A system “that stands as the ultimate rebuke to Gaddafi’s dictatorship” By Kiflu Hussain

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The ubiquitous Americans as introductory remarks

For the second time in my exile life, a fellow refugee broke important news to me while I was taking a brief respite from news outlets. Thus, my compatriot called and advised me to tune in for a breaking news on Col.Muammar Gaddafi.He did the same thing in 2009, albeit he was a harbinger of sad news then by breaking the demise of a renowned Ethiopian musician called Tilahun Gesesse.

And so, I turned on my TV whereupon I found CNN live on WBS.Just as I predicted in my piece “Benghazi; Libyans in rebellion mood in the spirit of Omar Mukhtar”, the news almost confirmed what I concluded in February that “his end/Gaddafi’s/along with his sons can be much the same like Saddam Hussein.” Since it didn’t require clairvoyance or an IQ of a rocket scientist, numerous other scribes too opined to this effect.

Consequently, therefore, I began to watch to the news thinking that nothing would pique my interest like the initial stages of the Arab Spring which elicited a series of missives from my laptop. However, the time it took to confirm his capture or death; and later the conflicting reports about how he died along with the entire circumstances immediately before his capture; and the worldwide reactions it generated prompted me to pitch in again.

As the news of the ignominious end about the flamboyant colonel finally sunk in, my mind inordinately went back to one incident which the world little noticed, nor cared about. It occurred in Ethiopia during the height of the civil war wherein the secessionist insurgents, Eritrea and Tigray “liberation” fronts closed in on Col.Mengistu Hailemariam.Mengistu was considered as the archenemy of Western civilization, not because he brutalized Ethiopians but because he allied with Soviet Union during the era of the cold war, thus denying the West hegemonic advantages. Typical of a megalomaniacal dictator who cringes with abject cowardice when the day of reckoning strikes, Mengistu was desperately looking for an exit in May 1991. Unlike his peers who fell before and after him such as Samuel Doe of Liberia and now Gaddafi, he was the second despot next to Idi Amin who was smart enough to grab the first chance that provided an opportunity to escape with life and limb. Interestingly, during the final hours where the state owned TV announced Mengistu’s receiving of a Zimbabwean delegation, I remember vividly seeing Robert Houdek.This bearded guy who looked like a character from the story of Vikings appeared on the screen sitting with members of the Zim delegation.Houdek was then the US Charge de affair in Ethiopia.Naturally,therefore,I muttered to myself “why did a US diplomat be with a Zimbabwean delegation at Mengistu’s office?Well,weeks later it became crystal clear that the safe passage Mengistu enjoyed to Harare was brokered by America. And now on October 18, 2011, approximately 48 hours before the intransigent Gaddafi was captured and killed, Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State made a surprise visit to Tripoli. BBC dubbed it as “the first US cabinet-level official visit since Col.Muammar Gaddafi was ousted.” During her visit she hoped aloud “diplomatically” that “Gaddafi would be captured or killed.” Sub-Saharan Africa that seems to have been created for the mere purpose of catering to the whims of powerful Western personalities, did not disappoint Madam Clinton.Hence,on October 20,Gaddafi who had been such an elusive target got captured and subsequently killed in a “crossfire.”

World reaction to Gaddafi’s capture and killing

Let me start off from my own reaction.Gaddafi along with all despots including the current one in my own country, had been amongst the detestable personalities I couldn’t stand. Yet, in contending with these devilish personalities, it’s my belief that one should always keep in mind a precept given to us by Frederick Nietzsche. He said “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” Unfortunately, even in the United States where they pride themselves of having strong institutions capable of guaranteeing human rights including rights of suspects at all times—repeat at all times, we witnessed egregious torture and extra-judicial killing with impunity. Remember how terror suspects had been tortured at Guantanamo Bay while being denied a day in court? Remember how the Bush/Cheney clan outsourced their “enhanced interrogation techiniques”to tyrannical regimes known for their depravity? Remember how the Obama administration chose to liquidate Osama bin Laden knowing fully well that he was unarmed, defenceless and with no manifestation of resisting arrest? Worse, his body was dumped into the sea stripping all burial rights from his family. In the process, the international law that requires autopsy on persons who died in violence such as this one was disregarded.

Against this backdrop, there came Gaddafi’s and his offspring’s inevitable end expedited by none other but themselves. Be that as it may, it became clear from the footages unfolding slowly that Gaddafi was very much alive, notwithstanding the minor injury he seemed to have sustained.Reportedly,he even pleaded for his life at some point. One can infer from this that his son too might have been in the same or even better condition at the time of capture.Yet,they both died in circumstances whose account is becoming more sordid by the day. No matter how sordid and contradictory the accounts are, all indications are pointing to the direction that Gaddafi was not killed by a stray bullet in crossfire. Rather he was executed in a manner that satisfied the vengeful mind of both the Libyan rebels and their NATO allies, especially the people in the Obama administration who wants to be seen as atoning for the blood of the victims of the Pan Am bombing at Lockerbie. It is recallable how President Barack Obama and Premier David Cameron denounced the decision of Scotland to release Abdel Basset Ali-al-Megrahi.He was a Libyan secret agent convicted of planning the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 that killed 270 people out of whom 189 were Americans. Anyone familiar with the story of Orlando Bosch, a Cuban exile who died recently in America despite a track record of terrorism in his background, would find the brazenness of American officials to criticize Scotland over Megrahi baffling, to say the least. Among the litany of terrorist acts to Bosch’s credit was the bombing of a Cuban commercial aircraft in 1976.Seventy three civilian passengers perished. He allegedly plotted the bombing in Washington D.C under the direction of or with the knowledge of a CIA agent. Yet, George Bush, the father not the son, against the opinion of his own Attorney General and FBI, pardoned this dude and allowed him to enjoy life in the United States until the day he was summoned by his maker. Incidentally, Bush was a top brass in the CIA when Orlando Bosch did a series of dirty works as an Operative of CIA.

Coming back to Gaddafi, he had succeeded around 2003 to mend fences with the Western world by toning down his anti-imperialist/Zionist rhetoric.Accordingly, he easily clinched a series of deals, thanks to the perennial gargantuan oil need of his counterparts.Unfortunately,it didn’t last long.Incredibly, Libyans too inspired by their Tunisian and Egyptian neighbors whose revolt was sparked off by the self-immolation of a hitherto nobody Mohammed Bouaziz, followed suit and rose up against their ruler. The West, mainly the Americans, that had already buried the hatchet for the sake of lucrative business, would have continued to side with Gaddafi, had the resolve of Libyans been weak.Yet, in a manner that took everybody by surprise, Libyans were determined. To his own detriment, the man with the Green Book who had been accustomed to a demi-god status for so long couldn’t appreciate the magnitude of the wrath of his own people. He called them rats and cockroaches whom he threatened to wipe off the face of the earth.Personally,I had no doubt in my mind that Gaddafi was capable of committing a crime of genocide wherefore I differ for the first time from the journalist I admire; John Pilger.In his recent piece titled “The Son of Africa claims a Continent’s Jewels”Pilger made it sound like Gaddafi’s threat against Libyans was “a fabricated story” intended by US or NATO to make China evacuate its 30,000 workers from the oil rich Benghazi. It’s simplistic to assume that China poses as a formidable rival to the West without having a solid intelligence service that’s capable of verifying information; especially information coming from its rival. The bare fact is Gaddafi was a rabid dog one should have done anything to avoid being bitten by him. The Chinese knew it too, hence they packed and left. Having said that, however, does not mean that I bought the idea that NATO’s intervention was to protect Libyans from impending genocide or to help them build a democratic society. It dawned on US and its allies that the showdown between Gaddafi and his subjects was a deadly one with all the makings of a long drawn-out war unless help is given to one side to tilt the balance of power thereby clearing the coast for a smooth flow of oil. Since supporting Gaddafi was costly for various reasons; and since Libyans too made it clear to all and sundry that they would no longer be ruled by him, the West after having done its usual ruthless analysis dispatched its war machinery on the side of the “rebels.” In other words, it’s just a case of “power respects only greater power.” Libyans just like their Egyptian counterparts had proved themselves as power entity to be reckoned with, unlike the people of Bahrain whose uprising seem to have fizzled out. Incidentally, since the liquidation of Gaddafi, some Middle East commentators confined themselves to citing Yemen and Syria as the only remaining ones in the Arab Spring to succeed in unseating the old order. Bahrain for the most part has been consciously and conspicuously omitted from being mentioned in the mainstream media.Also while the people’s movement is more ripe in Yemen than Syria, you get to hear a lot of negativities about the regime in Syria.Certainly, it’s difficult to recall a scenario in Sana’a where the United States ambassador got cozy with the Yemeni opposition like his colleague in Damascus did with Assad’s nemesis.

Speaking about media, next to CNN, I switched to BBC since it’s available in Kampala on FM station round the clock.Naturally; I heard a lot of comment on the programme that was on the air before Focus on Africa. One comment read from the BBC face book page sort of said “Gaddafi’s death should serve as an eye opener to overstaying dictators such as Mugabe.” Encouraged by this, I too texted to Focus on Africa collating Gaddafi’s disgraceful end with the situation in my homeland like Chris Obore, a Ugandan journalist who did the same the next day in his typical down-to-earth fashion in one of my favorite programme, Panel of Journalists on KFM.And so, I indicated in my SMS that what happened to Gaddafi is “one more wake up call to the remaining dictators such as Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia.” I also pointed out that the global powers that prop up dictators; those sycophants that flatter and make dictators believe that they’re invincible will not only abandon their masters at critical moments. But also hasten their ignominious end like Gaddafi.Well; since Zenawi has been doing well by only displacing indigenous Africans from their ancestral land in exchange for foreign land grabbers, unlike Mugabe who dared to expropriate land from former white colonialists, texts like mine stand no chance in the Bush House. That’s of course, until we Ethiopians prove ourselves as a force to be reckoned with.

On the other hand, even after proving oneself as a viable force of alternative, there are challenges that people in Africa and the Middle East will face for a long time. And that is the global powers, especially the West will never relent their effort to tame any ambition that’s desirous of achieving an equitable system for the full control of ones resources.Hence, they will use everything at their disposal starting from hijacking genuine people’s movements; sowing discord between them; promoting vengeance subtly while preaching dictums to their peers from Roosevelt’s “More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginnings of all wars.” While America and its allies helped Europe including Nazi Germany to its feet at the conclusion of WWII through Marshal Plan; and while these same Westerns never called for the blood of anyone in the Eastern Bloc after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, they encouraged Kangaroo courts established by victors such as the one in Ethiopia to witch-hunt former officials, members of the entire armed forces and other dissidents. From this perspective, therefore, the call Washington has made for an investigation after the deliberate execution of Gaddafi and his son along with the 53 other pro-Gaddafi Libyans whose summary execution Human Rights Watch exposed, as usual cannot be taken seriously. Also Obama’s “exhortation” to Libyans to come up with a system that is capable of standing “as the ultimate rebuke to Gaddafi’s dictatorship” cannot escape from being regarded as another fine speech but hollow rhetoric.Incidentally,the need to kill guys like Gaddafi,bin Laden and the like doesn’t only stem from vengeance. The motive to silence them so that they won’t stand a chance to utter in an impartial tribunal like Julius Caesar “Even you, Brutus!” cannot be ruled out.

An Ethiopian Human Rights Defender exiled in Uganda

  1. Debela
    | #1

    Adwa is the Sirte of the fascist Legesse Zenawi, the Tigre warlord who conquered Ethiopia. I don’t think Ethiopians from east, west, south and central Ethiopia need to go to Adwa. Eritreans will take care of Adwa when the time comes. Ethiopians on the other hand will hunt all the criminal family members and thugs who committed unparalleled crime aginst the Ethiopian people i.e., genocide against the Gambella Agnuaks, Sidamas, Oromos, Ogaden Somalis, and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in Addis Ababa and other major towns – and bring them to justice. Hope the mass uprising will not result in the killing and drugging of Meles and Azeb on the streets of Addis – because the Ethiopian people want to bring them to justice which was denied to them by his crime family.

  2. anon
    | #2

    Ki flu Hussain
    Thank you for this piece. I agree with some of the points you have stated, others I disagree.
    Your most important remark came in the final paragraph. You put it this way.

    “On the other hand, even after proving oneself as a viable force of alternative, there are challenges that people in Africa and the Middle East will face for a long time. And that is the global powers, especially the West will never relent their effort to tame any ambition that’s desirous of achieving an equitable system for the full control of ones resources. Hence, they will use everything at their disposal starting from hijacking genuine people’s movements; sowing discord between them; promoting vengeance subtly while preaching dictums to their peers from Roosevelt’s “More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginnings of all wars.” ‘

    This important point need to be rehearsed and kept in close view by all Ethiopians who have been watching the behavior of Washington policy makers who like to have a cozy relationship with tyrants across the globe including those they set up.Therefore,it behooves upon us to draw from this practical lesson. Our observation confirms that Washington foreign policy is guided, especially in the third world such as Africa, not so much by such ideals as democracy and human right but by national interest.

    In addition, I agree with you that col.Gaddafie and he are to be blamed for what happened to them. This horrific incident could have not been happened had Gadhafi considers another option. There is no doubt as far as he is concerned he might have felt it is ignoble to give in to the3 pressure of the people. After all he ruled his country iron fisted in the way he wanted to run it for over forty years.But,why does he fail to have regard for his own young childreen?That is mind boggling for many normal people. Had he compromised in the early stages of the uprising

    He could have won himself and his family safe sanctuary elsewhere. One hope that the still seated tyrants who are nervously watching unfolding events will learn from this to prepare a smooth exit by taking in to consideration the fact that they are not anointed for life by divine edict.

    I have some dis agreements with you on some points, for instance you quote Frederic Nietzsche as in below.
    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

    I think you probably might have been better if you all together avoided his mention. I cannot see myself quoting him as a source of morale inspiration. After all the4 Nazis, including Mussolini are inspired by his writings which eventually become instrumental for the genocide of the Jews people. Look as his final exit. He had mental breakdown. This tells me a great deal about his belief and his inability to sustain or reconcile it with his conscious.Inother words he uttered more can he can process, to me he was the devils advocate.

    Again you seem to be confident that Obama has killed Benladen and you cite evidence his crimination. What makes you think this is exactly what happened during the televised coverage? After all we have been told for years he is dead, and most people believed he was already dead. Personally I don’t want to know every detail of some events. And I don’t want to know every detail of everything that takes place. The most important thing I can draw from this news event is that, I am comfortable to conclude he is dead at some time in the past. Whether he was killed by the Navy seal or at some other event only God knows.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    This is a nice piece and you are an expressive writer. Keep up the good work!

  4. Zerayakob Yared
    | #4


    you still don’t understand the meaning of:

    ዋንኛው ምድረ-ፅዮን ዘንዳ ሰባት ሚልዮን ልዩና ምርጥ ተጋሩ የፅዮን ልጆችዋ አሉ:: አስፈላጊ በሚሆንበት ጊዜ የሚደርሱላቸው ፈንተት ብለው የሚገኙ ሶስት ሚልዮን ተጋሩም አሉ!(ወይዘሮ ኣጋእዚ):: እነዚህ አስር ሚልዮን ተጋሩ ከሌሎቹ ወንድሞቻቸው ኢትዮጵያውያን ጋራ በመሆን ታላቅዋ ኢትዮጵያን ይጠብቅዋታል:: ዘጠና ሚልዮኖቹ ኢትዮጵያውያን ደግሞ የሆነ ነገርን ከአረቦች ለመኮረጅ ምንም እቅድ የላቸውም:: ጠቅላላ ኢትዮጵያውያንም ዓድዋ ላይ ተሰባስበው አንተ ከምትዘባርቀው የተለየና የከበረ ታሪካዊ ተግባር ያከናወኑ ለመሆናቸው አለም በሙሉ ያውቀዋል!! ዓድዋ ደግሞ የምድረ-ፅዮን ተቀዳሚውና እንደ አጥር ሆኖ የሚጠብቃት ዋናው መአርገኛው አካልዋ መሆኑን መገንዘብ ያስፈልጋል::

    ከአራት ኪሎዎቹ ራቢጣዎች እና በጠቅላላው አለም ላይ ከተሰማሩት ሆዳሞቻቸው ጋራ የምትነታረከው ጉዳይ ካለህ ለነሱው በቀጥታ ልትደውልላቸው ትችላለህ::

    ይሄንን ዲያሌክቲክ የማይገነዘብ ሰው ነኝ ባይ ካለ, ሊታዘንለት ይገባል, ክብክብም ያስፈልገዋል!!

  5. Ghadafi
    | #5

    Dear all fellow Ethiopians please read the following
    very important facts and truths about Ghadafi and Libya.
    If we really have respect and faith for truth, then let truth also be uncovered and spoken openly and not only the prevailing falsehood and hypocrisy that has dominated the world to this extent.Because the main stream media all over the globe has dominated and catches the
    attention of the populace truth can not be freely disseminated and spoken.Sooner or later we all die and leave this secular world to what ever extent we love it or disappointed with it. Therefore, let’s be some how courageous and honest to stand for truth rather than confusion, hypocrisy and falsehood.

    Therefore,please read the following info very seriously.




  6. true
    | #6

    Great discussion Mr. Hussain, some disagreements: if the one you are chasing is an enemy of yours then the law doesn’t matter it is natural you kill him. Although the only reason international laws are set is because the tendency to make humans more humans rather than displaying animalistic tendencies in attacking others or for what ever the reason rather the law will bring us in humanistic way to seek justice. As in this case revenge is sought. An eye for an eye will make the world go blind said Ghandi. The problem is that America is sending mix messages that they are democracy and follow international law, etc but they go and kill their enemies anyways. Why don’t they just say they will seek justice by killing our enemies and that is clear and done. Do you expect thousands to be on trial, it is crazy especially OBL? I don’t know why everyone is comparing Qaddafi and OBL, qaddafi is more honorable than OBL but then the death of Qaddafi was more gruesome than OBL. So just because America is following interntional law but when it comes to its enemies it doesn’t back down. I am surprised you are saying OBL should have proper burial. I would expect for Qaddafi but not for OBL.That being said for some a man is an enemy for others a man is a hero. It depends on a man’s relationships with others.
    Mr. Hussain, as Ethiopia is at critical point right now, criticizing the West is always against the interest of Ethiopians. Besides, it is the responsibility of any nation, in this case Libyans are responsible to what happened to Gaddafi as well as what will happen to their nation in the future. They opened a can of warm themselves and the “invincible” man, who used to boast around the world ended up dying in shame. Sooner or later, having only money is not everything if you are not wise and intelligent and learn how to use it. Humility is the greatest escape.

    That being said believe it or not, it is Meles/TPLF most likely who wants the demise of Ethiopia than the West but if opporutnity knocks of course the West will take. Shaebia and TPLF are the greatest threat to Horn of Africa.

    Beleive it or not, Meles/TPLF is very much dependent on the West therefore implement anything that is against the people of Ethiopia. We are technically under the West. What else can they do to us they haven’t done through Meles/TPLF/Shaebia (include Egypt and Arabs by the way)Ethiopia doesn’t have as much resources as other nations have, the only Oil found in Ogaden they will take that is why the drone bases are there to protect the oil. Anywas, if they support Ogaden secession then it will not be part of Ethiopia anyways. So we Ethiopians in the past and present have survivied with nothing and we will survive again once TPLF is ousted but it has to be our job and the diaspora need to unite to enforce this to the West. Technically, Ethiopia has always been allies with the West in the past or present, there is a strong bond especially with America. With the Brits however we have love and hate relationships as our history states. The 20 years gap that Ethiopia became Soviet union ally was because according to an article I read once, Somalia occupied Ogaden with the support of American foreign policy why? Hope we will find out one day, Mengistu asked Carter for weapons but Carter refused in opposition why Mengistu killed the Emperor Haileselassie, therefore Mengistu had to turn to Soviet Union and Cuba that is why Ethiopia became communist. The evil Mengistu should not have killed Haile Selassie and now he enjoys his life in Zimbabwe which Mugabe will soon be the next Gaddafi.

  7. Agree but have question
    | #7

    ጋዳፊ ሆነ ማንም በሰራው ወንጀል መጠየቅ እንዳለበት የሚዋያይ ጉዳይ አይሆንም
    መንገድ ላይ ያለፍርድ ገድሎ ሬሳን በሰልፍ ሕጻን ሳይቀር መመልከት
    አፍሪካውያንን በተለይም ዓረቡን ሕዝብ መሰደብ እንጅ ከፍትህ ጋር ግንኙነቱ አልታየኝም

    የሰው ልጅንም ክብር ዝቅ ያደረገ የሚያሳዝን ነገር ነው

    UN HUMAN RIGHT, AMNESTY, ICC, ሁሉ ልያፍሩ ይገባል

    ፍርድ ሰጪ ሕዝብ መሆን ሲገባ የማን መሳሪያ አንጋች መንገድ ላይ ሰውን ገድሉ ማሳየት መጪውን እንድንፈራ ያደርጋል

  8. Agree but have question
    | #8


    ያለፍርድ መግደለን መቃወም ካልቻልክ ምኑን ነው የተቃወምከው?
    ሬሳውን ሕጻናት ሳይቀሩ በሰልፍ ማየትን ካልተቃወምክ ምን ስታይ ነው ፍትህ ጠፋ የምትለው? ለመሆኑ ምን አተረፉ ከማየት?
    ሬሳው በሰልፍ ማየቱ ሬሳውን ባልታወቀ ቦታ ተቀበረ ሲባል ይሕ ያልተቀናበረ ስራ ካልክ ምንድነው የተቀናበረ ስራ?
    በአይሮፕላን አገሪታን ወታደር የምዕራብ አገሮች መደብደባቸው ድጋፍ አልሰጡም ካልክ ድጋፍ ማለት ምንድነው?

  9. anon
    | #9

    Agree but have question,

    No sound person will agree in the way Col. Gaddafi was treated by his opponents. Nevertheless, it is undeniable fact that he brought the whole matter upon himself. The shocking thing of all is the fact that Col. Gaddafi was blind to the fact that his obstinacy was putting the life of his young children in grave danger. Although I, completely, disagree with his handling by his opponents, the colonel should have anticipated his failure to negotiate was meant all uncertainty before him. Therefore, you need not to detain me on this. Is there anything that saddens you in the way the colonel run his country for over forty solid years as an absolute monarch? Answer that question honestly for yourself. What could have been your position on this issue if the matter takes place before you switched side from opposition supporter to support to TPLF?

    Beside you have said nothing about his failure to devise an exit strategy that could have
    Saved his family, and won a safe sanctuary for him. To me both parties are to be blamed. There is no doubt
    In my mind that the perpetrators will be brought to justice in the coming days.

  10. Agree but have question
    | #10


    ማንኛውም መሪ በህዝብ ድምጽ የሚገዛ መሆን እንዳለበት የሚያወያይ ጉዳይ አይደለም ባይ ነኝ

    ትኩረት የሰጠሁት ወይም ስህተት ነው የምለው
    የሰውን ሰበእናና ክብር የሚቀንስ ስራ ማንም ቢሰራ መቃወም እንዳለብን ላስታውስህ ፈልጌ ነው
    ያለፍርድ መግደል አትቃወምም?
    መንገድ ላይ ሱሪውን አውልቀው የሚሰሩት ልክ ነው የምትለው?
    ሬሳውን በስልፍ ማየት ኢሰብአዊነት አይደለም?

    በእኔ ዕይታና መርህ

    ጋዳፊ ሆነ ማንም ቢሆን ያጠፋውን በህግና በሕዝብ ፊት ቀርቦ ጥፋቱ ተዘርዝሮ የተክሰሰውም ተማጉቶ ፍርድ ሲሰጥ ማየት እመኛለሁ እፈልጋለሁ የምንታገለውም ለዛ መሆን አለበት ብዬ አምናለሁ ትምህርትም የሚግኘውም በዚህ መርህ ስንገዛ ነው

    ካለበለዚያማ ጋዳፊ የሚያወጣው ዕውነት ያስፈራቸው ወይም ከጋዳፊ ያልተሽሉ ሰዎች ስልጣን ስለያዙ ያሳዝነኝ እንጂ አያስደስተኝም

    ፍትህ እንዲኖርና ሁሉም በህግ ፊት እኩል ናቸው ብዬ ስለማምንና የምንታገለው ለዚህ ነው ብዬ ስለጠበቅሁ አንተም ወንድሜ በዚህ መንገድ እንድታስብ ለማሳሳብ ጥያቅ

    ፍርድ ቤት ለምን ይቃቃማል?
    ዳኞችንስ ለምን እናሰለጥናለን የምንመኘው ማንንም ደፍቶ መፎከር ክሆነ?

    ለማንኛውም መልስ ስለጠህኝ አመሰግንሃለሁ

  11. Reppi
    | #11

    With all due respect Ato Kiflu Hussain
    You seem to have not watched or heard what has happened to Africans with the help of nato. Some of those people who were slaughtered like sheep in Libya could be our Ethiopian brothers/Sisters.
    Where as Meles is cuddled by the west Gadhaffi is attacked. Ask yourself why? Scramble for Africa II has began in Libya.
    How do you explain the fact that Gadhaffi stood up almost 7 month of continuous bombing by nato and its allies if he was hated by his people?
    Would you ask or even beg foreign forces to destroy Ehtiopia’s infrastructures and kill tens of thousands of Ethiopians if the west decides they have no more use of Meles?

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