Open Letter to Ato Girma Kassa By Rosa Abadir

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  1. Melaku
    | #1

    I am wondering how we will be free from Woyane with thinking of Rosa like stone head blind supporter of remote controlled struggle from washington DC . Rosa please wake up and learn from from Ato Girmas opinion, What a waste of time writing very emotional and full of insult 4 page article.

    Shame Shame Shame……………

  2. Tekle
    | #2

    Rosa – its a waste of precious time to write anything about that trash individual – is there any relevance in his mud throwing? NONE – Wo to us for being surrounded by clumsy half-baked individuals like Girma.

    I accept the fact that there are well versed political articles posted in Ethiopian websites – there garbages as well and a good example is Girma. Witless, holow and childish and yet creates confusion among the less experienced masses of Diaspora.

  3. abel
    | #3

    Roza God Bless You! እንደው አንጀቴን ነው ቅቤ ያጠጣሽው: ይሄ ግርማ የሚባል ቀዳዳ እንዲህ አርገሽ ባዶ ስራውን በማጋለጥሽ በጣም የሚያስመሰግን ስራ ነው የሰራሽው, መቸም ግለሰቡ በጭራሽ ተቃዋሚ ነው ብዬ አላምንም ምክንያቱም ሁልጊዜ ወያኔን ሳይሆን ተቃዋሚውን ነው ሲያንጎጥጥ የሚውለው,ለማንኛውም እግዚር ይስጥሽ የብዙዎቻችንን ሀሳብ ነው የገለጽሽልን, እንደ አንቺ አይነት ጥሩ የሆነ ጸሀፊ ነው እኛ የሚያስፈልገን: ዛሬ ጥሩ እንቅልፍ እተኛለው

  4. aha!
    | #4

    Dr. Berhanu and Ato Andargachew Tsigue are recreating the defunct AFD1 into AFD2,, which are mere alliance but not a merger, the former sponsored By the Eritrean leader, and the latter sponsored by them with the same attachment to Eritrea I suppose. The attachment to Eritrea was based on the notion of “enemy of my enemy is my friend” is dead on arival, because because there is no enemity between the Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and exTPLFites and the Prime Minister, but only rivalery in both cases. With the first instance, President Issayas Afeworki has asserted “benena bemelsa mehakel liyunet binor: be eritrea guday ine ibelte ine ibelt bemalet bicha ne’w”, and as I now learned from an interview the difference between Ex-TPLFites and TPLF as TPLF/eprdf is between those in the Tigrai and the Eritrean groups.

    Dialogue in a discussion forum and interviews of the personalities sheds out lights a number of turning points in the current ethnic and secessionist politics and or policies that resulted in ethnic feralism, secessionism and totaliarinism unique only to Ethiopia, which created autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule (minority or majority) /ethnic dictatorship. What learn from the opposition is their inability to get out of this entrapment of ethnic fedralism, secessionism and tototaliarinism and futher tighen the grip by the TPF/eprdf regime, using its puppet Killilmengistats to form ethnic federalism as a divide and rule policy instead of keeping the original provinces with various ethnic groups as the political boundries for a fedrated states, and creating ethnic boundries as a prelude to secessionism upto self determination, let alone boundry conflicts between ethnic boundries.

  5. belay
    | #5

    Girma Kassa was good before,now he chnaged his mind may be he gets some money from woyane, Woyane alwasys did like this, so let him write, he doing bad things at this time divide and rule, by the what happend to Abugida? did you share some money from…

  6. true
    | #6

    Wow rosa, Indeed you are upset by this individual Girma. Remember though, you wrote the entire page demonizing the same person as Girma did to the honorable Dr. Berhanu. So, this is positive criticism that don’t be the pot if you are criticizing the kettle. Rather address your criticism, quote Girma based on the allegations he said and address his misinformation by giving evidence. So why become like Girma? Although I enjoyed reading your letter, you yourself write this letter with emotions as well rather than generally criticizing the guy. However, I am glad for your support of G7.

    The reason why I say this is because there could be many speculations that we don’t know that Girma is going as he himself was rambling against Dr. Berhanu. You mentioned he was pro opposition groups until two years ago, then what changed. It could be that his family might be threatened in Ethiopia that he had to change his mind. The other issue is that he could be offered by TPLF and outsiders millions of dollars to attack G7 and Dr. Berhanu

    As I always suspect the greatest enemies of Ethiopians have been the EPRP. Just because they are “enlightened” by being a student, they think outside idelology is the best model for Ethiopia. As a result, they lead to the creation of TPLF. Instead of supporting groups that fight for Ethiopia, these old farts now some have become the stooges of TPLF (wasn’t Tamrat Laye one?), or they decide another idelogy is what will make Ethiopia safe and they are on the way endangering Ethiopia again rather than learning from their mistakes. Dr. Berhanu is the most experienced individual who have true love for Ethiopia. Even though he was EPRP and saw how TPLF functioned. He realized TPLF was the greatest mistake for Ethiopia. The reason is he has seen what TPLF is from inside. You see, one can only criticize from going through experience. We can’t even criticize TPLF without knowing them closely they true nature. So, people need to understand that, it is those who have the most exprience that have knowledge as in Dr. Berhanu, he tried it all through compromise and learned that he has to sacrifice for Ethiopia because he knows what TPLF is really like. So, Dr. Berhanu can at least educate us. What is so great about him, his ability for tolerance, one has to be able to talk to enemies otherwise, how can you learn how and who your enemy is without getting close? His ability to be inclusive is also great. I am surprised how we have quickly abandoned the lesson we have learned from our past king leaders love them or hate them. Since the Derg, good things we learned from past kings has diminished. I believe, Dr. Berhanu is bringking such genious negotiating skills and tolerance to achieve goal. Let us hope, G7 will remain firm and not be even weakened by outsiders. I hope so. That is why Weyane/TPLF is afraid of G7 and did not waste time to call it terrorist haha. Indeed G7 is terrorizing TPLF but beacon of hope for Ethiopians.

  7. Hana
    | #7

    Since when we have G7 leadership member by the name of “Rosa Abadir” Woye gud who is next Rosa Parks lol

  8. ጉረኞች
    | #8

    true said
    “The reason is he has seen what TPLF is from inside.” He has also seen EPRP from inside. He has also seen Kinijit from inside. He has also seen OLF from inside. He is inside G7 now. It looks like the virus has been everywhere. We need to prevent the virus from spreading inside UDJ or MEDREK.

  9. Selamu
    | #9

    Hana, you think you have told a joke. Gimatam Weyane, how about a tic tac for your stinky mouth

  10. Wahid
    | #10

    My great admiration for Rosa who has tried to be reasonable with the guy who is plying with a snake venom had he has the chance thx god now a days the time has gone to spend a second on those individuals like him Solomon Teka,Lidetu and so on and so on that has betrayed and still continuing with their betraial (like this individual)and the Ethiopian peoples are one step ahead and they are done.
    Girma Kassa is either a pettit politician or undercover woyanne
    dont waste your precious time responding for this inmature chicago mountain tiger

  11. Musse
    | #11

    ልለዚህ ፈጣጣ ሰውዬ : ግ(ር)ማ : ከርሳም : ምንም ደረጃ ማውጣት አያስፈልግም:: ግርማ ካሳ መቶ በመቶ የወያኔ “ቀላዋጭ” ነው:: ወይ ዘመን ! ወይ አጭቤነት! ወይ ፈጣጣነት!

  12. abate
    | #12

    wow wow wow wow…..rosa what a wonderful article i have been waiting for some one to respond to this girma and this is the best article ever that i ever read, and of course i know girma will never learn but after this article no one would give him a place as you hit him from top to bottom and clearly exposed his dirty job around oppostion, of course girma should join weyane or eprp, otherwise he will never get attention from now on and thank you sis

  13. Abdi
    | #13

    Ginbot 7′s blind supporters and its leadership that is enjoying the blind support it is obtaining are harmful to our democratic movement! Girma Kassa gave a constructive advise but ginbot 7′s response is very destructive to the free flow of independent idea! I do not see any difference between the supporters of TPLF, EPLF and Ginbot 7. God save Ethiopia from these groups!

  14. ታዛቢ
    | #14

    ወይዘሮ ሮዛ ለአቶ ግርማ የጻፉትን ጽሁፍ አንብቤ ለመጨረሽ አልቻልኩም። ያሰለቻል። ይህን ያህል የስድብ ዉርዥብኝ ሰዉዬው ላይ መጫኖት ሊገባኝ አልቻለም። ዶር ብርሃኑ ነጋ እኮ ሰዉ ናቸዉ ? ለምን ዶር ብርሃኑን ተቃወም በሚል ይሄን ያህልስ ስድብ አንድ ዜጋ ላይ ማወራድ ተገቢ ነዉን ?

    እርስዎም እንዳሉት አቶ ግራም ከዚህ በፊት የጻፉትን ጽሁፍ እንዳነበቡ ፣ በዚያም ትልቅ ድጋፍ ለርሳቸው እንደነበርዎት ይጠቅሳሉ። ታዲያ ሁልጊዜ አንድ ሰዉ የምንደግፈውንና መስማት የምንፈልገዉን ብቻ ሲናገርና ሲጽፍ ብቻ ነዉ እንዴ የምንወደዉ ? ዛሬ አቶ ግርማ እርስዎ የማይፈልጉትን ቢጽፉ ስድ ይገባቸዋልን ?

    ያም ሆነ ይህ በአቶ ግርማ ላይ የሰነዘሩትን ክስ የማቅረብ መብትዎት ነዉ ። ያንንም አክበርልዎታለሁ። ነገር ግን የጻፉትን እርሳዎት ተመልሰዉ ቢያነቡት፣ ከቻሉ አቶ ግርማ ያቀረቧቸው ጥብ የማይሉ አስተያየቶችን ከተረዱ፣ አንድ ሁለት ብለዉ መከራከሪያዎትን ያቅርቡ።

  15. SAmrawit
    | #15

    Dr Birhanu and ATo Andargachew, one of you is ROSA. SHame on you for playing such cheap politics. If you have courage, write in your name and rebut Ato Girma’s valid and thruthful points. Isnt Issayas Afeworki the butcher of his people ? Isn’t G7 an organization with no soldiers ? Hadn’t G7 collected 500 dollars from many and produce nothing ? Wasn’t the General Guelchi group accpeted Ethiopions three , four years ago and separated from teh Daoud Group ? Woud it not be called a lie for G7 to take credit for this development with OLF ? These are valid questions and Dr Birhanu And ATo ANdargahcew, instead of hiding behind the fence, they should be bold enough and respond in civility.

  16. Selemon
    | #16

    ሮዛ ፣ አቶ ግርማ ብእራቸዉን እንዲያነሱ ካደረጋቸዉ ከዶር ብርሃኑ አሳዛኝ አባባል አንዱ የሚከተለው ነዉ ፡

    ” «እነ መለስ ናቸዉ ሕግ። መለስ የፈለገዉን ነገር ሕገ ወጥ ነዉ ካለ ሕገ ወጥ ነዉ። ይህን አዉቀህ ምኑን ነዉ ታገል የምትለዉ? ምኑን ነዉ በሰላማዊ መንገድ ለዉጥ አመጣለሁ የምትለዉ ? እርሱ እኔ በፍጹም ትርጉም ያለዉ እዉነተኛ ለዉጥ ለማምጣት የሚደረግ እንቅስቃሴ ነዉ ብዬ አላምንም ….. ጊዜ ማጥፋትና እራስን መሸንገል ካልሆነ በቀር»

  17. gelanew kirar
    | #17

    Rosa, What a great job! I have been thinking about writing regarding this Girma guy; who absolutely is G7-hater, as you said it. By writing this article, You used your precious time for precious purpose.

    The great thing is that G7 (as organization) doesn’t spend its precious time by replying to such non-sense and hateful articles like that of Girma’s; G7 has passed that stage–the stage where oppositions just argue each other and write negative articles about each other. G7 is just doing the job; quietly, and We are seeing and practically witnessing G7′s political results.

    Bravo Rosa!
    Bravo G7!

  18. Yilma Bekele
    | #18

    Yilma Bekele

    That is what comes to mind when I think of my buddy Ato Girma. I met the individual during the heydays of Kinijit both in Washington DC and Atlanta during General Assembly of the Org. I was there representing my Support Chapter and I assumed everyone was an elected representatives of their respective Chapters.Imagine my surprise when I found our Ato Girma was the sole member of his Chapter.

    Apparently he has caused problem in his Chicago group and no one was willing to work with him. It did not prevent him from coming and sitting with us as if there is group behind him. The second fact I learnt about my brave friend is that he is actually allergic to getting his hands dirty and actually working. For some reason he was nominated for all kinds of positions in the Org.but true to form Ato Girma refused all pleas and begging.

    Those two incidents are the only info I needed to conclude the individual is so full of himself and is not in any position to be listened. His claim to fame is by his useless scribbles that is aimed to put others down, create mistrust and generally saw dissent in any group. He is so drunk with his own distorted logic, confused and unable to understand that those that praise him are actually using and laughing at him. I do not have any problem with those that critise and whine but Ato Girma does not seem to know the limit.

    Today he has become a sad figure that is not funny and has the potential to confuse some and drive a few away from our cause. He is a person we can learn from regarding negative energy and the power of mental blindness. Ato Girma is one sick individual that does not contribute any thing positive but works overtime to wreck havoc on what is painstickingly being built.

    Why do we need such individuals? Don’t we have enough disinformation and negative vibes from moron Meles and company that we add this pea brain into the mix. I believe I have spent enough time and brain power on this piece of turd and the next time I think of him, hear from him will be January of ’22 and that is too soon in my opinion. Please Go to hell Girma Kassa and take your insults,distortions,negatively charged particles that seem to surround your being and leave us alone. We got work to do and we don’t run away from responsibilities.

    We don’t just sit and write but we organize, contribute, and act. Talk is cheap.

  19. Michael
    | #19

    We don’t have a tangible evidence that proves Girma is a Weyane agent. In my opinion as we are living in the USA,any citizen has the right to express his thoughts professionally and in a moderately way. His comment on G’7′s leader is moderate and professional, and his comment is very important to the party as well as to the leader. Still now, I didn’t see any objection to Girma’s comment given by Dr. Berhanu or his party G’7,except supporters of the party.Girma’s comment was focused on generally the relationship that exists between G’7 and Shaebia as well as OLF,because of the fact that these two evil organizations have a dangerous back ground on our country.Because Shaebia and the old OLF are always working relentlessly to dismantle our country’s integrity.So,the friendship of G’7 with them, many Ethiopians don’t like it. Even myself. Because the effort of G’7 may be unfruitful or may bring danger to the territorial sovereignty of our country. It’s Girma’s own decision to be a Weyane agent or not that is not any body’s bussiness.We will see in the future. We have to be careful when we comment on individual citizens not to defame their innocent name, it is against the law of the USA.But we can give counter comment on a given comment. As we see here the comments given by the supporters of G’7,it is simply unfruitful and nonsense, insulting, and unprofessional, lacks civility, and consciousness. What is MEAD? Can you spell the abbreviation Rosa?

  20. Mahrezghi
    | #20

    GIRMA == WOYANE. This sell out woyane agent buddy Girma is ranting for money. You know what it is for? $$$$ from woyane. Period. There is only academic difference between woyane and Girma. He is advancing woyane’s agenda. No hiding behind free speech. That is how a secret agent makes propaganda for woyane by disguising himself under free speech. Sow havoc among the opposition is the number one divisive tactic woyane follows, in fact the only one after the imprisonment and bullet firing at innocent civilians. Sorry we are not stupid not to understand woyane is powering Girma’s engine. GIRMA == WOYANE.

  21. Ethio
    | #21

    UDJ supporter stop nsulting G7 or other pro_democracy organazation because you have to learn from Eyassu’s EPRP and Hailu’s AEUp those are no body pro _democracy Ethiopian support them. if you need money you have to show some thing insted of insult other. Eyass’s EPRP tried to dismatal Kinjit to get supporter but they lost. at this time our enemy is only TPLF leaders, we have to foucse on them, Girma try to divert our atention and to waste our time. God blesss UDJ those are in Ethiopia and G7.

  22. true
    | #22



    Please don’t see everything form black and white. Indeed, Dr. Berhanu participated in every party thinking he wants to be part to improve Ethiopia. Without experience how can you empower or improve the country? Many participate in parties because they believe they can be part to transform their country that is why. Of course, there are others who will do it because for power, and to loot.

  23. Abdi
    | #23

    It is very saddening to see an organization (Ginbot 7) instructing its blind members to attack a single individual (Girma Kassa) just like TPLF is doing when Melese is attacked! Ginbot 7 is a dictatorial group as much as TPLF is!

  24. Ethio
    | #24

    Abdi………, what about AEUP or EPRP or other party that insult G7?( not inculde 1969 EPRP all are participate and scrafied our soister and brothers) i support G7 because Dr. Berhanu, Andargahew and all G7 leadrs and memeber sacrfife thier life . still they work for Ethiopian a better life for Democracy, freedom, justice and equality.pls, we don’t insult any body if he need to improve something why don’t send e-mail by thier addersse. that is not the deomcrate way Girma always say only my way is the high way. that is way i oppose him , he is not Democrate also he has to show what he need . if peace full struggle is working in Melese regime, why don’t show us to go Ethiopia and excercisse.

  25. Bekalu
    | #25


    Which part of your body did you use to think when u made a comment on Rossa? Please for the sack of reason; focus on the message than on the messenger. You may dislike G7, I do too. But, what has what Rosa wrote has to do with G7? She wrote about Girma’s abuse of G7. Look, things that you don’t like have the right to exist. So instead of cursing Rosa, please challenge her idea. If you can’t, then stay home like your couch (if you have one)

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