Farewell to Kinijit International Leadership – Kinijit DC-Metro

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  1. Meshesha Alem
    | #1

    Melese Zenawi,
    the evil of the 21st century.He imphatically destroyed the educational,health,and agricultural infrastructures.Once thisbasic infrastructures are destroyed,it is virtually if not impossible to reverse the course of events.We need to get organized and swallow our differences and move Ethiopia forward.There are many Meleses among us.Be vigilant and give outlittle strategic informations out as they are penetrated the civic society,religious groups,Iquebs and small gatherings.
    I am proud of the intelegensia that they are playing pivotal role in the eventual emancipation of Mother Ethiopia.Let us be tolerant,accommodative but principled.!!
    Meshesha Alem

  2. | #2

    Our war is against becaming leader by power and being a leader for ever.KIL is an example of who are fighting such type.Poeple in Ethiopia are expecting only leaders by voting.no other means.Aii parties and others accept the voting princple in order to be in the heart of the poeple. What ever good program they have it will be practical only under elected leaders

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