Azeb Mesfin: The woman from Gadarif By Abebe Gellaw

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Little is known about Azeb Mesfin Haile’s journey to the heart of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), and by extension the pinnacle of power in Ethiopia. (more…)

Little is known about Azeb Mesfin Haile’s journey to the heart of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), and by extension the pinnacle of power in Ethiopia. She rarely gives interviews unless it is about scripted matters such as her “humanitarian” work.

I have had a chance recently to chat with a couple of people that know Azeb very well. The first one, who wants to remain anonymous, is a close relative of Azeb. The second one is called Mekonen Zelelew, former TPLF combatant and cadre. Mekonen is the man, whom she trusted and followed from Gadarif to TPLF hinterland. The bond between the two practically changed the course of Azeb Mesfin’s life journey.

Fifty-one year old Azeb is today one of the most vilified and demonized figures in Ethiopian history. That is quite obviously the burden of being a wife of a brutal dictator who oppresses, divides, abuses, tortures and kills his subjects. It is also a fact that she is not just Meles Zenawi’s wife, but practically second-in-command of her husband’s tyranny. In fact, those who know her well say that she is very mean and more dictatorial than her husband.

The only woman

Azeb is currently the only woman member of the most important shakers and movers of Ethiopia, the nine-member executive committee of the TPLF. She is also the mafia-style group’s central committee member. She is the only woman member of the executive committee of TPLF-controlled EPRDF and member of its council. Not only is she a member of the TPLF-dominated parliament and chairwoman of the social affairs standing subcommittee, but also patron of Ethiopia’s National Initiative for Mental Health and Chairwoman of Ethiopian Coalition of Women against HIV/AIDS. Azeb is everywhere but very mean to people around her. Most importantly, she is the ultimate controller of TPLF’s business conglomerates.

The state-run media respectfully call her the First Lady of Ethiopia. Her critics call her the “Mother of Corruption”; others refer to her as the “Queen of Mega” and the “Witch of Arat Kilo.”

Whatever she is called, Azeb’s arduous life journey started in Welkayit-Tegede, North Western Ethiopia, where Tigrians and Amharas have lived and intermarried for a longtime. Born in Welkayit from her father, Mesfin Haile, who was a peasant farmer and her mother, Konjit Gola.

Her mother is a daughter of the late “Fitawrari” Gola Goshu, who served as an Italian Askari during the 1935-41 Italian invasions. Gola Goshu was even given the feudal era military title “Fitawrari” (commander of the vanguard) by the Italian invaders. He was reportedly ambushed and killed by Ethiopian patriots. As a result of this story, Azeb’s family and relatives were held in low esteem by the community. It may be a coincidence but Meles Zenawi also came from a similar background.

From Gadarif to TPLF

As a country girl, Azeb was very active and served her parents as shepherdess. Before she immigrated to the Sudan, she did not have a chance to get educated beyond elementary school. In late 1970s, her parents sent her to Gadarif, Eastern Sudan, so that she would live with her aunt, Maniahlosh Gola, who had a small bar in Gadarif. It was a time of increasing insurgency in Northern Ethiopia including Welkayit, which was part of Gondar before the TPLF decided to controversially annex it to Tigray region. Due to her grandfather’s betrayal and her role in the annexation of Welkayit without proper consultation with the locals, Azeb is said to be still widely loathed in her birthplace.
Mekonen met Azeb in Gadarif, where her political journey began in late 1970s. Mekonen was already a TPLF member assigned in the Sudan. She was around 20 years old when they met and became very close to him, as a result of which he won her trust.

Mekonen remembers that they had once become so intimate that he even used to see her at night, sneaking in over the fence at her aunt’s house, where she used to sleep in a separate room. It was during this time that he used to tell her about the struggle of TPLF fighters to dismantle the military regime.

In 1980, Mekonen was called back to Tigray by the TPLF commanders. He confided in her that he had to leave for Shiraro, Tigray. But Azeb insisted that she would flee with him rather than stay with her aunt, who did not approve of the rebels. After all, she trusted her friend so much that she wanted to go wherever he was going.

Mekonen recalls that he had already recruited around 25 Tigrian women from Sudan, where so many people had taken refuge during the war. Azeb, who was a vulnerable young woman in a red-light district, joined the group and they set off to Shiraro, which was under the control of the TPLF at the time. They trekked on foot day and night from Gadarif to Shiraro via Kesela. After two days and nights of journey on foot, they entered Shiraro.
Azeb, who quickly got the nickname “Azeb Gola” after her infamous grandfather, was assigned and trained as a copy typist at TPLF political affairs bureau, where Meles was a rising ideologue and used to train cadres at that time. He became her boss and soon after they started having romantic liaison. But during that time having relationship with the opposite sex was a deadly sin in the TPLF. Many young fighters were killed as result. Meles was allegedly responsible even for the killings of some of his close friends, including Teklu Hawaz and Astebeha Dagnew.

To her credit, unlike Meles, Azeb is said to be known for her courage. In contrast, Meles has been described widely as a coward and someone who is cunning enough to push others into the fire from behind. This has been proven to be an enduring character of Ethiopia’s dictator who is accused of perfecting the worst form of sadistic treachery even by his once close friends and associates.

As Azeb’s meteoric rise in the TPLF is increasing day by day, she has almost become the other side of Meles. Azeb is said to be highly disdained among TPLF’s high priests and ordinary members alike. Using her husband’s power as a shield, she has eliminated anyone in her way. Sibehat Nega, Abaye Tsehaye, Abadi Zemu, Arkebe Ekubay et al have either been sidelined or kicked out by the Meles-Azeb coalition that has now been the only pillar holding the TPLF.

One of the most important battles that Azeb has been fighting is within EFFORT. She vanquished Sibehat Nega, who served as CEO of EFFORT from 2000 until his removal in early 2009. She then became “deputy” CEO, under Abadi Zemu, of EFFORT, the multi-billion business conglomerate in the same year. Last month, Azeb’s power struggle brought down Abadi Zemu, a longtime loyalist to Meles Zenawi. He was “appointed” Ethiopia’s ambassador to the Sudan, leaving behind one of the most sought-after position in the TPLF. After all, EFFORT is the money spinner that has been rotten with corruption. TPLF wealth watchers have repeatedly said that Azeb and her husband have been stashing away hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign banks. The renowned Ghanaian Professor George Ayittey recently said that they are not just stealing money but also buying expensive properties in North America and Europe. But Azeb claims that the Swedes told her that she and her husband are the poorest among rulers. According to her, Meles does not even know the color of the Ethiopian currency notes.

Despite the fact that she claimed to be suffering from poverty, Azeb is now overseeing multi-billion dollars projects and juggling too many balls simultaneously. One of her most important projects she manages is an expensive grand palace being built at an outlay of over 80 million birr. According to Edwardo Molano, Africa correspondent of the Spanish newspaper, ABC Internacional, Azeb spent 1.2 million Euro in one shopping spree in Europe. As Azeb Mesfin has not come out to deny the report or file a defamation lawsuit against the paper, one can take the silence as admission of guilt. Now that she is fully in control of the purse of EFFORT’s multi-billion dollar business empire, the cost of Azeb’s annual shopping sprees will probably be enough to feed millions of starving families.

A house divided

Mekonen says that Azeb’s family is divided between those who enthusiastically support her husband’s tyranny and those who are opposed to not only the regime but also the annexation of Welkayit into Tigray. Azeb’s aunt, Maniahlosh Gola, who currently lives in California, is vehemently against her niece’s corrupt lifestyle and the regime’s ethnocentric tyranny. As much as she feels ashamed of her father’s treason against Ethiopia, she strongly disdains the oppression and crimes being committed against the poor people of Ethiopia. This is confirmed by the anonymous source, a close relative of the Queen of Mega. The source also clarified that contrary to rumors, Azeb has never had a child with the late security chief But a well-placed little bird in Addis says that though Azeb has acrimonious relationships with the majority of TPLF bigwigs, it is not the case with a fellow executive committee member, Health Minister, Tedros Adhanom, who rose from obscurity to prominence. But it is learned that their intimacy has stirred whispers in the corridors of power.

The credible witness

Mekonen, who was born in Welkayit but raised in Shire was a teacher Gamo Gofa, Southern Ethiopia, before he joined the TPLF in its early days. He says he was shocked to witness the widespread brutality, killings, torture and crimes. After he saw Samora Yunis, the present Ethiopian army chief of staff, executing a TPLF fighter, who was suspected of wanting to leave the rebel group, at point-blank range, his faith in the front was shaken to its core.

In a two-part interview with the Ethiopian Satellite Television, he has exposed the crimes, treachery, brutality and torture committed by the TPLF under the command of Sebhat Nega, Abay Tsehaye, Meles Zenawi, Samora Yunis, and Siyoum Mesfin et al.

  1. The history of criminals
    | #1

    Thanks, interesting read. Obviously, Ethiopia is being ruled with iron fist by heartless, soulless, selfish and professional criminals.

  2. Alem
    | #2

    Azeb is bad and? What was the point here? Are you sure “the cost of Azeb’s annual shopping sprees will probably be enough to feed millions of starving families?” Millions? of families? starving families?

    TPLF crimes are exposed and? How is the information going to help the opposition to advance which agenda? Let us say such interviews get us riled up and then what?

    Next time you interview disgruntled TPLF members please ask what they suggest is the best way to get rid of current rulers. Twenty years on we are still rehashing old tales with no way out of the mess.

  3. Seyfu
    | #3

    Thank you very much Abebe Gelaw for your role in this report. It is clear by now for many of our citizens that TPLF is a tribal organization which used ligitmate grieviances to ralay public support sieze state power.From what it appears what we now see within TPLF a party run by a team of hasband and wife.

    I completely agree with what Alem has said. What is needed on our part,now, is to take the struggle to a new level.That is we need to GRADUATE FROM THE PROPOGAND WAR.That means we need to devise a new strategy to PUT yes that is the operative word TPLF out of office.Look we have heard and known all that can be known about the character of TPLF higher echelon.We know about their betrial and their conspiratorial policy aginst Ethiopia.

    I believe the chief reason we still disscuss the TPLF personels and what they are up to at this moment speaks cvolume about our comitment and misplaced priorites.Perhaps her some of the blame goes to the leaders of some politcal parties in particular that of G7. I mentiond G7 In this regard because they have the tendencey to dictate matters to the majority of Ethiopians ,often ,after they reached a unilateral decissions on fandamental strategical question pertaining Ethiopia. If G7 can bully Ethiopians at this stage of the strgggle,by demanding absolute obidience what gurantee do we have it will not be another TPLF?.Beside,why is it G7 leadetrs insist absolute obiedence from all and expectred us to believe she will make every decission in the interest of Ethiopia?It is wrong by any organization be it TPLF or G7 to demand citizens to follow its strategy with out question.

    The solution to the problem of Ethiopia is simple.We need unity among those who can come under one umbrella organization. For this to happen the leaders of some of this fronts need to humble themselves and begin to see the pain they are causing upon their followers.As Activist Tamagne has rightly pointed out they need to rotate the chairmanship postion within their ranks.This will give them an opporatunity to reflect upon thier behavior.If we do our part we will sooon find out TPLF is the most isolated and hated front awaiting public protest to bring it down.Please let us focus on attacking TPLF targets across the country and not so much dewell on propoganda about her.

  4. Gigi
    | #4

    Thanks for this information Abebe. We need to know more and more who the TPLFS are and their upbringing and
    How they became this brutal regime.

    It sounds like they wore,some of them at leas very young then and luck proper education can add to the matter besides
    This people might not be Ethiopians after looking at what they did to the country and people.
    We need to know well who they wore and learn a lessen so this won’t happen again. And we need to stop the on going
    Ethnic based toliterian regim by any means nesesery if we can. Of cours peacefully is what we prefer and still trying to do. They see Ethiopia like a dirty dog from the nehoberhood eating at all the nehoberhoods trash. Some poor people eat
    From the trash but why are they eating that? And who is the so called nehober any ways?

    What happened to them mega billion dollar EFFORT fatching food??

    And how come some Ethiopian owned NGOs are told if they have a lot of money, they are considered out side NGOs
    So they are not allowed to function or to work as NGO in Ethiopia? Based on what Ato berhane Mewa tald us in his
    Resent interview on the Internet. I am sure this law is amended in constitution of the country. But why? They are scard
    Of the competition? What competition? Business????

    An like EFFORT most NGOs are not business but it is business to Azeb and Meles. I call that blood money.
    The law serves just them, the country theirs, the freedom taken, elections stolen, our fertile lands sold or leased
    For nothing, our unity in question, our money under their control, no equal aporitunitys in their jobs and business and
    The free market, no press freedom, no wrights to speech, unless you support them.

    We need a regim change in Ethiopia. Go away Woyanes. BEKA. Take that cloud of sadness and misiry with you. We want our country back. We will restore our national prid and security, will be happy Ethiopians again and we will beuld
    Our country in every aspect of it to a better world and freedom will ring all over the land.

    Shame on you TPLFs. Worst than DERGS. I believe God will deliver us from you with his mighty justece and might power. We are not sleep for you either.


    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!
    Always remember the silent voices of our people including the ones that are gown.

  5. Gigi
    | #5

    Correction on the last word

    I meant to say ” including the people that are gone.(dead)

  6. ዓአየምምyemm
    | #6

    To these guys Sebhat Nega, Abay Tsehaye, Meles Zenawi, Samora Yunis, and Siyoum Mesfin et al shooting suspected TPLF deserters at point blank range was and is a fair game. To them killing suspected TPLF deserters was was like a shooting practice.

    These violent thugs have practiced their killing spree in dedebit on innocent tigreans, and they only continued where they left off when they marched to Addis and took control of the whole country by a fluke of chance.

    the woyane did not start murder when they marched to Addis Abeba. For over 35 years they have been murdeing people non stop.

  7. Gigi
    | #7

    And who is arming this kind of people any ways??????

  8. Azeb and Meles must be stopped !
    | #8

    How sad! The country my grandfather died for is now a crime playground for heartless courier criminals–Azeb and Meles. These people should have never given a chance to put their feet in that palace. Azeb and Meles will never rest until they finally see Ethiopia totally divided, because the UNITY of Ethiopians is their greatest threat! Mengestu, afer yasbelahe! You’re the reason, why we ended up with two evils worse than yourself.

  9. Gigi
    | #9

    I sugujest that very one watches a documentary movie called NAZI HUNTERS. This documentary film about the Nazis and their doings is beyond comprehension. After the holocaust, they where I believe the Nazi hanters (the Nazis them them selves) and you see people gets excuted being a Nazi according to the story who got nothing to do with it some time. if you watch it carefully. But ,they are being accused of being white or a Jew, that was their crime to be killed. And what is that????

    When you look at most of the pictures of Nazis they look like Indian or Asian people, and particularly Hitler and Stalin looks like the Indians of America some what, may be not both of them but Stalin definitely looks like a Mexican or some Mongolian or Asiatic person. So are a lot of the Nazi people including Hitler. According to this Documetery which is telling most of the truth. Besides they where killing some Jews after the holocaust, calling them Nazis to my understanding. And millions of people wore killed and left naked and peoples body’s where left and wright every where and taken to the extermination comps to be desolved to a point we might even not know how many people wore actually killed. It is a seen of he’ll and it kind of make you loos all the respect about your life and body, such a horrible
    …..and according to other information that is not even half of the story. Speaking about some 65 million Russians
    Killed around the Sam time. I don’t know if those people are Jews too. Speaking of the Soviet Union any why’s it can be and can also be every body and any body. Why? ????? I don’t know, may he some Indians and Arabes possibly may be wants to live in the world alone. Why???? I don’t know may be they like just them selves not any body els, whether they can do that or not. But we all know that is some kind of sickness and madness, or should I call it disease???

    They where telling the Jews to bord to a trian to go to some where and non of the jew new where they wore going
    And at the end they end up at the killing camps and there is no way out of there, and that is how most of the died.
    And so many Eruopians and Jews where left war and disaster for at least ten or ,more years of disaster and war that broth starvation and all kinds of misery across land. And the world is still suffering from it.

    I say we unite Israel and Ethiopia first and Japan and a lot other as one country. If people of Israel Ethiopia and Japan are wiling and understanding the need to our unity that is crucial to our survival. And there will be more to join us out of many good reasons, that is territorial and economical, and cultural issues that are the vary fabric of positive societies and development and human liberty and beyond. Hope the world gets closer and closer than where it is.

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!
    Long live the world!!!!!!!

  10. Gigi
    | #10

    And there was the Prusian and all kinds of Indian or Asiatic peoples empire including the Ottaman who are rootless. Took most of Middle east,
    Mosepetemia, Israel, and some of Europ, Some parts of Ethiopia, a lot of African countrys and so on. So when I say this Nazi people looks Indian or Asian? it could be a combination of all this people around for ages, doing God knows

    Hope God pushes away the stone block out of their heart. And bring them on to light. So we can all leave peacefully.

  11. Oda Tulu
    | #11

    The struggle should now move to the next level.

  12. Zerayakob Yared
    | #12

    “Mekonen recalls that he had already recruited around 25 Tigrian women from Sudan, where so many people had taken refuge during the war. Azeb, who was a vulnerable young woman in a red-light district, joined the group and they set off to Shiraro, which was under the control of the TPLF at the time. They trekked on foot day and night from Gadarif to Shiraro via Kesela. After two days and nights of journey on foot, they entered Shiraro.”

    Some of those Women still around here, near by me.

    በዚያን ጊዜ በንፁህ ልባቸውና ለህዝባቸው ባላቸው ፍቅር ነበር የሚንቀሳቀሱት:: የዚያን በንፁህ ልባቸውና ለህዝባቸው ባላቸው ፍቅር የተንቀሳቀሱበትን ውጤት, ባሁኑ ስዓት ማሌሊት ነገሩን ሁሉ ገልብጣ የህዝባቸው መበደያ እንዳደረገችው ሲነሳባቸው, አንድ አጭር መልስ ብቻ ነው ያላቸው:: እርሱም, “በጃኻንዶ ግደፈና, ርእስና ኣይተሕምመና!!!” ይላል::

  13. Obby
    | #13

    By all accounts Tigre People liberation Front are worse than even the khamer rouge of Cambodia. The killing fields of Tigrei, the caves and mountain hide outs have a lot to expose when the time comes.

    The mass graves, the horrible atrocities committed on innocent peasants, young and old in the name of ‘ethnic liberation’ will be told and is being told by brave citizens.

    The woayne are soaked in the blood of 100s of 1000s of people.

  14. ziydgorf
    | #14

    Like attracts like.Both Azeb Gola Mesfin and Legesse Zinawi don’t have credibility to be leaders in the postition they held today chiefly because of the crimes that they jointly committed before and after they attained state power.This is why they built a lawless system then,they established a one-party-state resulting in an unfair,and unbalanced two economic system,one for themselves and another one for the rest of the country.

    In a one-pary-state,Zinawi and his subordinates combined and blended fascism,nazism,and communism and created Revolutionary Democracy,and controlled the state through individuals and other instruments of oppression and suppressions for the last twenty years.In a situation like this,deomocratic people’s representavtives and the voters must continue to collaborate to change a one-party-state into a multiy-party-state with socio-polical benefits for all,as they did in 2005 and brought down Zinawi’s and Gola’s regime to its complete defeat,though Zinawi refused to admit defeat.

  15. አባ ጦብያ
    | #15

    እኔ በተቃዋሚው አንጀቴ አሮ ልሞት ነው. ስለ አዜብ መስፍን, አንዴ ሀብታም ናት, አንዴ ጨምላቃ ናት እያሉ ያወራሉ. ስለአዜብ የምለውን አዳምጡ አንዴ.

    1. ከወልቃይት ናት. ተከዜ ወንዝና ስሜን ተራሮች የትግርኛና የአማርኛ ድንበር ብቻ ሳይሆን የሁለቱ ተፈጥሮአዊ ድንበሮች ናቸው.
    ይህ ድንበር ለመቶ ዓመታት እስከ ደርግ ውድቀት ድረስ ዘልቅዋል.

    2. የወልቃይቴ ሕዝብ ወልቃይቴ ነው. የመጀመሪያው ቅዋንቅዋ አማርኛ ነው. ትግሬን ስለገዛ, ትግሬውች ደግሞ ለሥራ በጣም ስለሚመላለሱ, የትግሬን ነገር ብዙ ያውቃል, ወርስዋልም.

    3. ወያኔ ለጥቅሙ ሲል(የውጭ ምንዛሪ ጭምር) ወልቃይትን ከነ ሁመራው በጉልበት ወድ ትግሬ ጠቅልልዋል. የወይዘሮ አዜብ መስፍን ስምን ማንሳት የሚገባው እዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ ነው. የወልቃይቴ ትግራይ ተወካይ አለቃ ሊሆኑ ይችላሉ. እኔ ናቸው ባይ ነኝ.

    አዜብ የሕወአትም የኢሕአድግም አባል ናቸው. እንዴት ከተባለ, የሠሊጥና ኑጉ, የጥጡ, የእርሻ መሬቱ ተወካይ አለቃ ናቸዋ. ከመለስ ጋር ያላቸው ጋብቻ ፖለቲካዊ ሊሆን ሁሉ ይችላል. አዎን ስለዘህ እናውራ!!!

  16. tewbel
    | #16

    Although we dislike the TPLF regime and all its nefariouas doings, in a male dominated society what Azeb has succeded in achieving is no mean feat. She obviously has intelligence and pluck, equal to Meles and more than the other thugs. Unfortunately it is used for ill ends.

  17. houston
    | #17

    This article is perhaps the list attractive article written by the same author. At its best, it is a blasphemous, unethical, and baseless accusation (and this being made by a gentleman!).

    Here are some of the involuntary admissions about the subject in questions. The young woman was:

    - Capable to love, capable to trust, like any other girl of her age in the world
    - She was sacrificial. She could abandon everything for love
    - She was ready to be convinced. She was open
    - She was hardworking
    - She was courageous

    All the other claims are simply unfounded (at least, within the body of the article).

    It is simply a shame.

  18. Babu
    | #18

    Good reading. It seems Azeb is one determined lady to achieve all these things while being in the shadow of her husband. I pray she will use this detrmination to save many hungry and destitute children and make Effort’s profit get diverted to better the conditions of the people.

  19. Gigi
    | #19

    Sorry, you need to watch out for some con artistes too. Like so many we know. And all of the rest. Which are Nazis and so on. Heartless murderers beyond believe. That includes the TPLF. People we don’t know after all.

  20. Be the voice for the voicless!
    | #20

    Shame is defending heartless dictators and the most evil people like Azeb and Meles who have became billionaires in just a few years by robbing the poorest country in the world and also stealing food from the mouths of starving Ethiopian children, then go on extravagant shopping spree in Europe…. Chasing away Ethiopians and selling their most fertile land to foreigners… Leaving Ethiopia landlocked… Taking the poorest country to unnecessary war by scarifying the lives of well trained Ethiopian soldiers for personal gains to Azeb, Meles and their cronies… Dividing Ethiopians by ethnic groups and religion… Incarcerating innocent Ethiopians… Torturing Ethiopians… Killing Ethiopians… Poisoning Ethiopian students in their college dormitories… etc. the crimes of Azeb, Meles and their criminal mafia group is endless.

  21. Get a clue
    | #21

    Shame on all of you pea brain morons who think the wife of the most heartless, cold-blooded tyrant on the planet is a genius.

  22. Gaye
    | #22

    The saddest part is our country is under the control of the red light district women and killer looters. In regards to the loot sooner or later it will be returned to the people of Ethiopia. Nations are turning democratic each day. Dictators and killers are running out of hiding places.

  23. selam
    | #23

    [Be the
    voice for the

    The TPLFits are no human parasites! I said non human because what distinguishes humans from that of the brutes is the fact that only “Humans are created in the image of God” as in the Genesis record,

    “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”Gen 1:27 (KJV).However, in almost all of the TPLF cadres we see them adhering atheistic philosophy as a principle. That is why the so called Huston can framed his argument in the form of what he called

    ” Here are some of the involuntary admissions”. According to him acknowledging what is truth in any debate aught not to be, because the TPLFIts are in this forum only to advance an argument. That is their primary concern is to win an argument. It matters little through truth, which is hardly the case with them, or lies. That is why it is important for Ethiopians to concentrate their energy, resource and human power and devise a plan to remove the cockroaches out of power. I submit to every Ethiopian if we rise in unison God id on our behalf to do his part to help us topple the evil cabal TPLF.Therefore, begging and remonstrating with evil is A WASTE OF TIME. We need action and needs it now!I can assure you GOD has said enough and is ready to let TPLF officials be hold accountable provided we rise for action against it believing the power of the Lord is in the side of the people.He has said in his word already concerning the wicked this.
    “His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins.”pro. 5:22.

  24. kentu
    | #24

    Let me make streat, we are fighting against bandts , so don,t gave time such kind trash talk.we know who are those people now we need a real physical war not indivtual biography every human being need to know about famouse people biografy but this are not such kind of people becouse of our weakness they got aportunity and don,t wast our time .all this comes becouse our foult when mengistu was tackinh we educated people was against him and this kind international war became the good aportunity for such kind trash people .

  25. ziydgorf
    | #25

    Surprising or funny,she was all in red from shoulder to knees,as if she was in a blind date;she was flaming in Seoul.In another picture,she seemed innocent in terrycloth.When both arrived in home,there was unrest.

  26. Gigi
    | #26

    AZEB, Ethiopiawee ayideleshim woy? balish Indian or asiawee yehone endehon min yitebesilet?

    Woyzerit bafena.

  27. aha!
    | #27

    There are three things I draw from this article, the fact you labled and identified the current regime as TPLF/EPRDF, (a multi-layer and hierarchical political model with ethnic agenda), when you stated that AZEB Mesfin is nine memeber of TPLF first and second she is also a member of TPLF-controlled EPRDF, which identifies the party and/or regime as TPLF/EPRDF or TPLF/eprdf, where the eprdf are in small letters serving as a cover for TPLF and/or are direct suppporters of ethnic feralism, secessionism and totaliarinism.

    The second tangibile point mentioned in connection to anecdotes about Azeb Mesfin is the that “Wekhait, which was part of Gondar part of Gondar , before TPLF decided to controversially annexed to Tigrai region”.

    The third tangible point or narratives that go against the person and her backgound speaks volumes not only of qualifications, and corruptions but also reveals the fact that Ethiopians are goverened by by a conglomerate of liberation movements stemming from the oppression of nations and nationalities with marxisit ideology and I do not see anything different from the vantage point of OPDF/EUDF/fdre, but perhaps a slack in human right violations but no change in the ideologies of ethnic fereralism, secessionism and totalirianism as they may remain intact along with TPLF/eprdf party.

  28. Anonymous
    | #28

    May you rot in hell for eternity, you have the blood of countless number of Ethiopian children on your hands.

  29. Anonymous
    | #29

    Unfortunately, I recently found out that I’m related to Azeb Golla by marriage and I still haven’t told my children that Azeb is their distant cousin, how can anyone tell his/her children that they are related to Hitler. I think I’m going to keep this horrible family history to myself.

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