Hegemony: Potential for war between Ethiopia & Eritrea By Robele Ababya

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The writing is mainly in response to Ethiomedia Editor’s question: “Will Eritrea and Ethiopia go back to war over the ‘volcano attack’? If yes, what do we have to do to stop the return to the 1998-2000 carnage?” posted on 26/01/12. (more…)

The writing is mainly in response to Ethiomedia Editor’s question: “Will Eritrea and Ethiopia go back to war over the ‘volcano attack’? If yes, what do we have to do to stop the return to the 1998-2000 carnage?” posted on 26/01/12.

Internecine war of 1998 -2000

The root cause of the ugly internecine war of 1998 – 2000 between Ethiopia and Eritrea that claimed 100, 000 lives, numerous injuries, dislocation of innocent citizens and colossal damage to the economy should be revisited in order to predict whether more of the same would repeat. The fact that Zenawi publicly complained that he was “stabbed in the back” by his mentor Isaias Afeworqui may provide a clue but may not reveal the truth regarding their differences causing havoc to national and regional peace and stability. Any incident may ignite war between Ethiopia and Eritrea – not necessarily the ‘volcano attack. This writer would like to draw lessons from world history of warfare to make his best guess of the reason for the split of the duo that led to the war and then predict whether a second one may breakout.

Wars fought since the dawn of written history

Hundreds of wars big and small have been fought on our planet since the dawn of written history. For the purpose of this article, a snapshot of the two major wars of the 20th century is mentioned. World War I (1914 – 1918) involving the Triple Entente against the Central powers resulted in the loss of nine million lives and 21 million injuries. It ended in redrawing of boundaries and Germany was made to pay reparations as an aggressor. World War II (1939 -1945) broke out two decades later with the rise of Adolf Hitler; it ended with an estimated loss of lives ranging from 50 – 70 million; other statistical sources estimate 62 – 78 million lives lost. Ethiopia was an innocent victim of this devastating war although Italian Fascist invaders occupied the country in 1936. The expansionist Fascist Italian Dictator, Mussolini, had one and only one reason to invade Ethiopia and commit atrocious criminal acts on her citizens; it was rivalry with European colonial masters to spread his hold over as many countries as possible in Africa using the human and economic resources of Ethiopia as well as the fighting acumen of Ethiopian patriots of which he knew very well by the humiliating defeat of Italian aggressors in the famous Battle of Adwa.

Incidentally, the mostly peasant multi-ethnic Ethiopian patriotic forces, under the Northern Command of Ras Kassa Hailu, dealt a shaming defeat to Marshal Badoglio’s modern army supported by air power. He reconfirmed the bravery of Ethiopian patriots in Tigray in 1936 almost in tears over his loss. Leaflets dropped over villages in Tigray singled out the Amharas and Oromos1 in particular for hindering the ‘civilizing’ mission of Italy; the leaflets carried strict warning intimidating villagers not to cooperate with the Ethiopian army in any way. But fighter-bomber airplanes and containers filled with poison gas dropped from the air made the difference culminating in the occupation of Ethiopia for 5 years. All along Ethiopians treated Italian captives humanely and thought the savage a lesson in compassion.

1 Source: Habešská Odyssea (YeHabesha Jebdu) የሃበሻ ጀብዱ by Adolf Parlesak Translated by Techane Jobre Mekonnen – page 214 • It is an excellent book by the Advisor to Ras Kassa during the Italian Fascist invasion.

The quest for sphere of influence continues to this date supported by sophisticated gunboat diplomacy and/or military intervention by proxy or directly in the era of neocolonialism.

Loss due to internal conflicts in Ethiopia since 1974
The carnage to human lives and hemorrhage to the economies on both the national and regional scale since the breakout of the Ethiopian revolution in 1974 is despicably staggering. The parties in the upheavals include: protagonists of White Terror and Red Terror; separatists like ELF, Shabia, TPLF et al staunchly supported by the Arab world; the Greater Somalia ambition of Ziade Barre ignoring the OAU Charter to which Somalia was a signatory party – a typical example of hegemony still displayed by the five stars on national flag of Somalia. Add to this the invasion of Ethiopia by the Barre’s army equipped to the brim by the defunct USSR while Ethiopia was denied arms by the Carter Administration even though those arms were paid for from the miniscule treasury of in 1977.

Pretexts for starting wars could on the surface be ideological, sectarian, or racial hatred; but in the end hegemony and economic domination are the real underlying goal of political leaders.

Rivals in the pursuit of hegemony

The former inherited similar characteristics from his foster father Isaias Afeworqui. Child and father are both up to their necks in committing heinous crimes including genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, engaging in proxy war, gross economic mismanagement, and destabilizing the region of the Horn of Africa, ad infinitum.

It is obvious that Meles Zenwi and Isaias Afeworqui are the main rivals for regional supremacy in the Horn of Africa. Ironically both worked hand in glove to obliterate Ethiopia and share the spoils. TPLF took Addis Ababa in 1991 and Isaias’ Shabia took Asmara and declared independence in a referendum, a whopping 99.83% supporting secession from Ethiopia responding to a sole questionnaire asking to choose between slavery and freedom. The much vaunted wild ‘vision’ of making Eritrea the Singapore of Africa was shattered for the assumption of making Ethiopia as Eritrea’s market for its industrial products became untenable.

The duo split for economic reasons without which political power cannot be sustained. The two dictators are now miserably desperate misruling impoverished countries and for that reason it is highly improbable that they have the stamina to wage war. If they do against so many odds one should expect refugees and army deserters flowing in both directions. The final solution may then be reversion to the Federation ante, which was dismantled by the Imperial regime.

Factors to consider

Following factors should be considered in the prediction of war between Ethiopia and Eritrea:

1.Degree to which the two arrogant and belligerent tyrants asses their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, comprehensively and objectively, will be a determinant factor one way or another. If done properly, the outcome of the SWOT analysis should tell the duo that it is suicidal for both to engage in a major military clash. But experience shows that both are driven by petty pride;

2.Independence, strength, agility and dedication of civil societies: Independent civil societies do not exist in both countries to organize and hold public demonstrations to oppose hostilities. But Ethiopians and Eritreans in the Diaspora can collaboratively mount opposition to war between the peoples ruled under duress and suffering abject poverty;

3.Influence by foreign interests: The two dictators are surrogates of foreign powers that drive them on a collision course. Delinking Isaias from Al Shabab through concerted persuasion of the international community will make Zenawi irrelevant to the West, especially to the USA and U.K, and thus weakening his rationale and appetite for waging war.

4. Intervention by the AU and UN: These two international bodies can play diplomatic role to avert war; Ethiopians and Eritreans should collaborate to engage both of them to act positively;

5.Unemployed youth: The rampant unemployment of the youth in the region provide a convenient pool of available manpower suitable for conscripting the young into the military for short training and then deploy them as fighters. Parents and civil societies on both sides should influence their children not to fall prey to the propaganda of their dictatorial rulers and engage in an unjust senseless war once again between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Readers may consider the above and add more of their own to predict whether or not war may breakout between Ethiopia and Eritrea. As for me the danger for war does exist given the saber rattling stance between Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afeworqi and their rivalry for regional hegemony.

Lastly, I am reminded of a distinguished Professor who told me about Murphy’s Law and the next day, almost in tears, complained that he lost his document while giving it the last touch on his laptop for presentation to his employers.” What can happen, will happen” according to Murphy’s Law; let us all work hard and pray in earnest so that war between Ethiopia and Eritrea won’t happen ever again.

Release Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega and all political prisoners in Ethiopia immediately and unconditionally!


Habešská Odyssea (YeHabesha Jebdu) የሃበሻ ጀብዱ by Adolf Parlesak Translated by Techane Jobre Mekonnen •

  1. Kaddis
    | #1

    For me the 1998-2000 Eth- Eri war was not a war by itself; it was an invitation for an endless war by shabia.
    Isayas new – if he starts war, hardliners in the TPLF would rise demanding to engage in a full scale war against Asmara claiming Assab. He was right – the Seye faction showed up with the same intent. If the war was persued as per Seye – this means a victory for Isayas – because;

    He would prove his long time story of Eth want Eritrea/Assab back crap,
    He would prove keeping the young in Sawa as the right strategy (hero),
    He would keep Eth in endless war so that no economic gap would appear among the two countries,
    He would have legitmate and open support from his current backers and even some among the west..
    Eth will suffer diplomatique loss ..the list is long.
    Fortunately the Meles faction cut the war short; in Amharic Banene

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    war between Eritrea and ethiopia does not concern oromos, afars, somalis,sidams,etc. It is a matter of habeshas and eritreans.

  3. enoch
    | #3

    kaddis, that is the lamest analysis I have ever read. Isayas and Meles are miles apart! The earlier is a true leader and really wants peace for both the people of Eri and Ethio as well as the entire region. The later is a tiny half man half rat who cannot survive by the support of his own people so he is forced by international and powerful allies to stay in power. As a result, he has to stay the favourite by creating divisions and conflict fresh in the region. The small support he has is by those ethnically similar to him thinking the he is actually helping them and fighting for their advantage when in reality he is driving a wedge between them and the rest of the ethnicities in Ethiopia! Open your eyes!!

  4. ywm
    | #4

    thank you Robele. Nice article

  5. Baby
    | #5

    I agree with most of what is written in the article. But, the writer should have included the core problem of the creation of this country called Eritrea. Personally, I blame King Menelik II as the main person for creation of this failed state called Eritrea, and then Haileselassie also takes some significant part. Dergue, and TPLF also played some role in it. For King Menelik II, after defeating fascist Italy remarkably in Adwa and its surrounds, he should have continued fighting to eliminate the fascist from the whole Eritrea as it was part of Ethiopia at that time. I am always surprised why the miltiray returned from some kilometers around Adwa. I have read one reason reason that the Soldiers of Ethiopia were out of food and drink. This might right but it is unacceptable. Even if it is true, King Menelik II should have tried to rid Italy from Eritrea after some break by consolidating its soldiers. Eritreans where mercilessy oppressed by Italy, British, and Turkey for around 60 years that one generation felt they were not Ethiopians. After Haileselassie broke the confederation of Eritrea, every thing changed.

    Having said that, the war between the two countries is a competition for economic and military supper power in the region. And now, there is a probability that the two countries could go to war unless the people of the two countries do something to avert it.

  6. ሚካአል
    | #6

    አረ ሰላም ነው ፍላጎት የ ሰው ልጅ ያለ ሰላም ምንም የለም ካለም አይገኒም.ቶርንት ምን ትኪም አለው economi ወድህላ,የሰው ልጅ ወደ ጉድጋድ እየ ከተተ ለመከራና ውርደት የሚያጋልት መትፎ አይደለም እንደ ወንድማምች ካለፈ መማር አለብን እርትራዊ ሆነ እቲዮፒአዊ እነዚ አገሮች ካሳለፉት አስከፊ ነገር አለ እንደ እና ካለፈ ቶርነት የተገነ ትርፍ ምነው.መለስ እና እሳያስ ላገርችሁ እና ለሚስኪኑ ድኅ ህዝቡን አስቡ. በ ወንበራችሁ ተከምታችህሁ መስኪን ህዝቡን ያለ ሃትያቱ ለሞት አትፍረዱት.ሊክ እንዳንተ አንድ ትንፋስ ነው ያለው.ሰላም ሰላም ሰላም

    | #7

    Kaddis you are right: Eseyas endalged in to war with Ethiopia in 1998 single handedly. You remmeber his staborn statement of connecting withdrawal from Badme with Sunset. His comorades like Haile Drue , Beraki and others preferred withdrawal to implement statusquo anti of UN charter which was proposed by USA and Rwanda so that the boarder is demarcated and peace resums. He wanted war we remmenber it. I wanted war because if there is no war people will ask him to implement the constitution. elections will be held and he will leave the power. He killed so many people to the extent that he can’t cover up unless he finds a condition like now no war no peace.
    We need to live in peace get rid of the dictators. Meles should be ready to leave the docket and lead the country into tolerant society with harmony. Let us grow up from demonizing people who are not from our ethnic group like Amhara, Oromo Tigre so forth and live for the common good.

    | #8

    there is no as such Eseyas better than Meles kind of arguement. Both are dictators who betryed their people and preferred to stay in power regardless of the consequences of greediness for power. meles is blind for the outcry of Oromo Ogaden and many others Eseyas is blind to see that he is leading the country into failed state. It was a better option not have gone for war for 30 yrs if at the end was to have a brutal dictator or at the worest a failed state.

  9. Kiros-Girmay
    | #9

    To Baby;
    When Meles (pro-Eritrea) is the recent signer the fate of Eritrea way you have to go back 110 years to Menelik is beyond looking for excuse.
    Haileselasie reversed what happen to Eritrea, right? And Meles gave it away at a silver platter to Issayas, period. No if or but here. Meles and his party TPLF are to blame.

  10. visitor
    | #10

    that is big woyane lie as usual people how many times woyanes told us they are going to war with ertiria since 2000.the tigray people liberation front usual lies continue they keep telling the ethiopian people they are going to war with ertria since year 2000 that never happen.we say to the woyanes we know your lies keep lie until your demise.

  11. wow
    | #11

    Well guess what for sure the powerful countries would love to make money out of war. It has been so long, every 50 years world war breaks out. Now it is that time again. One thing he forgot is war is important to make more money for the rich. It is big business.


    I don’t know why no one seems to have a true version and documentation of what happened during Menilik and Treaty of Wichale. We have allowed Shaebia to fabricate the true story so that they can get their indpendence. Weyane out of resentment of Ase Yohannes, they don’t like Mnilik, the list goes on. We Africans rather than giving our own leader and individual support we prefer to be enslaved by outsiders. Is it any wonder where we are today under TPLF and Shaebia? They fabricat stories against Menilik to benefit outsiders. Yes, I agree, we Ethiopians failed miserably in clearing identifying what really happened in Treaty of Wichale once and for all to shut Shaebia and TPLf. Yet we shy away from discussing it. Baby comon admit, Ethiopia at that time, heck her soldiers did not even have proper equipment, barefooted and were fighting with Machettes, it is only their unity, tactic, brilliant strategy and determination that saved and oh, strong leader like Minilik that saved Ethiopia. If you really understand geography, colonialism in world history books. In the study, there is advantage and disadvantage in having coastal lands of nations. The advantage is that there will be more modernization, and economic oppportunity due to other nations, explorers, coming in through the costal lands and more cultural, economic exchanges will take place. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that coastal lands such as Eritrea will be vulnerable from outside aggression because back then strong British navies were able to colonize lands because of having strong navies. Therefore, it is very problematic for natios to ward off enemies. As a result, Ethiopia has suffered because Eritrea was experiencing several aggressions from outsiders. Heck, look at history of Ethiopian emperors and war with outsiders in this region. It has always been a problem. Ethiopia past or present still not able to ward of enemies. In the end, people within this region Shaebia decided to be the enemy instead of trying to integrate. Now it has become the right hand man for outside enemies not only that was able to teach this to TPLF and OLF. In the end though, no one will benefit, except the outsiders that is why it is so shameful. So, to answer your question, baby, the problem Eritrea is facing is because its coastal land and this will continue for centrues unless it unites with the Ethiopian people and build a strong navy against outsiders. Shaebia may think it is safe today but will not be safe in the near future, not because of Ethiopia but outsiders.

  12. yosef
    | #12

    war do you want it go and try it while live in the west and talk about war hippocrcy

  13. Zerayakob Yared
    | #13


    ከኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ጋራ በተያያዘ ጉዳይ ፈረንጅም ሆነ ኢትዮጵያዊ የፃፈው አንድም መፅሃፍ አላነበብክም:: ምናልባት ግን አንብበህ ሆኖ እያለ ከላይ ያስቀመጥከውን አስተያየት ለመሰንዘር መነሳትህ, ትልምህ በትግርኛ እንደምንለው “ኣሉ ፃዕዳ” ስለሆነ ብቻ ነው ሊሆን የሚችለው::

    ለዚህ አባባሌ ብዙም ውጣ ውረድ ሳላበዛ, የልጅ ልጃቸው ወይዘሮ ሰናይት ተክለማርያም ባሳተሙላቸው መፅሃፋቸው አድርገው, ብላቴን ጌታ ሕሩይ ወልደስላሴ ይመስክሩልኝ!

    መሻሻሉንና ሰላሙን ለሁላችንም::

  14. Alex
    | #14

    Guys meles never and ever going to war with Eriteria he just barking like a dog and he nows how war it will take him out from arat kilo palace so he just want to show off and he will never shoot one bullet trust me that is his strategic by staying out of war is his only means to survive.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    I strongly believe the War between Eritrea and Ethiopia is imminent. Essayas and Meles are determined to totally weaken the Ethiopian army by placing the non Tigreans Ethiopian soldiers in the front line to be massacred and then finally, it will be the birth of Greater Tigrea and Ethiopia will be dismantled. Dictator Meles will never do a single thing for the good of Ethiopia/ns. The opposition leaders need to work much, much harder to inform the Ethiopian soldiers about the woyane thugs selling the Ethiopians land, the same land the soldiers signed up to scarify their lives to protect it from foreign and home grown enemies. And the opposition freedom fighters need to work closely with Ethiopian soldiers not to sacrifice their precious lives for a dictator that hates Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. The power of the people is on the sides of the oppositions if they come together than they are with the looters and killers of Ethiopians.

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    As long as the people of both countries are under undemocratic leaders there is no prediction what is going to happen. we are at the whim of these detectors. First let us rid of this blood suckers then we don’t have a problem living side by side as countries or arranging some kind of relationship considering the benefit of doing so. Just as people we have to rid of this narrow view of my God is better than your God — Amhara is better than Tigray or visversa this kind of out look is the fertile ground
    The dictators strive on . Let us deny theme to exploit these sentiments to use us against each other . we need to be brave to curtail individuals who spread hate be it in jock or other means. We are good people by enlarge but we always the bad ones to get the worst out of us. Let us deny theme the opportunity to spread venom among us .. the venomous of all is Melese.

    | #17

    Eseyas and Meles are both dictators they have tried their ways and enjoyed the power. This is the time they should leave. It is end of dictatorship era anyways. let as connect the Arab spring to East African Spring then hopefully it goes dawn to Uganda then Rwanda Congo and so forth. we need change in africa. Change of governments is also a means of change towards right direction. No one should be guaranteed of holding the power for more than two terms at least they will know that they are leaving anyways and try to do some good for the people. the longer they stay the evil they are.
    Let us move for east African Spring lol!

  18. Dawi
    | #18

    Baby said:

    [[..Eritreans where mercilessy oppressed by Italy, British, and Turkey for around 60 years that one generation felt they were not Ethiopians. After Haileselassie broke the confederation of Eritrea, every thing changed. ..]]

    That is why government of future Ethiopia or the present one should reverse the oppression by claiming Eritrea as part of Ethiopia just like Hong Kong and Taiwan are claimed as part of China.

    At present we should support all the extraordinary diplomatic accomplishment the Meles Dictatorship achieved so far in isolating Eritrea’s Dictator from AU and UN. That is the ground work necessary for claiming Ethiopia’s lost territory that includes the ports of Massawa and Assab.

  19. Kebede
    | #19

    I do not think Zenwai wants to go to war with Issias it is easier for him to kill Issias slowly and that is exactly what he is doing right now, he already put a rope on Issias neck and slowly keep suffocating him unless the crazy guy wants to sabotage zenawi’s economy , Meles is not going to try to go to war with Issias unless he wants to help his cousins and create a satellite government and secured his peace maybe he will do it who knows!!

  20. Shewud
    | #20

    I like this b/c the ruling party(meles’s party(ethiopians enemy)) rulled out from et.

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    Meles is nothing but a killer who doesnt care about ethiopians. he only cares obout tigray. Ogaden isnt ethiopa is it somalia. just let ogaden go, stop killing ethiopians, stop putting all the effort in lying and defaming eritrea and put it on helping ethiopia. and stop arresting people and say it is for terrorism…what a stupid excuse. that means ethiopia has the highest amount of terrorists if the accusations were actually true

  22. Afarman
    | #22

    The war between Ethiopia and Eritrea is imminent, Eritreas provocative behaviour and attitude would continue, its a question of time, Ethiopia will launch its own kind of Dday aimed at ousting the cancerous regime in Asmara.

    Eritrea has been arming and supporting all insurgent and terrorist groups in the region from Darfur in Eastern Sudan to Mogadishu and Afar triangle. Ethiopi’s patience seems to be ruuning out, its just a question of time, another provocative act by Eritrea thats it. It will be the end of Shaebiya and its false pride

  23. James
    | #23

    Ethiopia should stop depend from USA. Meles Zenawi is a dictator, He is selling Ethiopian land for his own interest to India and china.
    There is big problem in Ethiopia. the people are still hungry but the land is for sell.
    It is time to wake up all Ethiopian start to solve your own problem. Eritrea is growing mining and farming. they are not begging for foreign help. remove Meles use the land yourself.

  24. Red Sea
    | #24

    Hello neighbors,

    My country Eritrea, without having to rely on foreign-aid, has scored the fastest growing economy in the world in 2011-2012 due to the huge sacrifices the people paid, fully trusting their government would lead them to a brighter and more prosperous future. For the last 20 years, Eritreans have been pouring their sweat building massive infrastructure, such as the construction of hundreds of dams throughout the country and turning the once barren landscape into an oasis of lush greenery using modern irrigation system to achieve the envious food security they’re enjoying today.

    The questions the Ethiopian people need to ask are these:

    Why is Eritrea able to feed itself while Ethiopia can’t ?

    Why did Eritrea spend $100 million dollars importing thousands of agricultural tractors, modern buses, trucks and many other machinery from China, while Ethiopia spent $100 million to buy second-hand battle tanks from the Ukraine ?

    Which one of the two governments is a warmonger ?

    Why do most Ethiopians conveniently ignore the fact that Ethiopia’s 2006 invasion of Somalia was at the order of the US as Wikileaks has revealed?

    If the TPLF regime decides to invade Eritrea AGAIN, under whose orders will it carryout the reckless aggression that could possibly disintegrate Ethiopia into several mini-states ?

    Eritrea is said to be the second militarized nation in the World, with up to one million fully trained troops armed to the teeth and well prepared to provide deterrence against any external aggression. Why would Ethiopia willfully walk into the lions den AGAIN just to please and appease its donor nations under whose orders the inadvertent fragmentation of Ethiopia will commence?

    Thank you, neighbors. I wish you peace, unity and prosperity.

  25. The Eritrean one!
    | #25

    I wish the average Ethiopian had/have an experience of what is war is like in your house, backyard, village, city, plain grounds, valleys, and mountains; I wish the average Ethiopian had/have what is like to be bombed with foreing made weapons, Russia or US as main suppliers of the deadly weapons; and finally I do not wish but at the same time I wish the average Ethiopian feels what is like to loose your loved ones by foreing made weapon in front of your eyes. The owner of Ethiodedia had been a war monger for many years now despite many of his contribution to Ethiopians/Somalians/Eritreans as the web owner. In my honest opinion the war between the Ethiopian and Eritrean people was over in 1991 and if there was any remaining wars I believed it was resolved post 1998-2000. What Meles want is a fight with his former boss and he can have that fight if he wants too, however, he should never create a carnage of 100,0000, he should never bleed Somalians, and he should never bring Susan Rice. Meles can have fight with Issayas one-on-one in a boxing match where winner takes all.

  26. Kebede
    | #26

    This is a typical Eritreans boast if you compare Eritrea with Ethiopia even with such a brutal dictatorial regime in the country. you cannot compare Eritrea with Ethiopia with any standard, so please close your mouth and save your breath, as far as war if Eritrea start with Ethiopia trust me your government have no chance, Eritreans government is the weakest in terms of economy politics social and etc , Eritreans are sold like slaves their organs are sold on broad day light in the Egypt desert so Eritreans are leaving their country every day in thousands so everywhere seeking asylum, I personally do not like woaynes but if you fight with woaynes you have no chance!! plus your IA have no friends in th area so Trust me read my lips, please do not boast you got a lot of work to do.. fight your despotic regime instead of boasting here

  27. Kebede
    | #27

    it was reply for RED SEA

  28. james
    | #28

    the eritrea people have been lying through out the history, the italian brain wash them, they had only educated 4 grade. the peoole of ethiopia helpe them to be free and learn moderen education. dear brother and sister Ethiopia origin ps do not waist your time with Eritrean, they are violet society and the peope of eritrea is dying in hungr, the people of Eritrea have been moving from one country to anther country almost 50 years. ps we do not need u, I am proud ethiopian.

  29. Anonymous
    | #29

    May God bring the end of the hate master evil Issayas and his evil cousin Meles for the sake of humanity.

  30. Abel
    | #30

    Most of you are war mongers, why don’t you go and fight if you want war instead of wishing death to your poor brothers and sisters. War is bad, it is debilitating and dangerous. It is the poor who has carring the burden in Ethiopia and you want to send the poor to death? Enough is enough.

  31. Eritrean
    | #31

    Both of them are dictators but they are exploiting the disunity of Eritreans and Ethiopians. It is a misery of the highest cakliber when u see two brotherly countries warring and talking negatively about each other. Both of the leaders say, ‘these two brotherly people’ then if the people are brothers it means only the leaders are enemies of the people. Isayas says the ethiopian people are oppressed and Meles says the Ethiopian are oppressed. So, let the people decide their fate. In an age where people of different countries are trying to unite, it is a shame for both people to talk of war and enemity!!! May peace and prosperity prevail upon us all!!!!!!

  32. wow
    | #32


    Well said, that is what I think also. Have you noticed, Weyane blamed rebels more. I am sure Issays and Meles have agreed to get rid of any oppositions especially weaken Ethio’s army so that Eritrean and Tigrayan army will unite and they have plenty of arms for the past 20 years to dismantle Ethiopia’s army. Eritra’s army is becoming very popular in Africa they got good training from AFRICOM and perhaps Israel. In addition, since they have draft, every single Eritrean will be up and ready to fight. Ethiopia people is too weak. It is possible the West may not want Ethiopia’s weakness but they can easily be brain washed or as long as they get what they want, they will go for Greater Tigray. I wonder what will happen to Oromia, Ogagen and Southern peoples? For sure, they won’t become a nation entity as these regions think and they are fools if that is what they are expecting. If that was the case, Meles would not have leased land to foreign governments. I guess Oromia, Ogaden, Souther peoples regions will be where productions will come but every benefit will go to Greater Tigray and foreigners. For instance Ogaden has oil, so they better think again before they have their own region because the West has eyes on Ogaden already. The very Somalia division not having unity, we should take their division the reason where Somalia is today. Now Oil is being exported from Somalia with no benefit to the Somalia.

    Trust me, there is absolutely no guarantee what Eritrea is capable of. That is why our king Haile Selassie knew if Eritreans were left alone, they will always be as usual receiver for Ethiopia’s enemies which has happened. Both Eritrea and Ethiopia as different entities will not serve both countries because Eritrea needs economy and Ethiopia needs ports. Because of this they will never live in peace as separate entities therefore he decided Eritrea should be part of Ethiopia. That is brilliant. So we lived in peace for 30 years . The fringe of rebels in Eritrea then were very weak, because they were hard line Muslims who do not want to be part of Christian leadership, HIM. It was later on this rebel grew stronger when the dumb Mengistu took over. There might be misinformation to make Eritrea weaker than Ethiopia. Meles is standing only by his Agazis and the arms that is being given to him by outsiders. The Ethiopian army which he is paying too much to keep him safe but in reality the Ethiopian army is very weak, divided, the Ethiopian people are hungry. He is doing this so that Ethiopia will not be strong to fight Tigrayan and Eritrean army. So the end of Ethiopia I am afraid is over. It is too late to reverse.

  33. enoch
    | #33

    its unbelievable to read some ethiopian statements here … that still think the government of Ethiopia and the government of Eritrea are working together in some sort of conspiracy. Get to know Eritreans and you will know this is the furthest from the truth. It pains me to know that we have neighbors like this … I am hopeful that peace has a chance but reading non-sense like the content posted on this page makes you see there is a long way to go … lots of education and communication is needed. The only thing I can hope for now is that at the end of the day, everyone really does want peace but due to lack of communication, everyone seems to be ready to kill each other … at least for the moment.

  34. Anonymous
    | #34

    My guess is, after the two evil blood cousins accomplished what they started, they will help OLF and ONLF to get separated from Ethiopia and leave the rest of Ethiopia dismantle like dust with no army and no money. I still don’t believe, the recent statement that was made by OLF about deciding to join the Ethiopian opposition to fight the common enemy Ethiopia Meles. It is my strong believe that Issayas and Meles are working together to totally dismantle Ethiopia and the proof is right in front of us to see it. The opposition leaders main goal should be to work with Ethiopian army who are being intentionally sent to Somalia and Eritrea to be massacred. Issayas and Meles hate Ethiopia with all their beings and they have been destroying for generations. How can we trust a midget that spit on the flag of Ethiopia that millions of Ethiopians died for.

  35. Amazing
    | #35

    You call Isaias a “dictator” and yet he has no problem walking freely among his people, even in foreign lands. While the west tells us Meles is democratically elected and he has to shut down an airport so his wife can land. Oh, remember the 25,000 truckloads of coffee that was stolen from Ethiopia? They don’t have that kind of a problem in Eritrea ;-)
    You want to avert war? Respect international borders. But Weyane handlers in the west will not allow peace and must see African blood spill, so Ethiopia must continue to occupy sovereign Eritrean land…

  36. Tell the truth
    | #36

    Check how many Eritreans are locked up in their own country and what kinds of freedom of speech, press and religion there is in Eritirea, then you can talk. Talk is cheap, my friend, try to get the facts first, then tell us Issayas is not a dictator. Issayas is a hatemonger evil dictator that hated Ethiopians will all his heart just like his cousin Meles, period!

  37. Abdisa
    | #37

    There is an Oromo proverb that goes:
    [b]“To fight once shows bravery, but to fight all the time is stupid.”[/b]

    I always ask myself what Ethiopia had gained from its 30 year bloody war against the Eritreans? And I get the answer, NOTHING! I ask myself again, what did Ethiopia gain from the 1998-2000 border war, and I get the same answer, NOTHING! Before I can even ask myself what Ethiopia could possibly gain from any future wars, I’m reminded of a quote by Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Which means STUPIDITY !

    War is stupid, and it is even stupider when the war is fought by Amhara and Oromo lions led by Tigray donkeys. It is also stupid to give your life so the Tigre may have their Abbay Tigray republic. Tigray’s secession plan shouldn’t come at the blood and expense of Ethiopians.

    History shows us that over 100,000 Ethiopians got killed in the battle of Adwa fighting against Italian invasion. The same number of Ethiopians got killed during the 1998-2000 war that the weyannie had waged to pave the way for Tigray’s secession. How many more Ethiopians must die before we finally realize that war is a zero-sum game? What did little David say when he saw the giant Goliath beating the war drums? “Deliver me from this fight to honor You and country.” If Goliath were alive today, he would be called a weyannie.

    Love sees no borders, and bullets have no names.
    ~ Peace in Africa ~

  38. Anonymous
    | #38

    The Devil is all about Intolerance, Jealousy, Hate, War, Horror, Terror, Torture, Insecurities, Fear, Rape, Stealing from the poor, Adultery, Selfishness and Spilling the blood of innocent people…without any kind of remorse. For the last forty years, the evil demented individuals–Esayas and Meles have been following the footsteps of Lucifer. The power of 87 million Ethiopians are on the opposition leaders side, unfortunately, the power of over eighty seven million Ethiopians and the Ethiopian army is not being used wisely. And we are all watching the two evil brothers killing our fellow Ethiopians and slowly and intentionally, destroying Ethiopia’s military for their gains. Meles has looted the country, locked up tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands Ethiopians, innocent Ethiopians being tortured in prison in everyday basis, countless number of Ethiopians have been massacred in every province, our land have been given away and sold for pennies worth’s,…And the opposition just complain about the evil deeds of the inhumane dictator and no action! Ethiopians are loosing hope and frustrated, that one little ugly monkey is destroying the country millions of our families gave their precious lives for. Meles must be stopped by every means of necessary! The killing spree of tplf must be stopped! The sufferings of Ethiopians in prison and out of prison need to be stopped! The looting must be stopped! The land give away must be stopped! The starvation of our people must be stopped!

  39. Oda Tulu
    | #39

    Discouraging war between countries in the region makes a lot of sense.

  40. Anonymous
    | #40

    ጦርነት ቢቀር በመላ ዓለም ይበልጣል peace on earth

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