The famous Ethiopian author Sibhat gebregziabher has passed away

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Awramba Times (Washington DC):- The famous Ethiopian author Sibhat gebregziabher has died at the age of 84 in the capital Addis Ababa.

Sibhat was born in 1928 in the historical town of Adwa, North Ethiopia. He has published works of fiction and non fiction in French and Amharic. Some of his works are available “retold” in English. Sibhat has also worked as a journalist and columnist for the Ethiopian Herald and Addis Zemen newspapers as well as Menen magazine and others in his long writing career.

Sibhat was also famous for pioneering the naturalist writing style in Amharic. He has a unique writing style which is not constrained by the traditional Ethiopian writing style. Nor is his syntax orthodox. Even if he uses simple words and seemingly light prose, Sebhat’s concepts are highly sophisticated and philosophical. Some of his books are letum aynegalegn, Tekusat, Säbatägnaw Mälak, Egrä Mängäd, Mastawäsha and others Sibhat has got an award for his career from the UNESCO

  1. Ahmed
    | #1

    Sibhat will be remembered as one of the greatest Ethiopian modern Literature Writer of his age!

  2. Fita Ayalew
    | #2

    May GOD let u 2 rest?!?! We always remember u.Unforturately we won’t get ur weekly and monthly articles from now onwards…

  3. Anonymous
    | #3


  4. Solomon kebede
    | #4

    Gash sibhat Egziabher nefsihin begenet yanurat. You paved the way for young authors to break the dead lock of the so called taboo in ur litretures. You raised so many issues in ur writings other afraid to raise even as a point of discussion. History will tell what u have done to improve the Ethiopian literature one step ahead of our time. We will never forget you! RIP GASH SIBHAT.

  5. ኤልጃህ ዘ ቀበና
    | #5

    አይ ጋሽ ስብሃት እንግዲህ ሂድና እዛ የገመትከውን ሁሉ በሰማይ ቤት እየው…. ለጥያቄዎችም መልስ እንደማታጣ ተስፋ አደርጋለው… እዚህ ግን ስራህ ዝናህ ፍልስፍናህ ሁሉ ነገርህ ሲታሰብ ሲዘከር ይኖራል …አንተ እድለኛ ነህ ብዙ የማይሞቱ ስራዎች ሰርተሃል….አምላክም የሚጣላህ አይመስለኝም…..አንተ እንዳልከው ‘እኔና እግዚአብሄር አንጣላም’ አይደል ያልከው….
    አምላክ በተቀደሰው ስፍራ ያኑርህ….እንግዲህ እኛ ወዳንተ እንጂ አንተ ወደኛ አትመጣ መጥተን እስክናገኝህ በብዙ እየተፈላሰፍክ ጠብቀን

  6. Teko Lema Sedi
    | #6

    My condolences to the family. Rest in peace our great writer we’ll miss you.

  7. Zerayakob Yared
    | #7

    ነብስ ይማር!!

    ግን ወዴት-ወዴት ጠጋ-ጠጋ፣

    ስብሓት፣ ወደ ሰማንያዎቹ፣ ከብሄረ ወ’ትውልደ ዓድዋ፣ ከሞት ጋራ በተያያዘ ጉዳይ!እህህህ….! ለዛሬ ግድ የለም! ሁለተኛ ቀን ግን እነዚህን ስሞች፣ ተውላጠስሞች፣ ቅፅሎችና ቁጥሮችን አያይዛችሁ ስለ ሞት ጉዳይ ታወሱና፣ እንተያያታለን!!

    የናንተው፣ ስብሓት ገ/እግዛብሄር ሳልሆን፣ ስብሓት ነጋችሁ ነኝ!! Ki….Ki…Ki….!!

    P.S. እንዲያው ማስፈራራት ልምድ ሆኖብኝ ነው እንጂ ከዚያ ጉዳይ እንኳን ማንም የሚያመልጥ እንደሌለ አጥቸው አይደለም! Ki… Ki….. Ki….

  8. Rami
    | #8

    Let him rest in peace. He was a deviant. He has Intentionally gone through the way that could bear him cheap popularity. I read his novels and short stories but I can not say that his works have thrown something into the engine that moves Ethiopian literature forward. I was always wondering about the glass that most young Ethiopian use to look Sebehat and other giant literary figures.

  9. abbabu
    | #9

    ሃገራችን ካፈራቻቸው ጥሩ ደራስያን አንዱን አጣች! ያሳዝናል:: ለቤተሰቡና ለአድናቂዎቹ መጽናናትን እመኛለሁ::

    ዛሬ እንደሰማነው ስብሃት የሞተው በ76 ዓመቱ ነው:: የተወለደው እንደ ኢትዮጵያ አቆጣጠር በ1928 ዓ.ም. ነበር::

  10. a b
    | #10


  11. አለም
    | #11

    ውድ አቡጊዳዎች,
    ስለ ስብሐት እዚህ ላይ ይህን አነበብኩና ላኩላችሁ:: አለጣጠፉን አላወቅሁበትም ይቅርታ

  12. mikiyas
    | #12

    I’m really felt sorry!!

  13. Nebyou
    | #13

    Rest in peace

  14. Daniel
    | #14

    An independent and brilliant man. He was great. RIP!!

  15. dtes
    | #15

    Wow, sad news. He was a great man and I enjoyed most of his work over the years. Rest in peace.

  16. Kidanemariam tamrat
    | #16

    Wow we missed a great man I personal fill sad
    May ur soul rest in peace.

  17. Girum Asebe
    | #17

    We missed him and his next work

  18. አድናቂ
    | #18

    በጣም አዝናልሁ

  19. astra
    | #19

    what is “famous” about him. He was an idle person who never had a permanent job in his life and was living off his rich wife who left him when the Derg came. He was living an impoverished existence with his “komarit”concubine until his “Adwa” boys took power. Then he started to spew his degenerate filth and begun corrupting the youth with his outrageous pornographic “literature where he amuses his impressionable audience on how he was spending each day “fucking” six different women including his former wife, etc,etc. If it were not for his Adwa clan ruling the roost he would have never sen the light of day as “a writer”.

  20. ብርግ
    | #20

    በታም ያሳዝናል እግዚአብሂር ነፍሱን ይማር

  21. Endelibu
    | #21

    I met him once when he was invite in Europe by a group of fan and listening his discourse and seeing his reaction, I wonder what can we call him a brave Ethiopian. I am not at all in his pornographic opinions but his personality is more questionable than anything. Some says he was a generous man but as far as I understand him, whenever he was not agree with you he has no doubt to insult you. He has no respect you are friends, or colleagues.

    He profite from his so called name crazy not to be taken in serious

    Any ways, even if I am not sure if he goes to hell or heaven, as usual and tradition, may his soul get peace and a good rest.

  22. Hamid
    | #22

    well u can not appreciate what a fine writer means. no one said sibhat was a saint. u should also differenitate b/n porno and writing explicitly about sex. everything about sex is not porno.
    Anyway it is tiresome to convince u about these things if u do not question the hypocrisy in the Abesha culture; ‘u can do it but can not say it”.

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