Ethiopian domestic workers in the Middle East accuse the TPLF regime.

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  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    It is heart-wrenching! My dear Ethiopian sister, my heart aches for you and the rest of our Ethiopian sisters and brothers who have been sold by TPLF to serve and be enslaved in Arab countries. One of them happened to be my own beautiful cousin who has been missing since she left Ethiopia to work in one of those Arab countries. TPLF don’t care what happens to Ethiopians in and outside of Ethiopia. Now, the truth have come out, from the get go, TPLF and EPLF, agenda was to destroy Amharas first and dismantle Ethiopia next.
    Here is a shocking interview with a former TPLF member telling ESAT the truth about Meles and the rest of TPLF coldblooded killers and looters:

  2. Gigi
    | #2

    Dear people Ethiopia is a country with out even a national army. Not to offend people that are part of the nations politics
    And army who are serving the country with absolute dedication no matter who is in power. But we know the power that is controlled by the few and the rest of us are crying out, where is our country? We say that because we are abandoned
    It’s wrights democracy, protection and national unity and territorial integrity, and our freedom to live and our freedom to
    Have our own opinion about our country and live in our country or live in in this world.

    When Arabs come and invest in our land and if we do bad to them, should that make any sense? Besides they are mostly using people like Mohamed Ala moody and so on. What did Ethiopia did to them? And are this people really
    Arabs I think there are more Arabs in Ethiopia than the whole of the middle east. The question of musilims is a different question. All Arabes are not Ismaelies ether. If people think Arab mean Ismael they are I think wrong . Most of Ismaelys live in Jordan Lebenon
    And some in Egypt and Ethiopia and elswether like America and France and north Africa and So on. But not so many
    In the middle east. It is most of the time Ideans and so on who lives in the middle east. I am not saying that whole land
    ( Arabia) is suppose to be Ismael. For all we know there wore all kinds of people that lived in those land in old days. So it is impossible to think there are no other people existing on the land of the middle east other than the Israelitys and Ismaelits. Isak and Ismael came from the people existing like their parents Aberaham and Sara and Agar.

    Ethiopia will prevail! And the world will prevail! Stay strong. Don’t give up your believe and hope.

    May gods name be blessed for ever!

    I with you all the best in the coming years!

    but people that inter migrated and mixed.

  3. Gigi
    | #3

    Correction, I meant to say ” I wish you all the best in the coming years” and I also want to tell you my iPod is problematic I didn’t want to say what I wrote at the end of my last comment. It was part of a previous sentence or
    I was trying to make. Like when I was talking about the Arab world. I know that some Indians and Arabs are some time

  4. YEM
    | #4

    Exporting slave workers/domestic serevants and child adoption is a booming business and a good money spinner for the woyane gujile.

    The woyane gujile make a lot of money by exporting slave workers to arab slave masters. Visa is issued without any quibble and the arabs choose who they want to take.

    This policy is an extension of the policy of the woyane to dehumanise and degrade Ethiopians in general.

    When the same domestic serevants whom the woyane shipped to arab countries complain of abuse and mistreatment, the woyane are no where to be seen. the woyane act as if they have no knowledge of these people who are being abused.

    All Ethiopians across the board should unite to bring justice , freedom and democracy to our country.

    While the woyane gujile remain in power we all are victims where ever we are.

  5. TPLF hate Ethiopia/ns
    | #5

    Not surprised, but now at least, it is much clearer and confirmed why TPLF chased away people in Gondar and Wollo and taken their land. We heard it from one of TPLF insiders on ESAT, that TPLF were out to dismantle Ethiopia and build Greater Tigrea. These people are horrendous criminals that slaughtered their own men and women for minor things. For God sake, the country our grandparents died for, is being run by a bunch of street thugs out to loot and kill Ethiopians. Every Ethiopian must be informed what the former TPLF insider had to say. I won’t be surprised, if this former TPLF member is found dead some where in the near future. The last twenty years is a proof that TPLF are in it to loot, weaken the Ethiopian army and combine Eritrea and Tigrea as one country and destroy Ethiopia at the end. Something have to be done, before Ethiopia and Ethiopians are sold out, looted and destroyed completely.

  6. Hazen
    | #6

    Ethiopia has become an irrelevant and hopeless country to say the least. This a country that sells (adoption) to anyone who has money and then these innocent children are either used as a sexual object or dye of starvation. On the other hand, the government is selling off the very land the farmers are depending on, to the highest bidder of any country, which I am assuming the tenants are sold together with the land. All these activity is for the governing groups to collect money and hoard it to a foreign bank for rainy day, when they eventually loss power. In the mean time, let the people starve and they will keep on doing the same thing as they have done before, since it is a Standard Operation Procure (SPO)

  7. Gaye
    | #7

    Truly sad. The tplf came to kill Amharas and destroy Ethiopia. The rest of us watched in silence b/c we were brain washed to believe Amharas were our enemies. the fact is since they came they have been after all of us. they are killing us by all kinds of means. from infecting us with HIV to controlling our population growth by giving us vaccines not to have children. There is a population decline in all parts of Ethiopia except in kilill one. While their children and relatives are going to western countries by legal and illegal means (eg. as Eritrean refuges straight from their homes), we are languishing and dying in Arab and African countries. We have to put our differences aside and say enough is enough. Otherwise our suffering will not end.

  8. weygud
    | #8


    That is what amazes me. Why would we want to be brainwashed by TPLF that Amara was the enemy? Why do we have to believe them what they say is true. Don’t we have our own judgment that TPLF has to come and tell us who is our enemy? OLF believe the same B.S. We all know that the past leadership was bad also but that should be our own judgment and not TPLF. We should be able to have common sense that there were problems before and mistakes should be corrected but not by going extremes as TPLF and the so called OLF was telling us. What happened? The Oromos became persecuted because the OLF opened up its door for the TPLF believe the extreme and going beyond than simply to correct past mistakes. Becareful what you wish for.

    That being said, dear Ethiopians we have complained and complained.. etc. either decide to really be active even to the point of death or kiss Ethiopia good bye. By the way, the TPLF are not alone in dismantling Ethiopia, they have clear full support of outsiders of course including Eritreans.

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