5 Tourists Killed in Ethiopia By AP

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Five foreign tourists were killed by unknown armed rebels in Ethiopia’s restive Afar region in the country’s north, Ethiopian state television reported on Tuesday.

The Ethiopian Television,or ETV, cited the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense reporting a group of eight unidentified foreign nationals were attacked near the Eritrean border on Monday.

ETV said two tourists were injured severely and have been brought to a health clinic by defense forces. They are in critical condition, the state television said. Another tourist survived the attack unharmed.

ETV suggested that the attackers were rebels with ties to Ethiopia’s archrival Eritrea, which hosts the exiled Oromo Liberation Front, a rebel group listed as a terrorist organization by the Ethiopian government.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledged tourists had been attacked in the Afar region but said it didn’t have any further details about the attack or the victims’ nationalities.

In Berlin, a spokesman at the German Foreign Ministry, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, said it has received “reports of an attack on a tour group with Germans in Ethiopia” and that the ministry is trying to determine what had happened.
In Vienna, Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Launsky-Tiefenthal said as many as 22 tourists of several European nationalities may have been attacked, including two Austrians.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2104664,00.html#ixzz1jljmZr00

  1. gragn ahmed
    | #1

    We are now entering new phase. Afar we are waiting for you to come to Addis Palace. My Somali friends are busy with other things they would not get to their real men.

    My Oromo friends are shaking left and right confused not knowing which way to go. Weyane needs this last ditch in Afar desert. Time to crack Weyane.

  2. abutesfish
    | #2

    Is it a respons to the German’s for stoping their aid?b/s there is no one in eth who kill foreigner unless as wikleas tell us the gov’n forces

  3. koster
    | #3

    Do not forget Ethiopia is ruled/misruled by a terrorist Organization. Check with tyrant Meles if you want to know who killed the foreigners.

  4. ananymouse
    | #4

    We all know the true killers of these tourists are weyanes but just hold yours horses because Meles/Abebe/Legesse and his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot will come on their misinformation media and blame, “shaewia”.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    I compltely agreed that This done by meles regime and its not OLF or other and that is normal !!!

    | #6


  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    First and foremost, my condolences to the innocent victims, their families and their friends.
    “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” Well, here we go again with Woyanes, I don’t have concrete evidence woyanes committed this horrible crime, but we have seen enough for the last 20 years to believe that TPLF are capable of committing hence crimes on innocent people. According to Wiki-Leak, TPLF are the ones who planted a bomb in Addis, that killed innocent Ethiopians, so they can blame it on terrorism, to get assistance to fight terrorism from US and European countries. It is my gut feeling that, this current inhumane killing spree were also committed to put the blame on the Eritrean tyrant Issayas, so dictator Meles and the TPLF cronies can over throw Issayas and take Eritrea to create the Greater Tigrea, they have been dreaming about. I also believe that, Meles and the rest of his TPLF killing machines are working hard to make Ethiopians look like bloodthirsty terrorists and be hated and rejected by the rest of the world.

  8. mod
    | #8

    This is the work of Tigre people liberation front, woyane gujile. Make no mistake about it when Tigre people liberation front accuse the Shabia of doing something like this, it is usually to discredit the shabia and to tighten the noose on the shabia hard man Issayas AfeworkI.

    The woyane gulile try everything to prolong their life by pretending to be fighting terrorism to appease their aid donors. terrorism is the nature of the woyane gujile

  9. Balcha Gebeyahue
    | #9

    Meles, Berket & all the other TPLF mifia are so desperate they will do anything to get the attention of the West. The only differnce this time is that the West knows the activities of these group very well. They have been following the stolen billions (money trail) getting out of Ethiopia while the citizens are worse off than ever

    Once all the drama, the court cases, killing of foreigners, etc have played out there will still be the peoples demand for democracy, justice and the rule of law. One can not stop an idea/spirit whose time has come. The demand is still & will be Meles most GO and the drama has to stop sooner than later.

    God/Allah bless Ethiopia

  10. Markos
    | #10

    The only unknown armed rebels in Ethiopia is TPLF MAFIA GROUP
    This crimes are commmitted by TPLF to dirvert the focus from the real issue that is lack of Democracy in Ethiopia

  11. Ahadu
    | #11

    With out any doubt this barbaric act again comes from the chimp in 4 kilo ,and those Europeans does not have to tolearate the terrorist axt of their one time buddy Mellese Zenawi These gujille who is brought up by the help of European (specially the Briton) and USA (CIA) starts killing their citizens after they guranteed him his 20 years survival against the Ethiopian peoples out cry. This is how he was terrorizing 80 million and it is high time to bring him back to the reallity and that is the international criminal court where he absolutely belongs.

  12. Mareshet Gomoraa
    | #12

    There is no doubt in mind that this is the work of Weyannes. The only judicial or physical person who can benefit from this human tragedy is TPLF and its leader; everybody knows that the weyannes have the motive. Weyanne controls the whole Ethiopia to extent that it can do commit any crime anywhere in Ethiopia without being observed. The country does not have an independent media to verify facts. With the credibility gap the weyannes are suffering by persistently lying about everything and anything in pathological way, no one in the world will believe them even if they haven’t done committed this horrendous crime

  13. weygud
    | #13


    The war started. Both TPLF and Shaebia wants to make Ethiopia part of the 2012 debacle. This is most likely so that the West will go after the opposition groups EPPF and OLF. That is why I advice ONLF and OLF to drop their Liberation Front agenda and to join the Ethiopian struggle so that they are part of Ethioppia and not some kind of “terrorist” groups as the TPLF calls them. Their being blamed will be lessoned as they become part of the Ethiopian community. I am pretty sure Ethiopia is most likely as part of the geopolitics war.

    God save Ethiopia

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    Let’s be real here: Meles and the rest of TPLF mafia group are the only terrorists in Ethiopia that have the weapon, the bomb and most importantly the 30 to 40 years experience of slaughtering innocent people and committing other despicable acts of horror on innocent people. If there were terrorist groups in Ethiopia, other than TPLF mafia, the so called terrorists could have taken care of the most despised people in Ethiopia– Meles, Azeb, the rest of TPLF looters and killers and the foreign land owners, than killing innocent tourists that have never caused or threaten to harm Ethiopians. This is not a mystery, the CIA can figure out who committed this act of horror in a matter of minutes, if they really want to find out the whole truth and stop the unnecessary killings and human sufferings in Ethiopia.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    On my comment #7, I said, the crimes were committed to put the blame on Issayas, well, my suspicion was right on point. Issayas is getting beaten by the same Dog he trained to bite others. I have no sympathy for Issayas what is so ever, if it weren’t for the most racist hateful man Issayas, our country and our people wouldn’t be under the most hateful, coldblooded killer dictator Meles that was trained and groomed by his evil cousin Issayas.

    Ethiopia is blaming Eritrea for the killing of the tourists:


  16. YEM
    | #16

    There is no independent verification to confirm that the shabia killed these tourists. The woyane gujile are the judge and the jury in this case, their own so called journalists are not even allowed into the area of the killing.


  17. alem
    | #17

    there is no doubt that these toursits are killed by weyane criminals group with the master mind of Meles Zenawi where meles did these to blame shabia in order to get the attention of the western countries however, the western has already identified that the tplf/weyane terrorist group led by meles zenawi is the no. one terrorist group that is carrying out enormous crimes against innocent civilians by labeling others, and weyane/tplf has done similar drams for the last 20 years where no one cant be fooled by weyane drama anymore except it’s own stupid supporters as well as some stupid & naive Ethiopians who have no clue about weyane evil dramatic activities.

  18. weygud
    | #18

    Look, we all need to blame both Shaebia and TPLF gangs with their leaders. It is obvious that when West is now turning to Eritrea because now Eritrea is cooperating with the West by allowing AFRICOM inside Eritrea. The fight between TPLF and Shaebia is fake. The goal is to get rid of any possible of resistance arising from Ethiopoian oppositions and possibly Eritrean oppositions. Eritrean army more than “Ethiopian” army has become the most experienced trained by AFRICOM, and possibley by Israel. What does this mean? Whether Meles is gone or not, it is not good for Ethiopia because it is possible with the strong Eritrean army, Ethiopia will be under Eritrea this time, watch out for those cheering for unification of eritrea and Ethiopia. If this happens, the unification is fake. While TPLF had 20 years to develop its region. Now , Ethiopia under Eritrea will be her turn to loot the wealth and resources under the fake “unification”. Once they are done for 20 years just like TPLF they have now ample time to form their greater hegemony, posssibly greater Tigray in the North. So either way, Eritrea is not good for Ethiopia just like TPLF has not been good for Ethiopia. I think the dispute between the two Meles and Isayas is fake and not real. It is to get rid of any resistance from Ethiopians and Eritreans.

    God save Ethiopia.

  19. Gigi
    | #19

    This is very sad!

    That road has to be completely closed. So many people die there. We need to use the BURAY & WOLEGA ( new ) road until we create more roads to connect the country. The Nile valley gorge is a very dengerious and difficult rout.

    We need the nation to talk about this issue and stop using that road completely unless we don’t have an alternative.

    We should call up on the ministry of road and transportation to close that road and all dengerious roads emidietly!

  20. Abel
    | #20

    Why don’t you all wait for all the investigation until it is done. Those of you who are blaming anybody but Woyane and Meles at this time are out of touch. This happened under the watch of the Ethiopian government and the blame fully is on Meles Ana Meles only.

  21. Ayeeeeegoode!
    | #21

    Who has the 30 years experience of coldblooded killings and looting? Woyanes of course!

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