Open letter to the BBC Shame on BBC By Fikir Yibeltal

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There are six things that Yahweh hates,

seven that his soul abhors:

A haughty look, a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
A heart that weaves wicked plots,
feet that hurry to do evil,
A false witness who lies with evry breath,
a man who sows dissension among brothers.
Proverbs 6: 16-19

Some thirty years back, when I was a teacher, my students used to write ‘BBC’ on the corner of the blackboard. Before I was told its real acronymic value, at my first appearance in the class I said, “Oh! Great, it means you talk about the major news of the day from the BBC, yea? That is good, you see, it widens your worldview.” When I was saying this, they all laughed at me, not maliciously in fact, and one of them told me that it represented “ Black Board Cleaner.” I don’t forget that day on which I was ridiculed by my own students.

I don’t mean now that the job of the BBC we know, the British Broadcasting Corporation, is cleaning the black board; it has more serious responsibility than that which is rather smearing the black continent with a charcoal of injustice and unfairness. They have to be proud of this. Truth be told, originally its mission must have been to serve justice through a fair and unbiased presentation of news and other media programs. But in practice, it seems it is doing the opposite. We the majority of Ethiopians or I, one of the oppressed majority, in the least, am absolutely disappointed by the oft-reiterated partiality of this gigantic corporation which has become very much obvious nowadays.

Worse than ever, I am dumbfounded by the courageous move the BBC has taken to pin the last nail on the coffin of Ethiopia that has been designed and carpentered by nihilistically paranoid EPRDF with the blessing of foreign forces. These foreign entities can be characterized by megalomania and irreligiousness and they always try to shed crocodile’s tears overtly while on the other hand covertly work with despots to bring about the demise of poor nations through their stooges. The news coverage that the BBC has aired recently is really a nefarious act of spreading salt on the wound of Ethiopia and her innocent people who have been known for their best hospitality especially to foreigners like the ferenjis; it is neither easily forgotten nor forgivable. It is absolutely enigmatic as to how and why the BBC has dared to take risk in this non-profiting rather demeaning business. Apart from the ostensible unity of communal objective or goal between EPRDF and the BBC to see Ethiopia dismantled and impoverished in the way she has been experiencing especially as of 1991, I sense a sort of corruptibility amongst the personnel involved in this gargantuan millennial scandal. It is highly fishy. None of us who know Ethiopia well can by all means buy the news or the allegation by the BBC that “currently, Ethiopia is one of the FOUR world countries which are growing faster than all other states. And this kind of uniquely fastest growth was registered for the first time in the history of nations in this world by China some twenty years back. …” This is really ridiculous and it can be taken for granted that this ‘news’ could be enlisted in Guinness Book of Records as the first farcical fairy tale composed by the BBC staffer(s). Wonderful, hooray BBC! I recommend BBC – British Biasful Corporation – as sole candidate for this year’s Nobel Prize allotted for Romanticist Literature.

Seriously speaking, BBC must get ashamed of this news and has to apologize sooner rather than later. The world knows where Ethiopia is now by simply realizing that she is regrettably no where! A renowned news station such as the BBC shouldn’t then belittle itself just to satisfy the ego of either the despots at home or the non-ethical money-monger journalists, whatever the case may be. I personally have never been ashamed of anything private or otherwise in such astonishing extent. Well, guys, we have to know that we live once in this earthly location, we had better eat at least once a day for the sake of survival, when possible we don anything that can rid of cold; and whether we like it or not we will be forced to leave this planet for secula seculorum, just for good, just willy nilly. Look, if this is the case, how on earth could some of us, mortal beings, deny the stark reality for the sake of gaining something to eat and to indulge ourselves in material enjoyment? Where is our spirituality? Where is our self conscience? Where is our self esteem? How can we claim to be differing from other animal brothers and sisters, while we know that many of them outsmart us in various aspects such as honesty, non-corruptibility, and naturalness? By the way, what will we have to enjoy when we sleep at night before we are temporarily taken to the realm of the little brother of death? Do you think the evil that we do in the days will slip into our mind at nights and give us spiritual exultation and leave us in peace to have a nice sleep? No! I suppose, we suffer in a way the BBC journalist(s) along with their masters in Addis are suffering by now. These muttonheaded ‘journalists’ are guillotining the profession they consider to be part. There is no difference between these so called journalists and the Al Qaeda who behead people for the simple reason that they are Christians or people from the western hemisphere. The only difference is, in the case of the former the spilling of the blood is not seen in a physical manner while in the latter it does so on the soil or the floor.

I don’t have time and patience now to google the net and support my letter with alarming ordinal numbers incorporated in the reports and research papers of various international groups that break or reveal Ethiopia as one of the top ten in every worst scenario such as poverty, immigration, ethnic tension, per capita income, Multiple Development Index(MDI?), democracy and good governance, corruption, &c. Let the BBC check it, if they pretend not to have known anything else about the current situation of Ethiopia other than the ‘pie in the sky’ sort of news they have in their hands. Apart from this head splitting reality about my country, I personally can assure you that Ethiopia is by no means one of the four fastest growing nations in the world; in fact among others, I have one recent information that she stood 106th out of 110 countries of the world in something, it doesn’t matter whatever that something is. I say this not because I dislike the current nameless regime, it is simply because the facts on the ground are diametrically different from the facts in the offices of the BBC and the pathological liar PM Meles Zenawi, be sure, he cannot survive even for a fraction of a second without lying. Don’t take me wrong, I presume that 99.6 percent of the ingredient he is made of must be lie itself. By the way, when I say nameless here above I mean, with respect to nomenclature, all the terms we have up until now to address such an arrogant and ignorant ruling system fail to express the mannerism of EPRDF. I recommend that the world has to coin new lexeme to express the cruelty and unique nature of some individuals like Gaddafi, Bashir Al Assad, Abdella Saleh, and Meles Zenawi who everlastingly will remain to be the black sheep of human race. The terms we already have have turned to be worn-out and hence have become incapacitated to hold the entire linguistic and non-linguistic pragmatic meaning of the untold atrocity these dead or alive crooked citizens do inflict upon their subjects. We have to know that even words are liable to old age and consequently to death. I cannot, for example, call HE Mr. Meles Zenawi DICTATOR; he is more than that. I cannot call most of the EPRDF vanguard members ‘people without national sentiment’; they are far beyond more than that. Mind you, no leader of any nation has ever written a letter to the UN in favor of the secession of ‘his own territory’ and purposely made ‘his country’ landlocked! (Landlocked-ness is not my issue here, focus on the reality not on utility) No leader of any nation has ever instigated one ethnic group over the other and as a result, if not for the divine intervention from the Almighty, tried to open the Pandora’s Box in ‘his own country’. We could go on recapping what has been said zillions of times hitherto. I don’t think this public secret is hidden from the west or the east or the north or the south; it is because it is purposely made to be ‘is’. But we should realize that what is now shall come to be what is not later, God willing.

BBC! Get aware of what is simmering in the minds of millions of Ethiopians following the preposterously funny news your mega corporation bellowed this week. Know this: self-righteousness and hypocrisy do take you no where. Neither does chauvinism. I cannot prove you now the un-provable. I cannot tell you now anew the reward of lying either; you perfectly know it. It is DEATH, for the bible says the prize for our sin is death. The BBC, and all other liars in or out of the media, please meditate to bring back your sane conscience, the conscience departed from you not to see your filthy and mendacious behavior, so that you could be able to detach yourselves from such hellish prison which definitely will deprive you of the right to be legitimate heirs of the sensible and rational world to come. It seems you are wading in darkness. Surprising, of all the countries in the world, how could the BBC declare the ‘overwhelming fact’ that ‘Ethiopia is one of the four fast growing nations in the world.’? This is my last impression I would like to put into the mind of the BBC staff so much so that it remains echoing until they come to their conscience and realize the blunder they made on the people of this old great nation which was one of the FOUR civilized nations in this planetary world before even the United States of America was discovered yesterday in ca. 1994 by Christopher Columbus. The BBC can renarrate this real history of Ethiopia instead of airing white lies fabricated by the propagandists of the EPRDF….

God, hear me as I make my plea,
protect me from this frightening enemy,
hide me from the wicked and their schemes,
from this mob of evil men,

sharpening their tongues like swords,
shooting bitter words like arrows,
shooting them at the innocent from cover,
shooting suddenly, without warning,

urging each other on to their wicked purpose,
they discuss where to hide their snares.
‘Who is going to see us?’ they say
‘Who can probe our secrets?’
Who? He who probes the inmost mind
and the depths of the heart.
God will shoot them with his own arrow,
wound them without warning.
He will destroy them for that tongue of theirs,
And all who see them fall will shake their heads.
The Psalms, 64: 1 – 8

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