A High Level Delegation of Kinijit led by Eng. Hailu Shawel will be touring the US & Canada

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Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations (KNAASO) has been informed that a High Level Delegation of Kinijit led by Eng. Hailu Shawel will be touring the US & Canada starting August 20, 2007. (more…)

Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations (KNAASO) has been informed that a High Level Delegation of Kinijit led by Eng. Hailu Shawel will be touring the US & Canada starting August 20, 2007. The delegation is comprised of six high-ranking Kinijit Officials:

Eng. Hailu Shawel Delegation Leader
W/t Birtukan Mideksa Member
Dr. Berhanu Nega Member
Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw Member
Dr. Hailu Araya Member
Ato Biruk Kebede Member

Kinijit executive committee has also nominated three individuals to coordinate the tour:

Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam
Ato. Tamagne Beyene
Dr. Solomon Alemu

The nomination is based on the fact that these individuals have contributed a lot in resolving issues within Kinijit and are well respected among Ethiopians in the Diaspora.

  1. Eskinder Degene.
    | #1

    I hope it will be a successful tour for further struggel of Democray the next Europe tour is expected eagely.Successful tour GOD bless you.


  2. | #2

    Congratulation!! All over the world Kinijet supporters (Ethiopian) I hope the tour is Successfully to over come peace democracy.

    God bless Ethiopia

    Thank you

  3. | #3

    God bless our precious leaders. They are really wise leaders and know very well how to settle matters democratically. Onece more God bless them.

  4. | #4

    This is the way how intelctuals did.Excellent CUD leadres.Thank you .You are wellcome .Congra.I hope it be secussful tour.keep it up.GOOD BLESS OUR PRECIOUS LEADERS.

  5. Daniel
    | #5

    Great News! Our wise and educated leaders will have a lovely tour. Congratulationsssssssss KIL!! It is your continious effort that brought this victory to CUDP. I hope KIL is accepted by our leaders as a right and democratic leadership appointed by them because KNA is the result of our great heros of the six KIL leaders. No more corrupted and authocrat leaders (Shaleqa group) in our future struggle. Thank you our great leaders who realizeed the sabotage made by Shaleqa on our sttruggle since you went to jail.
    Kinjit is Love!

  6. Yonas
    | #6

    Excellent news!

    This is a moment of celebration and let us behave civily and give them a hero wellcome.

    I hope the Diaspora will stop the sniping and infighting at least for the duration of their stay here with us.

    Somebody has to advise ER, EMF and Tsigie to stop this non-sense at least for the time being.

  7. bill marr
    | #7

    we wellcome this heros of ethiopia. we know they will be sucsesfull on there tour.lets welcome them with an open hand.god bless CUDP.THE STRAGLE WILL CONTNUE.

  8. Bancharaw
    | #8

    Let us think a better tomorrow for get about the past that was history. Let the Almighty bless there tours. I also wish from the bottoms of my heart for the other side of our people (EPRDF) to follow our educator’s foot print and we will embraces you as well. Please do not say this group that group, which is absolutely worthless. We know the truth. Wish the best for our leaders.
    May God bless the blameless people of Ethiopia.

  9. Demese
    | #9


    Your comment for the resurrection of KIL is impossible. No Diaspora poltical leadership is required at this point in time.

    The KNA group was established long before the CUD leaders was imprisoned. And that is the KNA group they know and recognize. Did the KNA group under Yoseph needs a reform? Yes. But that is the matter to be decided by a register KNA members and the CUD.

    Tsigie and others came in after the house was built. But they tried to paint the living room and claim it in their name. After claiming the house – with all this intrigue charcters for sure they will take it down slowly by also taking the innocent & the organization with them. Not fair.

    If Tsigie has the determination to help our cause then he has an ample opportunity to do so in the conflict infested European Kinijit chapters. These days he is shuttling to the US almost every week and put his fingers in most of the KNA chapeters.

    You guys out there – you have to calm down and try to resolve the conflict by bringing the outsiders. Otherwise you will badly hurt the CUD. OK let us say we resurrect the KIL and hand them all the leadership of KNA. Do you think the current KNA members will agree? NO. Then again – If we try to continue status quo with KNA & KIC – that again is a problem because there are a lot of people who are against it. So we have to find a middle ground. Means both group can work under a mutually trusted and agreed leader. That will bring us forming another organization which looks like the KIC.

    We have to explore different ways of resolving the conflict than stubornly fighting for winner take all approach. ER, EMF and other immature media groups are not going to help solve this problem instead they will are pouring benzine on the fire.

  10. haile petros(DR)
    | #10


    thank you GOD,Timeis trueand bright for ourleaders and ETHIOPIANS to see far.



  11. haile petros(DR)
    | #11

    THANK TO GOD Timeis trueand bright for ourleaders and ETHIOPIANS to see far.



  12. haile petros(DR)
    | #12

    THANK TO GOD Timeis trueand bright for ourleaders and ETHIOPIANS to see far.



  13. Melkamu
    | #13

    Indeed a wise decision to have those great heroes like Prof. Al., Tamagne and Dr. Solomon who did by far the most job than those one month party leadership people. Yonas, better shut up your mouth than mentioning our heros. Its those medias and the very person that you mentioned, who kept the KINIJIT spirit alive neglecting those short minded people like you. Without those mentioned, doing the ground visionary job, you might have been muted even to tell us your gossip camp struggle.

  14. Maria Tadesse
    | #14


    You must be one of Yoseph’s numb head lap dogs
    just writing jibberish in a language you don’t seem to command very well. Yoseph’s KNA is dead
    and buried. It was and is a den of thieves. His
    next place of business will be the Federal pen.

    We know briliant minds like Andargachew scare you more than woyane’s agazi soldiers. Too
    bad times have changed and Ethiopians have moved on and detest the backward relics of the past, yoseph yazew, mogus brook, getachew haile, haptegiorgis cherenet, abate kassa, girma bekele, solomon bekele, seyoum solomon, almaz zewde etc…

    I can just imagine a dinner conversation from hell between them and hailu shawel, bertukan and berhanu.

  15. romel
    | #15

    where is that fagget(gay)’CAKE’ ?
    now you gonna talk again about your master or what? you sissy bitch.we will but big knife inside your ass.

  16. Demese
    | #16


    Judging by your foul language – You must be one of the low life Cadries of Andargachiew Tsigie or a TPLF agent – who demogugely and ignorantly chanting about poltics for the last 12 months. Where have you been before when we have been building the house? You are quick to enter it when it is finished, quick to give hands on the painting and amzingly fast in claiming ownership – surely bullet speed faster to exit the house when it is getting tougher. What you don’t understand is running the house is not as easy as claiming it. We know your type of people – when the going get tough you will disappear like a water in the desert. As far as Yoseph is concerned – go to hell with him.

    OK! You said you have your own KNA – fine go ahead and register it with the US government and continue your work. I wish you Good luck, after all we are all here to give our money and moral support! You don’t have to insult anyone – just be yourself and raise the funds. And let the other KNA group do its work as it has been doing before. We will have 2 KNA for the same goal. If we can’t do it together then will do it separately – raising funds and demonstration should not be a matter of conflict. We have to do it with out killing each other. And we will see who will survive and help the country.

    We know you as we have been there before.

  17. Selamethiopia
    | #17

    all things have time ( Mekebebe 3- 1- 10

    God bless our precious leaders. They are really wise leaders and know very well how to settle matters democratically. Onece more God bless them.

    I wish all tour mision be secussesfull

  18. Maria Tadesee
    | #18


    I know an idiot when I read one. You go to hell
    with yoseph and the stolen money. You must have
    gotten some scraps, lap dog. Andargachew gave his book sale to the tune of $500.000 Birr to kinijit, your woreada shaleqa robbed Kinijit in
    broad daylight. While yoseph was stealing in DC Andargachew was in Ethiopia helping Kinijit
    win the election. Kinijit has no place for dededbs like you. There si only one KNA and that is the democratically ELECTED one ledy Aklog Limeneh. No chiqa shums allowed in Kinijit. Adios, enjoy your miserable life!!!

  19. Yohannes
    | #19


    Can you forward your view with out insulting others? If you love Ethiopia then your aim should be the Woyannies. Even with the Woyannies you can not engage with this kind of language. If Mr. Andargachiew is planning to lead the diaspora movement then he has to control his followers to behave in a civilized way.

    What Demese is trying to tell you is that to continue your work in a way you see fit. And he wished you good luck. What is wrong with that?

    Our role is raising funds to the CUD and we don’t have to insult or hate each other to do that. Give your money to Aklog of KNA and let Demese give his money to Yoseph of KNA. And for us who are neutral we will send it direct to the CUD. Period.

  20. | #20

    At last they are there. My small advice for all of you! Please have a little patience. God is the Almighty He has the Power on whatever and wherever.This is the will and wish of God. It is not the wish of liers. KINJIT IS OUR DAY AND NIGHT DREAM AND OUR COUNTRY’S ALTERNATE DESTINY!!!
    Thank you God the Almighty.

  21. Maria Tadesee
    | #21

    Yohannes, Demesse

    Too many numb heads!!! Never Mind

  22. Yohannes
    | #22

    Dumb? Look in the mirror. That is you!

  23. Tigist
    | #23

    I just can’t believe this is happening! Do you guys remember how worried we all were when our heroes were in Kality? Now, those dark days are gone, and there is more and more light is coming on Ethiopia. When there is a light, there is no place for darkness. The darkness is Weyanne.

  24. Helina
    | #24

    I am hoping that the division of the support group b/n KIL & KIC will cease and work together for the good.


  25. galasa
    | #25

    lebochi yezarafa zarafa siwoxu ye oromo hizib bataxanqaqi maxabaqi alebat.

  26. galasa
    | #26

    32 ye qinijit mariwochi kaisir bet si wotu ba shiiwochi yemiqoxaru oromoowochiba isir bet iyemotu nachewu.

  27. galasa
    | #27

    ka OLF gar simiminati faxarne bilachihu ye oromoon hizib kamayiwokilu mafiyawochi gaar aliyansi mafixarachihu macarashawo kisaaraa nawu.

  28. galasa
    | #28

    ye oromo hizib ka coqowanyi budunina dimokirasin ba afi inji batagibar kamayawuqut gaar fatsimoo ayisimaamam.ba hayili yetanaxaqewun agarun ba hayil isiki malisi diras yala mawolawol yitagalali.

  29. peteros
    | #29

    romal, why don’t you eat food in your mouth.
    such kind of words should not be use by any reason.

  30. | #30

    God Bless for the release of our heroes.I wish I could see them.Are they coming to LA? anybody knows?.We are blessed to have these people. In the history of Ethiopia.these are the only political group that has been supported by the majority of Ethiopians. Hopefully, they will change our country to a developed,democratic,peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia.As my Mom told me once “etiopia le meri altadelechem”this time will be different with the help of God Alimighty,Amen!

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