A Review of Messay Kebede, Ideology and Elite Conflicts: Autopsy of the Ethiopian Revolution By Professor Theodore M. Vestal

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Ideology and Elite Conflicts is the best and most thorough analysis of the causes and implications of the Ethiopian Revolution to date. Professor Messay has written a tour de force of the political theory of the Ethiopians who overthrew the imperial regime of Emperor Haile Selassie and instigated a program of socialism that endured for eighteen years More

  1. አንጻሩ
    | #1

    I have not read the book, but I will do so. I have found the review quite appetizing.

    Dr Messay does have a way of making abstract ideas easily consumable. His proposal of a developmental state with a reformed government in Ethiopia is, in my opinion, the only hope for Ethiopia, aside from an uprising.

  2. አባ ጦቢያ
    | #2

    እረ በፈጠረዎት ፕሮፌሰር,ያልሞተ አውቶፕሲ አይሆንም. የሥልሳ ሥድስት አብዮት የተለያዩ አብዮተኛ ተዋናኞች ነበሩት. ለምሳሌ ከሞላ ጎደል
    1. የመደብ ታጋዮች(ደርግ)
    2. ዘር ተመርክዋዥ(ወያኔ)

    ስለዚህ ወያኔም የዚሁ አብዮት ተዋንያን ስለነበርና አሁን ሥልጣን ላይ ስላለ ይኽ አብዮት እንዴት ሞተ ይባላል.ወያኔም ሞቶ አብዮቱ መቼ ሞት እንሚባል እሱ ይወቅው እላለው.

    ተሳስተዋል ፕሮፌሰር ያርሙት

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