Meles’s Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred Messay Kebede

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Meles Zenawi’s blatant hatred of Ethiopia is a puzzle that Ethiopian intellectual circles have in vain tried to decipher. While some propose the suggestion that the hatred betrays his commitment to his Eritrean side, others consider it as an expression of his ethnic racism. Still others remain baffled, unable as they are to understand how he revels in denigrating the object of his obsession, namely, state power. One thing is sure, however, they all agree on the idea that his overall policy and its day-to-day implementation make sense only from the vantage point of a project to ransack Ethiopia’s resources and leave the rest to the vultures of ethnic secessionism. Harsh dictators have ruled Ethiopia in the past, but all considered themselves as Ethiopians. What is new with Meles is his anti-Ethiopian stand and his open contempt for whatever is Ethiopian.

Yet, one important element liable to explain Meles’s hatred has been with us for quite some time. I have in mind the history of his family, which is a history marred by collaboration with the occupying Italian forces. Notably, his grandfather not only worked for the Italians, but he was also an appointee and an office holder. What this means is that Meles had to deal very early with this family shame, which according to testimonies brought scorn and isolation on his family.

Now, there are two ways of dealing with this kind of existential predicament. There is the positive way according to which the person affected by family disgrace tries to behave in such a way as to repair the fault. In the case of Meles, this would mean showing a renewed and active commitment to Ethiopia. This is the path of expiation, which requires a serious self-examination and, mostly, a great amount of courage. All the available and trustworthy testimonies about Meles agree on the fact that courage was and is not one of his virtues.

There remains the second path, which is negative and consonant with the lack of courage. It is the path of denial, that is, the denial of betrayal. In order to accomplish this metamorphosis, Meles has to demean Ethiopia and devalue all its accomplishments. The more he belittles Ethiopia, the more he weakens the gravity of the family betrayal, and the less guilty and stained he feels. There was no betrayal since what his family supposedly betrayed was just a trash.

The path of denial nurtures hatred for the simple reason that hatred is a self-defense, a counter to the feeling of being despised by others. When you feel that other people despise you, you react by developing an intense dislike for them as a way of protecting yourself. If you hate them, you get rid of all scruples and sensitivity and adopt the principle that all means are good to hurt them.

This hatred partially explains Meles’s rapid rise to the leadership of the TPLF. Who else could best express and incarnate the rage of the TPLF against the Ethiopian state and army but Meles, who in addition to sharing with other members the resentment against the marginalization of Tigray, had on him the personal scar of national betrayal. While anger motivated most members, Meles had a stronger torment: he was humiliated and could not rest until he humiliated the source of his own dishonor.

Meles’s characterization of the Ethiopian national flag as nothing but a trash, his persistence in reducing Ethiopian history to mere conquest and subordination, his delight in debunking Ethiopian heroes, his ritual of jailing pro-Ethiopian leaders and releasing them after forcing them to sign degrading letters, etc., are all part of his strategy to humiliate Ethiopia in order to feel good about himself. Add to this that his long-standing hatred has been reignited by his electoral defeat in 2005, which defeat he was quick to interpret as another attempt to humiliate him. Because the defeat revived an old wound, his crackdown on the opposition and protesters was bound to be brutal.
This is, then, an appeal to Meles urging him to psychoanalyze himself so as to become aware of the deep wound that constantly perverts his policy and contradicts his dream of becoming a great leader. As we all know, in matters of spiritual illness, awareness of the cause is an efficient cure so that the second path, the path of expiation through great deeds is still open to him. No amount of power can erase his shame so long as Meles continues to hang his rehabilitation on the trashing of Ethiopia. For the more he lowers Ethiopia, the less gratifying becomes his dominion. This contradiction is the reason why he wants more power, even though the discredit of the nation cheapens his power. In other words, the cure lies, not in the mistreatment of Ethiopia, but in its promotion, that is, in the commitment to overcome his shame through good works.

  1. mamo
    | #1

    WHAT? ?? Meles is not ethiopian ,is antiethiopian are you kidding me professor or is this your way of being a comedian? I will say this to you sir,how on earth can the average ethiopian understand the politics of ethiopia when we have the so called PHDS,PROFESSORS cant think beyond their ethnic ideology pro or con is baffling PLEASE for the sake ethiopia make sense in what you write.AFTER ALL he is in power so give respect , leaving in comfort and spewing hate from afar is not gone get you what you want.

  2. Garedaw
    | #2

    Excellent analysis. This is one article that surely will get Meles furiously angry. People don’t realize that such articles are much more than deadly than an armed group’s threat to the minority regime’s power.
    Can’t wait to read Meles’s response to this. Certainly, he will write one ;it may not be under the known pseudonyms because this is really going to be taken as a a ‘personal’ fight for him.

  3. well said
    | #3

    Is this from the real Messay Kebede, or a copy cat

  4. Temnit
    | #4

    Even though I respect your analysis and views about current affairs in Ethiopia. I must say, the Diaspora politicians and analysts are increasingly becoming out of touch with the reality in Ethiopia. I must also say, unfortunately you are also sounding more and more like an intellectual at a loss judging your previous few articles. I know it is important to psycho analyse Meles but I doubt a political scientist like you can become a psychologist without extensive training, as I am familiar with this field. Hence the reason why a lot of people wrongly diagnose and misjudge Meles’s leadership desire. If you ask me as a professional psychologist, I would say a leader who has a bad intention for his country as you suggested will not build, schools, hospitals, roads, dams and railways etc… but he will simply do what colonialist do, ransack its wealth instead of open 31 brand new universities. For me, his action purely suggests that he has decided (convinced himself) to become a dictator in order to implement the Chinese, S. Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese and Japanese etc… developmental state model, under dictatorship. That is why he will never flinch or give an inch to another democratic election after 2005.

    So the real question is, given this decision, what should someone in the Diaspora like me and you do to promote democracy and justice? The answer, I am sure is what is going to divide a lot of people. As a 29 year old women, I believe the only thing we in the Diaspora can do is support opposition party’s like Andinet financially but leave all the political decision to the leadership in Ethiopia. Playing politics from abroad is not only a recipe for disaster but also not productive. That is the only way. Diaspora politics is either an ego trip or self delusion of lost grandeur.

  5. koster
    | #5

    Meles is the most anti-Ethiopian “leaders” I have known in my life who hates the country he administers and the people he was supposed to serve. I am not a professional but his case needs medical attention. Why hate Ethiopia, why hate Amhara or Shoa Amharas according to his defination. I am sure he even does not love Tigreans all he loves is his power which enables to satiate his and his wife greed for money.

  6. Joel Gutama
    | #6

    Thank you Prof. Messay: it is an eye opening psychoanalysis of Zenawi’s grip on power and the pursuit of more and more power as each day passes. As you rightly noted Zenawi’s strong motivation to seek more power has to do much with his desire to humiliate Ethiopia because for him everything that stands for the Ethiopian brand has been the source of humiliation for him due to his descent from a family that worked against Ethiopian interest during Italian occupation. His naivete won’t allow him to understand the contradiction between seeking dominion and belittling the object over which he wants to exercise that dominion. Even worse is the fact that he is engaged in the destructive propaganda of spreading like wildfire his contempt for Ethiopia among his henchmen in the ethnic party surrogates. I am not fully convinced that he aspires to be a great leader except propagating his statesmanship in the national media under his command for the sole purpose of cheating those followers of him who are willing and have consented to be cheated that he is a transformational figure. How on earth could he wish to be a great leader after failing to uplift the second poorest nation on the planet from the ills of dehumanizing poverty, hunger, disease, lack of adequate education and healthcare being given the opportunity for 20 years. He is simply a maniac who wants to hang on to power until he is kicked on his ass like Qaddafi.

  7. astra
    | #7

    An accurate analysis by Prof. Messay. May I also add, as some one who has traveled and worked all over Ethiopia has observed some time ago, that the Tigrean people are the shortest people in Ethiopia and Meles may additionally suffer from the inferiority complex on account of his diminutive stature.

  8. Tehsome New
    | #8

    As far I am concerned, this is by far the best ever article written by the good professor, whom I admire and respect. It a big shame that, of so many patriotic Ethiopians TPLF might have in its ranks, It had imposed on Ethiopia the most sadistic, narcissistic and megalomaniac person with full of hatred for Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the top echelons of power for the last 20 years. Guess who the second person in charge of TPLF and Ethiopia, the sickest and dampest person who has no allegiance to the country with inherent identity crisis. After coming to power, He couldn’t even summon himself to go back to the name that was given by his parents. He so childish and stupid, he would deny his own existence without blinking his eyes. If there was competition in the stupidest liar in the whole region he would come top. Melse is playing with him so much that he sent him to conduct a press conference to deny flatly the existence of Ethiopian troops in Somalia, after sending tanks with Ethiopian flag and army tag to roll on to Moqaduisho. The overzealous Beerket with contempt to words anything and everything didn’t only deny, but entered into acrimonious argument with journalistic who was interviewing and the UN on the issue. Four days later, Melese came out admitted the presence of Ethiopian army, leaving his stupid second man naked.

  9. Mareshet Gomoraa
    | #9

    Thank you professor for the putting the right diagnose and describing it so eloquently. I hope that some of the Tigrian general within Ethiopian army comes to the same conclusion and remove this unpatriotic guy from power. TPLF owes that to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. I hope they do that before the rage that is being accumulated under surface engulfs those in power including the army.

  10. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #10

    Prof Messay’s article, despite its brevity, is a great educational piece. Messay’s portrayal of Meles’s deformed personality is an accurate one. In trying to understand the barbarism of Meles Zenawi and his Government dealing with the Ethiopian people, I even wrote that Meles Zenawi’s short stature is to be blamed for his brutality. It is to be recalled that I was beaten up with an avalanche of ad hominem articles and comments by Melesites (a new word for you). In Messay we have a far more profound explanation why Meles Zenawi acts the way he does than what we have in my clumsy psychoanalysis of sometime ago.

    It is almost impossible for old dogs to learn new tricks. I know from several discussions Messay and I have had that Messay believes in “redemption” in that individuals can profoundly change their destructiveness. I, on the other hand, do not think that personal redemption has any place in our political lives if we want to bring about profound and long standing political and moral change in Ethiopia. Redemption of past misconduct may help the individual sinner to adjust under new circumstances and blend-fade into the new setup. Humility is one such manifest behavior by a sinner in the process of redemption, in not seeking power in such new setup. But society must have someone that is not stained to begin with and not a recycled-soul ever for its leadership. Meles Zenawi is beyond reformation or redemption. Messay suggests in his article that it be for all a serious and sober consideration to love Ethiopia. I whole-heartedly indorse such sentiment. Thank you Messay for writing such truthful, insightful, patriotic, and constructive essay.

    Tecola W. Hagos

  11. tulu
    | #11

    Don’t fly off the handle like that Mamo. The Prof never said that Meles is not an Ethiopian, but he argued that he hates the notion of Ethiopia. You seem to be surprised, but this is a well known fact. Whatever Meles does in the future I am afraid that’s how he will be remembered. Of course Meles can live with the illusion that he “redefined” Ethiopia. But then again so did Mengistu, in a big and bloody way.

  12. Dawi
    | #12

    By looking at the content it is easy to tell that Messay is not the writer but who ever wrote it should apologize for confusing some people.

    Pretending to be someone else is bad but to deliberately use their name to make them look bad is very low.

  13. Belai
    | #13

    I agree with most of your views.

  14. Bright Hope
    | #14


    I think Dr Messay has missed the boat on this one. I am with Temnit on this one.

    Meles is not motivated by hate. He has no choice but to go forward like a soldier. If he backs away from the TPLF dogma, he will end up dead. TPLF is not a democratic organization; it is a militant group. Meles has ended up as its leader.

    I do not believe Meles is anti-Ethiopian. His actions speaks that he is working hard for the betterment of the lives of Ethiopians. I disagree with his communist ideology, however, I don’t doubt he is working to harm Ethiopia.

    There is no land sale in Ethiopia; it is land lease. And if any Ethiopian wants to lease millions of hectares of land, I have no doubt the government will kiss your hands and lease you land.

    There is plenty of material to attack Meles’ leadership, but hate for Ethiopia is simply not one of them.

  15. Yimam
    | #15

    An amazing portrait of Meles Zenawi by a great scholar. Many Ethiopians came to the same conclusion as Prof Messay but were never able to articlulate thier thought. We equated Meles’s hatred towards the Ethiopian state to his desire for unbridled greed for power and wealth. This may be true too, but it is less than half true. Meles is driven by hatred than by any thing else. I was once a witness to his visit in Boston several years ago, and in his long speech he never uttered the name Ethiopia. He must have been angry enough not even to call the country he ruled by name. His delivered a long speech about Africa although he was invited to speak about Ethiopia. Thank you Prof for larifying and putting the thoughts of many into words.

  16. nbere
    | #16

    Amazing! Gebremedehen Araya, the ex-TPLf, is the pioner in disecting the personality problems of Melese Zenawi.Prof. Messay kebede revealed the personality disorder of Melese with with scientific tools.

  17. “COURAGE”
    | #17

    [[...All the available and trustworthy testimonies about Meles agree on the fact that courage was and is not one of his virtues..]]

    This I have heard time and again. Every time I hear a former TPLF talks about “lack of courage” they make me smile and think of the following I read a while ago.

    “Courage is nothing else but fear that preys. Courage is being scared and going forward anyway.” :-)

    Just let us look at these “courage” gentle men from Aragawi to Seye. Where are they now?

    So it’s okay to be afraid. But you know what to do.

  18. baby
    | #18

    Dr.Messey its timely and right articale about meles.Meles hate true ethiopians and tigrians!!meles is loose his identity and his blood line of banda/ shembash of Italy, he have not moral and ethic to be ethiopian.I personal grow up by familiy of ethiopian and every day they gave my the believe and perecpition of ethiopiawint!!!
    Thank for Dr.messey and Tochla for the right response to your article!!!

    THANKL! DR,Messey you are our hero!!!

  19. ጉረኞች
    | #19

    You didn’t explain how you decipher someone else wrote the article for Messay. If you have some decency in your soul, you would have been careful and explain in detail how you are able to know some stuff that no one would know. According to you, Messay is now all of a sudden crippled even to notify readers that it is not his article. Your lovely midget Meles is what it is, the son of “banda” who have been mentally suffering from deep inferiority complex. It is amazing skill how he has been able to deceive all fools and ethnic racists around him for such a long time. I give him credit for that.

  20. abiy
    | #20


    You wrote,

    “By looking at the content it is easy to tell that Messay is not the writer but who ever wrote it should apologize for confusing some people.

    Pretending to be someone else is bad but to deliberately use their name to make them look bad is very low.”

    Contempt for the truth is the basic tenet of TPLF clique, here is a clue then about TPLF cadres group think philosopy. They see out right dismissal of events as comforting than losing an argument. And this is precisely what this parrot is doing in here. Dawi and others having believed Melese as their brightest star such ego flattening analysis as the above can not be kindly taken by them is understandable.However,to deny, without any qualification, that this writing is not by Messay is a sign of psychosis by itself.

  21. Dawi
    | #21

    BEING THE SON OF A “BANDA” OR being “SHORT” won’t stop someone from doing the right thing.

    In 1959 South Korea was mired in poverty. By 1979 it had a powerful industrial economy and a vibrant civil society in the making, which would lead to a democratic breakthrough eight years later.

    The nation was balanced uneasily between opposition forces calling for democratic reforms and the Park government’s obsession with economic growth.

    Park Chung Hee was born in 1917 in the village of Sonsangun near Taegu in southeastern Korea. He was the seventh child of a poor family;


    His father sometimes served as a magistrate under the Japanese occupation. He graduated top of his class, trained at Tokyo Military Acadamy. Even ADAPTED a JAPANESE NAME Okamoto.

    Participated in a communist cell organized within the South Korean army and was sentenced to death but gained a reprieve as a result of his cooperation with the authorities.

    Although later on Park did not have affiliations with the communist movement, his thinking and ideological orientation was decidedly Stalinist.

    In May of 1960, Park and a group of other officers of the South Korean army took control of the government. There was strong suspicions that Park was a crypto-communist and the media sometimes referred to him as “Parkov,” a Russianized version of his name.

    One of the first things Park did after assuming power was to persecute South Korean business leaders for profiting from the corruption in the South Korean government. Twenty four of the leading businessmen were arrested.

    One of the first projects of the Park regime was the building of the Seoul-Pusan highway. This highway connected the two largest cities of South Korea but at the time of its construction it served more of a symbolic purpose than a transportation need based upon benefits versus costs.

    Achieved industrialization; In the case of steel he opted for a public enterprise only after years of the failure of private enterprise to develop a successful steel industry.

    The next development of the Park strategy for the economic development of South Korea was the Heavy and Chemical Industries (HCI) Plan.

    The HCI plan followed the creation of a new constitution, the Yushin Constitution, that increased the power of the government and suppressed political opposition.

    The regime of Park Chung Hee ended with his assassination by the head of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. The assassination was apparently provoked by Park’s demand that protests and riots currently occurring be suppressed “even if it cost 30,000 lives.”

  22. ziydgorf
    | #22

    Yes,yes! Ato Legesse Meles Zinawi had been battling with an incurable ailment since he was a child;the disease got worse and worse,as he turned into adult,but kept he the pain and secret to himself and pretended as if he was a normal person.Instead of seeking medical help,he simply chose to act out as if he was a normal person.He is now paying the price;the price of living with a debelitating disease.Officially,Zinawi is an insane person.

    Legesse Meles Zinawi is definitely a prisioner of home.The home he was born into and grew up.He knows exactly the cause of the incurable disease that he has been suffering from for years and years and we know too his battling with the disease;but,but he has never been truthful to himself and to others about his health problem.On top of being a sick man,worse enough,this man is addicted to kahat,blood,and flesh.Today,this monster is the most wanted criminal in Ethiopia and is a fugitive;if captured,he will definitely stand for a trial.

  23. ጉረኞች
    | #23

    Midgets are not only short but also ugly. Good you are trying to study the biography of Dictators. However, the case of South Korea is diametrically opposite than the midget dictator in Ethiopia. Unlike his counterpart, Meles is a complete failure, over 12 million Ethiopians are in starvation. Millions of aid and loan money are extorted. He is neither good for development nor for democracy.

  24. Dawi
    | #24

    ጉረኞች, abiy :

    I guess I wasn’t able to accept such a huge turn from the Professor. It seemed unbefitting for me to read such a turn from some one I look up to, so quickly. Even though I can’t say he jumped the gun or that I didn’t see it coming, I just counted on him to push his line of thought for a while albeit of so many extremists holding his throat and very few followers.

    I have to say that I am disappointed but, such is life.

    Now I anticipate of him writing more on the topic and in what way his transmutation to the study of taxonomy/demeanor of Meles and Bereket is going to help us move forward.

    I look forward of him giving us a fresher scientific explanation than this quick write up on the subject, as we have plenty similar stuff on the WEB already.

  25. Anonymous
    | #25

    It is a well known fact by all Ethiopinas meles and his gang are the sworn enemies of Ethiopia. The only thing they like about Ethiopia is the Loot. They can’t form greater Tigray now. Tigray is a dry stoney barrel land. There is nothing to sell or loot there. Greater Tigray is used as a scare tactic. They will stay to loot and destroy Ethiopia until pushed out.

  26. Zerayakob Yared
    | #26

    #25, aka ቁጥር አንድ የማሌሊት ተከፍሎትም ሆነ ሳይከፈለው ካድሬ,

    አንድ ችግር ግን አለብህ::

    ሲሲሊዎች መረብ ላይ የሉም! ተላላኪያችሁ ልሁን ባዩ “ወንድሜም” ተዳክምዋል! ከዚህም በላይ እነሱ ራሳቸውም ቢሆኑ ንቀውታል::

    አንተ ከራስህ ተነስተህ ከሩቅ ሆኖ ከመሸለል በስተቀር, ለምንም ሌላ በትግርኛ ‘ስጉምቲ’ ለምንለው ነገር አትበቃም::

    ከፈለግህ እንደ ሌሎቹ ከዚህ አባባሌ ተነስተህ የሆነ አይነት “የራስ ቲዎሪ” ልታቀርብ ትችላለህ!

  27. Abdi
    | #27

    An article worth reading. We need to plan a strategy that would minimize further damage that could be caused by meles to the peaceful struggle that is underway for freedom and democracy!

  28. chernet
    | #28

    Here is what Dr. Aragawi Berhe once wrote (a translation):
    “….Once the inaugural festivities were over, those of us who were elected got together and began discussing how to go forward. One of the things we talked about was the one hundred million dollar that was collected from donors. Meles Zenawi stood up and made suggestions on how to allocate the donated funds as follows: 45% should be allocated for the TPLF operations; 50% should be given to the MLLT to help it stand on its own feet; 5% should to be allocated to help the people affected by the drought and famine. Abay Tsehaye seconded Meles’s motion. Sibhat Nega and Seyoum agreed. It sounded as if their suggestions reflected the opinions of the majority. But Berihu (that is, Dr. Aregawi) raised his hand and said: “Don’t you think we should allocate more funds to help the starving people- after all we obtained this money telling donors that we will feed them?” When I learned that no one was supporting my plea, I realized that I was dealing with very cruel beasts. But again, even wild beasts are not so cruel to their own kin and kinds. This shows that Meles and Co. are a special kind of cruel and cannibalistic beasts!”
    Meles and his main accomplices mentioned above, have been soaking themselves with blood all the way when they were in the “jungle”. Meles and Co. will never stop taking the lives of innocent citizens, directly or indirectly (thru starvation, etc.) Only a unified and collaborative struggle can stop Meles.

  29. Asfaw Dargue
    | #29


    Colonialists did build roads, schools, and hospitals to keep both the expatriates and the locals happy. That’s why Kenya’s infrastructure was far more advanced when it got its independence in 1963 than Ethiopia’s was at that time.

    The EPRDF has accelerated public goods provision since 2005 because they’ve realized they’re dead unless they give something to the public, and that something is economic growth.

    However, that has nothing to do with Meles’ ‘love for Ethiopia’. All we can judge his feelings for Ethiopia is what he says and how he says it. He is always seething and/or condescending when he talks about Ethiopia the nation or the Ethiopian people. At best, he’s a scolding schoolmaster, at worst, a cynical gangleader. If he says anything at all positive about Ethiopia, it’s emotionless, and when he speaks with emotion, he’s always spewing venom.

    Messay is right on. May God have mercy on Meles.

    And may God help all of us do our best to help Ethiopia.

  30. werqu
    | #30

    this article it sound like waiting for Godot.

  31. Yinegal
    | #31

    Both Meles “Legesse” Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin Gola are the grand children of Traitors or commonly called BANDAS.

    Is this a coincidence or by design!!!

  32. Dawi
    | #32

    Asfaw Dargue says:

    [[..However, that has nothing to do with Meles’ ‘love for Ethiopia’…]]

    What does “love” have to with it? :-)

    Are some Ethiopians addicts who seek their identity from their Dictators?

    This is not a rhetorical question; I thought the definition G7 folks gave us a while ago that says being an “Ethiopian” is different for a different person was very sound. We all have different perception of what “Ethiopiawinet” is.

    I also thought the progress G7 made few days ago with OLF was a progress and should be commended. That is until I read “The ‘new’ OLF: Much ado about nothing” by Jawar Mohamed. He trashed my thought by saying some serious stuff like:

    “..The widespread antagonism we’re facing is a legacy of centuries of confrontations. Over this long period of conflict, the land has been drenched with blood and left us with painful memories that need to be recognized, deep-rooted prejudices that must be exorcised, and pervasive political, social and cultural disparities that must be addressed…”

    His write up made me feel that, as much as he denounces Meles day in and day out, he is closer to the Dictator and respects the “achievements” made by “made in TPLF”, the organization of Oromo Prisoners of war (OPDO).

    What does that tell us? If folks like Jawar’s “love” is closer to Meles than those who we assume “love Ethiopia” the most, don’t you think we have a major problem?

    Could it be we are addicted to “LOVE” without taking personal responsibility?

    I conclude with the following quote from Jawar Mohamed:

    […the ‘unity’ crowd has always suffered from self-righteousness in attempting to assert a moral high ground against the ‘ethno-nationalist’ camps. They now see the OLF ‘embracing Ethiopia’ as their victory, a testament to the inferiority of nationalist narrative…]

  33. ጉረኞች
    | #33

    The first quote you made from Jawar is just simple political propaganda that do not contribute to any tangible solution. Let me ask you this Jawar said “… left us with painful memories that need to be recognized” Ethiopia is with long hsitory and have complex society Who, what, how.. do you recognize painful memories? ለቅሶ ተቀምጠሕ ንፍሮ መብላት ካልፈልክ በስተቀር በ3000 ታሪክ የተፈጸመን አስከፊ ድርጊት ምን ልታደርግ ነው? ከወያኔ ጊዜ ጀምር ካልከኝ ይስማማኛል::
    Jawar said “…deep-rooted prejudices that must be exorcised” How do you exorcise prejudice. Can you tell us how you or Jawar will do? These are empty rhetoric that do not put a single bread on the plates of starving poor. His rhetoric is not solution oriented it is just lamenting with superficial…

  34. Wedi Ethiopia
    | #34

    Whatever Meles does in the future I am afraid that’s how he will be remembered. Of course Meles can live with the illusion that he “redefined” Ethiopia. But then again so did Mengistu, in a big and bloody way./blockquote>

  35. Dawi
    | #35

    ጉረኞች said:

    {.. Who, what, how.. do you recognize painful memories? ለቅሶ ተቀምጠሕ ንፍሮ መብላት ካልፈልክ በስተቀር በ3000 ታሪክ የተፈጸመን አስከፊ ድርጊት ምን ልታደርግ ነው? ከወያኔ ጊዜ ጀምር ካልከኝ ይስማማኛል::..}

    It’s amazing how you can spend ages studying something like the “National Question” and not quite get it. With all its draw back I felt Stalin did try to crack the nut. I even think the Meles Dictatorship is in a good position to move beyond the annual nations & nationalities exotic dances, MANTIGRA, day.

    Since it has loosend up, I thought G7 cracked the nut wide open lately however, Jawar & some others come along and say not quite, there is a lot more work to be done.

    We will get there for sure.

  36. Typical Woyane!!
    | #36

    Mamo #1,
    You are simply laughable! Meles himself doesn’t feel he is an Ethiopian.

  37. Typical Woyane!!
    | #37

    Mamoqilo #1,
    And another thing, YOU HAVE TO GIVE RESPECT, IN ORDER TO GET RESPECTED. Narcissist Meles has no respect for no one, except for himself, and how do you expect people to respect a man who has committed crimes on innocent people? Is Meles responsible for the loss of countless number of innocent lives? Is is true unknown number of people have been thrown in prison? Is it true Meles and his TPLF puppets have gotten disgustingly wealthy in a short time, running the poorest country in the world? Has Meles and his TPLF puppets given and sold the most fertile land of Ethiopia to foreigners? etc…. the answer is a fat YES! Tyrant Meles doesn’t deserve respect, he has to earn it!!!!!

  38. Dawi
    | #38


    [[..This is, then, an appeal to Meles urging him to psychoanalyze himself so as to become aware of the deep wound that constantly perverts his policy and contradicts his dream of becoming a great leader….]]

    I read Messay’s write up a couple of times before I got the message he is trying to pass to Meles.

    My first reaction was a feeling that Messay can’t be selling out to the extremists that quickly and therefore, I denied the whole thing.

    I have to say it killed me to see someone I looked up to, doing what I considered it to be “unkind” thing in order for the Dictator to see how hurtful some of his actions have been to the people in general.

    Hopefully Messay’s “tough love” triggers Meles to re-think his future move and maybe change directions.

  39. ጉረኞች
    | #39

    “…I felt Stalin did try to crack the nut” Ya, he prescribed it for you and it is amazing to see you still singing the false tune in this century. What did Stalin do in his case?- He said not under my watch, and brutally massacre thousand of Chichnians for asking to implement what he was preaching. Talk about reality, Jawar የሚለው አኮ አውጫጭኝ አንቀመጥና አንታረቃለን ነው:: ምን አይነት ተላላነት ነው? According to him, those Oromos who unequivocally recognize their Ethiopiawinet have to go back and negotiate for Ethiopiawinet again. አንተ ይህ አባባሉ ስለተስማማህ አንግዲሕ መጀመረያ ከናንተ ከትግሬዎች ጋር አውጫጭኝ ይቀመጥ ከዛ ደግሞ በተዋረድ ከለሎች ጋር ይቀጥል ነው ያልኩት:: የተደረገው ሳይረሳ ማልቴ ነው:: ልጅ ያቦካው ለራት አይደርስም ይላል የኢትዮጵያ ተርት:: ወንድሜ ልቤን አታውልቀው!!

  40. Asfaw Dargue
    | #40

    Dawi, I think most people, including Ethiopians, would like their leaders (dictators?!) to _reflect_ their identity at least somewhat!


    Messay’s article is not about different ideas of Ethiopianess, but about Ethiopians. Meles, given his rhetoric, does not respect Ethiopians, no matter what class, ethnic group, or political/ideological affiliation. He rarely has anything positive to say about any individual Ethiopian or group of Ethiopians, save perhaps the EPLF (yes, EPLF) or TPLF organizations. What Meles reserves for most Ethiopians is snide remarks and condescension, to accompany his government’s repression. (Unlike Mengistu, who would kill you while telling you it’s good for you!)

    Meles’ hatred is, as many many before Messay have pointed out, his achilles heel and the EPRDF’s achilles heel. When he falls from power, this weakness of his will be one of the main triggers.

  41. Liferse Aychalem
    | #41

    I don’t think that a leader has to be a dictator to bring about development in his country. The South Korean leader you mentioned was actually a dictator but a at least he loved his country. Dictatorship by any form &/or for whatever purpose, whether for development or for the protection of a segment of a society such as the proletariat in the case of communism or for the economic advantage of a a particular ethnic group such as in the case of Ethiopia is futile and evil and the doers such as Meles are evil doers that should be eradicated. That is what the South Korean people did in their popular uprising against their dictator leader and brought about the demise of dictatorship in South Korea once and forever. I think the fate of Melese will be likewise.
    I do not also agree with your proposal of limiting the role of the Ethiopians in the Diaspora to only financial support and get out of politics. Many great leaders led revolutions from the Diaspora; examples are African anti-colonial leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, L. Senghor, Ayatollah Khomeini and their likes. I think your suggestion is to discourage the Diaspora not to actively involve in the affair of their country so that your friend dictator Melese remains in power relaxing.
    May God give you the heart to sympathies with the poor people at home who suffer under dictatorship instead of praying long life to a dictator?

    May God help you attain the heart for your suffering peole

  42. Zerayakob Yared
    | #42

    Asfaw Dargue,

    አንዲት መጠነኛ እርማትን ብቻ ተቀበለኝ!

    የኢትዮጵያ ፓርላማ “ምርጫ” ሳምንት በእርግጥ ለአንድ ቡድን ወገናዊነትን አሳይትዋል:: “ራስ አበበ ባርካዎቹን ተመሳስላችሁ መኖር አለባችሁ ሲሉ በድለዋቸዋል” ሲል, የግብፅ ተላላኪዎች በመሆን ከሱዳን እየተንደረደሩ በመዝለቅ የፖሊስ ጎጆዎችን በማቃጠል የታወቁትንና, ከዚህም በመነሳት ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት. ጠራርጋ ወደ ሱዳን ያባረረቻቸውን ራቢጣዎችን ይሄው በአሁኑ ጊዜ የቦሌ አየር ማረፍያን ከፍቶላቸው ሲያበቃ የኢትዮጵያን ዘረፋ ተሳታፊዎች በማድረግ እየካሳቸው ነው!!

    የትም ተወልደው ሲያበቁ, ግን እንደምንም ብለው ወደ መቐለ እና ዓድዋ በመምጣት ያደጉት “ደቂ ሓትኖታት” ይሄንን ክህደታዊ ተግባርን ለማወናበድ እያደረቁን ይገኛሉ!!

  43. Dawi
    | #43

    ጉረኞች :

    [[“…I felt Stalin did try to crack the nut” Ya, he prescribed it for you and it is amazing to see you still singing the false tune in this century. What did Stalin do in his case?...]]

    What fascinated me of Stalin then was he kept the colonial empire with creative policy of nationalities. Europeans & Asians living as one in one nation in new type of relations, different from say, Europe & Africa colonial relationships.

    Because of that line, I even thought EPLF was the “angafaw” Ethiopian movement then, before the “narrow nationalists” took it the wrong way.

    I hear what you are saying though.

  44. Dawi
    | #44

    Asfaw Dargue:

    [[..Meles’ hatred is, as many many before Messay have pointed out, his achilles heel and the EPRDF’s achilles heel. When he falls from power, this weakness of his will be one of the main triggers...]]

    He has weaknesses and strength as well. He has studied Stalin, Menelik, Mengistu, Park & others. He has re-made himself many times. If he takes the advise of Messay, I think he can even do better than Gen Park of Korea & others like him because he has studied their draw backs.

    [[..Messay’s article is not about different ideas of Ethiopianess, but about Ethiopians...]]

    ..but you can’t deny the particularities of us (Ethios) while calling for national unity. Messay acknowledges that but calls for unity. If that is what you’re saying, we’re in the same book. Stalin did same to former USSR when he united Europeans & Asians by changing the colonial state to one big nation and made the fastest progress for all however later on things got out of hand. Menelik did same in Ethiopia in nation bldg. Differentiating the draw backs from the strengths is the challenge.

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