Gear Up for the Long Haul By Messay Kebede

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What I have grown to dislike is the reading of articles predicting the imminent collapse of Meles and his regime. Often written by people who sound serious, the articles affirm, with a nauseating regularity, that the regime is on its last legs without, however, giving any evidence supporting their prediction, except the state of generalized dissatisfaction of the Ethiopian society. Recently, the tendency to predict has reached a new high owning to the expected domino effect of the Arab Spring, as though some similarities were enough to cause a momentous event as the overthrow of a political system.

While I understand that such predictions express impatience at the increasingly repressive nature of the regime and its arrogant treatment of the opposition, unfortunately, they also reveal an irresponsible and reckless optimism. Does it require anything more than plain common sense to understand that talks about an imminent collapse do no more than demobilize people? Moreover, underestimation of what people are up against is likely to suppress the resources that they need in order to prevail. If well-intentioned people keep telling that the regime is tottering, what else is one to do but wait safely for the announced event to happen? That is why I sometimes wonder whether the predictors are not hidden agents of the regime: indeed, what better means to demobilize a people than to feed it with illusions?

That there is a general dissatisfaction in Ethiopia is a fact. That this dissatisfaction can only intensify as the regime remains deaf to calls for reasonable and mutually beneficial reforms is another given. Even so, those who display a misplaced optimism should understand that generalized dissatisfaction is a necessary condition of popular uprising but not a sufficient one. As shown by many countries around the world, repressive regimes can last for decades despite generalized discontent. To take a very recent example, it took more than forty years for Libyans to get rid of Gadhafi, and they did so, not by wishful thinking, but by an armed uprising. What is more, the necessity of generalized discontent does not entail the predictability of a prompt popular uprising. A largely accepted axiom among theoreticians of revolution is that “revolutions are not made; they happen.” Accordingly, not only wishing for revolution does not make it happen, but also even a call for revolt by an organized party often remains ineffective. In other words, revolution is a complex and objective phenomenon and, as such, not obtainable at will.

From the nature of popular insurrection emerges what needs to be done. Stop predicting or announcing the fall of Meles and his regime; instead, start working for its occurrence. Essentially, this means two things: getting ready for a long and arduous fight and doing everything necessary to bring down the regime. The latter will fall only if, beyond being dissatisfied, people and leaders incessantly work toward such a result by using all available overt and hidden means. When people engage in this kind of fight, the first thing that they expel from their thinking is the goal of a quick victory and, subsequently, the possibility that anything could happen without great sacrifices and hardships. All to the better if, in the process, a quick result is obtained, but that must never be a target.

It is my belief that if the regime could detect in the present dissatisfaction, not the wishful expectation of an impending collapse, but the gestation of a stubborn will to fight by all means, it would certainly entertain the idea of an alternative policy. What encourages the regime to pursue the road of totalitarianism is the conviction that its opponents are not serious, a conviction that the recurring divisions of the opposition further fortify. Unless we adapt the level of our struggle to the political challenge, our miscalculations, unwarranted expectations, and underestimations give life to the regime. Worse yet, in not adjusting our fight to the level of the challenge that we face, we unintentionally suppress the resources that are dormant in the society.
Here I hasten to add that there is no need for some readers to pinpoint contradiction. I am referring to a recent article in which I advocated the path of power sharing as the best way to resolve Ethiopia’s political deadlock. Among the many reactions triggered by the article, the criticism that Meles is incapable of working with the opposition, pertinent as it was, overlooked the evident component that Meles will come to the negotiation table only if the opposition shows some strength. And how else is strength obtained but by how determined the opposition is, which determination is itself a product of its correct assessment of the challenge it faces? Far from weakening the struggle against the regime, as some readers suggested, the article was actually a call for a renewed effort.

More importantly, as implied in the title, the article dealt with “Meles’s dilemma” by arguing that nothing of what he projects to do can become real unless he opens the political playing field. Put otherwise, the article reflected on the self-contradictoriness of his project to bring about a developmental state without seriously changing the existing political system. The article also noted that the ball is in Meles’s court so that his ambition to become a “great leader” awaits the glorious gesture of initiating a grand coalition. For instance, nothing is more pathetic than to see Meles, the leader of one of the poorest countries in the world, participating in the G20 meetings when it is so obvious that his reluctance to reform blocks Ethiopia’s development.

Obviously, a reflection on Meles’s dilemma does not intend to demobilize the opposition; it simply offers an opportunity for Meles to get the best deal he can, both in securing his position and realizing his personal ambition, before the tumults of revolution reach him. Above all, the formation of a grand coalition is also the best deal for Ethiopia, since it gives all Ethiopians the opportunity to learn and practice the democratic culture and forge the institutions that sustain it. What Meles must understand is that the fear of reform should be tempered by the knowledge that reforms work when they are timely. In the meantime, however, what the opposition must do is to upgrade its struggle with new determination and better means.

  1. Zerayakob Yared
    | #1

    “”Above all, the formation of a grand coalition is also the best deal for Ethiopia, since it gives all Ethiopians the opportunity to learn and practice the democratic culture and forge the institutions that sustain it.”"

    ታድያ ይሄ ሁሉ እምነ-ፅዮንን ተደግፎ መሆኑን አለመርሳት ተቀዳሚ ተግባራችን ይሆናል!!!

  2. Alem
    | #2

    Dr. Messay,
    I think you are right about the danger of oversimplifying matters, of spending energy in wishful thinking. At the same time, Meles is having free rein to make the world believe he has everything under control and that the nation he is ruler of is getting more stable and prosperous. In other words, not painting a different picture to one presented by Meles is dumb because we live in image savvy world.

  3. maseb
    | #3

    Dr. Messay Kebede,

    Realistic assessment. Truly speaking, Professor Mesfin was expressing on the same line years back but unpopular in the opposition circle with the assumption that such hint is considered surrendering to the incumbent and protection or glossing of the excesses of the regime.

    It is the duty of all concerned Ethiopians in both aisles to work deliberately without giving in to hogwash of their base and focus on the remedy for the dire situation we are in.

    Be mindful to include or get engaged all concerned Ethiopians from all the corners of the country, otherwise it will end up like Kinijit & EPRDF labelled as dominated by one ethnic group.

    In the process ethnic issues, religions, sovereignty, regional rights, poverty, acceptable level of foreign investment with term limit, role of diaspora, property rights etc…….. can be discussed and all heard to reach general agreement and understanding.

  4. Teddy
    | #4

    Wooow, all I can say is you are still the most realistic Ethiopian intelectual. I just wish we had more people like you. However can i please ask your analysis on the Economic growth in EThiopia? I was their three weeks ago and came back very confused at the fact that there is massive positive change in the rural Amhara but in Addis it is sad to see some people struggle. Please give us your view on how you would go about development in EThiopia and what is happning in Ethiopia.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    What reform are you guys talking about, when the national agenda is for individual freedom and liberty to supercede ethnic and secessionist rights, to restore Ethiopian nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in a non-violent uprising for freedom from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule (minority or majority) and totaliarinism to give way for capitalism and democracy in Ethiopia. You talk of freedom and expect a reform on the existing TPLF/eprdf regime with ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism in place, which has nothing to do with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. What is there to reform of these ideologies inscribed in the constitution, other than to dismantle it through a non-violent uprising by those with ethnic agenda like OFDN/EDUF/fdre with ethnic agenda with those of national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with common strategies, expected both from the armed struggle and the ethnic secessionist movements. As is much upto Ethiopians joining hands with a national agenda to free the silent, silenced but not silent majority of Ethiopians from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule, not to be repeated by either another ethnic majority or majority of etnic rule, and division of land mass according to nine instead of 80 ethnic regions, and consider a change by demanding equality for the ethnic groups, rather than freedom and equality of the individual as a sovereign social and democratic unit.

    Other issues of humanitarian violations, corruptions will have to be dealt with in a parrallel track and/or after a truly democratic and capitlistic system prevails in the country. Ethiopians do not have to plea for other governments to put pressure of TPLF/eprdf regime in their aspirations to freedom, but the the the support of Western democracies.

  6. Derbew
    | #6

    The revolutionary government of Libya was overthrown by NATO bombings and not by popular uprisings as suggested in this article. Ghadifi was popular in Libya for most of his tenure. This is a fact. It is also a fact that he and his supporters waged a relentless war of self defense for over eight months. Had he been a ruler with no social base and was hated by his people, a standoff of this long would not have been possible.

  7. aha!
    | #7

    Add to narratives of human right violations and corruption, exploitations, economic and political strangle hold of the country and its people by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises.

  8. Mengistu Teshale
    | #8

    For the first time I liked wholly what I am reading from the good Professor whom I like and admire, but always found something to disagree in his writing. The experience and skill of such an enlightened person should always be directed in helping the rest us to find new approaches for taking the less costly and shortest avenue to the victory over a tyranny which has now entrenched itself even more deeper in Ethiopia with help of great nations like USA. I agree with you that we are here for a long haul, but rest assured TPLF and its leaders are the anti-thesis of what is all about sooner or later Ethiopia will reject them. Please professor keep floating your good ideas, believe me your advice will help the struggle.
    Thanks again

  9. bonger
    | #9

    when we say meles ethno fascist regime is ‘on the last leg’ what it means is that the barbarity of the regime is slowly grinding it down to its death. that is what i understand from this explanation.

    Melse and his TPLF henchmen are committing crimes in which the crime they committed yesterday is grander than the one before it, and the one they will commit tomorrow will even be more atrocoius and this trend is surely going to speed up their death.

    THIS IS A REGIME intent on destruction only, and a destructive regime has only one fate and that is suicide. what else can one hope for a regime that is jailing and torturing innocent journalists for doing their jobs.

    what else can one hope for a regime that is intimidating and kidnaping, political opponents

    what else can one hope for a regime that is pitting people one against the other on the basis of their ethinicity and relegion

    what else can one hope for a regime that is gagging the people, shutting down all forms of communication including the mass media, internet, radio and independent television.

    what else can one hope for a regime that is selling vast tracks of ethiopian land, to greedy foreign landlords, devastating the environment and uprooting the local population and making them homeless and refugees in their own country.

    one can go on and on listing the barbarity of the regime.

    The regime is indeed in the last leg. what should be done is that those who are willing to lead the peoples struggle should make themselves visible and provide a platform for the people to participate in the struggle.

    MEDREK, G7 etc are visible examples.

  10. Walab
    | #10

    why should you always cry about federation and separation? Enjoy the following:

    The Oromo Liberation Movement is Like a Fighter Jet Shooting From its Three Parts

    There was a time, when the Oromo freedom fighters wanted to liberate the Oromo people from any sort of subjugation in Ethiopia without trying to demarcate a national area called Oromia; for instance, we can mention the movements like the Raayya Oromo revolt, the Bale Oromo resistance, the initiation of Maccaa Tulama association, the Oromo struggle led by ME’ISON and IC’AT as well as the formation of ENLF (Ethiopian National Liberation Front), which was the forerunner of the OLF. Also there was a situation, which helped the Oromo nationals think about the existence of an Oromo national area (Oromia) in the Ethiopian empire, but without an attempt to separate this area from Ethiopia, the empire, which some Oromo nationals think is build by the blood and bone of the Oromo people. Now we are in the era, when we started to think not only about the existence of the Oromo national area, but also about the necessity of liberating this region in a form of an independent Gadaa republic of Oromia. Yet, these three visions (no Oromia in Ethiopia, Oromia within Ethiopia, and an independent Oromia without Ethiopia) are still entertained in the Oromo society at large, the common denominator of the three movements being the struggle for an unconditional bilisummaa/freedom of the Oromo people from any sort of political domination, economic exploitation and cultural suppression.

    That is why I do now think that the Oromo liberation movement has got the left-wing, the middle-body and the right-wing as three parts shooting at the enemy. The left-wing wants to change the whole Ethiopia, name the country as Oromia and promote Afaan Oromo to a federal/national language of the country; the middle-body wants to liberate Oromia within Ethiopia and make it to be the leading nation-state of the whole country; and the right-wing wants to establish an independent Gadaa republic of Oromia, which will have the influential position in the whole region of the Horn of Africa. These three parts of the Oromo liberation movement are now trying to harmonize their move against our common current enemy, i.e against the fascist, Abyssianist and racist Woyane. Accordingly, we do now find the Oromo liberation movement in all the spectrum of the opposition parties and liberation fronts against the oppressive regime (in the left wing, like the Oromo nationalists, who are active in AEUP, EPPF, EPRP, G-7 and UDJ; in the middle body including those organized under OFDM, OLF-KY, OPC and UEDF of MEDREK; as well as in the right wing such as the freedom fighters in OLF-QC, ONLF, ULFO). Surprisingly the main body of the OLF (OLF-SG) seems to represent the whole Fighter jet coordinating, accomodating and cooperating with all the three parts. This reality persuades us to think that the Oromo liberation is inevitable and the possible future three types of our sovereignty are not as such disadvantageous for Oromia and the Oromo people; we can now fight together for our common freedom from the Abyssinianist elites’ system of domination and then choose one of the following styles/types of sovereignty:

    - the Hindi style: the Hindi people liberated all nations and nationalities in their region and named the whole country as India, made the Hindi language as the working language of the Indian federation and of course divided the national area of Hindi into multiple federal regions. Why not we, the Oromo people, liberate the whole nations and nationalities in the Ethiopian empire, call the whole country Oromia and promote Afaan Oromo to the working language of the federation, with the historical local Odaa’s of Oromia (Odaa-Bisil, -Bultum, -Garreess, -Makodi, -Nabee and -Roobaa) being the future separate federal regions of the country?

    - the English style: the English people liberated themselves from the 700 years rule of the Roman empire, forged England as an autonomous region and united it with the neighbouring others to form the british United Kingdom, they also made English language the working language of the Kingdom. Can’t Oromia being autonomous, free and independent from the alien forces be united with the neighbouring autonomous regions to forge the Cushitic Ethiopian union, similar to that of the british United Kingdom and promote Afaan Oromo to the working language of the union?

    - the Ruski style: the Russian elites dismantled the Soviet union and established the Russian federation, which uses the Russian national language, the federation which still does have an influence on its neighbouring nations, because of its economic and military strength. Does this way of dismantling the Ethiopian empire and fostering the highly wished independent Gadaa republic of Oromia to have a further influence over the other liberated neighbouring countries more advantageous than the first two types of sovereignty?

    Interestingly, the three Abyssinianst groups (the Amhara, Tigrai and Eritrean elites) have got only one option respectively in their political struggle: the Amhara elites still can only sing about the Hindi-style for they know that Amharinya has got the privilage to be the federal language of the empire; the Eritrean elites as a minority at the periphery were so insecure to live within Ethiopia so that they had only the alternative of separation (the Ruski-style); the Tigrean elites can neither have the language privilage to opt for the Hindi-style nor the capacity to live alone as an independent nation in order to choose the Ruski-style, so they do stick at the English-style. But the Oromo and Oromia, being the majority at the center, can play all the three cards (the Hindi-, English- and Ruski-style) as long as the rule of the game in the region will be freedom and democracy. So, let’s Oromo people use our advantage and struggle with all the pro-freedom and pro-democracy forces of the Empire against the Woyane to come to the position of voting for one of the three options we do have.

    As far as I am concerned, all the three ways are not harmful, but the decision must be made by the politically conscious Oromo polity and Oromo public per referendum, when the time comes. This short essay is a bitter pill I wanted to present to the Oromo foes, who are nowadays delighting by perceiving a division of the Oromo liberation vanguard (the OLF) into three. For their information, OLF has got in its pocket, from the very beginning, only one kaayyoo (goal) of bilisummaa/freedom, which at the same time can be interpreted as three kaayyoo’s of walabummaa (three types of sovereignty), and it plays with these three cards of walabummaa based on the objective reality it is in, i.e according to the “here and now” of the situations. Even though the one kaayyoo of bilisummaa is the Oromo national self-determination, the three interpretations of the kaayyoo of walabummaa are:

    - Oromian national independence within a regional union (internal self-determination of the nation),
    - Oromian national independence without a regional union (external self-determination of the Oromo), and
    - Oromian citizens’ Independence to have a referendum on this issue of ‘independence within a union’ Vs. ‘independence without a union’.

    We know that OLF permanently advocates for all the three: for the independence of Oromia, for the Oromos’ right to self-determination, and for the union of nations in the empire/region. It emphasizes one of these three interpretations according to the condition of the time (according to the Zeitgeist). Whenever Abyssinianist elites become arrogant and start to sing about the unconditional unity of their empire with suppression of Oromos’ national rights, it stresses the necessity of an independent republic of Oromia, of course undermining the possible union. The logic behind this position is that whenever there is suppression, there will be a move for separation. When some reasonable politicians from different nations in the empire start to recognize the God-given right of the great Oromo nation to self-determination, the OLF starts to play the card of self-determination, i.e an appropriate decision per referendum either for ‘independence within a union’ or ‘for independence without a union’. Now, the one structural OLF, which we Oromo nationals have believed to own, has been divided into three, each of the factions just taking as a goal one of the three interpretations of the kaayyoo regarding walabummaa of Oromia:

    - OLF1 of Ob. Daud appears to have the Oromo national self-determination as its goal (being open for both the ‘independence within a union’ and the ‘independence without a union’ as far as the Oromo majority will decide for one of the two).
    - OLF2 of Ob. Dhugaasaa seems to make no compromise on the ‘independence without a union’.
    - OLF3 of Gn. Kamal looks like having a decision, which favours the Oromian ‘independence within a union’ of nations in the empire/region so that it tries to seek a cooperation with the Oromo nationals in the ruling party, OPDO, and at the same time it strives for a possible alliance with the reasonable “pro unity and democratic” Habesha opposition forces.

    Anyways, a merdo (bad news) to the foes of the Oromo liberation movement is that the one/three OLF(s) will never give up the struggle for the right of the Oromo nation to self-determination until we, the Oromo people, become the determiners of our own destiny, be it within the Ethiopian union or without the union. Otherwise, let’s differentiate the ongoing rhetoric from the real conviction. We heared certain Oromo politicians talking about the “fact” that the Oromo people do not want “secession”. But, I do consider such talking about the Oromo wanting independence or not is a wrong generalization. One thing we need to know as a fact is that almost all Oromo politicians (including those who do make the above mentioned rhetoric), deep in their hearts, believe in the right of the Oromo nation to self-determination. This is the hallmark of Oromo nationalists and it is the aim of our mindset (that of our spiritual organization, the OLF). This mindset, the OLF, has got only one kaayyoo of bilisummaa with the three interpretations regarding walabummaa, but it also does persue three karaa’s (strategies) including the following respective three rhetorics serving the strategies:

    - OLF mindset in the rebel organizations like the ULFO has got an explicit rhetoric of self-determination, i.e in a form of a national independence, be it within or without a union, and it fights for this kaayyoo by all means,
    - OLF mindset in the opposition organizations like OFC has got the rhetoric of struggling for liberation in only the Ethiopian context, but it covertly struggles for the same kaayyoo of self-determination,
    - OLF mindset in the ruling organization, the OPDO, has got the rhetoric, which says: “we have already achieved the liberation”, but yet it also covertly pushes for the same and similar kaayyoo.

    So, our fellow Oromo nationals, let’s allow this mindset move to the kaayyoo of bilisummaa in all the three karaa’s, despite the rhetoric of some Oromo nationalists in the opposition and in the ruling Oromo organizations. Let our foes know exactly that despite the different rhetorics, the Oromo liberation movement can never be stopped till it achieves the kaayyoo of bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia of any type. We only need to motivate ourselves just to make our respective rhetorics and to do our practice in the liberation movement on the karaa each of us chooses in order to come to the only one kaayyoo of self-determination. We have to forget the rhetoric of Oromo politicians in the ruling party and in the opposition parties, who are doing their talks under the gunpoint of Woyane (they are just denying the right of Oromo people to self-determination at gunpoint) and let’s strive to achieve our kaayyoo, which is already determined by our mindset lead by the OLF.

    I am personally against any sort of dictatorial unity, and I am a supporter of a possible union of independent nations in the empire/region based on the free will of the respective peoples. Any unity without Oromo’s public verdict will fail, take it only 1 year, about 10 years or as long as 100 years. That is why I do advocate for a lasting solution based on free will of all the stakeholders, instead of the temporary hoyaa-hoyee of unity as a wishy-washy solution. Some organizations seem to have chosen unconditional Ethiopian unity as a precondition for the alliance against Woyane, but the unity they do strive for will surely never last long, because it is not based on accepting the self-determination of peoples, but based on a predetermination of the future fate of peoples by only few elites. The future coming alliance against Woyane, which may be forged by the OLF et al must be based on a solid ground and must take the self-determination of nations, rather than the unconditional unity of the region/empire, as the precondition for an alliance.

    This way or that way, our foes need to know that, they can only manipulate and delay the realization of Oromo’s right to self-determination, but they can never hinder it. Oromo’s mindset is leading us to our only one kaayyoo, i.e to the self-determination of the Oromo people, however long it may take. Our enemies like it or not, in reality almost all Oromo nationalists are led in our liberation struggle by this mindset. That is why the International Crisis Group (ICG) wrote: “despite its organizational flaws and divisions, many ordinary Oromos retain an almost messianic belief in the OLF as the major nationalist organization”. So, I would like to say: long live the OLF as both a fighter jet and a trinity (the OLF with only one kaayyoo of self-determination, but with the three possible interpretations of walabuummaa to be achieved through the three karaa’s accompanied by the three rhetorics).

    Just regarding the Oromo nationals, who do prefer the Hindi- or the English-style of walabummaa, I personally can understand when some of them do refuse accepting the name Ethiopia as belonging to the Oromo people, but we need to dig deep to come to the facts that the name Ethiopia is not far from the history of the Oromo people in particular and from that of the Cush in general. To illustrate this fact with concrete example, who was the warrior named Abraham Ashine (the name Ashine has got a meaning in Afaan Oromo: ‘we have begotten a child’), the man who bravely conquered and ruled Yemen as the Cushitic Ethiopia used to include not only the areas in the north eastern Africa, but also some areas in Arabia? The issue of this hero, Abraham Ashine, must be researched and the role of the Oromo in ruling even Yemen must be rightly interpreted. Fact seems to show that the Yemenites themselves were/are Cushites and the tricolor of their flag shows it all. Simply put, the Oromo people can win only when we do understand our lost and real history. The Oromo people now fighting against our own history of the Cushites (Ethiopiawinet in its true sense) is not as such constructive. Even the Agew dynasty of Lalibela (Elalibela) was part of the Cushitic Oromo kingdom; also the Aksum history is not that of the “Semetic Tigreans” as usually told. Can we really find an ancient history that the Tigreans did build in Aksum, which is not part of the Cushitic Oromo civilization? We can further say that many parts of the Arabian history are based mainly on the Oromo’s culture, because of the fact that Abraham Ashine, the king who conquered and ruled Arabia seems to be an Oromo in particular and a Cushite in general. Interestingly, even the name of the continent Asia is said to be derived from this Oromo name Ashine, according to some recorded histories, legends or stories.

    The more we dig deep, the better we know our real history and the best we can be in a position to charter our future beneficial destiny. So let’s, Oromo nationalists, be sure that we are on the right line of understanding and interpreting our history and let’s look at the fact that not only an independent Oromia of the Ruski-style, but also an integrative Oromia in a form of either a Hindi-style or an English-style can be the right kaayyoo, for which we, the Oromo nationalists, can fight. In summary, we can be like a fighter jet shooting from its three parts to attack our main enemy, the oppressive Abyssinianist elites’ system of domination which acts against our Oromummaa by targetting specially Aadaa-, Afaan-, Biyya-, Alaabaa-, and Amanti-Oromo (Waaqeffanna). Now, the very concious harmonization of the three parts of our fighter jet in targetting our enemy in unison is the alpha and omega of the Oromo liberation movement in order to be successful in our struggle. As an effective and efficient symbol of this action in unity towards the common purpose of bilisummaa Oromoo in a form of self-determination, the Alaabaa of TQO (Tokkummaa Qabsaa’ota Oromoo), which I already proposed in my last two articles, is the neutral banner, behind which we all can rally. May Rabbi/Waaqa help us, all the Oromo nationalists, to cooperate with each other, to coordinate our efforts and to move in unison towards our kaayyoo of bilisummaa Oromoo and walabummaa Oromia. May HE bless Oromia and the Oromo people!


  11. koster
    | #11

    Meles has no other choice than to loot and kill until the last minute. The chance for a peacefull power transition is already missed when he preferred to kill as usual rather than accepting the will of the people.
    It is very unfortunate that he is surrounded by hodam Ethiopians and foreigners who are benefitting both from the destruction and construction of Ethiopia. It is the Ethiopian people including the Tigreans without bullet-proof jackets who suffer from the adamant stand of “friendly tyrant” Meles Zenawi.

  12. Rezene Kaddisaba
    | #12

    Dear Dr Messay – With all due respect you are contradicting yourself. One point you advise the opposition to get rid of the regime. Later you want them to negotiate with EPRDF. Don’t you think EPRDF will get a good reason to demise the opposition before the kick him out? Why the distruction politics? Why not the opposition ensure they are out there to compete and respect EPRDF as an opposition if they win. Why a lose-lose situation is needed?

  13. aha!
    | #13

    I am challanging the both the loyalist opposition with ethnic agenda and ethnic secessionist movements with separatist mentality for not not being engaed of freeing all Ethiopians from auto cratiic rule, ethnocratic rule (minority now or majority) in the forceable future by dismantling ethnic fedralism, division of land by nine major ethnic groups, rather than 80 ethnic goups, and engage for equality of each ethnic group, big or small or leave the the original provinces as they as fedrated states and let the people leave in harmony with each other. It is not the people that are fighting with each other it is the elites that creating those ideologies of oppression of nations and nationalities spear heade by TPLF as the architect of ethnic federalism and secessionism with underlying totalarinism that core ideologies hindering the silent, silenced and silenced majority of Ethiopians to have peace and stability in a capitalistic and democratic society.

    The concept and fuzilly demarcated zone of Oromia is demarcated for you by TPLF/eprdf regime, where TPLF is in capital letters and the teletafi parties designated in small leters, to signify their support to the ideology of divide and rule, and their counter parts posing as loyalist opposition parties with similar agenda as the teltafi parties, which includes all the nine ethnic groups that do not contribute to individual freedom, liberty and equality, to say the least about Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests and Sovereignity of Ethiopia.

    Can you tell me what an Amhara will gain by being lumped together with the original provincesor for the oromo for that matter by lumping different provinces into one ethniczone/Killil Mengistat into a self rule and separate but unequal development in the style of the South African Appartheid system of the past, other than to dismantle ethnic feralism, secessionism and totaliarinism in order to replace that with individual fredom, liberty and equality inorder to create a truly capitalistic and democratic society where the individual is the main focus not the ethnicity as the democratic and social unit in a society in North America and Western Europe, where people are at liberty to advance their languages and cultures and work together to advance their country.

    Please join hands with the positive forces of integration with the national agenda for the goals stated previosly rather than those with ethnic agenda of secessionism, riding the coatails of those with national agenda in the armed struggle by way of alliance rather than a merger.

  14. Ghadafi
    | #14

    To take a very recent example, it took more than forty years for Libyans to get rid of Gadhafi, and they did so, not by wishful thinking, but by an armed uprising.

    The above statement is the usual boring stereotypical Ethiopian Intellectuals analysis regarding Libya.
    Just because Ghadafi was such a nationalist and courageous dictator who really loves his country and its peoples and who has made such a tremendous development and prosperity of Libyan people then, he managed to rule for fore than 40 years. And hence for the last 40 years he was not wanted by the West to stay in power from the very beginning. Derg and similar others were not also wanted by the West and for the West it took only 17 years to topple Mengistu using TPLF and EPLF thugs. And hence based on the realities regarding Libya, the right way of saying is that for the West it took more that 40 years to topple the intolerable and unwanted nuisance called Ghadafi. Ghadafi was not such a mere arrogant and ignorant dictator as is depicted by mainstream Medias and our naïve and gullible intellectuals. He managed to do a lot of work for Libya and other liberation fronts who genuinely stand for oppressed peoples. Ghadafi was the one who significantly helped ANC and Mandela, which the West called them as terrorists, during their anti-Apartheid fight. It is mainly NATO and the West that practically toppled Ghadafi, and not a 6 month fight by Benghazi rebels. And it is even very irrational and illogical to think and consider that a peaceful demonstration automatically escalating to take the form of armed gangsters and rebels fighting to have the potential to topple a militarily well equipped Ghadafi in such a very short period of time. For such severe destructive and destabilizing acts against Iraq, which was ruled by intolerable dictator Sadam, the West used the cover or pretext of Weapons of mass destruction to wage aggressive war against the peoples of Iraq. Then similar demonizing pretexts were manufactured and disseminated through the mainstream media in that Ghadafi is becoming a devilish monster who eats his own peoples. Just because the world mainly ruled and guided by sheer propaganda through mainstream media, the we all applauded it arrogantly and ignorantly to support such blatant foreign aggression against a sovereign state under the disguise of humanitarian mission and No-fly-zone template.
    Humanitarian mission with an end game that mainly targets toppling a single person and finalized by dehumanizing such person to the extent of dragging his corpse and even failing to make a proper burial.
    Is this the sort of humanity that the West preaches we Africans? And is this the way we achieve justice, freedom and democracy? This is the modern day of savage barbarism under the disguise of democracy and humanitarian mission. And in fact such opposition powers against Ghadafi, backed by foreign mercenaries including Alqaeda, and armed gangster and rebels assisted by the West as stooges, who even failed to deliver proper justice for Ghadafi are to rule the country. For we backward and unwise Africans then this is our definition of freedom, democracy and justice. Believe it or not such tragic failure of Ghadafi in such arrogant and ignorant way is very indicative in that we Africans are indeed very backward peoples who do not have the skill and wisdom to settle our internal issues wisely and gracefully. And hence if deeply and widely investigated the events like in Libya is our own shame and disgrace as an Africans, not in fact the failure of a single parson only. And in fact I am ashamed of all Ethiopians who support and applaud such event as a victory against dictatorship. Knowingly or unknowingly, many of us are puppets for the interest of the West and hence do not have the courage and morality to condemn their bad acts. For most of us the West is an Angel of humanity, democracy and justice. And hence we have lost the moral courage and wisdom to condemn such blatant foreign aggression under the disguise of humanitarian mission and democracy. Therefore, “ To take a very recent example, it took more than forty years for Libyans to get rid of Gadhafi, and they did so, not by wishful thinking, but by an armed uprising.” is very misleading and irresponsible thought when delivered by the well educated intellectual like Messay Kebede. In so many articles I happen to observe very subtle way of denying and confusing truth through sheer propaganda.Like the case of Iraq and Sadam, It is mainly NATO and the West who deliberately toppled Ghadafi from power. And what such events brings to Libya and its peoples? Democracy? Freedom? Prosperity and development? Really none of them. To the contrary the country’s infrastructure that is well built for the last 40 years is severely devastated by NATO bombing. Ethnic cleansing against indignant black African who are native citizens of Libya is committed. The billions of wealth of Libyans in foreign banks will be systematically plundered under the disguise of rehabilitation of destruction during the war. Massive public service sectors privatization will be undertaken and hence such services owned by the government will be sold off cheaply to foreign private investors who target profit and profit only and hence what follows next is massive impoverishment and degradation of the life standard of majority Libyans. The coming rulers will not be as such more of African sentiments and hence will not as such contribute like Ghadafi to African Unions. The new government will serve as a stooge client-regime that mainly advances the economic and political interest of the Western governments. May be like Ato Meles and TPLF have done to us for us for the last 20 solid years, a new way of cheating the mass under the illusion and fantasy of democracy will be practiced to appease the naïve and gullible Libyans. The peoples of Libyans are allowed and appeased to shout in phony press and other Medias unlike the previous regime in Ghadafi. However, behind the curtain in closed doors, their wealth will be plundered and their life standard will deteriorate from time to time. This is the sort of democracy and freedom that Western governments aspire for us. They install puppet client-regimes with a camouflaged sense of bogus democracy. They allow us to shout using any sort of free press or media but we can not as such bring any meaningful and significant change in our way of life. And in fact naive and gullible Libyans, especially the young generation, may dance like a child because of such new bogus democracy delivered to them, but time will reveal every thing in the future. If Africans failed to come to democracy, then democracy will come to them and will be delivered to them loaded through “No-fly-zone” and cruise missiles and fighter jets growling. And this is what our intellectuals are applauding and supporting.
    Shame on you all, with such sort of stereotypical mentality!!!

  15. odde
    | #15


    Don’t ever imagine that you can have peace, even if you get your wishful thinking ‘oromo republic’ realised. what you forget is that there are other 80 ethnic and linguistic groups that inhabit Ethiopia all of them interspersed and with overlapping occupancy.

    What you have to do is relocate the oromo from north, south and east to the west in wollega. then you can have your ‘oromo republic’ to represent your ‘people’ free from abyssinian colonialism.

  16. Simeon Banata
    | #16

    This is once again the grave misreading of Meles Zenawi and his TPLF. The points and suggestions made by professor Mesay are only relevant to a dictator or political forces accepting and idenitfying him self or themselves as Ethiopians. Meles Zenawi is an ethnical fascist who does not accept Ethiopia as his country and Ethiopians as his fellow citizens. He always idenitifies himself as the golden Tigrayan and has openly stated his pride in being from the golden ethnic group (Tigray). He is pro-active and has already worked out his plans in the event of losing his power in Ethiopia. He will invoke article 39 and creaate his own ethnic republic of Tigray or the land of the golden ethnic group or tribe. We should not expect the fascist and racist Meles Zenawi to compromise with, reform and accomodate political forces calling themselves Ethiopians. His fascist and racist politics are not amenable to genuine reform and pluralism. The professor should do some reading and library researching on fascism and its political doctrines. This will clear the cloud covering and confusion surrounding the fascist and racist politics of Meles Zenawi and create understanding of it. Most of the Ethiopian political analysts have failed to understand the underlying fascist politics of the ethnical fascist Meles Zenawi and his TPLF.

  17. quaardoffa
    | #17

    THE ISLAMIC FRONT FOR THE LIERATION OF OROMIA, IFLO, is the vanguard of the oromo people, and no organisation can claim to reprsent oromos as the IFLO does.

    Heathens like walab, who worship demons and practice paganism do not stand for oromo.

    this is what the pagan worshippers say,
    ‘May Rabbi/Waaqa help us, all the Oromo nationalists, to cooperate with each other, to coordinate our efforts and to move in unison towards our kaayyoo of bilisummaa Oromoo and walabummaa Oromia. May HE bless Oromia and the Oromo people!

  18. Dawi
    | #18


    Shooting in three directions is idiotic.

    The leadership of OLF1, OLF2 and OLF 3…etc. are violating one of the most important rules of warfare and leadership, UNITY OF COMMAND.

    If it is not too late already learn from the lessons of wars that divided leadership is a recipe for disaster and the cause off grand military defeats in the annals of history.

    Among the greatest of these defeats was what you probably learned in grade school of the Romans and the Carthaginians. The Romans out numbered the Carthaginians 2 to 1 however, were practically wiped out and defeated. Hannibal was the military leader.

  19. She Is Ethiopia
    | #19

    A realistic article that reflects on the challenges Ethiopians are facing.

    In my view, overthrowing the Meles regime will remain an illusion for years until the current opposition’s party leaders who divided the people due to their lack of vision and their inability to working together overcome their short comings or DIE.

    Since I do not think they will come their shortcoming, I wish they will DIE very soon!!!

  20. aha!
    | #20

    Simon Balanta is is right to the point, Meles Zenawi, will not retract nor reform according to your plea the prevalent ethnicferalism, secessionism with underlying totaliarinism to which the the teletafi (ethnic federalists) and the loyalist opposition (ethnic federalists) parties and the ethnic secessionists rights built in into the constitution. It is time for for you to engage the TPLF/eprdf regime, not for reform but to a non-violent uprising for individual freedom, liberty and equality of the individual to superced ethnic and secessionist rights, to restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian national interests and the the Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians by merginig with Andinet Hayloch for unity, territorial Integrity and sovreignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under the banner of Ethiopian flag to save Ethiopia from disintegration.

  21. anon
    | #21

    I am even more encouraged by your last piece especially by the last phrase that goes-’We need heroes’!

  22. selam
    | #22

    quaardoffa & Walab I wach when you the trwo pros dish it out.It reminds me a story I heard when I was in junior high schol.It goes this way.There was in high school a mtematics instructor who will call students by name and assigned them problem to be solved on the black bord.Then this unprepard student was taken by surprise when asked to solve algebra with question in symultinous equetion.He looked for a hint this way from the class room,he could not because the instructor was on his way.He looked that way again and some one gestured to him that the answer is one.He gave the impression that he is thinking about the mattar seriously.Finally,the light come to him how to come up with the expected answer one and he gladly told himself now I know what to do. He exclaimed to the instructor look!

    Look how ‘Wendmun Wendmu siatefaw’!he cancelled “the Y group with the Y,and the X group with the X to come up with the answer one.

  23. Seenaa
    | #23

    Once, it was written in some websites: “…treat our history in three dimensions: 1) as a common proud history of Oromia and Abyssinia, such as the Adwa Battle; 2) as separate parallel histories of Oromia and Abyssinia; 3) as a common conflict history of Oromia and Abyssinia, such as the Minilik invasion and the so-called Oromo expansion…” Now we do see that the consequences of the above three approaches towards our history are the following possible three destinies regarding Oromian sovereignty:

    - those Oromo, who do believe in only the common proud history tend to choose liberation of Oromia in Hindi style: the Hindi people liberated all nations and nationalities in their region and named the whole country as India, made Hindi the working language of the Indian federation and of course divided the national area of Hindi into multiple federal regions. Why not we, the Oromo people, liberate the whole nations and nationalities in the Ethiopian empire, call the whole country with the name Oromia and promote Afaan Oromo to the working language of the federation, with the historical local Odaa’s of Oromia (Odaa-Bisil, -Bultum, -Garreess, -Makodi, -Nabee and -Roobaa) being the future separate federal regions of the country?

    - those, who tend to accept both the common proud and the conflicting parallel parts of our history opt the liberation in English style: the English people liberated themselves from the 700 years rule of the Roman empire, forged England as an autonomous region and united it with the neighbouring others to form the british United Kingdom, they also made English the working language of the Kingdom. Can’t Oromia being autonomous, free and independent from the alien forces be united with the neighbouring autonomous regions to forge a Cushitic Ethiopian union, similar to that of the british United Kingdom and promote Afaan Oromo to a working language of the union?

    - those nationalists, who do percieve only the conflicting parallel history prefer liberation in Ruski style: the Russian elites dismantled the Soviet union and established the Russian federation, which uses the Russian national language, the federation which still does have an influence on its neighbouring nations, because of its economic and military strength. Does this way of dismantling the Ethiopian empire and fostering the highly wished independent Gadaa republic of Oromia to have a further influence over the other liberated neighbouring countries more advantageous than the first two types of sovereignty?

  24. aha!
    | #24

    It is is even getting ridiculous and futile, when the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism, an entitlement policy of self rule, sepate but uneual development and in equality of the nine ethnic groups, let alone the disregarded 71 other ethnic groups that make the moasaic of Ethiopian Nation, has saturated the media woth OLF1, OLF2 and OLF3 propaganda with three scenarios of replacing Ethiopia with Oromia. The media form discussion in seatle via ethiomedia website have three individuals presenting themselves each in their ethnic languages: Oromo, Tigrai, etc makes it even rridiculous for the masses in the Diaspora to listen and participate. OLF in particular is obsessed with language culture to be imposed on the rest of the ethnic groups and obsessed with the fuzzily demarcated ethnic boundries by TPLF/eprdf regime, the master architect of ethnic federalism, secessionism and adopting totaliarinism from the Derg regime, and as spearhead of the oppression of nations and nationalities in the days of the liberation movements. These are the kind of politicians and liberation movements the silent majority of Ethiopians are grappling with to be free from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule of the current minority ethnic rule or the impending majority ethnic rule by dismantling ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism from the constituion and its adminstrators.

  25. only disciplined and organized will win .
    | #25

    Gear up for the long haul!!! What a walk up call for slumbering Diaspora and impatience Ethiopians back home. Simply it is not going to be an easy push but with determination and better organization TPLF goons can not a stand a day. If push comes to shove his followers will be the one who is going to handover Mele’s head on silver-plate. Exchange of ideas how to direct our struggle to overthrow Meles and his stogies also to see how we going to handle Ethiopia in post Meles era is a good thing. But Meles knows well nothing will happen by scribing an article here and there. Nothing. I think the first thing we have to understand well Is the nature of Meles and his stooges. They have demonstrated time and again any olive branch gesture they extend forth is to take a strategic advantage – and so far they succeeded using this tactic in Identifying their enemies and liquidate theme easily. Compromise blabla is useless. Let us the be ready to carry the burden to get rid of this ethno-tugs by being disciplined – goal oriented and practical. I have seen so far no other organization with understanding the nature of TPLF tugs as Genbot 7. Let us get involved – we can make it the best organization there is to get rid of TPLF. We can do it. TPLF sitting on volcano. The volcano needs only to be channeled appropriately with discipline and sacrifice the rest will be history. Long live Ethiopi

  26. hailmichael
    | #26

    a blood in his hands like meles can’t leave power unless forced.better to discuss the stratgey how to avoid him than going around the bush .

  27. Enanu Agonafer
    | #27

    Dr. Messay is fixated on Meles Z. Meles is important as head figure of tyranny in the country, but the type of fixation Dr. Messay manifests on the man is a distraction. Focus should be on the entire system the man created and maintains that involve millions who back him in his resistance to political compromise and reconciliation. Without a thorough analysis of the economic situation and the new class relations and build strategy and tactic to introduce political change, the opposition cannot take the generalized dissatisfaction or insurrection to success. Somebody within the country should analyse the situation before any thing is tried. As things stand today, the opposition in the country or abroad is nowhere close to bring political change in the country.

    I suggest to Dr. Mesay and others the following short note I wrote some months ago.

    “Thank God Dr. Messay quoted Marx and Lenin to substantiate some of his arguments in this paper. I was thinking if he has thrown away his communist books once he settled in the U.S. because his analysis is devoid of any discussion on emerging classes and class relations and contradictions and transformation that may result from it. It is time for him to return to his old books.
    The fact that Dr. Messay failed to analyse the change in the country, say in the last thirty years, shows how the vocal diaspora academic elites are detached from the reality in Ethiopia and work to feed the day dream of the diaspora opposition. In the piece posted above, he talks about power sharing between political elites only. That is between the TPLF/EPRDF cadres and the so called opposition. The rest are simply to watch and applaud by surrendering their interests. Isn’t Dr. Messay’s suggestion twenty years old? What’s new except the flowery language in which it is presented? What is missing is comprehensive anatomy, particularly economic and socio-cultural anatomy of present day Ethiopia. Owing to this deficiency, Dr. Messay cannot be a power broker in a highly charged political environment by suggesting ideas pulled from nowhere.
    First Dr. Messay has to see if there is economic change that has affected relations in the country to the extent politics is impacted by it. Nobody begins with that falling in a methodological flaw trap. The discussion is always TPLF/EPRDF is in power for so long and how can we remove it. If anything different comes, it is how power can be shared with the government – obviously with academic and quasi – academic elites. Messay will get angry if you say both TPLF/EPRDF and acadamic elites are no more impotant political force in the country. The worst thing is he does not ask who these new forces are.

    TPLF/EPRDF has not talked for a while and will not talk to the opposition both from within and without the country. It has reached a point where it considers them a hit away from total elimination. It will not hear to any kind of suggestion to re-invent and strengthen them because democracy needs them. It has, time and again, said democracy is not an urgent affair for the country; growth and development are.

    So, with whom does TPLF/EPRDF and its government deal today? The economic elites. As noted widely, the service, industry and agriculture sector are moved by foreign and domestic capital. The finance source of the five-year plan is foreign and domestic capital and tax. Behind capital are tax are maily business people on whom the government is dependent. The government talks to these people and works to meet their interests. sometimes the two clash. There are several recent examples to this effect. The future challenge these peole will raise to the government is to create “enabling economic environment” which includes good governance. In effect, good governance is democracy.

    As the economic elites closely work with the government to advance their interests, they will fight back any force like the academic and quasi academic elites that aspires to take political power or share it with the government. First of all, these elites have no significant stake in the country. They have no economic interest or any other interest for that matter. They might claim to be citizen of the country and need democracy, but those are not enough to put economic interest of an entire class in the hands of people who cannot protect it and help it to grow. The academic elite of the diaspora cannot even claim they are citizens of the country. So much for their concern and efforts to destabilize it.
    TPLF/EPRDF has said that it will hand over power after building capitalism in the country. We do not know if the economic elites will not remove them soon enough to further open up the country for business. The millions of workers in the newly created farms, service, manufactury and construction will join the new economic class to bring about a far reaching change in our country. EFFORT is TPLF`s platform for joining the emerging economic elites.

    The economic elites are the hope of our country. As someone said above, national question, threatening the existence of the country rather than democracy is a burning question. Economic elites that come from different ethnic background and religion can only broker a workable deal to a such threat. More than others, it will be the economic elites that will opt for a genuine peaceful struggle because of the stake the hold in the society. The political elites have no stake to mention and they are the ones who venture to unleash popular uprising, revolution and armed struggle. There is no choice other than to stop them.

    Welcome to the new Ethiopia where propertied classes have returned to power after they were in the wilderness for thirty five years. They knew the chase was temporary and communists won’t win. Scholars, declassed elements, are still trying to keep their favored old order, but it is over.”

    Good luck with your struggle with Meles.

    | #28

    Enanu Agonafer

    I suggest to Dr. Mesay and others the following short note I wrote some months ago. “Thank God Dr. Messay quoted Marx and Lenin to substantiate some of his arguments in this paper. I was thinking if he has thrown away his communist books once he settled in the U.S. because his analysis is devoid of any discussion on emerging classes and class relations and contradictions and transformation that may result from it. It is time for him to return to his old books.

    Enanu Agonafer you are farsighted and some how understand the general situation in this country and globally. The main target of power brokerage and negotiation is to somehow co-opt in order to maintain the status quo of the current prevailing pervasive economic empire of EFFORT/TPLF and its local and global affiliates. That is why so many previous ex-TPLF members are covertly and insidiously striving under different covers to save this economic and political empire of EFFORT/TPLF and its affiliates. This is what we most naive and gullible innocent Ethiopians failed to clearly discern and figure it out.
    Therefore the main aim of power brokerage and negotiation is this insidious motive. And I am afraid that so many of selfish, greedy, opportunist politicians, who aspire for power rather than the general wellbeing of this nation and its peoples do not hesitate from dealing behind closed doors under the disguise of negotiation and coalition formation with TPLF or its residuals in different forms.
    Look what is happening in Egypt. The military junta serving the main interest of the West is still in intact and in power though the face of the regime Mubarek is out office and is changed in appearance. And what I am afraid mostly is that after the fall of single person Meles and some close persons in TPLF, then a shadowy government with the existing TPLF state apparatus and its established system in military and every other bureaucracy will remain intact so that it can serve mainly the interest of the West and its global capitalism. Under the disguise of bogus democracy and freedom it is such sort of artificial change and gift that is being cooked and prepared for we the majority innocent and naive Ethiopians by some slick, hypocrite, opportunist, treacherous and crafty politicians abroad. While the very wellbeing, integrity, survival basis and social fabric of the majority Ethiopians is endangered from time to time those who mainly emphasis on phony and fashionable democratic ideals like mere elections are those who want to sustain the chaotic economic and political system of West’s Global capitalism that is in severe crisis. Time and again I heard the voice of so many of such indoctrinated Ethiopian intellectuals who live there and who are baptized by such Western governments’ economic and political ideals that advocate such chaotic global capitalism that is plunging in to crisis. If you seriously ask all such stereotypical economic and political intellectuals as to what is their solution for their beloved and troubled country, then what most of all automatically tell you is democracy through mere election and white capitalism under the disguise of free-market economic policy. And if you tell them possible alternative ideals like previous socialist ideals then they automatically quote you the previous Derg Regime scenarios and would like to demonize and devalue all its values. Ethiopian political pace is mainly occupied by such persons who failed to think critically and rationally. Most of them associate the current economic and social crisis in Ethiopia entirely to the poor governance of Ato Meles and do not want to explore the pervasive influence of global political economy prevailing. As long as the majority of them are blindly advocating the same prevailing neo-liberals ideals of the Western governments as if it is a blessing or is entirely holly, then there is no reason that they would not commit similar mistakes committed by the incumbent if they had been in power in place of Ato Meles. For we Ethiopians what makes the situations uniquely very worst of all times is such neo-liberal economic ideals are being implement against us combined in harmony with such most irresponsible, corrupt and racist TPLF thug in power that is entirely against Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. Therefore, we really need critical thinking based on rationality so that we can make proper awakening and enlightenment to achieve a paradigm shift. Those all Ethiopian political and economic intellectuals abroad in Western countries better explore themselves internally regarding their economic and political thoughts again and again. We are fed up of hearing stereotypical ideals that mainly focus and revolve around phony and fashionable words like democracy and multiparty political systems. Such ideals even if necessary conditions they might be, and then they are not even sufficient conditions by them selves. Such ideals Even if they can serve as a good means of life then they are not as such end games or ends of life by themselves. The entire intricate world system and the entire intricate global political economy can not be as such addressed and solved by such stereotypical and phony democratic ideals and party politics alone that is inculcated by most of our politicians abroad or locally. I am very afraid that some opposition abroad are lobbying or dealing behind closed doors to become the next potential stooge and client-regime in this country after peaceful removal of Meles and TPLF through negotiation to maintain the favorable status quo situation for the West’s global capitalism. Such indoctrinated potential stooges do not want and discourage other wise and critically thinking Ethiopians who raise serious rational questions like the nature of the current prevailing global social order which is not directly related to the issue of incumbent TPLF thug. They usually simply reiterate, preach and demand about democracy, freedom and justice but do not precisely and clearly explain as to how such ideals can be compatible with existing local and global realities and in what form and dosage they are delivered to the society at a grass-root level. There is even such a very serious and surprising deep-rooted and wide pervasive confusion and fallacy regarding the ideals of Liberal-Economy and Liberal-Democracy among such advocates deeply indoctrinated by Western prevailing economic and political system. Their reference when they preach and inculcate others about democracy is automatically known to be that of the Western system. But what we are currently witnessing in the Western civilized world is a prominent economic and political crisis and subsequent uprisings due to massive and pervasive unemployment, impoverishment and social crisis for majority populace. For most of our politicians in the opposition camp and outside of it, the mass uprising in North Africa and other Arab countries is has been assumed as if it is mainly the result of lack to phony democracy hampered by prevailing dictatorship. But how about such severe and pervasive mass uprisings in other many countries, including the developed Western ones, which we are seeing now days? Therefore their analysis regarding the historical and prevailing current global political economy is very shallow and very short-sighted. Therefore for the true and long lasting sustainable emancipation of majority Ethiopians, it is very wise to focus not only on toppling Ato Meles and TPLF but also to focus as to what will be the inherent nature of coming forces in to power in Ethiopian politics. Solidarity and unity created among different factions mainly motivated and triggered for the sake of soothing anger by toppling a certain unwanted incumbent enemy does not take anywhere. TPLF, EPLF and OLF formed solidarity and unity to mainly targeting at toppling the then Derg regime and now they are here in this condition. And today G7, OLF ONLF and others are doing the same thing. Why such futile modus-operandi is becoming the legacy of Ethiopian politics? Solidarity, harmony and unity should have been mainly based on mutual long lasting and honest understandings based on common classical and inherent ideals. The usual maxim that “Enemy of my enemy is my friend.” is such a silly move that does not always work and hence it is unwise and dangerous to stick to it. A clearly and precisely identified enemy is by far better than an unknown entity to cope up and deal with.

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