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Ethiopia’s Ogaden rebels warned oil companies interested in the volatile but energy-rich region on Wednesday not to be lulled into a “false sense of security” by the government, saying their forces were well armed. (more…)

Ethiopia’s Ogaden rebels warned oil companies interested in the volatile but energy-rich region on Wednesday not to be lulled into a “false sense of security” by the government, saying their forces were well armed.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), which carried out a deadly attack on a Chinese-run oilfield in the area bordering Somalia, said the government had lost control of Ogaden. The rebels warned oil companies to stay away.

“Pursuing oil and natural gas exploration activities in Ogaden at this stage can only be characterised as gross corporate irresponsibility given the war crimes being committed,” the group said in a statement.

In the attack on the Chinese-run oilfield in April, the rebels killed 74 people and kidnapped seven workers.

The rebels say they are fighting for self-determination for their home region. But Addis Ababa accuses them of being a terrorist group supported by arch-foe Eritrea.

The government says a recent campaign by the Ethiopian military to uproot the ethnic Somali guerrilla movement from the oil rich region had been successful. The rebels deny that.

“Recent claims that the government has been able to realise military gains are designed to give a false sense of security to oil companies being urged … not to abandon their exploration plans,” the rebel group said.

The Ethiopian army has deployed heavily in the region in an effort to route out the rebels and restore order to the region.

“The regime of [Prime Minister] Meles Zenawi does not have control of Ogaden,” the rebels added. — Reuters

  1. zalalm
    | #1

    You gotta call a spade a spade. ONLF is an terrorist organization that has and will continue to target civilians. No Ethiopian government should let let them get away with that.

    Despite all the other ‘internal’ problems, I think we should be united in fighting against the evil of separatist and terrorist movements, WHILE making sure we do not create more animosity by indiscriminately killing, arresting, harassing the general population. This war is mostly a war of HEARTS & MINDS.

  2. | #2

    Keep it up ONLF>Melese is crackdown see article39 what is article 39?? What is Democracy?? How do you keep peoples right??So, ONLF has no choice execpt fightimg Melese says let us talk the language what we know…. bnawkew qunaka ennegager….

  3. Alonso
    | #3

    Zellalem, I hope you are fooling only yourself. Are you telling us that a separatist political organization can not exist in Ethiopia? What about the Wayane Article 39 that legaly allows Separation is unconditionally granted for all who need it. Are you living in Ethiopia? You never read its constitution? Or you telling us we should unite to fight against all who are promoting separatism, including Wayne. And uphold the rule of law where the basic human rights of each and every individual is garanteed by the law…Yeah, call a spade a spade, Wayne is the Spade.

  4. Tokichew
    | #4

    Has anyone seen the sign Woyanne put on our flag? Check out the above link and make your own judgement!

  5. mekonen mulugeta
    | #5

    abugida and other web sight(nazret) they don’t now they doing how mach they are spoil this organized tribal terror groups.we don,t now abugida mission even whose publishing this sight i think some racist hiding behind this sight.some times they talk about ethiopia unity another time they talk about ethiopian distraction. one thing they don’t relaized their salvege refugee citizenship he can defend or gear away from thier crime.the time come blive or not you will gona go hell with the recist and terrorist your groups.don’t confused ethiopian tell them the trues tell them your (abugida)mission ok.

  6. cake
    | #6

    Mekonen M, first try to learn basic English. Maferia.


    The tererist is your Master, meles, NOT the poor ONLF who fights for its freedom. By the way, by leveling ONLF as a terrerist, you are conforming that Yours TPLF is also a tererist as its name and actions clearly show. It is really amazing to hear you and your master meles directly telling the world their true nature, terrerist.

  7. haile
    | #7

    you stup-d fools!!! woyane is putting article 39 to trick the outsiders to think that separatists have legal rights. Thats why woyane is using article 39 to internationally and diplomatically de-legitimize a violent path to using article 39. Article 30 shows that ethiopian government gave a peaceful path for separatists and makes ONLF violence less desirable in the eyes of western countries. But In reality woyane has made separation using article 39 IMPOSSIBLE for ONLF and OLF!!! Woyane is just putting article 39 for diplomacy.
    so stop supporting the terrorist ONLF if you really care about ethiopia. do you think ONLF will hand power to CUD even if it defeats woyane??? stop your stupidity!!!

  8. filfilu
    | #8

    There is this bad character all ethiopian opposition parties exhibit; juz coz the name oppostion is ascribed to them they object whatever the existing government does.that is what my fellows cake tokichaw and the others politics the enemy of your enemy is your friend but no,not in this case. if you truly love ethiopia nomatter what the ONLF is fighting for what they did is unforgivable.eritrea and eritreans will never want to see a stable and prosperious neighbour called ethiopia since their uncalculated political game was back fired on them and will do whatever they can to creat chaos and insatbility in that country.i don’t expect any good deal from any ethiopian oppostion party that cooperates with eritrea and eritreans.all the ethiopian oppostions including kinijit have something in common they lack a clearly designed,organised tactical,and targetfull political startegy.look what ONLF did to the civilians?and what kinda image it potraited to itself.nowonder meles zenawi says”our problem is we don’t have a strong oppostion”all is driven emotinally not tactically.abekahu lezare

  9. Shumet Menywab
    | #9

    If we all listen to Mr. Obang Metho, who belongs to one of the many minority ethnic member of the Ethiopian society, then we all are brothers and sisters who have been in this beautifully blended and rich culture but unfortunately poor and helpless people to be abused by a few elites or feudal and greedy individuals who choose to listen foreign diplomats on how to survive on government power for as long as they want. There is no reason to blame as if one ethnic group as a whole oppressed another ethnic group in the Ethiopian history. If we all are struggling to find a solution for our poor and helpless people, the best solution is to approach everyone’s problem as one problem that is to struggle for democracy under unity! Other wise, how do we know if our own ethnic group is not going to oppress the same people as before after all we spilled our precious blood for the struggle we think will give freedom and liberty for the people we die for? Look Mr. Meles’s struggle for Tigrians who started fighting some30 years ago. Are the Tigray people as a whole, being librated at all? Or, is Tigray separated after all? Or, are Ethiopians librated from tyranny rules at all?

    The most bizarre policy TPLF follows after its control of government power is who ever else continues to struggle for freedom and liberty from its own oppressive rules must be either anti peace or terrorist. No more war, at the same time, no more peace, what a TPLF absolute and cheating government only democracy system Ethiopia is cursed to have. This government system is the creator of Article 39 that guarantees everyone in the society who ever want to go for the self-determination up to secession in the first place. How in the world is then controlling every ethnically based regional system Mr. Meles designed to have without exercising Article 39? Mr. Meles, you yourself brought this mess!

    My fellow Ogaden brothers, if you are struggling to end the —Minilik, Hailesselassie, Mengistu and Meles’s government system against your people, then look also on the other side of the many opposition groups who have been struggling for the same cause. If we all are crowds without a single expert, I am afraid we are going to hell because we all might choose one day the same way Article 39 tells us to do and that will be the end of us because I know it not giving us peace now. We shall be expertise to find solutions to lead our people as one crowd if we want to be successful and live in peace. I know AFD is one of the problem’s solutions we have been lacking, but, hello, can some body tell me when this will be acting and reacting? Are we being cursed for not ever come on agreements on disagreements to come to the center to solve a problem we all are stocking with?

    We shall first test the sweetness of democracy together by uniting our energy to get rid of the one to be the last monster of our common enemy of Meles’s dictatorial regime that chose to follow the same past governments’ cycles after thousands of his fallen comrades fought to end it but still their souls in their graves call freedom for their people! Let us all end these vicious cycles of cruel power exercises over the helpless people of 80% or plus poor peasants all over Ethiopia who are living poor every where indiscriminately.
    As “politicians are like Diapers, they both need changing regularly and for the same reasons”, Author unknown, the leaders we follow today may not be with us tomorrow, unless we make sure they are being guided by democratic orders.

    Therefore, the liberation struggle we are sacrificing our lives to be free from others who we think are oppressing us may not free us at last to live peacefully unless we are making peace for all of us. Knowing this, I was the first to come up with great joy when I read the emergence of AFD about a year ago. Though I don’t know much how AFD is doing now, I still hope this will bring the first work of the end of tribalism or ethnic politics in Ethiopia!

    Though there are doubts on how an ethnic based political party can stand for all human kinds, we shall all understand also that there are people who care about all human beings even though they are sacrificing their lives on the struggle of ethnic librations. I have to confess myself that I had refused in the past the offer by a friend to read Seye Abraha’s book while he was in prison because of my ignorant conclusion, thinking Seye would not be any different than Meles, when it comes to TPLF’s policy. Whether we call it a change of mind or originality, listening to his speech after Meles’s 6 year prison life, I have become a different person than a few years ago. I know, if we want a change, we have to change. It is fair to say good people are every where even though it is hard to know who is who, even inside Mr. Meles’s crook political system. May we all be free at last from Sinicism and tyranny by we all are opening our mind for working together for democracy for all!! Ethiopia shall prevail at last!!

  10. kolo
    | #10

    “Woyane is just putting article 39 for diplomacy.”

    Yigermal. Endet ayinet mawenabed new.

    Woyane is the only body responsible for all the choes created in Ethiopia. Bedel beza, sew mererew, adilawi aserar, a minority TPLF rule angefegefew, so everbody wants to be free from these evil stupids. I would love to see all ethiopians to live together but I also couldn’t blame those fighting to overthrow Meles. He and his separatist party TPLLF is the source of all the problems in Etiopia. The only alternative we have is to destroy him along with his blind supporters.

    yechenkew erguz yagebal sibal alsemachihum. Ethiopia enditigenetatel yemifelig yalem gin bedel sibeza metifom yimeretal.

  11. | #11

    Dear Abugida Visitors( only TPLF/ Melles) associates,

    Even if all of us have an absolute right to express our ideas/views without any restriction( Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers- Universal Declaration of Human Right , Art, 19), it is quite important to express constructive and even-handed views. Some of the views have been initiated from the TPLF associates. And very poor in grammar and null profit from.

    The ability to conceive of false ideas is man’s most important power; it is that which distinguishes us most from the animal world and which grants it such wide dominion.

    In one way or another TPLF minority group has been devastating the country.

    “People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be”.Attitude: Abraham Lincoln


  12. bill marr
    | #12

    sometimes i wonder why people are objecting to those who picks up a gun to fight for there rights,freedom etc… In TPLF ethiopia election,represention,parlament nothing works at all.we can call them terorist,separetist it doesnot matter.ONLF should be supported.they are not like some of you.They are not going to wait till god comes and remove the TPLF Criminals ,and go to your chruch and pray.let them do the fighting.God bless ONLF.

  13. lemlem
    | #13


    You are ignorant and stupid. You have no idea what you are talking about. When you prefer terrorists and savage Ethiopian enemies such as ONLF and OLF above woyane, it shows what kind demagogue and primitive animal you are. Woyane is bad. But your ONLF and OLF have no even a word to match their evil behaviour against ethiopia.

    The mysterious things remain with question asking
    “why web sites including those caring names pro one and united Ethiopia are working 24/7 a propaganda works for anti Ethiopian elements such as ONLF and OLF? Are they thinking this king of their behaviour is the way how to conduct opposition activities? Shame. Instead of concentrating on the enemy, they are looking the enemy enemy to work for them. Weak. Including this site(let alone ER, which is the champion of negativity all direction against the Ethiopia interest)are benefiting by far the anti Ethiopian elements.

  14. Alonso
    | #14

    To those of you think “Wayane needs article 39 for Diplomacy”
    Can you give us a single example/one country who applouds an article that encourages/allows its people to disintegrate? Are the westenrners are in love with Meles because of the infamous article 39?

    If Meles needs to get the diplomatic support, first what he needs to do is to accept the rule of low. A low that is drafted, digested and approved by the entire population without any government influence of interfearance.


    Can any one who opposes ONLF tells me if you accept the Ogaden people are Ethiopians? If you say yes, then who in the world can talk on behalf of the Ogaden people more than them selves, be it through ONLF or any other group. You are not interesterd to talk with ONLF or OLF and then you telling us that you are for the unity of Ethiopia…which unity are you talking about? Is it unity among the people with their free will or imposed by gun on the people.

    To me OLF or ONLF are my fellow Ethiopians, I would like to sit with them to discuss about our unity, how we could cosolidate our energy to tackle basic problems, build lasting peace … Wayane is against all these ideas.

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