Bold move by OLF in reversing its secessionist policy By Robele Ababya

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It was like I was hit by a thunderbolt when I heard the long yearned news that the OLF has reversed and discarded its secessionist policy at last affirming its commitment to the unity of Ethiopia and vowing to fully participate in coordinated struggles to stem tyranny in Ethiopia. I was numb for a moment and then held my breath thinking what to do. It dawned on me that I should share the stunning news with my colleagues, which I did. My friends and I unanimously agreed it was a historic moment of vital paradigm shift in view of our long held belief given that the Oromos were one of the first ethnic groups of the culturally diverse Ethiopian people from time immemorial.

With that holy act of courage the new leaders of OLF have come to the fold of the majority of heroic Oromo Ethiopians with a proud history of gallantry. These leaders have bravely detached themselves from the iron grip of Isaias Afeworqi’s ruthless regime condemned by the United Nations for colluding with and helping the Al Shabab – a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda bent on destabilizing the region.

Salient points in the Press Release of 01 January 2012

In my opinion the following points captured in the Press Release appear convincing albeit, as it were, the devil is in the details that may emerge during implementation process:-
• Focus “on the timely demand of working with other democratic forces in forming the new Ethiopia that will guarantee and protect the fundamental rights of all peoples in Ethiopia;
• New social contract will & should be based on the free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia. The previous style that claims “I know for you” should be abolished and replaced with a new vision that is based on peoples’ consent and free will”;
• Effective amendment to the OLF political program “to fulfill this vision and play crucial roles, not only for the Oromo people, but for all Ethiopian people” with effect from 01 January 2012.
• Acceptance of “ the new federal democratic republic of Ethiopia that will work for the betterment of all of its citizens, neighboring countries and international communities”;
• Pledge to “respect and honor all decisions the Ethiopian people will make using their right of self-determination”.

I wholly subscribe to the last paragraph of the Press Release by the new-OLF in particular which states: “The OLF National Council also appeals to International Community to stop supporting the dictatorship of Meles Zenewi’s regime that has engaged in terrorizing the Ethiopian people, selling the precious resources of the country to the highest bidders, and the government that does not respect the principles of democracy, human rights and rule of law.”

Inevitable uprising

Starting from the Imperial regime, there were rampant examples of popular uprisings, insurrection, insurgency, mutiny within the armed forces, workers’ strikes, opposition especially by peasants against unfair land taxation and bad governance, corruption, and social injustice. The stolen Election of 2005 had shown that millions could come to the streets of major cities in support of change to a democratic order. The call for bloodless change in the 1974 revolution rallied the Ethiopian people to the noble call, but which did not last long due to Marxist-Leninist elites of the time insisting that there is no change without bloodshed and using the Derg to do the dirty job of executing rivals.

Now that the new OLF has bravely resolved to reverse its secessionist policy and pledged to work with other opposition forces to bring an end to tyranny, it is a simple matter to call a coordinated nationwide civil disobedience and defeat the repressive TPLF minority mercenary regime, which has been humiliating Ethiopians for the last 20 years with the massive and immoral financial, material and military training support of some western donors.

Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (AFD)

In my article dated June 16, 2006 posted on website, I was enthused to state “The birth of the AFD is to me a most welcome development in that it has already opened a formidable forum for dialogue on issues that are indispensably vital to the fate of Ethiopia in the face of the destructive policy of the repressive regime of Meles Zenawi during his misrule of the last 15 years. The fact that opposition forces with seemingly irreconcilable ideology and modus operandi to defeat the enemy have come together to formally create the Alliance is a laudable achievement by itself.” But my enthusiasm was dashed by the well-known saboteurs. I am sure they will not succeed this time no matter how much they try because their foul diatribe can be detected from afar and dealt with instantly.

Closing remarks

I have always blamed the Amharas and Oromos for not taking advantage of their overwhelming numerical majority to work together to bring sanity to the wayward political madness causing havoc in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region. This was never meant to be that minor ethnic groups and individuals should be disadvantaged in terms of their rights to freedom, liberty, prosperity, dignity, equality, social justice all of achieved can be achieved if and only if such rights are assured to the basic building block of that society, namely the individual. In the pursuit of the aforementioned universal values, the active participation of individuals in their right to vote is imperative for as the former Chief Justice of the USA, Earl Warren said, voter apathy would kill democracy. So it is my ardent belief that power for serving the voters can be won through “one-person, one-vote” principle; for individuals and minority ethnic groups, there is nothing to fear in a democratic state governed by law underpinned by moral imperatives derived from Holy Scriptures of Christian, Islamic and Judaic faiths that have lived in Ethiopia in mutual respect for centuries.
Zenwai must not be allowed to play his divide and rule trump card!
In my opinion, the new OLF leadership should do more to earn the trust, respect and admiration of the Ethiopian people. It should keep in mind the unique reality that the majority of the Ethiopian people comprise children born of mixed ethnic parentage; true love crosses the ethnic divide.

Ethiopians should at least strongly suspect that Isaias Afeworqui and Meles Zenawi are still buddies ”keeping their tents apart but their hearts together” as the old adage goes. These two despotic rulers must be dethroned by their respective oppressed peoples for the sake of regional stability, tranquility, democracy and prosperity.
The political program of the new OLF has kicked- in an era of civilized dialogue widening the scope of cooperation among independent civil societies and opposition political forces. In that scenario, I envision the debut of an oasis of peace and stability in Ethiopia and her environ. I also expect the acronym OLF to be dropped in time because the burning agenda henceforth is to liberate Ethiopia from the iron grip of the brutal Stalinist regime of Meles Zenawi.

The first order of business for all genuine Ethiopian democrats is to intensify the struggle for the immediate and unconditional release of all political including: Andualem Aragie, Asamnew Birhanu, Bekele Gerba, Eskinder Nega, Nathnael Mekonnen, Olbana Lelisa, Reeyot Alemu, Woubshet Taye, and Zemenu Molla. Terrorist Zenawi has no legitimate or moral right to hold prisoners of conscience in his filthy and congested jails.


  1. mamo
    | #1

    HELLO ;before i even got a chance to respond pro or against the so called OLF uhh 1 or 2 i got confused as usual .THE so called diaspora opposition loves to scream as loud as they can when their wishful thinking fogs their ability to see the realty.NOW thanks to you all you have two OLFS ,now what mr. ABABYA

  2. Daued Ibrahim
    | #2

    Don’t be naive mixing esayas afework with Ethiopian politics is a sign of immature politics and it was used so many times in the past including by weyane junta.
    You Said ” Ethiopians should at least strongly suspect that Isaias Afeworqui and Meles Zenawi are still buddies ”keeping their tents apart but their hearts together” as the old adage goes. These two despotic rulers must be dethroned by their respective oppressed peoples for the sake of regional stability, tranquility, democracy and prosperity.”
    You’re contradicting yourself who ever work with Eritrea including OLF and other opposition groups are they the anti-regional stability forces?
    In my opinion with out sounding Eritrean cheerleader. There is no danger coming from Eritrea or Isayas and we should stick to our local politics unless we have a hidden agenda to complicate the matter.


  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Amen to that! Let us live together with mutual respect for one another! Let us also keep in mind that, Meles, Isayas, Almoudi, the foreign billionaire land owners and the rest of TPLF puppets will do everything under the sun to create more division than ever before. Additionally, Dictator Meles has Ethiopian Tax Payers money at his disposal, and he will use it to brake Ethiopians apart.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Robele ABabiya,
    Please, you also drop this fake name. U r fake or at least your name is! U will only be able to dream about the return of the hegemony of the Amhara under the name “Ethiopia” you are crying about but that cannot be. I have never seen any Amhara including you (at elast u r mentally so) supporting Oromia to get what it really deserves in the country but want distroying it as your forefathers did and your brothers are currently doing! Ethiopia means “Amhara/Tigre” for according to the “packages” that defined Ethiopia. Don’t just cry about this Ethiopia as no non-amara/tigre listens to u. I say this b/c Ethiopia by default is defined by values of Amhara and Tigre adn this caused belongingness of the other people includng Oromos. Please, advocate for change in these values to reflect all or at least that of the majority then u will start to get credibility. I hope u underestand me.

  5. bonger
    | #5

    OLF has made some great progress to recognise that the oromo are as Ethiopian as the Amhara, the Tigre, the Sidama, the Afar, the Gambellan and all the other ethnic groups who proudly claim their Ethiopian heritage.

    ‘Abyssinian colonialism’ and all this secessionist agenda is made in Asmara and they should bury it in asmara.


    Shabia and tigre people liberation ront work to dismantle Ethiopia. If the olf’s latest programme is to be believed, the first thing the should do is to dissociate themseles from enemies of Ethiopia, shabia etal.

  6. Abiy
    | #6

    I agree with what you have said to the most part. However, there are still some questions need to be answerd.The relationship of some of these organizations such as G-7,General Gelechu’s OLF,and Dr.Ibsas OLF are being supported by Shabia.Unless these organizations retract and become indepenndent,there will likely be a hurdle in the way. Either way we look at it as you have rightly pointed out the two cousins are not mortal enemies. They will do anything to prolong their sway over their respected oppressed citizens.

    How could it be otherwise! They both know their success lies in the strategy of divide and rule. That explains why the many organizations that have made contact with Shabia or TPLF in the hope of removing their respected regimes did not materilized; take for instance EPPFand the so called Eritrean opposition who are in Ethiopia and making good use of the country’s Education system to advance their future.
    Therefore anyone who glosses over the fact t Shabian and TPLF’s strategical attachment is simply a suspect any way we look at it. There is a pile of evidence that goes against this strategy. That is not to say we don’t need any relationship with the leaders in Asmara. What I am saying is this only that political organizations need not be indoctrinated and influenced by Shabian leaders. Nor I entertain any animosity towards the Eritrean people. When we consider the relationship between these organizations and shabia, unless they rectify their way, I clearly see the road ahead slippery. At least one of two things can occur.One, TPLF might end up infiltrating and fragmenting these groups, more likely through her sympathizers within Shabia.Two, if it proved these organizations to be threat to TPLF the tow leders will propose to sit and talk-end of game.

    Taking the above into consideration, my own view on this is first be open to our own political bases, and to the Ethiopian people about their interprise.If they share the concern of many Ethiopians, the majority Ethiopians have no desire to perpetuate authoritarian government in Ethiopia. Without any doubt this have been, conclusively, made clear. After weyane the people want a democratically elected government to run business. If they share this political objective with the rest of us, then they need to operate independently of Amara’s influence, this is a truth awaiting

  7. Gigi
    | #7

    Thanks Robel! Our unit is our freedom and it has always been.

    Free all political prisoners in Ethiopia!
    Long live Ethiopia!

  8. Gigi
    | #8

    Dear people, if Tigrayans and Oromos are not Ethiopians or abissinians who is? What they call Amara and Agewu are from the north too. So who are we fooling or how are we getting fooled like this? By who? Egypet? Possible. The Arab
    World who controlled some of Ethiopia long time ago? Possible. All together possible. But arent this people Ethiopians any why speaking of some Etitirians and Harareys and Oromos? Besides some body converted them to Islam and some of them are mixed with the invaders they are Ethiopians. That includes Some of Somalia and Gibity who are most of the time Tigray and Oromos. And we wore mixed people with a lote of races even before.

    I read the other function of OLFS letter that they wrote from Asmera on their web site. For one thing it is retean in
    Inglish and Arabic. And that tells me some thing. And the second thing is that they are calling Ethiopia Amehara/ Abissinians. And what is that? Eritiria is not Abissinina or Ethiopia? Why? Because they say so? For all we know
    Meles and Issayas are even cousins who probably are Arabs and so on. So when they aquse Abissina or Ethiopia
    In the name of Oromo or who ever, what of their assault that we are not getting or understanding as Ethiopians or Abissinias? What really? And this are Ethiopians? NO THANKS. Did we miss some thing? I don’t think so other
    Whis some body please explain to me what the hake is going on?

    When we say we shouldnt be separated, we don’t mean let us sleap to gather by the way. What is wrong with them?
    All Oromia stat belongs to all Oromos whether is a justified stat or not. And let’s say some Oromos don’t want to separet
    From the rest of the countries and who is going to force them to do so? Well we just heard of a faction of OLF droped
    It’s separation idea and joined the rest of Ethiopia in the fight for democracy and freedom of the nation and beyond
    So which Oromo is the boss of the other to tell him what to do or where to live? And think of that individually, like if one town of Oromia city wants to be a country by her self or take an individual if you want to at this point,. Then what?

    The thing is we are not dealing most of the time with the Ethiopia people and their interests it is as I said some one els
    Or some cruel people with a very dangerous and criminal agenda against Ethiopian people that is a crime against humanity. Isnt it such a joke not a funny one of cours to divid Ethiopia along Ethnic line when we know that we are all
    Mixed up with each other and beyond? What is it languej then? And how can we be separated because of languej?
    And doesnt a nation need one national lanjuej? Don’t we have one? So what is the problem?

    How could we even be stupid enough to even come to this point? Going through all of this? They want to separate Tigiray, half of Gonder and Wolo taken and given, may be all of Gojam which they don’t even mention it’s name any more may be in definitely sold to Egypt, then you have Gambela and a lot of the south Ethipia sold to The Saudis and so on, what is left?

    So where is our country? We need to have a country my dear people to even talk about it to begin with. And who are this people? Who gave them the wrights to do that? They have a gun? This that the answer? Well let’s say those are our guns too. So we only have our hands? How come? Or if we fight we can be called terrorists? So what do the world
    Say we did if we have to ask????? Or are they asking as to be with out a country, no freedom and and nod to slavery?
    And misery? And get killed allow genocide committed up on as out in the open and sistematicly?

    Let’s say you like me, would you let me kill every body if I want to?
    This things are done on Ethiopia in most cases but I would rather die than live with a murderer of my poepl. Every day they live some time I feel like I am sinking to my greav. If that doesn’t happen after all.

  9. Yinegal
    | #9

    It appears to me that the declaration of Kemal Gelchu and Hailu Gonfa’s (both former Woyane Generals)faction of Oromo political group is no different than the second coming of OPDO under the tutleage of Ginbot 7 Movement. A scholarly nalysis of the situation was composed by Jawar Mohammed’ article posted ONLY on a weblink ETHIOMEDIA. Needless to say it has a coherent and farsighted analysis, I suggest to the editor of “ABUGIDAINFO” that its readers will be well served if it has a wider circulation to elevate the discussion from fantasy to reality. The weblink is

  10. S Tekle
    | #10

    A self appointed ethnic organisation representing the interest of non other than a few individuals, just like the TPLF mafia group, has no legitimacy to impose their will on the populous. We are fade up with these self appointed croccodile librators. It is just beyond me how these people are allowed to go to the extent of drawing an imaginary map of a territory they plan to liberate.OLF just like its former partener TPLF has blood in its hand.Just for the ego of the ethnic bigots, the people of that country has to go through cycles of violence. Some of the comments in this forum clearly shows no lesson has been learned.

  11. Oda Tulu
    | #11

    Jawar Mohammed is desperate person crying in thee wilderness; he is on the wrong side of history.

    The burning issue now is to unite the country and the new OLF has taken a noble responsibility in that regard.

  12. S Tekle
    | #12

    The ethnic facism and years of imposed divisions in Ethiopia has been emphatically rejected by the people in once briefly opened political space in 1997. The main architect and leaders of this ethnic division and facism are still leaking their wound and victimising the whole population in a revange. They have realised the brutal ethnic and tribal divid and rule is not sustainable,now rather engaged in enriching themselves by looting while it lasts.The ethnic and tribal ladder to political power is dead and buried. Sadly there are still die hard blood thirsty ethnic and tribal bigots who keep on fantasizing their turn in power.

  13. Reality
    | #13

    Guys,It is good that the true motive of olf is exposed. Let us wait untill the old olf are dead and we will negotiate with the would be olf(hopefuly they will have more oppertunity to analyse their thinking)

  14. Kush-Kush
    | #14

    I admire the article and I read it twice and found some error . I will not blame the writer knowingly did it,but should be corrected once and for all. The mistake was mentioned three times and I would not consider it as if it was a printing error . Some short tempered individuals may say stop mumbling and come to the point and here is the problem : Robele Ababya said the ” Peoples of Ethiopia ” and this should be rectified because even if we speak different language ,we shuld not be considered as if we are from different nations . One can clearly say the peoples of Kenya and Sudan and not the peoples of Ethiopia . Other than this the article is flawless and it can broaden our out look and change our rotten narrow mentality . In the end, I want the writer to write more and enlighten us and will solidify our unity . Selam Tena Yistiligne !

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