Ethiopians Beware! If you see a flyer with “ONE” in “ESFNA” then it is a fake “ONE”!!

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Al Amoudi and Zenawi spend more than $400, 000 to form a fake ESFNA, ESFNAONE. (more…)

Al Amoudi and Zenawi spend more than $400, 000 to form a fake ESFNA, ESFNAONE. Al Amoudi and Zenawi’s henchmen in North America have been busy lately in forming and promoting it. Please find below the fake flyer and more documents circulating around by the fake group. These servants are set out to do anything to stay on their master’s payroll. In 2011, the same group tried tirelessly to reverse the board members’ decision to invite Judge Birtukan Mideksa’s as a guest of honor but to no avail. The final decision of ESFNA on this matter gave migraine headache to Al Amoudi, Zenaiw and Azeb. Thereafter, Al Amoudi initiated a legal action to repossess the $240k donated to ESFNA. In 2012, Al Amoudi’s servants creep up under the guise of bringing all ethiopians together.

Ethiopians, Beware!! If you see a flyer with “ONE” in “ESFNA” then it is a fake “ONE”!!

Whatever money Al Amoudi deposited in ESFNA-ONE’s account is “our money”, “Ethiopia’s people money” so it should go to “ESFNA”

Isn’t it illegal to take one’s logo, alter it slightly and use it to deceive customers? ESFNA should sue ESFNAONE for criminal impersonations and ask for Punitive damages.

Al Amoudi is a corrupt individual and an ardent supporter of Zenawi for personal reason. According to Forbes’ 2009 report.

“Al Amoudi hit jackpot with gold mine in the Oromo region of Ethiopia; it now produces 6 tons of gold annually, set to double production by 2010″.

No one knows if Al Amoudi paid a penny to own this raw resource. Zenawi, Azeb and Al Amoudi have conspired to make the gold mine look like owned by Al Amoudi in order to loot billions and deposit it in foreign bank. They have made Ethiopia their cash cow. No wonder Al Amoudi tells us “my love for government officials is deep”.

Thanks to patriotic Ethiopians within ESFNA who stood on principle and did not succumb to tide of trickery by the Al Amoudi group.

The Fake Group ESFNAONE writes letter to its members by addressing them as ESFNA member.



ESFNAONE’s Release Statement

The Fake ESFNA flyer, ESFNAONE


  1. Abiy Ethiopiawe SegawiWe-Menfesawe
    | #1

    We have the best government that money can buy.
    Mark Twain

    It is true if poor people depened on Money they don’t have right to do what ever they want???Yes!!!
    How do I know???because Al Amoudi is starting to count his servants in North America.Just come everyone to watch the tournament between the
    Ethiopian people representatives and Al Amoudi’s supporters.

    Don’t be afraid you have the right to choose;it is not in Ethiopia we are in USA;the choice is ours!!!“ESFNA” OR ESFNAONE.

    Let us not forget;Money is nice and sweet,but freedom is priceless.
    So let us show our freedom for those dogs messengers by saying NO.

    REMEBER Al Amoudi;


  2. obbiy
    | #2

    can anyone tell me why ala moudin is desperately seeking to lay his dirty hand on ESFNA. there must be something he has seen to loot. Why does he not form ‘ala moudin football club’. then we will see who will join his club.

  3. gorade
    | #3

    How on earth the esfna elected officials let this to happen?six months ago the old juntas deliverd the power to the right and elected by ethiopians, now this. what is going on? with in this time ali amedami created another sport federation and even reach where he can start tournaments? how about the one everybody expected to be in dallas this year?

  4. gragn Ahmed
    | #4

    How can this looter use money goten from Islamic Oromiya and Somali in the name of Islam and spend it for alcohol addicted rif raffs of D.C. by renting this huge stadium with their innocent money.

    Free Ethiopian Muslims from Al Amoudin bondage. Saudis dont care any more if Ethiopian Muslims get their rights free like Axum Muslims that are disparaged by Weyane. No power for Muslims and no education for Muslims.

    Building mesjids, bringing Ah Bash from Lebanon, closing Arabic language andAwelia College it self is sad. Now Ethiopian muslims will be the most ignorant people on the planet.

    Is really Al Amoudin free from Meles? I doubt it if he is then he is another fake Muslim, a Mohammed Ahmoud the christian singer.

  5. Addisboy
    | #5

    How about the one everybody expected to be…..??????Everyone???

  6. Daniel
    | #6

    Dear Abugida,

    Thank you for this information. Whats sad is the one organization in American that truly bring all of us together is being attacked. This is the place were anyone can go regardless of politics, religion but this wasn’t a small pill to take for woeyane and Al Amoudi. So they want to do all they can to control this sole organization and create division. Its good to know we have good Ethiopians in ESFNA who will not sale themselves for any price. To go to this fake ESFNAONE, is the same as putting a price tag on your Ethiopiawnet. We will never sale that.

  7. MOSES
    | #7

    አላሙዲን ብዙም የተማረ ሰው አይደለም፡፡ሀብታም እንደሆነ ግን ሁላችንም እናውቃለን፡፡እንደዚህ አይነት ግብዝና ደካማ ሰዎች ደግሞ የሰው ልጅ ክብር ምንነት በቅጡ የሚገባቸው አይደሉም፡፡በገንዘባቸው ሁሉን ነገር ማድረግ የሚችሉ ይመስላቸዋል፡፡እረ አንዲያውም በገንዘባቸው መንግስተ ሰማያት ጭምር የሚገቡ የሚመስላቸው ናቸው፡፡አዎ ሰዎች ስለሆንን ለህይወታችን ገንዘብ ያስፈልገናል፡፡ለእኔ ሊሰጠኝ አይችልም እንጂ እኔም አላሙዲን ገንዘብ ቢሰጠኝ አልቀበልም አልልም፡፡ነገር ግን በገንዘብ እምነቴንና አስተሳሰቤን ሊገዛ ሲፈልግ ግን ዘወር በል ነው የምለው፡፡ይህ ሰውዬ ኢትዮጵያውያን ድሃዎች መሆናችንን ስላወቀ ሀብታም ሆኖ የዚህችን ሀገር ምድር ከረገጠ ጀምሮ በገንዘቡ የገዛን ባሪያዎቹ አድርጎ እንደቆጠረን ነው የሚሰማኝ፡፡መድረክ ላይ ወጥቶ የሚናገራቸው ነገሮች ብዙዎቹ ብዙም ያልበሰለ ሰው እንደሆነ ነው የሚያስረዱት፡፡እኛ ኢትዮጵያዊ የዘር ግንድ ያለውና ኢትዮጵያም ውስጥ ተወልዶ ያደገ ሰው እንደሆነ ሲነገረን በጣም ደስ ብሎን ነበር፡፡በስተኋላ ላይ ግን የሚያደርጋቸው ነገሮች ሁሉ ግን መስመራቸውን እየለቀቁና ገንዘብ የማንኛውም ነገር የትክክለኛነት መመዘኛ እንደሆነ አድርጎ ሲያቀርብ ለዚህ ሰው ያለኝ አክብሮት እጅጉን እንዲወርድ ነው የሆነው፡፡ገንዘብ ስላለው ብቻ ካያት ሴት ጋር ሁሉ አንሶላ ለመጋፈፍ የሚፈልግ ሰው መሆኑና ለራሱ ገላ ጭምር ክብር የማይሰጥ ሰው መሆኑን ስሰማ ለዚህ ሰው ያለኝ አመለካከት እጅግ የወረደ እንዲሆን ነው የሆነው፡፡ለመልካም ትዳር ለመልካም ቤተሰብ መመስረት እንዲሁም ለሀገርና ለትውልድ መልካም አርአያ ለመሆን የማይችል ሰው የፈለገውን ያህል ገንዘብ ቢኖረው ለእኔ ከጥቅሙ ይልቅ ጉዳቱ ነው የሚያመዝነው፡፡አላሙዲን ለኢትዮጵያውያን ማህበረሰብ ያበረከተው ስነ-ምግባራዊ የሆነ አርአያ ምንድን ነው፡፡በቃ ገንዘብ የሰጣል ገንዘብ የሰጣል በተዘዋዋሪም የተፈጥሮ ሀብት ከእኛ እንደፈለገው ይዘርፋል፡፡ገንዘብና ሀብት ተሰርቶም ሆነ ተዘርፎ ወይንም በሎተሪ ባንድ ጀንበርም ጭምር ይገኛል፡፡መልካም ስነ-ምግባርና እውቀት ግን እንዲህ በቀላሉ አይገኝም፡፡ዛሬ ይህች ሀገርና ትውልዱ እያጣ ያለው መልካም ስነ-ምግባርና እውቀትን ነው፡፡አስቀድሞ ስላላነበበው መፅሀፍ ጥሩነት በአደባባይ አስተያየት የሚሰጥ ሰውና ገንዘብ ስላለኝ ብቻ ያወራሁት ሁሉ ያለምንም ቅሬታ ተቀባይነት አለው ብሎ የሚያስብ ሰው እጅግ ደካማ ነው፡፡ብዙሃኑ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ለዚህ ሰው አስቀድሞ የነበረው መልካም አመለካከት ዛሬ እጅግ እየወረደና ጭራሽም ወደ መጥፎ ስሜት እየተቀየረ ነው ያለው፡፡እንደነዚህ አይነት ሰዎች በአንድ ህብረተሰብ ውስጥ ከበሬታና ተቀባይነትን ሲያጡ ይህንን እውነታ ላለመቀበል አጉል እልህ ውስጥ ይገባሉ፡፡ሰውዬው በገንዘባቸው ሃይል ያላቸውን ተፅእኖ የመፍጠር ሃይል ለማሳየት የሚፈልጉ እጅግ ደካማና ግብዝ ሰው ሳይሆኑ አይቀሩም፡፡የሃያልነትና ነገር ግን የበላይነት የመጨረሻው ጫፍ ግን ከፈሪሃ-እግዚአብሄር ጋር እራስን መግዛትና ማሸነፍ መሆኑን መረዳት እጅግ መልካም ነገር ነው፡፡እጅግ የሚገርመው ነገር ደግሞ ማንኛው ሰብዓዊ ፍጡር እጅግ ጥልቅ በሆነው በስብእናው ማንነትና ክብር ላይ ሲመጡበት በምንም ነገር ሊበገርና ሊደለል የማይችልና የማይፈልግ መሆኑና እንዲያውም በዚህ ጥልቅ በሆነው በስብእናው ማንነትና ክብር በመጣበት ሃይል ላይ የበለጠ ጥርስ የሚነክስና ለብቀላም ጭምር የሚዘጋጅ መሆኑ ነው፡፡አላሙዲንም ሆኑ አቶ መለስ ይህንን በቅጡ የሚረዱ አልመሰለኝም፡፡ለመከበር ሰዎችን አስቀድሞ ማክበር ያስፈልጋል ለመወደድም ሰዎችን አስቀድሞ መውደድ ያስፈልጋል ለመታመንም አስቀድሞ በሰዎች ዘንድ አመኔታን መመስረት ያስፈልጋል፡፡የተከበሩ አላሙዲን እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን እንዲያው እንዲህ ተጎሳቁለን ቢያዩን ገንዘቤን ተጠቅሜ እንደፈልግሁ በላያቸው ላይ ልፈነጭባቸው እችላለሁ ብለው ማሰባቸው የራሳቸውን የአስተሳሰብ ደረጃና ምንነት ነው የሚያሳየው፡፡ኢትዮጵያ ከምንም ነገር በላይ የሚያስፈልጋት የተማረ የሰው ሃይልና መልካም አስተዳደር ነው፡፡ይህ ካለ ኢትዮጵያ ድሃ ሀገር አይደለቸም፡፡እንደ አላሙዲን አይነት በገንዘባቸው የሚመኩና ግብዝ የሆኑ ለሰው ልጅ ተገቢው ክብር የሌላቸውም ሰዎችም ፈፅሞ ያን ያህል አያስፈልጉንም፡፡አርአያ የሚሆንና ይህ ነው የሚባል የመልካም የሥራ አመራር(ማኔጅመንት) ባህል በዚህች ሀገር እንዲስፋፋ አላደረጉም፡፡በተቃራኒው አላሙዲን በኢትዮጵያችን ውስጥ ሙስናን እንዲስፋፋ ከፍተኛ አስተዋፅኦ ካደረጉ ሃይሎች ውስጥ ግንባር ቀደሙ ናቸው፡፡አንዳንድ የሠሩት መልካም ስራ እንዳለ ለመካድ የሚከብድ ቢሆንም ቅሉ በዚህ አይነት ከቀጠለ ግን ከጥቅማቸው ጉዳታቸው እንዳያመዝን እጅግ የሚያሳሰብ ነገር ነው፡፡ስለዚህም የተከበሩ አላሙዲን ሆይ በገንዘብዎ እንደ ግብዝ ሰው ብዙ አይታበዩ ነገ ጥለውት የሚሄዱት ነውና፡፡ስለዚህም በገንዘብዎ ከመታበይ ይልቅ መልካም ስነ-ምግባርን ፍቅርን ትህትናን ሌላውን ሰው ማክበርን በኢትዮጵያ ማህበረሰብና ትውልድ ውስጥ ቢዘሩና ቢተክሉ ትውልድ ሁሉ ለዘላለም ሲያስብዎትና ሲያወድሰዎት ይኖር ነበር፡፡
    ቆይ አሳያቸዋለሁ አይነት የእርሰዎና የአቶ መለስ የግብዝነትና የእልህ አካሄድ መጨረሻው ጥፋት ነው፡፡የሰውን ልጅ ማሸነፍ የሚቻለው በትህትናና በፍቀር እንጂ በገንዘብና በትእቢት ሊሆን አይችልም፡፡
    ክርስቶስንስ ከመንበሩ ከሰማየ ሰማያት ከአርያም ያወረደውና ወደ መሬት ያመጣውና ደካማ የሆነውን የሰው ስጋ እንዲለብስ ያደረገው ፍቅርና ትህትና እንጂ እብሪት እኮ አይደለም፡፡እብሪትማ የመላእክት አለቃን ሳጥናኤልን ከክብሩ ያዋረደውና አንጦሮጦስ እንዲጣል ያደረገው አይደለምን፡፡
    ስለዚህም ስልጣንና ገንዘብ አጠቃቀሙን በቅጡ ካላወቁበት የጥፋት ዋና ምክንያት ሊሆን ይችላል፡፡
    ስለዚህም ስልጣንና ገንዘብን አስተባብራችሁ ብትይዙም ሁሉም ነገር ዘላለማዊ ያልሆነ አላፊ ጠፊ ነገር ነውና የተከበራችሁ ሼክ አላሙዲንና አቶ መለስ ሆይ እባካችሁን መቅበዝበዛችሁን አቁሙና ሰከን በማለት አደብ ግዙ!!!

  8. ጀማላው
    | #8

    በገንዘቡ እንዲህ ጥሬ ሰገራውን እንደጣለ እና ለወያኔ እከክልኝ ልከክልህ እያለ አይኖርም:: ይዋረዳል አንድ ቀን

  9. Bekalu
    | #9

    I think this summer we will for sure see who is for mama Ethiopia and who is for his/her tummy. As long as I know this years Ethio soccer tournament is in Texas. All eyes must be at the lone star state!

  10. Poverty-Legacy of Woyane
    | #10

    Desperate close friends of Dr Tekeda Alemu, former scuad of Ethiopian national team will do everything they can to their level best but eventually victory belongs to the mass who are representatives of opperesed citizens in Ethiopia under the tyranical aparthied regime in Addis.

    So we will remain vigilant to battle these merceneries who has been defiant to the choice and ultimate decision of the majority residents of Ethiopians in the USA.

    Truth would prevail at the end.

  11. true
    | #11

    If it smells and walks like a duck then it is a duck. The Ethiopian diaspora should be able to distinguish this weird name and refrain from it. In fact wherever it is campaign against it and destroy it. The reason this needs to be destroyed is because by forming multiples of fake organizations, they are going to divide the Daisapora and weaken our community tightness, political struggle so on. Just like it happened to Kinjit (CUD). The goal is to weaken the diaspora. Any illegal action this fake organization is doing should be sued immediately to weaken and eventually destroy it. The diaspora should now be more involed than before in ESFNA to make it success and get rid of the fake on asap!

  12. Gigi
    | #12

    What in the world!

    It is true that Esfana could be a meager power tool to unite Ethiopian diyaspora to fight against tyranny and beyond
    In our country so destruction of it is eminent and we have been witnessing that for a long time now.

    I wish ESFANA can organize it self in a better way and be a leiezon between us and the Ethiopian people in our country. That can be an organization where we all do our part to help Ethiopian people in need inside and out side of the country in any way we can. For example if they create an account where we can put money what ever we could
    Even if it is a penny when ever we can for any thing help Ethiopia, would be great and together we can even open
    An Ethiopian diyaspora Bank under ESFANA and it’s main purpose could be helping the poor and helping Farmers and
    And all Ethiopians in need or help and the organization it self.

    If two or three million diaspora contributes a three dollar every let’s say three month, that is close to ten million dollar a year and that is about what you need to open a bank and if we want we can do more than that a lot more really but we need to trust ESFANA and we need to it’s willingness for the Idea and responsibility. This can give a lot of people in the diaspora a lot of jobs too. And it should be free to invest for the benefit of the organization and it’s purpose based on
    It’s capital and in the help the donors in group or individually and where ever it can wish to invest. Don’t you think it is
    A great idea.

    Now what is Esfanas account number? I want to send them 5 dollar emidetly. We should all do that and surprise them
    And ask them to do what I said. Let’s say my first 5 dollar is theirs only.

    Thanks ESFANA in advance! Which one is the real one by the way? You can’t always believe what you read you

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    The saying goes: Tell me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Anyone who is close to the world known tyrant Meles shouldn’t be trusted. Almoudi is a money whore that is consumed 24/7 to get more by every means of necessary. Almoudi intentionally, befriended the dictator and his TPLF hoodlums that have abused their power beyond ones imaginations, including torture and murder, in order to get access to to Gold, Coffee and other mining business. Woyanes live with fear of being exposed of their ill deeds and criminal activities and for the last 20 plus years, Woyanes have been torturing and gunning down innocent Ethiopians for the love of money. There is no doubt that Almoudi is aware of the criminal activities of TPLF, but he doesn’t care what happens to poor Ethiopians, as long as he gets what he wants, which is more money in his pockets and young Ethiopian girls for himself and his Arab buddies. The Bible tells us that: Money is the roots of all Evil…case in point: Almoudi, Meles, Azeb and the rest of TPLF thugs.

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