Woyane -The Master of Political Deception By Ewnetu Sime

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Woyane – the ethno-centric TPLF regime which is a one man rule and the African regions’ most brutal dictator is awaiting final blows for its regime to fail. The regime is surviving by using deception as weapon in diplomatic war and self-aggrandizing propaganda. Woyane and its cronies created a master piece of deception and most daring scheme ever to stay in power. The quotation from Abraham Lincoln fits to this article well “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” Yes this regime cannot fool all of the people all the time. In this protracted struggle, the Diaspora shall continue exposing the regime political deception in all fronts. The recent statement from Ethiopian official’s story about the self-immolation of Yenesew Gebre provides insight the regime’s white lies.

•On November 18, 2011, Walta information Center stated “Yenesew’s death has no relation with maladministration and injustice,” If their claim has a merit, why the government secret agents sealed off the town and cut telephone lines? Why the government stop public burial ceremony for this young man? Why they prevent inquiry by independent news agencies? The answer is not a secret to most Ethiopians. It is done to prevent the news of Yenesew’s martyrdom from spreading across Ethiopia. According to interview by Voice of America on the same day, his close friend telling the VOA that Mr. Yenesew was an activist for justice and human rights and put-in and out of jail several times. He reached to this disturbing stage of self-immolation, due to his political views on tyranny and oppression by the regime. Of course, Walta information Center posted complete fabricated statements. Here are more past evidences of TPLF regime’s deception work.

•In theory, the constitution appears to be providing basic rights for all citizens, respecting democratic rule, free media, human rights, equality of nationalities etc. But in practice, all claims are bogus. Democracy remains elusive, human rights abuses are on the rise; independent and free media personnels are languishing in prison. They are unable to practice their own. As soon as the opposition political parties, independent and civic organizations, progressed in exposing the regime misdeeds using the given rights the regime manipulated the law to falsely accuse them as terrorist. The recent crackdown of journalist and political leaders is a clear example. Falsely accused journalist and political leaders are imprisoned in Maeklelawi in Addis where torture taken place.

•Parliamentary election: As seen by the whole world, the 2005 election process was done in deception when the battle between truth and lies conducted in broad day light. The opposition parties won in most area but the outcome was reversed by the regime. The security forces killed 200 protesters, and arrested the opposition party’s supporters and leaders. This horrible killing and arresting still has an impact to this day in many ways. Woyane dismissed thousands of civil service government employees, activist professionals, and replaced them with supporters to mention a few. Some fled to the neighboring countries receive help and some degree of assistance from humanitarian organization. The regime has displaced opposition farmers from their farm land, and these farmers continued to endure untold suffering. No one knows for certain the number of people who have jailed in several regions of the country. Having lost their homes, their jobs, and their livelihoods is not simple matter. The regime domination became apparent as many of the regime members and supports were assigned to key government position to prevent strong future opposition movement.

•The 2010 parliamentary election sadly done with full deception, 99.6% parliamentary seats taken by their own party more often called as herds. To slow down the growing resistance, the ruling party implemented political coercion a means in advance their goal during that election period; it resulted that the opponents become are no longer as prominent force as 2005 election period. Killing and intimidation of opposition party supporters, exclusion of non-party members from civil services jobs etc. was the main focus to ensure the regime remain in power. As result, we have a parliament is controlled by the ruling party.

•Corruption/Land lease: Three millions farm lands are leased. The deal was done in secret from entire public and its own party members. Even enlightened people can be deceived by this lease since the regime claims it is done for rapid development reason. The lease agreement allows exploitation natural resource without limit. There is no evidence profit generated by these investments help the country development in general or the affected local farmer communities in particular. It is simply to enrich the regime and few political cadres. This is full of deception entails with the corruption. Woyane stashed billions dollars to foreign bank accounts.

•Diplomatic games: The regime is also playing the international diplomatic games, attended all types of G8/G20 Summit in various places to promote the deception scheme. The pretending, cheating or posturing goes in both the parts Woyane and few Western Governments, primarily US. Based on their own western media or intelligent record, they are well aware of the Woyane makes a mockery of the rule of law, suppressed the media, tortured, jailed and killed the decedents the past twenty years. It is known fact the last half-century, the western countries leaders’ track record of dealing with world dictators is unchanged. When it comes to west vital interest, even though their own values contradict with dictator’s action, they are willing to work with them by continuing providing military or economic support. Woyane fits to Western foreign policy, primarily US definition as” regional ally in fighting terrorism”. The diaspora in US can provide a strong sense of direction and intensifying some further action steps such as lobbing, demonstration etc. to help persuade the US to stop the financial help.
Faced with this reality, indeed we are in the protracted struggle and uphill battle. We the diaspora message and action shall begin like this: The diaspora opposition groups shall make genuine effort to work as coalition. This is the only choice to be effective in the struggle. A lot of thing has been said and eloquently written how unity is essential to defeat enemy. The coalition calls is broadly listened and read without depth. This vacuum of coalition effectively exploited by the regime to advance its ethnic based rule. If it’s left unanswered, it is a free pass for continuing Woyane’s regime. It is understood that the current regime is playing the ethnic card to divide us since its inception so far it hasn’t resonated among ordinary citizen as expected. We should capitalize on this success to move forward as one nation to empower the rights of all Ethiopian people. It is an unfortunate to observe in reflecting the regime ethnic agenda in different public forums, websites, pal talk radio and TV interviews in the name of ethnic rights perspective only. We know that Ethiopia has been home to various ethnic groups, any hostilities that created by elite leaders can be resolved by establishing democratic rules only. Refer to recently published Amharic book entitled the “YeHabesha Jebedeu” (Addis Abeba University Press, 2010) describes how all Ethiopians ethnics have always been united and demonstrated to protect our land and our Ethiopiawinet. Our struggle should be for national unity under one national flag shall be firm without misleading anyone. The unprecedented repression and exploitation of the country’s wealth will continue creating frustration among people, and the people frustration is sitting like a time bomb. Eventually it will detonate…

Ewnetu Sime

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