Response: Messay Kebede’s “Meles’s Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred” By Tecola W. Hagos

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I have often stated to close friends and also in public forums (Conferences, the Internet) that my good friend Prof Messay Kebede is an insightful patriotic Ethiopian philosopher and a great scholar whom I admire and respect. It is also true that I have disagreed with some of his point of views in a number of instances. However, there are several more points that I whole heartedly agreed with Messay than points I disagreed with. This recent article [“Meles’s Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred”] is a case in point where I fully agree with Messay’s truly and profoundly educational essay. In brief paragraphs, Messay has articulated the core defect/reason why Meles Zenawi’s twenty-year effort/governance does not impress Ethiopians, to put it mildly. Meles Zenawi has serious psychological problem that he seems not to control at all: His anti-Ethiopianess sips through no matter what he does, and as a result Millions of Ethiopians question his patriotism and his divided loyalty despite the fact that he rattles his saber now and then against Eritrea, Somalia et cetera.

It is true that a person cannot truly free himself from traumas suffered in childhood except through prolonged therapy in the hands of professionals. Meles Zenawi is a very sick and psychologically damaged individual, who still relieves his childhood nightmares and as a result lash out often at individuals who are truly good and patriotic Ethiopians, such as Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage. None of Meles Zenawi’s activities has any element of patriotism. For example, his silly defense of the landlocking of Ethiopia, his ceding Ethiopian territory to create an independent Eritrea, his handing over tens of thousands of squire kilometers of Ethiopian territory to the Sudan, Kenya, et cetera gets under the skin of most Ethiopians. If he is engaged in stupendous projects whether building huge dams or thousands of new roads and high-rise buildings, Meles’s motive is simply to free public fund, specially in foreign currency, for him to loot through dummy corporations such as those controlled by EFFORT. How can anyone understand the contradiction in Meles Zenawi’s land policy dispossessing and denying Ethiopians land ownership and at the same time leasing millions of hectares of fertile land to foreigners with lease terms as long as a Century? No less than six to twelve million Ethiopians are on permanent food aid by Western Nations for the last fifteen years. How can one reconcile all these contradictory Government policies and life circumstances of Meles Zenawi? Messay’e article will go a long way in explaining the state of mind of a peasant boy from a small town turned tyrant as an adult.

I wrote a number of articles lamenting Ethiopia under the leadership of Prime Minster Meles Zenawi. I predicted over fifteen years ago in my book the final and cataclysmic dissolution of the old TPLF and the dismissal of the veteran leaders of the TPLF from office and the dictatorship of Meles Zenawi as the only and all powerful leader. Now, in 2011 most veteran TPLF leaders were pushed out of power and most are all over the world as Ambassadors. I also conjectured that the motive was insatiable greed for power and money that resulted in such dissolution of the TPLF. My lamentation is not for the TPLF members who lost power, they deserve what was coming to them, but for Ethiopia the State and the People of Ethiopia, the nation of historic Ethiopians. [Read my 1995, 1999 books on the subject in addition to the series of articles I wrote since.]

The power struggle within the TPLF of the last decade was resolved without much bloodshed, with trickery and byzantine deception by Meles Zenawi and members of his inner group, such as Sebhat Nega (the die hard Eritrean independence supporter), Bereket Simon (the Eritrean implant) et cetera. Those who were out maneuvered were to a person crude and unsophisticated Tigrean nationalists, such as Alemseged, Seeye, et cetera who are still conflicted in between themselves. Aregawi Berhe suffered similar fate in 1983-85. The Pseudo-Eritreans are now in full control. It is not mere fantasy or personal antagonism that propels some opposition politicians in asserting that Afeworki/Eritreans are in control of Ethiopia. There is some truth to that assertion not in its ontology but as an aspect of interest-group formation and identification. One also must recall the ugly truth that the Tigryean nationalists were no less anti-Ethiopia than the members of Meles’s Group, but their motive was not the same as those of Meles Zenawi and members of his group.

What Meles Zenawi is doing is a display of raw power in order to gain more power in order to create a “North Korea” in Ethiopia. In trying to understand the barbarism of Meles Zenawi and his Government dealing with the Ethiopian people, I even wrote that Meles Zenawi’s short stature is to be blamed for his brutality. It is to be recalled I was beaten up with an avalanche of ad hominem articles and comments by Melesites (a new word for you). In Messay we have a far more profound explanation why Meles Zenawi acts the way he does than what we have in my clumsy psychoanalysis of sometime ago.

It is almost impossible for old dogs to learn new tricks. I know from several discussions we have had that Messay believes in “redemption” in that individuals can profoundly change their destructiveness. I, on the other hand, do not think that personal redemption has any place in our political lives if we want to bring about profound and long standing political and moral change in Ethiopia. Redemption of past misconduct may help the individual sinner to adjust under new circumstances and blend-fade into the new setup. Humility is one such manifest behavior by a sinner in the process of redemption, in not seeking power in such new setup. But society must have someone that is not stained to begin with and not a recycled-soul ever for its leadership. Messay suggests in his article that it be for all a serious and sober consideration to love Ethiopia. I whole-heartedly indorse such sentiment. Thank you Messay for writing such truthful, insightful, patriotic, and constructive essay.

Tecola W. Hagos

NB: Prof Messay, you have such beauty in your language; thus, it is most pleasurable in reading you. Could you indulge us by writing longer essays that we may savor your essays for their literary virtue in addition to their profound ideas. TH

  1. Gigi
    | #1

    It is nice to play a shrink some time but not on a nation as expense for god knows how long. And that is even if it is true and it is unlikely, NO WAY. A bad joke I would say. Dear Tecola Hagos as Mach as I like you I was going to be disappointed until my better understanding of your article.


  2. astra
    | #2

    Good word Tecola. Didn’t you hear the expression”brevity is the spice of life” I am glad that Prof. Messay has finally learned the art of brevity. That is why his writing is so engaging. You know you are verbose and hopelessly so. If you had a better grasp of the English language you would have learned how to express yourself and be read to boot. But I guess you are a hopeless “Debtera” meandering without end – not this time though!

  3. Messay Kebede
    | #3

    Dear Tecola

    I thank your for the nice words. I am not sure that I deserve them, but they are highly gratifying, as they are the words of a scholar of high caliber and a great lover of Ethiopia.


  4. koster
    | #4

    Meles was evil in 1989 as in 2011. It is sad some of our elits including Professor Tecola, Dr. Behanu, Professor Mesfin etc did not understand the evilness of Meles and his motive even after reading the TPLF Manifesto of disintegrating Ethiopia and building greater TIGRAI. Meles however evil he is, he is doing everything possible to disintegrate Ethiopia and build greater TIGRAI.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    To put it simply: Meles is a mentally disturbed individual who lacks good judgment, human decency and conscience that deserves to be in a mental hospital than to live in a place and lead 85 million people, period!

  6. abiy
    | #6

    [GIgi], You said,

    “It is nice to play a shrink some time but not on a nation as expense for god knows how long.”

    You made a vry nice remark concerning these two professors who seem to be comfortable scratching one onother’s back.Yes, the question we still to ask ouseselves ,for those of us who are uncomfortable with courrent events and who refuse to be entartained with such dramatic psucho analysis, is this-how long are we going to be entaertained by the experts who make it a habit of dramatizing Ethiopian political condition through their writings rather than seeking solutions for the problem at hand.Is this all we are expected of doning entaertaind and being entertained,surely after tweenty years,instead of being ofeneded,Melese must love these writers who employ their energy on trivial things such as this.As far as I am concerned only GOD knows whatexactly happened to Melese and the rest of us.I need no a human mini god to tell me what happened to him.Ofcopurse,there is no dening to what melese and his league have done to wards Ethiopian people.No doubt he will pay for it at the bar of God justice.

    Can we really say as far as Expiation and redemtion is concerned have we individyually done our part to redem our mis deeds to wrds our country?Whether we know it or not to dramatize the death of a ntion with out active envolvement amonts to nothing but abeting to evil.

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    NO question that Meles and co have done a lot of damage to Ethiopia. The issue at this point would be not just to call the darkness black but to show a spark in the darkness. Let us see how we could bring a smooth transition from the wrong to the right with minimal destruction and a guaranteed stability post Meles and the TPLF.To me this happens through reconciliation and by preparing a room for all.

    I encourage every one , Professor Meles and Tekola included, to continue speak up on this issue.May this New Year bring the end of dictatorship, unity and reconciliation among Ethiopians

  8. Gigi
    | #8

    koster, don’t pool Ethiopian peoples leg please, I am just saying that out luck of what to say. I am can not take this
    So called great Tigray of Meles talk. Greater Tigray? Why don’t we simply except what they are doing to our country?
    They are destroying the nation they probably want to unite Tigray to the Musilim and Arab world which are North Sudan
    And Egypt and the rest by doing that they will take the Ark and desinigreat Ethiopia. That is there plan and so far successfully done. And if we keep quiet about it you will happen. Where do you think all of their ” sidib” about Ethiopia
    Or Abissinia comes from? And we know Tigray is the heart and soul of our country and people.

    So SINISEDEB andely enesedeb. Gebahe? Neger yigiban engee sewoch? Eskemech? Woyes Ethiopia silu Ejigayehu
    Shibabaw nat? Yikiritachewun!!!!!!!!!!

    | #9

    Dr Tacola Hagose is real and genuine Ethiopian and I have followed his articles about Ethiopia for so many years and I do have and will have unlimited respect for him and his concern about Ethiopia unity and security. I considered him like Teowdros, Menlike, and yohannse kings of Ethiopia. He talked with his pen to protect Ethiopia from the coming enemy and we Ethiopians need like Tacola Hagos who is always cautious about Ethiopia national interest.

  10. Bantu man
    | #10

    Professor Mesay is a true demopcrat with a comfortable lineage towards the modern “Abyssinian model” playing a unifying role in the future ethiopia, while Profesor Tecola has “victorian model” politics for ethiopia. I believe there is a reason and an incentive and common subset for these two scholars to play together although in real politik they have to admit to sizable gap in theie respective models. While professor Mesay negotiates through democratice means and has a trustworthy approach, Proofesor Tercola argues openly through a dictat.In terms of real political contest of the dictat versus the democrat, Tecola will swallow Mesay and by the time Profesor Tecola consolidates power, at least one more liberatioon will be formed. I am not sure if the other Lfs (including the now exile TPLF) will perish. I do not think so although TPLF might end up being a cyber warrior (spreaheaded by Meles if alive). But we must be sure, the BPLF will be formed (The Bantu People Liberation Front) where Ethiopia might be forced to annex the history of darfur and south sudan.

  11. Dawi
    | #11


    [[…Can we really say as far as Expiation and redemtion is concerned have we individyually done our part to redem our mis deeds to wrds our country?...]]

    I thought you only hate “Stalinists’, Gen. Park admirers of all hues but now I see ultra nationalists and those who just switched from reconciliation to psychoanalysis are included. :-)

    “Expiation and redemption’? What is that? I have a feeling what we are dealing with is a neoconservative/religious zealot.

    BTW, just for your info. Meles admires Gen. Park and the Gen admired Hitler (only for developing the fatherland Germany)

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    Unless people are totally brainless, the most majority of Ethiopians must know at least for the last fifteen years our country has been under by dictator and a thief that is unstable, mentally ill who lacks empathy, kindness, remorse, forgiveness, compassion, and all the other qualities that makes person a decent human being…So the question is, what are we going to do to remove the bloodsucker tyrant and his TPLF servants? How many people have to be tortured? How many people have to die? How many acres of Ethiopians fertile land have to be sold? How much Ethiopian Gold, coffee and other natural resources and money have to be looted? When is Enough is Enough?

  13. gragn ahmed
    | #13

    Nothing good comes in Tigray including Tecola. Tecola himself needs a pyschoanalysis as he himself is full of hate. For example, I would like to know why Ethiopians and Ethiopian scholars hate Islam and Arabs. Where is the wound? Tecola in my mind has only learned how to write his own feeling without analysing them. It is a pity when a scholar of such supposedly high status resortes to anthropological characterization of dictators, short stature. Please be mindful of what you write as some of us take it seriously and it promotes another culture of hate. Especially as has been the case all negative things about Muslims of Ethiopia were propagated by care less writing from both the learned, the unintentional and the well intended ones a like.

    Why Ethiopian copts despise Muslim power? Is it the Gragn Wound? What is it that copts think Ethiopia is for christians not not for Somali, Afar, Harari, or Gurage or Hadeya Muslims???

    Do you think that Eskinder is patriotic while you suggesting that Tewodros was very highly emotional person????!!!. Are you telling us Tewodros was a mohter only raised child which drove him to seek power for revenge style of leadership?

    Who is Tecola?

    Engles was from rich family but he opposed their style and came up with radical style? So, does this not contradict child hood family connection influences one later on in life?

    Also, we really can not say for sure how personalty i.e. shame on Meles is likely to be the cause for Prof Tecola again is making a clumsy comment for Messay?

    At any rate, social sciences or political sciences are very unscientific and we need to be careful to recommend a remedy as if it is the real cause. Although I did ask Messay to add a psychological dimension to his analysis he failed to mention my name and why he was tempted to go from purely political analysis to psychoanalysis. I am sure my comments forced you to do a little research. Although I agree with you that Meles has certain issues that he believes are not any one’s right to touch upon.

    For example his belief in supermacy of coptic axumites over Muslim Axumites. Basically, he is extremely dogmatic in his endeavor to protray copts of Axum in civilization. However, he fails to realize that Axum was built by pagan Axumites who are now both copt or muslim thorugh their off springs.

    So, I ask Meles and also other Ethiopian copts to dissociate themselves from age old presumption that Axum civilization and Church are related.

  14. kentu
    | #14

    man of the century this man is only in the whole ethiopia is hero becouse what he say is over 100 percent is true that is why i say long time age even i was watching american football here in usa i can lead ethiopia becouse our calture is old dead so we need to change it otherwise we will never be free from fear. that is why weyane [mehayim lead this country for 20 years and onother hero is col goshu welde when ask the diasbora to contrubut money to lead a gurila wal far in dc 1000 people contribur 025 cents each so he became dimorilise and say you are not ready for change i am not participate in any poletcal actity and he lead his private life.

  15. kentu
    | #15

    shambel basha darge meshesha he is the man of 20 century

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    Gragn ahmed,
    As soon as Ethiopians and OLF start talking about uniting and fight the common enemy, here you are again instigating religious war among Ethiopian Muslims and Christians. I always knew you are one big trouble maker Woyane disguising as an Ethiopian Muslim, going from one website to another, always changing the subject to religious war. Ethiopian Christians and Muslims have been living side by side for thousands of years without a single bomb being exploded in our country as it is happening in most predominantly Muslim countries like Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc. As you know, the recent bomb that was exploded and killed innocent Ethiopians were planted by TPLF, according Wikileakes. We have unique culture that respects Human Life, with the exception of the blood thirsty tyrants, Meles, Mengestu and Isayas who see humans as insects. Somebody needs to tell Meles that he is not God that lives forever and history won’t be kind to Meles as it had not been for Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Gaddaffi, Mubarak, etc. Ethiopians will be united and live with one another again. Ethiopia is our Motherland regardless, one is a Christian or Muslim. Let it rest Gragn Ahmed, your tactics is known by most Ethiopians. Give up and find another job.

  17. aha!
    | #17

    Both of you have missed the fact the politics in Ethiopia is based on ethnic and secessionist politics and /or policies, which has even been illusive to the political scientists, who are unable to define the layout of the the political parties since 2005 as TPLF/eprdf, a multi-layer, and hierarchical political model with ethnic agenda at its core, and now OPDF/eduf/fdre as a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, coalition of UDJ and the loyalist oppositon parties (ethnic federalists) along ex-TPLFites and counterparts to the teletafi parties. This coalition now a front has everything in common with TPLF/eprdf, but a rivalery for dominance with ethnic federalism, secessinism and totaliarinism in tact, as inscribed in the constitution Article 46, 39 (1), 8, and the lack of implementation of Article 29 on press freedom, etc. One may also add for the lack of independent branches of the government.

    On the opposite side of the spectrum lies the Andinet Hayloch with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    Your complents and differences with Prof. Messay Kebede, hinges on the second political model of the prodemocracy movement and/or from OPDF/EDUF/fdre but not with respect the third political model, by putting the blame of the Prime Minister and not the architect of the constituion, supported by the teletafi and the loyalist opposition parties. By getting rid of the Prime Minister does not account of the ratification of the constitution with respect to ethnic fereralism, secessionism and totaliarinism in favor of individual freedom, liberty and equality to supecede ethnic and secessionist rights and the return to the political boundries of the provinces, each of which constitute various ethnic groups as fedrated states.

    Not only that the three ideologies undertaken by TPLF/eprdf regime and supported by the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties hinders capitalism and democracy to be execised by the silent, silenced but not silen majority of Ethiopians, has adopted State Capitalism, and created a sytem of exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the country by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises for the last 20 years, with capital and land availbility and lately foreign corporations with availability of land for exploitation and degradation of the natural resources. All these points of contentions are the the concerns of those parties with national agenda, but not of those with ethnic agenda nor the party with prodemocracy movement seeking “no change but durable democracy” with objectives for democracy, human right and justice as a subset of the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, which call for non-violent uprising for freedom from autocratic, ethnocratic rule (minority or majority) and elimination of totaliarinism. Your complents and disagreements to Prof. Messay Kebede’s position does not make any difference to those parties with national agenda.

  18. Dawi
    | #18

    gragn ahmed:

    Don’t know why you elected to box Prof. Tecola in Tigray – other than that you have made great points for us to ponder.

    BTW, if you have noticed Meles has brought Atse Teodros at least in couple of his interviews I saw at Ethio-Tube. On the last one, he said the Atse won all the wars except the last one. Don’t they all? :-) Not enough for many but I thought that and “ETH never been colonized” was Meles’s way of showing his “love” for country. I have to say it has warmed my heart.

    [..Why Ethiopian copts despise Muslim power? Is it the Gragn Wound? What is it that copts think Ethiopia is for christians not not for Somali, Afar, Harari, or Gurage or Hadeya Muslims???..]

    The following is what Marx said of all Religions if it helpls you:

    “Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions.
    It is the opium of the people.” Marx,

  19. gragn ahmed
    | #19

    You clearly are a neftegna. I am not your banda. I am a true Muslim Ethiopian who is demanding my right to stand up for the right to worship any where in Ethiopia. As usual you have unlimited power to characterize genuine demand for confused demand as are many phony coptic scholars like Tecola and Messay who compare people of Ethiopia to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Why should Muslim Ethiopian are compared. You may say one Ethiopia one language or one religion. But simply it will not work.

    I am one of those who advocate for unity. But not the unity planned by Eritrean review or Issayas Afeworki who is number 1 copt who despises Muslims. Rather than dismissing me as Weyane you should have read my comments which also attack Meles. Unless you telling me Meles is Ethiopian which in that case tells me your double standard- a typical feature of coptic Ethiopians against Muslims.

    Read above and tell me why Mejlis (supreme Islamic body) is used as a Weyane 911 center to arrest Muslims but has no legal recognition in Ethiopia not as state recognized religion. Mejlis operates like any other NGO with license that expires every three years. Orthodox Synodos , however, is a legally authorized religious body with no license required.

    Is this the harmony needed? If you continue to disregard my comment and address head on the religious divide we have expect civil war.

    It is sad people like only read this web site. The reason you see me on every website is to teach you what we are and if you don’t listen, then it is your own fault.

    Save Ethiopian Muslims or???

  20. Wedi Ethiopia
    | #20

    Good job Prof Tecola, you are doing great to save Ethiopia, which is at cross roads. Keep educating us in collaboration with the other great Ethiopians like Prof Messay and Prof Alemayehu G.Mariam etc!
    I propose to make a great alliace of think-thanks and a dialogue forum to be formed among the genuine educators, the discussion must be carried out in our national language so as to diffuse the real issues and their solutions. Otherwise, it would be a mere talk among scholars, but does not bear fruits!
    I would like to suggest that you better ignore the ignorants and haters and but only focus on the main issues and their best resolutions!In addition,let you and your associates use the paltalks moderated by genuine and knowledgable people, may be created by your assocaitions. It would be our pleasure to give you the service you need in this regard if you wish to use it!
    Ras Alula Aba Nega Paltalk Group
    Thanks for all

  21. ጉረኞች
    | #21

    We need to recognize that the existence of teletafi parties including woyane’s constitution is dependent on the existence of Meles. As soon as Meles goes telatfis will go so will the constitution. After all, all including woyanes know that the constitution is serving only Meles, bending it the way he wants whenever he wants it. Changing the constitution is a peace of cake no one would die to defend it because there is no any other segment of the population which claimed to benefit from woyane’s constitution. Thinking about drafting one that will serve all interested parties to ratify it later by the people might be a good idea, but we should not worry much about the constitution as big stumbling block. Other than that I agree with you a constitution that protect all independent branches of government with check and balances is the only way that guarantee peacefull co-existence of Ethiopians.

  22. ጉረኞች
    | #22

    gragn said
    “Orthodox Synodos , however, is a legally authorized religious body with no license required.” That is not true, on the contrary the orthodox church has been under constant attack by Meles. Aba Gebremedhin (Abune Paulos) is enjoying his personal relationship with Meles because they came from the same ethnic stock. Aba Gebremedhin is a disgrace for orthodox christian as he constantly defied the orthodox rules and regulation. If you have a strong belief about what you claim, I suggest you choose a Tigre cleric. How about that gragn!!! I know you are one of those stooges from haters side.

  23. Lucy in America
    | #23

    any thing is btter than nothing. both proffessor please support ESAT

  24. Typical Woyane!!
    | #24

    gragn Ahmed,
    Here you go again using the same “Neftegna” word Esayas and Meles used to divide Ethiopians. It is a given, when one uses Neftegna word, after 20 years of TPLF tyranny, that individual is definitely a woyane. Who else in their right mind go back 2o years and blame others, while Ethiopians are in the midst of hell under TPLF? Besides, Amharas were not the only Neftegnas as you were told and brainwashed by the two evil trouble maker cousins, most of the Neftegnas were not only Amharas, also rich Gurages, Oromos, Eritrians and Tigreas. You see, when I was growing up in Addis, more than Amharas, most of the richest kids at school, were Oromos, Eritrians, Guragaes and possibly your relatives from Gimma. Meles and Esayas only cares for themselves and a few of their ethnic groups. They hate Amharas and the rest of Ethiopians regardless, one is Oromo, Guragae, or Muslim and Christian. Esayas and Meles did everything in their power to divide Ethiopians, by associating Neftegnas to be only Amharas. People show their ignorance and how easily they have been manipulated by the evil cousins when they show their hatred towards their Amhara brothers and sisters. Not one leader ever modernized the Amhara provinces as Meles has done to Tigrea province, by building up to date International Airport, Hospitals, Colleges, Roads, College Dormitories, Laboratories, etc.,all these on the backs of 87 million Ethiopians. What did Amharas get? Hate, blame and their lands taken from them.

  25. Tobia Abba (አባ ጦቢያ)
    | #25

    ባለፉት መቶ ዓመታት የትግራይ ሰው ሁል ጊዜ ሦስት መልክ ይዞ ነው የኖረው .

    1. ኢትዮጵያዊ ትግሬ – ከሌላው ይጋባል , ተወዳጅና ተከባሪ ባሕሪይ አለው .

    2. ትግሬ ትግሬ – ከትግራይ ወቶ መኖር አይፈልግም . ወዳጁም , የሚጋባው ከትግራይ ጋር ብቻ ነው . ትግሬ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው .

    3. ጸረ ኢትዮጵያ ትግሬ – አማርኛ ተናጋሪ አይወድም . መናቅም ይፈልጋል . ኢትዮጵያዊነቱ ብዙም የለም . ሌላውን የኢትዮጵያ ዘሮችንም ማወቅ አይፈልግም , ይንቃል . ፊቱን ወደ ኤርትራ ትግርኛ ተናጋሪዎች ያዞረ ነው . እነርሱም ያናግሩታል . ከላይ የጠቀስክዋቸውን ሁለቱንም ይንቃል , ይርቃል .

    ወያኔ የትኛው ነው ? እኔ ሦስተኛው እላለሁኝ . ሁለትም መንግሥቱን ጥላቻ አግዞታል .

  26. weygud
    | #26


    Meles is who he is because he was planned by outsiders. As we were told by former TPLFites (whcih they still are by the way but they don’t support Meles but their agenda is still pro ethnic) told us, Meles is a coward. Do you think he would still survive if he wasn’t supported fully by outsiders. He is addicted to Chat so do you think as an addict, he wouldn’t make mistake? Of course he is not ruling, the rulers are outsiders including Eritreans.

  27. ACTION
    | #27

    So much have been written and so much have been said about this evil Meles Zenawi in the past 20 years. The situation in the country is not getting any better. Rather, it is getting worst and worst each day. We can continue writing and talking about this stupid individual for another 20 years, but without any meangful positive change to the country. I think enough has been written and said. It is now time to take action.
    So, Messay, Tecola, and others, please come up with action plan to remove Meles and his squad from power and give the country back to Ethiopians. As you all pointed out, Meles do not have enough normal cells in his brain to understand civilized conversations. Any more writing and talking about Meles will only give him and his squad more time to loot the country. So,time for ACTION….ACTION….ACTION.

  28. aha!
    | #28

    Weygud is absolutely right about the TPLFites, they maintain the ethnic agenda and are rivals to the Meles group and in fact at first had the semblance of Tigrai-harena/Medrek/fdd/fdre, when Gebru Asrat was a chairman for the coalition, which at the time gave it the appearance of a bicameral chamber of parliament. Its platform and political posturing as evidenced from the debate and its approach to dealing with TPLF/eprdf regime, gave it the label of mirror image, whcich at the time one Ethiopian lady remarked, “kengideh wedih mircha yemibal neger waga yelewum: inezihima yalew mengist gilbach nachew”. Now the same party has passed Chairmanship to Oromo ethnic group as OPDF/EUDf/fdre as the other mirror image, now changing from coalition to a front, while each maintaining its party platform, and yet considering itself as lately described by Robelle Abaya as Muti-ethnic party. Never the less a conglomerate of ethnic parties with ethnic agenda does not make a party with nationaal agenda. So what I am asking this multi-ethnic party to anadon ethnic federalism and totaliarinism ideologies built into the constitution and reoconstitute a party with national agenda with goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last goals stands for individual fredom, liberty and equality to supercede ethnic and secessionist rights. According to one Ethiopian laweyer, if the individual rights are adhered to/respected the group rights will be adhered to/respected, I paraphrase, and the constituiton of USA is also based on that premise, I presume.

    We should hear or read from OPDf/EDUF/fdre, what we have read or heard verbally from an interview from one of the faction of OLF ababdoninig secessionism and engaging in the armed struggle for Ethiopian Unity, I paraphrase.


  29. aha!
    | #29

    ጉረግኖች! I believe I have inadeverntetly responded to your understanding about the teletafi (ethnic fedralist) parties and the loyalist (ethnic fedralist) opposition parties, when I complemented on “Wegud’s commentary about TPLFites.

  30. weygud
    | #30

    Action is very right!

    I think we believe we are doing something by writing on blogs, etc to help Ethiopia. The plan of action should be really confronting TPLF and Ethiopia’s enemies at the same time because they all go hand in hand. As TPLF is threatened, it will call out anti Ethiopians such as Liberation fronts, Arabs, etc… or even though Ethiopia is not necessarily anti Ethiopia, TPLF will brainwash the West the danger Ethiopia will face if TPLF is not in power, etc. So our action should be from every corner campaigning for Ethiopia’s cause as Dr. Berhanu Nega is doing, G7 is doing.

  31. Girum
    | #31

    I usually appreciate the insightful articles of Teckola and Messay though I do not agree with all they say.
    They usually enable us to view things from a different perspective. Meles dos not have the required respect and love for Ethiopia, Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopians as a leader of a nation. A certain nation state is similar to a certain family. A family is not something that is built around the issues of material needs or material things it has to be also built around the issues of emotional and spiritual needs. And hence all family members are also emotionally and spiritually integrated and structured one another in a healthy and natural way. And hence like wise leaders of a certain nation should have sane emotional spiritual and psychological attachment with their peoples. Because we are mainly poor peoples I am afraid that so many of us have lost sane norms as to how to judge sane governance. Some commentators say if Meles had been so hateful of Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopians then how comes he would have built such roads and building constructions. So shallow so poor analysis that does not hold water. Ato Meles is staying in office for the last 20 solid years and hence what is he going to do if he is not to help do such things at all? So many developmental works are carried out through donation, loan and remittance from foreign countries. As there is a saying that there is no free-lunch, as for the donations, we are today paying it back in our miseries. The road construction is mainly for the simple reason that it facilitates resource plundering in 3rd world countries.As for the new buildings in Addis so many of them are built by loan from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and other banks for the sake of rent-seeking activities. Most of the superficial developmental events are at the opportunity coast of the misery of the majority mass. The majority mass is leading such a very miserable life from time to time. The other thing is that EFFORT, multi billion economic empire, is such a plundering machine of TPLF. Most of the projects under the disguise of developmental, whether feasible or not whether efficient or not, are designed and implemented in order to systematically pave the way for siphoning of wealth through EFFORT and its affiliates. Most of the developments in Ethiopia are superficial and are in favor of a certain newly emerging elitist capitalist class that is ethnically organized and is having close affiliations with TPLF and EFFORT. Under the disguise of free-market economy and developmental state mafia style corrupt and parasitic rent-seeking business is the modus-operandi in this country.
    We have to ask one basic question as to why such hateful and ethnic groups like Ato Meles managed to cling to power. My answer is that there is such a tremendous foreign influence to install such minority groups in power so that it is possible to create such a favorable conducive environment for the class structure formation that is compatible with the global capitalist system. As far as I understand the global capitalist system does not want nationalist groups who love and respect their nation and who stand for the general wellbeing and interest of the majority mass. We have to be wise whenever we hear that nationalist and independent nation states are demonized by Western governments by giving them different labels, the irony is that they are not favorable and coherent with the hegemonic imperial interest of the global capitalist system. Therefore in order to install and appoint puppet and servant client-regimes in every respective country, then it is very important to deeply investigate the social fabric of that country and its social class structure. Guys like Meles who have such negative background regarding Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet are such good instruments in order to exploit them using ethnic identity in order to advance the interest of the global capitalist system. That is why we see the phenomenon of EFFORT. EFFORT is a reward provided by the global capitalist system for TPLFites for the favor they did in throwing Derg during cold war and also for the catastrophic destruction they have caused against Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet and also for paving the way for the neo-liberal policies of the current global capitalist system that has severely impoverished the mass and to the opposite that has created wealth for the very few minorities through plundering
    So there is no reason as to why we need to worry about the personality of Ato Meles beyond that is useful. He is there in power because he is just already that sort of person in the first place. If he was not such sort of person and if he were such a nationalist person then he would not have been helped by the Western government to cling to power in the first place. Such personality is very essential for client-regime formation and for the class structures of the capitalist system.

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