Birtukan tells UN new Ethiopia wouldn’t terrorize citizens – By Abebe Gellaw ESAT

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Paris (ESAT News) — Former judge and pro-democracy icon Birtukan Mideka told the United Nations Human Rights Council here on Monday that Ethiopians would change the ruined relationship between the state and its citizens for the better. (more…)

Paris (ESAT News) — Former judge and pro-democracy icon Birtukan Mideka told the United Nations Human Rights Council here on Monday that Ethiopians would change the ruined relationship between the state and its citizens for the better.

Speaking at an event marking the 20th anniversary of United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Birtukan said: “It is difficult to remain hopeful while one routinely observes repression and abuse. But I have strong confidence in the human capacity for perseverance. I am confident that this generation of Ethiopians will be able to uproot the evil of intolerance from our political consciousness.”

Birtukan was one of the high profile victims of arbitrary detention that addressed the event along with Haithem Al-Maleh, a former judge and Syrian human rights defender and Burmese prodemocracy leader and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, who addressed the event via video link.

Birtukan expressed her belief that Ethiopians can transformation and change the faulty relationship between the government and its citizens for the better. “I am hopeful that we will build a state which will never terrorize and brutalize its own people by making prisons their second homes,” she said.

She detailed the excruciating pains and trauma she suffered in jails and solitary confinement. She told the gathering that her illegal and unjust incarceration and the deliberate effort of the regime to break her spirit was an barbaric act. “As if this was not cruel and severe enough, the Ethiopian government stooped to barbarity and inhumanity and locked me up in solitary confinement. The government seemed to have a deliberate plan to destroy me both in person and in spirit.

“Once I was imprisoned, my situation got from worse to life threatening. I was not allowed to see family, friends, spiritual advisors, or legal attorney. I was not allowed a visit except from my aging mother and my daughter, who was 4. I was completely and deliberately cut off from the rest of the world,” she stated.

She underscored the fact that solitary condiment is in a way no less severe than physical torture as it has serious consequences of on victims adding that she was “astonished by the fact that international consensus is not yet reached to recognize solitary confinement as one form of torture.”

“That is why locking a fellow human being in a solitary confinement should be considered an attack which attempts to kill the entire person,” she noted. She further said that she finds hard to express the pain and suffering she went through in solitary confinement its serious consequences.

Birtukan appreciated the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in exposing the illegal act of her detention in 2009 and putting in unequivocal terms that her case was arbitrary detention, which she described as a violation of the articles of international convention on civil and political rights and the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

  1. aha!
    | #1

    The silent, silenced but not silent majority of Ethiopians, are not only challanging the TPLF/eprdf regime, a multi-layer, hierarchical political model with ethnic agenda, and its mirror image OPDF/EDUF/fdre for its human right violations with unlawfull arrest and incarcerations but also for its ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinsm that is anti-thesis to capitalism and democracy as well the focus to the lack of individual freedom, liberty and equality to supecede ethnic and secessionist rights, to restore Ethiopian nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, and the Sovereignity of Ethiopia under one flag, one country and one language in a non-violent uprising for freedom and democracy, not by negotiations with current regime to mellow down on its human right violations, reform of the adminstration of the existing Kill mengistat (ethnic fedederalism) instead of resorting to the original provinces of various ethnic groups residing in each to live in harmony by cometing and and coperating among ech other on individual bases in a capitalistic and democratic society, which otherwise will never prevail under the the medrek platform, however, the promise might be for not terrorizing the Ethiopians with respect to human right violations.

    Challenging a regime entrenched on the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarnism supported by the teletafi and loyalist (ethnic federalist) parties, and maintained by its security apparatus, and the federal police and Agazi forces is a hard nut to crack from the complaint on human right violations alone to dismantle ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism.

    The human right violations is being dealt with through the ICC for grnocide, war crimes, extrajudicial killings, incarcerations in the concentration camps are matters for judicial proceedings with the international couts or when a tru democratic government is estabilshed with a constitution that lends itself to capitalism and democracy for the silent majority of Ethiopians, with individual freedom, liberty and equality superceding ethnic and secessionist right and equality among the seven major ethnic groups.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    Furthermore this ideology of ethnic federalism has set the conditions for ethnic secessionism with predemarkcated, fuzzy ethnic boundries at least of the seven of the nine ethnic groups, which is also a prelude to border conflicts among the major ethnic groups as the case was and still is withe Ertrean Province, now in a status of an independent nation from the colonial Empire of Ethiopia.

  3. Ananymous
    | #3

    The question that everyone need to ask his/herself would be: will there be any Ethiopia or Ethiopianess left after weyane and their evil deeds are eradicated from planet earth. I’m afraid Ethiopia under Meles and his boss Bereket Simon is fractured beyond repair. There are too many hatretism toward one tribe against the other, there have been too much blood spilled all over Ethiopia by Meles and his boss Bereket Simon thugs, there are too many injustices done toward all Ethiopians by the Meles and his boss Bereket Simon. I believe Ethiopia and Ethiopians had been used and abused by Meles and his boss Bereket Simon in the past 20 years and the consequences for revenge and avenge is coming soon. Susan Rice and all others who backed the weyane thugs will never prevent the Tsunami that will be erupted anytime soon in Ethiopia.

  4. MA
    | #4

    Her message is LOUD & CLEAR !! You dont need to insult your opponent to push your message across.
    “I have strong confidence in the human capacity for perseverance. I am confident that this generation of Ethiopians will be able to uproot the evil of intolerance from our political consciousness.”

    That is what we lack !!!

  5. ME
    | #5

    I think UN plays tricky games regarding human rights abuses.
    UN’s attitude is usually more of political rather than purely human rights whenever it talks about it.
    Whenever a certain regime does not side with Western governments then it emphasizes and escalates every tiny thing to make it a scene of severe human abuses. For example before the demise of Ghadafi Libya had been recently hailed and praised to have a good human rights condition due to the marvelous achievements in economical developments that benefits the majority mass. But when the whole Western governments took a political stand against Ghadafi, then all of a sudden things changed dramatically to have a very different story that demonizes Ghadafi as a monstrous evil that would eat his own beloved peoples that he had ruled it successfully for more than 40 years. The other thing I want to say is that Dear Birtukan please do not escalate things as if TPLF did a different abuse in you. In fact I understand that it is such a miserable experience that you suffered. However, you understand well that the whole 80 millions Ethiopians are almost in day to day misery. There are even so many thousands who lost their lives by TPLF thug. Please do not please escalate your experience to a different political advantage beyond what it can deserve. Whether you are hailed and privileged by the Western government’s agents to this extent does not hold that much water regarding the miserable life experience of we millions of Ethiopians. We know what it means deeply when things are escalating to such extent in this ways.
    We all know it from our past experience in that sincere and true liberation of Ethiopians shall not be this way by addressing it at UN like this. It can some how contribute to your personal success but when it comes to we millions Ethiopians we well know that it does not hold that much water as such.
    We some how know how things work out there. From experience we know how our MASTERS insidiously manipulate things and ‘politicians’ like you to their own ultimate advantage to confuse and control the mass.
    Any way go you own way!!!

  6. wowwow
    | #6

    Nevertheless, what she is talking, it wasn’t the right decision to abandon the struggle in Ethiopia. The likes of Aung San Suu Kyu are still standing their ground regardless of what the suffering or harrassment may be. But in our case both the men as well as the women love to talk more without supporting their talk with action. Action speaks lauder. I personally gave up to see relevant opposition until the 1960~70′s generation born again and roll their sleeves to collide head on with traitor regime of Meles Zenawi.
    We have plenty of people in the Diaspora to shout and carry placards. What we have lacking is defiant leaders who put themselves on the battle ground. Kinda tired of these shroud remote controlling politicians who are carving their own kingship on the expense of poor Ethiopians.
    A leader will not leave its power base. Leading is by doing not by preaching across the Atlantic. Birtukan forfeit that contract. And also Birhanu Nega. All are paper tigers without clout to put themselves in their country men shoes. What ever the propaganda may be, I am fed up by this coward politicians who are more concerened about their life over the responsibility of a leader to be with its people.

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