The Regime is dying, but a new one can’t be born By Elon Samson

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There is no better expression more than Antonio Gramsci’s “the old is dying and the new one cannot be born” to express the current political atmosphere in Ethiopia. The regime in Ethiopia is dying: many of the symptoms to refer a dying regime are manifested; unfortunately many of the symptoms to refer a new revolution are not yet to come. There is hard to tell poverty in the country in which 95 % of the population is fighting just for survival. There is increasing injustice, human rights violation, corruption and name it. Above all there is lack of trust and absence of hope in the current regime. There is despair in the north, despair in the south, despair in the east, despair in the west. All these are manifestations of a dying regime.

As said manifestations of a new born regime are yet to come. The fertile land for revolution is abundant , but the farmer is absent . The farmer is a political or civic society leader who can mobilize all the available resources to till the fertile land. The regime recognizes that it can’t change the fertile land into a non or less fertile one. The only thing it can make sure is that no farmer can plough this land. That is the strategy the regime is following: to make sure that no farmer dares to till the land. What is happening on Andualem Arage or Eskinder Nega or what has happened on Bertukan Midekessa or other political figures is the result of the strategy of prohibiting a farmer from tilling the fertile land for revolution.

This is I think the area where everyone concerned needs to think. There is nothing coming out as a result of telling the people time and again about their 1001 problems. The people know each and every detail of their life because they are living with it. It may help to remind the people about their plights, but it is not enough to stop there. There needs to be a strategy which enables us to produce the farmer. We haven’t been successful in this regard so far because much of our struggle focuses on stating the existence of the fertile ground than encouraging the farmer to till it. We expect the fruit by simply reporting about the fertile land without putting the farmer on the land. We expect the fertile land to produce the fruit for itself. A fertile land may produce something on it without being tilled, but we can’t be sure that that produce is whether a chaff or a wheat. The reason why the old is dying , but the new one cannot be born is I think the absence of the land tiller despite the existence of the fertile land.

  1. Muluken
    | #1

    ብዙ ተነገረኝ ብዙም ተጻፈና ብዙውን አነበብ ኩት::
    በደል መከራውን ደግሜ ሰማሁት::
    የተገረፍኩ እኔ በርሃብ የተቀጣሁ:
    አትደጋግሙብኝ አጥቂዬን አውቃ ለሁ::
    ስብሰባ አደከመኝ ባዶ ቃል በዛብኝ:
    ከ ጠላቴ በልጦ ወዳጅ ጨከነብኝ::
    ምንም አታድርጉ አርፋችሁ ቁጭ በሉ:
    ጥቃቴ ጨመረ እናንት ስትባሉ::
    የጠላቴን ክንዶች ከምታፈረጥም:
    ተግባር ከ ሌለበት መጻፍህን አቁም::

  2. alli
    | #2

    we need to know what sort of torture, and nightmare the likes of Birtukan Mideksa, Debebe Eshetu went through when they were in jail. the TPLF torturers, have developed a type of torture that makes an individual redundant and brain dead. The victims act as if they have come out of hibernation, can’t remember what happened to them and can’t tell their story and are in a vegetative state waiting to die. It is so sad.

    That is how the TPLF are destroying our opposition politicians, by killing them in the brain while they looking to be alive.

  3. ande lenatu
    | #3

    betigil mehal gegna yiweledal cibal alsemakim agerachin yegegina deha hona atakim betigist metebabek new yekute ken lijoch eneza ajirewoch simetu meret kewti tihonalech yebanda lijoch megbya mewchya yatalu hzbachin agerun band lay yigenebal.dil leethiopia!!!!!!!

  4. Sam
    | #4

    Elon wrote “the fertile land for revolution [in Ethiopia] is abundant, but the farmer is absent. The farmer is a political or civic society leader who can mobilize all the available sources to till the fertile la nd.” I take issue with the statments. There is no fertile land for revolution in Ethiopia. To believe People who are hungry, with no bright future automatically will rise up to dislodge the power which is the cause for their misery is not true. In Ethiopia, the EPDRF government works incessantly the economic woes of the country not to work against the regime. Even in this terrible economic condition, there are those who were rewarded by the government economically, intentionally creating a culture of dependence in the government so that people could not rise as one against the regime. Besides, revolution is not neccessairly a way out of the current Ethiopian misery. Many in the diaspora think Ethiopia the way they left her back some twenty years ago. That is not true. For the last twenty years and so ethnic politics worked to EPDRF’s benefit more than we like to admit. Ethiopians from every region will rise up as one is a stretch. As the economic woes is a disadvantage that the regime has to deal with, the ethnic politics is a handicap for revolutionaries who mighgt choose that road to change Ethiopia. In fact, I believe revolution in Ethiopia will come after a government which represents the majority of Ethiopians’ interset comes to power, not before it. A revolution could be made after political power is sized. The best example is Hitler’s Germany. True, Hitler’s revolution is not a best example. But as revolution goes, he made a substantial one. But before seizing power, he even entertained political competition through the legal means. Once even saying in one rally in Berlin ” in the Third Reich every German girl will have a husband.” What a slogan!

  5. The missing link
    | #5

    The idea of peaceful struggle against weyane should get an end. It has been seen time and again that the weyane regime is not ready for a genuine peace
    ful opposition. We ended up dehumanizing heroes like Andualem Arege by talking and endorsing peaceful struggle.

    Ethiopians should prepare them selves to wage a real struggle for freedom.
    The country is under the control of an enemy ,evil gangs.

    Naturally ,the solution is patriotism ( Arbegnet),as in the old days.

  6. zeakulai
    | #6

    We know Wakko gave birth a hero;along with it,there is that Ethiopian will come out of the sacrifices of Ethiopians who will lead the rest of us,by example to a collective victory.

    Yes,the dying regime stinks and makes us sick to the stomach because it is old and rotten,yet it’s smell that makes us more sick and imobile;Ethiopians,it seems we have been stuck to telling the problems that the regime has created,not sufficiently laid out strategic plan to dismantle the system that has been swallowing our children alive.

    Of course,we did identify a part of the problem,that is the system that Zinawi created on both our country and people,but we did not lay-out the right plan and made handy the right tools that we use to demolish the system along with the builders.One way of looking at what we have done and have got little or no result,and ask our selves,what have we done wrong and have not gotten results? Or,what is that we have overlooked and were unable to see or tackle the problem? Is it that because we don’t know our weakness and can not understand the mechanism of the regime or what is that we know about this dying regime?

    Yes,the system is dying and the dead system must be burried as soon as possible before it turns into a deadly epedemic to the extinction of our coming generation.

  7. ananymous
    | #7

    The rotten regime of Abebe/legesse/Melese and his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot had been in comma except it continued to recieve cpr from western aid donors for their own interest.

  8. Abenezer
    | #8

    You see the sentance and phrase that says he idea of peaceful struggle against weyane should get an end and the solution is patriotism. I see some confused people those who are picking peny in other world and saying such kind of nencense. Dou you wanna see the blood; you can slaut a hen or lame. Do you wanna see the freedom; you can struggle in the exact land rather talking such kind of rediculous words. This is the word of the so called scholars and the labourers in the other world. They are ignorants but they are telling you in the middle of every speech that their leader and their friends are doctors. Of course their leader is a respectful doctor, but their friends may not. They are planning how to reside and make money in the other country and talking such kind of things in any ways they have get. But, the reality is that they never get the ladder. No way waving the innocent people.

  9. ande lenatu
    | #9

    digis degs alkegne lezi lemeseri
    letalyan banda twld asafari
    bel na teketelegne digis degishalehu weyanen meshegna
    yihein yager mesheger yewgen mikegna

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