Congressman Donald Payne dies at 77 after undergoing treatment for colon cancer – AP

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TRENTON, N.J. — U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, the first black elected to represent New Jersey in Congress, died Tuesday. He was 77.

Payne’s brother, William, said he died at St. Barnabas Hospital. (more…)

TRENTON, N.J. — U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, the first black elected to represent New Jersey in Congress, died Tuesday. He was 77.

Payne’s brother, William, said he died at St. Barnabas Hospital.

The 12-term member of the House had announced in February that he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer and would continue to represent his district.

He had held his congressional seat since 1988 and was elected to a 12th term in 2010. He represented the 10th District, which includes the city of Newark and parts of Essex, Hudson and Union counties.

Payne was a member of House committees on education and foreign affairs. He also had served as chairman of the House subcommittee on Africa, and had traveled many times to the continent on foreign affairs matters.

During an April 2009, mortar shells were fired toward Mogadishu airport as a plane carrying Payne took off safely from the Somali capital. Officials at the time said 19 civilians were injured in residential areas. Payne had met with Somalia’s president and prime minister during his one-day visit to Mogadishu to discuss piracy, security and cooperation between Somalia and the United States.

Payne had been chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and a congressional delegate to the United Nations. He also was a member of the Newark City Council from 1982 until 1988 and was a teacher in Newark for 15 years. He also served as president of the national YMCA. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Seton Hall University in 1957.

Payne was a widower with three children and four grandchildren. His son, Donald Payne Jr., is a Newark city councilman.

Congressman Donald Payne has been a true friend of the Ethiopian people,”For over a year, I constantly argued that the Ethiopian government used excessive force against innocent civilians. Many innocent civilians lost their lives. Parliament established a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the killings. The Commission interviewed dozens of people and spent months investigating and documenting what they saw and heard. When the time came to submit the report, parliament was adjourned a day early, denying the Commission the opportunity to present their findings. The decision was deliberate in order to force the Commission to change its findings.”

  1. kiros
    | #1

    Sad Day for Ethiopia and Ethiopian.

  2. Selam
    | #2

    This is so sad! Rest in Peace Sir! We Ethiopians thank you for standing by us in hard times! May God bless your soul!

  3. demena
    | #3

    Beloved Congressman Payne of Newark, New Jersy,
    You were one of our most important trusted friend.
    God Bless.

  4. ASEBE
    | #4

    We should pay homage to this great and honorable African American who was a true friend of the democratic forces not just in Ethiopia but also in other parts of Africa.He is such a big loss to our cause.Our condolences to his family and friends.May the Lord rest his soul in peace,

  5. Zerayakob Yared
    | #5

    “ጌጋ ድኣ ይኽልኣለይ እምበር” እንዲሉት የትውልድ መንደሬ እናት አባቶቼ, ከሆኑ ጊዝያቶች በፊት በኤልያስ ክፍሌ አጃቢነት ኣስመራ ውስጥ ከኢሳያስ ጋራ ሲወያይ የሚያሳይ የሆነ አይነት ስእል አላየሁም ነበርን? ከዚያ ሌላ ታድያ ይሄ ሰውዬ ምን የሆነ አስተዋፅኦ ለኢትዮጵያ ቢያደርግ ነው ለመሆኑ? የሃቀኛው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ወዳጅ የ’Ted Kennedyን ያህል ኢትዮጵያውያን ሲራቡና ሲታረዙ ርህራሄና የእርዳታ አበርክቶን አሳይትዋል, ወይንስ የስእሉ ሚስካኔ ህዙናንነት እንደሚያሳየው የ’Evangelical Orphan Care Churches Adopt Adoption አክሽን ምሽት ላይ በጉድፈቻ አንስኦ ስነስርአት ማለቅያ ላይ የተነሳ የሚመስለው ፎቶ እንደሚያብራራልን አይነት ተግባራት ላይ ተሰማርቶ ኖሮ ነውን?:: ይሄ ከሆነ ደግሞ እነሱ ሃይለስላሴ ፈቅዶላቸው የእኛን ጠቅላይ ግዛቶች ወደ ምሽንነት ከማጥመቃቸው በፊት በየኢትዮጵያ ነጋዴዎች አቀነባባሪነት, ጥቁር አሜርካውያን ከባርነት ይላቀቁ ዘንዳ መጠነኛ አስተዋፅኦ ያደረገውን, በአሜሪካው ምድር ውስጥ ገና በአስራስምንት መቶ ምናምንቶቹ (18…) ዓ.ም. ላይ የጥቁሮች ተዝናንቶ መፀለያ የሆነውን “Abyssinian Church”ን አቋቁመን ውለታችንን በማስቀደም አበርክተን ተወጥተናል!! ስለሆነም …. እንዲሉት ነው::

    በኦርቶዶክስ ባህል, ነብስ ይማር!እንላለን::

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