Amnesty: Ethiopia Using Terror Laws to Arrest Government Critics – VOA

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Amnesty International says Ethiopian authorities have been using anti-terror laws as a pretext to arrest and silence politicians and journalists who criticize government policies.

In a report released Friday, the human rights group said at least 114 opposition politicians and six journalists have been arrested since March.

Amnesty said, in many cases, calls for peaceful protests or attempts to conduct investigative journalism have been interpreted as acts of terrorism or other criminal wrongdoing.

While journalists and politicians in Ethiopia have been subject to arrests in the past, the report said the recent increase in terror charges represents “a new level of repression” in the government’s efforts to stifle political dissent.

Amnesty also criticized several senior Ethiopian government officials, including Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, for making public comments that imply that all terror suspects are guilty. The group says it does not believe they will receive a fair trial.

Ethiopia’s broad anti-terrorism laws went into effect earlier this year. Activists have complained the new provisions have led to a new wave of politically-motivated arrests that have netted dozens of journalists and prominent opposition politicians.

  1. Sam
    | #1

    In its report Amnesty “criticized several Ethiopian government officials, including Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, for making public comments that imply all terror suspects are guilty.” No suprise there. Not only implying, they are just outright saying it. In Ethiopia being suspect in political activity is a word that could not be used. Why suspect when the government has the omniptent power to declare you guilty even you see a judge. Their judges are scared of losing their jobs, and they could not dare and try to prove the government wrong. Here and there the government rounds up a few people intending to release them among the many locked up so that their judges seem impartial. No government in Ethiopia’s history spent every second of their dictatorship’s time to deceive its own people as EPDRF does. If the Prime Minister implied– not even outright stated it– they are guilty, guess what, they are gulity. We are taliking about an Ethiopian Prime Minister here guys. To question his judgment is to be among the terrorists, as the saying goes back home.

  2. Gigi
    | #2

    In this case more than 70 million people are arrested if they could. Or it is possible and done any ways. One way or
    Another people forced to be silent.

    Time to remember the voices of the voice less. We should remember them and keep them in our prayers until and speak for them until we all gain freedom and democracy in our country.

    Freedom to Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are kind and God fearing people. We are not terrorists. 99% of the people are very peaceful and a lot of us very helpless because of the counties poverty and bad governance. And Ethiopia is a Christian country in most cases. And who are suffering from terrorizime and also fighting terorrizime and fandamentalizem like most country’s in the world. And mostly when bad things happen in Ethiopia by the this groups, it is not an Ethiopian person or group that do that it is outsiders.

    Occupy Meles!!!!

    We are the 99%.

  3. Oneluv21
    | #3

    The Americans made it so easy for the minority government of the Wayane to do with whatever they wish. For some Ethiopians it was cool to cal the government of Eritrea as a terrorist but They never imagined that the same tool could be used against them. It is Unfortunate to see that while the Eritrean government is making strides in its economy, healthcare, agriculture, etc the Ethiopian government is begging, borrowing, killing its own people, accusing his people and other countries with bigus chargess.

  4. abiy
    | #4

    The woyane gujile have been feasting in Mekele this week celebrating what they call ‘ethnic liberation’. the gujile were telling the people they gathered, to appreciate the freedom they received due to the woyane.

    the people who were gathered were made to parade in front of the TPLF politbureau members bowing down their heads and saying thank you.

    whilst the woyane gujile talk about and celebrate their ‘ethnic freedom day’ we would remind them that the 100s of political prisoners they have locked up are not forgotten by the international community and by the Ethiopian people.

    The true face of the woyane gujile is well known by the people and whatever they do to mask their image under the cover of ‘ethnic liberation’ will fail.

  5. ethiop
    | #5

    let us wright fair and kind of atleast convincingon what we are spreading on webs. ,its very bord to read such words that comes only by hatres , let us also be open in both side its not fair to read negativity about EPRDF !but just opposions group also be clear them selves and clean out of hatres and division. ,and let the EPRDF also showed their tolerance ,so that we learn and just stand firmly for what we stand … DEMOCRACY !

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