Therefore, do you think or believe that talking mainly emphasizing abut the symptoms or the pains ,with out striving to clearly and precisely identify and figure out the disease and its very cause, as such important? And i do not understand why we either do not want to precede using the tools of reclaiming rationality and scientific methods to figure out the deep seated underlying basic causes or discourage others to do so. However i do not mean that we as such need reclaiming rationality and scientific methods to either understand or condemn and fight such blatant oppression, plundering and impoverishing acts of this inherently racist and corrupt mafia regime in power. But when we honestly and rationally start to ask things and events mainly based on “WHY” then we happen to find out why in the first place we happen to find ourselves trapped or stuck in such quandary? The most amazing thing i happen to see or face in Ethiopian politics is that most of the time no body wants or dares to pose a very serious question “WHY….?” and similarly no body wants or dares to seriously provide an appropriate and reasonable answer for this vital “WHY…..?” question. And in fact again i ask why this sort of backward tradition is prevailing in Ethiopian politics or in other walks of life? And at this moment of time in history, where we are deeply and widely plunged in such quandary or confusion, then the question motto “WHY….?” is very vital or necessary, though not sufficient by it self to come out of this confusion and quandary. Unless we happen to deeply or thoroughly understand the intricate and versatile historical and inherent nature of capitalism in the West and its associated global political economy, then all our dealings with the West and locally regarding values freedom, democracy and human rights will be full of so many confusions and problems. More or less we all know the problems and miseries we happen to experience in this country for generations. However, what we repeatedly happen to fail is to thoroughly and rationally investigate and understand events mainly using the question motto “WHY….?” followed by “HOW…?” to figure out the very underlying causes and then to use the same methodology of “WHY….?” followed by “HOW……?” to come out of this quandary.
    I am surprised when you say “rambling thoughts” in that you even happen to forget that we are discussing the very deep-rooted and multifaceted problems of our beloved nation related to global phenomena and hence how you expect some one to express his views in a very narrow based approach as if we are discussing a certain minor and narrow trivial issue. If you happen to fail or do not want to coordinate, envisage and then grasp a certain meaningful, vital and profound grand idea from branches of ideas in different perspectives, then what can i do. I think we are fed up of only entirely focusing on reiterating a multitude of problems. In addition to reiterating a multitude of problems time and again, we have to be able to follow a methodology of rational and honest approach of successive sequences of “WHY…?” question followed by “BECAUSE ……” answer until profound realities get revealed to figure out the underlying truth behind every silver lining in the cloud of confusion. And unless Ethiopian politics is some how guided by such approach I am afraid that we are able to come out of the deep-rooted and multifaceted confusion and quandary we are entangled with in foreseeable future.

    The following is an excerpt taken from the article of the writer.

    “There are encouraging signs that President Obama is determined to end the sad saga of US relationships with dictators for the last 30 years, to wit: his decision to send 100 US troops to Uganda with orders to assist in killing or capturing Joseph Kony of the Lord Resistance Army is a good omen for democrats and a nightmare to tyrants like Zenawi. Ex- President George W. Bush reneged on his pledge to part with tyrants and in the case of Ethiopia turned a blind to grave violation of abuse of basic human rights by security forces under the direct command of Zenawi. I reiterate my previous pleas that it is in the best interest of the USA to choose the long-term friendship with the Ethiopian people instead of short-time gains of siding with the brutal minority regime.”
    When the writer mentions the sending of troops to Central African countries what it has positively to with fighting dictators or humanitarian missions as such? When the writer says the above very misleading and wrong connotations he is forgets some very vital things.
    1) Under the disguise of, dictatorship, democracy and humanitarian mission a different form of neo-colonialism is again coming back to fore stage. Does the writer or you support this? I think the writer and may be you do not seem to figure out this very vital reality .The essence of a sovereign nation is losing its sights and momentum. Because I am afraid that may be you are mainly trapped and stuck under the illusion and fantasy of democracy alone.
    2) Why not Obama or US send troops to Ethiopia to liberate us from the dictatorship of Ato Meles?
    I mean does the writer support such blatant foreign aggression against the internal issue of sovereign nations under the disguise of dictatorship or humanitarian mission? I strongly oppose this sort of foreign scheme and move. In principle, Africans must and better solve their internal affairs by themselves with out significant foreign interference.
    3) Why US currently employs the dictatorial monarch in Saudi as a proxy to hamper the mass uprising in against the same dictatorial monarch in Bahrain?
    4) Knowingly or unknowingly the writer is again calling back or invoking the advent of neo-colonialism under the disguise of dictatorship, democracy and humanitarian mission. Before about 50 or more years Africa and 3rd world countries undertook severe fights to free themselves from the savage agony and bondage of colonialism and waged more or less their political freedom by becoming sovereign nations. In doing so the ancestors made such a marvelous heroism and paid such a very great sacrifice to safeguard our sovereignty and freedom from foreign aggression. Now the current generation is even unknowingly and voluntarily calling back or invoking some sort of heinous and monstrous entity and paving the way for that sort of the again advent neo-colonialism under the disguise of dictatorship, democracy and humanitarian mission. Dear Mikaele and others similar, would you please explain me this paradox? And this is the result of unwarranted indulgence encapsulated by mere fantasy and illusion under the umbrella of democracy which in turn results from our confusion, naivety and gullibility regarding the fashionable and unfamiliar ideal called democracy.
    Does the writer and you Mikaele want another Drone attack, another war of aggression and another chaos in central Africa and also some where else under the disguise of democracy and humanitarian mission? Dear Mikaele i am afraid that you have a clear idea as to what is really going on.
    Just because the new generation and may be including you Mikaele are entirely stuck and trapped with the fantasy and illusion of this fashionable word democracy, then you do not seem to happen to understand the value and essence of being a sovereign nation.
    5) I am afraid that you Mikaele and the writer clearly and precisely understand the historical and inherent nature of global capitalism and its associated global political economy.

    Therefore, it is not me who is with is rambling thoughts, rather you who happen to fail, knowingly or unknowingly, to view things deeply and widely.
    God Bless Ethiopia and its peoples!!!

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    melese is not an ethiopian he is an ertrian disguised as an ethiopian he isn’t a dictator rather a colonizer 2 b tyranic i think one should belong he doesn’t belong

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