Ethiopia now bans Bekele and Dibaba

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Double Olympic champions Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba are among 35 athletes banned by Ethiopian Athletics Federation from taking part in any local and international competitions.

If effected, the ban could see the two, who won the 5,000m and 10,000m titles respectively at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, being locked out from defending their titles at the 2012 London Olympics set to run from July 27 to August 12.

Melkamu also banned

Also banned are the 2009 Berlin World Championships 10,000m silver medallist Meselech Melkamu and the 2009 World Half Marathon bronze medallist Aberu Kebede. Meselech, who is also the 2009 Africa 5000m champion, was the chief guest during the 2011 Sports Personality of the Year Awards (Soya).

A populous athletics website – – broke the news on Thursday following communication from an Ethiopian journalist after the federation banned the athletes following row over training. website said in part: “This morning, has received a text from Ethiopian journalist Teferi Debebe, whom met at the 2009 world cross country championships in Amman, stating that he had heard on an Ethiopian radio station that 35 top athletes, including 5,000 and 10,000m double Olympic champions Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba, 2009 World half marathon bronze Aberu Kebede.”

Ethiopian Athletics Federation technical director, Dube Jilo, also reportedly confirmed to international media about the development.

“We have banned 35 athletes, including Bekela and Dibaba from competing in any event,” Jilo said.

  1. Tekle
    | #1

    The virus of dismissing outstanding Ethiopians from their profession has spread to atheletics – yesterday it was University teachers, then every Ethiopian who doesnt obey to Woyane, now it came to the world renowned runners. The virus of Woyane hatred to everything Ethiopian never stops consuming citizens in every walk of life. I am not surprised – an athelete wants to survive? Behave like Haile G/Sillasie who praises the dictator at all occassions…

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Here is one of many things the Woyane government are doing to destroy Ethiopia. Meles and TPLF mafia group are determent to stop anything that unite Ethiopians. I’m telling you people, we’re sitting on the side line and watching our motherland and fellow Ethiopians going through a slow deaths by the hands of these merciless killers. The last 20 plus years is a testimony by itself that Meles and his puppets don’t have an ounce of love for Ethiopia. Even a foreign enemy wouldn’t have committed the despicable crimes the woyane thugs have committed on Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Unknown numbers of Ethiopians have been incarcerated…, Tortured…,Killed…, Ethiopia/ns have been Robbed…, Ethiopia’s fertile land have been sold…, Our beautiful Ethiopians have been sold like slaves…, Ethiopians youngsters have been sold for cash and raped, tortured and killed in foreign countries…The time is urgent my friends!! The time is NOW for all Ethiopian political parties to drop their arrogance and selfishness at their backdoor and come together to fight the Hitler of Ethiopia that is destroying Ethiopia and Ethiopians. If it is not now, WHEN? OLF, ONLF join your Ethiopian brothers and sisters and fight the common enemy Meles and Issayas that brainwashed you and planted hate in your heads to despise your suffering Ethiopian brothers and sisters.

  3. YEM
    | #3

    It is the custom of the woyane gujile to ostracise those Ethiopians who bring respect, fame and success to our country.
    What this action of the woyane shows is that the woyane gujile hate everyone that represents the greatness of our country.

    Renowned Athletes like Kenenisa Bekele represent Ethiopia at its best. what the woyane gujile wants to see is an Ethiopia, which is broken, poor and backward.

    The woyane main agenda is to destroy what we achieved even in the athletics field by banning our best athletes from competing.

  4. Berta
    | #4

    What a barabaric measure. So all these athletes have to be laid off. No respect for their achievement. No respect for the sweat and labour they have put to be olympic champions. When they can be flexible and allow athletes to train wth coaches of their choice, why the rush to axe them and smear their good name. As an athlete it is difficult to be coached by different coaches. it is not a preferred solution. In europe each athlete has his own coach. Now in ethiopia kenenisa is going to be instructed by Dr. Yilma Berta to train in away that may not be optimal for his performance as he has a different coach. So all this talk of preparation under a national coach is ludicurous. For example, the british somalian runner Mo farah travelled to USA to be coached by Alberto salazar (the former marathon world record holder and an american of cuban origin). Mo farah shunned british coaches and moved to the USA. But bear in mind british coaches are the very best , intellgent and real academicians (they just do not have talented athletes as it used to be in the past). Take such examples and the ethiopian athletics federaion is a primitive organisation. it needs growing up.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    These hodam leba woyanes are in it to take 80% to 90% of the athletes earnings. Most probably, the Ethiopian athletes won’t win again if they trained by these brainless lawless woyanes who do not have the knowledge, the skill and the care to train runners. Woyanes are only experts in lying, stealing, cheating, instigating, misinforming, torturing, killing and so on…

  6. Dawi
    | #6

    I think you’re all over reacting.

    There has to be a standard that all athletes obey for a national team to continuously produce the best. If they want to stay in the team they should follow the rules or get out the kitchen.

    The top athletes mentioned may want to go and do things on their own like MO Farah as pointed out and get out the national team. They already have their own coaches.

  7. BBX
    | #7

    Shame to the tplf regime and it is running out of TIME.

  8. Tes
    | #8

    ethiopians are the hostage of ethinocentric jackbootsthat in need of liberaters, the issue of athleties is the part of this act that not suprisedme.It is better to look for the option we have as the nation to liberate this country fron the hostage taker.

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