KINIJT LEADERS EXPECTED TO ARRIVE IN THE U.S. ON AUGUST 29, 2007 – The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee

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The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee for Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) Leadership Delegation Visit to the United States is pleased to announce the scheduled arrival in the U.S. of six top Kinijit leaders on August 29, 2007. (more…)

The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee for Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) Leadership Delegation Visit to the United States is pleased to announce the scheduled arrival in the U.S. of six top Kinijit leaders on August 29, 2007.

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Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee for
Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD)
Leadership Delegation Visit to the United States
For Immediate Release
August 17, 2007


The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee for Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) Leadership Delegation Visit to the United States is pleased to announce the scheduled arrival in the U.S. of six top Kinijit leaders on August 29, 2007.

The Delegation to the U.S. will include Ato Hailu Shawul, Chairman of CUD, W/T Birtukan Midekssa, Vice Chair, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Addis Ababa Mayor-Elect and members Dr. Hailu Araya (Spokesperson), Ato Brook Kebede and Ato Gizachew Shiferaw.

The Leadership Delegation is visiting the United States and Canada at the special request of numerous Kinijit support groups. The Delegation will travel to various locations in the U.S. by invitation of local support groups. A separate delegation will be headed for Canada.

The Leadership Delegation has specific objectives during its visit to the United States and Canada. The Delegation would like to express its deep appreciation and gratitude to all Ethiopians who have worked and prayed for their release since their imprisonment in November, 2005. The Leadership deeply appreciates the efforts of all Ethiopians in North America, Europe and elsewhere for their moral support and vigorous advocacy not only for their release, but also in support of the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia.

The Leadership will take this special opportunity to thank the tens of thousands of Kinijit support group members in the U.S. and Canada for their substantial material and moral support for them and the Kinijit organization during their long months of imprisonment. The Delegation looks forward to confer, dialogue, consult and deliberate with its support group members during its North American itinerary.

The Delegation is eager to interact with all Ethiopians on matters of collective interest and concerns, and looks forward to engaging in constructive discussions and exchange of ideas and views for viable solutions.

Representatives of Kinijit support groups are working in full cooperation with the Ad Hoc Committee to facilitate the itinerary of the Leadership Delegation.

Work is currently underway to set up events and activities that will maximize interactive opportunities for the Leadership Delegation during their North American tour.

The Ad Hoc Committee will make further public announcements on events and activities in due course.

The Ad Hoc Committee urges all Ethiopians in the United States to welcome the CUD Leadership Delegation with great enthusiasm and warmth. These are heroes who have suffered unjust imprisonment, untold suffering and daily privations and threats for so long only because they won an election and the heart and minds of the majority of their countrymen and women. These are the true defenders of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. THEY DESERVE A WELCOME FIT FOR HEROES AND HEROINES. Ethiopians in North America, prepare to meet and greet the true Patriots of Ethiopia!

Ad Hoc Committee members include human rights advocate and defender Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam, performing artist and television host Tamagne Beyene and development expert Dr. Solomon Alemu.

  1. Selamu
    | #1

    W E L C O M E!!!

  2. | #2

    Finally! We will be there addroned with Abesha libs to greet our heroes and leaders of our country!!!!

  3. dinka
    | #3

    Though I am not”Kinijit”I say welcome!to this courageous “Mehuran,Taa-guy,Jegnoch real shemaglais(to the elders of Kinijit)the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia.Long live to the freedom fighters&activists of Ethio/Americans!!!keep it up.Congradulations Abugida yenat eda.You are the biggest part of this celebration.

  4. mohaaz
    | #4

    Let the real work for support begin!!! If we have leaders like these in one piece, what more excuse will we have. Let us call for our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and children who are in Diaspora to come together and help these leaders achieve what they are cpable of doing. With out our supoort… i mean support… they can’t do much. Our support should be mainly financial and lobbying.


  5. tezebt
    | #5

    WELL COME !!!
    I will be there to see our hero leaders congra abugida.

  6. Yenantew
    | #6

    Amlak Yitebkiln! Amen Amen Amen!!!

  7. seifu
    | #7

    congra to all kinijit

  8. Moss
    | #8

    Great leaders will come up with great vision that can shine over all the world where ever ETHIOPIANS are, US you are lucky you will start celebrating the real milinnum from now on. For us in EU there is no news of our deligate arrival. i am jelous on US.

  9. Seyoum
    | #9

    Well come Ethiopian heroes. I cant wait till i see you in Europe.

    God bless you my true Ethiopians.

  10. Billal
    | #10

    Good news. Learning from Sudan, I Hope they don’t all come in one airplane. “You know” what I mean?

  11. Amlak
    | #11

    Where is the picture of Ato Brook Kebede. Isn’t he part of the deligation?

  12. shewa
    | #12

    I am so glad to hear this wonderful news about our heroes GOd belss Ethiopia.Don’t you belive God is with us! Ewenet newe leka werkeme tefeteno worknetune yasemesekerale yemebalew selezehe wogenochacheneme kewerke yebelete tefetenew lezehu bemebekatachew enqan dese yalachu abugdawechna lemelawe Ethiopiawian
    God belss Ethiopia and Love Ethiopia

  13. Jyigzaw
    | #13

    My dear fellow Ethiopians
    I am very excited for the release of our brave and genies Leaders from Kalati.
    They are always our leaders and want to thank for there hard work and effort.
    Dr. Berhanu Book is a must read book and
    I will support them until the end.
    May God bless you all so much.
    Junior Yigzaw

  14. Mengesha
    | #14

    Dear Kinjit Leaders: You are highly welcome!

    I am grateful to His Almighty God, the beneficient and the merciful to enable you to get out of the devil’s dungeon. God is great!

    You have sacrificed your lives to rescue the innocent population of Ethiopia from grotescue misrule, and yoke of savage slavery. History will declare your blessed efforts from generations to generations.

    God bless you, and your objectives.

  15. Shibo Gebi
    | #15


  16. Dejene A.
    | #16


  17. mulu
    | #17

    what can i say great generation,,,,,,,,, that i am glad to be alive to see such a brave ppl alive espacially BRTUKAN i love them all but she is a woman but done a hole lot for us more than a man let us be there for them as they are for us.
    God bless
    love them a lot .

  18. Shumet Menywab
    | #18

    Kinijit shall lead the peaceful struggle with new energy and call for more new unity. Kinijit shall denounce and pronounce of what the Kinijit supporters did and did not do their work while the true leaders were in the tyranny Meles’s prison for the sake of freedom and democracy. If not reconciliation, there shall be opposition with great unification. Opposition within opposition shall be cursed by the people of Ethiopia for the sake of one problem solving that democracy for all under one umberela of Ethiopia. The politics of canceling one by another like ‘EPRP is like TPLF, OLF AND ONLF are even worst, CUD has agreement with TPLF’ shall be denounced as it serves for the work of evil tyranny’s against the people of Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia shall say ‘we are sick and tired of these kind of politicians’ and it must be cursed in every praying places.

  19. grum
    | #19

    …what a wonderful news it is,i think nigusse(from hager fiker) will attend the ceremony….kkkkkkkkk

  20. fikir
    | #20

    please cud leaderis wellcome in italy

  21. Dem melash
    | #21

    I hope they are coming one at a time

  22. Ethiop…
    | #22

    As Kinijit was opened and welcoming to all Ethiopians, and yet was revealed to have some thorns in this open gate, their arrival welcome is also open to all. …not underestimate an open crowd for caution and security.

    Demonstrations in the USA, and the entourage arrival of the diaspora’s patriarch’s arrival at airports has had the presence of local security and peace officers, and hopefully this arrival of the CUD leaders will have similar planning and support.

    May your tour turn out to be the best of continuity and a new beginning forward to a brighter future for Ethiopia and its people every where with the blessing of God.
    As top appointed organizers and representatives of the Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee, Prof.Alemayehu, Performing Artist Tamegne and Dr. Solomon, Good luck and may a good spirit of the diaspora’s community be with you.

  23. Getahun Dagem
    | #23

    Thanks our heroes welcome to democratic land here you can tell us what ever you know .you are not afraid to tell the truth in woyane occupy undemocratic Ethiopia god bless you.

  24. hayalnet
    | #24

    It is wonderful! Bon Voyage our heroes.
    But please give more focus on the comment of Billal. Remember the history of Sudan! Take care on your Airline choice and don’t move together please please please..
    Because you are our hopes of………
    We long for to see you back here in Addis with the new way of struggle.
    Long Live ETHIOPIA.

  25. | #25

    Hello !!! America, Please stand up!! coming to you Our HEROES.
    Take care for their security!!!

  26. sam
    | #26

    I am proud of CUD leaders.We have to show for
    all of the world how they are respectd.I hoppe
    they are the only leaders get chance to meat
    their supporter in the airport freely without
    any problem.

  27. | #27

    Hi There:

    First of all I welcomed the CUD Leaders to this Country, and I thank them for the Sacrifices they have made and continue to make for our Bloved Country, Ethiopia and its people. Thank God the Almighty for he has delivred them to us, from e…

    My name is Haregewain, Known as Harry Massele, I am an elected Democrtic Committee person of the 52nd Ward, 16 Division, here in Philadelphia, Pa. Please Prof, Alemayehu, Tamegne and Solomon, let me know, if I can be of help, here in Philadelphia. Please Give me a call at 610-278-3072 work or 215-806-756.

  28. Temoget Lehagere
    | #28

    This is a wonderful news for all of us, we learned how we can overcome the evil duers bad intention with peaceful struggle from these Ethiopia tommorow leaders. Hope we all stand by their side and support them, this is the time to join the struggle, let us march to the victory land….

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