Fisseha Abraha, the Family man from the North By Teodros Kiros

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Few are genuinely brave. Brave are those who are made out of moral discipline and still disposition. Such rare individuals blend in one whole -compassion and firmness. (more…)

Few are genuinely brave. Brave are those who are made out of moral discipline and still disposition. Such rare individuals blend in one whole -compassion and firmness.

Such was Fisseha Abraha, the gallant man from the north. A brother to Seeye Abraha, an Ethiopian hero, Fisseha has paid heavy price for speaking power to truth and was imprisoned in Ethiopian dungeon on false charges. Those days in prison have cost him his health. It is said that while in prison he was confined with six hundred others whose sweats were literally dropping on his body against which he attempted to protect himself by covering himself with plastic bags to no avail. During those prison days, many of his Oromo prison mates profoundly thank him for empowering them to listen to the Ethiopian opposition radio broadcasts in their native tongue, when the prison wardens of existing regime had forbade their right to listen. The fearless Fisseha defied that illegality. He heroically fought for their rights and the inmates heralded his name and sung his praises.

The thinness, which invaded his elegant frame, began appearing during his prison days. It lingered since then and diffused its power all over the body, attacking his ailing body. There are those who attribute the cause of his death to the nearly four long years in prison. He left prison as a weakened man, consistent with the intentions of those who condemned him to the prison hole. Of course, the powers to be will characteristically deny this charge, and will dismiss it as a lie propagated by the infamous Diaspora.

Facts however, have a way of itching themselves to the souls of sensitive observers.

Intimate friends and relatives of Fisseha Abraha speak of him, as a family man who carried family matters on his burdened hands. His life long commitment to the family who witnessed a string of tragedies begun with the death of his brother Gebreselassie in 1978 during the red terror. Asmelash and Woldeesellasie who were then in Mekele were forced to return to Adiha, their birthplace to save their lives from the red terror campaign. Their father Girazmzch Abraha Hagos was, however, subsequently killed and their property burned to ashes in the hands of the Derg in 1979. Shortly thereafter Asmelash and Woldeesellasie determined to join Seeye in the struggle against the Dreg. Fisseha and the young Mihreteab were fated to face destiny.

The family home was thus emptied except for the unflinching efforts of Fisseha to preserve and reconstruct it from a scratch. From then on Fisseha and his youngest brother, Mehreteab, alone become the living pillars of the Abraha family. Fisseha singlehandedly stayed home to take care of their ailing mother, woizero Alganesh, and the rest of the extended family.

In 1982 Fisseha decided to join his brothers in the fight against the military regime. He was assigned to work around his birthplace as a public administrator. During this time he survived several attempts to his life, by assassination squads of the military regime.

He gallantly stayed on and fulfilled his responsibilities with extraordinary care that comrades and surviving family members remember fondly.
His mother singularly blessed him and thanked him for everything that he did for the family, before she passed away, a couple of years ago.

Later on he decided to join the struggle and joined the freedom fighters and left a mark as a gallant fighter. When the armed struggle was ended and he became a civilian he became a model father to his own children and many others. The surviving relatives remember his kindness with broken hearts and powerful words of gratitude.

Such was the life of this great man who died without taking a break and lived for his family and all those Ethiopians for whom and with whom he fought.

Fisseha, the lonely moral star from the north, is no more. May his family pray for this extraordinary Ethiopian to be embraced by the Transcendent who has now
welcomed him to his house, where there is no pain but eternal joy.

  1. Getachew
    | #1

    Is there a page missing or what. Or maybe the ” to be continued” is missing?

  2. koster
    | #2

    Who knows what is happening in a woyane prison where from the Health Ministry, medical doctors, prison wards and everything is Tigrean. They do anything to eliminate what they considered as enemies and this criminal act is not limited to the “major enemy” -AMHARA. Funny enough this criminal organization is a product of Seye and his brothers too.

  3. Albo Neger
    | #3

    “Fisseha has paid heavy price for speaking power to truth ”
    Dear Mr.Kiros ,
    In the above quote shouldn’t it be …speaking truth to power.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Indeed. It should be truth to power.

  5. Berta
    | #5

    Let some one also write about andualem and eskindir so that we hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.There are so many untold stories of berhanu nega, asrat woldeyes, Taye w/semayat, hailu araya, negasso gidada and others who struggled and are struggling for democracy and justice. let their story be told also.

  6. ASEBE
    | #6

    A beautiful tribute to a loved one.We should remember all who we know have lived their lives shunning falshood and hating injustice.
    Honour and respect truly be to the sons of light who followed and are following the paths of truth,dignity and compassion!

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