“To be, or Not to be: That is the Question!”

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“Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?” Hamlet

To be stripped off of your basic citizen rights and classified as a 2nd class citizen?

To be denied of your choices of free information and forced to listen to sickening lies through state run media?

To be told what is best for you and not decide for yourself?
To run your business competing with so called government mafia gangs?
To be charged as a terrorist for just about anything you do in your daily activities and face death sentence before you knew it?
To be taken away by militia gangs one good bright morning in a day light to be thrown to jail?

To be severely tortured and terrified so that they make you say what they want without your will?
To listen to racial slurs sponsored by racist government authorities and be humiliated?
To see the minority prosper improperly while you can’t put food on your family table daily?’

To live under a gun point rule of an apartheid regime?
To have no guarantee whatsoever on your own soil day or night? On the land that our forefathers fought hard and died for?
To live in your own land as a foreigner?

Most of all to be in despair and lose hope and vision for your bright future?
Or to say No! to the terrorist gang of Meles Zenawi and take up arms!?
The pen-and-paper weapons that Legend Journalist Eskindir Nega and his colleagues use, the petrol and fire weapon which Hero Yenesew Gebre demonstrated, the support fire power for opposition forces, the strengthening of civil societies in and outside Ethiopia which is a menace to Meles, etc etc.

There are a hundreds of ways to take up arms against Woyane gangs. You can choose what suits you and join the force to eradicate the mafia gangs sucking on the blood of citizens. Now is the time. If not now it is never.

I am not afraid to reject Meles Zenawi and his Racist Gang – I, as a single citizen of Ethiopia, am a Meles Terrorizer! So every citizen that believes in a real Justice, who understands the meaning of Freedom and the value of Democracy, is.

The racist and terrorist regime of Meles Zenawi is aggressively labeling dissidents as “terrorists.” I am a dissident and i reject the racist and terrorist minority junta of Woyane. So do the great majority people of Ethiopia. Therefore, in the eyes of TPLF Woyane, the great majority people of Ethiopia are terrorists. Of course, we Freedom, Justice, and Democracy loving people of Ethiopia never cease to terrorize the Meles racist and terrorist regime. Our mere existence terrorizes TPLF gangs. You cannot fight the people at large forever can you? It is just a matter of time until racist TPLF gang and Co are shaken off of the shoulders of our beloved country Ethiopia and the agonizing people.

I am not afraid to protest, reject and depose Woyane off of my shoulder, our shoulder. I am not a victim of Zenawi’s scare tactic, are you?
That is the question to ask. To be, or not to be!

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