My Take on Andargachew Tsige’s Interview Of Taking Position and Partnership with Eritrea

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I just finished watching the two part interview Sisay Agena has had with Ginbot 7 Secretary General, Angargachew Tsige. Sisay poses various crucial questions to Andargachew and Andy answers most of the questions demonstrably calmly and candidly. The interview gets more interesting in the second part when Andy discusses my favourite topic, the issue of forming partnership with Eritrea. I am not comfortable with Ginbot 7’s position and Andargachew’s analysis of the issue; it lacks depth and sounds superficial. In this article I will comment on those points I have found unsatisfactory and troubling. My focus on that part of the interview that I think is troubling should not be interpreted as if I had problem with the whole interview. Irrespective of my misgivings about the accuracy of Andy’s account of some fundamental issues, the interview is good people will able to understand from the interview where G7 stands with respect to sensitive national and regional issues.

Let me start from the fundamental problem I have with most Ethiopian political parties. When it comes to issues that can potentially divide people into two or more opposing camps or when taking a position seems to have some political cost to them, our politicians tend to avoid responsibility by saying that they do not have authorization from the people to make decision on those controversial issues. They say they people will decide later. It is pretty straightforward that in any democratic process the people are the ultimate decision makers and that is what the TPLF/EPRDF deprives our people of. However, unless political parties take positions on contentious issues and try to convince people to buy their policies, there is no way for ordinary people to make an informed decision. The need for political parties to take the lead gets stronger when complex and very complicated national interest are at stake. What makes politicians different from ordinary people is that politicians take positions publicly and lead their followers. Ordinary people are free from that hassle. I strongly believe that Andargachew has breached this rule in the interview.

Take for example, the issue of working with Eritrea. In the current political configuration of the Horn of Africa, unless Ethiopian political parties in the Diaspora invest their knowledge and resource to finding what is the best way to deal with the Eritrean issue, including Hasseb (Asseb), and advance their solution boldly, there is no way for ordinary Ethiopians to make a sound decision on the issue free from emotion and resentment. In the absence of directions from politicians, the Ethiopian people will follow what the TPLF media feeds it. As I sense from the interview, Ginbot 7’s approach to working with Eritrea is vague. It lacks clarity and depth. When Sisay asks him what their policy towards working with Eritrea, the issue of access to the Sea, and what they give to Eritrea in exchange of the material support Eritrea affords Ginbot 7, Andargachew’s answer is neither convincing nor honest. It is better to say he defers the answer to future dates by saying that Ginbot 7 does not have any legal or political authorization from the Ethiopian people to act and bargain on behalf of the people and said the ultimate decision will be made by the Ethiopian people. I disagree with this approach for two reasons.

First, no rebel group, including the TPLF, EPLF or the SPLA came to power with people’s endorsement or approval. That is a rule that applies at peace time. That is something political parties will strive to attain once political normalcy is established in Ethiopia. Ginbot 7 and other foreign-based political parties are operating in exceptional situation where obtaining people’s approval is impossible. As long as political parties honour their promise to validate their actions with popular vote when they succeed in their struggle, they should not fear to declare their positions upfront on issues that are controversial and it is based on their reasoned positions on those contentious issues that we support or reject them. No avoidance will help our parties to win the people’s heart. Confronting the issues head-on is the best approach.

For me, recognizing Eritrea as a nation and pledging not to violate its territorial sovereignty, including dropping our claim to Hasseb expressly is necessary to advance our political causes, i.e. defeating the TPLF and establishing democratic Ethiopia. It is painful and it is also a sad part of our history that Eritrea, which was once part of Ethiopia, is now an independent nation. As Andargachew says in the interview, whether it is the little Djibouti or big China, we have to respect the sovereignty of any state. From now on, that is how we should deal with Eritrea: respect its territorial integrity and try to live with it as good neighbours. Ginbot 7 should brave to say so openly. Ato Andaregachew and Ginbot 7 have not come clear on that topic. Their position is evasive one that is based on trying to re-invent the non-existent unity of the two peoples. We are not one anymore. We are two nations and any dealing with Eritrea should clearly base on that understanding.

Some people have issues with the way Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia. Although there was some unfairness in the referendum process, Eritrea got its independence mainly through armed struggle. Even before the referendum, Eritrea achieved over 90 % of its independence. Our Eritrean cousins fought for 30 years to attain their independence. It is painful but it is also true that they defeated us. In retrospect, I am surprised they held the referendum to determine their fate after winning us in the battlefields. In the case of South Sudan, the referendum was held because the war came to an end by Peace Agreement. That was not the case with Eritrea. They won the civil war. The referendum was held only to rubber-stamp the already achieved independence. The Eritrean people were promised honey and milk would flow in their land and 98.85 of them voted for independence at the end of their victory. A new status quo emerged. History did not stop there. War broke out between TPLF and EPLF in 1998 and the two cousins broke up in a way their love affair cannot be repaired. As long as Esayas is in power, I do not think the two will come together and it is that window of opportunity that I suggest Ginbot 7 should exploit openly. Andy’s explanation on those issues was not only unsatisfactory, but it was also full of hesitance. That is why I say Ginbot 7 should be assertive on this issue and try to mobilize us to go to Eritrea to free Ethiopia. That was where we lost the battle and that is where we can win from at this time. But, first, we need to assure Eritrea/Esayas that we will never raise this Hasseb stuff.

I haven’t read Yakob Hailemariam’s book about Hasseb and Ethiopia’s right of access to the sea. What I can say at this time is that although it is unfair to leave a big country like Ethiopia landlocked, I do not think any future democratic and peaceful government of Ethiopia have time and energy to argue and fight with Eritrea over Hasseb or the right of access to the sea. We may be able to get Hasseb back by legal or military battle, but that won’t solve the problem permanently. Our relationship with our neighbour will remain characterized by mutual distrust and animosity. Therefore, the focus should shift on forming democratic governments in both states. Eritreans will deal with their problem. In our case, once we are able to form a democratic government in Ethiopia, the rest will be easy like peeling Banana; only if political parties are willing to take the lead. The ordinary farmer in Ethiopia cannot understand and take a valid position on issues an informed politician, in the stature of Andargachew fear to take position on. It is in the best interest of the political parties and the people of Ethiopia to know the candid positions of the political parties in this or other important issues. Political parties, who are fighting to take power, or to return political power to the Ethiopian people, should be brave enough to take positions where it is necessary, even if taking positions means losing some or all of their support.
Back to the people’s issues; do we need the people to approve our undertaking with Eritrea or any other nation for that matter? Not necessarily. Politicians do not have the authorization from the people of Ethiopia when they form political organizations to fight for democracy. Political parties are usually formed by a group of individuals who are either exercising their individual rights or assuming that the people deserve democracy. The only best way to know the people’s position on any issue is when the people vote in a free and fair election. Until the people get that opportunity, political parties are by definition obliged to make decisions on several controversial issues without the people’s approval. I say politics is almost always the act or art of making decisions on risky and costly issues. If you win, people will be with you; if you lose, people will blame you; in some cases even mothers will leave their defeated kids and side with the winning one. Unfortunately, in this interview, I have witnessed Ginbot 7 making much deference to the people. It is not time to defer to the people. It is time to make bold decisions, sometime even on behalf of the people. The people can reverse the decisions when they go to the ballot-box. What we need now is getting that opportunity by hook or by crook. I know it sounds risky and dangerous. But, isn’t that always the case in politics?

Of course Ginbot 7 has made several bold decisions on many contentious issues. Its policy towards working with OLF and other separatists in Ethiopia is one commendable example. Nevertheless, Andy/Ginbot 7 has not made itself as clear as it should be with respect to the Eritrean issue. With all its risks and problems, partnership with Eritrea is necessary and the lesser evil. Andy knows that better, but he looks fearful or shy of articulating that position clearly in the interview. Sisay fails to pursue some related pressing issues such as why would Eritrea help an opposition group from Ethiopia, a country Eritrea considers as its colonizer? What would be the downside of working with Eritrea at a time when the international community and the Western governments are shunning Eritrea? Does the allegation against Eritrea that it supports terrorist groups in Somalia have any impact on our partnership with Eritrea? How would the Ethiopian see the whole partnership with Eritrea? What could Eritrea give us anyways? Sisay fails to raise those questions. I hope both Andargachew and Sisay do not believe Wedi Afeworki’s remark that the cause of the problem between Ethiopia and Eritrea is the TPLF. Although TPLF has escalated the problem to a new height, the problem has existed even before the TPLF came to power. Andargachew himself expresses that in the interview when he elaborates on the root cause of the problem between the two nations. Therefore, putting TPLF as the only hurdle for a harmonious relationship between the two countries is very flawed and unconvincing.

The interview is educative. Since my good friend Sisay Agena joined ESAT, we are blessed to have watched many insightful interviews he hosted. His selection of issues and way of presenting questions show his resourceful journalistic background. However, I did not find his interview with Ato Andargachew Tsige provocative and engaging. For example, at a couple of points he allows Ato Andaregachew to speak for over ten minutes and escape with vague answers. Letting politicians talk straight for ten minutes will make the interview boring and more of a sermon or narration than a dialogue. That will blur the difference between ETV and ESAT. I hope Sisay will consider my comments in his future interviews. Good job anyways Sisay and Andy as well; keep it up. I hope Sisay and the ESAT team will keep informing and enlightening us with their shows in the days ahead provided that we throw our few bucks ($$) to sustain ESAT on air. I will. “No money, no funny.” Help ESAT and watch ESAT. A minimum of a dollar a month from 10, 000 of us who live in the Diaspora is all they need to sustain ESAT. Just a minimum of a dollar a week or a month!!

“Zsantirar” T A S, November, 2011, Ottawa, Canada

Sometimes confusing and erroneous, for example, with respect to the term “Habesha,” I am afraid Andargachew’s position is accurate. My understanding is that when we say Habesha, we mean all Ethiopians, including the Amharas, Tigres, Oromos, Aderes, the Gobenas … and including the Eritreans. Close to the end of the interview, Andargachew said something to the effect that Habesha comprises only Tigreans and Amharas. I think that is the TPLF version of our history or sociology that Andargachew unintentionally kept up to now. I appreciate Andargachew’s courage to apologize for the mistakes (not “crimes” as he wrongly said in the interview) he committed when he was working with the EPRDF.

  1. Dawi
    | #1

    You are asking G7 to take the same position as TPLF on Eritrea.

    Never the less, Meles has recently said (read it on Addis Neger) the reason they supported the Eritrean independence is to save Ethiopia from disintegration.

    Be that as it may, it means the Independence has nothing to do with Eritrea being a “colonial question” or the strength of EPLF for that matter.

    We already know that without TPLF’s help/push EPLF would have made a negotiated settlement with anti Mengestu elements to stay in Ethiopia’s fold.

    Listening other interviews of people close to the liberation movements TPLF pushed Eritrea out of the Ethiopian Union.

    If we agree with Meles that he pushed Eritrea out to save Ethiopia from disintegration then, by putting it(EPLF)in a cage today is preparing Eritrea to return it back to his newly integrated fold of Greater Ethiopia.

    Having said that, for G7 to recognize Eritrea as a nation as you have suggested is the same as releasing EPLF from the cage the Meles Dictatorship has put it in. That action will become equivalent as fighting against Greater Ethiopia and Bro. “Andy” knows that.

  2. Gadda
    | #2

    Broken English. broken ideas.

  3. Teddy
    | #3

    Sorry to say this but I really do’t think you understand politics.

  4. Rezene Kaddisaba
    | #4

    Dear writer – I appreciate your boldness to clarify the Eritrea issue. With all due respect – do you think you can launch a military activity from Eritrea down to Tigray and all the way to Addis? Do you think Isayas would allow G7 or Arbegnoch fire a single bullet from Eritrean side of the border? I dont think so. Isayas would have done that by himself if it was possible. Letting G7 fire from Eritrea side means inviting the Ethiopian force to cross the border which last time I remember returned from Barnetu. The writer, you sound very matured to support G7 and make young Ethiopians perish in the hands of Shabiya. Trust me with all the military support Eth is getting from US and more – Isayas wouldn’t allow G7 to advance but play bad politics. Anyways the young and poor dies on the front, right? The rest sit and analyize and send some dollars just to feel good.

  5. ME
    | #5

    Why we drop our claim regarding Assab? The only problem with Ethiopia is that Ethiopia had never had real and sustainable friends except almighty God. Ato Esayas of EPLF and Ato Meles of TPLF both were very traitors and hateful of Ethiopia and hence committed a very historical betrayal against Ethiopia and Its peoples. God, time and history were not with our side when TPLF and EPLF topple Derg and took power by the main support of Western Governments. In history never ever I heard two destructive rebels fighting together in ‘harmony’ and ‘unity’, one secessionist EPLF and the other one a virtual secessionist TPLF with such results as we have seen it and witness it live for the last 20 Years. Two stupid dishonest traitors betrayed Ethiopia in a very shameful and disgraceful manner in Ethiopian history. As I said it already God, time and history was not with us but one day all will be back to be with us and truth will reveal again. For me this is what really matters most and forget dirty politics of our times that is played by TPLF and EPLF and for that matter Ginbot 7.The whole event or scenario between TPLF and EPLF following the aspired freedom ,Ethiopia with a population of 50 million being voluntarily land locked by organized sabotage of Ato Meles, then immediately plunging in to war between two friends(Ato Meles and Esayas) and things in continuum till now are very evident or indicative in that the whole move and motive by TPLF and EPLF under the disguise of ‘Liberation’ is not purely a matter of Liberation only. Behind the disguise of Liberation mainly very devilish and insidious damaging and destructive moves against the majority Ethiopians has been planned and undertaking for the last 40 years by both forces TPLF and EPLF. If Ato Meles and TPLF had been loyal, loving and respectful of Ethiopia and Ethiopiwinet, then Ethiopia would not have been land locked voluntarily by intricate and organized sabotage and doomed to pay hundred millions of dollars every year for port service.ኢትዮጵያ በእርግጥ እንደ አቶ መለስና ወያኔ አይነት ከሃዲና ባንዳ የሆነ ኢትዮጵያን የማይወድና የማያከብር አገዛዝ ሳይሆን በተቃራኒው ዋስ ጠበቃ የሆነ ታማኝና ቀናኢ አገዛዝ ወይንም መሪ ቢኖራት ኖሮ የአሰብ ወደብን በተአምር አታጣም ነበር፡፡በኢትዮጵያ ላይ በታሪክ ታይቶ የማይታወቅ የተቀናጀና የረቀቀ ጥቃት ወረራና ጥፋት ነው የተገደረገባት፡፡አቶ ኢሳያስ በ EPLF ስም ኤርትራን ለመገንጠል ሲታገሉ አቶ መለስ ደግሞ በ TPLF ስም ኤርትራን ለማስገንጠልና የትግራይንም ህዝብ ነፃ ለማውጣት በሚል ሰበብ አብረው የጋራ ትግል ጀመሩ፡፡እንግዲህ ኢትዮጵያ በሁለት አረመኔ ጨካኝና ከሃዲ ጅቦች መካከል አጣብቂኝ ውስጥ እንድትገባ የተደረገች ምስኪን ሀገር ነበረች፡፡ አንዳንድ ጊዜ ሳስበውም ከEPLF ይበልጥ ኢትዮጵያን የጎዳትና ያፈራረሳት በይበልጡን TPLF ነው፡፡በእርግጥም የ TPLF ዋና ስውር አላማ በዋናነት ኤርትራን ማስገንጠል ነበር፡፡ TPLF በግልፅ እንደ ስሙ አጠራር ከሆነ ትግራይን ነፃ ለማውጣት ነው፡፡አላማው በግልፅ ትግራይን ከኢትዮጵያ ለመገንጠል ቢሆን ኖሮ ኢትዮጵያውያን ከሁለት ተገንጣዮች ጋር ግልፅ አላማ ያለው ጦርነት ለማድረግ ይችሉ ነበር፡፡ስለዚህም ነገሮች ይህንን ያህል ባልተወሳሰቡና በቀጣይነትም ይህ አይነቶች ችግሮች ላለፉት 20 ዓመታት ባልተፈጠሩ ነበር፡፡ወይንም ደግሞ TPLF ለተቀረው ኢትዮጵያ ህልውናና ደህንነት የቆመ ታማኝና ቀናኢ ሀይል ቢሆን ኖሮ ኢትዮጵያም ባህር በር አልባ ባልሆነችንና ከኤርትራም ጋር ይህ ሁሉ እሰጥ አገባና ችግር ባልተፈጠረ ነበር፡፡ጥንቱንም እራሱን TPLF ብሎ የሚጠራ ሀይልና ከገንጣይ EPLF ጋር ህብረት የፈጠረ ኃይል ስልጣን ላይ እንዲወጣ ሲፈቀድ እጅግ አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ ነገር ነው፡፡ገንጣይና አስገንጣይ ታይቶ የማይታወቅ ታሪካዊ ህብረት ፈጥረውና ታሪካዊ በሆነ መልክ ስልጣን ላይ ሁለቱም ወጥተው ላለፉት 20 ዓመታት ያህል ታሪካዊ ጥፋትና ክህደት በኢትዮጵያና ህዝቦቿ ላይ እንዲፈፅሙ ሆነ፡፡
    ስለዚህም ሁለቱም TPLF እና EPLF በዋናነት ከነፃነት አጀንዳ በላይ የተቀረውን ኢትዮጵያን ለማዳከም ለማፈራረስና ለመበታተን በውጪ ሃይሎች የሚረዱ ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያ ሃይሎች ናቸው፡፡
    የሁለቱም ታሪካዊ ሃይሎች አነሳስና አካሄድ በእውነትና በቀናነት ላይ የተመሰረተ እውነተኛ ነፃነትን ፍለጋ አልነበረም፡፡ምክንያቱም እውነተኛ ነፃነት ፍለጋ ቢሆን ኖሮ አንደኛ ኢትዮጵያ ወደብ አልባ እንድትሆንና እንድትዳከም አይፈረድባትም ነበር፡፡ሁለተኛ ሁለቱ ሀገራት ነፃነት የተባለው ነገር በተገኘ ማግስት በሰላም ተግባብተው በጋራ ላጋራ ልማትና ሰላም ከመስራትና በጉርብትና ከመኖር ውጪ ወዲያውኑ ያንን ሁሉ ንብረትና የሰው ህይወት የቀጠፈ ዳግም አላስፈላጊ ጦርነት ውስጥ አይገቡም ነበር፡፡ሶስተኛ አሁንም በቀጣይነት ያለ እንደዚህ አይነት አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ መወነጃጀል እሰጥ አገባና አታካራ ውስጥ አይገቡም ነበር፡፡ከእነዚህ መሰረታዊ ሶስት ክስተቶች የምንረዳው አንድ ትልቅ ቁምነገር ቢኖር የእነዚህ ሃይሎች ጥንተ ታሪካዊ አመሰራረትና አመጣጥ በነፃነት ሽፋን ይበልጡንም መላው የተቀረውን ኢትዮጵያን ለማዳከም ለማፈራረስና ለመበታተን በውጪ ሃይሎች የሚረዱ እኩይ አላማን ያነገቡ ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያ ሃይሎች መሆናቸውን ነው፡፡እንደ ግንቦት ሰባት ያሉ ሃይሎችም ወያኔን ለመጣል በሚል ሰበብ እንደ ኦብነግ ኦነግና በተለይም እንደ ሻእብያ ያሉ ታሪካዊ የጥፋት ሃይሎች ጋር ትብብርና ህብረት መፍጠራቸው በታሪክ ዘላለም የሚያስወቅሳቸው አሳዛኝና አሳፈሪ ስራ ነው፡፡ሌላው ይቅር ለዚህ ሁሉ ጥፋትና ምስቅልቅል ዋነኛ መንስኤ ከሆነው ከአቶ ኢሳያስና ሻእብያ ጋር ይህንን አይነት ግንኙነት ለመፍጠር ማሰባቸው ምን አይነት የሞራልና የፖለቲካ አስተሳሰብ ቢከተሉ ነው?ደርግ በሀይል ስልጣን ለቆ ኤርትራ ተገንጥላ ወደብ አልባ ሆነን ወያኔና ሻእብያ ስልጣን ላይ በአንድነት ሲወጡ ታሪክ ጊዜና እግዚአብሄር ለጊዜውም ቢሆን ከእኛ ጋር አልነበሩም፡፡ስለዚህም እውነት ለጊዜውም ቢሆን እውነትነቱን አጥቶ ነበር፡፡በእነደዚህ አይነት ወቅትም ህሊናና ፈጣሪ ብቻ ናቸው እውነተኛ ወዳጅና ፈራጅ፡፡ታዲያ ፀሃፊውም ለዚህ ይመስላል የኢትዮጵያን ህልውና ደህንነትና ነፃነት መልሰን ለማግኘት ይህንን ህልውና ደህንነትና ነፃነት ጥንቱንም ካፈራረሱብንና ከነፈጉን ከአቶ ኢሳያስና ሻእብያ እግር ስር ተንበርክከን በመስማማትና በመደራደር በልመና ማግኘት እንዳለብን እየመከሩን ያሉት፡፡ነገር ግን እውነተኛና ቀናኢ ከሆኑና ወደ ልባቸውና ቀልባቸው ተመልሰው በቀና መንፈስና በእውነት ለማሰብ ከሚችሉ የኤርትራ ህዝቦች ጋር ወደፊት በቀናነትና በእውነት ላይ በመመስረት መደራደርና መነጋገር የሚደገፍ ሃሳብ ነው፡፡ከአቶ ኢሳያስ ጋር ግን በማያዛልቅ አካሄድ አጉል መሞዳሞድ ግን አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ የሆነ የፖለቲካ ክስረት ብቻ ሳይሆን የሞራልም ውድቀት ጭምር ነው፡፡እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን ከፈጣሪ በስተቀር ሌላ ማንም እውነተኛና ዘላቂ ወዳጅ የለንም፡፡የኢትዮጵያዊነት ክብራችንን ህልውናችንን ደህንነታችንንና ነፃነታችንንም መልሰን ማግኘት የምንችለው በዋናነት በፈጣሪ እርዳታና ቸርነት በራሳችን የውስጥ አንድነት ጥንካሬና ብርታት እንጂ በሌላ ባማንም ሃይል አይደለም፡፡ጊዜ የሰጠው ቅል ድንጋይ ይሰብራል እንዲሉ ዛሬ ለጊዜው ጊዜ ታሪክና ፈጣሪ ከጎናችን ስላልሆኑ ይህ አይነት ውርደት ሃፍረትና ውድቀት ውስጥ እንድነገባ ሆነናል፡፡ይህ ደግሞ አንድ ቀን የሚቀየርበት ሁኔታ ይፈጠራል፡፡ስለዚህም አቶ ኢሳያስንና ሻእብያን በዚህ አይነት ሁኔታ ውስጥ ለትብብርና ለእርዳታ በእንደዚህ አይነት አካሄድ መጠየቅ ታሪካዊ ሃፍረት ክህደትና የሞራል ውድቀት ነው፡፡እግዚአብሄር እርሱ እነደሰበረን እርሱ ይጠግነናል እናም የጊዜ ጉዳይ ሆኖ ይዋል ይደር እንጂ አንድ ቀን እኛም ከውድቀታችን ተምረን እንነሳለን ፈጣሪም በቸርነቱ ብርቱ ሃያልና ልባም ህዝቦች ያደርገናል፡፡እኔ እንደ ንፁህ ኢትዮጵያዊ በእምነቴ ይህ እንዲሆን ፈጣሪዬን እለምናለሁኝ እንጂ እንደ ዜጋ ባንዳ፣ቅጥረኛ፣ዘረኛ፣ከሃዲ፣የእናት ጡት ነካሽ ከሆኑትና ይህንን ሁሉ ጥፋትና ችግር ከፈጠሩብን ከአቶ ኢሳያስና ሻእብያ እግር ስል ተንበርክከን በመለመንና በመደራደር የኢትዮጵያንና ህዝቦቿን ህልውና ደህንነትና ነፃነት በዚህ አይነት አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ መልክ የማስመለስና የማስከበር ህልምና ራእይ ፈፅሞ የለኝም፡፡የኢትዮጵያና ህዝቦቿም ህልውና ደህንነት ነፃነትና አንድነት የሚመለሰው የሚከበረውና የሚረጋገጠው በፈጣሪ ቸርነትና በእውነተኛና ቀናኢ ዜጎችና ሃይሎች እንጂ ወሽካታ ቀላማጅና አደርባይ በሆኑ እራስ ወዳድ ከሃዲና ብልጣብልጥ ተራ-ፖለቲከኞች አስተሳሰብና አካሄድ አይደለም፡፡

    ኢትዮጵያ እጆቿን ወደ እግዚአብሄር ትዘረጋለች !!!
    እግዚአብሄር ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ !!!

  6. Tekle
    | #6

    ‘I believe … I havnt read…’ writing like you are passing directives and orders… as if you hav some kind of authority to influence the direction of the things… its one thing to comment and know how to write a commentary, and another to post a juxtaposition of irrelevant talk.

  7. ናፍቆት
    | #7

    If you don’t have any thing to say about the content, keep you other comments to yourself. Even if the English was as bad as you suggested, it simply is not ethical to say what you said because he is not trying to test his English here.

    Let me ask you one simple question. What would you feel if you were ordering food in a restaurant and the American attendant said your English is broken? Please think my bro.

  8. anon
    | #8

    Why does the writer fail to attach his name with his work; I expect you to have done this and I am musing why you fail to do so? Anyways you have every right to take stand even on such complex issues as the relationship between G7 and Eritria.However; you have no any right to order others to accept your opinion that is what I read from the statement that follows.

    “From now on, that is how we should deal with Eritrea: respect its territorial integrity and try to live with it as good neighbors. Ginbot 7 should brave to say so openly.”
    What better messenger Shabia needed than the simpleton like you. It becomes clear you criticized G7 for not taking definitive stand in dealing with the state of Eretria without adequately reflecting on this complex issue. I think the difference between you and Andargachew’s position is essentially this. You have no forming your opinion about this issue in a split second while he might have been hesitant in revealing his. To say that the Ethiopian public need not approve what G7 or any other political organization might be dealing with Eretria as representative of Ethiopia is VERY CHILDISH IDEA. G7 is not publicly elected body therefore, with all honesty, it does not have mandate or authority to make independent or unilateral policy concerning the security and sovereignty of Ethiopia’s say no political organization that for the liberation of Ethiopia let alone G7, which does not intimate Ethiopia in any way as the two letter word G7 is just that Ginbot 7 has the liberty to trifle in the NATIONL INTEGRITY OF THAT COUNTRY. The decision made by the government of Tigray’s People’s Liberation Front concerning Eretria’s independese and all that comes with it is one thing, for you to suggest Ethiopians give full liberty for G7 to shape the country’s future amounts to mental amentia. I have often believed believe those who find it hard to invasion proper means to solve Ethiopia’s complex problem without dependence on Eretria are mentally retarded or outright opportunists. I cannot help but see you in this light. I rather start somewhere in Africa, Middle East ,among the Flashes, and work may way near to the border with my own resources riling on no one but on GOD and Ethiopians.

    What do you mean when you say?

    “I appreciate Andargachew’s courage to apologize for the mistakes (not “crimes” as he wrongly said in the interview) he committed when he was working with the EPRDF.”

    If Andargachew humbled himself and acknowledged his ‘crimes ‘as he said it why do you feel you need to modify his view? Do you know what transpires in the year and half he was a part of TPLF transitional government? You see much of what takes place in that country is a public knowledge, therefore he need not to shrink from stating it by its proper term. I applaud him for his honesty. I could have not believed, A former EPRP member who left Ethiopia after that organization’s dispersion to England, would find an occasion as a non member to lobby and work for TPLF.I believe he with held vital information concerning this aspect of his relationship with TPLF from the public.


    I don’t find the speech or the statement by Meles in “Addis Neger” as you have suggested.I goggled and it is nowhere to be found. So I am compelled to conclude your statement is conjecture. Even if he made that statement it will not be received by the majority of opposition supporters.Because, there is an avalanche of information in our disposal to discount the idea you suggested. I mean how can you force upon us this when Aboy Sibhat officially told it to the world? It is a political ploy in your part attempting to create some form of suspense in the minds of oppostion supporters. Besides, I don’t believe what happens in Eretria is a result of Melese’s ploy. He has his own problem to nurse; there is talk of devaluating the Ethio.Birr, the looming hunger, and growing political crisis under his nose to deal with.

  9. Seken
    | #9

    From the interview I came to know more clearly why G7 is trying to work with OLF and ONLF. With regards to Eritrea the lasting solution is not to accept the “sovereignty” of Eritrea and thus effectively close other better alternatives. One has to go as far back and realize that the very reason Eritrea came to be (the work of Italians and their European allies) is evil. I try to understand why so many intelligent Eritreans are so proud of this creation. Eritrean Nationalism is quite strong. One would think such a strong Nationalism would have a much better foundation. I remember a conversation I had with some Eritreans in Asmara back in the early 80s. What I learned then was that most weren’t seeing any further than attaining freedom from “Ethiopian rule and being the Singapore of Africa”. I remarked something to the effect “ከመንግሥቱ አይነት አገዛዝ ነፃ ለመውጣት ከሆነ እኔም ቢቻል መላ ኢትዮጵያ ካልሆነም አዲስ አበባ ያም ካልሆነ ቀበናም ነፃ ብትወጣ ደስ ይለኛል።” They more or less felt that they will do better if they are by themselves.

    We are where we are now. There are many mature and intelligent ways to get to mutually beneficial solutions. Every option should be on the table. Eritrean Nationalism came as a result of Italians and British rules, the support of most Arab countries, the actions of the two Ethiopian governments, and the 30 year long fight. What is happening in Eritrea now is undermining this Nationalism. Lately prominent Eritrean Nationalists like Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie have softened their stance so much as to seek some form of union with Ethiopia. It will not be easy but it will further be diminished if there are better opportunities for freedom, peace and prosperity in the horn.

  10. yebbo
    | #10

    the writer enthusiastically applauds what he calls Eritrean independence and urges Ethiopians to respect the sovereignty of Eritrea. He also suggested that there will be peace and stability as a result of this.

    The writer fails to mention that since eritrea became independent, political, social and economic instability in the horn region has been worse than it has ever been in the history of that region.

    let’s look at these issues ;

    the first one is the issue between TPLF/eprdf and shabia, the two forces are at a constant state of war which has curtailed economic, political and social progress in the region. over half a million people have died in the war between the two groups for nothing.
    War could break out at any time and both groups are in a constatnt state of alert.

    2) the two groups shabia and tplf/eprdf are not representative governments. these groups will continue to terrorise the entire region by creating tensions in their respective countries by supporting dissident groups.

    More over shabia and TPLF are under the influence of foreign forces which are natural enemies of ethiopia and who are intent on destabilising the region. The obvious players are most Arab countries spearheaded by Egypt.
    Egypt has a political and economic interest in the region which focuses on the nile river. It is also in the interest of Egypt to support opposing factions like shabia and TPLF OR CREATING NEW ETHNIC BASED GROUPS TO ACT AS instruments for their destructive policy.

    -Shabia as well as TPLF are engagesd in a war in somalia. shabia is fighting a proxy war whilst TPLF are sending troops to fight along somali gvt forces on the back of the us government.
    The creation of a new independent states like eritrea in the region therefore is not only detrimental for peace and stability of the region but is also unnecessary move.

    the problem is a lot more complex than we can ever imagine with so many players and interest groups in the play.

    Andargachew Tsgie is quite right to be cautious, but any group that intends to work with the shabia has to be too smart and be able to outwit the shabia or else whatever they dream is not going to see the light of day.

  11. Kush-Kush
    | #11

    The writer is genderless and will replace it by you . I do not know where and how the question of Asseb comes from . Besides, you are undermining the Ethioipian peasants and I beleieve you are not in your right mind and no one can over look at the Ethiopian peasants . The one you undermine are the ones who liberate and defeate the colonialist . In any case, you go out and preach Ginbot7s if they accept you as their political advisors . It is a foolish and unwise mistake to ally with the Eritrean duke and do not try to fool anyone . What amazes me most is that you said 98.8/ Eritreans voted for independence . At that time you were in the polling stations and counting the vote ? The last part of my point is that you said we and they . Who are the we and the they ? As far as I know we are one people and one nation . Do you remember there wewr two germans and two yemens . What I believe is that history will repeat itself in Ethioipia too . selam Tena Yestiligne !

  12. Dawi
    | #12

    I didn’t made up what I said furthermore, remember Meles is a founder of MLLT while Sebhat as far as I know is only a regular TPLF founder. There is a difference in their philosophy of forming alliances with “enemies”.

    If Meles says the reason he supported the “petit bourgeois EPLF” is to stop Ethiopia’s disintegration there is no reason not accept his words as truth weather you agree with him or not.

    “ኤርትራን ያስገነጠልነው ኢትዮጵያን ከመበታተን ለማዳን ነው” የአቶ መለስ አዲስ ግኝት

  13. Dawi
    | #13


    [..Besides, I don’t believe what happens in Eretria is a result of Melese’s ploy. He has his own problem to nurse; there is talk of devaluating the Ethio.Birr, the looming hunger, and growing political crisis under his nose to deal with...]

    If you’re saying the UN sanctions and other things that are isolating EPLF of Eritrea is a coincidence you can say same to other things done to opposition as well, including of the jamming of ESAT & VOA. Meles has a budget for such things.

    There are problems but there are also things that are working for him and that is where he attains his budget to fight his “enemies”. Recognizing the things that work and not opposing them at a minimum is a smart thing to do. I think there are enough things to contend against even when we acknowledge the things that are working. Not being cognizant of such things is what makes us delusional if I am getting Dr. Messay correctly. Becoming realistic is better for our mental health & the country.

  14. astra
    | #14

    Meles has been and always will be the vassal (obedient servant) of Isayiyas. Anybody who fails to see that is,I am sorry to say,a monumental fool. Meles thinks that all Ethiopians, (except Tigreans and their overlord,Eritreans) are stupid and that he can fool them all the times. Just look the special treatment Meles is giving to his alter ego, the Eritreans. Free scholarship, return of their property with interest, etc.If we do not see the 800-gorella in the room, keep on listening to this turncoat, Andargachew, who is prepared to sell Ethiopia for a song if he can, but he will never have the chance. Just hot air!!!

  15. Michael
    | #15

    It is a shameful action when you sansur some important ideas of a commentator.It is also unfair when some commentary and important articles are rejected from editing.This is a good lesson to me not to give a comment on your Website,because you are not better than Weyane and Dergues press freedom.

  16. assfaw
    | #16

    የአንዳንዱ ሰው አስተያየት ይደንቃል አገርህን የነጠቀን ወንበዴ ዝም ብለህ ተቀበለው የሚለው ፈሊጥ:: ሰላም የሚፈልግ የሰው ንብረት አይነጥቅም የሻቢያ ምስክር ወያኔ ከሆነ ጣሊያን ምን አደረገን?

    ከሌባ የገዛ ሌባ እንደሆነ ሁሉ የሻቢያ ጩህት ከዛ አያልፍም ወያኔም የሚለፈልፈው ይሄንኑ ነው::

    እውነቱን ተናግሮ የመሸበት ማደር ይሻላል በውሸት ሀገር እያሉ ከመለፍለፍ

  17. Dawi
    | #17

    astra said:

    [...Meles has been and always will be the vassal (obedient servant) of Isayiyas. ...Meles thinks that all Ethiopians, (except Tigreans and their overlord,Eritreans) are stupid ...]

    Meles may have admired Isayas as a liberation movement leader at one time but that is 20 some thing years ago.

    Thanks to Prof. Tecola we already know Meles is a “Bantu” as Mengistu was , he is part (Raya Oromo/ Kunama) so he can’t have loyalty to one ethnic group. He has to be an equal opportunity Dictator. :-)

    If he gives a special treatment to Eritreans it is the right thing to do. As Ethiopians whose property was confiscated illegally they deserve to get it back with interest. If some qualify to go to University after running away from oppression and dictatorship in Eritrea it is only fair Ethiopians allow their kins to go to school. That is the least we can do for them.

  18. aha!
    | #18

    From the vantage point of the silent, silenced but not silent majority of Ethiopians, I dis agree with Ginbot 7′s and/or Andargakachew’s position on three points as a reveleations from his two interviews. The first is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend notion of association with Iassayas Afewerki”, because there is no enemity between Issayas Afewerki and Meles Zenawi, but rivalery, judging from the words of Issayas Afeworki, “benena be meles mehakel liyunet binore be eritrea gudai ine ibelt ine ibelt bemalet bicha newe”, much in the same way between the dissident group in Tigrai-Harena, with ethnic agenda, which latter formed a coalition with the loyalist opposition parties and UDJP with the TPLF, identified at the time as Tigrai-Harena/fdd/fdre, now identified as OPDF/EDUF/fdre.

    The second lies with forming an alliance with OLF, ONLF, etc., with its platform for national agenda for freedom and democracy for all Ethiopians to that of ethnic secessionism upto self determination instead of merging over the same goal for unity, sovereignity of Ethiopa and Ethiopians. He left that portion to be determined after the defeat of the TPLF/eprdf regime, I paraphrase. These notions of coalition now front with Medrek and alliance, rather than mergerin both cases, where each partners holding their platform are recipes for disaster or a way of maintaining the status quo of ethnic federalism and scessionism and totalirinism in tact but may accomplish the attempt of reform they are trying to achieve with TPLF/eprdf regime judged from their own assertions from the press releases.

    The third aspect of what came out from the interview, his aim from the start, even when he was a part of TPLF/eprdf administration, he was intent/campaign on the ethnicfederalism/Killil Mengistat, “Ikul membit indinorachew”, ie, the sel-rule and separate development. He did not even mention equal development, nor dd he even show even any concern about non-independent parliament and the non-independent judiciary, and the non-independent election board under the current setting as the crucial points and or ideologies of contentions for those with the national agenda, in contrast to Andu Alem, the individual he was debating with in the first interview with ESAT. These how however should not detract from his narratives against TPLF/eprdf regime in his eloquent presentations during the interview, especially in the one on one second interview.

    What all the pros and cons of above points of view have never been discussed in the open form to eeven reach a consensus from the stand point of the silent majority undergoing ethnic federalism, secessionism with constant war skimishes, and totalirianism that hinders capitalism and democracy to the silent majority undergoing humanitarian, economic and political crises for the last twenty years in the name of oppression of nations and nationalities. At least during His Majesty, Emperor Haile selassie’s regime, the masses affected with drought and famine, land tenure and poverty were living in relative peace and harmony, only standing up to the then Government on taxes, by saying “yigebir talachihu zingerom yigebir yengus aydelem woy yemichirew midir”, which he now does not even own that same land to serve as one of the means of production.

  19. boguz
    | #19

    Joke aside,let’s seriously listen to Dr.Barakat H/Selasai’s complaints.Dr.Barakat published a book title The Wounded Nation.This itself speakes high volume unless the deafs are in the house.Wounded meanse,those who carried guns and those commandors shot themselves.Period.As per Assab,leave it to Ethiopians,the ultimate deciders,not antiEthioppias and Ethiophobias.

    At the beginning,almost all men and women were shabia supporters and followers thinking they would get what shabia promised them they would definitely get at the speed of light;when they waited,waited and found that Isaias and shabia were just a cost and a burden for those alive and the dead,the sadddened followers and supporters bitterly said in unison this,”Was it for this we sacrificed our dear sons and daughters?”

    Again,God aside,let us be a little bit patient and see who will do the miracle.

  20. astra
    | #20

    Hello there! Are Meles and Isayiyas in this website with pen names. Which one of them is DAWI? If he is Isayiyas why did he not return the Ethiopian property confisicated in Eritrea. If he is Meles, sincehe works for Isyiyas and his other Tigres. No wonder.

  21. Waseraw
    | #21

    The writer of this piece could have ben Shabia supporter or perhaps he/she could be G7 sympathizer, and even OLF.I have no problem reading opinions that carry views of diverse political organizations.Inadition, we are already used of reading articles in support of Shabia in our forums. However, as some pointed out above, we must all question those who comment without revealing their identity. On the surface this might appear trivial matter.Neverthless, when we examine the intent and motive of such writers, and why they choose to remain anonymous we see harmful habits inculcated by them.

    We know that these forums are free for the promotion of diverse views and opinions. Therefore we must desire to conduct discussion in an open and transparent mannar.However, those who are deeply entrenched in undemocratic values of political organizations have a tendency to operate anonimously.Thes are also the types of individuals, if given opportunity who will secretly conspire for self-interest and will also promote authoritarian leadership than democratic governance.

    There is no doubt that the writer handles this issue carelesly.Just to mention some of his points. He erroneously claims “some people have issues with the way Eritrean referendum was conducted”. He has no data or studies to support his claim for this. G7 does not have any right to make decision on behalf of Ethiopia be it with shabia or any other organizations, the writer claims it does. Obviously, posting messages anonymously ought to be a major concern for many of us in this forums. It is important that we closely examine political organizations such as G-7, NOT FOR WHAT THEY PRETEND TO BE BUT FOR WHAT ACTUALLY THEY ARE. This even becomes a major concern for the uninformed younger generation of our people. In this connection, we must always be aware the role of ethnic and blood line connection in Ethiopian politics.

    In this interview, we heard that Mr.Andargachew admitted he made mistake for working with TPLF.It is true that men have a tendency always to commit sin, and we are not what we like to be at all occasions. Granted, that we have this universal weakness I will not be obsessed with the question why Andargachew made such blunder. However, for any of us to have confidence in what he does in the future it is vitally important that he comes out clear by telling the whole truth for Ethiopians.
    I believe he has not told us the whole truth. According to him as a former EPRP member he once operated in TIGRAY in the EPRP liberated area somewhere in Assimba, and Zalambesa area. He had the experience and the opportunity to see for himself the devastating effect of Shabia and TPLF joint force declaring a war of attrition on his front. From that day on it was clear that to the majority of EPRP members this experience becomes a defining moment. That is after this war it was very hard for members of EPRP to trust or to have anything to do with them. For it become clear the joint project was initiated because of their perception that EPRP is Amhara.
    Finally, when EPRP gave up armed resistance its forces that were operating in different regions went their own way. Those in Belesa region formed EPDM, those in Telemt and Armachiho regions parted in two directions. Some left Ethiopia via Sudan to Europe and America others continued the struggle inside the country until they become prey for TPLF.
    Andargachew said he left Ethiopia to England. The question, now, is what was his rationale for him to arrive at the TPLF foreign office for employment? This is the untold mystery. Could it be he was all along a TPLF mole inside EPRP? Is he drawn to TPLF through Ethnic line? How is it Andargachew a former EPRP member fined it super easy to work with both TPLF and now with Shabia when we consider what the two fronts have done to his former organization? I believe the Ethiopian people have the right to know THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT THIS .n

    I respect your views in many issues and in what is said on this topic except the last pragraph.I personally don’t believe in any form of rapprochement with Shbia as a solution for our country. The experience of EPPF should have been conclusive.G7 need to humble itself and come with honest answer if it wants the support of the Ethiopian public. This forum of method, to snick in here and without adequately addressing the root problem , will back fire on it.If G7 needs public support it must come clear about her blunders with OLF and shabia .Or else face the fact that she will remain an organization with a stigma mercenary attached to her. No one expects G7 to bargain with Shabia any thing meaning ful; It has but one choice before her .Either operate accepting Shabia’s full terms or else to get the heck out of there –this has been well established Shabia policy towards Ethiopia.

  22. Dawi
    | #22


    [[Hello there! Are Meles and Isayiyas in this website with pen names. Which one of them is DAWI? If he is Isayiyas why did he not return the Ethiopian property confisicated in Eritrea. If he is Meles, sincehe works for Isyiyas and his other Tigres. No wonder.]]

    You have adapted/accepted EPLF/TPLF division as real. That is why you act delusional.

    I suggest you go exorcise your head by staring 2 hours at time, at the real map of Ethiopia at some staunch Ethiopianists blogs such as Prof. Tecola Hagos’s and come & see us in the morning.

  23. Mele
    | #23

    Amazing steel people wont accept erthria is afree country so funny ha ha ha nt ethiopian but un accept it .forgate about erthria think something eles that help ethiopia

  24. ME
    | #24

    How about the insidious role of our MASTERS at Washington,London and Brussels? Is it not true that the rule of the game is designed and set up by these MASERS?For the MASTERS, it does not matter who wins the game.Because they are always winners as long as they support and fund all factions.What is the real definition of enemy?And in fact also that of the real definition of a friend?And in fact what are the factors to make definitions?Are we confused?IS EPLF our friend or our enemy? EPLF was the master and mentor father of TPLF.I think G7 has forgotten this bold reality.May be political prostitution?

  25. Yohannes
    | #25

    Taking in to considerations of the horn of African politics TPLF regime strength politically economically and militarily right now Eritrea is in difficult circumstances to survive let alone to entertain other Ethiopian democratic force. Issias needs to survive for himself; I am afraid soon or later, he might negotiate with TPLF so you better be careful. Do not trust Issias!

  26. Kemal
    | #26

    Do not under estimate the Ethiopian government power in the horn Africa politics if you do, it is a big mistake, Do not you see, politically and economically and militarily isolated the Eritrean regime, and put Kenya, Somaliland Djibouti on their side, even Sudan have no power and no intention to do any thing to harm the Ethiopian government interest at this time. TPLF government stopped fighting the Somali insurgents and the African union and UN is on their side plus big Western power is backing up this effort.
    If the UN passes the resolutions on Eritrea that is a big blow for Eritrea and it is really weaken the Eritrean government capability to do anything tangible to fight and help other democratic forces in the area and that will put Eritreans to fight for their survival.
    Plus other factors like Egypt used to help Eritrea diplomatically and financially that seem dry out. Plus Libya Kaddafi is gone so what is the chance for Issias? Why he wants to fight with TPLF when he knows that he is going to fall? Issias does not have a chance? So why the Ethiopian oppositions waste their money time and people life to work with Issias?

  27. Dawi
    | #27

    “Amazing steel people wont accept erthria is afree country so funny ha ha ha nt ethiopian but un accept it .forgate about erthria think something eles that help ethiopia”

    Mainland Ethiopia accepts Eritrea as mainland China accepted HongKong and now accepts Taiwan as well, if you understand what I mean.

    Having said that, if some Red Sea Afar Front Attacks Eritrean military, as they did last week to protect themselves we should support them.–Red-Sea-Afar-Front-Attacks-Eritrea

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