2012 – The year to clean house By Dereje D.

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The presidential election in the US is going to be the highlight of 2012 without a doubt. I cannot help myself but wonder why the Unites States only has 2 major parties. As an epic of democracy, one should assume it should have hundreds if not thousands of parties contending for the ultimate power. Yet we have two parties, republican and democratic, with sharp ideological differences on how to lead the country. Arise of a third party with a more or less similar ideology will severely hurt one or the other party in splitting the voter base along minor differences, unless of course this new party has its own ideology that can be sharply distinguishable from the other two. This has been evidenced in 2000 by Ralph Nader (Green Party) and Ross Perot (Reform Party) and in 1996. Both these individuals ran for the office of the president as third party candidates, having similar ideas to the democratic party and the republican party respectively. In the 2000 presidential election, George Bush defeated Al Gore by 537 votes in Florida.

Nader received more than 97,000 votes most of which would otherwise have gone Gore’s way. He was even dubbed as a ‘spoiler’ who changed the outcome of the election. Although not having the same impact as Nader due to the electoral college rules, in 1996 Ross Perot also had more than 8% of the popular vote which are mostly believed to be going the Republicans way.

Ethiopia currently has 92 different parties and ONE ruling party. Assuming that half of these parties are EPRDF incubated, the other 45 or so are true opposition parties genuinely believing that the ruling party EPRDF needs to hand over power to the people and free and democratic Ethiopia for all. One thing they are not realizing is that they are actually weakening the struggle instead of strengthening it. Their very existence is the reason that the struggle is not able to move one single step. They are the ‘spoilers’ of progress. The last time that we have witnessed a real political movement towards democratic pathway was in 2005 when the parties united and formed one single front. It can be debated as to the pros and cons of that unity, its implementation and demise, but one fact that cannot be refuted is that there was no confusion as to which side the people should stand. Yes indeed they stood by their party Kinijit with their lives! The choice was very clear, free and democratic society vs. anarchy, no ambiguity.

A lot have been said about the necessity of unity, that the opposition struggle cannot succeed if there is no unity amongst the parties. I will take it one step forward and say we should start killing these parties one by one as they are detrimental to the struggle. Not only we will not succeed if they don’t unite, we are not succeeding because of them if they don’t unite. Their very existence by itself is aiding and abating the enemy (the ruling party). They are the reasons for resource and base fragmentation and thereby loss of focus. Just like two companies that are not performing well, they need to be in ‘forced merger’ phase. We are in an emergency state right now and cannot afford their existence as an entity.

How can we accomplish this killing?

One way would be to demand all opposition political parties to publish their ideas, programs, and strategies that distinguish them from one another (I hope they know it!). No, we do not want the common themes, we know them well, ‘we struggle for liberty, democracy, free judicial system, etc..’. What we want is bullet points and clearly written lines, ‘our party differs from so and so by the following points…’. This will enable all Ethiopians to understand and ask relevant questions demanding more explanation.
Another way which can be supplemented with my previous point is to summon the party leaders and members together in one room and have an open debate (can be done two or three parties at a time). No, I don’t mean a meeting or conference where one party leader speaks for hours. This is a debate where forum organizers, members and the public ask questions and the leaders answer and have a live debate. Thanks for living in a free society, we have been able to witness this.

In 2012, the number one priority of the Ethiopian opposition struggle should be killing the 92 parties one by one like popcorn. Parties, whose highest priority is not ‘merger with like minded parties’ should be chocked of their resources and wither away.
In 2012, Ethiopians both in Diaspora as well as in the battle field, should stop signing up for membership into any party but be highly involved in the killing process. We can’t get into a broken house before fixing it! Party members should also begin flocking out of these parties or start the arm twisting of their leaders.

In 2012, we cannot miss the change the world is undergoing and have to be operating in emergency mode. The common wisdom that states everyone should be supporting a political group or party to pay his or her share of the struggle, does not work in this mode. Now we should all focus on eliminating the 92-faced cancer within us.

  1. Some cannot be trusted!
    | #1

    Well, out of 92 political parties in Ethiopia, I bet 90 of them were created by Meles and his puppets to divide and rule the country.

  2. Gigi
    | #2

    In other words, Ato Derege is saying let’s eliminate the EPRDF style arrangiment of political party’s, which are ethnic based but instead we should unite as a nation and come up with a strong opposition as one people against the ruling
    Party. It is a great idea and the only why out of this mess. But remember they are controlling the people by any means
    Necessary. We know about their intimidation and abusing, killing people if they don’t stand for them. They have succeeded dividing the country for the last 20 years, they have killed so many people with a true and clear vision for Ethiopia. They have called them selves in most cases the leaders of every body, unfit even for their ethnic agenda, even
    Though we all know that their agenda is controlling Ethiopia nothing to do with out ethnic equality they broth so much inequality by doing so and that is what they mean speaking of ethnic cleansing. I don’t know what of his ethnic we have
    Cleansed. Did we? Not to our knowledge.

    But how ever, why are we not rising together to defend our nation from this untold humiliation? Are we not Ethiopians?
    They hate us because we are Ethiopians. What is hard for us to love and respect who we are? And protect our people
    And country and culture? We do like our country and our selves and freedom by the way. Most of us don’t even exist
    Because of that.

    God bless you OLF and well come to unity of Ethiopia again!
    Unit! Unit! Unit unit! Together we can win what ever fight!
    Together we can live, as we always did, Ethiopia will survive.
    We will build our country to the at most beauty
    Until the enemies fury.
    We will break his jaw
    And say don’t eat me
    We don’t eat people here in Ethiopia
    Thou I don’t know about your country.

    Long live our wonderful beautiful ETHIOPIA!!!!!

  3. Gigi
    | #3

    Next should be Eritiria. Dear people we are WATING!!!!!!!
    Let’s UNIT!

    We don’t want this bulshit no more. Let’s all say “Ethiopia for ever”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s turn our enemies eye RED! And let’s all live in peace. For how long are we going to live like this?
    Can we say enough is enough? Why Eritiria fights for Bademay and so on when whether it is in titled to her or
    Not when we all can live together in our country Ethiopia, they are leasing and selling most of the land to god knows
    Who. Are all not Ethiopians? Doesn’t our country belongs to all of us Ethiopians including Eritirians who suffered
    For so long under colonials and untold misery to defend the nation?

    Come back our dear brothers and sister. We love and miss you. We miss Ethiopia in general. You know what I mean by

    Ethiopia for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gigi
    | #4

    Don’t give them any chance to use us against our selves.

  5. Sam
    | #5

    Why 92 different parties in Ethiopia? The simple answer is there is no political vision in the country that the so called politicians espouse. Do not argue with me saying, no, we in fact have 92 political visions. That is a baloney. In fact, if I go back home and called upon my old friends who are dying of alcholism due to frustration, I would come with the number 93. I am not an astute politician, but believe me I can pull a string to come with one party if not two or three. The government loves this political drama. Under no circumstances 45 different political parties– which the writer imagined to be anti the current government– come together to unseat the Arat kilo manipulators. I do not see any indication as the writer wished this will change soon. In fact, it continues to be thew very character of Ethiopian politics operates. Who said the EPDRF politicos are ignorants? I do not see them as such. If they are astute political manbipulators as they are called, indeed they are, it is insane to say in the same sentence they are ignorants.

  6. Gigi
    | #6

    If for any streeng holding, if Meles welcomes Japan and Tibet and some Jewish Indians and Israel and the rest of the world in perspective which most of them are Ethippian and Israel orient in the old days and who needs our help today,
    May be I can talk to Meles about the legitimacy of his Government in some case and that includes if there is freedom in Ethiopia if he comes to his senses to unite with Ethiopia with in and beyond borders.

    I urge you dear Meles Zenawi to be far with every one. Ethiopia is larger than what you think. Should I tell you or should you telll me what ” sino ” is or ” mao” what do we know about it? Well sino was a Japanise invasion of China for power
    And control of it’s natural resources. And why is this Chines companyses under the name SINO are investing in Ethiopia
    All over the Ethiopian nantinal resources? And MAO? What is that? I heard it is a name of some Chinies who killed
    20 million Chanis god knows in the name of who. And what is Ethiopia got to do with that?

    I saw a vedio that was saying that socialism was created by some Jewish people. And who was saying that was a black
    Person an African or an African American. But hoe ever what of socialism got to do with killing people? Like what Nzies
    And Stalin did? And which Jewish or white people did that insted of getting killed?

    Japanise are mixed people most of the time that is Asian, Agewu, Oromo and Rusian, a jew and some others.
    And so are the Tibetians and so wore a lot of native Americans, Alaskaians.

    We need to help Japan. Give then Ethiopian citizen ship. We need to help Tibet and Israel, Italy Ingland, Ireland. And so on. We need to help them not because we want to bring them to our cow try but becuease they need out help beyond our and their understanding.

    So dear Meles I beg you in the name of God, please do some thing. you are in power and you can do it. They need our help today not 5 years or a year from know. I am not saying that I know some thing worse is going to happen but we all know what happened already and we have no clu about tommorwo or the rest and we know they need us today specially In the cas of Japan.

    I have big faith in all of you that we will do some thing great about this situation. God be with all of us and protect us all.

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!

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