The Chino-African Dictators Corporation Headquarter By Belayneh Abate

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The news about the new china’s building in Addis Ababa has inundated the African News Media. According to some news reports [1, 2], the current chairman of African tyrants expressed: “this building is the reflection of the new Africa, and the future we want for Africa.” What an embarrassing statement! In my opinion this man who talked representing his beggar friends should have said the building is the reflection of the current African dictators and the future these dictators want. Although these shameless tyrants relentlessly solicit money in the name of African people, begging should not be the Africans’ reflection or future will.

I am just wondering! When will these disgraceful rulers stop begging? They beg for food, water, medicine, clothes, plates, forks, spoons, dishes, and now for offices in the name of the people they firmly force to live in starvation and unhealthy conditions. Furthermore, they supplicate money to construct roads, bridges, dams, which in fact, break apart before they start providing services. It appears these tyrants carry begging- DNA chains that encode their daily soliciting activities. They spend ample time not in producing ideas or goods but following the tails of wealthy-nations’ leaders as scavengers follow the stench of carcasses. The donor nations’ leaders have given diplomatic fancy names for the baloney they throw to the relentless beggars who drool looking at their dinner tables. Yep! They call it assistance, AID, Gift, donation, economical cooperation and blah…blah. How on earth could a continent or a country develop an inch using begging business as a prime tool? One should not have to take psychology courses or conduct scientific researches to demonstrate the harmful effect of begging on self-confidence, innovation and productivity. The mother of human race- Africa does not still possess strong neck that holds her head upright. When she tries to sit up, she still falls backwards because her beggar-despotic children have dreadfully weakened her stamina and self-confidence.

As a child, I used to know a life- time beggar woman. Although her standard of living was better than most of the community members, she never felt she was self- sufficient. In addition, she used to believe that she would lose her fingers and toes if she stopped begging. Could that be the case with African dictators? Why they continued begging although they amass African wealth and western donations not just in millions but in billions? May they lose their hands, feet, noses, penises, testicles or any other body parts if they discontinue begging? Could not each of these despots be able to build a two- hundred thousand dollars building? Do not donor nations hurt Africans when they continue entertaining such sorts of life-time beggar despots (or hypos as George Ayittey calls them)? Should starved Africans remain as spectators when the hippos use the robbed money to buy fashionable -American ties, stylish- British outfits, and modish- Italian shoes for themselves; and lipsticks, bras and nail polishes for their extravagant wives and mistresses? Should citizens keep silent when the self-acclaimed rulers write internationally humiliating history for the current and future African generations just like the traitors did during the colonial era?

An Ethiopian adage goes “The bride’s weeping during her wedding is an expected tradition”. The beggars tried to blend their begged product with a historical- legacy by erecting the emblem of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Was this visionary African really waiting for this day? Was he praying day and night for the Chinese government to establish the African Union Headquarter in the 21st century? Did he tenaciously campaign to unite Africans or brutal dictators? Whether the Chinese Engineers encrypt their finger prints on the building or not, this 100- meter tall construction signifies the magnanimity of the Chinese empire not the strength of the African Unity. Its erection on African soil does not make it African Product or insignia of African Unity. Each story-tower and flight of stairs heralds the tallness and ascension of China while it reveals the unfortunate dwarfism and the sinking of Africa. Furthermore, it clearly demonstrates that Africa is ruled by shameful oppressors who do not hesitate to trade the dignity of their people. It looks the African dictators were waiting for the second coming of Economic Messiah (the first coming was the colonization era). As one can read from the picture, it seems the giant donor stands tall with broadened – shoulder and inflated -heart. On the other hand, it appears his beggars stand on either side and behind him with thankful mood as well-fed puppies stand with their owners to express their gratitude. In my view, no matter from which angle we look at it, this unfortunate donor-beggar relationship has left a degrading historical scar for Africans.

In summary, building corporate offices with supplicated money will never transform these disgraceful rulers to African leaders or improve the lives of Africans. The only way Africa could develop, unite and establish its own headquarters is when its peoples’ minds, sense organs and hands are free from interwoven dictatorial chains. These God given human traits could be free only when these ruthless despots are replaced with conscientious citizens who fully understand the significance of free thought and speech that fosters innovation, flow of ideas, interaction and unification. Otherwise, the current African Union is nothing but the dreadful African dictators’ mutual long finger- nail which they use to scratch each- others’ back whenever they are caught stealing elections and massacring their own tax payers. Despite the voracious ambition to unite, Africans are still falling apart as result of ethnic conflicts ignited by the very malicious individuals who are standing with the “charitable” Chinese man. In reality what we see is not united Africans but African rivers draining human blood and African vultures devouring human fleshes whose souls have been taken away by the dictators’ bullets, starvation or preventable communicable diseases. Therefore, neither African Union nor its headquarters are established. What the Chinese government built in the African Capital City is the Chino-African Dictators Corporation Headquarter.

Thank you!

End notes
1. All Africa. Com : New African Union Head quarter inaugurated
2. AU new Headquarters opened.

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