Ethiopian man burns himself to death in protest – Angus Stickler

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Events in Ethiopia have taken a disturbing turn following reports that a teacher in his late 20s burnt himself alive last week in protest against the ongoing brutal clampdown on dissent in the country. (more…)

Events in Ethiopia have taken a disturbing turn following reports that a teacher in his late 20s burnt himself alive last week in protest against the ongoing brutal clampdown on dissent in the country. According to reports Yenesew Gebre made an impassioned plea at a protest gathering before dowsing himself in petrol and setting himself on fire.

Addressing fellow protestors he is reported to have said: ’I want to show to all that death is preferable than a life without justice and liberty and I call upon my fellow compatriots to fear nothing and rise up to wrench their freedom and rights from the hands of the local and national tyrants.’

It is understood that Gebre died from his injuries three days later at the Tercha city local hospital.

Ethiopia’s terrorism charges against journalists critical of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government are becoming vague and ludicrous. The authorities have failed to provide any hard evidence and should drop these charges immediately.
Tom Rhodes, Committee to Protect Journalists

Renewed crackdown

According to sources who spoke to the satellite TV station, ESAT, Yenesew had been campaigning against injustice at the hands of ruling party officials. It also appears that he had been fired from his teaching position because of his political views.

After a spate of protest rallies and a lengthy dispute between government representatives and the local community, senior government officials called public meeting on Friday November 11, at the Tercha city administration building for the southern region of the country.

It was during the meeting that Yenesew Gebre reportedly stood up and spoke out against Meles Zenawi’s regime. When security agents tried to stop him and throw him out, Yeneneh walked out of the meeting hall and poured benzene on himself and set himself alight infront of the other protesters gathered in the compound.

‘While fire was engulfing his whole body, he was calling for justice, freedom and democracy and urged people to rise up against the oppressors. He wanted martyrdom … he chose to sacrifice his life for the sake of liberty and justice,’ a local source who witnessed the shocking incident told ESAT.

According to close friends, Yenesew Gebre was widely respected and well known for raising serious issues and challenging authorities.

In a bid to quash any further protests in the area, the federal police and the security services have reportedly sealed off the town. The regime has cut telephone lines to prevent the news of Yenesew’s death from spreading across Ethiopia, according to ESAT.

Zelalem Tessema, spokesman from Mass Advocacy of Communities, Ethiopia (MACE) a Diaspora group based in the UK, told the Bureau: ‘This unprecedented form of self-sacrifice has caused shock and anger amongst his compatriots both at home and abroad. Gebre’s action demonstrates the high level of despair prevailing amongst the public at large that is firmly under the brutal rule of Meles Zenawi.’

Concerted Crackdown

Yenesew Gebre’s death follows a recent investigation by the Bureau and BBC Newsnight into allegations of torture, repression and the political manipulation of foreign aid. The report was strongly denied by representatives of President Meles Zenawi.

Read the full investigation Ethiopia Aid Exposed here.

However the Bureau has been told of a concerted crackdown following the broadcast, particularly in the southern region where Yenesew Gebre took his life. ‘Sadly there has been a crackdown by the security forces on people who have suspected to have cooperated with the programme,’ said Zelalem Tessema.’And certainly we’ve got reports that people have been arrested, some people have been questioned by security forces and some people have left the area in fear of what would follow.’

Widespread Oppression

In recent weeks that crackdown has intensified and spread to other areas of the country, according to members of the Ethiopian community in the UK. The Bureau has learned that at least 40 opposition politicians, their supporters and journalists have been arrested by security forces in recent months. Many are being held in the Central Investigation Centre in Maikelawi where allegations of torture are rife.

The most prominent are Bekele Gerba and Olbana Lelisa, opposition leaders in Oromia, Andualaem Arage the vice chairman of Unity Democracy and Justice Party and the prominent journalist Eskinder Nega. Opposition groups say that another mainstream politician who fled the country as a political refugee has been abducted from Sudan. Andualem Ayalew, a former member of parliament between 2005 and 2010 fled the Ethiopia but is now believed to be being held in Maikelawi facing trial.

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The government has been accused of using sweeping anti-terror legislation passed in 2009 to crush dissent. The definitions of terrorist activity under the law are broad and ambiguous. It permits a clamp down on political demonstrations and public criticisms of government policy. The law criminalises any reporting that authorities deem to ‘encourage’ or ‘provide moral support’ to groups the government has labelled ‘terrorists.’

Media Targeted

The legislation is also being used to stifle Ethiopia’s media. Last week a judge in Ethiopia’s federal high court charged six journalists with terrorism. According to the New York based campaign group – the Committee to Protect Journalists, (CPJ), 10 journalists have now been charged with terrorism related offences since June.

‘Ethiopia’s terrorism charges against journalists critical of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government are becoming vague and ludicrous,’ said CPJ East Africa Consultant Tom Rhodes. ‘The authorities have failed to provide any hard evidence and should drop these charges immediately.’

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, government spokesman Shimelis Kemal accused the journalists of ‘abetting, aiding, and supporting a terrorist group.’

And the crack-down is not confined to Ethiopian nationals. Earlier this month an Ethiopian court said two Swedish journalists must face charges of helping a terrorist group and entering the country illegally. Reporter Martin Schibbye and photographer Johan Persson were charged with terrorism after they were arrested crossing from Puntland into Ethiopia’s troubled Ogaden region with members of the banned Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) in July.

If found guilty, they could face a maximum of 15 years in jail.

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In August, a delegation from Amnesty International was expelled from Ethiopia. They had been in the country for 12 days before their arrest, during which time Amnesty says they were under ‘constant surveillance’.

Speaking shortly after her expulsion from the country, Amnesty’s Claire Beston told the Bureau: ‘I’ve heard from political opposition groups that there’s really increased tension now amongst the political opposition. Civil society activists have said the situation is rapidly deteriorating – to use their words. Journalists are more afraid even than they were before, and we are even talking about a significant climate of fear – all those groups are already operating in a climate of fear. ’

Foreign Tourists under Surveillance

In a separate move it has also been reported that the government is targeting tour operators to monitor the movements of foreign nationals on holiday following the Bureau’s original investigation. The Bureau/Newsnight team entered the country on tourist visas posing as holidaymakers.

While fire was enulfing his whole body, he was calling for justice, freedom and democracy and urged people to rise up against the oppressors. He wanted martyrdom … he chose to sacrifice his life for the sake of liberty and justice.

Witness to Yenesew Gebre’s self-immolation

According to the Indian Ocean Newsletter, representatives of the tour operators active in the country were summoned to a meeting at the ministry of transport in Addis Ababa last month. It says that during the meeting the tour operators were blatantly asked to include an Ethiopian intelligence officer from now on.

It says: ‘According to one source present at the meeting, the instructions from the government official specified that the tour operators should meet the agent’s expenses. The agent’s job will be to keep a watch on all the movements of the visitors and determine their reason for going to Ethiopia.

‘This measure follows on a recent BBC report criticising the situation in the Ogaden region and the political use the Ethiopian government made of international aid,’ states the Newsletter. ‘It would appear that from now on the Ethiopian authorities want to prevent foreign journalists from entering the country with tourist visas and travelling around the country.’

The Bureau asked the Ethiopian Embassy in London for a response to the death of Yenesew Gebre and the allegations of concerning the current government crack-down It is yet to respond.

  1. Gadda
    | #1

    Sorry to hear about this young man’s death. I hope no one thinks this is nothing but a sad event. However I must point out that following white man’s utopian dream is what makes and will make Africans so weak for centuries to come! Africa’s Educated men and women with so much idealistic pipe dream but with no idea on how to make Ethiopia the same as America overnight. The first freedom is self-sufficiency in food, clean water and shelter. This is what we all should have been working for but as we don’t trust and listen to each other. What is the point?

  2. RIP!
    | #2

    OMG! Hard to believe and at the same time it is understandable. Gebre chose to set himself on fire than continuing living in hell under the brutal TPLF regime. The story of Yeneswe Gebre is a testimony by itself the kind of hell Ethiopians endure everyday by Agazi Army. All that hard work he did to become a teacher ended up in a horrible tragedy. Rest in peace brother, Rest in peace! My prayers and thoughts go out to his parents, his extended family and friends.

  3. Anbesa Teffa Ende
    | #3

    Wond Teffa Agerachin. Hodamu siserk keduryee mengist gar tesharko. Dehaw simot mebelawon ena mitenefeswen ato; yehenen kehone “food, clean water and shelter” yemetlut, mott yeshallal wond tenesana awoge nesaneten.
    80 million anbessa endet yaketweal 100 hodammena ena leba. Temar kegibse, temar tunisia, temar ke libiya; hezebe sinesa yehonal Anbessa.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    This never happened.If it was true, the man has mental illness.I don’t think he is a hero.ESAT, you need to be careful before you jump into such story.Evidence, yes one man told ESAT…….that is it?
    You call that journalism?

  5. Haji Ali yare
    | #5

    I feel sorry for this young man not because he lost his life but because his countrymen can not understand what made him set fire on himself. I wish he was from Tunisia. people would rise up and shake the pillars of this tyranny regime.

  6. 3
    | #6

    It is very sad to see and hear such horrible thing happen. I don’t remember exactly who said it and how it was said, but it goes like this. “When you flog, leave a little hole for the dog” otherwise when the dog realize that there is no way out, it will start to fight back and definitly things get ugly. It is the same thing with this government as it makes people suffer and seal all the wayouts. Ethiopian people will say “enough!”. And when people says it, it mean it. I don’t want to see that frightneng day because it is gonna be real nasty. This adminstration better learn from the other countries expreiances and infact from the people of Ethiopia. I believe some members of this atrocious administration remenber how the Ethiopian people handed over the emperior to a cruel regim called Derg and latter how the “Derg” was passed to the more crueler “Woyane”. If things contnue like this, it will not be long that woyane will be given to the cruelest.

  7. Who needs friends?
    | #7

    His sacrifice is not in vain. He opened the gates now. More will follow until the mass rises. One person at a time, may it be, but Ethiopians will realize that only extreme measures will remove the brutal tplf iron fist rule. Yenesew Gebre, you chose to take a bright spot in Ethiopian history than live as a woyane slave. Remember, you lighted the fire. It won’t be out before it burns down Meles Zenawi. RIP!

  8. obsaa
    | #8

    It would have been better if the young burned a Woyane cadre than burning himself.

  9. Rezene Kaddisaba
    | #9

    RIP – and my prayers goes to your family.

  10. tragic
    | #10

    Very tragic indeed.
    While poor citizens of this poor country burn like this out of despair and oppression,then the let also the evil guy at Menelik palace burn with his anger and evil thoughts.

  11. SIN AY
    | #11

    who is responsible? EPRDF?

  12. Oda Tulu
    | #12

    His ultimate sacrifice for freedom and dignity must bolster the resolve of the rest of us to score victory over tyrant Zenai.

  13. beyu
    | #13

    If you are not ready to die for it, don’t even bother to talk about FREEDOM

    Someone told me to run, I should.

    I try to keep my eyes open; I would, if I could.


    Nobody told me it would feel this good.

    I look at the sky and breathe in one last time,

    That’s it; I think it has reached my time.

    I close my eyes and as I let go, I smile,

    I haven’t felt this happy in a very long while.

    Don’t get carried away with me,

    Going, Going, I’m gone away…

    To my mother, father, son, daughter and anyone that has cried;

    It would be an insult to say I have died,

    Instead be blissful and speak my name in pride,

    Or release those tears of joy you are trying to hide,

    For I am waiting for you on the better side.

    Sorry about the call you received at 4 o’clock in the morning,

    I don’t want you upset and I don’t want you mourning.

    I am sorry to anyone I have left behind,

    I hope one day peace and tranquillity you will find.

    Don’t worry about me I am wide awake,

    For I have lost my LIFE for freedom’s sake
    If you have lost me or any family member,

    Stay with the thought that you will be free.

    They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,

    So try and hold on a little while longer.

    With you I will always remain, in your heart and your soul;

    As you try to find freedom and accomplish this goal.

    Be strong, and remain standing tall,

    Don’t give up hope or lose patience as you fight for evil’s downfall,

    Everything helps no matter how small,

    Each one of us can build freedom like each brick builds a wall.

    Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray.

    Try not to lose patience and carry on day after day,

    As you fight for freedom in every way.

    My death wasn’t my end, it’s not over,

    The sadness of my loss you will get over,

    Remember that freedom is what I am after,

    Agony and Pain I will never again fret over,

    Just carry on praying for the day that this is all over

  14. Helmi
    | #14

    Brother yenesew gebre your sacrifies is not in vain. What do we learn from woyannes 20 years occupation? these real shifta groups are there only to loot and kill all who confront them with the reallity ,unless other wise forget woyanne prime sinister,woyanne justice,woyanne sympetheiser,woyanne cadre,and woyanne belly boys who sold their concious for dinar,at this moment there is no country called Ethiopia except Ethiopians fighting against the (Kitregna or ager bekel banda)
    surviving with the help of its enablers that has been financing it with a lot of money and to strengthen its security apparat and buy followers
    that till the day today waiting for a moment to turn their weapen to the gang .People woyanne is a very weak organaization like a shining building which is built on a sand only a very small movement can bring it down in short.That is why the gang time after time comes out with a circus like offical action like arresting Eskinder Andualem and others which is now growing in millions to wake up its conciousless belly boys like Aba mela (Berhane damte red terror activist) Ager fikir (Neway fiker) radio host and And Ethiopia radio host (Traitor) last but not least Ethiopia tekdem (Alamoudi yekdem)Bunch of sub humans and very backward individuals working like the ascais during the Italian invasion of our mother land Ethiopia.Ibelieve on the heroic Ethiopian peoples the time to bring these herds to justice wont be that far

    God bless Ethiopia and its brave and heroic sons like Yene alem gebre
    once again your sacrifies is not in vain

  15. Meles and TPLF are responsible
    | #15

    Meles and his cronies don’t give a hoot even 80 million Ethiopians burn themselves to deaths. I agree with #8, Gebre should have burned some of the people that made his life unlivable.

    Anonymous #4, ante Satan worshiper, go to hell! It is your evil, ugly, hateful master and his TPLF thugs who are responsible for Gebre’s death.

  16. Dany
    | #16

    Very sad news ,My condolences to the family.Your name will be written in golden ink in the annals of recent Ethiopian history .
    Your life was worth more than million lives passed away without history but also awakening ring for the ruling elite to what unprecedented new height level public frustration has reached .

  17. Netsanet Z.
    | #17

    Where is ALjazeera???????? Please send this news to this well known media center.

  18. Ti
    | #18

    OMG!!! God bless your soul. I hope a new day has come to remind u and understand for why u are doing this. I bleve the day will come soon and we will be togather against this government.

  19. She Is Ethiopia
    | #19

    My son’s soul is the most blessed!!! And his martyrdom will unshackle me from the tyrant regime of Banda Meles.

  20. TARIKU 2
    | #20

    ከመጠን በላይ ካቲካላ ጠጥቶ ለሞተ ሰካራም እንደ ቱኒዚያዉ ግብጹ እና የሊብያዉ ወጣት ማመሳሰል ዉርደት ነው እናንተ በየትኛው ወኔና ወንድነት ነው ይህን የምትሰሩ የትኛው ታሪካቹ ነው ይህ አይነት ወንድነት የሚያሳየን ፈሪ ወራዳ ነበሰ ገዳይ ሁላ ”ወንዶች ከሆናቹ ማአት በረሃ አለ በኢትዮጵያ ወረድ ማለት ነው ሌባ ወረበላ ገፋ ቢል ዲሲ ሁኖ ማልቅስ ነው ተግባራቹ

  21. Mikaele
    | #21

    In order to set one self free one must take action. Yenesew chose his way. What’s yours and the rest of us?
    Yenesew” my man” is not crazy. The ruling mafia mad dogs are the craziest of all – since their brain cells are burnt by alcoho, drug, blood and chat. Even if he is, as the spin doctors of woyane propose, doesn’t living in present Ethiopia’s Hell land make 80 million people crazy?
    Please please don’t insult the dead !! Since Yenesew didn’t even have a decent burrial in Waka according to his faith, family and the community wishes. let every community recreate a mock funeral in his memory ASAP!!!
    Can u all agree on that at least?
    Yenesew may your soul rest in peace. Amen

  22. T 10000
    | #22

    Ethiopia reaches 2nd round of WCup qualifying

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -Ethiopia became the 12th and final team to reach the second round of African qualifying for the 2014 World Cup after beating Somalia 5-0 in the second leg of their first-round match on Wednesday.

    The win gave Ethiopia a 5-0 aggregate win after a 0-0 draw in the first leg.

    Striker Omod Okwury opened the scoring in the fifth minute, although Ethiopia didn’t score again until the 62nd when Shimeles Bekele netted twice in three minutes. Getaneh Kebede also had a brace – in the 87th and 90th minutes – to eventually take the host through comfortably.

    Ethiopia joins 11 more of Africa’s lowest-ranked teams alongside the continent’s top 28 teams in a main group stage.

    Five teams will qualify from Africa for football’s showpiece.

    Somalia had gained credit for holding Ethiopia to a goalless draw in neutral Djibouti in the first leg, but the Somalis were soon behind in Addis Ababa as Okwury broke clear to score.

    The Ethiopians bungled a host of chances to increase their lead before Bekele finally added a second from close range and then lobbed Somali goalkeeper Qalid Ali Mursal soon after to send the home team clear.

    Ten teams had already qualified on Tuesday for the second round, while Liberia benefited from a walkover in its first-round match after Mauritius withdrew.

    The second round of qualifying matches kick off in June next year, when the likes of Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon become involved.

    Africa’s five successful teams will eventually book their tickets to Brazil after a third round of playoff matches in late 2013.

    Read more:

  23. anonymous
    | #23

    The only thing I would die for is my faith Jesus Christ.Nomatter how much I believe in a cause, it isnot worth dying for. No mmater how worthy, it doesn’t affect the soul or spirit. Eventually!

  24. ali
    | #24

    proud Tigrean, why would you make us hate you more? you are the sickest people on this planet. Nowdays it is hard to distiguish between Devil and you people… aremenewoch….

  25. Anonymous
    | #25

    The diaspora really ought to stop trying to incite violence. Yes, the man’s death is tragic and yes, we have a government full of racist bandas, but one dead young man is one too many.

  26. Alemu ከአዲስ አበባ
    | #26

    @TARIKU 2
    ታሪኩ አንተው ራስህ ሰካራም ነህ እንጂ የኔሰው ታሪክ ሰርቶ ነው ያለፈው። ለፍትሕ ሲል ራሱን መስዋዕት ያደረገ ጀግና ነው። ወያኔን ለመጣል የግድ ጫካ መግባት አያስፈልግም። ምክንያቱም ራሱ ተሸብሮ ሕዝብን እያሸበረ ያለው አምባገነን መሪ መውደቂያው ደርሷል። ዛሬ ራሱን የዴሞክራሲ ጳጳስ ያደርገው መለስ ዜናዊ በየአደባባዩ ‘ለሰላም፣ ለልማትና ለዴሞክራሲ የተጋ አፍሪካዊ መሪ’ ተብሎ በየቦታው መሰቀሉ በጣም አሳፋሪ ነገር የለም። አቶ ታሪኩም በዚህ ሊያፍር ይገባዋል። እንዲያውም አቶ መለስ ዜናዊ ‘ለሽብር፣ ለረሀብና ለአፈና የተጋ አፍሪካዊ መሪ ቢባል የተሻለ ነው። ስለዚህ የኔሰው ገበሬ ፍትሕ ላጣው ወጣት ኢትዮጵያዊ ራሱን መስዋዕት ያደረገ ታላቅ ጀግና ነው።

  27. Zerayakob Yared
    | #27


    ኩሩ ትግራዋይ እያለህ ያለው ነገር ሊሆንም ላይሆንም ስለሚችል, አንተም በችኮላ እንደ እሱው አትብዋርቅ, ተረጋጋ!!

  28. Anonymous
    | #28

    Photo from (blog)

    አንተም እንደ የሱስ
    የኔሰው ገብሬ

    አንተ ያገሬ ልጅ
    እስኪ ልጠይቅህ
    የነጻነት ትርጉም
    እንደምን አስተዋልህ
    በመለሰ ዘመን
    ለጥብሥ ያበቃህ
    እኔ በሚገባኝ
    የሱስ ብቻ ነበር
    ባልሰራበት ሐጢት
    ራሱን የሰዋ
    ያውም ለዓመጹበት
    እጅጉን ይገርማል
    አንተም መሰዋትህ
    ሞትማ ይመጣል
    ሁሉን አስተካካይ
    አንተ ያገሬ ልጅ
    እስኪ ልጠይቅህ
    የነጻነት ትርጉም
    እንደምን አስተዋልህ
    በመለሰ ዘመን
    ለጥብሥ ያበቃህ
    ዋጋ ከፍሎዋል አሉ
    ብዙ ኢትዮጵያዊ
    ለፍትህ ለነጻነት
    ያንተ ረቀቀ እንጅ
    ለነጻነት ስትል
    እንደ ወርቅ ማዕድን
    በእሳት ውስጥ መንጠርህ::

    ©ለምለም ጸጋው፣ ለ የኔሰው ገብሬ መታሰቢያ የተጻፈ፣ህዲር 7 ቀን 2004 ዓ/ምህር

    “ፍትህና ዱሞክራሲ ሌለበት አገር አልኖርም በሚል ምክንያት ራሱን በእሳት አቃጥሎ የገደለው መምህር የኔሰው
    ገብሬ የቀብር ስነስርአት ተፈጸመ፣ ህዲር 5 ቀን 2004 ዓ/ም” (

  29. Ager Genbie
    | #29

    አንተም እንደ የሱስ
    የኔሰው ገብሬ

    አንተ ያገሬ ልጅ
    እስኪ ልጠይቅህ
    የነጻነት ትርጉም
    እንደምን አስተዋልህ
    በመለሰ ዘመን
    ለጥብሥ ያበቃህ
    እኔ በሚገባኝ
    የሱስ ብቻ ነበር
    ባልሰራበት ሐጢት
    ራሱን የሰዋ
    ያውም ለዓመጹበት
    እጅጉን ይገርማል
    አንተም መሰዋትህ
    ሞትማ ይመጣል
    ሁሉን አስተካካይ
    አንተ ያገሬ ልጅ
    እስኪ ልጠይቅህ
    የነጻነት ትርጉም
    እንደምን አስተዋልህ
    በመለሰ ዘመን
    ለጥብሥ ያበቃህ
    ዋጋ ከፍሎዋል አሉ
    ብዙ ኢትዮጵያዊ
    ለፍትህ ለነጻነት
    ያንተ ረቀቀ እንጅ
    ለነጻነት ስትል
    እንደ ወርቅ ማዕድን
    በእሳት ውስጥ መንጠርህ::

    ©ለምለም ጸጋው፣ ለ የኔሰው ገብሬ መታሰቢያ የተጻፈ፣ህዲር 7 ቀን 2004 ዓ/ምህር

    “ፍትህና ዱሞክራሲ ሌለበት አገር አልኖርም በሚል ምክንያት ራሱን በእሳት አቃጥሎ የገደለው መምህር የኔሰው
    ገብሬ የቀብር ስነስርአት ተፈጸመ፣ ህዲር 5 ቀን 2004 ዓ/ም” (

  30. Abiy EthiopiawiSegawi-Wemenfesawi
    | #30

    Yenesew Gebre body smokes symbolized the soul leaving the body at death and comeback for justice;you will believe me when it happened.

    The death of hyenas will be seen soon.Now it is time for Weyanne “Gujele’s”:hyena’s to go!!!According to our struggle the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) also known as laughing hyena:Ato Hailemariam Desalgne,a brown hyena: Legese(Meles) Zenawi and ordinary hyena:Sbehat Nega are destroying our country Ethiopia.These predators are killing million innocent people with in twenty years.Now Yenesew Gebre sacrifice showed us our survival choice;live or die.These hyena leaders and their followers should be hunted by our brave Lions,watch this Hunt like Nazi collaborators.
    Watch this fight vedio:Lions v Hyenas.

    Thank you Yenesew Gebre;You Defends Our Freedom” Candle!!!

    Shame of killing innocent people for their power to terrorise Ethiopians. I am against anyone who supports the killing of innocent people!

  31. dagtafya
    | #31

    We bear the cost,but the enemy pays the dearest price.Of course,when Zinawi is captured and stands for a trial,we will ask him:- WHAT DID YOU DO TO OUR CHILDREN?

    Citizens accross Ethiopia are at greater risk.During 2003-2004,approximately,43 thousands young girls and women have been shipped out to the customers in the Middle East,frineds,families,and farmers are fleeing the country,communities and villagers,neighbourhoods are facing greater danger of being disintegrated.Where will our children live?

    Where will our children call home to live in the future? The choices the enemy makes today for our children will negatively impact their lives and will have trouble to define themselves.The curent and the future lives of our children suits the enemy mainly because it will enable the enemy to continue to make profit in millions of dollars,which in return,the enemy will invest it on its own children and business scattered accros the world.The most immediate solution without any doubt is to quickly remove the enemy from the surface of Ethiopia and secure Ethiopia for the present and the future generation to live in peace and freedom so that opportunities for everyone will be created.

  32. mimi
    | #32

    I’m sorry that he took his life,Ethiopians they know how to talk instead of taking action.Silly guy.They don’t do nothig.

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