Ethiopians Can Indeed Unite if they are Willing, Part Six (c) of Six By Aklog Birara, PhD

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In my capacity as the World Bank Group’s first and only Senior Advisor on Racial Equality (SARE), I had the privilege of representing this multilateral agency in numerous forums around the globe. The issue at hand was racial, gender, religious and other forms of equality, with special emphasis on the mistreatment of people of Sub-Saharan African origin (blacks) around the globe. Whether state sponsored or societal, the economic, social, cultural, psychological and political costs of discrimination and exclusion of any form anywhere in the world are incalculable. Of these, emotionally charged and elite sponsored discrimination and exclusion that arise from ethnic and religious dominance of one group over another proves to be the most explosive.

One of the most memorable of these events was a worldwide conference on racial equality in Cape Town, South Africa, at which I had the chance to learn about the toxicity of ethnic and racial discrimination. Equally, I had the chance to meet the distinguished Nelson humanist and one of the world’s greatest leaders, Mandela, and to learn from him the value of democratic and inclusive leadership. The conference and his words and messages underscored the toxicity of ethnic or racial based governance whether black or white. His is a philosophy to which I subscribe fully; and I believe you should to.

One vital lesson I should like to draw to the reader’s attention is an enduring legacy Nelson Mandela left for all humanity and for a country such as ours that is beset by a minority ethnic elite governing party, the TPLF. This is narrow and self-serving elite that led, created, promoted and nurtured ethnic hatred and division using boogeymen. This, I suggest, is the root and genesis of political, economic and social capture and dominance by a minority ethnic-based elite that has now normalized and institutionalized the abnormal as normal. The normal is representative governance that allows unrestricted participation by each and every citizen. For this to happen, the government and state have to be impartial.

Revolutionary Democracy is nothing less than the dictatorship of narrow ethnic elite over the vast majority of the population. This form of ideology is never impartial. The abnormality of the system includes preoccupation with self-interest, individualism, clannishness, egoism, self-centeredness, nepotism, greed and power, continuous agitation and turmoil that pities one group against another. It is ‘permanent war’ of the kind inherited from leftist ideology and imposed on the entire society.

By definition, the system must subvert and undermine the common good in order to advance and maintain the interests of the elite; and in order to survive and thrive. It has no choice but to create frictions; and or to fabricate scapegoats or culprits to justify repressive actions. National tendencies are antithetical to this philosophy. These values and tendencies undermine meaningful and healthy transformation that emanates from combining forces on fundamentals or on those issues that are common for everyone. Those who reject the system should therefore do the exact opposite: cooperate on basic issues and leave the rest for resolution once the Ethiopian people are in a position to assert their sovereignty.

8. Let us establish a shared understanding of the nature of the political problem: the genesis of ethnic governance and its costs

I suggest in the strongest terms possible that those of us who wish the new generation of Ethiopians a better life, and for the survival of a unified and democratic country have a moral obligation and duty to come together and arrive at a shared understanding of the nature, and origin of the problem that emanates from ethnic minority elite political and economic capture. Let us, for once, resort to the Einstein formula of spending “55 minutes diagnosing the problem” and arrive at a shared or common understanding of what it is that we wish to resolve and fix. It is only then that any group can frame the alternative (the five minute solution) that will serve the Ethiopian people as a whole and lift them out of the quagmire they face today. Opposition to the TPLF/EPRDF alone is not the same as understanding the nature of the problem and why it persists. As critical, unless and until we have a shared understanding of the problem, arriving at a meaningful and credible alternative the day after is a mirage.

There is no contest that minority elite ethnic governance of the TPLF/EPRDF is the most formidable barrier to long-term peace, coexistence, stability, the welfare and sovereignty of the vast majority of the Ethiopian people. Global indices show that growth has not changed the lives of the vast majority of the population; while it has generated insane levels of incomes and wealth for a limited few. By definition, any political and social group that identifies itself as ethnic is exclusive, corrupt and discriminatory. It is the anti-thesis of the South African and Ghanaian models of democratic governance; and fair play in the national economy.
Measurements, statistics and stories in Ethiopia are mind boggling. Regardless of region, key administrative and other positions are literally manned or staffed predominantly by TPLF, mostly, Tigrean cadres and supporters: from the Prime Minister at the top to chauffeurs and janitors and cleaners in ministries and other offices at the bottom. The façade of democratization at the local and regional levels is shallow. Policies and decisions are made centrally; and implemented locally on behalf of the center. How does the ruling party get away with this type of harmful and oppressive governance for so long? My estimation is that the rest of us are divided and do not have a shared understanding of the nature of the governing party itself. Our division is its strength.

We have a wealth of evidence that confirms that the entire system is corrupt and broken. Yet, opponents are unable to collaborate and cooperate with one another. The system survives by pitying one ethnic or religious group against another. The burning of a church does not occur without the tacit approval of the Federal state and its extensions. The regime uses this and other techniques of divide and conquer to prolong its longevity and to extract more wealth and assets for itself and its supporters. This is the reason for my thesis of permanent suspense as an instrument of dominance.
9. Let us champion the formation of a society free of corruption; and shame the governing party

There will not be sustainable and equitable development in the country unless corrupt practices are eliminated. The prospect of doing this successfully resides in the sovereignty of the Ethiopian people and in the accountability of government officials at all levels. If the situation persists as is, I suggest that incomes will not rise; rising costs will not be contained; domestic production will not correspond to demand; employment will not be created to accommodate the country’s youth bulge; illicit outflow will not stop and so on. The opposite will be true: income inequality and the concentration of wealth and uneven development will be more pronounced than today. Why?
I am reminded of what the British Historian, Lord Acton said. “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Leaders who have no character–such as honesty, integrity, fairness, empathy for human life and so on–tend to be repressive and more corrupt. “The spiritual nature of man,” said Disraeli “is stronger than Codes of Constitutions.” This “spiritual nature” is totally and irrevocably absent in the entire leadership. They recruit likeminded people to their side. They provide substantial financial and material incentives to leaders of key institutions such as security, police and defense to ensure their survival. Acquiring a privileged status is a critical way of maintaining the system regardless of the cost to the rest of the society. It is here that I should like to broaden the now widely used term of corruption, which we tend to equate only with money. Corruption is more than the diversion and misuse of resources.

The TPLF/EPRDF form of corruption embraces all of the following and more:

• It undermines democratic leaning institutions and culture though nepotism, bribery and kickbacks.
• It encourages brain drain as it sees the benefits of human capital export as an instrument to contain completion, and as a key source of foreign exchange. This reinforces brain drain and minimizes domestic intellectual and talent capacity that is fundamental for sustainable development.
• It corrupts elections and reverses outcomes as was done in 2005; and propagates the notion that it is possible for an ethnic-based party to win 99.66 percent of the votes as was the case in 2010.
• It diverts financial and other resources through institutionalized corruption and milks dry an entire economy and harm the poorest of the poor most. There is no independent oversight for accountability. The system is judge and jury and reinforces itself.
• It facilitates illicit of outflow of more than US$11 billion over the past decade alone; and more than US$3 billion from one of the poorest and least developed countries on the planet. It does not even investigate because investigation will lead nowhere; high officials are among the greatest beneficiaries.
• Its absolute power and the associated occurrences such as corruption and illicit outflow aggravate and deepen poverty, uneven development and inequality. Most Ethiopians are poorer today than they were 20 years ago.
• It intensifies mutual mistrust, crime and instability.
• It reinforces ethnic as well as religious unrest and antagonism. Permanent suspense suits the governing party.
• It undermines national culture such as mutual tolerance and peaceful coexistence, honesty, integrity, humility, the sanctity of human life and so on.
• It implicitly or explicitly allows or promotes dangerous foreign cultural, social and economic penetration and influences such as widespread use of drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and the use of foreign languages at the cost of national languages in educating youth. It condones the export of children and girls to gain foreign exchange and so on.
• It undermines indigenous and nationally oriented development.
• It propagates scapegoats relentlessly, for example, resorting to the notion of irreconcilability among specific ethnic groups and allowing their dispossession and disenfranchisements anywhere and everywhere.
• It undermines national sovereignty and independence by availing well tested Ethiopian soldiers to fight wars across borders.

All of these are indicators of absolute power that corrupts. Corruption is by definition ‘cancerous’ and spreads to the entire fabric of society and deters its healthy and nationally anchored transformation for the better. In this system, leaders who have no character manifest insatiable appetite for incomes, assets and power. This is why I would conclude here that the quest for more incomes and wealth correlates directly to the proclivity to repress and dominate. This is why political pluralism or democratic governance that emanates from the voices and sovereignty of the people of Ethiopia is the best defense against all forms of corruption. It is the only form of governance that will establish a solid foundation for sustainable and equitable development–even for those who defend the system for temporary gain, often, for crumbs. They should know that a corrupt system is temporal, and will never survive in the long-term. It is in their interest to accept the inevitability and emergence of a just, fair and inclusive system.
The current system that bestows privileged status to a narrowly based ethic elite contains all of the ingredients of a potentially catastrophic social phenomenon that has little comparison anywhere in the world. Part of the reinforcement comes from the diplomatic and donor community that maintains a blind eye to the deteriorating situation in the country. Why?

Primarily two reasons: an incoherent, fragmented and divided opposition that has thus proven incapable of framing and offering a better alternative. Second is the Western and especially US preoccupation with stability in the Horn as an overriding national policy. Dictatorship is preferred over political pluralism and justice. It is the now that predominates national policy. The lack of a viable alternative reinforces the second. This in itself should compel opposition groups whether civil or political to set aside minor differences and speak with one voice on specific national policy issues.

If opponents worked collaboratively and spoke with one voice, they would show to the world that the governing party’s transfers millions of hectares of farmlands and water basins to foreign investors and domestic allies has not and will not boost domestic capabilities and reduce poverty and unemployment. If they cooperated with one another and spoke with one voice, the governing party will not get away with stolen elections or with constant arrests of scores of people and justify it on constitutional and stability grounds. If they cooperated with one another and spoke with one voice, corrupt officials and others will not be brazen in stealing known billions of American dollars and taking these out of the country through illicit means. There will not be a place to hide. It is therefore not rocket science to conclude that meaningful cooperation that will lead to political pluralism or democratic governance is the best defense against this repressive and corrupt system.

Corrupt minority ethnic elite survive by coopting others to its side, for example, by giving material and financial incentives. Those coopted are among the most vigorous defenders of the system. Their composition is ethnic or religious neutral. In the same vein, it prolongs its rule by stirring fear, hatred and division among the population, including the Diaspora. It finds scapegoats in the latter group to blame while it arrests and persecutes those at home without due process of law. Sad, but true, we fall for this type of corrupt and abusive governance at our own peril. Some do not even understand this well.

10. Let us agree and act that illicit outflow weakens aid effectiveness and is a cost to Ethiopia and Ethiopians

“The people of Ethiopia are being bled dry. No matter how hard they try to fight their way out of absolute destitution and poverty, they will be swimming against the current (tide) of illicit capital leakage” to which aid and Diaspora remittances contribute. The facts are shameful for a country with one of the lowest per capita incomes (US$365) in the world; and one of the “hungriest” to boot. Just think of what illicit outflow of US$11.7 billion between 2000 and 2009 means. Think of what illicit outflow of US$3.26 billion in 2009 means. It means plundering precious resources from Ethiopian children. It is a generational punitive punishment.

The parallel I could draw of corruption and illicit outflow is ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ for an ethnic elite that has no soul. Here are its manifestations:
• Institutionalized greed that condones the behaviors and actions of its members.
• Watches out for the interests of members of the group at the highest level in a veil of secrecy and confidentiality akin to “Alcoholics Anonymous.”
• Systematic assessment who is allowed in and out.
• Periodic assessment of membership effectiveness through what is called “gimgema” as a tool.
• Deployment of the legal and regulatory system selectively.
• Restrictive regulatory framework to govern private property and to ensure entry or non-entry.
• Invitation to club based on loyalty.
• Pronouncement of fair and market based competition as neoliberalism to shore up crony capitalism.
• Promulgation of laws and regulations to manipulate and sustain insatiable need for wealth making resources and assets.
• Propagation of the notion that failure to defend the corrupt system will result in the destruction of the country; and use this as a pretext to contain dissent.
‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ of ethnic elites is an exclusive club in which members maintain strict anonymity as to who owns what and where. Members are expected to defend one another’s power and wealth interests in the name of growth. They vow not to disclose incomes and assets. This is among the reasons why the current government is among the least transparent in the world. Members refrain from public disclosure of illicit outflow to avert international scrutiny. Ironically but not surprisingly, officials disavow corruption in public and empower the head of their group to assault it and illicit outflow as if the top leadership is not part of the club. The message is this: we are not part of the problem; it is others.
It is worthy to note that members of this anonymous club speak with one voice. They say more or less that corruption and illicit outflow harm development; and that the culprits for billions stolen are outside the government loop.

‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ for the governing elite and its allies is a form of addiction that comes from “absolute power.” Members are not satisfied with the billions they have made; the same way that alcoholics are rarely satisfied until they are cured. They do not see the harm they cause for the rest of the society. They try to maintain calm and stability at any cost by using the full force of the state.

In light of the above, opponents can no longer afford to waste time, energy and resources second guessing, suspecting and undermining one another. They have numerous themes and causes on which to rally and to agree on a framework now. Corruption and illicit outflow are among the most compelling themes on which most opponents and the global community can and will rally.

There are other critical themes and issues that lend themselves to the urgent and doable recommendation for cooperation and collaboration without delay: human rights, social and economic justice, the rule of law, equitable access to opportunities, civil engagement in the political process, unemployment, the traumatic situation of Ethiopian women, especially girls, civil unrest and land grab. All these should mobilize those who resent current minority ethnic-based repressive and corrupt governance. The bleeding of the country’s resources should, in itself, revolt each of us, and unify our behaviors and actions.

To be continued

  1. gragn Ahmed
    | #1

    “If opponents worked collaboratively and spoke with one voice, they would show to the world that the governing party’s transfers millions of hectares of farmlands and water basins to foreign investors and domestic allies has not and will not boost domestic capabilities and reduce poverty and unemployment. If they cooperated with one another and spoke with one voice, the governing party will not get away with stolen elections or with constant arrests of scores of people and justify it on constitutional and stability grounds.”

    You wrote the above statement which signifies that
    West itself needs the land grab. So, how can West be a partner in peace making and dismantling dictators when it is part of the problem.

    Why are you afraid to equally charge the West in this problem to which of course dictators cling to and will be more than happy to see us criticize the west. In my view Meles is not the problem. West is the primary culprit. But we have no otpion but to remain silent???

    Your idea will not work because your coments will not be liked by foreign investors whose sole purpose is to steal resources. So come up with a diffrent solution that neither involes anti Western nor antu Meles strategy.

    Clearly outline some major steps that need to be taken. Instead of focusing on Ethiopia, focuson Africa. I can see you had the opportunity ti represnt balack people of South Saharan origin.

    Why did you not use this oppotunity to stand with all Africans and become the Nelson Mandela of South africa. Why Ethiopian always has narrow nationalists? Probably you ate still no more than an amara elite deep down. Why you never addtess the mistreatment of religious people in Ethiopia partiularly Islam???

    How can we unite when you are not putting clearly the path for unity by going inot the specific problems that divide us , namely, ethnic and religious issues. We got into this problem becuase of lack of visionary leaders who can spell out the specifics that can unite us.How can we deal with religion issues? How can we deal with ethnic issues? No matter what we like to be, unless we listen to the heart beat of our people we will never solve it.

    What I am saying is did you listen to your people? Or are you telling us your own childhood experience from Gondar? Have you looked into history and have you tried ro admit some of the atrocities that were inflicted on our people. Have you met opposing historians and brought them to the table for discussion?

    As you said before unityu we need a 55 minute of discourse.

    So in this refard can we open free dialogues and devates ob critical isues that are threatening our security?

  2. Mengistu Teshale
    | #2

    There is a well-known formula in the dictators MZ’s textbook that has been followed so far. So the convectied person, which this time are the journalists, will send a written clemency to the MZ which BTW is written by the PM himself, handed to the journalists by a Shemagele, this time may be a ferenje, then the PM will mumble something to the rotten parliament and he will send them home may be for X-mas. We will then very shortly know how much a ransom Sewden paid for their release in the from AID.

  3. Abebe Tessema
    | #3

    There is a well-known formula in the dictators MZ’s textbook that has been followed so far. So the convectied person, which this time are the journalists, will send a written clemency to the MZ which BTW is written by the PM himself, handed to the journalists by a Shemagele, this time may be a ferenje, then the PM will mumble something to the rotten parliament and he will send them home may be for X-mas. We will then very shortly know how much a ransom Sewden paid for their release in the from AID.

  4. Gigi
    | #4

    Exactly said Dr Birara. Thanks!!!!! The next question is that 1, how can we make sure that we don’t get killed when
    We do that, two, how do we get the stolen money back? Which some of it may be invested in their personal property and corporations and third and second hand, holdings or put some where by other peoples names and organization?

    And how do we figure out what was sold and what was stolen when talking about the countries income and it’s resource? How do they pay when they take peoples lands in the city and for how mach they sell it for?
    And what do they do for the farmers when they take his land in the name of industrial agree culture? How do they
    Encourage or discourage city developments, so far we know that they arrested 40,000 home owners in AWASSA
    AS WELL AND SO ON…………..

  5. Gigi
    | #5

    Like the Ethiopian saying, ” yelibin awutitewu binageru, hod bado yikeral ” many of us are victims of telling the truth
    Until we sleep with empty stomach.

    Gragn, religious inequality, or ethnic inequality problems are solved by respecting one another. That is when taking power and on the ground of level of our affairs us a nation and how do we proceed as one people and us Ethiopians
    And that is respecting each other and care for each other and stay united as a nation of people despite our differences.

    And from what we heard it is the Indians Arabs who are investing in our country at large but when we oppose this investments it is not because we don’t want investors in our country but we are saying 1, don’t do it with out the peoples
    consent, 2 don’t do it hurting the local people , 3 don’t do it for free, 4 make sure to advise them to invest some time
    In local needs and make sure some of this agricultural productions are available in the Ethiopian market so we don’t have to deal with food inflation, 4, assist local farmers to enhance their productivity and give them equal apportuney
    To participate in the local and international market. 5, give the Ethiopian people the upper hand in investment and productivity, 6, make sure no Ethiopians lease their own land but own. You can leas it when you can to out siders but not to me and the rest of Ethiopia. And I don’t need to pay no money for it ether, other than that how come it is my land then or any Ethiopian peoples land. I am not saying I should take some body’s land when ever I want too but if I ask
    For land I and all Ethiopians should be able to have it who ever owns a pease of land some where in the city’s or in the country should be in titled to it. Taking land in the name of development with out no proper compensation from the poor
    Is not going to get this government any where. They might be poor enough not do any thing about it but the world is

    Stat owned land should never be allowed in Ethiopia at all. Even in the Feudal era, people owned their lands no matter
    How people complain about the era. For all we know people lived in so much war. And when we talk about to days
    Leaders of Ethiopia, to begin with we can’t even fully know if Meles and co are even Ethiopians. That the sad part
    If we are not aware of what we are dealing with there will be ,ore trouble coming and we have seen enough.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    The demise for the fall of his Imperial Majesty, King of feudal kings, were the incidence of unmitigated drought,inflation and land reform, and demise for the fall of Derg was Military Dictotoship, Human Right violations in the implementation of marxisist ideology and EPRP contenders for civilian government. And yet both His majesty Emperor Haile selassies’s and derg regime stood and fought for the unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia, the former against Italy and the latter against Somali invasion, and yet both the Derg regime and the TPLF/eprdf regime denegrated and discredited both the Derg and the Haile selassie regime and Epeperor Menilik, reducing Ethiopian History to 100 years as part of the student liberation movement of the oppression of nations and natioanlities spearheaded by TPLF. Upon defeat of the Derg regime by TPLF and EPLF together with the fall of the USSR, the military dictatorship was replaced by a coalition of the liberation movenents known as TPLF/eprdf, where eprdf are the the teletafi Ethnic federalist) parties serving as cover for TPLF with a constitution based on ethnic feralism (Article 46, secessionism (Article 39 91), and the question of the sovereignity of Ethiopia (Article 8) and carrying over totalirianism from the Derg regime and its own marxist ideology and maintaining ethnic and secessionist rights to the exclusion of individual freedom, liberty and equality as the core principles incapitalistic and democratic nations.

    Based on ethnic and secessionist politics it has allowed and created parties to form along ethnic lines known as loyalist opposition (ethnic federalist) parties as counter parts to the teletafi parties which implicitely support ethnic fereralism, which divides the Ethiopian land mass along seven of the nine ethnic regions/”Killil Mengistats of self rule and separate developemnet instead of retaining the original political boundries including Eritrea now scesded upto self detemination from the Ethiopian colonial Empire, secondary to being colonised by Italy.

    After the 2005 election, these loyalist (ethic federalist) opposition parties and counter part of the the teletafi (ethnic federalist) parties, are in support on a predemarcated ethnic boundries (ethnic federalism) which is a prelude to ethnic secessionism upto self determination, of which there are four or five scenarios of how that is going to happen. The ethnic federalists abhor the secessionist movements, while upholding the constitution with ethnic fedralism of self rule and separate development, with their demand for reform the the Killil mengistatats/ethnic regions have equal power and/or “Mebit”, as expressed by Officials brought forth for interview with ESAT.

    Having said that the party that represets the above mentioned views are the UDP a pro-democracy movement as a coalition with the loyalist (ethnic feredralist) opposition parties, now a front defined as OPDF/EUDF/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, whcih would maintain either majority or majority ethnic rule, contrary to “Andinet Halyloch”, rallying behind the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to bring about individual freedom, liberty and equality,superceding ethnic and secessionist rights, restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests,the sovereignity of Ethiopia by resoting to the original provinces, where ethnic populations in each of those provinces live in harmony among each other under a ratified constituion free of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies to form a truly capitalistic and democratic country as a model for Africa and get on with the development of the country according ecolgial zones rather than ethnic zones and develop each ethnic culture and languages to serve as a mosaic of ancient Ethiopia.

    To that end unity among the the ethnic groups and the political factions comes from a reflective thinking to abandon the indoctrination iposed on the elites to thing of their ethnicity first and Ethiopia second and to fend for its party first than the taxpayers of the silent majority of Ethiopians as a galvanising force to dismantle ethnic federalaism, secessionism and totalirianism, ideologies that are hindering capitalism and democracy, and replacing/over shadowing individual freedom, liberty and equality with ethnic and secessionist rights, to say the least about lack of implementation of the independence of the three branches of the Government , the election board and the implementation of Article 29 on Press freddom.

  7. tow
    | #7

    First of all, god bless you Dr. Birara.

    “Corrupt minority ethnic elite survive by coopting others to its side, for example, by giving material and financial incentives.” It is true. Take for example Hailu Shawel. He was instrument in the breaking up of Kinijit then he became bought by Meles/TPLF to own huge hectares of land business in Afar region and today we don’t even here any chimchimta from him.

    Don’t you know, opposition groups that are extremist, OLF are the main instruments to empowering TPLF because of their hatred to Amara. Of course any leader survives based on campaigning to the most thing you hate or resent in this case this case OLF. They know their weak part, the best way to dominate. Many moderate Oromos who used to coexist have become extremists which helps TPLF very much. Have the Oromos benefited? Let us see, the prison cries “Oromos” as ato Eseye said and their land give away to foreingers, so what was the whole goal for collaborating with TPLF? Becareful what you wish for. And now, the OLF is just turning its face towards Ethiopians to unify? One thing is for sure, the unity of ORomo and Amara is death for TPLF that is their night mare. If Oromos and Amaras unite, then it is a done deal for TPLF and not only for TPLF, but also for any anti Ethiopians elements. History has shown this on many attempts of outside aggression on Ethiopia. That is why Shaebia is working hard to woo OLF under its arms to lure OLF away from Amaras and any attempt to unify Ethiopians. By the way, when we talk about TPLF, we must talk about Shaebia as well and do not believe the propoganda of the fight between Shaebia and TPLF.

    Gragn Ahmed,

    Amazing without nick name you are insulting Ethiopians both Muslims and Christians who have managed to live in peace.

  8. tow
    | #8

    Gragn Ahmed,

    I think what you mean is why not Wahabist now control Ethiopia now is a good time for Wahabists to take over at the expense of the coexisting Ethiopians what ever ethnicity or religion becaise TPLF is in the process of dismantling Ethiopia. We know there is a strong campaign going on from Wahabists right now in Ethiopia. It is apparent you are implant Weyane/TPLF cadre here coming to distract us about religion rather than talking about unity. You are talking about divison while we are talking about unity therefore there is nothing to do but ignore the likes of you who are trying to bring religion and ethnic divison. We need to keep moving and focus on unity not be distracted by such people like Gragn Ahmed.

  9. aha!
    | #9

    Another out growth to ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism is the spread of exploitations, economic and political stranglehold of the country and its people by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations and countries, which together with the above two ideologies give it the semblance for the most part to an appatheid system of the then South Africa by Afrikaners.

    The only way out for all other political factions is to unite with the goals and strategies for unity,territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with the positive forces of integration to save Ethiopia from disintegration, and or/or from autocratic and/or ethnocratic rule of minority or majority rule leving ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism in tact according to what is currentely saturating the dominant web media.

  10. Gragn Ahmed
    | #10

    There is no Indian Arab. I think you have loose screw in your mind.

    As to Arabs generally christian Ethiopians hate Arab purely for religion that is Islam. Otherwise, christian Ethiopians should have hated Italians and generally the West because they bled Ethiopia more than Arabs did. As to Muslims we can not hate any body unless they hated us. Arabs for Muslims are not haters. Moreover, Ethiopia has Muslims so they can not be enemies. As to Europeans we hate those that hate Ethiopia. Although I hate colonialism, Italia treated Muslims far better than any coptic leader or any Ethiopian leader did. Had it not been for Italia we would not have big mosques built next to a church.

    We still have good relations with Italia but not as much with Arabs. This is because of clear coptic dominated Ethiopia. We know we are half Arab as evidenced by DNA. Hence, we have no reason to hate our close kins. You may not like it bit I don’t care about that since this is fact.

    Ethiopia is changing and one language which is Amharic although that is my mother language is not the solution. Hence, if Muslims and christians should exist the common language should be neutral. The answer I have is to use Arabic.

    Arabic is close to our languages especially Amaric plus it will be easily understood by Oromo and Somali or Afar.

    Ethiopian Muslims were in the past dominated by their christian friend’s culture. But now things are changing. Soon whether you call it Wahabi or not Ethiopian are asking for pure form of Islam. But Meles is doing the opposite to please his christian folks by introducing Ah Bash from Lebanon. This Ah Bash group aims to modify Islam to make is suitable for West culture and capitalism. He has no limit as to the changes he proposes in Islam.

    So @tow, my answer for you is Ethiopian Muslims will peacefully take control of the Ethiopian affairs. You suggested Wahabi control? By the way Wahabi means one of the names of Allah. Instead, you better learn Arabic. The 3000 years of coptic history has been just War. It is apparent Gragn Ahmed needs to come back to unite us.

  11. Gigi
    | #11

    Gragn, thanks for the joke, even though you might not being funny at all.

  12. Gragn Ahmed
    | #12

    You welcome. Are you funny at all your self?KKK

    Relax there is no terror in Ethiopia except Meles and church fanatics.

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