Medrek media briefing on the formation of front (Video)

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Watch it Here!

  1. aha!
    | #1

    Now you are saturating the media as if you have an idea or ideology for individual liberty and freedom to supercede ethnic and secessionist rights to be put in place, Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests and the the Sovereignity of Ethiopia to be restored in a a non-violent uprising to freedom by dismantling ethnic federalism secessionism and the underlying totalirianism which hinderers the introduction of capitalism and democracy for the silent majority of Ethiopians, which is now available to TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations. While you are supposed to tacle the contentious issues/ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism crafted by TPLF in the constitution in collaboration of the liberation movements, now labeled as ethnic federalists/teletafi parties as a governig body, now being contested and saturating the text, audio media of the Interenet has nothing the same alignment of political parties with ethnic agena with UDJP in the mix, with the subset of agenda of democracy, human right and justice, which nothing more than a subset of the national agenda is like what like the saying goes “yekotun awerd billa yebibtuan Talech”. Please abandon your ethnic agenda and coalesce with the goals and strategies of the national agenda of those of “Andinet Hayloch”, your incessant quest for democracy and huna right from the current regime will be a by product of seeking and achieving individual freedom and liberty of individuals superceding ethnic and secessionist rights, to estabilish a democracy, a democracy by the people of the people and for the people. If your political platform is not amenable to that basic principle, and does not accomodate that priniciple of democracy, where you can not supperimose democracy over ethnocracy of minority or majority rule.

  2. no more talk
    | #2

    Medrek needs bold leadership to take it forward. It should not be intimidated by the terror of Tigre People Liberation Front nor should it give any ground to the fascist organisation to negotiate or shift its position on the fundamental principles of democracy, freedom and justice.

    the TPLF machinery is at work full speed to find ways to criminalise members and supporters of Medrek to stop the organisation from making any progress, or to limit its capability.

    Mederk should not just be a talking shop. the leadership should take concrete measures to prepare the Ethiopian people for power, EDUACTING THE PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS FOR FREEDOM AND JUSTICE AND FOR DEMOCRACY.

    the leadership should be aware that there is a price to pay, if their aims are to be met. there is no free lunch. Death, imprisonment, suffering in the hands of the Tigre People Liberation Front is inevitable.

    That is what we learn from what the TPLF did to Andu-alem Araghie, Bekele gERBA AND ALL THE OTHER POLITICAL PRISONERS LANGUISHING AND BEING TORTURED IN THE DUNGEONS OF Tigre People Liberation Front.

    The response of Tigre People Liberation Front will be brutal and atrocious, but fear of reprisals is not the answer. Avoid fear.

  3. kentu
    | #3

    I come back after a while, becouse i was so busy by the current situation going on in middle east heros both left and right so i dont want wast time with kind of drama opposition parties.they change thier names 100 times no result don,t fool ethiopian people enough is enough . We need heros like the oposition leaders like middle east you are the most responsible for the opreser regim of weyane.that why the regim pie on ethiopian people please i will advise you one thing leave alone the people he can take his pwn action after that before weyane goes to jail you are the first in jail

  4. አንጻሩ
    | #4

    aha, what the hell are you talking about? Please think before you write gibberish. Your text is unintelligible.

    MEDREK Front is the right time and the right idea!

  5. aha!
    | #5

    TPLF/eprdf = OFDN/EFDUF/fdre. Look at the list presented in the the first press release to confirm that equation. Ethiopia has been goverened by the coalition of liberation movements, now identified as teletafi parties and their counterparts are loyalist opposition parties, both of which are ethnic federalists, supporting the constitution of ethnic federalism, which divides the Ethiopian landmass into nine fuzzy boundries in Article 46, which serves as a prelude to ethnic secessionist by way of Article 39 (1), consequentlely, the sovereignity of Ethiopia is at stake Article 8, to say the least individual liberty and freedom are supercede by ethnic and secessionist rights. In the last twenty years individuals have been indocrinated into thinking their ethnic identity comes before their Ethiopiawinet, and thnic based parties are beholden to the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism with the underlying totliarinism of the Derg regime.

    While these are the crucial ideologies, hindering the foot hold of capitalism and democracy in Ethiopia, Medrek, now EFDUF, which in full is represented by OFPDN/EFDUF/fdre, is saturating the major media with a quest for democracy, human right and justice, instead of engaging in a non-violent uprising to freedom to put in place individual freedom and liberty to supecede ethic and secessionist rights, to restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia.

    Antsaru it takes one to understand one. To understand where I am coming from, you need to do refective thinking into being loyal to Ethiopian taxpayers than to be loyal to the party you are supporting blindly, you need to think of Ethiopiawinet first before your ethnicity, with due regards to your citizenship to Ethiopia, you need to put Ethiopian interest ahead of self interest, when dealing with TPLF/eprdf regime or supporting Medrek, because they look one and the same to me in terms of ethnic agenda, the core basis for ethnic federalism secessionism with the underlying totaliarinism of the Derg regime to remain intact.

    Thank for your challange, minus the insult on my inteligence, since induced me to make my self clear.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    Prof. Beyene petros 10 minute video briefing corrobates my understanding that the loyalist opposition parties/ethnic federalist are no way confronting the TPLF/eprdf regime for ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism of self-rule and separate development, but does not even contend the unequal development among the Killil, a term coined for governments ethnic federalism)stipulated in Article 46, as opposed to keeping the original 15 provinces. He did not even complain about their inability to draft legislature according to the ne parliamentary rule after 205 election. While endorses the contentious ideologies of ethnic fereralism, secessionism, and totaliarinism, and being one cosigners to the Charter, what he complains about is implementation of self rule and separate development as mandated in the constitution, sighting articles in the constitution. Therefore, his point of view has nothing to contribut to a non-violent uprising to freedom to put in place individual freedom and liberty to supercede ethnic and secessionist right, to restore Ethiopianism, Ethiopian National Interests and sovereignity of Ethiopia. To my layman understanding these ideiologies that inplace and are upheld by OFDN/EFDUF/fdre and yet disgruntled over the implementation is not a matter substance but of style and has nothing to do with what the silent majority of Ethiopians going through interms drought and famine and interms of developing the country as one nation rather as killil mengitat/ethnic ferederalism of eight major ethnic groups and one lumped of 45 nationalities with fuzzy boundries serving as a prelude to secessionism as well as border disputes.

    He also indicated that that the party does not endorse ethnic secessionism (megentel) while ethnic secessionism is stipulated in the constitution in Article 39 (1). Can any one tell me the delima, the ethnic fereralists are trapped in by the constitution crafted by TPLF and endorsed by Prof. Beyene Petros himself? Can the Prof. tell us what the hang up of ethnic fereralism as opposed to resorting to the original political boundries of the 14-15 provinces including Eritrea, if it wishes to join as federated provincial states each with its diverse ethnic populations living in competetive and cooperative manner much like the species populations of animals. What the validity of these ideology of dividing Ethiopian land mass into ethnic feudalistic Killil Mengistat/government, which for the most part has the appearance of the Appartheid system of South Africa before they dismatled it and deny the silent majority of ownership available to capitalistic and democratic counties. Do you really blieve you capaign for democracy, human right and justice has precedence over individual freedom and liberty supeceding ethnic and secessionist rights, when you know the individual is the basic unit of the society, not ethnicity, to associate and form a democratic government free of ethnic and secessionist agenda, to rule by the consent of the governed?

  7. aha!
    | #7

    Furthermore, this regime being the sole architect of ethnicferalism, secessionism with the underlying totaliarinism carried over from the the Derg regime and its own inclination of Marxisism of the liberation movements of the oppression of nations and nationalities, has used the the constitution for its divide and rule plocy, to say the least about the sovereignity of Ethiopa as a nation state, rather than Killil mengistat/ethnic fedreralism, and created a non-independent branches of government to which you have no qualm about, and crafts anti-terrorism and corruption laws by the non-indepent parliament, and carried out by the non-independent judiciary in the absence of Grand Jury and non-independent Election board. I know atleast KAEUP was engaging the government with 8-point pre-conditions for free and fair elections, prior to 2010 elections. Those preconditions were the powerfull ponts for negotiations for peaceful tranfer of power, not your narratives as presented in this video. It is like expecting a dove from the egg of a snake, as the cliche goes to say the least the contentious ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism remain intact putting the Ethiopians into ethnic enclaves as you rightfull labled as “Killil Mengistat”/ethnicfederalism, sending us back to the fuedal kingdoms of the past. Others in the caoalition, now changed to a “front”, publicly aserted that they have now problem with ethnicfederalism/”Killil Mengistat”, but do not want the TPLF?eprdf regime to dictate over them, meaning perhaps minority ethnic rule, or dominance, I presume.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Correction: .. “no problem instead of now problem”…

    Furthermore, please listen to Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam’s interview with Abebe Gelaw of Adis Dimits, where he talks about the constitution of the United States, as being built on individual freedom and liberty ahead of the interest of the 13 states or nine ethnic regions out of eighty, the way I understood. He has delivered a brilliant narratives in that interview nevertheless seem to fail to understand the prevalent contituition is based of ethnicfederalism, secessionism and totaliarinism on top of lack of individual freedom and liberty to supercede ethnic and secessionist rights. This calls for a non-violent uprising to freedom and liberty, but not according to what Prof. Beyene petros talks/complains about, and also not about the other loyalist opposition talk about that they do not have a problem of ethnic federalism, but we do not want them to dictate over us, or to Andargachew tisgue narrative on his second interview with ESAT presented at Ethiopia media website that” Bihere biherseb irrasachewn berasachew mastedader Mebit”, when in fact ethnicfederalism and secessionism and totaliarinism is built into the constitution. So, both Prof. Beyene Petros and Ato Andargachew are contending onthe improvement on ethnicfederalism, secessionism and totaliarianism, not dismantling it in such a way a constitution similar to the USA as Pro.Alemayehu Gebremariam aluded to and democracy that comes thereof with individuals taking control of their destiny.

    But what I see now, triggered by the arrest of politicians of OFPDN/EDUF/fdre,(whose arrest I do not condone, because any unlawful arrest of any individual is an attack on the soveregnity of the individual, in the abscence of the right constitution, and the laws that follow it by non-independent parliament, and carried out by non independent Judiciary) is a fourth round of campaign, the first being: the K-5, KILL-6, the campaign tour following the formation of UDJP as a credible altenative to CUD, the third the formation the coalition (Tigrai-Harena) now OEPDN/EDUF/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf and their appearance at the senate/congress as heir apparent to TPLF/eprdf before the 2010 election and fourth now as a front instead of coalition with each party in the coalition holding on to its party agenda/ “Hiliwina” posing for the last time to bring about reform with TPLF/eprdf through peaceful negotiations for peace and reconciliation as the strategy of the peaceful struggle, with UDJP in the mix of no change but durable democracy, when the aspiration of the silent majority of Ethiopians, I believe is to attain freedom and liberty from the autocratic ruleetnocratic rule, which is prevanent in the parties mentioned above and to dismantle ethnicferalism, resorting to the original provinces, and secessionism prevalent in the liberation movements engaged in the armed struggle, lifting totaliarianism for capitalism to take a foot hold for the silent majority of Ethiopians.

    Add to that the previous formation of AFD in the armed struggle and the new formation of Ginbot-7 in alliance with ONLF, OLF, etc. with their secessionist agenda intact to be determined latter after the overthrow the current regime with ethnicfederalism, secessionism and totaliarinism intact, so I presume.

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