The Courage to Swallow the Bitter Truth: A Response and a Cure By Tecola W. Hagos

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“Life is fired at us point blank.” [José Ortega y Gasset (1883 – 1955)]

I. Introduction

The main purpose of my recent article “Men for All Seasons” (Part One and Part Two) was to help bring about the freedom of Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage and all political prisoners and journalists. The second purpose was to register my disgust on the pardoning of some twenty high ranking convicted Derg Officials. I consider such pardon to be unjust and a violation of the rights of the victims and a permanent threat to the rest of us. Those Derg Officials, now pardoned, murdered and tortured countless innocent Ethiopians from 1974 to 1991 when they were in power. They showed no mercy or any humane consideration to any of their victims. Let me state again, especially to those Dergists hiding out in the West and in the rest of the World, that the blood that was socking Mengistu’s hands and the hands of the convicted Derg Officials, just released from prison, was not that of dogs, but of human beings—our own.

It is not without reason that I quoted the words of José Ortega y Gasset, for the words reflect the most fundamental aspect of my views whether it is in politics, in the arts, or in my personal life. What Ortega is telling us is that life is not something that one gets through negotiation or as a privilege. Being alive is an existential fact of “being.” My strong wording and emphatic and even emotive expressions in my articles reflect my anger at the existential fact that yesterday’s harmless country boy would grow to be a vicious tyrant with absolute power over some eighty million people and act with violence, impunity, and arrogance. I write with great vehemence because of the fact that we are morally neutered and frozen in fear, and that we do next to nothing when our people are dehumanized and our heroes thrown into prison, while murderers and torturers are freed from prisons. This is also a chance to channel our resistance and opposition in the right direction away from the distortions of old ideology and possible usurped power structure in the hands of political predators.

I also expressed my view that the present Ethiopian people, especially those of us in the Diaspora, are mostly ignorant of political processes and cowards in fighting for their fundamental rights. However, general statements have exceptions as a matter of simple understanding of logical discourse, and so do all of my assertions. May be I put my views too strongly in my zeal in expressing my anger seeing honorable and innocent people like Eskinder and Andualem and countless others being abused and imprisoned on ridiculous charges of terrorism; nevertheless, the fact remains we all need more commitment and courage to face Meles Zenawi and his violent Government than what we have shown so far. I also tried to correct distortions in our understanding of ethnic identity and demographic movements in Ethiopia. There is nothing derogatory in what I wrote. Facts are not insults. Mengistu Hailemariam is not an Amhara or Oromo, but a first generation Bantu Ethiopian from a Bantu family. One must not forget the 1984 OAU raving and ranting speech of Kenneth Kaunda (President of Zambia for twenty seven years), a Bantu himself, spewing his stupid assertion that Ethiopian political power finally was restored to the indigenous African leader, Mengistu Hailemariam, who had butchered a few years earlier the very man who was the initiator and molder of the OAU. Several Bantu Leaders from several African States were euphoric about Mengistu ethnic identity as one of them.

II. How Nations Dealt with Traitors and Mass Murderers

After the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 in England, treasonous British citizens, such as simple soldiers, field commanders, Parliamentarians, appointed public servants of the Cromwell era were pardoned in mass by The Indemnity and Oblivion Act of 29 August 1660 except for the fifty nine Parliamentarians/Commissioners who voted and signed the death warrant for the execution of King Charles I. By the way, the charges against King Charles were two: a) that he led England into two unauthorized battles and as a result raised tax and thousands lost their lives, and b) that he tried to counter the new Parliamentary development. King Charles, to his great credit as a sovereign, refused to participate in Cromwell’s little theatrics. Cromwell and his Government did not murder or bring charges in mass against any other aristocrats or supporters of the Crown, unlike Mengistu and his Derg thugs who murdered Emperor Haile Selassie I and butchered former officials even those retired and some who were sick and in bed.

Cromwell and a number of the Commissioners had died by the time of the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660. Cromwell died of malaria and kidney illness in 1659, and he was given a State Funeral, and buried at Westminster Abby. At the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, a year after the death of Oliver Cromwell, only half of the fifty nine Commissioners who voted and signed the death warrant in 1649 against King Charles I were still alive, of whom twenty nine were tried soon after the restoration at different times for treason and hanged and quartered. At least one was hunted down in Holland and was brought back to London and tried and hanged and quartered. Even those dead and buried were not spared, for example, Oliver Cromwell and four others were tried posthumously and convicted of treason. In 1961 the body of Oliver Cromwell was exhumed from its grave at Westminster, along with two others from elsewhere, and hanged and quartered. The head of Cromwell was spiked and hanged at Westminster Hall for about twenty five years until 1685. [See Antonia Fraser, Cromwell, The Lord Protector, New York NY: Knopf, 1973.] This is an example of over zealous pursuit of justice. Mind you in the 17th Century, the period Cromwell’s head was hanging for public view, England was the home of some of the most renowned philosophers and scientists in the World, such as Thomas Hobbes (1588- 1679), John Locke (1632-1704), Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), Robert Boyle (1627-1691), Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727) et cetera.

We find similar situations of the pursuit of justice in our own time in different countries especially in the West. The Government of Israel has hunted down Nazi Military Commanders and officers who committed war crimes of the Holocaust and brought such criminals to justice. Adolf Eichmann is one such criminal we all have heard or read about. The United States Government after the 9/11 attack in New York, Arlington et cetera where over three thousand United States Citizens and other individuals from different nations died, went to war in order to punish such criminals. In pursuing to bring to justice those who harmed its citizens, the United States Government was overwhelmingly supported by its citizens. The Government immediately launched massive attack on those who harmed its citizens; it annihilated a Government in Afghanistan, hunted down Al-Qaida’s founder Bin Laden and killed him where he was hiding in Pakistan. The United States Government’s record of hunting down such terrorists is exemplary. Whether it is President Bush or President Obama, they did not just say let bygone be bygone and let murderers go free, but they made those criminals pay the ultimate price for their crimes.

In 1661 England, the punishment for treason and murder was severe, but necessary and vindicated those who promoted social responsibility. It brought a degree of closure to the violence committed against the established order. The Derg Members were not even tried for treason against the Imperial order, for the Imperial Government had ceased to exist. By contrast, in Ethiopia what we have is a very weak and abusive Government that is willing to forgive Derg Officials who committed no less crime than the Nazis did or the recent terrorists of 9/11 did, and yet let such criminals go free after serving a mere twenty years whereas justice would have demanded most of them to be hanged. Letting go free such convicted criminals, like the Derg Officials on some administrative ground of good behavior, regrets, apologies et cetera is not an advanced form of ethics or morality but a manifest weakness of a government that has no respect for human life or dignity.

Both in European countries and also in the United States crimes committed by military officers and/or civilian officials is a crime prosecuted in those countries; there are instances of deportations based on such findings of war crimes and crimes of atrocities against protected groups. Such legal prosecutions against war criminals and those who committed atrocities against innocent people is a mark of a just and strong society and state. It is only weak and degenerate societies that have no respect for human life that always resolve such issues the easy way out—letting go or pardoning vicious criminals, murderers and torturers of innocent people. The moral of all my presentations drawing from historical incidents in the treatment of mass murderers and those who committed treason is that the game is not over yet for justice for the tens of thousands murdered, tortured, and dehumanized Ethiopians..

As to the former Derg Members, especially Mengistu Hailemariam and his close associates that are taking refuge in foreign countries, I recommend that they be hunted down and either deported or taken care of wherever found. And I have witnessed in the last three weeks the shameless attack on my person by Dergists hiding in the United States, just because I criticized that unjust procedure and the individuals involved in such process. I am ashamed of Diaspora Ethiopian politicians, for none had expressed publicly their disagreement on the release of Derg Officials. At least, I have not come across one, as yet. Instead what I read is the ranting of incoherent apologists for the Derg’s barbarity changing the subject and focus of the enormity of real problems facing Ethiopia and diverting attention to the least important issue of ethnic identity or about the excellence of Tekletsadike Mekuria, or about my education or about what I do for a living, which are non-issues in the final scheme of things in light of the seriousness of the issues of the incarceration of decent human rights advocates while freeing brutal murderers and torturers.

My detractors even used ad hominem argument with fallacious allegations of facts that never was the case. Personal attacks that has nothing to do with the reality out there of pardoning murderous Derg Officials is an injustice that simply affirms the baseness and also the weakness of some Ethiopians in the Diaspora. Capital punishment is justified in some of the cases of the criminal Deg Members, for such just punishment establishes the parameter of law and order. If individuals are pardoned after few years of imprisonment for horrendous crimes of mass killings, what is there to deter others from doing the same in the future?

III. On Education and critical reading and thinking

In my view, education is not for making anyone this or that type of individual, but to help individuals a) develop critical mind, and b) acquire certain useful skills. If any one believes that attending Harvard or Oxford will create a moral person, such a person is a bigger fool than I imagined. Education may magnify and reinforce what is already ones moral content, but it is very unlikely or very remote that it will bring about fundamental transformations in the moral content of the individual. I tend to think morality and intimate fundamental human activities are of a primordial nature far closer to the instincts and emotions than to our reasons. It might even be a process by which the individual develops certain skills for manipulative subtlety of action and a willingness to negotiate and settle matters without having to resort to violence on the basis of some wild dichotomy of black-white dilemma. And over all, there is the invisible hand that guides all the anti-entropic side of the unfolding process of the cosmos. I really do not want to sound metaphysical, but this is the least I could say without sounding totally superfluous.

In our Ethiopian society, education has been instrumental in the establishment of an obnoxious hierarchical social stratum, mind you not of academic excellence or of productive research or of knowledge and wisdom leading to excellence in ones views and activities. It is tragic that knowledgeable individuals, whose source of deep understanding derived from experience and self-education through reading, attending public addresses of knowledgeable individuals are devalued and scorned even by idiotic bloggers. During the time of Emperor Haile Selassie, Ethiopians with degrees from Western institutions coming back home would be given places of honor over and above the great scholars products of Ethiopia’s traditional education system. And we still carry that obnoxious mentality to this day. I do not go around flaunting my credentials. My work speaks for itself. Education from any source has tremendous value. My emphasis on education is not confined to class room education and limited to a certain period of a person’s life. I am an advocate of life-time education through continuous reading, engagement in meaningful discourse with peers and attending conferences and presentations by experts and intellectuals. Education is an enriching process throughout a person’s life.

With the understanding that there are several courageous Ethiopians both here in the Diaspora and back home, who are the exception, fighting for our freedom and democracy, I focused on the value and role of education in our struggles. And such on going process of education could save us from misreading others or from making embarrassing mistakes. For example, I never wrote Meles’s Grandfather was a “bariya” of Dej Gebreselassie Bariya Gabre as claimed by my enthusiastic detractor Yohannes Temesgen, among his several insults and sanctimonious statements about me that he wrote. [I suspect that Yohannes’s piece was written by a committee, for it has several stylistic, thematic, syntactic et cetera mix-ups that shows the involvement of more than a single pen.] I quote from Yohannes, “In his last paragraph of the article he blatantly wrote that Col. Mengistu is 100 years Bantu who happens to claim the pure Ethiopiannes, and Meles’s Grandfather was from Gojjam and the traitor’s grandparent was Dej Gebreselaasie‘s slave (Barya).” It seems Yohannes has not read my statements carefully, for I wrote “Baria Gabre” as a proper name not as a common noun. In fact, Baria Gaber is the name of one of the great military leaders from Adowa, who was the close advisor of Emperor Tewodros II. He was with Emperor Tewodros to the very last. Also, I have never said Ethiopia is only 100 years old. To me it is the oldest nation on earth. As an aside, I find it quite amusing to read often articles by narrow ethnicists pointing out for the nth time that Kassa Mercha (later crowned as Emperor Yohannes IV), when he was a young junior leader in Adwa and Tembein that he helped the Napier expedition against Tewodros, without ever mentioning Tewodros’s fierce supporter and loyal warrior and commander of his vanguard, the Tigryan Dej Bariya Gabre Farus from Adowa.

Tekletsadik Mekuria is no doubt a pioneering scholar of great talent and abilities. I did not dispute that at all. My referring to him as “court appointed” historian was a figure of speech meant to convoy my criticism of the slanted writings of Ethiopian history by a number of historians, often without going to primary sources. I could easily point out hundreds of situations where deeper research or far more critical evaluation or more academic honesty was necessary, but absent in his work on Ethiopian history. However, that should not diminish his overall effort and great stamina to collect and sieve through stories from contending corners of Ethiopian power structure promoting their own particular often unique perspective of events of common interest to us all. It is in the same vain that I narrated several illustrious Ethiopian Emperors as my ancestors. It is not meant to be a blood-line family-tree at all, but drawn as an allegorical connectivity of our Agew/Beja national family now grown to over eighty millions strong.

There are several gaps not properly explained, such as who murdered Wosenseged the father of King Sahle Selassie? What was the role of Ras Seleshi’s ancestors in the murder of Wosenseged? Not much is written about the relationship between Wosenseged and his wife, the formidable Zenebework. Why was she so much against Sahle Selassie’s son Ras Darge and favored her grandson Sahle Mariam, who later become Emperor Menilik II? We know very little of the roles played by very many personalities in specific detail from that period. Tekletsadik at least once changed his story without explanations. In an earlier edition of his book on Emperor Yohannes, Tekletsadik had written how Emperor Yohannes blinded Teklegiorgis with hot needle after Yohannes won the battle and took power. Tekletsadik removed that graphic description from later editions of his books without any explanation.

I will indicate few of the more significant historical incidents that were glossed over or not even mentioned by Tekletsadik starting with the incident how Ras Mengesha Yohannes was allegedly tortured while he was in detention in Ankober and the rumor that he died of nightly terror where a boa constrictor would be placed in the same room and Mengesha with his hands tied would struggle not to be swallowed by the huge snake. Mengesha died in 1906. The rumored incident took place at a time when Mengesha was no more protected by Empress Titu since she was no longer in power. I do not think the torture had anything to do with Menilik, for he was deadly sick in the 1900s, and Mengesha had other enemies in Menilik’s Court even Tigryans. I would have liked to read some commentary disentangling and discounting such rumor or oral history.

Tekletsadik treated Menilik with obvious admiration and glossed over very many incidents that should have been carefully documented, such as the violence against opponents soon after Menilik’s restoration as King of Shoa. Menilik’s endless conspiracies with enemies of Ethiopia against Emperor Yohannes, Menilik’s insatiable sexual escapades that even threatened his Throne at times et cetera were hardly mentioned. As many historians have done, Tekletsadik simply followed suit and treated Gobena as just another Ras, a commander of a division of Menilik’s Ethiopian Army. Tekletsadik should have been far more attentive to the great exploits of how Gobena negotiated and often forced other Oromo leaders into the Ethiopian Empire, since he had much better access to information on Gobena than most historians. I may add here with great emphasis that Ethiopians as yet have to recognize the greatness of Gobena Dache, whom I consider as a visionary statesman and greatly credit him with the molding of modern Ethiopia no less than I have acknowledged the effort and accomplishment of Emperor Menilik II.

Another important item of Ethiopian history that was shrouded in mystery was how exactly Empress Zewditu died so suddenly and what was the role of Ras Imiru and Ras Kassa in that process of the takeover of the Crown by Haile Selassie. Even how the intriguing incident that brought Haile Selassie to power was glossed over; little is shown of the intrigue to oust Lij Iyassu from the Throne. More importantly, Tekletsadik did not elaborate on the decision of Emperor Haile Selassie’s flight to England by boat, abandoning his people, and how Lij Iyassu was murdered. None of those real historical incidents were exposed or discussed properly. I could bring out hundreds of intriguing questions that made up Ethiopian history that were not properly researched and presented. What I find mostly in Tekletsadik are orchestrated narrations that supported the legitimacy of Menilik and Haile Selassie as Emperors of Ethiopia. Nevertheless, with all his shortcomings, to a great extent, Tekletsadik Mekuria is one of the finest historians and authors that Ethiopia has produced, and that I fully recognize.

IV. Ethnicity and Political Power

I read all kinds of articles with exaggerated emphasis on unity and equality of Ethiopians. I am amazed how much distortions and misreading of principles could be expounded by compounding principles that need separate treatment. In order to avoid confusion it might be helpful to deal with the need for “unity” as a separate goal without mixing it up with concepts that are processes. Ethnicity is not new to Ethiopia; one can find ethnic influence in every nation on earth. Of course, in some nations it is overtly pursued with disastrous results and in others with subtlety and political adroitness. The worst perspective is to deny its existence completely. Ethiopia is no exception, for Ethiopia has dealt with ethnic based power struggle for centuries, but the goal was not to divide but to acquire power as the crowned sovereign over all of Ethiopia. Some leaders were very subtle in promoting their ethnic group and some were brutal about exclusions. Almost none of our historic Emperors functioned as outsiders and never consider other ethnic groups as enemies to be completely annihilated. At any rate, because of wide spread intermarriage of the ruling families across ethnic groups most of our past rulers were multi-ethnic in their genetic make up the exceptions being Mengistu Hailemariam and Gragn Mohammed who were from two different ethnic groups from the periphery of our Ethiopian society at the time of their ascendance to power.

Because of the fact of the Ethiopian Bantus’ lack of historically meaningful connections before the late Nineteenth Century with almost all of the indigenous Agew/Bejas that make up the Ethiopian population, the Bantu Ethiopians’ control of power in the Twentieth Century was a disaster and will continue to be a disaster as long as they are still as a group aspiring for political control of Ethiopia. Yes, when one is in power the individual’s self interest tend to override everything else. And we may argue that Mengistu’s barbarity and brutal murder of countless Ethiopians is not outside of the norm of any dictator hanging on to power. I disagree, for the dynamics of ethnic and family affiliation does soften such atrocities, but most importantly historical connections and continuity of shared values seemed to have controlling power on leaders that are legitimate who were until recently mostly Amharas, Tigrayans, Oromos—almost hundred percent Agew/Bejas. We must restore the political power structure to individuals that represent the majority of the people of Ethiopia. My personal preference is to establish a Constitutional Monarchy where parliamentary elections could be in place avoiding the risk of disintegration across ethnic enclaves especially as designated and firmed up by the 1995 Constitution of Meles Zenawi and his administrative misadventure of the last fifteen years. But this is not yet the end-game, and it is up to the people of Ethiopia to determine the type of Government they prefer and at the same time ensure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.

When I wrote about origin and ethnic and family lines of ancestry, I am writing at a certain measured level that we Ethiopians as well as the rest of mankind are living within direct clutches of habits and customs that are often camouflaged with superficial behavioral patterns. We all suffer from our insignificant fried-ego syndrome. I have seen friends going after each others throats on that score. Many individuals who are hiding out in the United States, after having participated directly or indirectly in the atrocities committed by Mengistu Hailemariam and his Derg Officials for seventeen years, and specially during the Red Terror of 1977 to 1980, would like to burn me alive because I insist that such murderous criminals should never be forgiven or pardoned, for such pretentious Crows now wearing Peacock feathers are still murderous criminals under all that gaudy feathers of fake morality and reconciliation fanfares.

V. On Poverty, Sexuality and Family in Poor Ethiopia

Notice that the word “poverty” has no corresponding single word that stands as its opposite; what it has is, in fact, expressive phrases where adjectives are used to convey the state of affair of well being. I do not like poverty or the state of being wealthy among squalor and depravity. I would prefer the “utopia” of Henry Moore, which is, of course, a nostalgic grasp for long gone childhood characterized by secure suckling at ones mother warm nurturing milk. In other word the contextual nature of wealth is far more desirable than the single spot focusing on the individual. Communism or socialism will not do, for the fact of unmanageable human nature that will not be properly self disciplined when in power. The only remedy is to promote individual freedom and liberty in the first place, and structure institutions to contend and contain the excesses of such liberty.

I understand the issues of human sexuality and family formations to be very sensitive subject matters in any society. If we leave such intimate human reality to the individual, we will not be any better than the animals that surround as, such as dogs, cats, horses, et cetera. Even when we look at the animal world that is close to the state of nature, we clearly can observe that sexual mating is not free for all, but that it is a regimented highly competitive affair that only very few at the top of the pecking order succeed in mating and leaving behind offspring of heightened genetic potentials. I am not discounting the fact of personal attractions and the role of aesthetics in the choices people make in the formations of life-partners. In examining such factors one can learn the complex interplay between genetics and civilization, and why the family and society are best equipped to regulate and control such individual interactions with social consequences.

Under a military occupation, can you imagine the type of horror societies would be faced with without the customary restraint and control of sexuality? Both Iraq and Afghanistan have established as part of their custom strict Islamic code of conduct as regards sexuality and marriage, a clear family based control. If it were not for such traditional control of sexuality both countries would have been turned into a brothel servicing the conquering armies of the West. We have observed/studied the impact on societies devastated by wars where there was temporary loss of control on the sexuality of the citizens in post Second World War Japan, the Philippines, Germany et cetera. Even in peaceful times loose sexuality and the liberalization of marriage and social control of marriage and divorce did result in very traumatized and degraded societies around the world. One must learn, for example, from the pre-Castor Cuba, especially from Havana City, how that city was turned into a huge brothel, gambling casino, and crime capital of the world once the society lost its control of its value system and Catholic morality. We must not undermine the role played by sexual morays, taboos, and constraints on eligibility to form a family that may look to us purely utilitarian, such as the payment of dowry, looking into family genealogy, et cetera. I have heard the sophomoric view, especially by young feminists claiming their sexual choices are their own business. Nothing can be further from the truth than such statements. Female sexuality more than that of male sexuality is the business of family and the community.

If there is no real challenge to the instinct driven sexuality and family formation, a society will simply become like Bonobo chimpanzee/monkey groups where aggression is transformed into sexual expression and engagement at a drop of a hat. “The species is best characterized as female-centered and egalitarian and as one that substitutes sex for aggression.” [See Frans de Waal, “Bonobo Sex and Society,” in Scientific American, March 1995, pp. 82-88) ] However, de Waal does not seem to think as I do in his interpretation of the Bonobo in human terms. I contend that in the human condition, aggressive impulses must be channeled into creative engagements, in building advanced civilizations, explorations, search for knowledge, above all, for all those who believe in God, a search for perfection and experiencing the absolute Good. I repeat myself here, for my earlier message should be heard again and again: “Unchecked loose sexuality seems to have resulted in population explosion because our Ethiopian society and families have lost their control to regulate instinctual responses of sex and the formation of families. The birthing of children simply as a random act without family-planning, without due consideration of the type of material outlay needed and the form of responsibility of parenthood required, would simply lead into serious problems.”


In an article I wrote over ten months ago titled “Forgiveness, reconciliation, and pardon: a challenge to a just society” (January 25, 2011), I emphasized that “forgiveness is hardly a political solution.” I elaborated on that theme further by writing that in a strong democratic society crimes are well defined in administrative traditions, in statutes and in case laws in advance. The legislative body in such a community is distinct from both the judiciary and the executive organs of the government. The judicial system is well developed, transparent, and independent of the executive. Prosecutors and investigators are well trained professionals with great moral integrity and abide by rules of procedures of the judicial system et cetera.

By contrast, in a society or community where the government structure is weak, such society or community tends to be despotic where the executive body has as its primary function to stay in power through illegal and undemocratic means. In such system of government, the individual citizen is subordinated to the interest of the state (the dictator) and the in-group. There is no consistent application of law if there is any law at all. Citizens are insecure, apprehensive of government representatives, and very fearful of their leaders. When I look back into the last twenty years in the life of Ethiopia, what I see is a wasteland of missed opportunities. With little wisdom and with some humility, Meles would have turned Ethiopia around into a great, prosperous, and just country. Here he is now at loggerheads with his own people because of his own convoluted ideas and inexcusable stupidity in formulating wrong public policies, reducing himself to defending convicted Derg criminals. What a Kafkaien tragedy!

I have never degraded anyone for his or her ethnic base, but only criticized how such a person manipulated a situation to promote a degenerating self-interest based on his or her ethnic background. The ethnic identity or type in itself is neither here or there as part of my thinking pattern. However, most of my critics never fail to attack me by putting me in a cage of their imaginative ethnic group they claim I belong to. The tragedy in this is the fact that such individuals from some tiny corner of Ethiopia dare define who the Ethiopian is worthy of respect. It is Mengistu whom my detractors ought to be questioning for his murders of tens of thousands of Ethiopians rather than preach to me about “unity,” a subject matter that I never challenged or undermined. As a matter of fact, the unity and integrity of Ethiopia is an unquestionable foundation of all of my essays.

Just for the record, I will state the following at the risk of offending my Ethiopian sisters, who are the most elegant in posture and exquisitely beautiful in facial structure, but that they have, in my view, a rival that may be equally elegant with facial beauty no less. I am talking about the Bantu women of Guinea and Darfur area whose bluish jet black velvety skin, full lips, and high check bones, I consider the most beautiful I have seen in Africa. My first encounter of such divinely beautiful women was looking at books of pictures of papyrus drawings from Pharonic Egypt. I consider “Black” as a great (none) color. The ancient Hindus saw “Black” color as the color of the supreme God Shiva and his mate the Goddess Kali, primordial matter the source of everything in the Universe. Even in modern cosmology (physics) the Big Bang was a colorless “black” affair. Thus, my criticism of Mengistu is not based on the color of his skin or facial details (nor anybody else’s either). It the characteristics of individuals and the historical contributions of groups in society in the long history of Ethiopia that maters to me the most.

Ethiopian Diaspora politicians in toto do reflect whatever the base Ethiopian society in general espouses and lives by, as dictated by cultural, social, and historical reality. I find all that reaction to my articles and essays predictable, for we Ethiopians at certain levels are unsophisticated simple peasants with simple predictable needs. As a general observation again, we seem to be very much driven by simple emotions, often emotions that are infantile. I suppose those infantile emotions are the sad results of arrested childhood development with all its pitfalls and dangerous outburst of long repressed anger that was not properly vented or channeled in creative activity in the process of growing up into adulthood. We are still striking back at our insufferably oppressive family members, teachers, bullies et cetera who had knowingly or unknowingly stunted our psychological development and maturity.

A couple of concerned individuals have commented wisely explaining their understanding of my recent essays trying to straighten the distortions made by others who write outrageous and insulting statements. And one individual has expressed concern that I should not be discouraged by some of the attacks on my person by comments from some hostile individuals who seem to be in a pack of attack dogs working for Mengistu Hailemariam and other terrorist groups. Even more so, I am not concerned about people with agenda that go around spewing venomous false statements against me, for they are already set in their corrupted paths. Instead, my concern is about individuals who neither read well nor critically evaluate what they read, but froth in the mouth in anger taking a couple of words from my essays out of context and ending up writing insulting statements against my person. I will not close my eyes to narrow ethnicity or to any folly. I can assure all concerned individuals about Ethiopia that nothing will stop me or will faze me out from standing up for justice and for the righteous, and if I go back on my promise, “let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth.” But right now, let us focus on having Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage and all political prisoners freed. Ω

Tecola W. Hagos,
October 28, 2011
Washington D.C.

  1. MA
    | #1

    This extract from the above article is true, by his own admmission I do not belive he is a moral person.

    In my view, education is not for making anyone this or that type of individual, but to help individuals a) develop critical mind, and b) acquire certain useful skills. If any one believes that attending Harvard or Oxford will create a moral person, such a person is a bigger fool than I imagined.

  2. Legesse
    | #2

    “The courage to swallow the bitter truth…”, even the title is written with such a bad taste one is not inclined to read the lengthy article. If one reads the article we get more of the same of tecola hagos, who bullies the readers to his own version of minority and majority. In this moder 21st century tecola hagos is trying to sell the medieval period feudal barbarism as the medicine for ethiopia’s politics. Albeit in a typical ethnic mischief tecola deviated in his own way in favour of the beauty of tigre feudal barbarism and demonized king minilik, king tewodros and the entire central amharas establishment. The same tecola hagos that drew a picture of the sinful amhara and the saintful tigre is now turning coat with a bizarre induction theory of mengistu is a bantu and vice versa ( a bantu is mengistu). A self styled writer that tecola is now attempting to form a critical mass of support by extending his narrow nationalism sentiment to include the oromos, amharas, Somalis and other groups which according to his ethnic and facial diatribe are the “look alike groups” to be considered as the legitimate heirs of ethiopia’s throne and rule over other people. Tecola’s attempt to marginalize other ethnic groups in favour of his fancy collection “genguine Ethiopians’ is at best an eccentric talk and at worst barbaric by any measure of intellectual standards.
    We are reading from Tecola multidimensional eccentricity. Those who did not agree with tecola are either Mengistu’s supporters or supporters or other terrorist groups as he wrote. The latter assertion is very indiscriminate can include the alqueda group. I am quite sure no one takes tecola seriously in this. Opposing Tecola can not be equated with supporting mengistu. Here one sees a wrong induction once again: if you are against me you are pro mengistu. As a matter of fact Mengistu was nothing but a perfectionist emulator of the feudal barbarism which tecola is now preachjing to us that was a proud Ethiopian heritage. Unlike what tecola is trying to preach us here, the feudal barabarism was indsicrimnate and class based, it was reckless and cruel.
    Tecola’s new theory that the agew/beja ethnicity will soften cruelty is bizarre. What is meles zenawi doing to the non-tigre people.? Is meles a bantu.? Why is Meles happily killing and oppressing amharas and oromos? Why is meles and the entire tplf and tigrean establishment hateful of amharas , oromos and others? Is tecola hagos different? Not at all. My assertion is that The likes of tecola hagos are not at all needed for the future Ethiopia. Because they live in the barabaric medieval era.

  3. Girum
    | #3

    Dear Tekola You are now coming to a very vital target of something that I have ever been aspiring for so many times. I mean such honest or genuine civilized way of expression of internal feelings and thoughts from the deepest part of our true humanity. Distorting or trying to distort and camouflaging our very humanity and its inherent dynamism by encapsulating it with so many unnecessary garbage of all forms of unrefined racism, party politics, ideology and illusions, means such a grave mistake that results in a great wall of or cloud of misunderstanding, confusion and conflict among a society.
    Wrong or true let’s be honest and genuine to speak out and express our internal feelings and thoughts from the deepest part of our true humanity. And in fact let’s also be a good listener as well to such event and create a civilized way of communication based on mutual respect and understanding.
    To whatever extent a certain group here becomes absolutely perfect and hence claims absolute righteousness and a certain group there becomes absolutely wrong to admit failure to the contrary, unless there is no such civilized way of communication based on mutual respect and understanding then every thing will be worthless and futile shouting.
    What matters most for me with this article written by Tekola is not whether it is all true or all false. Some of it may be true which I agree and some of it may be false which I do not agree and in fact extremes are not expected or accepted as usual. However, the most important thing I happen to learn and understand from this article is we need a paradigm shift based on proper enlightenment and awakening and hence at this moment time in history we all Ethiopians are in very need of thinking in a different way without neither denying nor being conceit of our Ethiopiwinet. To improve and prosper on ourselves we do not necessary need to deny our identity, integrity and solidarity as an Ethiopian. What we in fact very need is to be courageous and honest to face exiting realities and make proper adjustment in all our thoughts and moves.
    As is written in bible “ብልህና ጠቢብ ሰው ከስድብ ምክርን ያወጣል” what is wrong with us to spare necessary time and then patiently and wisely listen the view of others whether friends or enemies. I can tell confidently that Ethiopian politics for the last 40 years is almost full of arrogance, ignorance, irresponsibility, hatred, dishonesty, pretence, manipulation, hypocrisy, betrayal, disharmony, distrust etc. Therefore, to some how minimize or totally abolish such sort of destructive negative walls, It is high time we even need to give due attention to respectfully and wisely listen the screaming voice of those whom we deem are our adversaries or enemies even more than our deemed friends. However, here I am not labeling the writer of the article to any sort of my grouping.
    Wrong or true, the writer is some how addressing such very critical subjects we have to honestly and courageously face that we can neither deny nor retreat without giving due respect and attention. Therefore, let’s all come out of or narrow illusions and views contained in an egg shell, respecting and leaving it aside for the time being, and come to the fore stage of truth and rational thinking more based on our very common humanity rather than those other appendixes of our very humanity, like race, party-politics, religion, ideology, ethnicity and others.
    Let’s not abuse such appendixes to hide our own personal flaws and sins as a human being.
    Therefore let’s stop a sort of stereotypical dirty game of politics if we as such really have interest and commitment to come out of our multifaceted and deep-rooted vicious-circle, confusion and stalemate that we are entangled with for generations. True or false it may be, but why are we after all afraid of respectfully and wisely listening the properly delivered honest and genuine view and feelings of others? Why? Why? Why?
    Unless such backward and silly tradition of demonizing those who challenge us and to the contrary honoring and praising those who side with us is stopped then it will be really difficult to bring about sustainable solution for this troubled country and its peoples in the foreseeable future.We have to stop polarized black and white thinking.
    Except the usual dirty game of stereotypical politics based on party politics undertaken as is used in every election terms, genuine or fake it may be, as far as I know the tradition of civilized and genuine intellectual dialogue or discourse in very sphere of life is very unusual in our society in this country. So many naive and gullible stereotypical politicians who in monopoly control the political scene stage of this country are contained disabled and stuck with fashionable words like democracy. For such stereotypical politicians a nation-state building is such a minor task that can be mainly expressed and implemented in periodical political elections and associated dialogues based on such rudimentary game politics. Therefore, a nation state-building that requires such a great wisdom, honesty, dexterity and courage has been sadly misconceived by many fellow Ethiopian politicians and has been doomed to be contained and disabled under the dirty game of party politics that mainly demands and aspires power and only power. And I dare to say that, in addition to the main negative destructive influence and harassment by Ato Meles and TPLF, such misconceived move and illusion by oppositions is also the main cause of the failure of Ethiopian politics. No viable nation is created and built so far by the mere complacency or indulgence in mere democracy and party politics without ups and downs of many conflicts, wars, occupations, dictatorships and others negative intermediate demerits. What the history of the civilized and developed world shows is this reality, though currently what we really happen to see and witness is a new phase of new history full of the contemporary indulgence and complacency in democracy and party politics. And in fact to the contrary, if we are naive and gullible who aspire to live only our own unwarranted indulgence under the illusions and fantasy in democracy and party politics, then we may rather get tempted to rather destabilize and/or dismantle an already created and built nation-state (Ethiopia) that is at our hand but that we are getting insidiously tempted to disregard and challenge it mercilessly.And due to this most of our naive and gullible politicians and intellectuals failed to properly and wisely face and figure out realities of this world and hence only wanted to enjoy and indulge doing the simplest parts of a certain home work, democracy through mere lections, in the process of a challenging and tedious nation-state building. And the most amazing and saddest thing I happen to understand in Ethiopian politics is that most of the opposition camp, in addition to externalizing and blaming the incumbent TPLF, in parallel they do not as such have the required courage and wisdom to internalize and explore self. And why this happens is mainly becasue we usually do not want to listen those sincere and true opposing or neutral views and voices outside of our camp or domain that are not siding with us. What we usually want to listen is the voice of those who blindly support and side with us and then pity and appease us and then provide us emotional comfort. And in these sense the writer is some how trying to break the ice, in striving to come to truth, though so many of us may feel uncomfortable as if the floor is being lift beneath our feet.Therefore, Ethiopian politics really needs confession and cleansing from its deep-rooted and multifaceted sins irrespective of stereotypical party politics.And in fact it better and wise to solve our deep-rooted and multifaceted problems as an Ethiopian, not based on the fashionable word democracy and stereotypical party politics, but rather based on our own identity and integrity as an Ethiopian and a sensible human being. For me the fashionable word democracy and stereotypical party politics, though tasty and attractive, is just the ice-cream of part of the main base cake (Ethiopiwinet and Ethiopia), without which it is meaningless and non-existent. With all our flaws, let’s be wise, honest and courageous to face and acknowledge what we really are,and not try to deny it or pretend to be another entity what we are not already.
    What we have to, and in fact better also, improve and prosper is based on our own true identity and integrity, not based on what we are not actually. In my view, there is no such a thing as New-Ethiopia or Old-Ethiopia as far as it is based on fake or fictitious identity and integrity.
    And hence let’s not swing like a pendulum with such a high maximum amplitude from one extreme to the other extreme. Though the swing is natural and unavoidable human dynamism, let’s do our proper home work to make it a gentle one with a reasonable equilibrium.
    It is my hope that the writer Tekola is some how genuinely striving to come to reality and truth and in doing so he is helping in the process of breaking the ice.
    As such very seriously, there is no such a thing as winner/loser, cursed/blessed, righteous/errant in the strictest sense of black and white thinking. We are all intricately interwoven human creatures and hence directly or indirectly, sooner or later we contribute our share for every thing and hence we all commonly share all our merits and demerits commonly. So many of us have failed to clearly and precisely identify and figure out the true nature of our inherent war and fight we have been engaged as our life time duty. Therefore, mainly let’s blame, condemn and fight every evil thought and evil act, not the person or society that we deem is the owner of such evil thoughts and evil acts. When this is our primary motto and principle, then even those whom we deem are the owners of such evil thoughts and evil acts also voluntarily and honestly confess their sins, depart from all forces of evil and then align with all forces of good.
    As far us I understand the problem and confusion is not only with the actual problems or with the ones we each claim so, but also with the methodologies and approaches we happen to interact and follow to solve the problems themselves. Finally, it is my strong belief in that true and honest judgment is of divine nature and not that originates from the weak flesh of humanity.
    Rather than blind hatemongering and name calling let such civilized way of informal way of intellectual dialogue based on rational thinking continue in an organized manner endlessly. True or lie it may be as long as it is the sincere feelings and thoughts of others, and not a subtle way of disseminating sheer propaganda out of narrow self interest, let’s give opportunity for such voices to be heard with out harassment and oppression. And I really thank Abugida for such great endeavor. Let all oppressed sincere voices internally screaming from the deepest parts of our humanity gush out and then we will get such a great emotional and psychological relief.
    And who knows what will happen then following this.
    God Bless Ethiopia and the whole world!!!

  4. Girum
    | #4

    The following is my previous comment on an article “Enlighten us without insulting, professor!! By Yohannes E. Temesgen” written on October 18th, 2011 as a reply to previous articles of Tekola.
    Dear writer I am really sorry that we Ethiopians happen to plunge in to this sort of identity crisis and psychological disarrays. In bible what has been written is that the beginning of all knowledge is the fear of God. And in fact in what I do not remember for the time being in which verse in bible there is mentioned in that God has made all mere secular knowledge of this world such a worthless stuff.እግዚአብሄር የዚህን አለም ጥበብና እውቀት ከንቱና የማይረባ አላደረግምን ተብሎ በቅዱስ መፅሀፍ ተፅፏልና እግዚአብሄርን ከመፍራት ጋር አስተባብረን ዓለማዊ እውቀታችንንና ጥበባችንን በማስተዋል ህይወታችንን ልንመራበትና ለመልካም ልንጠቀምበት እንጂ በከንቱ ልንመፃደቅበትና ልንታበይት አይገባም ማለት ነው፡፡ዛሬ የተማረ የተመራመረ ነው ተብሎ የሚታሰበው የሀገራችን ምሁሩ የህብረተሰብ ክፍል እንደዚህ እርስ በርሱ የማይግባባ፣ ራስ ወዳድ፣ሀኬተኛ፣ቀናኢነት የጎደለውና በከንቱ ተመፃዳቂ በመሆኑ ላስተማረው ለሀገሩና ለወገኑም ብዙም ትርጉም ያለው የሚረባ ፋይዳ ሊሰራ ያልቻለ የተኮላሸ ትውልድ የሆነው አንድም እውቀቱና ጥበቡ ሁሉ እግዚአብሄርን ከመፍራትና ከማስቀደም ጋር ያልተሳሰረ ስለሆነ ነው፡፡
    Therefore, being educated and having BSc. MSc. or Phd or achieving what ever maximum possible academic success and then having mere knowledge can be worthless unless we have wisdom as to how to lead our life using our knowledge. At this moment of time I want to remind, admit and cleanse my self from my guilt in that the most of the Ethiopian intellectual society has almost failed to live up to the expectation from the rest of the society out side of its domain and failed to be the pride shield of its peoples and its country. Most of the intellectual society has become very conceit, selfish, confused, coward that is only full of mere theoretical knowledge. And if i have to tell you that the rest of the society though can not exactly figure it out in clear and precise terminologies, has some how subconsciously lost trust on the intellectual society and associated politicians. We have to be honest and courageous to face the truth so that we have to admit our failures. Sometimes when peoples are desperate, confused and have to make some sort of internal emotional and mental cleansing by telling what is exactly deep inside their feelings. This is human dynamism and have to admit and encourage it, even if it can be some how annoying and abusive, so that the emotional pollution that I rampant for generation be cleansed. As far as I understand being mentally genius and intellectual is another thing and being emotionally intelligent is another thing. When we most of us talk about being educated and intellectual the very vital ingredient thing that we most of us miss is that whether some is educated or not there is no as such a very substantial significant difference regarding the dynamism of being human.
    Human dynamism is mainly ruled and guided by a firmware of emotions rather than software of intelligence and knowledge. We most of us have spent a lot of time energy money and other resource studying other academics or knowledge but the saddest part of all is that when it comes to our own humanity we don not as such study or recognize our very humanity and its dynamism. I dare to say that almost all our intellectual society though it could be genius or talented, most of the time there is a possibility of being emotionally ignorant. Whenever there exists savage, dictatorial, arrogant, ignorant, racist, abusive and oppressive powers of any sort cling to power in every walk of our day to lives, besides political issues, even most importantly then inevitability there exists rampant emotional trauma and PTSD which results is deep-rooted and wide range of emotional pollution among the society in a certain nation. In a certain occasion like this I wanted to say something in that the over all situations in our society and country has shifted from being an issue of mere politics to the issue of emotional issue which can be very dangers in that it can not be addressed and solved by mere politics alone. Almost all the severe catastrophic conflicts that arise mainly from our misunderstandings usually take the form of a camouflaged religious, political, race, ideology and other external manifestation. But very deep inside they are mainly the result of the dynamisms of our internal humanity in the form of emotions.
    That is why is some occasions I tried to mention in that our deep rooted and multifaceted problems can not only be addressed and solved by mere politics and by slick and stereotypical politicians alone who only talk about stereotypical words like democracy. Therefore, we need a holistic approach to liberate our very humanity from the shackles and bondages of generational crisis and confusions.
    For example when we think of about TPLF lets take in to considerations the emotional traumas the Tigrean peoples suffer in both the Derg regime and TPLF regime. Starting from the advent the Derge, for the sake of the main cause of Esayas of EPLF force, Tigreans were mislead by their own TPLF leaders like Ato Meles in that they need their own freedom agenda different from the rest of the peoples of Ethiopia to fight for liberation as if they are the only ones uniquely oppressed by any regimes.
    Due to this wrong premise and psychological make up mainly maneuvered by TPLF and Ato Meles the Tigreans were in fact mislead and plunged in to unnecessary wars and miseries that has made them uniquely suffer from the previous wars during the Derg regime. Now they are calling it “sacrifice” and “heroism” as if it was for the legitimate and principled objective that is worthy of being honored and sacrificed. By hook or by crook, fortunately or unfortunately, after the Derg regime failed here TPLF and Ato Meles there in Eritrea Ato Esayas and EPLF has managed to cling to power and those long time aspired freedoms expected by those northern Tigrean speaking peoples some how achieved and prevailed in their own terms and definitions. However, after some time things started to change and realities started to reveal to the extent that: First Ethiopia a very historical country with a population of around 50 million peoples was doomed to be voluntarily landlocked by sheer sabotage, arrogance and ignorance for the firs time in worlds history. To the contrary the seceded country Eritrea with a population of less than 10 millions and which has another port called Mitswa managed to take ways port Assab also. Second the two freedom fighters, who once were very intimate colleagues and partners, TPLF and EPLF, immediately after the aspired freedom due the blatant aggression of the seceded country engaged in to a bloody and catastrophic unnecessary war that took away the lives of so many hundred thousands in both sides. The above two unexpected prominent phenomenon are the saddest of all tragic events in long time Ethiopian history and in fact is also something very odd to happen in the rest of the world. From the above two prominent tragic events and the one that is in continuum through a tensioned bad relationship between the two countries, it is clear now that any sane human being can imagine how the Ato Meles of TPLF and Esayas of EPLF tragically, confused, cheated, misled and abused both of their naïve and gullible innocent peoples under the disguise of freedom whose very cause is a wrongly and uniquely conceptualized oppression against only Tigrans but whose main cause when further traced back is the cause of Esayas and EPLF and this still when traced back further is the cause of colonialism. This wrong pop-psychology systematically induced in to the mentality of Tigreans, based on the wrong premise in that Tigreans uniquely by segregation had been oppressed by Derg and other previous regimes called “ነፍጠኛ” is such a very intentionally devised diabolical and heinous scheme by Ato Mels/TPLF and Esayas/ EPLf in order to ultimately agitate and mobilize the Tigrean peoples for the ultimate purpose of such insidious destructive agenda that has been implemented for the last 20 years and in continuum as we can live witness it. Who MAINLY benefits from this all tragic event? MAINLY outside forces out side of the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea and those in power like TPLF, EPLF and few of its business affiliates. The rest of the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia do not get as such any meaningful significant benefit except the oppression and hardship they have been suffering by TPLF and EPLF. Especially I feel that the majority of, gullible, naive and innocent peoples of Tigray have been becoming the very stooge instruments of the heinous underground scheme of Meles/TPLF Esayas/EPLF and Foreign powers under the disguise of liberation. They have been time and again induced and cheated by the hatemongering indoctrination of Ato Meles and TPLF in that the rest of Ethiopian peoples especially the so called Amharas are their inherent enemies. With this bad and evil motive, that is based on the infamous motto of divide and rule, Ato Meles and top TPLF members diabolically managed to build a strong wall of hatred and distrust among many Ethiopian peoples.
    More than any of us the Tigrean peoples are being a scapegoat led and plunged in to a sort of confusion, psychological dilemma and emotional trauma that is filled with hatred, revenge, emotional dishonesty and emotional instability. They have been mislead and made to pay a huge sacrifice indeed, but the sacrifice is something that is not based on truth which is doomed to end up ultimately being a worthless purpose as we see it today its end game. Every time they preach and show us on state monopolized TV, in other means and occasions the sacrifices and heroism of TPLF and Tigrean peoples. What is the ultimate meaning and purpose of that sort of sacrifice and heroism? A very vital question to be answered and also that needs to be faced honestly to tell the truth. If it is indeed for our real liberation or freedom then why we Ethiopians are always time and again, to this extent of boringness, we are preached and enslaved by this sort of sacrifice and heroism as if we have been indebted to it that we can never pay? That is why so many intellectual Tigreans who have been serving and served the insidious and diabolical wrong purpose of TPLF and EPLF for the last so many years, whose end game is becoming so tragic, become so confused, sick and emotionally traumatized and may also become PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).That is why genius intellectual guys like Tekola ends up in becoming so resentful and hateful of others because very deep inside the fight and conflict is introvert and it has to then manifest it self and turn to be extrovert before being introvert for cleansing of own sins. Dear writer believe me not only Tekola , but also all other TPLF top leaders and members, especially Meles, are all PTSD. That is why they mercilessly and arrogantly abuse their own peoples to this extent of disgrace and misery in deep-rooted and multifaceted ways.
    Even the ultimate silence and disregard by the innocent oppressed and abused peoples of Ethiopia angers and disturbs them. While the innocent oppressed and abused peoples of Ethiopia are oppressed to keep quite and doomed to be voiceless to scream their misery and oppression, the emotional trauma and pain of Ato Meles and TPLF outweighs by a higher degree than that of innocent, oppressed and abused mass.
    Now Ethiopia and Ethiopians are not only under a political oppression but are also under the misery of emotional pollution that mainly originates from the evil Ato Meles and his few evil colleagues in TPLF.
    And in fact it is not a surprise that we hear such inside personality sentiments gushing out of Tekola regarding the current general situations in Ethiopia. Ato Meles is such a very crazy guy in that he thinks and believes that he can manipulate and maneuvered every thing to his own advantage.
    He is just evil genius in that he can not deeply understands the inherent dynamisms of human nature.
    He failed to confess his evil deeds honestly and then to cleanse his sins for all his destructive crimes he committed against Ethiopiwinet and Ethiopia. In fact for Gods sake I do not exactly know until which climax and ultimate destiny that he will continue with his evil deeds and thoughts. However, there are many members of TPLF who blindly breathe by his lung and also follow his footsteps towards eventual inevitable destruction, disgrace and failure. Those who managed to actively awake and retreat in advance from the illusion of his inherent destructive agenda and purpose under the disguise of TPLF liberation are also in dilemma in that they still believe that their sacrifice and heroism from the inception was a justifiable righteous cause though it ultimately got hijacked and abused by Ato Meles.
    Those who depart inadvertently on their side, but deliberately by Ato Meles and TPLF, are thrown like dirt or a chewed used gum that lost it taste, after their intended service time expires, are very emotionally traumatized and confused ones. Unless they confess their sins honestly, for the crimes and wrong doings they committed while they were with Ato Meles and TPLF, then they can not coherently side and form intimacy with any forces, to fill the hole of validation they deep inside fell as a human being.
    That is why I once said that Ethiopian politics is full of confusion, dishonesty, arrogance and hatred that entangled in vicious-circles and hence can not be as such easily addressed and solved by the usual ordinary type of political thoughts as has been advanced for the last 40 or more years.
    Wrong or right, let’s honestly scream and shout and express our emotional feelings and thoughts from the deepest part of our humanity in a polite and appropriate manner. Let’s encourage others, if it has to externally manifest it self, as well to do so even if it can be a bit annoying and disturbing so that the emotional pollution and trauma that is prevailing deeply and widely gets soothed gradually.
    We are all sinners and wounded souls and hence nobody is as such entirely 100% responsible for all the damages and wrong doings and wrong thoughts. We are all intricately interwoven human beings as a society of this nation. We all contribute directly or indirectly, though the degree and type varies, to the over all chaos and confusion that is prevailing today or in the past. When I personally externalize and want to blame some one else for the abuses and wrong acts committed against me, sometimes I happen to forget that it is me in the first place who happens to be willing to bow down and pave the way so that that some one gets encouraged to abuse and oppress me. Usually we are all irresponsible and dishonest peoples in that we usually tend to blame others for all the wrong doings that are committed against us. And the Ethiopian politics is full of this sort of irresponsibility and dishonesty in that the populace is psychologically conditioned and controlled to externalize and blaming rather than internalizing and self confession of own sins. And the over all situation has some how become a sort of “the dance of wounded souls” as is described in some psychological books. As a human being, as a citizenry, as a society and as a nation, we have to be honest with self and take appropriate responsibility for all our thoughts and actions under our own guidance and control. When Tekola mercilessly wants to blame all the Derg officials for all the crimes committed under which absolute rational basis he is claiming this?
    When I say this I am not even claiming to defend that they are not to be blamed and are they not to become accountable. What, I mean is why we all Ethiopians ask seriously and honestly as to why that all tragic event happened to this nation? Why? Why? Why? No body as such wants to seriously and honestly face truth and answer this question. Therefore, every thing is becoming a mere folk lore legend and mythical pop-psychology whose ultimate rationality is neither questioned nor answered properly. Then for how long will we continue in this sort of vicious-circle and confusion? And the main purpose that this sort of cover-up and mythical vicious-circle and confusion induced as a pop-psychology in to the populace only serves those selfish minority elites and slick politicians who want to gain advantage from this stalemate in order to cling to power. Therefore, who mainly benefits from the blind drum beat of hatred and condemnation voiced against the release of Derg officials by ‘mercy’? Not even those hurt and agonized by the Derg officials. But mainly those who do not want to carry out the very challenging task of elf internalization and who do not want to admit and confess their own part of sin they contributed to the tragedy directly or indirectly. Usually when some is innocent and is some how clean of sin or is responsible and honest with self then he/she can bear, tolerate and forgive the sin of others to the maximum possible strive. That is why in bible said that all are sinners, not even one including Abraham, and all has been deprived of the grace of God. And it is the forgiveness and grace of God that can enable and make us a viable, meaningful and purposeful human creature. Every body wants to point his/her finger at others for blaming and condemnation, and no one as such wants to admit that he/she is also part of the whole game. Blaming in the very strictest and serious sense out of self absolute self conceit and righteousness does as such serves us no more any a longer. If we are honest sane peoples, both as a human being and as a citizenry, let’s mainly internalize rather than externalize issues and come to our sense and heart to be honest with us and to admit and confess our own individual sins so that we will be at peace and love with self. The prevalent dirty game of ordinary and stereotypical politics can not as such solve our deep-rooted and multifaceted problems and confusions we are entangled with.
    May be wrong or right, however let’s encourage and allow others, like Tekola to express his deep feelings of emotions and thoughts and try to understand the very causes behind it. Oppression of feelings and emotions will lead us to a very devastating destiny. Whether some one is educated or not, does not as such significantly matter with regard to feelings and emotions. There are so many occasions where some one highly educated like Tekola or Ato Meles or for that matter including me to become emotionally dishonest, emotionally immature, and emotionally unstable while to the contrary any ordinary uneducated lay man can be the opposite with regard to emotions. This is one of the many paradoxes of life and our times. Therefore is Tekola or others similar have resentment or grievance over others then let’s be some how reasonably be fair and honest to tolerate to listen and understand.
    If others really feel a sense of hatred and resentment against us then rather than influencing or compelling them to oppress and hide their true inside feelings then let’s encourage them to say what they really feel and face it wisely and boldly. Otherwise being dishonest with what we feel will eventually create emotional trauma and emotional pollution and disturbance. Regardless of whether some one is educated or not feelings and emotions are the real inherent attributes of human nature and human dynamism. The main point is that rather than denying, how we recognize and honor our true feelings and emotions and then to constructively and wisely express it with out damaging self or others.
    When dear writer says with the head line “Enlighten us without insulting, professor!!” i appreciate the article and support its essence. However, what I mean or what I am saying so far is let’s also understand the other side of the whole event regarding the intricate dynamism of human nature.
    God Bless Ethiopia and its peoples!!!

  5. Helo
    | #5


    As Ghandi said, an eye for an eye makes everybody blind. I do believe in justice but every case could be different. Just because others go on killing spree it doesn’t mean everyone has to do it. You see there is such thing as called humanity. What is it about we humans have something especially and how to exercise it: it is about humanity, wisdome, evolving and enlightment which requries a loooot of self control and emotions. That is how humans shoudl be achieving towards besides technology. Unfortuantely we are going away from this as time goes back. If we are not evolving then we are only one step after other animals. Take for example of forgiveness in South Africa where worse huamn violations occured. The problem to those unenlightened revenge is there is such thing that the universe/god does sooner or later, it is a natural phenomenon that achieving revenge leads to the destruction of the revenge seeker. Perfect example that is going on is the 911. The U.S should have focused in Afghanistan to seek justice, for instance the U.S is very much capable of sending it covert operations and slowly take out Al Qaeda groups. They prefer to invade instead and beyond to Iraq. I am not opposing or supporting in this case but look at what happened after 10 years of seeking revenge. Many U.S soldiers died more than the victims who died during 911, trillions of dollars was used that affected the U.S economy today. So this is what I am talking about. So the U.S is ending up with losing its economy, its people, its democracy, its constitution, creating more enemies, its order, etc, etc.. etc.. So revenge is not always good. I am for seeking justice and sometimes if the pereptrator is a continuance to life threatening then you have to illiminate but how you should illiminate so that you don’t destroy yourself and others unecessary is important. This is where the wisdom and enlightement comes in. What is more hard work is that how do you like it when you transform the worst ruthless people in the world into humanity? Then you have done a good job.

    “At any rate, because of wide spread intermarriage of the ruling families across ethnic groups most of our past rulers were multi-ethnic in their genetic make up the exceptions being Mengistu Hailemariam and Gragn Mohammed who were from two different ethnic groups from the periphery of our Ethiopian society at the time of their ascendance to power.” Your racism is showing here that sounds scary. I don’t know what Ethiopia means to you, is it only Oromo, Amara, Gurage, Tigre,and to hell with the rest of indigenous people? Can the Gambella, Omo, etc be a president of Ethiopia? Why didn Mengistu kill so many people? It is exactly the attitude you have as he had inferiority complex. That is the reason. The issue is what is his Bantuness has anything to do with the way he was leading if he were to lead properly? You sound like unless certain groups of people any other groups that is within the border of Ethiopia if elected should not lead. It is shame when you said generalizing that Mengistu, because he was a Bantu should not have lead and that to me is pure racism and ignorant. I am still curious what you have to say about the current leadership of Ethiopia. You discussed so much about revenge on Mengistu trying to bring the humanistic side of TPLF. REally? Are you opening your eyes today where Ethiopia is heading? Do you know sometimes killing is better than the most dangerous game that TPLF is playing called the ethnic card? What you are trying to send a message TPLF as sane organization is that they just give the guns but they are not doing the killing. The pictures speak for itself with what is going on in Ethiopia. As to Mengistu’s justice, TPLF as a party only cares itself and not for the rest of Ethiopia. What it wanted was not justice as it has no emotion, it wanted Ethiopia’s economy and wealth. Otherwise we will see them submitting papers to ICC. Your anger towards the “humane” TPLF is because they didn’t bring Mengistu to justice. After all this maybe something that could implicate them that they are not seekign justice. When Ethiopai is really standing for all Ethiopians not just TPLF (mostly Tigreans) then not only Ethiopia will seek justice from Mengistu but also TPLF. I would have agreed to most of your discussion but the whole article seems like written as elitist who looks down on Bantu, humanizing the TPLF regime. Because of this, I really disagree.

  6. Legesse
    | #6

    “The courage to swallow the bitter truth…”, even the title is written with such a bad taste one is not inclined to read the lengthy article. If one reads the article we get more of the same of tecola hagos, who bullies the readers to his own version of minority and majority. In this moder 21st century tecola hagos is trying to sell the medieval period feudal barbarism as the medicine for ethiopia’s politics. Albeit in a typical ethnic mischief tecola deviated in his own way in favour of the beauty of tigre feudal barbarism and demonized king minilik, king tewodros and the entire central amharas establishment. The same tecola hagos that drew a picture of the sinful amhara and the saintful tigre is now turning coat with a bizarre induction theory of mengistu is a bantu and vice versa ( a bantu is mengistu). A self styled writer that tecola is now attempting to form a critical mass of support by extending his narrow nationalism sentiment to include the oromos, amharas, Somalis and other groups which according to his ethnic and facial diatribe are the “look alike groups” to be considered as the legitimate heirs of ethiopia’s throne and rule over other people. Tecola’s attempt to marginalize other ethnic groups in favour of his fancy collection “genguine Ethiopians’ is at best an eccentric talk and at worst barbaric by any measure of intellectual standards.
    We are reading from Tecola multidimensional eccentricity. Those who did not agree with tecola are either Mengistu’s supporters or supporters or other terrorist groups as he wrote. The latter assertion is very indiscriminate can include the alqueda group. I am quite sure no one takes tecola seriously in this. Opposing Tecola can not be equated with supporting mengistu. Here one sees a wrong induction once again: if you are against me you are pro mengistu. As a matter of fact Mengistu was nothing but a perfectionist emulator of the feudal barbarism which tecola is now preachjing to us that was a proud Ethiopian heritage. Unlike what tecola is trying to preach us here, the feudal barabarism was indsicrimnate and class based, it was reckless and cruel.
    Tecola’s new theory that the agew/beja ethnicity will soften cruelty is bizarre. What is meles zenawi doing to the non-tigre people.? Is meles a bantu.? Why is Meles happily killing and oppressing amharas and oromos? Why is meles and the entire tplf and tigrean establishment hateful of amharas , oromos and others? Is tecola hagos different? Not at all. My assertion is that The likes of tecola hagos are not at all needed for the future Ethiopia. Because they live in the barabaric medieval era.

  7. aha!
    | #7

    Your narratives appears one of being defensive over your own ideas puth forth in the media to reflect what the Ethiopian saying goes, “kaaf keweta affaf”, or “belefelefu yitefu”.

  8. Dawi
    | #8

    Girum’s comment is in a level of a TOP STORY on its own right.

    Prof. Tecola as a teacher brought the level of discussion to a higher level and Girum has followed suit.

    MA – has purposely missed the point.


  9. Samuel
    | #9


    A agree with you. The man is a rogue scholar going wild. His arrogance has no bounds and I feel ashamed to belong to “His Ethiopia”. It behooves all educated people to denounce such a racist person who comes across as one who cares about Ethiopia. We know that TPLF comes in many forms. The Derg atrocities in the early years of its power is well documented. The TPLF atrocities against Ogadenis, Gambella, Oromo, Amharas is even worse than the picture he tries to paint. It is being documented and there is no escape using Mengistu Haile Mariam as a boogey man.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Dr. Tecola Hagos,
    You have expressed your feelings very well. You seem to believe strongly in Ethiopiawinet. I have been eager to findout a little about you. I humbly request if you could answer these questions please:
    Have you ever been a member of Tigrae People Liberation Front? If you still are or were, why did you join a political party that was intended to fight and liberate only your ethnic group? What convince you to be an adviser to TPLF, particularly, to Meles? What was your action and advice when Meles dismissed and abandoned all the the non-Tigrean Ethiopians in Addis, who fought along with him to topple Mengestu and gave all the credit only to members of TPLF? What was your action and advice to Meles when Meles taken the fertile land from Gondar and wollo to widen the Tigrea province? What was your action and advice to Meles when Meles decided to give to Eritrea every inch of Ethiopian ports and a gift of a billion dollar of Ethiopians’ Tax Payers money to his cousin Esayas? were you able to notice from the get go the arrogance, the narcissistic behavior and cruelty of Meles? What did you think of Meles’s wife Azeb then, and now that she spends millions on shopping spree when Ethiopians die of hunger? Do you believe you were used or fooled by Meles and his close associates? Do you regret that you used to be one of confidant advisers to one of the most inhumane dictator in the world that has the blood of countless number of innocent Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis? Thank you in advance.

  11. astra
    | #11

    Can Tecola redeem himself. I do not think so. He is a dyed in the wool tribalist who is hopelessly archaic and stuck in his tribal and now recently racist gutter views. He makes a semblance of an apology about his innumerable past mistake but immediately covers it up with MASSIVE amount of mumbo-jumbo. Because he is scatter-brained he takes five pages what could be written in one page. I advise him to go back to school and learn about precis writing.But I suspect he is too old. So we read , when we can the musings of an old man.

  12. Haq
    | #12

    According to the Anthropologists, there are no Bantu in Ethiopia. Mengistu was Omotic, I think, of the tribes of southern Ethiopia. The Gambellans are classed as Nilotic and not Bantu. The nearest Bantus in the Horn of Africa are the ones on the Somali border with Kenya and not in Ethiopia.

    But does this all matter that much? Why are we all getting lost in a maze of identity politics which is known to lead to nowhere good?

  13. ጉረኞች
    | #13

    You are trying your very best to be nice to the guy. Why? The guy doesn’t deserve any respect in any society as he is a notorious racist. Don’t be deceived with his long essays. There is nothing constructive in it. He unnecessarily cities some authors to confuse readers and as if his essays are based on some philosophical principle.
    The guys speaks out of the two ends of his mouth. He contradicts himself thousand time before he finishes a paragraph. If he was a resourceful person, as some might think, he would have published some seminal books like those intellectuals much younger than he is did in the past few years. He spends his retirement by criticizing what other did rather than doing something substantial himself. Remember the commentary he wrote about Dr. Aklog Birara’s book. Of all things, the first thing he uttered was how big Dr. Aklog head was, not congratulations. His job is to dehumanize Ethiopians and undermine our culture. Read again the racist remark he made about Mengistu and Ahmed Gragn. I do not think anybody at this day and age think about Bantu, except racist people like him.

  14. Sam
    | #14

    I read Tecola’s argument about the pardoning of the Derg officials. Had I read his article almost thirty years ago while I was in Derg’s prison or immediately thereafter, I would have applauded Tecola for being wise and just. I have a different take on the issue now. First, I do not believe capital puishment would be a detterent for the next bloodsuckers. I do not believe that. Could I believe the current politicians in power check themselves fearing what the future might hold? I do not believe that either. Do I believe the future political murderers would take a lesson if the Derg officials now revceive the Hitler’s final solution? I do not believe that to happen. So, if silencing the Derg officials do not shape the current or future political murderers, or persuade them to change from killing people who do not share their political beliefs, why the need to kill? Just a revenge. For a long time I myself was consumed by the desire of having a revenge. Not anymore. I might be carchatertized as paranoid, but I see in many politicians a clear desire to clear out those in disagreement with them. If that clearing out happen out to be silencing them for ever, that is ok, too. Time seems to play a big part in deciding who would be the silencer. The Derg had it thity plus years ago. EPDRF now. I believe then the Derg officials should ease out as when nature call them. They are not much differenrt from the current one. Derg was on power when Communism was the fashion of the time, at least in Ethiopia. They tuned for that drum. EPDRF came to power when the talk of democracy was the fashion of the time, even in Ethiopia. They just leapfroged from being socialist to being democrat. It is the time who decides what you believe in Ethiopia’s politics. Tecola, leave the old bloodsuckers alone.

  15. astra
    | #15

    Sam- you are way out of line on this. The Derg and the Kahmer Rouge (of Cambodia) are the two worst criminals since Hitler. How dare you you compare them to TPLF. However, hateful they are (the TPLF) including their agent provocatuer, the bitter and aging Tecola, they cannot be compared to the Derg which has killed a million and a half and sent over four million to exile

  16. kiros
    | #16

    Amazing! Tecola zigs and zags every other way and it is a tough act to follow his points. I don’t understand why he is trying to single out a small minority and associate them with a notorious killer. Does it really matter what group Mengistu belongs? How about Meles Zenawi? Well, according to Tecola his ancestors may be from some periphery in Gojjam. Does that really matter? He states Ato Teklesadike didn’t write this or that or didn’t clarify that or this. He may also ask he didn’t wrtie any thing about Bantus, ignored Wolaytas, Somali’s, etc…Can a historian be accused of something he didn’t write? Tecola criticizing an accomplished historian who wrote by hand great historical books, not by computer, is simply wrong. He brings up village or court rumors and gossip as Ethiopian history and asks why Teklesadike forgot to write them. This a very amateurish gossip in itself. I also strongly believe his criticism of Menelik, in whose Palace he may have been guest of the current occupier, is misplaced, unjustified and clearly wrong.

  17. Zerayakob Yared
    | #17

    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ነግ-በኔን የሚፈሩ ሰዎች ስልጣን ላይ እስካሉ ጊዜ ድረስ, የትላንትና ግፈኞች, ስማቸው መንግስቱም ይባል ባንቱ ወይንም የፈለገው ሌላም ይሁን, ምን ጊዜም ለፍርድ አይቀርቡም:: የአራት ኪሎ ራቢጣዎች መርሆአቸው “የትላንትናውን አናይም, የነገው ነው እንጂ” ነውና::

    እነ አይሽማን እስራኤል ውስጥ ለፍርድ የቀረቡት, ትላንትና በህዝባቸው ላይ የደረሰውን ግፍ ችላ የማይሉ ወይንም የነገ ስልጣን ማራዘምያ አድርጎ ለመጠቀም የማይፈልግ አመራርና ህብረተሰብም ስላለ ነው! በዚህ መንፈስ ኢትዮጵያን የሚያስተደድር አመራርና ተከታይ ገና እንዲመጣ ይጠበቃል::

  18. Dawi
    | #18

    [[...I disagree, for the dynamics of ethnic and family affiliation does soften such atrocities, but most importantly historical connections and continuity of shared values seemed to have controlling power on leaders that are legitimate who were until recently mostly Amharas, Tigrayans, Oromos—almost hundred percent Agew/Bejas. We must restore the political power structure to individuals that represent the majority of the people of Ethiopia. ...]]

    Ethnic affiliation is constructed as pointed out by historical intermarriages, cultural and social habits. Such construction doesn’t explain conflict. Does it?

    What brings/brought conflict is a result of mobilization by individuals who aspire for political and economic power. The role of mobilization reshapes ethnicity for good or for worst.

    TPLF by mobilization has narrow tribal design for Ethiopia at the beginning but the change of direction by the mobilizer Meles (Bantu?) has hopefully changed course? of the eventual tribal conflict to a now “developmental state” concept. From this we can conclude the mobilizer/actor leader has a lot to do in avoiding tribal wars in Africa and else where.

    Mengestu (Bantu?) failed building the national state even though he mobilized for it at the get go. Why?

    According to Prof. Tecola Mengestu’s ethnic affiliation/make up made him take extreme/unacceptable atrocity/measures against groups to bring them into submission and that brought not only his down fall but, the separation of Eritrea from the main land.??

  19. Mesfin
    | #19

    Another very sick piece of writing. Tecola’s views and his call for synonimity of Mengistu and Bantu is dangerously genocidal. This is a man so blinded by hate and racism that he can not differentiate an individual from a group. As far as Mengistu is concerned and as far as the “ethnicities” of his parents were concerned, his father was an Oromo and his mother was an Amahara, period. As the writers above put it, there are no Bantu people in Ethiopia. But more importantly the word Bantu is misplaced purposely by Tecola to reinforce the shade of division and hatred among people in Ethiopia based on ethnicity, looks and language. In fact Tecola, when talking about Keneth kaunda of zambia, used the exact parallel of the “Bantu” derogatory adopted by the former White Apartheid rulers of south africa to refer to the black people in general. In those times, blacks as different from whites, were indiscriminately called “Bantus”. The education given to blacks was designed as “Bantu education”. Tecola is emulating the former apartheid rulers of South Africa in a way that has no sense for Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country that fought for black independence against white colonialism. Tecola comes up with a reverse logic of implementing apartheid in ethiopia by enforcing special treatment and restriction against what he calls bantus. But who is this man afterall? Is some writers put it above, does this man has any sense of morality? Who give him the free ticket to denigrate and insult people to the extent of calling for apartheid in ethiopia? Was this not the culture of his fathers and forefathers to denigrate and insult people based on their looks and ethnicity.? Is this man any different from the primitive and crude culture of his belly-bound fathers who could only teach him how to degrade people? This man seems to suffer from the blame and insult syndrome. One time against Muslims, another time against Amharas, yet another time against Eritreans. I see a lot of pathology in Tecola Hagos’s thinking and writing. I would advice him not to write any thing for the sake of his own sanity.

  20. true
    | #20

    Dr? Hagos,

    How about the TPLFites live in the present moment? The key you are holding of your complaints of the past is in your hands, make a change! Stop blaming and living in the past. We are living in the present moment!

  21. Lack of Conscience
    | #21

    You can take Africans out of Africa and educate them, but you cannot remove tribalism out of them. Ethiopians would have accept any Ethiopian to run their country regardless where he/she came from. Ethiopians only ask the individual to have respect for rule of law and humanity. Case in point, Meles and Mengestu came from different ethnic groups, but both of them happened to be heartless, insensitive and cold blooded killers who lack conscience. If it weren’t for some hodam Ethiopians, who work/ed and stand/stood closely by the sides of these inhumane dictators, the lives of many Ethiopians and the Ethiopian land and treasure could have been saved. Those Ethiopians who stood and watched the blood of so many Ethiopians spilled needlessly, by the hands of Meles and mengestu, should know that, their hands are also covered with the blood of countless number of Ethiopians directly or indirectly.

  22. Sheger
    | #22

    You said good. But why didn’t you talked about the current Government? And why do you sick justice from from such
    Oppressive regime????? For such an intellectual person, the EPRDFor the TPLF can not be invincible and it wasn’t.
    So what HAPPEND???????

  23. Lucy in America
    | #23

    Racists stay racists. Their narrow minded can not allow to think beyond their nose. Tecola hagos who borned and grew in wollo from his tegere father and Amhara’s mother was the first advisor of Meles naziawi, who divide the ethiopia’s people by ethnice lines simply to stay on power by dividing ethiopians. Good for nothing proffessor was in ethiopia when the tegere’s criminlas have committed a genocide against an Amhara in different place parts of ethiopia . That means Tecolla will be charged for his crimes against our country. It is really shame to write about ethnice groups currently and even more scham to stick mengistu with bantu’s ethnice group. Mengist told ethiopians from zimbawe his ethnice groups., His father is an oromo and his mother from Amhara. peroid.Her no bantu, no omotice or neoltice.We know for sure mengistu was not as rascist as the tegere’s gujiles, because mengistu was from two majorities ethnice groups.
    Tecola’s critice of the well know ethiopia’s historian Tekletadik mekuria shows Tecola’s stupidity and shamelesseness. Our great historian Tekeltadik had done what he could in his share in that darkest time when there was no even typing machine. But the question here what Tecola hagos has accomplished in his life time for the ethiopia’s people except trashing web sites by his hatre and divisiable articles by accussing one of Africa’s black lions [ Ate Menelik].
    Do Tecola have any clue about atse menelik’s an oromo’s root from his mother?
    The problem with Tecola is he grew out side of tegeray [ in wollo] and that created deep inferirioty to stabilize his deep inferiority he should hate Amhara very deeply.That is why Tecola has been writting so many trash artilces against atse Menilik, but Tecola has never told us why atse Yohanse led the british’s army untill mekedella and cuased for the death of dejache gebereye, atse tewodros and other ethiopians?
    Tecola did not know even that gragn mehamed did not prtend to be an ethiopia’s leader. He focused on religion.
    What is very interesting from Tecola’s artilce,the derg officials do not desrve any pardon, and he even went far and told us all the former dergists who are living in westren countries must be deported back to weyane’s hands. So shame. that means Tecola is still hidden weyane. the derg criminals must face justice for their crimes, but not by the tegere’s gujiles kangaro court.

  24. Sam
    | #24

    astra I would have reponded to your feedback sooner had I read it before just now. I think my writing was poor, and imparted a meaning I did not intend to have had. I did not mean the TPLF went on a killing rampage as the Derg had had. There is no comparision to be made there. But, astra, you have to take into account the time factor. It is not fashionable now to kill right and left and slogan it as Stalin’s “BETER.” Had TPLF been in power during the Derg time coulds have resorted to the same silencing or not had to be left for historian to write about it. I would not dare to speculate on that. But I take issue on your figures: that the Derg eliminated a million andf half is a stretch. Maybe you counted the people who had died during the famine while the DErg was in power. I could not , I believe, and I should not factor that.

  25. Girum-ME !!!
    | #25

    The following is an excerpt taken from the writer under: V. On Poverty, Sexuality and Family in Poor Ethiopia.
    • Communism or socialism will not do, for the fact of unmanageable human nature that will not be properly self disciplined when in power. The only remedy is to promote individual freedom and liberty in the first place, and structure institutions to contend and contain the excesses of such liberty.

    • I understand the issues of human sexuality and family formations to be very sensitive subject matters in any society. If we leave such intimate human reality to the individual, we will not be any better than the animals that surround as, such as dogs, cats, horses, et cetera. Even when we look at the animal world that is close to the state of nature, we clearly can observe that sexual mating is not free for all, but that it is a regimented highly competitive affair that only very few at the top of the pecking order succeed in mating and leaving behind offspring of heightened genetic potentials. I am not discounting the fact of personal attractions and the role of aesthetics in the choices people make in the formations of life-partners. In examining such factors one can learn the complex interplay between genetics and civilization, and why the family and society are best equipped to regulate and control such individual interactions with social consequences.

    • I have heard the sophomoric view, especially by young feminists claiming their sexual choices are their own business. Nothing can be further from the truth than such statements. Female sexuality more than that of male sexuality is the business of family and the community.

    The current deep-rooted and wide range of global financial and economical crisis and its aftermath social chaos is very evident in that capitalism too is not as such a viable solution social order for the majority mass. The greedy and savage unrefined form of Western capitalism that has been in total monopoly control after the end of cold war is witnessing in that its sole prevalence with out alternative checks means is very devastating. And that is why we see such global mass uprising, including the USA and Uk who are the epicenter and crux of global capitalism. And this incident of global awakening and mass uprising including USA and UK is very telling in that the over all crisis is more of severe economical nature rather than lack of stereotypical bogus democracy, though it is naively portrayed by some of our naïve Ethiopian politicians as if it is a matter of mere dictatorship only.
    Therefore we are in a moment of time in history where humanity is at cross-roads where we have to make wise judgments and choices regarding what sort of global social order we have to follow and advance. Though the incumbent TPLF junta mainly led by Ato Meles misleading claims to be Revolutionary Democrat, Developmental-State or this or that at different times, but practically what it has been mainly following and advancing for the last 20 solid years and also in continuum is Capitalism of the West and even specifically its Neo-Liberal agenda and policies. Why because it is well known fact that the fight against Derg regime was not only the sole agenda of TPLF and EPLF but behind the curtain, it was also behind backed and part of an intricate grand plan and agenda of the West under the disguise of fighting global communism. Therefore, for the success of TPLF and EPLF in fighting and throwing away Derg,the contribution of the West was very vital and decisive. And hence following the end of cold war and the emergence of West’s Capitalism as victorious and dominant globally, coinciding with the coming of TPLF to power, then this poor country was automatically forced directly or indirectly to engage, follow and advance the West’s Capitalism with out proper scrutiny and any other alternative.
    Hence what follows was importing every thing from abroad and the West with out scrutiny and choice, including the fashionable and bogus word democracy. All garbage fashionable things we were not familiar before like uncensored Holly wood films, boutiques, cosmetics, odd and bizarre entertainment places, night-clubs and other new ways of life proliferate to the unexpected and unimaginable stage that is totally unfamiliar and incoherent to Ethiopians tradition and culture. And with this all new bizarre things, the young generation, especially female ones get very tempted, tamed and cheated with such bizarre things they never experienced before and get lost gradually being entirely trapped and stuck with it .Then together with this dangerous event, unrefined feminism was hyped, induced, propagated and disseminated and Ethiopian tradition and culture has got doomed to be spoiled by Westernization.
    The women are molded and indoctrinated by the mainstream media as if they are deliberately oppressed and abused by their men and as if they are perfect being who are righteous in every aspect of sexuality or other affairs. They are even told that “Ethiopian Females are beautiful” as if their counter part males are ugly so that they(especially those educated ones) misconceive things and hence physically and psychologically consider them selves unique to depart themselves from their counter part males.And as a result a lot of Ethiopian females are being psychologically and logistically guided to find a mate out side of their domain in foreign lands. They are being psychologically guided as if they deserve to demand more than what existing realities can support and hence Ethiopian men are being victimized of this mentality of unwarranted feminism. Men in cities, especially in Addis, are psychologically and emotionally abused to meet the undeserved demands of their counterpart female mates. And the result is that such very tragic events of physical abuse manifested against women, but if properly and wisely traced back, whose initial cause is the very insidious and easily undetectable abuse of males by their counter parts female. The physical abuse and aftermath emotional abuse by males against their female counter parts is easily manifested and externally observable for any sort of judgment However, the insidious emotional abuse, knowingly or unknowingly, mainly committed against male by their female counter parts is very undetectable and non observable for any sort of judgment in our backward society.
    I read some where on a certain proverb, may be a Chinese one that says “If you want to attack a certain society or country attack women first” and it is some how diabolically applied on our poor country for the last 20 years under the rule of the irresponsible, racist and corrupt incumbent TPLF regime.
    Why the above social, cultural, traditional and religious identity of Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopia is challenged and spoiled to this extent of disgrace and crisis using an intricately organized manner?
    First, this poor country has a long history of resisting any form of foreign aggression and colonialism ,which has been becoming the very source of exemplary moral boost for similar resistance in other poor countries, and hence the coming of such stooge, irresponsible, racist, corrupt TPLF thug to power, that has deep- rooted disregard and hatred against Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet, is such a good opportunity to adulterate and spoil the untouched pride, integrity, identity of Ethiopiwinet in order to systematically and insidiously challenge, destabilize and dismantle Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopia.
    Second because the inherent nature of TPLF is very racist, corrupt and irresponsible, then in order to stay in power in a very sustainable and reliable manner, then it has to impoverish, impair and destabilize the rest of Ethiopia and Ethiopian society out side of its base and affiliates. That is why the incumbent TPLF thug is undertaking such a huge well organized insidious social restructuring in a way that is able to change and disarray the inherent nature of the base of the social fabric of Ethiopian society.
    Therefore, the economical and social crisis is this poor country is mainly more of deliberate than due to lack of knowledge and expertise. Why? Because one of the main diabolical grand plan and agenda of Ato Meles, TPLF and EPLF is the hegemony of Northern Tigirigna speaking peoples over the rest of the peoples of Ethiopia. And to successfully implement this so called AMHARA peoples have to be impoverished, impaired and destabilized under the disguise of NEFTEGNA hoax. And this diabolical agenda when traced back is not something free of the intervention of foreign forces. Because divide and rule is the diabolical motto of the West applied all over their colonial subjects all over the world.
    Therefore the entire history of TPLF and EPLF is mainly related to this agenda and scenario related to foreign interest and influence in the background more than what is officially claimed, narrated hyped mere liberation of Tigirigna speaking peoples. The main product targeted is the general impairment and destabilization and possibly disintegration (Balkanization) of the main big Ethiopia as a result of the bi-products of succession of Eritrea and liberation of Tigreans through TPLF and others possibly in continuum through OLF and ONLF. If we happen to broaden our insight beyond mere narrow concepts like democracy and dictatorship, all the current prominent events taking place in Africa, including the very tragic events in Libya, and the Middle East Arab world are much related to the intricate nature of global capitalism and its global political economy. Balkanization based on Sectarian and ethnic identity is the main tool of divide and rule motto of global capitalism and its imperialistic nature. And it is this same devilish scheme that has been implemented on Ethiopia for the last 20 years and in continuum.
    However all this devilish and insidious schemes by the West are implemented against us poor Africans and other Middle East Arab countries mainly based on the cover of democracy and humanitarian mission. If we happen to seriously investigate and explore very deep inside the very tragic event in Libya, the whole event is mainly related to more of neo-re-colonization of Africa than that of the fashionable and bogus words like democracy and dictatorship of a single person called Ghadafi.
    Therefore we have to be wise to discern main products and bi-products. Therefore if we seriously and wisely trace back all prominent events in our country for the last 40 or more years, the intervention and influence of foreign forces in this poor and historical country is very significant and immense. For every ,political, economical, social, cultural and other crisis in 3rd world countries for the last 40 years is mainly backed by the result of direct or indirect influence and intervention of capitalism and its imperialistic nature globally. And dear knowledgeable Tekola as intimate and influential advisor of Ato Meles and TPLF for the last so many years, he better explain us this sort of significant foreign intervention and influence, that has such a very powerful stretched hands behind the stooge Ato Meles and TPLF, and its immense contribution to the current crisis.
    For example the land policy of Ethiopia is becoming life or death issue for Ato Meles and TPLF.
    Due to this aggressive and ignorant land policy , but also deliberately diabolical, while majority Ethiopians are deprived of their own land even to have a basic necessity of shelter, then how they can manage to form a family of their own and lead their own usual way of decent life as usual? While there is such a grand plan of deliberate diabolical act and scheme by Ato Meles and TPLF in order to impoverish, impair, destabilize and finally create a social crisis to the rest of Ethiopian society, then how can you professor talk about unbridled sexuality, lack of social decency and family planning, and others that is mainly targeted against blaming we Ethiopians? Theoretically I totally agree with the ideals you raised. However, this country for the last 20 years has been miserably ruled by such irresponsible, corrupt, and racist TPLF thug who came directly from DEDEBIT jungles and cling to power directly by the barrel of the gun. Most of them were not even engaged in a proper process of responsibility of leading their own family. They were all indoctrinated and guided by mere blindly driven ideology and engulfed by sheer stupidity and conceit of warrior adventurism and heroism they have committed against their own peoples in the process of the fight of the Derg regime. Such force that has come to by the mere barrel of the gun and betrayal of own country and peoples being a stooge for foreign forces, has no any clue of how a decent and meaningful family has to be formed and lead in a society that has such a great significant role serving as a corner stone for the creation establishment and development of a viable nation-state. This historical, decent and proud country, though not totally flawless, has been an asylum of a place where mafia style leadership is practiced, under the disguise of free-market economy such an irresponsible, corrupt and greedy mafia style business as usual is practiced and morality and ethics are thrown to dust bins and totally replaced by a bizarre sort of odd one night stand life style we are not familiar with. And hence an entirely new and odd social fabric has bee created and established during the last 20 years. These all entirely new bizarre and odd way of life style and the associated social and economical crisis is attributed to the new mode of the inherent nature of global capitalism that we welcomed and accepted it stretching our hands with out scrutiny together with when Ato Meles and TPLF came to power. Today in such high time of hyped fashionable democracy and feminism, under the disguise of sexual equality, are to the contrary adulterated, spoiled and abused as serving as a tool of mere advertising stuff for the sake of consumerism oriented business targets. Therefore today a bared woman and girl is the accepted and unchallenged norm of our society that was once decent and proud.
    No one is considered as sane and legitimate one to either question or challenge this entire confusion and madness of our society. Today a well organized, stable and decent family hood that can be the pride ad reliance of a certain civilized and developed society and country is becoming scarce. Through its state monopolized media outlets, the incumbent TPLF regime is trying to confuse and cover up the deep-rooted and multifaceted social and economic crisis as if it is limited to a certain specific part or is personal though it is indeed a chronic systemic malfunction and crisis. Therefore dear Tekola based on the above excerpt from “V. On Poverty, Sexuality and Family in Poor Ethiopia” taken from your article and posted at the beginning of my comment though I agree some how with you theoretically, the crisis and problem is not only attributed to Ethiopian society based on your ideas, but also it is the result of systemic crisis that originates locally as well as globally. Ato Meles and TPLF are deliberately creating perpetual havoc and subsequent social crisis against the majority of Ethiopians. They want to disturb and impair every decent, stable and peaceful normal life of Ethiopians. The rampant moral and ethical crisis in Ethiopia is a deliberate act that is heinously designed in a very organized manner in order to create social crisis so that there will be a reckless, inconsiderate, irresponsible and indifferent citizenry that does not have the required concern for his/her country and its peoples. Now Ethiopian have almost stooped the tradition of being concerned about their common burning issues and hence every body is running on his own private way and track for survival. The savage and greedy inherent nature of the capitalism is that “the fittest survives and wins under any cost of the others” has virtually made every body a cruel human being totally inconsiderate of others to the extent of neo-barbarism. And this historically, culturally, traditionally and religiously decent and proud country where socialization is the very vital and basic ingredient of our social fabric has been deliberately attacked and deteriorated so that Ethiopians lose their sense of common will, coherence, solidarity and unity. To the contrary after our inherent social fabric is severely damaged, in place of this today Ethiopians are systematically guided and forced to communicate in another means of communications like the bogus and fashionable unfamiliar words called democracy. And for this I dare to blame and condemn the intellectual society in that it is trying what it is not inherently and actually. I mean it has got totally lost, trapped and disabled under the unwarranted indulgence simply fantasizing under the illusion of democracy. It is simply demanding and pretending beyond what existing realities can support. And for this scenario, Ato Meles and TPLF, backed by the advice of foreign forces, has successfully managed to time and again cheat mock and ridicule the naive and gullible intellectual society by submerging it in to the sort of fantasy and illusion about democracy. And it is this same template and strategy being used against the naïve and gullible peoples of Libya after the fall of Ghadafi. And with this, for the last 20 solid years, Ato Meles and TPLF have successfully managed to trap, contain and disable the naive and gullible intellectual society. Change is in fact a gradual process and not something that can be imposed over night. And hence genuine and sustainable change is the one that is like a child’s natural growth. However, what is happening in this country for the last 20 years is something bizarre and ridiculous that is totally disturbing and destabilizing the inherent social fabric of our country. Tekola raised so many crucial points worth discussing but I do not see the reason why the majority of commentators are only stuck with already known issues like race and the case of Derg officials and Mengistu only. Dear fellow Ethiopians, please do not only focus who the guy is but also focus what he says also .Otherwise it makes the forum so stereotypical to be a sort of discussion forum for hatemongering, blind support, blind opposition mainly based on trivially known issues that we already know and discussed for so long and that is no more insightful. For example Tekola mentioned our some how childish nature of we Ethiopians. Fellow Ethiopian what do think and say over it? I think it is not with the intention of disdaining or dehumanizing us. He is telling us some realities or facts that we have to face boldly so that we are able to internalize ourselves. And for how long we have to continue enjoying only by being appeased by being informed of only our merits and not our demerits? We only want to selectively hear like things of Ethiopia a history of 3k Years? The majority of us have already labeled him based on our understanding and consciousness which i do not want to disagree as such. However, he is a guy who has ample knowledge and experience to tell us so many things that is very useful to us. Therefore, read thoroughly what all he says, and then rectify things in such a way that take what is good and right and throw away what is bad or wrong. Why do we want to selectively listen for things we know only and for things we want to hear only? Some guys like “ጉረኞች” criticized me as to why I wanted to be good for Tekola. What does it really mean to be good or bad in this regard?
    Well I am very patient to listen and understand and face what he says and I will also continue to criticize him politely in a civilized manner and in that case I will continue to be good. Because I believe that he has something good and worthy to say.
    Regarding the issue of the accused and pardoned Derg Officials I have some thing to say. The issue is not only a matter of being guilty or not guilty. If they are convicted as guilty a timely verdict should have been delivered say with in 3 to 5 years of imprisonment. Ato Meles failed to do so for the exact reason I am not quite sure about it. Then after 20 solid years of imprisonment what sort of legitimate and moral judgment there can be regarding the issue. The whole issue is becoming a convoluted and protracted process that has the main attributes and strongly attached strings of politics rather than pure and straight essence of justice. Therefore it does not matter how much or how big crime they committed. They are already under the shadow of judgment and justice if any sincere and legitimate. Though they are doomed and cursed for failing to properly lead this country and its peoples, however regarding the judgment against to be delivered against them it is none of their duty and responsibility regarding the process and hence it is the entire duty and responsibility of Ato Meles and TPLF. Therefore, now the failure is mainly due to the intricate political reasons of Ato Meles and TPLF. Hey guys let’s be honest and responsible as a sane human being. After this 20 solid years of severe imprisonment as allegedly guilty with out final verdict, then again condemning them by saying this or that is absolute insanity and immorality. Now the issue and failure is not about/due to the Derg officials and it is rather about/due the process that is the sole duty and responsibility of Ato Meles and TPLF. As far as I can see the whole issue has transferred from being an issue of what sort of crime they committed to the issue and problem of what sort of proper process of handling the case is undertaken or not by Ato Meles and TPLF. This one of the main absolute irresponsibility and dishonesty committed in Ethiopian politics.
    Therefore every time the case or issue is raised we automatically tend to raise the sort of crime they committed savagely rather than questioning the appropriateness and morality of the legal proceedings and processes undertaken handling the very case.
    Therefore what I absolutely oppose is regarding the process regarding handling the case.በጥንቱ የአይሁድ ህግ አንድ ያጠፋ ሰው በጥፋቱ ምክንያት የግድ በፍርድ ለሞት ተላልፎ የሚሰጥ ከሆነ በስቅላት ከመገደሉ በፊት ቅድሚያ በግርፋት አይቀጣም ይባላል፡፡ወይንም በጥፋቱ ምክንያት መጀመሪያ ተፈርዶበት ክፉኛ በግርፋት የተቀጣ ከሆነ እንደገና በተጨማሪ ለሞት ተላልፎ ሊሰጥ አይችልም ወይንም አይገባም፡፡ስለዚህም ጥፋተኛ ናቸው ተብለው የታሰቡና በፍርድ ጥላ ስር የወደቁ ሰዎች የቱንም ያህል በደልና ጥፋት ቢያደርሱ ግን ቅሉ ትክክልም ይሁን ስህተት ቁርጥ ያለና ግልፅ የሆነና የታወቀ ተግባራዊ ሊሆን የሚችል የቅጣት ፍርድ ሊፈረድባቸው ይገባል፡፡በደርግ ባለስልጣናት ላይ የተካሄደው አጠቃላይ የፍርድ ሂደት ከህጋዊ ይዘቱ ይልቅ ፖለቲካዊ ይዘቱ እጅጉን ያመዘነ ነው፡፡ስለዚህም እነዚህ ሰዎች የቱንም ያህል ጥፋተኛና ወንጀለኛ ቢሆኑ 20 ዓመታትን ያህል ያለ ቁርጠኛ የመጨረሻ ፍርድ በእስር ቤት እንዲማቅቁ ከተደረጉ በኋላ ለምን አልተደገደሉም የሚል ሰው ካለ ጤነኛ ሰው ለመሆኑ በጣሙን እጠራጠራለሁኝ፡፡አሁን ዋነኛው ችግሩ እነሱ የሰሩት ጥፋት ብቻ አይደለም ወይንም ይህንን ሃጢያታቸውን ብቻ በማውራት የሚቀረፍ አይደለም፡፡አጠቃላይ የፍርድ ሂደቱም ትክክለኛ መስመሩን ስቶ ፖለቲካዊና የአቶ መለስና ወያኔ ትልቅ ፈተናና የጭንቅላት የቤት ስራ ወደ መሆን ተሸጋግሮ ነበር፡፡ስለዚህም እነሱ የቱንም ያህል ጥፋተኛ ቢሆኑና የሰሩትንም ሰላሳ ሺህ አይነት ሃጢያት መናዘዝና ማውራት ብንችል ነገር ግን በእነሱ ላይ የዘፈቀደ ፍርድ እንድንፈርድባቸው የህግም ሆነ የሞራል ፍቃድ ሊሰጠን አይችልም፡፡ለዚህም ነው እውነተኛ ፍርድ መለኮታዊ እንጂ ስጋዊ አይደለም ያለኩት፡፡እዚህ ላይ ቅጣት ማለትና የቅጣትም ዋና አላማው መጥፎ ድርጊትን ዳግም እንዳይፈጠር ለማስተማር ለመከላልና ለመግታት እንጂ እራሱን ሰብዓዊነትን ለመቅጣትና ለመበቀል አይደለም፡፡ከዚህ መሰረታዊ መንፈስ ያፈነገጠ ፍርድም ጤናማ ሳይሆን ሰይጣነዊ ነው፡፡እውነተኛ ፍርድም በስሜታዊነት ላይ የተመሰረተ ሳይሆን ይበልጥ በምክንያታዊነት ላይ የተመሰረተ ነው፡፡
    ስለ ፍትህና ስለፍርድ ስናወራም እንዲያው እኛ ንፁሃን ተብለን በፍርድ ወንበር ላይ ስለተቀመጥንና ሌሎችም ሃጢያተኛ ተብለው በእኛ የፍርድ ጥላ ስር ስለወደቁ ብቻ ዝም ብለን የግል የውስጥ ስሜታችንን ተመርኩዘን እንዲያው በዘፈቀደ ይህንን እንደ ወረደ ለስሜታችን የተመቸንንና የመጣልንን ዝምብለን የምናራግፍበት ሂደት አይደለም፡፡ስለዚህም እኔ ይገደሉ ወይንም አይገደሉ ወይንም ይህንን ያህል አመት ይታሰሩ ለማለት አልደፈርም፡፡ነገር ግን የፍርድ ሂደቱ አጠቃላይ መስመሩን ስቶ ነበር፡፡
    ስህተትም ይሁን ትክክል በተገቢው ጊዜ በወቅቱ ፍርድ ሊሰጣቸው ይገባ ነበር፡፡አንድን ፍርድ ለመስጠት 20 ዓመታትን ያህል የሚወስድበት ምንም የተለየ ምክንያት ሊኖር አይችልም፡፡ስለዚህም 20 ዓመታትን ያህል በእስር ቤት ሰቆቃ ቆይተው ዛሬ በምህረት ተለቀቁ ለማለትም ትንሽ ይከብዳል፡፡
    አንዳንዶቹ እኮ 18 ዓመታትን ያህል ከታሰሩ በኋላ እዚያው ያለ ፍርድ በስብሰው የሞቱ አሉ፡፡
    አጠቃላይ ፍርድ ሂደቱ ጤናማና በተገቢው መልክ የተካሄደ አልነበረም፡፡ለጠላትህ ጉድጓድ ስትቆፍር በጣም አጥልቀህ አትቆፍር ማን አስቀድሞ እንደሚገባበት አይታወቅምና የሚባለውም ለዚህ ነው፡፡
    አጉል አወቅሁ ሰለጠንኩ ብሎ አጉል በመራቀቅ በመመፃደቅና በከንቱ በመታበይ ከተለመደው ጤናማና ቀጥተኛ አስተሳሰብና አካሄድ በራቀና በረቀቀ መንገድ እየተሹለከለኩ መሄድ በስተመጨረሻ ለራስ ወጥመድ የሚሆን ፈተናንና ችግርን መልሶ ማዘጋጀት ነው፡፡በቅዱስ መፅሀፍም “አትፍረድ ይፈረድብሃል” እንዲሁም ደግሞ “በቀልን ለእኔ ተውት እኔ እግዚአብሄር እውነተኛ ተበቃይ ነኝና::” ተብሎ የተፃፈውም ለዚህ ነው፡፡ይህም ማለት እግዚአብሄር እንደኛ ባለ ደካማ ስጋዊ መጥፎ አስተሳሰብና አካሄድ ባለ ቂመኛና ተበቃይ ነው ለማለት ሳይሆን እውነተኛ ፍርድና ቅጣት ከፈጣሪ ዘንድ መሆኑን ለማጠየቅ የተነገረ አባባል ነው፡፡ሰው የዘራውን መልሶ ያንኑ ያጭዳል እንዲሉ በመሰረቱ ሰውን የሚበቀለውም ሆነ የሚታደገው የራሱ መጥፎ ስራ ወይን የራሱ መልካም ስራ እንጂ ሌላ ማንም አይደለም፡፡
    Finally dear readers and commentators we better focus also on the very crucial ideas and issues the guy raised rather than mainly focusing on the judgments of crucial ideas and issues by making flip-flop switching based on black and while thinking. When some issue is raised one of its purposes is not only to judge it based on black and white thinking approach but also to think over the issue and work out on it from different perspectives in order to widen its ideas and influences based on different aspects.

  26. Abraham
    | #26

    Thank you professor Tecola Hagos for bringing the great Tekeltsadik Mekuria in focus. It never occurred to me such a historian will be able to write a marvelous history book in those relatively backward and dark times where the culture of work and writing was very poor. I wish i had the gene of Tekletasadik to do so. Thanks professor, although you put this brillian ethiopian man in bad light, i have put him in my heart and now i will try to emulate him by writing at least a book in my subject area. I am happy to have Terkletsadik, my fellow country man as a humble writer and teacher who should be an example to all of us. Let us uphold the good work of such Ethiopian citizens.

  27. anon
    | #27

    Moderator do you know or do you have any explanation as to why my comment in respond to the piece of writing By Dr. Tecola is not posted?
    To my knowledge my message is free of vulgar language and only directed at the message of the author. Apparently many in these forums are opposed to the views of Dr. Tecola and I am one of them. Am I being silenced for holding opposing view to that of the doctor?
    Admittedly, the red terror that was perpetrated by Mengistu and his colleagues is one of the horrible acts in the pages of our history.Neverthless; I don’t believe the motive or causes of it are Mengistu Hale Mariam’s ethnic background. Instead I like to see the cause somewhere in the character flaw of the person. After all, whatever ethnic Mengistu sprang, there is no any known recorded evidence to suggest that his ethnic group have been singled out for maltreatment by previous Ethiopian monarchs. Besides, the person Mengistu is said to have experienced racial discrimination while he was in the U.S for military training somewhere in Maryland. According to the sources close to him he was heard of saying that there is parallel between the racial experience he faced in the U.S and that of the existing class discrimination in his country. Therefore it appears to me that Mengistu was acutely aware of his class standing in society than the doctor’s explanation of ethnic dynamics.

    Still, the doctor is critical of author Tekle Tasdik Mekuria for what he said some gaps in his reporting about some historical figures. For instance Dr. Tecola insists he could have appreciated if Tekle Tasdi revealed about palace rumors that arise surrounding certain personalities. I have read Tekle Tassdik Mekuria’s volumes about Ethiopian history. After I read his works my impression of the author is one who is a well-rounded writer. His work is well researched, and mostly free of rumors. A pioneer researcher and his work is a testimony that he pulled various sources to support his evidence.
    I take it the purpose of any historian is to selectively report any relevant facts that took shape in any major era that any author is dealing with. This means the author, by necessity, out of the many possibilities that can fit the pages of his work must select those few events that can fit his objectives. Which in this case mean relevant events that can fit the pages of his volumes? Such being the case,Dr. Tecola must not insist for not seeing in the work of Tekele saddik Mekuria what he calls,
    ” I would have liked to read some commentary disentangling and discounting such rumor or oral history.”
    Viewd from this vantage point one should not be unduly critical of this author for not reporting everything that happened through the span of Ethiopian history and could be reported? Personally I knew nothing about the author. Just by reading his work I come to suspect he must have been a linguist besides being a historian.For sure, he was educated in England; beside English he probably spoke French as well as Italian. Because he uses original sources such as English, French, Russians, Italians, and even German authors for his work.

  28. menzaw
    | #28

    Mr. T.Hagos I red quite sometimes in the past your essay posted on some hatemonger Tigrean website, I force myself to go through couple of them, dedicated specially on trashing anything, everything have to do with the Ahmaras, the Oromos, the most disgusting was your whole take regarding our pride KING MENILK II, the World acclaimed, the only black people’s leader who valiantly unified organized the under armed Ethiopians and led them to victory by winning the battle and the war against an European super power the fascist Italia. As intellectual and super laureate you sound like, you shouldn’t, can’t mess with such “bigger than history black hero” in such abominable way, the damage already done, so please as the saying goes stop your (yequebero debello lebash) effort.
    MENELIK was great as a person, great as leader, great as a king an humbled people’s servant and figure, you didn’t have any capacity what’s so ever to trash such a great personality of his time who, if you want to know avoided with simplicity honor and confidence an internal feud that almost escalated to all out battle between King Yohanes of Tigray and himself King Shoa then. He did it by personally traveling all the way to king Yohanes of Mekele court asking him for a pardon in the name of their own people and they have to stop the unnecessary potential bloodshed of their subjects and he was there to accept and obey that the highest kingdom authority of Ethiopia goes to King Yohanes and return after he got the blessing of Yohanes, to remain as king of Shoa. As we know King Yohanes died defending Ethiopia from an invading force from Sudan, Menelik ultimately crowned as King of Ethiopia, to show his monumental victory that astonished the whole world, a black African victory over a battle of Adwa against the powerful fascist Italia. I ask you if you are an African Ethiopian go back read and reread your ancestor’s history and comeback to preach us about patriotism.
    Also Mr. Hagos I invite you to compare that to the recent time fratricide unwarranted, unjustifiable all out war between Mother Ethiopia and newly independent youg Eritrea, that decimated over 100 000 of our brothers sisters lives. You know very well that happened as a result of a brawl, two individuals who led the two former interdependent rebel front, who succeeded to throw out the cruel military dictator to turn their guns on each others. The unfortunate people of Ethiopia cut in to two separate entities only to satisfy these capricious greedy power thirsty individuals, were destined to all out war. After over 20 years the two Countries people reduced in every angle, socially, economically, still inefficient to feed itself, still begging for food, insult over injury totally antagonized and purposefully set against each other, muzzled, threatened, harassed, forced to be organized through ethnicity even religion, instead of ideology or political orientation the desirable fact in the country preWayane and Shabia
    Mr. Hagos you champion all the above in the wayane era, what happen today you sound somehow apologetic and you show up as mediator with a potion magic to heal the wound, maybe you feel like the victor ready to give some slack to the oppressed?
    Mr hagos whatever study or ladder you climb in your the short span of life, if it is not consequential for the advancement of human goods, believe me it is futile and or evil, use this as yard stick for your involvement in our country and people long lasting misery. You don’t have to answer to anyone, if you want, try to be honest to your subconscious where nobody can escape once wired to it and you certainly get the whole benefit.
    Mr. Hagos you mention some about “my detractor” you don’t have any, everybody is astonished about your metamorphose capacity that’s all. Change is good especially when it comes about own country, but you have to come genuine and then make use of your doctoral to teach us, how our personal blunder can cause detriment to our country our children and the future generation as whole.
    Thank you to read me
    United we win

  29. Zerayakob Yared
    | #29

    እስከ ዛሬ ድረስም ሆነ, ለወደፊቱም ለዘላለሙን በአሳፋሪነቱ በምንም አይነት ተአምር ሊደረስበትም ሆነ ሊታለፍ የማይችለውና, አንድ የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሰ ነገስት የፃፈው አስፀያፊ ደብዳቤ; ደብዳቤው የተፃፈው, ራስ አሉላ መተማ ላይ የሞተው ሞቶ ሲያበቃ, ቆስሎ ወደየመንደሩ የተመለሰውን ትግራዋይን እንደገና አሰባስበውና መረብ ላይ ወራሪ ኮሎኒያሊስት ጣልያንን በሚጋፈጡበት ስዓታት ላይ, መረብ ላይ ኢትዮጵያን እየወረረ ላለው ሰራዊት አሰማሪ ንጉሰ ነገስት ለሆኑት የወራሪዎች ቁንጮ የተፃፈ::

    መልእክቱ, ግፉበት መረብን ተሻግራችሁ ውረሩ ነው:: ደብዳቤው ቃል በቃል: “የጣልያን ጠላቶች የኛም ጠላቶች ናቸው!” የሚል “የወዳጅነት” ደብዳቤ::

    እውነትም ሰባት አመታት ሙሉ መረብን ተሻግሮና ኢትዮጵያን እየቦረበረ አምባላጀ ላይ ደርሶ ሲያበቃ, ይሄው ” ወዳጅ” ድምፁን ከፍ አድርጎና ወደ እንጦጦ/አዲስ አቅጣጫ እየተመለከ “ምኒልክ ሆይ በል እንግዲህ እጅህን ለመስጠት ተዘጋጅ!” ብሎ የንጉሰ ነገስትን ስም በአንድ ጆሮ በማንጠልጠል ሲያናፋ, አፄ ምኒልክ, በመጀመርያ ራስ መኮንንን ወደ አላጀ ለመላክና ከዚያም እርሳቸው ራሳቸውም የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ አሰባሰበው ተጨማሪ ሃይልን ዓድዋ ላይ ለራስ አሉላ ስላቀረቡ, ኢትዮጵያ ዓድዋ ላይ ወራሪ ጣልያንን በጦርነት ለማሸነፍ ሲሳካላትና ታሪክን ስታስመዘግብ, ግን አፄ ምኒልክ ስለወላወሉ ብቻ በዚያን ጊዜ ጣልያኖቹን ከማሳዋ ወዲያ ሳናባርር በመቅረታችን, በውሃላ ያስከተለብንን ጣጣና ግፍ ሁላችንም እናውቀዋለን!!

  30. Wake up Tigreans!
    | #30

    “…As we know King Yohanes died defending Ethiopia from an invading force from Sudan,…”
    And what did dictator Meles do in memory of King Yohanes? He gave thousands of acres of fertile land of Ethiopia to Sudan. Wow! hard to believe! How any human being, especially the Tigreans keep on supporting a tyrant like Meles?

  31. Lucy in America
    | #31

    Good for nothing proffessor has no moral to insult the Africa’s black lion who fought and won the white supper-power with backward weapons and un trained army.Lion Menelik was in adwa to defend his beloved country from foreign invaders and inner bandas and he did it. The whole world knows who was behind the victory of adwa. Tecolla has been writting so many trash articles only about Lion menelik, not because Melnilik was bad king, because Tecola has Tegere’s blood and Atse menelik has an Amhara’s blood .Tecola has never given any service for the country which gave him access to free education and already ready close to levae this world with out giving any service atleast for his tegeres . But history will never forget tecolla that he was the advisor of that evile meles untill melese kicked away all tegeres and surrounded by his eritreans. Tecola please translate us why did your people dance and jump here in the video?

  32. Abiy Adi
    | #32

    Dr Tecola you wrote,the following in what you said Teklesadik Mekurai’s failure to gloss over the event regarding Mengesha Yohannnes hose arrest in Ankober.

    ” will indicate few of the more significant historical incidents that were glossed over or not even mentioned by Tekletsadik starting with the incident how Ras Mengesha Yohannes was allegedly tortured while he was in detention in Ankober and the rumor that he died of nightly terror where a boa constrictor would be placed in the same room and Mengesha with his hands tied would struggle not to be swallowed by the huge snake. Mengesha died in 1906. The rumored incident took place at a time when Mengesha was no more protected by Empress Titu since she was no longer in power. I do not think the torture had anything to do with Menilik, for he was deadly sick in the 1900s, and Mengesha had other enemies in Menilik’s Court even Tigryans. I would have liked to read some commentary disentangling and discounting such rumor or oral history.”

    You Must give us your source for the above rumor?At least you have to do this so that we can follow up to the root of the mattar.If you fail to do so it becomes clear that you are both the source and the cause for the spread of this rumor.

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